The work, In Praise of Jesus Christ, is regarded as one, currently, July 14, 2016, of some 240 volumes and as such constitutes not only my web page, but the specialised missionary program of this church.

Every endeavour has been made to render the quotations from the Bible faithful to the original divine autograph, and criteria in translation have been presented both in principle and in over 60 cases in particular cases. Normally either the King James Version or the New King James Version is used within this context of endeavour, with principle, and preferred translations  listed where deemed needful. The NKJV is presented by Thomas Nelson, Publishers, Inc., Nashville,  various editions being used as convenient.

The backup is private and kept for technical reasons and continuity to cover loss of original, and is deemed an integral part of the page.

While much technical help has been given by some, the responsibility is mine as pastor, and the authority in whose terms I work, and for whom I am but a servant, is the Lord Jesus Christ as biblically defined, portrayed and presented.  For brief reference, see Nutshell.

The gift of this site is free within the above, since the Author of man has enabled its presentation for these purposes. Charge may be made for postage and the cost of disks if deemed relevant. It is available for fair and reasonable, just and  helpful use, and the author is currently able to answer queries or concerns. His basis, however, is as stated, and He has been found adequate for decades in all these matters, presiding and enabling as is His manner. His is the glory for all His works, and the works of all His people, and it is a delight to acknowledge this.