Irresistible Reason for Certain Faith
incorporating the library named

In Praise of Christ Jesus

You are invited to

Rigorous, multi-faceted Christian Apologetics
on the most important of topics,
the knowledge of God, truth and life,
giving REASON for FAITH,

with 1) LOGICAL DEMONSTRATION of the Truth of Jesus Christ,

2) RELISH in the REALITIES of the LORD of all,
in HIS WRITTEN WORD, the BIBLE, and its teachings

and 3) scope for personal interchange,
help and possible contribution
of your own, to the site.

This is now in 243 indexed volumes
and in its 71st  Edition
. This appears to make it the largest Theological Set ever written, for which we praise the  Lord: In Praise of Christ Jesus is its name. One of its major features is its resolution of the problem of predestination and freewill initially in one post-graduate volume, and this enriched in 6 more. This is one example of unique biblical resolving power.

The post-doctoral work, a part of it, a trilogy of some 850,000 words
(published 1992 and 1997, and updated since as found relevant),
is titled The Shadow of a Mighty Rock:
this gives in one three volume set, a basic coverage,
demonstrating on logical grounds, that there are
no options but Jesus Christ according to the Bible,
while irrationalism invalidates itself from all argument.

For the nearly 30,000 word update, review and overview in creation,
evolutionism, and other scientific and logical relationships
Bulletin 105 and there have been more since.
This also includes a convenient overview of
our main Christian Apologetic method.

See also
The gods of naturalism have no go! and incorporated references.

One feature is this: using only basic biblical premises, it is shown that here lies the solution to the age-old problem of predestination and freewill, and the only solution available. This resolving power of the Bible is one characteristic of its status as the word of God, for which we praise Him. First presented in the M.A. (Hons.) Melbourne University thesis Predestination and Freewill, in some 75,000 words, in 1964, the topic and theme has since been extended to seven volumes and applied on many sides to 2020. All this on this theme is presented on this site,
as a set  thus

incorporating 6 more volumes, over hundreds of thousands of words.

A reasonably comprehensive brief coverage in point form, extended during October 2020, may be found in Bulletin 164.


An introduction to Christianity for young people, written in 2022 can be found here.

DFCNE: Decamping from Calvin's Notorious Error.


Please note that the period, August 2017- June 2019 has been in Australia,
one of great portent for good or evil in government quarters.
See What is new ?

However, this year, 2020, has been filled with a virus impact which has deferred the religious challenge in view for the nation.
For a series on the Australian neo-moral, innovations and depredations, see here.

STOP PRESS: For a copy of the extensive email, sent January 2020,
as provided for
by the Government, concerning its proposed Religion Bill, click here.
It includes an exposure of the discrimination and duress
to which many will be exposed
if this Bill actually passes in Parliament.

One is particularly keen to share the fact
that over the last 30 or so years,
one has examined matters of theology, philosophy, and more importantly
rational reliability and unique comprehensibility in the biblical faith,
and found NOTHING that fails to meet ANY question of this kind. These volumes, here available, present such issues extensively as one form of verification, and
being utterly unique in the world, in this respect, it is a vitally important one.
There is simply nothing like it.

In fact, the faith of biblical Christianity 
is contrary in type to all other religions.
It is so, both as to empirical test
and power to rebut associated philosophies,
for whereas it excels in this,
they lack in power to provide rational test,
far less comprehensive coverage of challenge.

This work, in 2020 one of 243 harmonious volumes,
 has occasion to be characterised as to its
method of production. As a dynamic fact and testimony of experience
one needs to say that it is in the most practical sense the Lord Jesus Christ
who through His  Spirit has both constrained and enabled this entire work,
so that often it has even seemed He was in the same room with me.
The constraint and ability to do it was just as real as childhood or youth,
a distinct period in my life, with its own criteria.
As a set, it has been produced over some 32 years,
with an estimated full time equivalent of 20 years of labour.
For this aid and enablement,
so that in every phase He never once failed and answered every relevant call,
in May, I give Him thanks as His glory, and that of the Trinity
and the wonder of His infallible written word, is my delight.

This is the home of ABC Apologetics
(Acronym for A-Presuppositional Bible Christian Apologetics,
which in substance is one first presented in my Th.D. thesis in 1978).

For short summary of what this is, and how it helps, click here.

For short coverage of Christian Apologetic method, use this link.
For lists of the synthesis of salient realities in the functional universe,
making management, control, depth and correlation both immense, intense
and dynamically dissident from any dilpot universe,
which could neither get started nor upgrade from its question begging base,
see such sites as The gods of naturalism have no go! and in brief detail,
Glory, Vainglory and Goodness, Ch. 1.

See particularly Bulletins 39, 111 and 121
on the up-to-date, down-to-earth, intensively researched contributions 
from Dr Nathaniel Jeanson with Ph.D. in the field from Harvard University
(in his new work, Replacing Darwin),
and Dr J.C. Sanford, Emeritus Professor from Cornell University
(Genomic Entropy).
By empirical and actively vital means, they are showing
what has been logically in essence apparent for long,
though unheeded by many.

On method, see ABC Apologetics, above.

*For the development of some new emphasis in method in Biblical Christian Apologetics, see Secession from Supposition, Ch. 9. For a short example, see especially Bulletin Seventy One. For the last brief coverage in 2018, summarising it, use this link and the works cited here.

For copyright matters, see this link.

For the author, use this link.

For autobiography, follow this link.

For a more formal statement of ultimate purpose of this site:
it is to show precisely and logically that
the Bible is objectively the word of God,
uniquely providing for inexorable demonstration and verification,
and that like it or not, 
the Lord Jesus Christ is the solution,
more unchangeable than the universe,
for mankind's messings,
and source of eternal life.

Avoiding this is like avoiding water in the desert,
and hence this salvation is recommended like peace amid din.

BULLETINS - Multi-Topic

Recent: Daniel's death date prediction over some half a millenium,
for Christ.

These, often updated whether in science, theology, history, national and international developments, all in biblical terms and basis,
may be used as a quick access to essentials constantly expanding.
Titles are provided to check out relevance to your current interests in particular. They are, as part of our Web work since mid-2016 the chief way of adding to this site, especially useful as the author moves from 88 to 93 years of age, a good season for overview. The March 2021 total is one hundred and seventy seven, several of the last few specialising on the field of predestination and freewill, for which a biblical solution is exposed.

The tendency in these bulletins is to present brief, up-to-date coverages of important topics in the Christian field and its applications.

See also the volumes (published April 2017,
Bulletin items reaching 87 in August,113 in June 2018,127 in December),
Jesus Christ, Starkly Superior
, Vol. 1
The Bible, Starkly Superior, Vol. 2
for the Bulletins and their topics.

The total in March 2021, was 178, with various presentations covering crucial aspects of topics like divine foreknowledge, hell, evolution in the thunder of its epochal failure, scriptural harmony, the Jewish People and their current status, right back to the resolution of personal predicaments, as in the now more distant USA cake-conscience case, that has concerned so many for so long now. A rather ambivalent judgment was there judicially announced: the baker was free to follow his religious convictions concerning the cake, but this was not be allowed as a precedent;  and new similar seeming situations need separate review. 

This kind of incredibly intrusive case is now becoming more and more pervasive, as the presumptions and presuppositions of callow atheism become more dictatorial, whether intentionally  or otherwise, at the legal level. So dictatorial thrust seems to be hallowed at least in potential, while a limited view of religious liberty is permitted a peep and the Statue of Liberty is not precisely  cracked at least on this occasion. We move on to more fascinating features in biblical predestination.

Recent: the brief exposition of the prediction through DANIEL of the death date for the Messiah, then to be coming centuries later. A very brief review of predestination and freewill shows in a nutshell how the Bible provides the unique resolution of this age-old philosophical problem - which is significantly shorter than the 7 VOLUME SET on the topic on this site. A Joint Teaching of Romans 6, Ephesians 2 and Colossians 2, SOMETHING TO TELL ON
, of minimal size is found in 167.

See What is New, useful for monthly  updates,  for AUGUST- JULY 2020
for a national emergency in this land,
initially closing in by November 7,
like heavy mist amid confusion and a growing
totalitarian tilt, once alien to these now spiritually sloping shores.
In December, confusion, evasion and confrontation all  mixed  in
so that in religion there appeared likely to be a virtual coup!
The strong tendency is for  the nations are increasingly fulfilling their
Bible-appointed default from love, morals and truth,
with increasing vigour, their predicted embroilment.
As for Australia,  this extreme experiment did not take place,
as a more moderate result came at the 2019 election.
Whether the better words about freedom of speech and religion
will be turned into improvements in actuality, remains to be seen.
In January 2020 we move to look at some of the prevailing pollutions in the cultural clichés,
and pursue this in detail in the letter, as requested by Government, to Government.

Sometimes simple and short,
the Bulletins tend to summarise and essentialise,
always straightforward,
and act as reminders of reality. Currently, there are 172 of them (October 2020).
These include national exhortations,
international applications of the word of God,
quick summaries of content in each case, for some time back,
 and are directed to honour the truth.
Many crucial topics for the Christian
abound in this continual coverage.

This bulletin group can become a useful means of presenting
sometimes quite short but variable items whether of the meaning of news
or developments or what is before our eyes in any sphere as this world lurches
to The Great Falls.
Those are the judgments of God, as
for thousands of years in detail prescribed for its wickedness,
while the salvation of God continues like the noise at the Falls,
but to those who hear it, it is as most beautiful music,
far greater than Bach and finer than Beethoven.

On Church decline as predicted (cf. II Peter 2, II Timothy 3-4, I Timothy 4, Jeremiah 23),
a particular case is now noted.


Indeed, on the Presbyterian Church in America, it is necessary and
relevant now to speak.
Detail on its relatively recent doctrinal  departure in its coverage of creation
and this  Minister's  resulting exposure of and departure from it, as likwise
for the fitting Formal Presentation on that severance of ties, let this be a testimony.
The latter of the above two is an open letter and a warning to the PCA, as linked.
Both constitute a very needful challenge.
Expositions on the biblical texts concerned are made available during the process,
to help a deeper understanding, for many are and have been duped by
just such assaults on the word of God as the now formally authorised Framework hypothesis!
Not even the most imaginative liberty could derive this from the biblical text by the Westminster 
Confession "good and necessary inference".

A sad duty,  particular errors in doctrine in
 are shown in some detail here, and further more recently, at this presentation.
It is necessary to preach the word of God, teach it fully and faithfully,
and not to authorise what is other than this in His name,
so constituting
what becomes a virtual polluting authority,
enabling a church to dither, depart or make uncertain sounds in its place.
Textual fidelity and its authority are crucial.
It is edifying to watch the testimonies of Christ (Matthew 24;24),
and Peter (II Peter 2-3), with Paul (II Timothy 4:3),
concerning the coming false prophets,
as on false teaching and false methods in store,
 and then to survey as time went,
and to see these and similar predictions fulfilled before our eyes, 
as also something of the way it has been done,
as for example in Life Story ... Ch. 4.
As one has taught and preached in four nations, first this device then that
is seen being used, as corruption has set in in its fourfold march.
The experience jostles complacency,
confirming the divine coverage of things to come.
It also serves as a warning and an alert, to many caught in the maelstrom.

While such things proliferate like a world plague,
the truth remains, inviolable, immovable, inescapable.

The BIBLE is the proven site for understanding
so that there
as the Reformation at its best reminded,
there and nowhere else
is to be found written,
 the answer to every rational enquiry, in perspective and record,
and in particular, another prize.
Through this same Bible,  there is not only information verified, but

the only sustainable answer to the philosophical conundrums
of predestination and freewill.
This is demonstrated
to the glory of God, on this site, amid presentation of the express, vital,
explicit and long heralded gift of God in that Bible, Christ Jesus in His salvation.

The linkage is intimate. The one is in the domain of reason for the faith, the other is its core, and it is within that very core that the particular solution comes.


Indeed the biblical depiction is shown here to be the only possible solution
in the predestination and freewill domain,
an unsurprising result for the word of God.
It illustrates this, that the word of God alone solves the ways of men
before the height of His glory, with His own unique nature and gracious disposition.

Moreover, while we know now only in part (I Cor. 13),
yet WHAT we are given by God in the Bible
is both harmonious in itself, and true so that any pangs of uncertainty
are utterly resolved.
This power of the Bible to give uniquely adequate answers to genuine queries
is its exclusive property. This site so presents it in its 243 books, in detail.






Follow this link.



Further on this appears in the Bulletins and News.



See Margin for latest News Items
and Bulletins for themes.


News 493

Amazing lapse found within
Journal of Creation  30(3), December 2016

pp. 25-26

Whose word are we talking about ?


APRIL 2016



MAY 2016

The Australian May 18,
Paul Kelly, Editor- at- large


See also News on margin.


JUNE 2016




For printed and select Sermons direct from the Bible,
the Written Word of God ?

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¶ For the latest, click here.

After this, in descending order, there come several hundred
Oral Sermons,
the list starting with the most recent.

For special sermons and themes, topics and times,
and older sermons provided,

use this link.


For more on METHOD of Unapologetic Biblical Christian Apologetics and its bypass

of presuppositional procedure with more directness,

its Th.D. scope and application in a later far more detailed trilogy,
see this hyperlink, and examine this coverage. Add to that What is Shown to be So! and Department of Biblical Affairs Ch.11.

For three coverages of what is available in purpose and basic scope, see below.


10  Answers to Pointed Questions
both Implicit and Explicit

each shown in some detail demonstrable on this site, each in its place.

1) Yes, you can prove that God exists, and this without using presuppositions.

2) He has from the first made man able to dismiss, defy or desire Him,
without compulsion of any kind.

3) He has given to His human creation one authorised,
written, warranted  volume of His word,
made available to mankind who has misused his liberty.
The Bible alone logically qualifies for this unequivocal information.

4) This Divine Communication is objective, and not available
for re-dictation differently by man,
who may elect for his basis, a nonentity called nothing,
or other variant, irrational one and all.
Attempts to do this only increase the guilt.
It is not man's religions but God's word
about which the destiny of man is secured, with or without Him.

5) Jesus Christ is the answer to man's defiant folly,
languid indifference or other attempt or action to bypass Him.
God is able to cover this, using and providing His available power,
and to do so both in its penalty, and its results,
both intrinsic and extrinsic, since God is man's Maker and Sustainer.

6) Knowledge of these things, or their formal acceptance,
does not constitute salvation, for the mind may opine
but the heart may receive, unreservedly.
Reservations about God are not faith,
and without faith you cannot please Him.

7) There is no other cover not ony for every type of relevant
philosophical issue, but for all intellectual-moral problems,
age-old or modern, in words both internally cohesive and coherent,
and providing comprehensibility concerning the nature, meaning
and wonders of God and the position of man. Nor is there any other provision for
rescue, redemption or restoration or reconciliation with God;
but this also has resurrection and eternal life with it.

8) One major feature of this cover is its empirical conformity
of text to outcome, whether apparently impossible or not,
the most daring seeming predictions being more natural to God
than master play even to a tennis champion.
Truth is what He knows,
defines and secures.

9) One major feature of attempts to overthrow the word of God
is that, like fashions, they pass into obscurity, logically invalid,
empirically spurious, irrelevantly conceived or verbally obscure.

In this, they are like the fall of empires which God also predicts and
where relevant to His purpose, names. His precision is as real
as predicting Christ's death date and purpose
from centuries before He died
(as noted for example in Christ the Citadel... Ch. 2),
as likewise man's present state, right down to Israel's return
and its staggering victories against far greater opposition,
and the present stark military, political, moral,
psychological and cultural confusion in the world, with its
religious adventurism and pitiless pre-occupation
with death, imposed on self or others, providing
an intense spiritual pollution.

10) Exhibited in particular in conformity to His word is the current
threat to human continuance on the planet.

This  proceeds
like a a ratchet more tensed, to appear in line with human actions
not only with radioactive potential (Matthew 24:22),
but also with its linkage
to religiously, politically or militarily manic preoccupations
which spread like bushfire.




Welcome to 2017, the place of the plight of man and the place of the Gospel in the starkest contrast to the reckless and relentless pursuit of evil, more and more despising God or inventing gods. It is as it was predicted to be (cf. SMR Chs. 8-9), and so in solemn fury, man works his wanderings to their most uncelestial end. It is well the Gospel is eternal, and life as given to the penitent and believing in Christ Jesus, is no less.


Look back if you will to last year.

Welcome to 2016, which in July has brought us near to our 20th year on the Web, and
28th since the underlying labour began in 1988
following the earlier tertiary works which also enter in.
It is to provide attestation


that not only is the Bible the word of the living God, but


that this is demonstrable,


that the problems its statements and perspective resolve,
in principle leave NO unaccounted for residue -
the coast is clear; and


that in this it is utterly unique amidst all else which claims
to be God's own testimony,
a fact that is exhibited carefully, item by item,
as well as in principle no less.


On unique method in Biblical Christian Apologetics, see this link
which outlines the situation and defines the method.

If you WANT what works, this is it.
For doctrine, the Bible is our whole, sole warrant for living.
The Bible's focus is Jesus Christ, the life for living,
who also is inexplicable,  except in terms of the nature
of His own claims to deity,
and the multitude of matching performances,
the flow of fulfilments, and this,
both when He came and to the present time:  God with us.

It is a good time to reflect, and to be with Him who came to us
and returns.
You want more on this ? Here it is.

GOD is a GOD of power and grace, goodness and peace,

and He has left us with a testimony

which it is folly to ignore,

delight to embrace, both personal and propositional.

In other words, this.
There is NO philosophical problem in principle that remains
when the resolving power of the biblical perspective and the word of God
is applied. There is no comparison:
what is based without the God of creation-redemption,
has insoluble problems like a snapped mast-head;
whereas what IS based on Him and the Bible,
His word, has resolving power without limit.
Why ignore what meets the challenges,
for the sake of what catastrophically does not!

Why be subdued by the clamorous spirit of the Age,
or indifference carefully cultivated, or casual unbelief,
when your God, the God,  has taken prodigious steps, contemplated with shut eyes
 uninformed heart, or bypassing mind.

That you should know God, find Christ, learn His word, the Bible,
and apply it, is our desire while the grand glory of God is magnified. 







Major Categories for Check List : SEE MARGIN

Simply, why we are here, our ground for action

1) Succinct account.

2) More broadly.

3) In overview.

Voyage of discovery ? See below.

In a nutshell

Look here?

or even here!




For help on BIBLE TRANSLATION  provision, see here,
and in overview, here.


Use of these materials is free,

access being solely at the discretion of the user.



Emergencies of body and spirit may occur; if you are suffering the latter,

this emergency site is provided especially for any currently confused.

1) Repentance Reality. A sharp turn on the rudder is required, a pointing in direction
that turns from life without Jesus Christ, to his ways with relish for Him and horror at one's errors.
See Luke 13:1-3.

2) Pardon Place. What is freely granted to the faith to receive it from Jesus Christ
(Isaiah 55, Romans 6:23,Micah 7:19-20, Galatians 3:23) is abundant pardon.

3) The Grace Unit. It is unsurpassable grace,
a paid up ransom for sin, procured by the sacrificial Saviour,
in view of His offering of Himself in place of all
who receive His grant (Romans 8:32ff.)

4) The Resurrection of the body surgical ward.
Here not replacement hearts for the body
but a new heart is granted, in which a divine righteousness is implanted
(Romans 5:1-20, I Corinthians 15, Acts 13:29-41, John 3),
mediating adoption as a child of God (Ephesians1:1-11), and with this

5) Eternal Life (Romans 6:23, John 10:9,27-28), all obstruction removed,
given by the love, mercy and grace of God from His very own life (I John 1).


In the 243

  volume set entitled


there is ground to believe, receive and to praise Him, whose praise is justice, whose knowledge is necessary, whose actions bring eternal life, whose word is the truth and whose joy is an eternal spring, never polluted.

  For each volume, look at LIBRARY in the margin. Overall, each type of philosophical problem has been resolved, and the necessary ingredients for such solution have been found in Biblical Christianity. In particular is this true of the predestination and freewill domain (covered in 7 volumes), where the biblical propositions and perspective are shown not merely to resolve the problem issues, but alone to have what it takes to do so. So the age-old problem bows to the Bible.


YOUNG, in the category of youth, say 15-30
follow this LINK

You may

us through this  link.


See also

the International Directory of Experts and Expertise
of the American Biographical Institute, 2008

as in 500 Founders of the 21st Century ... in other titles to the present.


 For a summary of reason for our being HERE, use this ABOVE


Testimony Corner

For a challenging Christian testimony from one who sailed the seas,
starting from youth in Scotland,

and showing things that were, fascinatingly in the light of things that do not change,

use this link ...

For ALPHABETICAL LIST of most of the 243 titles, use this link
For description of contents of these, and order of publication, use this one.
For list of acronyms used in Index for volumes, come to this.






We have increased our space to some 5 gig quota,
so be ready for fresh additions,
especially in AUDIO. This includes many oral sermons,
normally weekly for some time now, 
with one for the NEW YEAR, and numbers for special themes,
occasions and emphases.

Printed sermons are available at The Site.

For the latest sermon, click here. Other special addresses follow further down.



What this site attests: Don't fall or falter,  God has provided.
If you categorically don't want God,
to know of Him or His word, the Bible,
if this is your will, then this may be no place for you.
If however


you are drawn to Him, or desire


to reason concerning Him, to investigate,
discover what the Bible declares,


to find out the truth about life as God made it, read on.


There is a way where no contradiction can stand,
no probing question lies unanswered, no fault ever stands exposed,
where the highway never fails and the narrowed path never falters,
where truth is inveterate and demonstrable:
for the God who gave us creation,
gave us reason, and beyond all this,
revelation, definitive and express,
to which reason unerringly points.

The tangles of all that leaves or does not find this regal revelation
are systematic,
by contrast, and so ineradicable. Without light, there is only darkness.

This site demonstrates, exhibits and attests these facts
in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,  verifying, validating the complete singularity,
a monopoly mouthed by the Creator,
of what is found presented in the Bible, with its plan performed by the Redeemer
and attested by His Spirit at every dimension.

The word of truth is the Bible: that does not fail, because God does not:
the One who as the truth became man
 is the eternal Redeemer,
the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

History flows to Him who always was and who came,
according to the prophets in the multitudes of predictions given them, none falsified,
from His predictive mouth.
It likewise conforms to His words when He came, as His instrument,
never varying from what He has said, and the Bible relays.
He speaks, and it follows, just as the universe did when He created it.
Challenges to it and to Him who gave it, never stand because truth cannot be falsified,
whether these be to His Person when He was in Israel, or to His word before His return,
though man tosses indifferently
word, weapon, slander or millions to the grave in delusive confusions,
and relentless wars of mayhem in place of the marvel of truth. 

What is truth to the mind, clarity to the spirit, is also fidelity from God to the heart
of that person who in truth finds life, and in life the way
which is Christ Jesus the Lord
who as Redeemer gave His life
to provide it,
so that He - having healed many, and resurrected others - 
by infallible proofs, was Himself resurrected
precisely as and when He said,
to exhibit His authenticity and confirm all He did before He rose.

(See Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny,
including this link


Where the Bible is presented, it is always the aim to remember
that as the written word of God Almighty,  it changes not at all
(Galatians 1, Jude, Isaiah 8, 57, Matthew 5:17-20),
neither in its perspective,
nor the atmosphere of presentation -
as with such acute force by Jude,
and penetrating love as in I John.
Nor is it different in its Gospel (Galatians 1),
which is the power of God to salvation (Romans 1:16),
nor again  in its origin in God (I Corinthians 2:9-13, Matthew 4:4, Isaiah 8:20),
nor in its authority (Matthew 28:16-18, 5:17-20), which is that of God whose it is.

To present it, one must echo it in all respects, if one is to be faithful.

Accordingly, it has been our studied intention to provide no offence
but that of the Cross (Galatians 5:11, 6:14) and all that this implies,
and that none should stumble,
except at the word of God (I Peter 2:8), the Rock of Christ (I Peter 2:6-8) -
for whom we are ambassadors,
on whom we wait, and for whom we serve.

Note, May 2019:

For the ISRAEL and  ESCHATOLOGICAL EVENTS Basket, mostly recent in presentation, and a useful introduction to the movements in our contemporary world towards its end , according to the word of God:

see The Israel Basket, comprising 113,133, 134, 137, together with  Waiting for Wonder Ch. 7 Appendix and Register to the Terminus of the End


Here, then, is presented a theological set of some 243 volumes, directed to and showing grounds for all that is

In Praise of Christ Jesus

It specialises in Biblical Christian Apologetics, covering issues
from canon to translation,
science and its erratic substitute,
the scientistic,
to sober reality and its record.
It concentrates on exegesis of the word of God,
including careful attention to translation,
while placarding the immutable Gospel (Galatians 1),
and exalting Jesus Christ, as only Saviour, true Redeemer, God as man,
Lord of life and indispensable source of spiritual life for man.
The issues could not be greater so the labour has been sweet,
for its source is sweeter yet.
There is a truth and trueness about Jesus Christ,
whether in His record on earth,
the predictions to and from Him, the power of His Spirit,
the cleanness of His name
or the regality of His meekness, the finality of His truth or
the peace that He brings to the heart which knows Him.

The motivation of His personal love and what proceeds from it is
consistent, persistent, insistent,
but never brash, gullible or manipulable.
Eternally alive from the dead, He is great to know and will return,
both suddenly and unexpectedly;
and the time is near (cf. Luke 21:24, I Thessalonians 1),
but how near, no-one but God knows.


The above link is for a message concerning pain, suffering
and a new beginning, with force, liberty and authority:
suitable while time lasts,
but especially for the New Year.   It is Part II of a series.
For Parts II and III, see links on Part II.

For a systematic coverage of Pain, Suffering and Evil, use this link.
See also related elements in the investigation of freedom.

See also below.



in the 243 volumes set provided ?


SEARCH  click here

Search includes the various indexes,
one set for the nearly one million word trilogy,
and another for ALL THE REST,
around another 25 million. Each has a BIBLE VERSE
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Indeed, there is there also a FIFTH, INDEX-MINI, for quick access to major points.

These indexes are broad in scope and include compilations,
such as Swift Witness,
the questions and answers arising
when challenge is presented to us as servants of Christ,
and answer given in His name,  in the light of the word of God.

The Indexes, either the major ones or Index Mini, for quick reference
give you that ready


approach that enables quick access. Try them.
There are almost innumerable sub-topics, and the Index
is a virtual world of its own, that leads to this one and the next!
Thus you have not one but many indexes to use for TOPICS
and for VERSES of the Bible. Use them freely,
for they are provided for this purpose.


Beyond this, there are MINI-SETS of VOLUMES,
also shown in SEARCH,
each specialised in coverage, and available at the touch of a hyperlink
from that site. Thus in this breadth, you have

Naturalism and evolution, Creation and logic, you have Job and Suffering,
Deity and Design - for example,  Demonstration, Revelation and its Location
and  Certainty, and the whole scope of Vast Verification in multiple topics,
all listed in
Search. Some are linked here also for examples.


Christianity has had its many detractors, comic caricaturists,
yet also its many heroes and people of passion and power,
who have done many wonderful things.


 Many also have sought to imitate the inimitable:
 religious  mutants without faith.
   The way of God has been formalised almost to formal extinction,
   then  degraded with informal excursions into experiential libido,
   to liberties bearing little resemblance
   to its living Victor over death, and Founder, Jesus Christ
   and to the Word
which He both was and as Messiah, obeyed.

   It has been professed
   by pious hypocrites,
   and followed by people
   who have adorned it.

    Besieged by belittlers,
    infiltrated by the impure,
    yet it is undaunted,
    for God Himself is
    faithful and loyal.

  Grossly, in this century
    it has been
    so distorted, 
    contorted and assaulted,
    that it is  time we had
    a Web concourse,
    a meeting place where truth 
    is hallowed, logic has place,
    competition with Christ
    is shown in its withered weakness –  
   amid the confused clutter
   of alien and irrational  contentions:

  a place where reality,
  vital with its innate dignity and wonder, stands unharassed.

W E L C O M E !



These presentations actually and formally prove 3 propositions -  that

1) God Almighty is,
2) the Bible is His Written Word, and
3) Christ is His living and eternal Word.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
If therefore you do not know Him, you have not begun.

When you actually know God,
the rest follows
like light
when the sun comes over the horizon.
Life is then not just demonstration to the mind,
but to the heart, the spirit and the life.

Almost unimaginable when you have not seen it,
it is quite unforgettable when you have! The Lord really is my light,
and should be yours. He made both of us.


Do you want inter-related items to help you investigate
any Biblical/Christian issue, teaching, point,

understand a theme, morals, Christian education,
creation and the method of science,
prophecy, history and the Bible, truth, meaning of life,

to know that and why the Bible is true, be assured God is alive,
that you are responsible to Him, and what to do about it;

to apply the word of God, be faithful to it,

or to test it, assure yourself - even confront in these fields ...
or simply to discuss them ? There is scope for such action here.


It is best to test: that is why challenge is here given to all who wish
to address reason in this field:
the result is the force of reality, the testimony of truth,
and without truth,
man is like one dead.

With it, the soul lives, the heart thrives
the spirit soars and man's companion is God.
God is always able to provide, and His is the victory.

Feel free to in sincerity to pursue any such issue for yourself on site,
or by referring the topic to us.
The word of God, wonderfully apt, is the verbal seal of the Creator.
It speaks for itself, and
is a delight to discuss, a joy to mine and
a reward for the industrious.

It gives the touch of the shepherd, Jesus Christ,
whose life is as available now as it ever was,
and whose promises are always found to be sure.
If you are not walking in the light of His countenance, you are in darkness.
That HE is the light of the world is not just words; it is work. It is also grace.


 Pain, suffering, evil ... ? We are not in the hands of a social service panacea, but of a staggeringly slighted and sundered God. Needed crucially is not man's mercy, but that of God.

Does this animate your thoughts ?
For the Biblical answer to this whole domain, follow the lead above.

Here however see a modern example of the intensification of the ground for it!

Does this activate your thoughts ?
It is well that it should. Only as interim is ignorance bliss.


Do you seek personally challenging applications from the Bible ?

Below are special occasion sermons, oral ones, written ones,
including recent ones, topical ones.


For expository preaching in written form,


Also provided is a series of audio sermons.



For a large assortment, many dated and described,
and ready to speak,

visit this.


Current Events

in Biblical Perspective ... ?

Try News.


 IS LARGE ... If you want to consider this aspect, see next.

There are estimated to be approximately 60,000  pages,
contained in a closely integrated and heavily indexed set of
Biblical Christian Apologetics, 
with available features in this 'home'
to which you are invited! It is available.

First, however, notice that the demonstration concerning
the truth of the written word of God, the Bible,
and Jesus Christ, only Saviour,
is not at all through any special talent or power of the writer,
but dependent absolutely on the power and grace
of the resurrected and eternal word of God, Jesus Christ;
and that same Bible instructs Christians
to give a reason for the faith to the one who asks.

Nor has it been at my will, but wrought both with and at the will of God, whom I serve.

That it may be the largest single-author work,
 on Apologetics extant in any religious field,
or  in the field of theology as an integral set,
is  entirely fitting, for good  reason.

On the one hand, this is
the generation of unbelief,
whether through foolish following of groundless false prophets,
or secular fantasies, ignoring truth with passion,
and affirming it while denying it is there;
and on the other, the truth neither ends nor is limited,
but attests itself in every field, on all sides and in all fields,
and attests by many signals that the day of judgment draws near.

It thus becomes increasingly important to show that
in Jesus Christ is the answer
to all this world's chronic problems, in Him alone.
The TRUTH (John 14:6) is like that! Matters arise to be despatched,
questions come to be answered: for the word of God, the Bible IS truth,
and He who gave is THE TRUTH (John 14:6).
Praise God that many different features are presented by many,
and cogent proof is one of those here.

Since it is so, it ought to be done, and it is in this instance presented as a testimony: many miss out, so let's study the bull's eye.

This Jesus Christ, the central focus of the Bible,
 is the last and the first, the final and the finale of all inheritance for man
which makes racial, cultural or other heritage a virtual zero by comparison.

Hence, in testimony, this work covers
many fields and disciplines, even translation and biblical exposition,
for if you do not know the object, how can you relate!

Thus, as a testimony in depth and detail,
it is designed to meet those
who hasten to their judgment,
that end which muddle does not dismiss,
and invites to the peace and presence of God anew
in the name of Jesus Christ,
those not yet by their ultimate unbelief consigned;
for the love of God towards man is vast and profound,
more boundless than ocean or space. 
Yet He never spits out truth in order to save a soul: He does it WITH IT!
(John 14:6, Matthew 20:28).


With God, things can happen quickly, if there is need,
so here is an example.
As you see Him work in this or that field,
faith expands yet further.


On this site, through God's grace, facing the needs of the field,
and seeking to meet them, many steps have been taken by faith.


In the 40 months, till April  2004, there were around    

   50 new volumes completed
   with 14 more by
December 2004
   and a further 40 by December 2006

   some 104 volumes
   in 6 years.  It has continued to this year, 2016. Praise the  Lord for His goodness and faithfulness, and may it bring blessing to many.

  Altogether over 400 sermons amid 243 volumes of this set have appeared on the Web since 1996,
          & this provides by the grace of God, much food for all.

This attests, that where there is need, the Lord knows how to act, and to enable His servants, and that there is nothing too hard for Him.


Praise God for that.

    The scope of new works published
    for several years in the recent past, having for some time
    varied around one million words per annum,
   there are oceans to sail on. These seas were not invented for nothing,
   but through the grace of Jesus Christ, for you. Their bedrock is the Bible.

  This gives fresh coverage   for all,  challenge and interest,
   with latest  items found at top of the Library
   and News files.

Look and find not only the details,
but the deity    directive of    design,
the fabricator of imagination and the grantor
of the spirit of mankind
a race free enough to fly from truth as if by commission!
and to ruin this, its world in tantrums against obvious truth, while yet
remaining relevant to redemption in God, to the end (cf. Revelation 5;  22:17).

Here is scope not only to sail the seas on biblical bedrock,
but to find
   spiritual things with spiritual wings,
   seeking the unchanging truth 
   which is magnificently made available
   by God Himself, for all, these millenia.

Reason is a servant to the process;
faith is the mode of access;
truth is the companion on the way;
revelation is the testable product of God, authorised and authenticated by God in the Bible, 
and Jesus Christ is truth enshrined in human flesh, the eternal God as man,
who confirms all, did all for salvation and is available to all, as Saviour and Lord.


If then this be largest known single-author work
on Apologetics or theology,
with integral perspective and biblically constrained,
providing under one roof multiple test and presentation alike, 

 there is reason for that:
for what is easier to write about than

(Jesus Christ, God incarnate)

and who is more inspiring and gracious than
(from whom Christ sent His Holy Spirit).

And which generation is nearer to judgment than this one!
(cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5).

Thus we are regaled in revelation from the Lord -

*in the Bible, presented precise in proposition,
found faithful in performance,

*in Jesus Christ, definitive in Person as God:

 in it,
the graphic word written,
and in Him,
the living word smitten
for our sin
and raised
for our deliverance.

Come in, look around: there is much to interest you

in the 60,000  or so pages
contained in volumes in this 'home'
to which you are invited!


Do you want to know something of Reader Response ?  

Spirit And Sky
Top Spiritual Site


It included a Spirit and Sky Top Spiritual Site in 2005, and markedly unexpected in this category,
from 2001 and extending for many years,
has been
a series of biographical actions including
official Man of the Year nomination or award,

both in England and the USA :

and a collection of entries in many
 biographical volumes.

Such has been the response from
nternational Biographical Centre
Cambridge, England
and the

American Biographical Institute, North Carolina.

Just as the grace and strength for this
has come from the Lord, so to Him be any praise.

Do you want BIBLE study ? This relates closely to
Christian Apologetics.

Translation and Truth: see this work  with 61 translations, and basics.

For Bible study specialisation, follow this link.
Survey Joyful Jottings
for this purpose, too and see prophecy in action!
A new set of student notes on the exposition of the epistle to the Romans
is now ready, Chapter by Chapter following the thematic
sequence in the text.

For that see SMR Chs.   8 and   9, no less.

A Register of Events as the END finishes ENDING
may be found as above.

Do you seek exposure of the rampant folly

of the da Vinci Code ?

Its refutation casts light on better known assaults on Christ,
and is worthy of study, in this more than 35,000 word chapter.

Remember too, the special occasion, thematic and emphasis
 messages! These stretch back to 2005.


To advise you of some new things on the site ?

You may consult

What is New ?

Look behind and in front, and consider what time is for …
it is apportioned like meat, and gives priceless opportunities
to use with relish and gratitude to God.




are your need,
to trace Bible verses or themes, topics, names, check here.
This gives you a double set,
each set including verses as one arm,
and topics as the other.
All are hyperlinked,
and topical indexes to most volumes are now
in smaller sections,
to save you time.

Ready availability of many features is to be found in Action Kit.
List of all works published is found in Library.
See the margins for these also.

As an educational site, specialising in reason for faith
and the testimony which God has left for man,
this has visitors from surprising sources,
academic and national.

The content varies from academic treatises to recent news,
always directing to God, His written word, the Bible,

His definitive incarnation in Christ Jesus,

whose drawing never ceases
to move in the hearts and minds of man, His creation,
which attests His continuing love and mercy, power and patience.
For this, with many, we give Him praise,
as likewise for His mercy, love and pity
shown repeatedly over several millenia,
cardinally in Christ two millenia ago!
By this,  He seeks continually among the children of men,
sending His servants to the ends of the earth.

It is important not to dither with deity,
but to close with Him on the Gospel,
and delight in Him! His return approaches, and grows near.

HOW near no one but God knows,
but the signals sound like guns firing.

For Recent Statistics, click here.

In brief, though numbers vary, over the  first 20 years on the Web,
till relatively recently, there seem to have been
up to 300,000 annual calls for chapters and cognate documents, 
of what are now the 243 volumes on this site,
consistent in approach because written and integrated by one author;
while according to checking over a short period,
some 76 nations have been calling,  and over 400 tertiary bodies.


For all this we praise God, for whom it is,
whose grace and power has enabled it,
and to whose glory it is set.
After all, it is to ALL NATIONS that HIS GOSPEL is sent!


This is



GOD has left things so clear

that reason
can only verify,
confirm and insist that it is so.
In fact, we here demonstrate that it requires us
to find the Bible to be the word of God Almighty.

These things YOU need to KNOW!

Follow on to find out how.

It is not only reason however which shows His word.
Life, in turn, finding Him, can only attest, verify,
wonder and glorify the God of truth, while
fellowship with Him is man's personal link to what is divine.
Here, experience follows as in any meeting, what its foundations show.

 Reason shows where;
revelation shows what;
faith tastes and knows.

To ignore what the Father of light has said in His Son Jesus Christ
is far more obstructive than insensitivity.
It is the act of the rebel,
the irrationalist and the doomed.

Find that hard to digest ?
Taste and see!
Search and find!
Failing to meet reality is the cause for many an accident,
and it is of no value to denounce accident,  when eyes are shut to the road.

To receive that same Jesus Christ is to find a work of grace
surpassing all the glories of creation,
and the path of eternal life.
To know your Creator is to be set on basic bedrock;
to omit it to worse than starvation.

This is what God shows in His word, more solid than rock.
In fact it regularly breaks rock; it is equally ready to heal broken hearts,
for it is backed by Him who made the heart before it fell.
Great in energy, it heals, hinders, strikes as most fitting,
and since love directs it,
and truth shines throughout it, healing and restoration are most prominent.

To attest this, then, and actually
demonstrate that the Bible
is His word,
and show the divine marvel of His plan of salvation
and the integrity of His love, there follow:

Overall, there is much extensive material,
integrated in one overall system,
inter-linked by extensive cross-reference,
leading to decisive certainties where abundantly
these are to be found
just as these are intimately related to that written word of God,

manifestly pointing to God, where HE HIMSELF
in all His wonder may be found!

Make no mistake, when you have seen Jesus Christ,
you have seen the Father too (John 14:9-11).
You find Him when you seek Him where He is to be found! (Luke 13, Isaiah 55).
His word comes to life when
you come to life in Him,
and He comes with inextinguishable light
to those who seek Him with all the heart by His grace.


There are  plenty of new features to study,
ongoing since our start on the Web, 
in 1996,
for research, information and blessing.

For more detail on productions, click here.



If you weary of short summary little snippets on the internet,
then for you, here it is in volume, in depth,
heavily indexed, with
an almost encyclopedic array of here-and-now features
with well over 2000 listed topics and sub-topics
to stir the mind, or meet it;
and these have been increasing for years since that count

This site is educational, specialising in scientific method,
logic and truth,
helping you to learn as you yearn for the brilliance of light,
satisfied only in its source.

If you are YOUNG, in the category of youth, say 15-30,
then you may find this excursion to be especially useful.

Whatever your age, however, you've probably received
from school and TV

almost unending indoctrinations on many fields
where culture is a vamp, a siren, sting.

Again, try the way of the Lord, and see:
He is better for the heart than any treatment.

Here is instant information and presentation,
for the immediate present,

or if need be, for long reflection,
deep thought and awareness.
This can be a stimulus to the faith of the Christian,
a task force for testimony,  and
a challenge to the uttermost to the lost.
It is bad to be lost, but far worse not to know it, till history forecloses.
Opportunity is for action.

You may also selectively print out from it
what is nearest your own specific need,
instead of buying many books.

It is quite free,
because so is the grace of the Lord.

Here you are not getting what you pay for,
but what HE has paid for!

Glide by hyperlink to many parallels, and save time.

Want a topic ?
Biblical ? personal ? religious ? related ?
Look it up , often for multiple references,
with various aspects and their explanations.

You want that intriguing, yes fascinating topic,
, while doing the utmost justice to liberty ?

Find it here. A short overview of much is to be found at Bulletin 32.

Your need is urgent, sincere, but troublesome to you ?
Email us, or arrange a chat.

Want Biblical Prophecy? Follow this link.

Israel ? ISRAEL is featured in the

Israel Pentad.  This takes you on a tour of overview of five volumes of selected Israel-focussing material.
In particular, see ISRAEL BOOK 4 and BULLETINS FORTY SIX, and  FIFTY SIX (2017).

Some are found  in the news category, some generic.

The latest items on Israel are found in Volume 4, or News Volume 5.

See also Special Studies on Israel and the Middle East 

with news elements from an earlier phase ? Follow this and then, this.
Just above the last reference, look if you will
at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Still more of relatively recent news and biblical reflection on the Middle East ?
 Turn to general  NEWS PAGE. Frequent updates occur.

Interested in mankind misfits,
a sort of modern spiritual Canterbury Tales ?
See this in In Flight or on Stand-By ? ...

and view The Exemplar, consulting
Little Things 5.


Eternal life stirs you, but you wonder ?

See this and that.

Want to reflect on a Bible verse  ?

Estimated at over 8000,
references or expositions concerning these
are available
from every book in the Bible:

find for these,  index links, as set out with the other ones,
below, or at Search or Bible Study.

Other Bible verse references appear without annotation,
in the text of the volumes of the Set,
to be found as you read.

Extensive Glossaries are also available
to define terms or essentialise the meaning of phrases.

Or again, do you want life in Christ,
to live it in His own personal power, peace and discipline,
as coach, tutor, friend and Saviour,

eternal word of the living God, His only begotten Son ?
(John 15:7, 3:16, 1:1, 8:58).
If so, turn in here and here.

Are you stressed   out with   'self' ?

weary of its ways ? seeking reality for itits source ?

Do you yearn for more sanctification ?
Good: here are some leads.
If you want a look at some frequent distortions of personal life
confused with Christianity,
compared with
Biblically defined life in Christ, see here.

If SURVEYS of various issues attracts you, travel HERE.

Introduction  is here provided

to the Author of the set,

who has found himself called to Jesus Christ,
and then in Him enabled by the grace of the Lord,
as part of the Christian ministry given, to present these  Volumes.

For a structured outline for author, with awards, see this link.

Centring on Christ, the Bible, they expose its undeviating truth
and sublime certainty, opportunities and perspective,
its Gospel, grace and grant of eternal life
through faith in Jesus Christ, the living God,
that trinitarian glory, changeless and near to the contrite.

For a brief but detailed account of the confrontation aspect
with the anti-biblical powers in seminary and beyond,
which met the author, and the Lord's way in all this,

see this link. It is great to see the Lord IN ACTION!

Of crucial importance is this, that you find your own Author,
He who has published you not on the Web but on the earth! 

You may also use this

email address on the Internet,
to seek information and help. From this, if you wish,
you make arrange an IRC Chat time.

The street address is 30 Musgrave Ave., Banksia Park SA 5091.

If you want truth, you are most welcome.
If you want overview of some of the plans of this site,  please read
Apologetic Approach.
You may want a brief introduction to the CONCEPTS considered,
in their mutual relationship, as here,
or a broad coverage of depth as here  
with this added.

For your information: this site is Presbyterian in background but
Biblical in foreground, and centred in Jesus Christ
the Lord of glory, God manifest in the flesh, the focus for faith:
always the Bible, and never is denomination the determinant.
Here, then, is a place to look, question, find and research.


News and Scope

The site also provides News (see margin),
with many substantial surveys
of the nature and import of developments
as they unroll and have declared themselves.

It also has scope for

Fellowship, and Counselling,
and with extensive resources,  gladly gives -

Opportunity for

Interrogation, Communication and Interchange.

Visit this suburb of "The City of Truth"
where Christ is King and Head,

having subdued death,
able to grant life everlasting and very much alive.

WE point to HIM; HE does the works.




Are you stuck in cultural clogs, exposed to wild weathers ?

or a nominal Christian ? Here is a piece of imagery to make
the options, arrangements and derangements vivid.

Look then for one moment

at Christian life, before reading on.

bullet For you, then, perhaps the truth is not turning up
as you might hope or need,

in this and that area or arena, as you live and ponder;

bullet perhaps like a car with an engine which will not start,
you mimic motion and find commotion.

Merely nominal transport, in that state, it has only the form of a car.
That is the type of thing common now
as foretold in II Timothy 3 for these times.
Yet you must penetrate past appearances, to the reality:
that is freely available in Jesus the Christ, the Eternal incarnate.

We cannot over-emphasise this,
that we are looking to the living God,
who can do all things,
has raised His Son bodily from the dead,
having foretold just that for a millenium before doing it
precisely as and when predicted
(cf. Highway of Holiness Ch. 4, SMR Ch. 9), 
and moves history like a fountain pen:
indeed, HE HAS written, and it DOES come to pass
JUST as He has said.

Check it out and see for yourself, in the places provided
Index at Bible and further prophecy, and note
It Bubbles ... Ch.    1, and SMR p. 973A, *24,
Library, and ponder Pitter ... 4).

In all, He is OUR resource and recourse, entirely by His grace,
and we look for others to find Him.
With grace like His, it is tragedy if you do not.
Life is not a game but a pilgrimage,
and you need not only the way but the result that God gives.

As to the truth, it has been around from the first;
and is equipped with power to the last.
God has never left Himself without a witness.
Love provides it; mercy secures it;
folly ignores it; the gospel is the divinely given key that enables it to be discovered.

As to life apt for mankind, this has found it.
The gospel is its cutting edge that bares and meets reality.
It is God's own channel to salvation, deliverance from death,
with a just peace in truth.

Christ is the way, the life and the TRUTH.
There is simply no other name under heaven
given to mankind by which any one may be saved (Acts 4:11-12): and that ?
forgiven by God, re-rendered, restored, relieved,
redeemed, revitalised and when the time comes, resurrected.
It is in HIS name that we act, from Him truth is derived,
and it is His word that stands.

IF you do not have the truth, then what do you have ? 
a reliable liability to error!

Direction does not come from a mound of hope, but from God.
Without sure foundations, a person is a spiritual foundling.

See what man is, in grandeur of divine conception,
and becomes, in hideous violation of this schema and provision!

(Why not take this hyperlink journey!)

Imaging and not finding,
imagining and not discovering,

straying, praying without knowledge,
many are hoping without understanding, and in fact -
while others too forlorn to pray, too proud or too prejudiced -
equally lack life as it was made by God:

  lack actively ? acting like a volunteer death squad,
themselves the target;
  lack passively ? living out a relic of life,
like a vine branch, cut off, on the ground.

Sin strips off the necessary completeness of created life,
an appointed place in God,
hope for the future, eternal life; and salvation restores it.

It puts you back according to specifications, but is better in this,
that once redeemed,
you BELONG TO the eternal GOD, His for ever (John 10-:9,27-28).
The only real loss is sin. If you want that, you are welcome:
but it IS like wanting cancer.

IF on the other hand, you do KNOW THE LORD,
and you DO have life ( I John 5:12):
SHOW it and GROW in it.
A birthday is not a life: but its introduction!
Being born again is starting. It is important to be born; it is crucial to grow up,
spiritually just as physically.

Thus there is growing up - in Christ!
and finding that great treasure of His written word,
coming alive in your understanding and life.

Seekers, come and find Christ and in Him,
all the riches of wisdom and knowledge,
elemental and final truth and the love of God.

Christians, for you, here is reinforcement,
a large, heavily indexed library for knowledge and research,

with encouragement and opportunity to share.
Use it freely.



Start here! This will take you
on various ranges that face reality.


DVD AVAILABLE - Fast Response Advantage

 1) The DVD coverage of this total Web site, some 25  million words,
including ample indexes, Biblical and topical, large glossaries to explain,
to all of which are added
many audio sermons, and music,
with extra pictures, is now available in its
1st Edition, current July 2016.

Updates have frequently been made as further extensions appear.
For information on coverage, author, availability,
click here.

2) We are currently available for email interchange,
 if this is a preferred query mode for those seeking.

Such interchange is sometimes more conversational than email,
and more useful.

If interested, please email us concerning this.


WWWW Net News
Christian light on the NEWS


Use our  index-system in our 
INDEX VOLUME or more broadly, SEARCH.

It branches into five parts, as you see below, and one of these branches again,
but all can be reached from the panel of options hyperlinked below.
The site is equipped with a total tally,
estimated some years ago, but now increasing,
at nearly

70 pages of glossary, plus about

270 pages of  topical,  Biblical  and glossary Indexes,
around 340 pages in all,
and the latter are constantly expanding. See Search.

It lets you trace a topic, find various references
throughout these pages,
to a Biblical passage, and gives multiplied sub-topics
to challenge the imagination and meet need.

At the same time, definition of terms is amply available in the glossary treatments,
which often summarise concisely matters in view. For this,
click here.


On Bible Translations, you may care to find your way here.

This study examines the clear intimations and deals with over 60  areas.
We have by no means been left without clarity in anything needful. But you say:


follow the hyperlink to the place and procedure to find Him
where He may be found.

This also covers the SEARCH FOR IDENTITY.

Perhaps you feel the need of  a less formal
oral introduction ? and less internet expense ?
In that case, our DVD, noted above, can provide you
with some 
8 hours of lectures matched to chapters,

with audio sermons on the resurrection,
together with more interpretive pictures and some expressive music.

With this  go  the 243 volumes in this set,
In Praise of  Jesus Christ.

This facility is now available,

70th Edition, extending to January 2016,  at

in the light of Jesus Christ is a major theme.


They start with hyperlink to allow you to look, if you wish, at the procedure
in our trilogy which takes you step by step
to the certainty of the truth of the Bible,
and the results which accrue.

Then the works are listed, and many basic topics set out in detail.



This provides you, in a single disk, with a copy for reaching
what are estimated at over 25
million words on this site,
and  approx. 60,000 pages, with VARIED activities ?

There are basic topics to check out ?

such as errors in other religions ?
and sects ?
what is meta-religion ?
why is Christianity the ONLY meta-religion ?
why does man so largely disdain the truth ?


This Action Kit is a CENTRAL STATION,
with its own pictures and rapid awareness setting.

It also contains data on the systematic, overall Christian Apologetic work,
one covering many topics and starting at the first, ending with the Lord:


is not only its  name, but its purpose,
and it
 gives details of teaching courses available.
Some individual courses can be crafted.


and the


Item 4 in Action Kit gives access to the library shelves,
and other items are spread before you, as does that title
in the margin of this very page..

Action Kit is designed to facilitate interaction
with topics and themes, in the Web  context,
and to stimulate the keen pursuit of knowledge
that surpasses hope and lands in the realm of certainty,
where ALONE it is to be found.

We suggest you seek out Action Kit for survey now.

For another line of short approach, more church oriented,
click here.




As to the declaration of the truth:
its demonstration, though exceedingly  useful, a helpful
and even vital exercise, indeed one of our chief operations,
is not the ultimate desideratum.

To prove the presence of water in drought is great;

yet to find it and use it is vastly more so.

To know where it is, fine! But to drink, better.
God gives it in written form, and IS IT in Himself
who gives it accordingly in personal form!

First, to FIND it : THIS is crucial! Follow hyperlink above, at truth - vital..



Membership of The Evangelical Presbyterian Alliance.

To consider broader membership
in WWWW below, click here.

For the Constitution of WWWW use this link.


The Testimonial Body

WWWW, World Wide Web Witness Inc.

(active on the Web since 1996)

This body is:



(cf. Calibrating Myths, Machining Dreams
and Keeping Faith

 Ch. 6, esp. *2,    SMR Ch. 1, Appendix D, and see

Reason, Revelation and the Redeemer.
Celestial Harmony for the Terrestrial Host

Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ).



It is therefore important that such harassments
as were met by Jesus Christ
through political systems in His time on earth,
and have occurred in many countries since,
and which constitute a widespread failing in the human race,
should not occur in this land, or on the Internet in particular.

When they come, this Australian nation is already on the way out.
It has had a brave beginning, and its sources
 have in many things been fine.
 The end always, however, must be kept in view.
The great point even then is this, 
that the Beginning does not End, since He is God,
and His people are kept past
the ‘end’ of this world’s vain show,
with Him who though now invisible,
is He who alone makes man viable for ever.


Truth must be freely sought, so that it may be delightedly found.
For more on this, on system and truth,
and the World Wide Web Witness Inc., click here.


What is Logical, Empirical, Experiential-
possesses the works, all of them ?
It is there, awaiting you.

Let us take one illustration.

God's word stands.

Science changes (often in a very few years, very much) .

God’s word does not:

it never changes, over the millennia, being not merely immutable,
but suitable, cogent, unbending, unamending,
and indeed even forecasting
what is to be in the dealing of God, in the world of man,
in the development of destiny.

This wholly unique standing of the word of God is empirical,
though faith believes it,
before action shows it and God sends it before man sees it.
This then is the author's experience
and simple observation, over more than 50 years of knowing Christ,
in whatever setting,
amid the blatant blarings of many, of falling churches (cf. Revelation 2-3),
not least, in this country and that, in this office and that,
under this test and that one.

Not one word of His has failed.

His reliability makes that of the sun seem short-term by comparison. It flickers;
He does not (James 1)

The truth stands, and error falls because it CANNOT stand.
It fails like a paper aeroplane in a downdraught.
That is empirical experience as well as assured principle,
in the word of God. Much falls, but the church of Jesus Christ continues.
And that ? it stands ON Him, IN His word (John 14:21ff., I Cor. 3:11).


Substitutes slither; fakes wither;


but the Gospel preaching, word teaching,
faith activated church of God


continues on its costly way, precious to Him and created for Him,


looking to Him who is invisible, finding Him closer and better
than the visible, His creation.

The task of the Church is never itself, but Him who sent it,
and its work is never its own word, but His who sends it
(John 12:48-50, 14:26, 15:7, 17:8, Revelation 22:18-19,
Galatians 1, Matthew 23:8-10, II Peter 2:1ff.)
and what honours Him, not itself, is honoured.

We can never consent in conscience to the use of psychic, emotional, political, social or other means of repressing Christianity, or to government becoming its secular Lord. We do not concur in the de facto confusing of the issue that our Constitution in Australia FORBIDS the Commonwealth both from establishing a religion, imposing religious observance and from prohibiting the free exercise of any religion. Hence convenience, pleasure and preference in the field of religion cannot annul its proper liberty, not of course so as to annul all scope for other religions or kill, but to exercise its principles of morality beyond prejudice, prohibition or mere invasive social desire.

 Thus, for  example,  to make personal feelings, without due review of purpose and principles, truth and case, such as exhibited in a sense of insult and offence to be a criterion of morals, right and wrong, of some taking contrary legal  action or not, constitutes competitive religion, violates principled morality and displaces truth, leaving justice a psychic remnant.

Hypocrisy does not help unconstitutionality, and a cover of words does not remove in this case, a relegation of truth, justice and religion to things inessential, manipulable, and supervened by emotions.

Unconstitutional because invasive laws in this field are not merely a violation of the Commonwealth's limitations, but an assault on the very integrity and sustainability of religion, an action from a State becoming at war with Church, a rupture reminiscent of the liberty of religion which giants of deception have granted in the past,
while persecuting to the uttermost.

Section 116 of the Constitution declares that "the commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth."

Whatever, however, the persecution may be, and it is foretold in some detail as to come (cf. John 16:2, Revelation 13,17), the categories and way of the Christian following Jesus Christ do not alter. Their quality is immutable, as is God (Psalm 102).

We are pilgrims, but the light does not vary
(I Chronicles 29:11-15, James 1:17, I Peter 2:9-11, Psalm 100:5).

The beautiful thing is this, that His truth endures to all generations.

It is easier to cut a diamond with a knife, than alter His truth in any generation,
given from the first to the last. Its light is lustrous (Isaiah 8:20, Jeremiah 23:21-29).

Praise God, it is very bright.

The word of God is tested in all ages,
the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ is confirmed at all times.

Available to faith, upon repentance,
Jesus Christ is our central focus: and the importance HE has attached
to you and to me is measured by His own actions in entering the world (John 17:5),
and being crucified after a life of perfect righteousness,
to provide the way home (I Peter 2:22-25, 3:18).

There is simply no excuse for being lost.
There is also no need ...

To speak personally, I should find such a thing intolerable to contemplate,
in the face of such favour and mercy; and for that also,
I thank God whose mercy is
from everlasting to everlasting
and who is able to keep that which is committed to Him

against that day when judgment is final (cf. II Timothy 1:12).
That, to one who knows and loves God, it is not too long!

Fancy His bothering with us: but He does!

Fancy such kindness to the human race (Titus 2-3), to mankind,
but it is there, where it may be found (Isaiah 55).

Through Christ is the key for heaven and the remedy for earth.
There is not another door, another gateway (John 14:6, Acts 4:11-12).
God is One; the remedy is One, the result of the neglect is one,
and that of moving through Him to His Father, is one.


The Key

must be used, and the door opened.  Follow this hyperlink.


then click here...

about the author ? his ministries ?
or use this or consult this action.

v           Meanwhile, we as a team for truth, 
servants of the Lord Jesus Christ
shall be happy to hear from you and would be glad to be of help
in any spiritual matter,
but especially in your finding Christ and growing in Him.
Remember, being BORN AGAIN is but a beginning:
GROWING UP in Christ is LIVING (Ephesians 4:15).

v           The issues here presented vastly exceed any others in significance,
for they relate to you and God.

v           It is neither wise nor sound nor safe to build stories in your life,
before making sure of the foundation, and if possible,
worse to base it on a false one.

v           History has only one foundation

             to provide

which has in itself, or any other way,

the apt power, place, practicality,
   principles, attestation,
purity and pre-eminence;

and that one focusses One,

testable like His word and way, and found unerring in that process, 

who is the Author of creation,

who is also the only Redeemer for all creation:

Jesus Christ,  the key, and the keystone.

It is He whom we find, our source and recourse.
Here logic directs; here verification insists;
but there truth finds its quest,

His rays outshining are our guide,
His power our conclusion,
His grace received,  our inclusion.

It is our hope that He may become yours,
or that if He now is,
you may rejoice with us in the certainty that He is
and provides.

Do examine these things; now is the opportunity.

Our  Email address – you may use the link below:


AND NOW, in the words of the apostle Paul in Romans 16

(see Of the Earth, Earthy, or Celestial in Christ 14, for the exposition and translation)
concerning the definitive revelation of God:


"Now to Him who is able to establish you
according to my gospel


and the preaching of Jesus Christ,
according to the revelation of the mystery,


kept secret since the world began


but now made manifest,


moreover through prophetic Scriptures:



according to the commandment of the everlasting God,


for obedience to the faith to all nations, made known -



to God, alone wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever. Amen."




Extensive computer consultation and implementation, including solution
of outstanding problems, is the work of M.C.G. Donaldson. B.Sc. (M.A., Hons.),
Computer Consultant and Instructor,  and former Senior Research Officer,
whose Christian industry and conscientious dedication is an inspiration.

Moreover, in earlier years, his computer skills led to many hours
of sacrificial involvement, meeting now this and now that challenge to the construction of our site, while in News 1 he directly participated on one long night ending well into the morning!

In this way, team work has been early in its manifestation.
Also, numbers of photographs used on this site, are from Matthew.

His firm, Data Deliverance, seeks vigorously to implement Christian principles
in industry, in the field of business, and is a SPONSOR of
World Wide Web Witness Inc.,
whose President, incidentally, we regard as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself,
for whom we trust our toil is not in vain,
and from whom we gain enormous help for our Web Work in His name!


See next page for further information and



and articles in CONSERVAPEDIA,  a reference work in encyclopedic form,
which has some useful entries.