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There are many sites on this topic. This specialises in Christian Apologetics, but in our method, Bible Study is most crucial. Therefore we are providing this separate basic index for it.

The understanding of the word of God - as in many other fields - is enhanced by studying it! There is a time for all things: there is a time for Primary School, and Secondary, University and post-graduate. There is a time for simplicity, and a time for profundity, for overview and for interview, for detail and for discussion.

Thus for your convenience in this field, a number of provisions are indicated by number below.

Abbreviations as in the INDEX system displayed on the Home Page, are used, and for your convenience, listed at the foot of this current page.

NOTE STRONGLY however that the INDEX SOURCE for Bible study in general,
is simply the following two sites:

A. BIBLE VERSES INDEX, which gives you the exact verse and its location. This link is for the rest of the 50 volumes, SMR apart. BOTH these Biblical Indexes are found on the Home Page in the SAME LIST, but you equally proceed from here.

B.  The SMR Index comes in various files, but access comes through
this link:
BIBLICAL, Main Trilogy

In addition, topics of course may be found in the TOPICAL INDEX, both
TOPICAL, Main Trilogy, and   TOPICAL, The Rest

What is below therefore is supplied in no way as exhaustive, for it barely touches it; but as a help to some interesting features which may serve for a commencement for some readers.


1 A  Overview of Bible related topics for New or Fast Growing Christians -

1. the basics of salvation

A. SMR Ch. 7 presents a virtual course in this field
B. BAB 17, gives its long enduring matrix and constancy.
C. KH Appendix gives a crucial, Biblical category for comprehension as in Galatians 6:14 and explores its application.
D. ROP gives an overview of the whole topic of repentance.
E. SMR p. 476 deals with the order of salvation: the question - in which order do things happen when one is being saved. This may seem sterile, and some may make it so; but it can lead to confusion when it is not biblically considered.
F. TMR Chs. 2  and  3 provide a dramatic and personal approach, together with a survey of the magnificence that the Gospel actually is, objectively.
G.  Student Bible Study Notes : Detailed Investigation and  Overview of the Epistle to the Romans, a key book on the very central message, motif and exposition of Biblical truth, the place of man, the Gospel and the results: a central book in the Bible.

H. WOUNDS Epilogue provides exegetical and reasonable attestation of its immutability, applicability and beauty, using Galatians 1 and Ephesians 1 especially.  BCDSFACEDIVINE 6 gives more in this realm, including Ephesians 1.

With this, Gregrace 7 and 9 may profitably be studied for biblical exegesis.

2. the cross of Christ - its gospel meaning. Consult above, but also as follows.

A. See C above esp. SMR pp.582ff. -
but note that there are various dimensions covered elsewhere in Ch. 7

B. FM 11 and epilogue

C. AAA 10

D. BB 13, Appendix III

E. BB Appendix IV

F. Appendix II, BAB

G. Church Introduction emphases -
 for no Christian Church lives for itself: it is not crossed out because it is covered by the cross, all to which it pertains, in Christ.

3. overview of doctrine

A. SMR pp. 499ff. (general)

B. Predestination and Foreknowledge Biblically defined
and gloriously vindicated PF from the word of God.
See also Indexes for much more on this topic.

See the Quintet on these topics HERE.

C. the Bible believer, the Biblicist and the theological pagan:

TTT  7, esp. End-note 1
KH 10, Part One, Two and Three, with Appendix,
TBW Appendix 3, LIGHT  2; LORD  3, MM  4,  *6
TWW   4

D. Doing it by acronyms and horticulture: take an excursion into loveliness

E. Christian Assurance (cf. Romans 8:16)

See Biblical Blessings Ch. 16    LORD  1, CASCADE  2,  7 , DDHCBIT 5, 6 and 8, and see Index Christian Assurance (the Biblicist, biblically, is one who loves the prescription but shoos the doctor; the Bible believer one who takes it to the chemist and acts to receive what is given; the theological pagan is he, whoever, whose knowledge of topics is far beyond his apprehension of truth; the spiritual alchemist is one who toys with the procedures, and the experience he thus gains, but omits the remedy).

See also, with reference to 'falling away' on the part of those slightly healed, but not converted, conquered or regenerate: INOVER  4,   GGG   7.

F. Suffering PREFS 3, 4, 5 especially the last two.

(See also

1) Pain, Suffering coverage;

2) Further on this, and

3) Further again.

See also IMOPURITY 1, 2, 3 (Job), with 6 and 7 (Temptation and Suffering in the realm of purity),

and with this, consult WISWAY  5,   6. Sermon on Job 19 - here.

G. Divine Grace - see indexes, but in particular, meet some of the many members of the family of grace, in GGG Epilogue. See also, concerning Paul and James: TMR 2, Section 2 (see other refs. there) , esp. pp. 54ff., TMR 4, Allegory 7; SMR Ch.7, pp. 520-532; 
TBW Appendix on Faith, DD  5


4.  major work on individual books, collections of aspects covered, or direct treatments

(see Biblical Indexes, via hyperlink below, for references):

Cases in the Book of Acts and the Gospels: A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH

Daniel DD 10-15; HH Chs. 2-10: covers much in 9 chapters of the prophecy; a further assemblage on Daniel is found in AGGG 1-5. For perspective on Daniel, see News  111. Daniel 11 is covered in Highway of Holiness Ch. 10.
For Daniel 9:24-27 see PP 4,   3, esp .*1, with SMR pp. 886-900,  pp. 943-946, pp. 959ff. and Bulletin one hundred and fifty nine.
For Daniel 11:41ff., see News 4. See also Biblical Indexes on Daniel.

See also, on Death date for the Messiah predicted:  Christ the Citadel ... Ch. 2, SMR pp. 886ff., HH Ch. 4, MMMM ... Ch. 10.

  PREFS 6 ; see PITTER   I and HH 10 for coverage in sequence of this book, with exposure of historical counterpart for prophecy, both 2 with 7 and 11. See also DESDES Ch. 9 and Epilogue.

Death date for the Messiah predicted: SMR pp. 886ff., HH Ch. 4, MMMM ... Ch. 10

Isaiah HEART  4,  5,  6,  7 (Includes extra work to 2011); Isaiah, Free, Exuberant Salvation and WW Ch. 10; POSNOT   3; MJC   2, 4 and  6 and DBSA 8,  2 and  12 (esp. Isaiah 65-66, as also is the focus of Bulletin19), extensive refs.. See also for Isaiah 29-33, DBSA Vol. 2,  Ch. 9, Bulletin 25, and for Isaiah 1-2, DBSA Vol. 7, Ch. 3. Check DBSA Vol. 9, Ch. 1 for Isaiah 39-50 largely, but broadly. See mercyoutdfistancesjudgment16 for Isaiah 42-66.

REFRESHINGS 15 with WONDER! 10; CWP 3 esp. *1A, CWP  4; ALIVE   3; COMFORT  3 (Ch. 24), COMFORT   7 (overview of aspects of the whole prophecy of Isaiah) ; INOVER  11 (Isaiah on Israel, with companion prophets in this field); GLOW  8,  *1 (29-32): a Broad Coverage is to be found in
CHTH; elements in Isaiah 33 are treated in DESDES at Chs. 1 and 2. For Isaiah 48, see here. Isaiah 24 has exposure in PRILDEM    7.


ISAIAH as a whole has a considerable amount of work brought together in the volume, With Heart and Soul, Mind and Strength, which has been extended with further reference in 2007. This includes Isaiah 48:16 and the trinity as does MPS   8, in the same field.

On the trinity, see also SMR Ch. 7, Section 4 and Indexes naming this topic. For all verse listing, see this same hyperlink, which lists them for SMR and many for the rest.


Isaiah, and Hosea esp. Hosea 4 and Isaiah 29; Hosea 14 in major context, sermon; Hosea 13:13-14.
Hosea 13:1-2, as The Irony of Hosea, is given in translation and application here.

The tenderness of Hosea, Hosea 11:1ff., and the relationship with Matthew 2:15 - HHDD   2.

Isaiah 8 and Hebrews 2, the fulfilment of Isaiah 8:16-18, as cited in Hebrews.
On this,  see also PROREAP   1.

The former has intensive work on Hosea, as a bee dips into many flowers, so this into many verses. With this is placed a parallel work on Hosea 11 and Matthew 2.

Jeremiah   TBW  1; TTT  1; WISWAY   5,   6,   8; KEY  7 (esp. Chs. 8,9,13); TWW   2,  *3 (Excursion: rather large and detailed exposition of many features in Jeremiah);  PP  6,  4  -  5  (Jeremiah 37-38 with some cover of prophetic sequence to this point);TSSS   3 (the Messiah in Jeremiah), Jeremiah 30-333 GREAT DIVIDE 11; MJC   12;
TTMMPP   8,   9 (Jeremiah 36-38, including parable), Epilogue.

Ezekiel   SMR Appendix A, TOWER 6 and  8, esp. the latter; GALEV  1,  2,  3 ; GG   9 (17, 29-32), MPS   2 (Ezekiel 33), BB   4 (Ezekiel 1), MPS 9 (Ezekiel 1 and ff.); Bulletin 46 and CCC 6 (Ezekiel 38-39).

Micah   GALEV  1 and  8 (major review) ;  TGHGGGG   6, PRILDEM   7; PP   1 (broad coverage with emphasis on sequence); PROREAP  6;
with Deuteronomy 28-32, DIGSOARGLOR   5

Deuteronomy 32, GBP  Chs. 3 , 4,  5;  MJC  12

Ruth   TRUST  9; GGG  5; DISOARGLOR  5

Song of Solomon    KH 11;  BEAUTY  6 ;


Minor Prophets:

For Daniel, see above

Malachi AWME  3 14, GREG  1,  8, MM  1; LLSSCJ 11; PP  5,   6

Joel  BAB 23, MM  5, PITTER 7 , LOGOSUNCREATED 5, textual coverage; CELEARTH   3, GREG 10  - (the last dealing in detail with the day of the Lord, robots and text at length) see also Bible Verses), MJC  8 (with Habakkuk)

Zechariah, Messiah in: TOWER  7 (Zech. 1-10),  8  (Zech. 11-14), PRILDEM   6 (Zech. 3,4, 6, 12-14).

Zechariah 1-3 See Exposition at this linkage.

Zechariah 4-8 See Exposition

Zechariah 9-10 See Exposition

Zechariah 1-10 See Extended Treatment

Zechariah 11    See Extended Treatment 2

Zechariah 12-13 See Extended Treatment 3; see also Zechariah 13 exposition.

Zechariah 14       See Extended Treatment 4

Zechariah 1-10 - expanded coverage

Coverage in Zechariah,  of Flow and Movement, including Messianic and history over millenia.

Zechariah 11, Jeremiah 19 and 32, Matthew 27:9

Amos 228



Some 40 Psalms are considered, some at length:

Psalms 2, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 31,

37, 39, 40-46, 49-51, 55, 61,

68-69, 72, 82-85, 88-89, 94, 100, 102,

107, 109-110, 116, 118, 142-143


Imprecatory Psalms 41, 55, 69, 109 CNCLNM  6

 Psalms in parentheses:

see esp.  JJ 18 (72,89), JJ  21 (2, BAB 27),  DBSA  7,  6 (18), JJ 22  (40), JJ 23 (110),
25 (16, 22 with others, and on Psalm 22 see also PP  12,  2: see also Index),
 BASFUL  6 ( 22 earlier);  BASFULEPI ( 22 later).
 BEN 71 (72,89),
RDP 11 (72-73), JJ 14 (82),
GG  5 (82-83), BB  8 (84)), BEAUTY  3 (88),

139 (KH 9, No. 4, JJ 16), 12 (KH 9, ps126), 19 (CWP  3)
TRUST  4 (61, 142-143),  7 (88-89) and  8 (39-40),
ROP  5 (78, 106, 98) and 6   with The Site 108 (100),


FRODANSWER (116,118)

DENAFF 8 (69,72), PASNOT   1 (69)

WISWORDTESTRUE   3 (118,72,22,69)

LBRFGI   7   (107)

BASFUL  6,  7,  8 (37, 40- 46 inclusive, 49-50, 72, 17)

WWGWM   6  (2, 18, 22, 72, 118)

DBSA 7  11  (102)

TORANMEN   6 (31)


Historical Books


NUMBERS 11-14,16: Meditation on the scenic tour of these chapters!

Numbers 22 - Baling up Balaam

Joshua: His farewell address from the Lord and from his heart

Joshua1-6 - Living by Covenantal Faith

Overview of Joshua

Jehoshaphat 110

Solomon 116

Moses' Lost Temper 155

Moses' Speech Given 195, 196, 197

I II KINGS: God's Interventions over Time, with Special Reference to Elijah-Elisha, the course of subsequent history, the ways of the Lord to the Messiah, and to the Second Coming: and detailed Biblical studies. See also for these prophets and what is to be distilled from their ways, CWP  Ch. 6, and Appendix.


Morality, Spirituality and learning for today from the ways and the word of the Lord

Take wings to the Kings, and then fly back to the present with things learned!

Man in Retrospect, in Prospect and in Bold Relief Ch. 4 and Ch. 5 (with I Kings)

Kings right and wrong, in series and in perspective of history - Kings and Chronicles -

Bewilderment, Bedazzlement, Bedevilment and the Beauty of Christ's Holiness
Chs.     2 and    4.


New Testament Relish in Revelation

Acts Acts 1-12 is given exposition in terms of The Power of Christ’s Resurrection and the Fellowship of His Sufferings in Ch. 2 of the work by that name.

Acts 3:14 THE JUST ONE - exposition and application at length   OPENTOHIM  2 (in simpler sermonic style - three sermons)

Acts 7 Stephen's Speech GGG  9

Romans TBW See entire book;
Romans - brief  survey (4200 words), notes for students,
and with this, you may also see TOWER    3 (Romans 6 esp.), The Biblical Workman Chs. 2-5 (Romans 1-3) Possess Your Possessions 9, Ch. 6 (Romans 4-8), The Biblical Workman 2, (Romans 4-8).
For Bible Study Notes for Students, esp. Chs. 1-12, see this link.

Youth  1 (Romans 7),  Department of Bible ... Vol.6, Ch. 7 (Romans 2),
index on Romans.
For Romans 6 see also DESDES  Chs. 3 and 4.
You may also wish to consult the SMR  Index, on this.

Overview of Romans 1-4, esp. 1-3, PP Vol. 9,    6.

Romans 7-8: see VICTORY   2.

I Thessalonians 3-5, II Thessalonians 1-2 WISWAY  2,  and  3.

I and II Peter - DDHCBIT    8; II Peter 1:19-21 - MAJESTY  2
II Peter 1:19-21 DEIDES  5, *1A; I Peter 3:18ff. KH    4, AGGG  5.

Revelation (overview Chs. 12-20) SS 10, and more broadly yet, in the book on it, RRR: including Ch. 8 on 12-20 (slightly revised from SS 10); see with this DESDES Ch. 8, with a Summit and Valley overview of the book of Revelation. For more on Revelation 11,
NOTFORTHISWORLD    7. For overview within  Revelation 11-22, see KWKC   6. With special reference to Revelation 20:4, millenial rule, Israel: see
PP 3,  4.
On the  Two Witnesses, with reference to Revelation 7, 11, 13-14, 15-21, see
PP2,   2    and    3

On Revelation 19:9-10 and the spirit of prophecy, see LOGOSUNCREATED  3.

See also extensive coverages in Bible Index

For II Timothy 1:8-12, see this exposition

On II Timothy 3-4, see DESDES Ch. 5 with SMR pp. 661ff..

5. prophecy from the New Testament (see also number 4, above)

A. Revelation  - BB 2, SMR pp. 946ff. ,
 Ch. 8,
Desdes ... Ch. 8

(the former, overview with valleys and summits, the latter, Chs. 12 on)

B. SMR Ch. 8

C.II Peter 3

6. prophecy from the Old Testament:  in addition to 4) above

A. SMR pp. 751ff.
B. Daniel SMR pp. 886ff.
C. Zechariah SMR pp. 755-757
D. Jeremiah TBW  1 ; Jeremiah 2 SCALESCAN  4; Jeremiah 8-14 GGG   2
E. Ezekiel SMR Appendix A
F. Palestine, Middle East, Popes and prophecy :  FM 10 and see in this arena, Israel in Index, also Galloping Events Chs. 1 , 8 , and 4, with Little Things Ch. 1

G. Biblical Unity for Jerusalem BAB 20 and see BAB 13

H. Some Inventories in Daniel

I. Nahum

J. Hosea 13:14, Lazarus and the cross and resurrection with Lamentations in parallel.
Hosea 13:14  with 6:1-3 and the three day prediction of Jesus, and archeology

Hosea 14
Hosea 13:13-14 and the latter in much more detail AAM  3

K. Hosea 11 and Matthew 2, the former cited in Matthew as fulfilled.

L  Isaiah 8 and Hebrews 2, the former cited in Hebrews as fulfilled.

7. books, large sections of books, special teachings or characters and episodes
of the Old Testament

Ezekiel - BB  4 (first vision, of the glory of God) 5 (last vision of the water from the temple), SMR Appendix A (the predictions), AAA 10, the sprig; see also TTT  1, TBW 1, BB 4, 5

Genesis and Judges:  Samson, Moses and Abraham as types of Christ - WOUNDS  6

Isaiah - HEART  4,  5,  6 provides a large assemblage in order on Isaiah,
with many chapters taken
and many references to other sections of the work, In Praise of Christ Jesus,
where specific exposition if given.

One relatively recent is in Joy Comes in the Morning Ch. 6, to which reference is made  in With Heart and Soul... Ch. 6. Another is on Isaiah 33, in two chapters at Deserts and Desserts ... Chs.  1   and   2.

See also Isaiah 40 with reference to the sweep into 41-42, and from 38-39, in ISAIAH 40
where Ephesians 6 is also brought into the arena, in terms of Strength and Importunity.

SMR pp. 582ff., 755ff., 901ff. and
see Bible Verses Index which sets
out a large range for Isaianic study
Isaiah 32-33: Interweaving Wonders in the Prophetic Vision and Delight in Deity
Isaiah 52:7 and its allies
Isaiah 9 and its cousins and companions, and on text in several chapters, On Biblical Translations Ch. 2 and WHY NOT BELIEVE ... Ch. 1.

Job – overview PREFS 4-6; expositions - GRACETOFACE  9 (items 6 and 11) ;  
SMR 372ff.; IMOPURITY    1,   2,  3;  see also IMOPURITY
 6 and 7 with

CWP  2;

PREFS  3,  4,  5, 6

JOB BOOK  This is a volume dealing with Job text and related issues.


Job Part 1, Part  2,  Part 3Part 4 which places the material in successive sermons on Job.
You might wish to see Pain, Suffering, Evil in this context. For Job 34 and 38, see ANZAS   4.

See also IMOPURITY  1.




Jonah, Samson (with New Testament featuring concordantly, of Stephen, Paul and Peter)
in the topic of temptation, which also here features the Messiah Himself.

Psalm 82 JJ 14
BAB Appendix 2; GALEV 1 and 8 ; MM  2
Jeremiah TBW  1 , Jeremiah 30-33 WHYNOT  1, MJC   12
Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel in spiritual thrustings REF 12 and TTT 1

Jeremiah is given an extensive treatment in TBW    1.
Jeremiah 8-15, excerpts are given exegesis in WISWAYand  5.

Triumphs in JOEL MM   5
Malachi and Marvels
Lot - Genesis 19, in Little Things Ch. 2
Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan, Mark and Peter

Excursions into Isaiah:

See above under Heart 4, 5, 6 and see addition at Heart Bookk. 

Also: SCOTU 47; BB App.1, 3; REF 11, BW 1, BAB 13, GALEV  48 , esp. *3, SMR pp. 770ff., KH 8, pp. 175ff., DVA  5 (esp. Isaiah  9), LIT  1

Some emphasis on MICAH:  Micah 7:18ff.; GALEV  8; LIT 1

Some aspects of Daniel:   BB 1, SMR Ch. 9, pp. 886ff., 959ff., 1082-3, AQ 9, End-note 1
Daniel and his exposures of evil that resound to Revelation


Wisdom and Proverbs


BAB 27



5  Proverbs 26:2 - The curse causeless shall not come.


Wisdom and Ecclesiastes

Minor Prophets AAA 6

Habakkuk BAB 22, TMR 4, Allegory 7 , BRIGHTLIGHT Ch. 8 (including translation);
UNSERL 11 (2:13 exposition),  MJC   8 (with Joel);

Joel BAB 23;  with Habakkuk MJC   8

Jacob the Wrestler BB 10
The  Exodus Scenario: One of the Ultimates in the Category of ESCAPE:  BB 15
The Extraordinary Significance of Cyrus the King,
Yet A Pebble by the Rock of Christ BB 1, BB 9

Devotions are Delightful: Knowing God is not NEW! but its ground is now definitively MANIFEST - Psalm 84 BB8


     A. The beginning
B. The beginning
C. The beginning
and relate this.
D. Genesis 1:14-16
E. Genesis 1

F. The beginning, the sections, the scope,  Genesis 1 and 2-4,
with extension to 11 and on to the prophets and the Messiah;
Genesis 1-2, DDDD   9
; TWW  6, GBG 12; mercyoutdistancesjudgment 13.

G. The beginning, and its biblical systematics;  with John 1:1,
see also BRIGHT LIGHT 10, in parallel with Genesis 1:1.

H. Genesis 3 - GRACETOFACE   9   

I. Genesis with some overview from Ch. 3 on WOUNDS   4 - see also WOUNDS  6

See also BRIGHTLIGHT 10, for parallels in John 1:1 and Genesis 1:1 and review of both books in relevant regards, different kinds of kinds ...

Exodus SMR pp. 1185-1186, BB 15 ; GBG  9
Numbers GBG 10;
The Exodus Escape; DDDDGGGG  Ch. 4 (August 12, 2006 DV)


JJ 16 (Psalm 139),
JJ 17 (Psalms 93-100, 117, 65-67),
JJ 18 (Psalm 72),
JJ 21 (Psalm 2),
JJ 22 (Psalm 40),
JJ 23 (Psalm 110),
JJ 25 (Psalms 16,22 with 21,41,45,55,68-69,109-110)
TRUST 4 (Psalms 61, 142-143)

CK 9  (Psalm 130)

and see above at  heading PSALMS.

8. Topics, coverage, from the New Testament;
some with reference also to the word of God no less, the Old Testament

Romans - all : TBW ALL ; Romans 2 EVIDREAL   7
Romans 7 KH 10, Section 1
John 4 and 7: parallels in spiritual reality,
and the project of finding Old Testament realities, as cited by Christ
John 17, the Christ who seeks His own out of this world, for the ways of His kingdom,
but does not pray for this world itself
II Peter 3
Mark 10

Mark 11

Genesis 3 and many other places:

Mark 2:19ff.

Matthew 2:15 with Hosea 11:1; this same combination -   here;
this with Isaiah 11:1 also

Matthew  4 ( Temptation of Christ) IMOPURITY  6

Matthew 5:3 QAA 12 Poor in Spirit! Suicide for self-esteem, enterprise for adoration of the Lamb

Matthew 20 Study of Parables in Situ; see also WHEATCHAFF  8 for Matthew 13.

Matthew 26:47ff. with parallel readings from other Gospels in view

Mark 12  The Vineyard Parable

Luke 7 (with the above) Study of Parables in Situ

Luke 9   Luke 9:55 - You know not what manner of Spirit you are of ...

Luke 18 (parables integrated with John 16:8ff. in large coverage)

Luke 23  Extended treatment of 23:13-38

John 1:1 translation and meaning

John 1:20-52 baptism and its point

John 12:24 Grains and Domains
John 15 and abiding

John 16:5-11 and the meaning of CONVICTION, step by step in the big three phases
I Timothy 2: ASP 10 and 11 with GRACETOFACE  4
II Peter 1 REF 7, TOAN  7 (includes inspiration of scripture), Sermon II P 1
Matthew 9:16-17 - New Wine in New Wine Skins
Jude BAB 24, News 43 pp. 165ff. ; BARBLISS   3
, 1496
Galatians 6:14 esp.  KH Appendix

 I Corinthians 1 - The Cross is the Concentrate

I Corinthians 2 - (1) Remedy is by Revelation; also (2) the Nature of Revelation

I Corinthians 3-5 - Carnal Names, Christian Claims & Godly Living

I Corinthians 4-6 - Guillotines, Exclusion Zones and the Mandate for Virtue

I Corinthians 7-9:18 - Practical Things in the Perspective of Christ

I Corinthians 13 - Within Sermon

I Corinthians 13:8-13 - The Pride of Life, the Prince of Life and the Destiny of Many Ch. 7 (end)

I Corinthians 15( … Immovable Faith Ch. 11)
exposition and application in some detail;  and see also LIGHT  3, which also considers parallel and intimately close considerations in Revelation. On this chapter, see also CELEARTH 1, especially on the celestial and the earthy. †See also The Site, 29-31. See especially BCDSFACEDIVINE  2.

II Corinthians 3:10

II Corinthians 6-7  Be Plain, Be Clear, Be Spiritual - and Don't Parade with the Rebels

II Corinthians 10-13


and what it attests


Revelationas above, and also:

A) 11 AAA 5 - the two witnesses identified as in NOTFORTHISWORLD   7: it may not be sensational, but it is secure
B) 13 SMR pp. 905ff.
C) 17,18 SMR pp. 921ff., 946ff.

The Book of Revelation is given a more sequential coverage of chapters, in Regal Rays of Revelation, Chs. 2-14. There is opportunity for intensive Bible Study in this volume. With it, see DESDES Ch. 8.

Cross of Christ, as above

Resurrection STEP 5, REF  5,  KH 9, 14 , AAA 11,  BB 15, End-note 1
The Supper, Spirituality, Supervisors, Situation and Shaft to Glory REF 14
Astral Matters in Isaiah and Revelation: where it points
Revelation 13 and Excavations in Daniel that relate ; and with this take for Rev. 13, WISWORDTESTRUE    2

The love of God:

1. REF 9
2. REF 10
REF 11
REF 12
SMR Appendix B
KH 4

in contrast to its assailant: KH 8

Righteousness (also Old Testament): TBW Appendix 4

Studies in Christ's Return:

AQ   5

See faith below.
Holiness and growth, see below.
See charismata below.
See healing below.
See Christian assurance, below.
See love, below.

9. topics in the Bible, at the more personal level

BAB 1-7
JJ 28 , STEP 10, Epilogue: Philippians 3:7-13;  3:8-14, Victory   2,  esp. *2 - holiness and growth
Growth in Christ in II Peter 1,
More broadly

REF 6 Psalm 100 - joy, the 'nativity' and supernaturally supervised freshness of heart of His own

Creation - Salvation KH 5, SMR pp. 560ff.

Separation, Biblically defined and applied KH 7

Blights, Balms and All-Sufficiency of Christ (allegorical exposition included) -
Romans 5, 8 et al.:  STEP 10, pp. 150ff.

Cross of Christ - crucified with Him  TTT 3

Strength for Spiritual War IMOPURITY  5

Poor in Spirit ?

Look at the Sermon on the Mount, Psalms, Kings, Chronicles, Isaiah
Questions and Answers 12

Something MORE ?
Footloose ? Fancy free ? Not abiding ?

Try: Tender Times for Timely Truths 9
The Kingdom of Heaven Appendix
IMPURITY 6 on Jonah
Christian Assurance
and Hebrews 6 and 10
Hebrews 11, faith and examples - WOUNDS  6, OCC  3

Abiding in Christ ... John, Hosea, Psalms
Questions and Answers 6 , IMPURITY  6,  3

Precedence and priority in the Christian Life

FM 3;
of Christ in living: AQ 10


Characters for thought:

Overflight in Christ   2
(several in the domain of love and effectuality - Ruth, Daniel, David and Jonathan, Esther, Jonah, Thomas)

 Job – overview PREFS 4-6; expositions - GRACETOFACE  9 (items 6 and 11) ;  
SMR 372ff.; IMOPURITY  1, 2, 3

see also

Cyrus  -  BB 1, BB 9


10. wisdom

A. BB 27 (Proverbs 8)
B. The cry, the call and the command of wisdom - Proverbs
C. BB 31 Ecclesiastes

11. charismata

12. healing - see Index

13. prophesying today
TON 2, pp. 59ff. , TON  3, pp. 101ff.,

14. Christian assurance: BB 16 and see heading above, at 3 e); EVIDREAL  7

15. translation issues: KH  9

These sometimes include an exacting study of particular verses.  

In the alternative linked site, there are a total of 56 cases examined, and to this you may wish to move.

The selection beneath includes a study of the following specifically, and in the following ORDER:

1. Psalm 111, 119, Isaiah 59 - a point in common
2. Revelation 19:8
Psalm 12
Psalm 139
Zechariah 9:17
Romans 3:25
Isaiah 13:12
Isaiah 53:10 (extensive)
9. Leviticus 19:20
Psalm 90:12
11. Matthew 10:8
I Corinthians 15:33
Ephesians 3:21
Matthew 28:9 (of special interest concerning the resurrection events, in their sequence)
Acts 9:35

16. Revelation 20:4 (extensive)
17. Isaiah 64:4
Matthew 11:27
Job 21:30 (with some coverage of Job)
20. Titus 2:13
Acts 13:19-20
22. Deuteronomy 33, I Thessalonians 3:13, Zechariah 14:5 (point in common)
23. Colossians 1:19ff. (in two locations, hyperlinked as shown, within the chapters noted)

24. I and II Timothy overall and in some detail
(see contents for the chapters you need, among Chs. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

25. Psalm 49

Many more translation verses are available (56 in all),
and the complete list is found from this hyperlink.

Also shown in detail is some ground for estimation of certain translations, concerning their usefulness.

See on the topic of translation of specific verses, and on fidelity of translation: BIBLE TRANSLATION.

16. Christ on earth

bullet ROP  2 (especially including the concepts of 'justifying God' and 'justifying man'
bullet SMR  6 (consideration of the events and their effects)
bullet SMR  Appendix C (consideration of the historical realities that do not change)
bullet IMOPURITY  6 - Christ's temptations, in the field of temptation
bullet KEY   4 - cf.  Colossian 3:10, Christ's pre-eminence over greatness of men,
bullet triumph where others fail (textual sermon series).,   2   -  3.

17. Jew-Gentile relationships in terms of doctrine

BAB 13 (on this, at great length, see Israel  in the Index)

18. covenant

A. BB Appendix  I,  II III
and the item 16 above.

19. faith

BB Appendix I

20. repentance

As for a D above: ROP all.

21. love

See SMR Appendix B, TBW 6, TON 2, REF  9 10,  11,  12
KH  4 (esp. John 1-3); GREGRACE  3 on John 3:16, see also GLOW   4 (this has an Appendix of direct exposition) and INOVER   9, with INPEACE   2


22. SERMONS listed on topics.

Bodily resurrection, special reference to I Corinthians 15, including Greek terms:
LIGHT  3, REF  5 , IMMFAITH 11 (coverage in detail of this chapter)

For further on bodily resurrection topic, see:

BAB Appendix 3,
BB Ch. 15, Extended Endnote 2,
AAA 11, HEART  3,
The Magnificence of the Messiah, Endnote 1,
SMR Ch. 6 and  Index,
KH 9, Section 14, JJ 25,
ASP 15, 16, STEP 5,
TOAN 2, Excursion2A;
REF  6


The Biblical Workman

The Impregnable Tower

Joyful Jottings (in part, especially Psalms in their prophetic portent)

Biblical Blessings

Answers to Questions: Drama, Dramatics and Delight

 Divine Agenda (in part)

With Heart and Soul, Mind and Strength

Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet

Red Alert, in a Grey Day
and the Bright Light Coming

Highway of Holiness, Path of Peace, Way of Truth

Regal Rays from Revelation (includes much on the chapters of Revelation, taken in order,
gathered from throughout this site, with extra materials)

The Christian Pilgrimage

From Grace Triumphant to Face Divine
(much on both I and II Timothy with specialised attention to certain sections)

Deserts and Desserts, Delicacies and Desiccations Ch. 5

(II Timothy 3-4).

Overflight in Christ
  See also the Biblical Indexes for the various books and chapters, with verses.






In general, the addition of 'book' to an acronym will bring up the total contents and preface.


1.       AAA Acme, Alpha and Omega: Jesus Christ

2.        AAM Anguish, Ecstasy and the Mastery of the Messiah

3.        ALERT Red Alert, in a Grey Day and the Bright Light Coming
He has Come, is Coming and so is the End of the Age

4.        ALIVE No Thanks for Angst! Truth's Alive, Resurrected and Written

5.        ALAPAC Allegories, Apologues and Acronyms (2 Vols.)

5A.  ANGEL Little Angel (Vol. 3 ALAPAC)

6.        ANZAS Three Anzas,
One Answer

Extravaganzas, Stanzas, Bonanzas
A Humble Heart and the Holy God

7.        AQ Answers to Questions (from Swift Witness et al.)

8.        ASP A Spiritual Potpourri

9.        AQG A Question of Gifts

10.    AWME Ancient Words and Modern Events

11.    BAB Barbs, Arrows and Blessings

12.    BARBLISS Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed: Barrister of Bliss

13.    BAY Bay of Retractable Islands, Mission for the Mainland

14.    BB Biblical Blessings

15.    BCDSFACEDIVINE   Beyond the Crypt:
The Divine Script and the Face of God

16  BBBCH  Bewilderment, Bedazzlement, Bedevilment or the Beauty of Christ's Holiness

17.    BEAUTY Beauty of Holiness

18.   BEN Benevolence or Brothy Bane

19.   BFA Beauty for Ashes


     Light Dwells with
the Lordís Christ
 who Answers Riddles
and where He is,
Darkness Departs


      Bible Translation


     NOT around the world but in Christ, Guided by God, Led by the Lord


     The Bright Light and the Uncomprehending Darkness

     Wilfully Witless, Woefully Driven, It Moans by the Realm of Joy

24.    CALL

       It Bubbles, It Howls,
  He Calls...

25.    CALM Calibrating Myths, 
  Machining Dreams and
  Keeping Faith

26.   CASCADE Cascade of Truth, Torrent of Mercy

27.   CCC Christ, the Cumulative and the Culmination

28.   CELEARTH  Of the Earth, Earthy or Celestial in Christ

29.    CHILORI  Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable

30.    CHTH Celestial Harmony for the Terrestrial Host

Omitting the Evanescent Extremes  and Taking the Picture from the Book, Ministers Peace to His body, His people, His Church

31.    CK Worn-Out World and Coming King

    A Call to Spiritual Arms

33.    COMFORT "Comfort Ye, My People"

34.    CWP Christ Jesus:
the Wisdom and
the Power of God

35.    DD Deliverance from Disorientation

36.    DDRAMA The Defining Drama

       News as the Twilight Dims for the Closing Age and Irresistible Light Comes Close

38.    DDDD Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic

Downfall from Defamation

40.    DDHCBIT Dizzy Dashes, Heady Clashes and the Brilliant Harmony
of Inevitable Truth

41.    DEIDES  Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny

42.    DENAFF The Desire of the Nations and the Crystalline Fire of the Faith

43.    DESDES Deserts and Desserts, Delicacies and Desiccations

44.   DIAMOND Pall of Smoke and Diamond of Joy

Considerations of Contrast, Complementarity and Beauty

45.   DISOARGLOR Dig Deeper, Higher Soar, Divine Glory Delights the More


    The Face of God, Illimitable, Unfunded, Definitive, Decisive

47.    DVA Divine Agenda

48.   ESCC Earth Spasm, Conscience Chasm: and Renewal of Life


Evidence and Reality,

the Prince and the Proof,

Constant Christian Faith

and the Fickle Frenzy of Force

50.    FM The Frantic Millenium and the Peace of Faith

51.    FRANK

Answers to Questions

52.   FRODANS Dancers, 
  Prancers, Lancers and


53.    GALEV Galloping Events

54.    GBG Let God be God!

55. Going with God
(shown by 149)


56.    GVP Glory, Vainglory and Goodness

57.    GG Gracious Goodness and This World in Disorder

58.    GGG Gratitude for His Glorious Grace

59.    GGMMM
The Grating Grandeur and Aggrandisement of Man
and the Meekness
of the Majestic Messiah

60.    GLOW The Glow of Predestinative Power
(4th in PQ)


    The Love of Grace and the Grace of Love (Vol. 5, PQ)


     The Christian Pilgrimage
From Grace Triumphant to Face Divine

63.    GREG Great Execrations, Great Enervations, Greater Faith

64.    GBP Grand Biblical Perspectives

65.    GVG Glory, Vainglory and Goodness

66.    HALNAM

      Hallowed be Thy Name

67.    HEAR

     Hear the Word of God

Sermons and Addresses from the Bible, in the Lord

68.    HEART With Heart and Soul, Mind and Strength


     The Heavens are Telling   (Vol.  3 of HEADPH)

     On Predestination and
     Liberty and Necessity,
     Duty and Creativity

      (PH - Hexad, Predestination)


71.    HGGA



72.    HH Highway of Holiness, Path of Peace, Way of Truth

73.    HHHHoliness  History,
 Review and Overview

74.    Helps, Hindrances
  and Holiness

75.  HT

     The Heavens are Telling -

The Beautiful Face
of Biblical Predestination


     Dastardly Dynamics, Delirious Daubs,
Wandering Woes,
Bleary Theories and Immovable Faith


     Importunity, Opportunity and Purity of Heart

78.    INDEX this listing with other alphabetical segments: See Search for total coverage

79.    INOVER

     Outrageous Outages, Awesome Inputs and the Courage of Christ


80.    INPEACE

     Christís Ineffable Peace and  Grace amid the Smoking Candles, Flaming Flares and Polluted Products of Men

81.    ISRAEL

     Israel Blows the Trumpet that Yet it does not Hear 

82.   JJ Joyful Jottings

83.    JOB Trials, Tests and Triumphs in Temptation


     Journey to God or
Fantasy's Flight
to the Infernal

     The Dynamics of Disintegration and the Delights of Restoration
(Vol.  4, ALAPAC )

85.   JOY

      Joy Comes in the Morning

86.    KEY Keys to the Comfort of the Kingdom of Christ

87.   KH

     The Kingdom of Heaven...

88.    KNOW Know the Lord, Know the Bible, Know His Will

89..   LEAD Lead us Not into 
  Educational Temptation

90.    LIFESTORYFORSCARCH  A Time to Praise God

91.    LIGHT Light of Dawn

92.    LIT Little Things

93.    LITANGEL Little Angel

94.   LL Licence for Liberty

95.    LORD Lord of Life


     Love is Purer

Than the Peak
More Vital
than its Dashing Streams:
The Love of God Alone

97.    MAJESTY The Majestic Might of the Merciful Messiah

98.    MANIFESTOOFDEITY Divine Manifesto, the Bible:
Deity Manifest, Jesus Christ, the Lord

99.     MM More Marvels from the Majesty and Mind of the Almighty

100.    MOON The Moon Soon! A Novel of the Era when Time Moves in on Space

101.    MPS

       Massifs of Pure Splendour

102.   NEAR His Time is Near    

       The Time of Christ's Return is Near as the Perfumes of Roses in Spring

103.    NFF

        News, Facts and Forecasts

104.    NOGO     

    The gods of naturalism have no go (4 Vols. nogobook brings up all of them)

105.     NOGOVOL4

    What God says, Goes:
Creation is Finished
but God Remains


        Jesus Christ for the People, but Not for This World

        Christís Ineffable Peace and  Grace amid the Smoking Candles,
   Flaming Flares and Polluted Products of Men

107.     OCC

          The Open Door,
    the Closed Mind
    and The Call of Christ

108.      OPENTOHIM
       Impossible for Men, Open to God

109.     OPENTOHIM

           Impossible to Men,
      Open to God

110.      OVERFLIGHT

            Overflight in Christ

           Christian Wings, 
      Christian Things

111.      PF

      and Freewill

112.      PITTER

           The Pitter-Patter
      of Prophetic Feet


The Spiritual Sagacity of Predestination in Love
 and the Fellowship
 of His Sufferings (Vol. 6)


         Marvels of Predestination 
    and the Ways of Will
   (Vol. 2 HEXADPH)

115.    PRILDEM

         The Pride of Life,
    the Prince of Life
    and the Destiny of Man


    from the Word of God

117.   QAA

         Questions and Answers

118.    RDP Red Heart,
    Dead Heart
    and Pure Heart

(2 Vols.).    

          Reason, Revelation
     and the Redeemer

120.    REMEDY

          The Meaning of Liberty
       and the
      Message of Remedy

Remedy is -
    and Victory Goes with It

121.    REF

          Spiritual Refreshings
     for the Digital Millenium


         Man in Retrospect,
    in Prospect
    and in Bold Relief

123.    ROP Repent or Perish

124.    RRR

         Regal Rays of Revelation

125.    SCOTU 

          Scoop of the Universe


          Seen By Angels,
     Words from the Wings

127.    SMSMMS 

          Scientific Method,
      Satanic Method
      and the
      Model of Salvation


128.    SMST  Secular Myths and Sacred Truth

129.    SS Sparkling Life in Jesus Christ

130.    SSPI

          The Spiritual Sagacity of Predestination in Love

           (Vol. 6 HEXADPH)

131.    STEP Stepping Out for Christ

132.    SWIFTWITNESS Swift Witness

133.    TBW The Biblical Workman

134.    TCP

         The Christian Pilgrimage
     From Grace Triumphant to Face Divine

135.    TDD The Defining Drama

136.    TGHGGGG

          The True God has Go, Gives Growth and Glory

137.    THAT The Heavens are Telling  
      Predestination in the Bible has a Very Beautiful Face
           (Vol. 3 of Quintet PQ)

138.       TMR That Magnificent Rock

139.       TOAN Things Old and New...

140.       TO KNOW GOD, the Power of Christís Resurrection
            and the Fellowship of His Sufferings

141.        TON The Other News

142.         TOWER The Impregnable Tower

143.          TRUST     Trust God, Mate! Forget about 'Fate' ...

144.            TTT   Tender Times for Timely Truth                  

145.          VICTORY Victory Heritage of Christians, Exile from This World

146.           WAKE   Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming...

147.           WHEATCHAFF  What is the Chaff to the Wheat!

148.           WISWORDTESTTRUE
          The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God,
           the Bible True to Test

149.          149  Going with God: The Christian Abiding, the Lord Presiding

150.          150   The Bible:
            Not the Declamations or the Distillations of Man,
            but the Doctrine of Deity     

          The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God,
           the Bible True to Test

152.           WOUNDS His Wounds Opened Eternity


NOTE: HEXADPH is the acronym for the Hexad: