October 1996

Before we consider the Constitution, a preliminary word may help.


Our effort is to help. Our motive is the love of Christ, in the truth of Christ,
to help many secure the mercy in Christ, and the atonement for sin, indeed the life
to be found in Him.

Hence we present the Gospel, without which there is no path to God (John 14:6).
That is a practical aid, part of our commission.


We also seek to give reason for it where this is sought.
As a specialty, we thus seek to aid thought in this field of Deity as revealed in the Bible
and as Jesus the Christ. That is Christian Apologetics.
It is in particular Biblical Christian Apologetics.


Hence, where troubles or wrestlings with reason constitute a component of enquiry or desire,
on the part of any, and since our work is directed by the written word of God,
and through the grace of the Spirit of God, secured in the name of
Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, we seek to make all communication
most effective in this field.

Where we enter into the field of reason for the faith,
or any imagined problem with it, or concern about the meaning or application of the Bible,
therefore we heed communication which is or desires to be, savoury,
spiritual and effective. It is rather like a hospital: for good operations, no dirt.


This neither excludes nor wishes to exclude the most vigorous expression
of concern, contradiction or expression of thought; but it DOES exclude
what is merely personal, since the Saviour is God and we are but servants;
for all that, we do seek to live in accordance with His specifications,
and only wish we were perfect, though this is certainly a biblical aim
carried out with no small zeal. It is the word of the living God which is perfect,
written as given, and incarnate as Jesus Christ.

What then are our standards for communication ?

It is when words are used which are not really RELEVANT to the ISSUES,
that we do not get involved.

Strong words which are relevant and related to reason, these are no ground for objection.

Again, when issues are raised in a reckless seeming manner,
so that reason is replaced by emotion in a swelling torment of words and ideas,
assumptions and errors, we again draw the line. By all means make a concentrated,
linked approach in the negative if you wish, but make it with clarity
and in such a way that it is genuine, not a mere excuse for a rush of feeling.
We do not help in rushes of feeling, but when there is a factual basis, or a logical one,
we then DO try to help.

There may be those whose mission is to deal with rushes of feeling;
but we are not they. We find that if you try the work of psychiatrist or ear to mere abuse
of any kind, directed at whatever,
instead of that of counsellor for Christ in the field of reason, revelation and reality,
the results can become counter-productive. We specialise to help,
and hence do not merely serve as a vent. Biblically, Christ did not answer Herod.

So great is the word of God, the Bible, and is God, that those who genuinely want help,
or seek some solution to an issue, or even are willing merely to find a result to one,
need all the help that they can get. For us, it is crucial that the issues be weighed
logically and the scriptural concerns be treated with precision.

Others who wish to maraud simply may find those who are inclined there,  to help;
but we are in the field of reason and reality, not unbased imagination
and unchastened cries. If however the matter is concerning you,
offends your sense of justice or truth or love in the Bible and Christianity,
there is nothing out of sorts about that. If it concerns you
and you would like to find an answer, it concerns us.

Our intention for membership of this body is that we all have the same aim.
Therefore there is nothing in doctrine presented which is outside
well-grounded evangelical biblical faith.
This is derivable from the Bible which challenges
that mankind is resisting manifest truth
concerning God, as revealed in His word
(e.g. Romans 1:17ff., Luke 1, II Corinthians 10, Isaiah 41, 43, 44-45, 48),
and is appealing for return to it and to Him.
We run FOR the word of God, and so run WITH it.

Any who wants to join World Wide Web Witness has the complete liberty to leave at any time.
We simply seek to operate on the word of God as written in the Bible,
in the power of God as provided to those who obey Him (Acts 5),
and in the mercies of God, who seeks to deliver people from
the oppressions of government by sin, rebellion against their Maker
and wanderings productive of pollution that grieves.

There is joy in abiding in Him according to His word, a joy in truth and in His presence.
It never alters; nor does He, who gave it
( e.g. Psalm 102, Hebrews 13:8, Ephesians 1:10, I Peter 1:10ff., 1: 22-25, Galatians 1).

We hope it may be yours.



I - Name

The Name  is - World Wide Web Witness.

This is in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as Way, Truth, Life and Pre-eminent in each Category: Objective Truth, Eternal Life and The Way of Wonder.

II - Features & Foci

1. Functions

i) a Fellowship for Christians, a Rallying

Point for Pilgrims ...

ii) an Entree to the Bible, an answer to Sincere Queries
on the Faith, a Place to Probe.

iii) an Opportunity to find God.

The special feature is the electronic network, but this does not constitute any limit.

2. Features of our unalterable doctrinal basis are:

The Bible as the only authorised, written declaration of

God to the human race ...

a) Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, to be

honoured as the Father ...

b) The Triune God as absolute Creator, so acting in total accord with His holy, merciful, loving and just character, instituting the universe, man and all declared 'kinds' by the sheer action of His own will. .

c) The Trinity as clearly taught in the Bible ...

d) The Holy Spirit acting in and testifying of the name
of Christ, proceeding from the Father and sent from Him and
from the Son ... (John 14:26, 15:26) ...

e) The present power and mercy of God for faith and life ...

f) The constant power and faithfulness of God in fulfilling prophecy perfectly ...

g) The cancellation of sin for believers through Christ,

made accursed for each of them and so redeeming them at the crucifixion (Galatians 3:10-13).

h) Eternal life as the unalterable, inalienable heritage

of any Christian ...

i) The knowledge of God as surpassing all other relationships, centred in Jesus Christ ...

j) The resurrection of Christ in His own, same, but transformed body, and through Him, the coming resurrection of all believers in Him -
as of others in their time - who reject Him: to their place ...

k) The love of God that rejoices in the truth ...

l) The increasingly attested near return of the Lord
Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace and coming Judge of the
Earth without whom no peace is possible ...

m) The unique logical validity and necessary truth of the Christian Faith,
Biblically defined, the Bible its solitary doctrinal touchstone...

n) The Bible, in accord with its own teaching, as the immediately inspired word of God, correct in the original writings, in all to which it addresses itself: true, infallible, maintained in all doctrine on all topics by the power of God: what God has elected to say ... to the human race.

3. Participation - Invitation is given to participate in -

a) sharing the Biblical faith

b) probing for stability

c) searching for answers

d) providing news

e) courteously but forcibly challenging the Christian faith if you are still seeking.


These may be changed from time to time, but are such at this inaugural stage.

{NOTE: They have been changed, in fact, and are now:
URL: }

In view of time limitations, all communication will be -

a) dealt with on a selective basis, in terms of merit.

b) when challenges or contestings: deemed presented for possible publication with answers.

c) subject to 'no personal flames please!' criteria for both reception and possible use. The cardinal issues of truth are deemed too important to allow concerns of this (logically speaking) ad hominem character.

See also: Written Mail, below.

4. Prayer - is invited for this World Wide Web Witness, which is undertaken exclusively through the grace and enablement of the crucified and resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, who is alive now, operative and of exquisite wonder. It is in His name and through Him that this testimony to truth, grace and mercy is launched.

5. Library - The WWWW is acting to, and plans to

maintain a substantial electronic presence, in terms of

a 'Web Page', currently comprising:

a) The trilogy, The Shadow of a Mighty Rock. This is an extensive, relatively comprehensive, heavily indexed work to show the necessary truth, unique validity and glorious wonder of the Biblical Christian Faith. Tabs are included to enable page references in the approximately 60 page index, and 50 page scriptural indexes to be more readily found. The emphasis is on system, logic and scientific method. It is noted that Edition 1 (1992) was published in book form, of which a small number is at this date available. Supplement 1996 adds in printed form, most of the additions being now included. Edition 2 is intended to be published on the Web (1996).

{This is now electronically published in Edition 3 - 1997, and forms part of a 224 volume Biblical Christian Apologetic SET, but the case was as above noted,  at the time this document was written. So too is the case below.}

b) expositions, articles, Lectures Notes for 1996, topical materials. Viewers are invited to explore these materials.

New materials and Bulletins are planned for presentation episodically, from whatever source appears appropriate, including international news. Outside materials sent are subject to the criteria noted in "Participation".

6. Written Mail - may be sent to : World Wide Web Witness, 23 Wendy Ave. Valley View, SA 5093, Australia. This is the inaugural address, but it may be changed.

Contributions and suggestions towards

a) the publication of The Shadow of a Mighty Rock , 2nd Edition, on paper -
(so specified) -

b) improvement of our Web Page -

c) secretarial help -

d) help for and deliverance of propagandised youth - may be made to the same address, marked - World Wide Web Witness. This mail is subject to the criteria noted in "Participation".

7. Middle East - This is a theatre of divine operations of immense significance. There Christ spoke in the Temple, was crucified, broke death. There the covenant with Abraham shows its force, and is to show it in the Christian consummation. The work of God in evangelism, conflict and judgment, in terms of Biblical prophecy makes it a setting for interest, concern and Christian love. As a divine laboratory, it exhibits, has exhibited and will exhibit the hand of God, not one of whose words has ever been broken. That is what one should expect, with God.

8. Eternal Grace - No human person, except Jesus Christ, ever has been, or will be - acceptable to Him except:

a) as a sinner.

b) as saved by grace through faith (and that not of him/herself, it is the gift of God - Ephesians 2:8).

c) without regard to personal merit, as a basis, except that of Jesus Christ - Romans 3 & 5.

No Christian is exempt from the call for holiness, divorced from the availability of grace or excised from the depths of divine mercy.

This applies to every individual, to those called and chosen within all peoples and within any nation.

9. Eternal Life - This proceeds from and is given by Jesus Christ who broke death, whose call is unrestricted, but whose company is few: like all life, it manifests itself for what it is. I John 1:1-4 gives a salient expression of it, as does John 10:27ff.. The gift is inalienable, conferred on those who become the children of God as I John 3:9 indicates.

10. The Kingdom of Heaven now is and will be merged into the magnificence of heaven itself at the resurrection. The beauty of holiness always adorns it and compromise leaps outward over its walls. Those wishing to find Him are always welcome. God is not desirous of people inhabiting outer darkness, and to get to hell (Revelation 1:18-19) is in a sense, only over Christ's dead body - now raised to life. Nevertheless, it is only by grace that any find this magnificence of blessing, grace unalloyed.

This seems sufficient introduction. Friends and those seeking are to be welcomed from any race or nation; but it must be realised we will act only and always in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, forever, in the everlasting Gospel, and in terms of His written word, the Bible.

We value the welfare of all, and believe Jesus Christ as declared in the Bible is in the best interest of all: in the Gospel deploring violence and noting that while He was Himself crucified , there was none whom He crucified. Of Him it is declared (emphasis added - Isaiah 53:9):

And they made His grave with the wicked,

and with the rich in His death,

BECAUSE He had done no violence,

nor was any deceit in His mouth.

Truth is costly, but it is a price that needs to be paid. It is allied to peace, and the only road to everlasting beauty.

III - Structures and Procedures

1. The World Wide Web Witness is governed, under the Lord Jesus Christ, by a Board, members of which are to number no more than 12, and who are to be added to the initial Board by invitation of that body (at a majority vote of at least 80%). The initial Board is the body lodging this application. All Board decisions are to be in accord with the Bible, duly conforming to the nature of the doctrinal statements in this Constitution (Section II, Parts 2, 4 and 7-10) which are drawn therefrom. It may alter other aspects of the Constitution within these bounds, and is responsible for reviewing all actions of the body and determining its membership, with this in view.

This limit to its decisions may not be altered.

2. New Board members will be chosen from, and must remain within, the Membership of the World Wide Web Witness.

3. Members will be accepted only from those in agreement with the Bible, and concurrent with the doctrinal statements of this Constitution.

Accordingly, it is planned that a 'Members' Section' of the Web page will be available for selected contributions; and
special attention is in view for matters of due concern of
members, who are encouraged to research and reinforce.

4. Associate members will be in general sympathy with the aims and procedures of the World Wide Web Witness, as expressed in this Constitution.

5. The Board will appoint a Treasurer, who will lodge deposits in an appropriate Bank account, for use by the Board in its proper functions, and present to the Board the financial state of this body annually, the financial year ending on June 30. A Vice-President will also be appointed for a period to be determined by the Board.

No President is appointed, as that role is conceived as the prerogative of Jesus Christ, who lives.

6. Board Meetings will occur on a regular basis as deemed necessary by its appointed officers, or at the request of three fourths of the membership. In practice, policy is : to be sensitive to the needs of membership, and to seek good rapport. The supervening criterion is always to be the desire to implement the will of God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in accord with the Bible.

7. General Meetings may encompass an international membership, and may function by electronic or other means, at the Board's discretion. They are to be called once yearly or more frequently if the Board so determine, to be chaired by the Vice-President or other Board officer if this person is not available, and to follow simple procedure with Motions, Moving and Seconding: recommendations and presentations being accepted on an 80% vote, provided they are not ruled unconstitutional by the Chair, or found so by the Board at its next subsequent Meeting.

8. The object is order with seemliness, truth with wisdom, love with faith, effectiveness for Christ with grace, and the Meeting will be conducted with this end in view.

9. Prayer will be crucial in all formal Meetings. This is in fact talking to the Lord who is the ultimate Director of the body. Our expectation is from Him.

10. Purely for legal purposes, it is noted that should this
body cease its activities, any property of which it might at such a time, stand possessed, would be credited, at the decision of the Board, to a work deemed closely and intimately in accord with the design of the World Wide Web Witness.

11. Date of inauguration: The World Wide Web Witness will be deemed to commence on the date at which incorporation certificate arrives, following application for this made in the month of October 1996.

An initial period of function DV will be followed by a break,

towards the end of 1996. After this, necessary adjustments may be made to improve Web function, while consideration may also be given to any technical suggestions or findings.

Prayer in Jesus Christ's name for these areas of
construction is always deemed basic to motion (cf. Isaiah 35:8, Eph. 6:18).