Rev. Dr. Robert E.  Donaldson




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ISBN 09757881 3 2

August 2005

Extended to July 2011



Science, properly so-called, is not an object of worship. It is knowledge constrained and straitened by a certain method, which sets it in a certain class within the field of what man knows.

Man, seriously regarded, is not an object of worship, nor are any of his works. He is a child of creation, and like many children these days, is perfectly willing to be divorced from his Triune Parent.

He is not ill-disposed towards worshipping, in any ordinary sense of the term, football, cricket players, where the medley of events, the stress of the way, the challenge of the performance, the competition of the opposition and the sense of a burning, yearning make the field seem in a capsule to resemble life, so that the 'victors' are the very models of the attainable, the module of life.

Thus, in practice,  things like hymns may be heard in the bursting praise and even adulatory wonder on the soccer or rugby field, the crowd swaying in intoxicated delight, their voices all but sepulchral as if this were holy ground!

It may be the team, or even the sense of striving and winning, or the involvement in the potion of intoxicating thrust, or man as a spectacle, or man in living excitement and pitch: but it is so like worship, that it reminds one of what often used to be seen in the eyes of youth, when it sought the Lord.

What could so derogate the Maker as to make the Made so appealing, and so distracting from reality ?

Rubbish has come to the shores of mankind, and the stench of it at the littoral is like death. It has come from the desire of mankind to worship himself, nature, force, victory, attainment, life, success, triumphs, conquest of new realms, the spirit of mankind or whatever other substitute may take his fancy, instead of finding his worship in and of the One who made him and all the challenges, powers to meet them and the liberty by which to evaluate effort. This is no accident, and it is indeed the gravest incident in history for man, when such things arise, as they commonly do, in a wide variety of historical garments, over time. At this time, there has come a combination of horror in flesh and rapture about man which is almost heinous in its ambit. It mounts like any other passion, but it arises only to crash into the abyss, having nothing to hold it up, but dreams.

No accident, it has come in turn from alienation from God, and that from a combination of forces. One of these, in one sense the groomsmen of Satan as he seeks to marry off the race to himself, as lord, is the desire to invest creation with all the elements of divinity, without admitting it; and to make man as part of creation, to possess these elements as the head of visible creation, and so to concentrate, like some self-besotted 'teen-age prince or princess, upon himself. That is the way of it, and the predicated way of it as expounded incisively in Romans 1, in which not lacking, is the contemporary servitude to the concepts of Sodom and Gomorrah, as if the result could be essentially different. Yes, the combination of such alienation, fixation on creation and development of worship of the creation is precisely to be found in such things as the current passion for perversity.

It is as if the spirit perverted like a stream from its course, carries the flesh with it, like a comment from within, visible without! Nor is this alone, but Romans 1 in its final scope enunciates a mass of those spiritual sores which infect the human race.

Such self-adulation can reach to various repositories.

It can take the form of being the best intra-human-race (the Aryan or whatever),  so encapsulating progress, power, domination or pride for display, fray or both; so that the inanity of much war may be the murderer of millions;  or being the best qua human, seeing itself as the leading edge of the myth, organic evolution, happily or more often, unhappily parading its imaginary powers with all the invisibility to the realm of scientific method that angels have to the eye of unbelief.

It twists and turns, is to be found here or there, but never does it permit itself to be to be seen. It is the Puck who encircles the globe, but is so clever that he is always hidden. If it is in organic evolution that it seeks name, then it may alleged to be found in chance, though this is merely the non-purposive operation of a system which shows and knows neither design advance nor the means to it, in any phase, manner or degree, as we have been reviewing in the last volume, Dancers, Prancers, Lancers and Answers, and in particular in Ch. 5 .

It may be alleged to be found in some divinity of cruelty, horrific in mode, incredibly self-seeking, disposing of the agencies of struggle so carefully engineered, with aplomb. It is of course the devil who has precisely such a disposition (cf. Matthew 4, I Peter 5) and whose disposition to bathe in glory is more obvious than the crowds at Bondi, who enjoy the sun. To attribute such a spiritual predilection to God is to expect one to believe that the Almighty has emotional or other need, in order to fulfil Himself in the toils and troubles of His creation, a contradiction in terms; or to find His mind, another of the same; or to satisfy jaundice, a mere pretence, since this implies a limit in the relationship between capacity and attainment, which to exist, must find a non-Almighty Being.

So the devil is in effect given place, as the god to give it, or the equivalent of nothing.

Thus does ambition and alienation from truth combine to bring the god of this world to his place, in this as in so many things (cf. John 14:30-31).

As Christ declared of that "prince of this world,"
"He has nothing in Me."

Worshipping forces without intelligence, and without basis, in non-reason, or the devil without reason, mankind thus increasingly is making war on God just as Revelation 19:19 declared would be the case. The plagues and pitfalls, the curse and condition which is the divine response to sin is made companionable, as if the lord of life, and so does man worship his discipline, covet the curse, and follow its impact like the eye of some debased physician, watching an erotic movie while performing a medical operation!

This same lust for man's greatness, that of his life, it may also be found in the idea of some genetic surge; though the attested existence of any such thing to the investigative eye, examining in the utmost care and with microscopic resource, is nil. Again, it may  be found, discovered, in idea of exhibits of past 'performances' in paleontology, though the greatest freely admit that the presence of evidence of such transition there is by means of an absence which is one of the "trade secrets of paleontology". That gem of admission is as we have lately reviewed (Gould), while Denton and W.R. Thompson show that this concept of basic organic transition of life forms is as far from the truth as you can go.

 DISCONTINUITY, not continuity, is de rigueur, they indicate, and Denton adds that the only place where continuity in this realm is to be found, is in the mind of man! It is not in the observable facts of 'nature'.

Found in the stars, then, is this is locale, that of the thing man wants to adopt, as part of his own greatness ? There ? not noticeably; in the planets ? not palpably; then in the equipment with which to do it, it is there that it resides ? That ? it is only by contradiction, for its absence is so marked that its opposite is the discovery, with editing resources of the most sophisticated kind, present in the elements of physical life transmission, strongly to deter any such thing.

But is it perchance in the inward realities of man, in the invisible spiritual realities which are enshrined in his bosom, is it there that his worship of himself can find a ground ?

Alas, in World Wars I, II, III and IV, which have now begun, and except for the last, ended within less than one hundred years (about 91 at present), it has not been too palpable. Killing millions, torturing members of this proud human race, treating them as one would never dream of treating animals, with a lust of devilish gloating, cruelty incarnate, intoxicated with philosophies that do not work, like dreaming devils ? This is some kind of admirable feature, focus and development, something helpful for advance ? Man is dying in millions, unfed, unloved, despatched.

It is scarcely here that anything of development is to be found; and even if it were, it is not by virtue of some new thing in man, for the things in man are both gross and unoriginal, as Dr Martin Lloyd Jones stressed. Sin, gross misuse of each other and of truth, is far from original, and is the ultimate pandemic. This involves no wisdom in the use of resources. In killing the weak or mentally maimed as in Hitler's day, then, is it in such ...  strong-minded action that advance is to be seen, the quality for worship is to be discovered ?

Not at all, there is nothing to be admired in such selfishness; nor did its squandering of spirit lead to anything but doom, defeat, rape and ruin.

Is it to be seen in a glorious sense of unselfishness, then, in clean politics and wonder works for man ? Not noticeably. The dying hordes without food, the ruined families rifled of children by marauding obsessives, who seek to 'convert' them to some irrational pretence for religion of one kind or another, do nothing to impart just ground for sympathy, far less admiration and least of all worship. Does one worship the tip!

What then, the bombed cities, are these the things to show power and induce worship ? Is it again because some religion wants to take ALL the Middle East, and is not satisfied with NEARLY ALL ? There is no glory there, but only a ceaseless striving where neither justice nor toleration, concern or wisdom are to be seen. The forces unite, and the media customarily applaud them, to exterminate the Jew, and they refuse housing for those who in war, lost, when Israel was betrayed by Britain, and left to die its ultimate death in 1948. This could not arouse anything but shame in the viewer who considers the grabbocatic regimes.

Survival ? It is a coarse concept which includes lying deceit, murder, infamy, selfishness, disregard of excellence, justice and truth. It is an enemy of mankind as a religious ingredient, and devoid of anything which coalesces with understanding of truth, respect for it, or for the creation.

No the concept of organic evolution is not at all to be seen in the enhancing maladies of man, the melodies of hatred and the disharmonies of disgrace, deceit, deviance and delusion. Where truth and justice are not sacred, the regimes where they are absentees are already in collision with reality, and will not long endure.

The race faces extinction, and this not least because of its false gods, of which 'science' is culturally more and more made as one, as a product of man's own self. Yet it is one which is merely an extrapolation of one of the modes of gaining knowledge, in a way which, given its confusions and delusions on the part of many of its practitioners, which are presented as part of their profession, is more childish than most evils that beset mankind. The sacrifice of scientific method, allied with great swelling words of pretence, in propaganda's repetitious vogue, for what is not observed but hoped, what is not found but envisaged, in one of the greatest prostitution's of all time, that of truth, is one of the methods of mutiny against truth, which has defiled the race. It is on this which, to a large extent, we concentrate in this volume. It is necessary to come to, from the coma of misconception in this field.


While indeed not all awake from comas, some may do so. It is for them, not least, that this is written, but for the Lord, most of all, whose creations avoid His love, His ransom, His redemption, His incarnation, His resurrection, His predictions and His power as if their own were, though a mockery, at all costs to be preferred.

The deceiver of the nations, that most active and inveigling spirit, Satan, the adversary, loves being adversarial, for it is his fallen nature. In the end, however, although the Satanic Method is Satan's own - distortion, confusion, mimicry, mockery of truth in standing by what is fallacious and fallen, appeal to vanity, pride and the like, suppression, infiltration, propaganda: yet those who fall for it become responsible in part. Someone in a gang of four, even if co-opted, is there because he would rather be there than die, or else because he positively wants to be. In either case, he is corrupted.

It is necessary therefore, while this race lasts (for its time is coming when without divine intervention, it COULD longer endure, as Christ presciently prescribed and announced around two millenia ago - Matthew 24:21-22), to warn, witness and exhibit the glory of God in the midst of the raging pandemic which obtains.

It is in the interests of truth and the many kidnapped from its presence, to review and see the realities of scientific method, its distortions and its relationship with salvation as one of the ingredients in the human situation needing redress.

In this volume then, there is a collection of treatments already made in the works of this author, including one item from a volume DV soon to be published, Dancers, Prancers, Lancers and Answers.


Note that Chapter 12 below has been added from much later, 2011, and Chapter 13 in July 2011. .





The Biblical Coverage

A) Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch.  2   (I Tim  6) ....DDDD

B) Victory Ch.  8, esp. *4 (and the applicability of the phrase in I Timothy 6:20 to much in modern science, inter alia, which becomes a sub-category of knowledge falsely so-called, that is - science falsely so-called)

C) The Biblical Workman Ch. 4 Romans 1 and the place of science, sin and spirituality.



The Anxious Exclusions

A) The Spurious Unities of Confusion
and the Hidden Presuppositions of Pseudo-science

Ch.  3

B) Anti-scientific aversions of science
falsely so-called

 Secular Myths and Sacred Truth Ch. 
  7 (SMST)



Riotous Non-Revelations of Pseudo-Scientism

A) The Reductionist Symphony
and the Phony Fealty to Facile Fabrication 

Ch. 4

 B) Unscientific Systems in the Realm of  the Sub-Moronic

Ch. 6

 C) Hijacked Science
in the Control of Philosophy
Equals Pseudo-Scientism 

Deliverance from Disorientation

D) Building on Observations Unmade,
Grounds Absent in the Presence of Desire 

Cascade of Mercy, Torrent of Truth




Being Constructive and

Providing Child-Care

Building on Grounds Present in the Domain of Truth

A) The Look-Out TMR  Ch. 1,   7

B) The NooseTMR  8



Harassments, Unholiness and Treason to Truth

A) Vital Facts and Deadly Views of Life:
Pseudo-Science by Treason to Truth, is not in the Domain of Reason

"Comfort Ye, My People! Ch. 4

Laughing Stock

Earth Spasm, Conscience Chasm:
and Renewal of LIfe
Ch.  1

C) The Harassment of Scientific Method,
Assault on Umpire

ESCC Ch. 7



Nescience of Knowledgeability and Its Formulations

A) The Nescience of Knowledgeability 
Wake ...

B) The Super-Programmatic Universe of Imagination must visit the Earth!

It is no come-down
if science is to serve truth.

Wake ...  Ch.  5

C) Incredible Credos Meet Rational Vetoes

Wake ...



 Law, The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Logic

Thermo-Nihilism and the First Law of Casuistry

A) TMR Ch. 1, as in 4A) above

B) Wake ... Ch. 2,

C) Swift Witness  4



The Unholy Variety of Scientism
with its Hapless,  Irreligious Rant:
Contrasted with Valid Science and Rationality

Dancers, Prancers, Lancers and Answers Ch. 5,



Hymns to Science!
and the Knowledge of God:

who made the Mind which Makes the Method it Contravenes

Intrepid Temerity and Truth:

Method on the Loose

statistically governed, socially conventionalised imagination,
or carefully verified truth ?

A) Divine Agenda Ch. 9,

B)  TMR Ch. 10,     2,

C ) A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. 12   (ASP)



Fiddle-Faddling with Obsessive Materialism
and Conducting Scientific Method as and where it Applies,
in the Domain of Logic of which it forms a Part

Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch.

B) Repent or Perish  Ch.7



The Chatter of Programs and Alienated Man
who Chatters About Them

A) SMST  8  Forlorn Romancing

B) ASP   1-3,   7 Unromantic Romancing

C) DDDD     8 Misplaced  Romancing



Methods, Madness and Matrix

The Divine Sublimity ... Ch. 7

The King and the Dominion, the Corpse and the Shroud



Avoid Dithery Moments
with Slithery SERPENTS

The Bountiful, The Accountable and The Surmountable Ch. 10

How to Sear Your Conscience, Avoid the Bounty of Truth and Make Falsehood into a Frantic Falsetto