It  may be well now in November 2020, to give a short summary of what has been done in the field of predestination and freewill and exhibited on this site.

This area has been a chronic failure for composition, comprehension, analysis and explanation. Various models have been used by different theologians, philosophers and thinkers. All leap to the challenge, but each ends without success.

The project of examining what the Bible has to say in detail, and with careful faithfulness to ALL the major components of the text as a whole, for the purpose of showing its ready solution to the problem, its complete internal harmony on the topic and its adequacy at every phase of the affair, has been undertaken in the Melbourne University MA thesis. It was found that using such an approach, which we call a 'model' , there is no gap in understanding made available, no residual disharmony of components.

It is found God is necessary as well as the source of the solution as in the Bible. Certainly it cannot be done without God, but what would you expect when it comes outside the burden of deterministic philosophy (another model) and other contrary assumptions, which do not stand logically in fact, as shown in principle throughout the 243 volumes of this deposition on the Web (the work entitled In Praise of Christ Jesus), and the 7 Volume set. including the MA, also published.  Hence the rational ground in the biblical source, being found to be harmonious internally to itself, explicatory to the problem, based on logical premisses, and expatiated in these as shown in the selection of major ones as in the work, Predestination and Freewill as published, the problem is solved.

It involves a document as source which has in its numbers distributed and received, according to report,  been more popular than any other. the Bible. This is hardly a difficulty. It is what one would expect. This involves a divine offer of a free gift which involves a change (Romans 5), like a new creation (II Corinthians 5), and certainly a new aspect, mode of functioning and development in man; but as there and hence presented in the thesis, it is neither forced nor does it over-ride the initial and much used freedom given man, as shown in the Bible. Nor does it simply set aside the immense depth of the sovereignty of God. The other six volumes on this site in this field cover many aspects, implications and applications; and these merely enrich the answer.

Thus as in all issues surrounding the biblical presentation, there is shown the unique facility and felicity of the Bible as a source of explanation, description, inscription, expression of our human field in principle and in much in practice, and both an answer to the question, Who or what is man ? and others, such as these: in what way are these great features and foci, such as creation, situation for our race and resolution for its problems, to be understood enabling a sound outcome such as relates to all that we are and not just to some one aspect in isolation ?

To be sure it includes the condition of man before God and the way this may freely be resolved in repentance and reception of the Messianic Redeemer, Jesus the Christ. Certainly also He does not have to be received and repeatedly in this Bible, you see God mourning the loss of many, but not in frustration, for love does not grab.

As in Psalm 1, if this gift be not taken, however, the problem simply becomes personal and not logical. Not wanting an antibiotic does not make it useless, but undesired...

In this 'model', then, the biblical one, there lies also a personal solution. Rejecting it is not a problem in the field. It is simply a condition, a state and status which may be 'preferred'  as in John 3:19.