Is there enough to occupy you here ?

  On this site, through the grace and upholding strength of
  Christ Jesus,  
in the 40 months ending in April 2004,
there were around

50 new volumes completed;

119 have appeared on the Web since 1996,
81 from March 2000 to March 2005 and
24 in 2005

  As the scope of new works 
  published for several years past,
  has for some time approximated or exceeded
  one  million words per annum,
  there are oceans to sail on a
  and seas   for sunsets.
  God is good. willing to do good and has done
  wonderful   things, splendid for the spirit of man.
  Find, know and experience them,
  and find your God.
  Disbelief is rupture of   communication:
  there is rest in no rupture.

  More volumes have thus given fresh coverage
  for you, challenge and interest. Latest
  items are found  at  top of the   Library and News

  here is   scope to  find spiritual   things
  using spiritual wings,
seeking to study and delight in
the unchanging  truth 
which is  magnificently made available
by God Himself, for all, these several millenia
and from the first.