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The Pith of It

Some may desire to learn first how we operate
as an international Christian body.


Our effort is to help. Our motive is the love of Christ, in the truth of Christ,
to help many secure the mercy in Christ, and the atonement for sin, indeed the life
to be found in Him.

Hence we present the Gospel, without which there is no path to God (John 14:6).
That is a practical aid, part of our commission.


We also seek to give reason for it where this is sought.
As a specialty, we thus seek to aid thought in this field of Deity as revealed in the Bible
and as Jesus the Christ. That is Christian Apologetics.
It is in particular Biblical Christian Apologetics.


Hence, where troubles or wrestlings with reason constitute a component of enquiry or desire,
on the part of any, and since our work is directed by the written word of God,
and through the grace of the Spirit of God, secured in the name of
Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, we seek to make all communication
most effective in this field.

Where we enter into the field of reason for the faith,
or any imagined problem with it, or concern about the meaning or application of the Bible,
therefore we heed communication which is or desires to be, savoury,
spiritual and effective. It is rather like a hospital: for good operations, no dirt.


This neither excludes nor wishes to exclude the most vigorous expression
of concern, contradiction or expression of thought; but it DOES exclude
what is merely personal, since the Saviour is God and we are but servants;
for all that, we do seek to live in accordance with His specifications,
and only wish we were perfect, though this is certainly a biblical aim
carried out with no small zeal. It is the word of the living God which is perfect,
written as given, and incarnate as Jesus Christ.

What then are our standards for communication for those who desire to talk
about problems and needs in our field ?

It is when words are used which are not really RELEVANT to the ISSUES,
that we do not get involved.

Strong words which are relevant and related to reason, these are no ground for objection.

Again, when issues are raised in a reckless seeming manner,
so that reason is replaced by emotion in a swelling torment of words and ideas,
assumptions and errors, we again draw the line. By all means make a concentrated,
linked approach in the negative if you wish, but make it with clarity
and in such a way that it is genuine, not a mere excuse for a rush of feeling.
We do not help in rushes of feeling, but when there is a factual basis, or a logical one,
we then DO try to help.

There may be those whose mission is to deal with rushes of feeling;
but we are not they. We find that if you try the work of psychiatrist or ear to mere abuse
of any kind, directed at whatever,
instead of that of counsellor for Christ in the field of reason, revelation and reality,
the results can become counter-productive. We specialise to help,
and hence do not merely serve as a vent. Biblically, Christ did not answer Herod.

So great is the word of God, the Bible, and is God, that those who genuinely want help,
or seek some solution to an issue, or even are willing merely to find a result to one,
need all the help that they can get. For us, it is crucial that the issues be weighed
logically and the scriptural concerns be treated with precision.

Others who wish to maraud simply may find those who are inclined there,  to help;
but we are in the field of reason and reality, not unbased imagination
and unchastened cries. If however the matter is concerning you,
offends your sense of justice or truth or love in the Bible and Christianity,
there is nothing out of sorts about that. If it concerns you
and you would like to find an answer, it concerns us.

Our intention for membership of this body is that we all have the same aim.
Therefore there is nothing in doctrine presented which is outside
well-grounded evangelical biblical faith.
This is derivable from the Bible which challenges
that mankind is resisting manifest truth
concerning God, as revealed in His word
(e.g. Romans 1:17ff., Luke 1, II Corinthians 10, Isaiah 41, 43, 44-45, 48),
and is appealing for return to it and to Him.
We run FOR the word of God, and so run WITH it.

Any who wants to join World Wide Web Witness
has the complete liberty to leave at any time.
We simple seek to operate on the word of God as written in the Bible,
in the power of God as provided to those who obey Him (Acts 5),
and in the mercies of God, who seeks to deliver people from
the oppressions of government by sin, rebellion against their Maker
and wanderings productive of pollution that grieves.

There is joy in abiding in Him according to His word, a joy in truth and in His presence.
It never alters; nor does He, who gave it
( e.g. Psalm 102, Hebrews 13:8, Ephesians 1:10, I Peter 1:10ff., 1: 22-25, Galatians 1).

We hope it may be yours.




Membership Notices

A. The work is one of achieving a world-wide scope for the presentation of the word of God, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven as the Return of the Lord approaches. Using the Internet for this purpose is a major theme. Providing a reason for the faith is a basic function. It is the more useful since propagandas of irrationality are legion.

All this allows contact with theists and polytheists, proponents of Judaism, Communism, Islam, the sects, the drifting, the shiftless, the zealots, whatever - people of this nation, perspective, and that, yes and with good Christians also, who can be reinforced, help and be helped. It does not however biblically allow indiscrimate fellowship, since this is dependent on saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ according to His word, and complete willingness to follow that authorised word, the Bible (cf. Romans 16:17, I Corinthians 5-6, I Timothy 6, Titus 3:10, II John).

It does permit God-given action with people, reasoning (cf. I Corinthians 11:1, II Corinthians 10:5, Acts 17:2-3) seeking, in various stages of dubiety, difficulty or decay spiritually (Acts 17:22ff.), or even in degrees of delusion and confusion; as on the other hand, discussion with those with valuable contributions to make.

It does so with one AIM: that they may find Christ, know Him and grow in Him, or if knowing Him, increase in love and stability in His word and will (Philippians 1:9): for He is no man's puppet, but the  eternal Son of the living God, necessary for life.

Launched in 1996, this Witness, now some 20 years old, provides


It is to stir to courage, "strengthen the things that remain," glint with the light of the sword of the Lord, so many might seek and find His protection, not His judgment, which comes.

Also, and in concurrence with the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20, it is a teaching work, seeking for many that

To TEACH is no less within this Commission of Christ, than to PREACH!


WHAT then is specified for teaching by this same Jesus Christ,
is this:

This requirement of Jesus Christ is  neither selective nor a suggestion; it is the word of God who on earth, gave to man the necessities till His return, even His who is Lord of all (Philippians 2:9-11, Ephesians 4:4-5). In Matthew 5:17ff., you see that even the least is important, for when God gives counsel, wisdom heeds.

Again on this site, one seeks depth,

The truth given by God IS resplendent, for God makes it so, and He who IS the truth, is also the LIGHT which lights every man who enters the world, though many specialise in black-outs. Many would not willingly miss Disneyland, with their families; but infinitely more important is NOT to miss the splendour of truth, put in place, in motion, with face, in and as Christ Jesus, God incarnate (II Corinthians 4:6).

What then did men do to the Truth ?



"As many as were astonished at You -

His visage was so marred more than any man,
and His form more than the sons of men -

so shall he sprinkle many nations" -

(from Isaiah 52:14-15). In spirit, much the same they often do now, ignoring the One whose is this word of costly peace, disregarding His word, His witness and His love. To strengthen the love of truth and to help in finding it, is accordingly a major part of our aim (cf. Revelation 3:2 cf. Isaiah 33:5-6).

In turn, it is our endeavour that with such ingredients, many will be

helped in conflicts with evil,

both personally, and in the educational and other fields,
as in social, domestic and academic milieus,

aided in word and life,  and
assured in the Lord, in testimony for Him.

The word is His, the Spirit is His whom He sends, as we minister to one another, each part strengthening the other.


Further, if people will move together on important projects and in related prayer matters, this too will glorify the Lord (as in John 17), "that the world might believe".

 We give opportunity for you to become a Member or Associate Member, if you wish. The former finds hearty accord with the thrust of these things, being based on the Lord and His word; the latter finds sympathy and wishes to help. This is a faith work, and its basis is the Lord's living presence, His unchanging word and His sin-breaking death and life-conferring resurrection. If you feel called to participate we shall be glad to hear from you.


Participation in World Wide Web Witness body is basically available

if you love God, and in particular the Lord Jesus Christ more than all,

have had your sins cancelled for ever at the Cross of Christ,

trust in His life, knowing God raised His body from the dead,

find by grace only, the gift of eternal life to be yours,

avail yourself of the Bible and insist on its teaching in all things,

knowing it infallible and given by God,

seek with all your heart

    to love your neighbour as yourself,
    to forgive as you have been forgiven,
    and to grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ,
    looking for His return,
    while adding nothing in doctrine to His written word, the Bible,
    but seeking to add much in spiritual stature through His word and Spirit.

people whose loyalty is to Him.

You don't have to be perfect, or anywhere near it; but you DO need to try, and to rely on the Lord and His grace for help as you do so, trusting Him to grant you to overcome! (I John 5:3-5).


We should also be glad to receive specific articles, presentations of various sorts, from members, especially from your experience of the Lord's power and faithfulness, or your specialised study or field or interest and experience, relative to the Christian faith. This may, if it seems suitable for our work,  then be placed in "Mind of Members" in Action Kit. On the other hand, we would be glad to seek to meet problems you may find as you seek to understand the way of the word of God, and grasp its meaning, or those of people who refer such matters to you.

We plan to email members using the Net, periodically, with advice of significant developments, to alert to what is now available or in action.

If you would like to take the helpful step of membership, you are most welcome. By our Constitution, members accept the following basic biblical features.

. Features of our unalterable doctrinal basis are:

The Bible as the only authorised, written declaration of

God to the human race ...

a) Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, to be

honoured as the Father ...

b) The Triune God as absolute Creator, so acting in total accord with His holy, merciful, loving and just character, instituting the universe, man and all declared 'kinds' by the sheer action of His own will. .

c) The Trinity as clearly taught in the Bible ...
(cf. Lights and Perfections in the Lord)...

d) The Holy Spirit acting in and testifying of the name
of Christ, proceeding from the Father and sent from Him and
from the Son ... (John 14:26, 15:26) ...

e) The present power and mercy of God for faith and life ...

f) The constant power and faithfulness of God in fulfilling prophecy perfectly ...

g) The cancellation of sin for believers through Christ,

made accursed for each of them and so redeeming them at the crucifixion
(Galatians 3:10-13).

h) Eternal life as the unalterable, inalienable heritage

of any Christian ...

i) The knowledge of God as surpassing all other relationships,
centred in Jesus Christ ...

j) The resurrection of Christ in His own, same, but transformed body, and through Him, the coming resurrection of all believers in Him -
as of others in their time - who reject Him: to their place ...

k) The love of God that rejoices in the truth ...

l) The increasingly attested near return of the Lord
Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace and coming Judge of the
Earth without whom no peace is possible ...

m) The unique logical validity and necessary truth of the Christian Faith,
Biblically defined, the Bible its solitary doctrinal touchstone (I  Peter 3:15, II Corinthians 10:5, Romans 1:17ff.) ...

n) The Bible, in accord with its own teaching, as the immediately inspired word of God, correct in the original writings, in all to which it addresses itself: true, infallible, maintained in all doctrine on all topics by the power of God: what God has elected to say ... to the human race.


If you are interested and find agreement with the above, please contact us at


If you wish to help more generally, see MISSIONS.

Send or email to:

Rev. Dr. Robert Donaldson,
23 Wendy Ave., Valley View,
S.A., 5093