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Purpose: To show the glory of the living God, encourage our human race to find, know and delight in Him,

by His appointed way, Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace and living Truth, while

encouraging the saints to be firm, faithful and to live in joyful holiness in the Lord.

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With its estimated volume of 24 million words and 60,000 pages,  equipped with music, pictures and added oral lectures to match the content, it has also the facility of  hundreds of  pages of highly detailed indexes of topics and biblical verses used - from every book in the Bible, helping you

In this way it is hoped that many will be encouraged to seek and find the Lord, to recover from the insidious propagandas of today, and to look in the word of God, finding in the life of the resurrected Christ the power and peace, the beauty of holiness and the stability and love that in faith, moves mountains.

 Cut-down version is on the Web at http://www.webwitness.org.au

It does however now have an array of mp3 sermons.

The advantage of the CD is that it is quicker, does not require internet access and you have it whatever may happen on the Internet, and it has 8 lecture hours concerning introduction to SMR, with text correlation, as well as sacred music interspersed, by hyperlink. Disadvantage is simply that as more is written, it will not contain this, and it does not have the recent collection of oral sermons. However, having it secure is a felicity some may prefer, and it has advantages for the testimony of Christ, not difficult to conceive.

Awards and Recognitions:

The International Biographical Centre at Cambridge, England has advised that the author has been recognised in various ways, while several more have been offered from England and different bodies in the USA, including the American Biographical Institute.

The former, offers concerning which we have now accepted, are:

1)    Inclusion in the volume, Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century

2)    Inclusion Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century

3)    Inclusion in Who's Who in the 21st Century (1st Edition)

4)    Inclusion in Dictionary of International Biography (2 editions)

5)    selection as an International Man of the Year, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2010

6)    Inclusion in the volume, One Thousand Great Intellectuals of the 21st century

7)    Inclusion in One Thousand Great Scholars of the 21st century

8) Inclusion in Five Hundred Founders of the 21st Century

Various other works have been contemplated, and some others may be accepted.

For further detail and awards, see



The American Biographical Institute has presented other biographical works for inclusion,
though for only two of the awards or volumes  has one opted, namely, its free awards -

Man of the Year  2003-2009

and its now published work (2008),

International Directory of Experts and Expertise


AUTHOR: This is a Presbyterian Minister who has worked with the Presbyterian Church in Canada in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, in Australia, New Zealand both in Papakura and Blenheim, the Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod, in Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Denver, in the Presbyterian Church in America  while in Australia, in the Church on the County Line in Illinois and The Australian Presbyterian Bible Church (AUSTRALIAN BIBLE CHURCH), taught in High Schools, Church Colleges, Technical Schools, lectured in a College of Advanced Education, now a University, served as School Headmaster, School Principal and pastor. His current Church, last named above, is independent.

Educated at Scotch College, Melbourne (Dux 1946), Melbourne University, Sydney University, Westminster Theological Seminary (the first Australia student in this Chestnut Hill Philadelphia body, which has now grown very large) and granted a doctorate in theology by the Berean Graduate School of Theology, he is available for help on this site.

For further on recent awards concerning these works, see What is New ?

For more detail, see this link.

The CD-ROM, In Praise of Christ Jesus has been well received by the Apologetics Professor at world-famous Westminster Theological Seminary, in Philadelphia, USA, who at an early stage of its development deemed it a "gem".


These are frequently made as the site and history develops. We are now in the 66th Edition.  The 211th. volume was published, July 2012.