Do you want to find Truth that is demonstrated, exhibited ?
objective but personal, irrevocable, eternal ?
Then look!

Jesus Christ is that Truth,
and this can be
logically demonstrated,
as by His grace,
is done on this site
in accordance with His own claims
(I Peter 3:15, Romans 1:18-21, II Cor. 10:5).

This is one of its functional features,
and a wide scope of available resources on many topics, is another.

Scope for challenge, query, enquiry, dissolving of doubts is another.

Because these things are true, we think it right and even delightful
that they should be tested, like an aeroplane in a wind-tunnel.

Without the living God, no system of thought is even logically valid;
but with Him, His declaration of His thought, tested,  is always verified.
That is what test reveals, and you are most welcome to test and
to follow our testings.

Perhaps you are a 'free thinker', or in the cultural occlusion provided by many universities, frequently oozing with unreasonable opprobrium towards Jesus Christ, or perhaps you are driven by desire to test: fine! Do so. We have for years offered opportunity for challenge to all comers in Christ's name.
What the wind-tunnel reveals, it is most desirable to see.
In contest, because He IS the truth, and very much alive, logical battle is rather like using
a nuclear weapon against conventional ones,
except that here the fall-out is constructive! HIS is the victory.

Or again, if  you should want without further ado, to become one of His disciples, a Christian, a child of God with everlasting life, ceaseless and unquenchable (John 4:14), then you would do well to visit this site, and in particular this part.

Alternatively, you may be a Christian moving through the troubled waters
activated by the adjacent whirl-pools of evasion and confusion, on the one hand,
or amidst atheistic missions or wolves in sheep's clothing substitutes (wool being expensive):
fine, feel free to investigate, communicate.
This is a testing time for you,
so do some testing and you will find you are on a rock which dashes waves,
and you can even enjoy its rigour, delighting in the One who is your wise, and Almighty companion.

For help at this point, see The Shadow of a Mighty Rock,

pp. 611ff., 594ff., 570ff., 92ff.. For an allied excursion into the folly of contemporary nature myths and nature gods, dressed in the frippery of disguise, see That Magnificent Rock Ch.1, and Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ... Ch. 5.

Now you may feel ready to go direct to the demonstration of God's existence, Christ's authenticity, the Bible's truth. If so click here. If you first (or later) want more introduction to that work and its methods and procedures, click here.