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Relevant Links. Concerns,  sites and Acknowledgments

My wife, Margaret, daughter Christy  and son Matthew have contributed also in the correction process from some of the initial drafts of SMR, and the first named most admirably in the essential background of peace and order and grace over many years, which such labours have required: for which the Lord whose goodness never fails, be praised. Truly a prudent wife is of the Lord!

The larger sketch-type drawings in The Shadow of a Mighty Rock are the work of Christiana Heather May Donaldson, B.N.,  Dip. Ed. (ECS) who has generously contributed them.

Other photographic work comes from various sources, some from son,  Matthew's digital camera collection. Thus, in addition to our  art work, in The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, we appreciate colour photographs or art in others of our works, from such sites as:



(SMR Ch. 8, Answers to Questions Ch. 5,
The Other News Appendix II,

Galloping Events Ch. 7,
Little Things Ch. 6, Ch. 10)

... it is important all the more to seek Christian unity
as far as may be,
where it is ALSO sought
to honour the word of the Lord,
so that additional places to go,  are brought to your attention.

The following sites may be found serviceable for specialties, or are provided in link exchange.


 we spread the word

For a free service for reading and researching scripture online,
you may wish to visit



Creation Sites:

Answers in Genesis

Creation Ministries International

Creation Research

Its Ark Project:


Institute for Creation Research 


Information in Encyclopedic Format -

Another site that provides information, which the title suggests to be 'conservative' includes much that may be helpfully gained in Encyclopedic form,
so that in some topics it is indeed a valuable reference.




For interesting Apologetics resources, and a useful INDEX for research
on a variety of topics, you could try



Christian HQ



TITLE: Baby Diaper Bags

DESCRIPTION: Large Directory of Baby Sites, infant product websites and baby diaper bags and gear




Title: Gift Digs

URL: http://www.GiftDigs.com

Description: A Valuable Gift Directory and Information Resource

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Title: Conveyor

http://www.aboutconveyor.com/">Conveyor Directory

This Conveyor Directory can be utilised to help those who visit find extensive conveyor information,
articles, source, companies, products and services, and has associated articles.




Starting Point


Web Wombat Search Engine



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