What we are here for ...

WWWW, World Wide Web Witness Inc.

 is providing a number of communication facilities below and throughout, with click-on features here, concerning the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3, Galatians 1:6-9, 3:1-13).
It is our hope that in the mercy of God, it may be delivered also to you. (It is under World Wide Web Witness Inc. auspices that the things which we have duly placed, appear on the Web site, and this appearance is entirely and exclusively the responsibility of this body.)

Compared with this, the  immovable FAITH, winning a mega-lottery is trivial.
Accordingly, efforts have been made to reach and help ...

In the profound mercies of God, He has ensured that no one has ever brought to the author of the systematic apologetic work any refutation that can stand at any point, and the system used, drawn from the resources that God has provided by His grace (cf. Romans 1:17-20), is constantly confirmed in its result at every level of verification, whether in this country or that, with those who enquire or those who confront.  This is something  He Himself has enabled, and it stands for a testimony.   For that we praise Him, who is the consolation, comfort and companion of the saints (and EVERYONE who is a Christian, is a saint as Paul's letters show in their address), and provides for all His people, with profound understanding and marvellous lovingkindness.

It is not good that His word should be assailed, without its truth and honour being maintained by His people: therefore in all places, He has enabled this to be done. The result is itself a practical, laboratory attestation that the word of God is impregnable.  For years, for example, opportunity was given at the University of Adelaide, through a University Club, for ANYONE, Staff or student, personally and publicly to present to us, as on site and available at the Club, any refutation of any part of the word of God, the Bible: no one ever did.

Naturally, it is indeed far easier to defend truth than fiction, and the Lord Himself loves righteousness, and is strong. And it is not merely that His word stands: it is implemented! in life as in mind, in history as in holiness of way. Holiness is not a drab addition; it is a vital beauty in the Lord, like the spilling torrents of water in the waterfalls, over the rock.

Nevertheless, for this great and divine mercy to His people, this testimony of His faithfulness and power and willingness to attest it, we praise Him. Praise to God is like reflection of sunshine by plants: it happens as it comes; but with the Christian life, with good heart.

In all these things, the answer of reason to the certitude of faith is the apologetic thrust. The reason for the faith is always present as the Lord always makes it present, through this system or provision or that; and it is never exhausted, which is the nature of truth, always victorious, as Christ was, in meeting any kind of challenge.


World Wide Web Witness Inc. stresses the love of God to mankind (Titus 2:11,3:4), the folly of trying to take the Kingdom of Heaven by violence

(as Christ pointedly indicated in deploring the treatment of John the Baptist, the reality slipping through the fingers of his murderers like a rainbow that is gone, because it was not seen in its setting),
and it emphasises the necessity of the Prince of Peace
and the certainty of (vain and futile) wars until He is received,
as He surely will be when He comes,
in His time (see Psalm 2, Matthew 24).

It is also emphasised that this coming, His return is near, and needs no help from the brawn of man, the explosion of hatred or the thrusts of ill-will.

Convention cannot alter Him, neither desire nor fear, manipulation nor cowardice. Christ was crucified, but performed no crucifixions. Then He arose. Let those who name His name be prepared to be treated likewise (John 16:3, Matthew 10:19-20,23-25) and to treat others with the grace and truth He has shown. Judgment shall come soon enough; our desire, in the love of Christ,  is that you may avoid it, in the provisions of God, in Christ Jesus the Lord (II Corinthians 5:17-21, Galatians 3:10-13), and find life, even the life of God (I John 1:1-4), and experience the fellowship which is in Him, who is the truth.

On LIFE, its origin, purpose, culmination, consummation and bounty: see A Spiritual Potpourri
Ch. 6 and That Magnificent Rock, Ch.6. On conflict, note too that "vainglory" - an old term - is an apt one - empty glorying in trash, in vanity, and many haggle over it. Thus while Christians may be called to the nation's forces to help/protect the weak, not grasp grandeur, the concept of "forced conversions" is wholly delusive and utterly abhorrent.

On such a misuse of force,
see Index.

Naturally, peace will not be found in the world or the heart, alien from the Lord,
although a narcissistic substitute,
a lulling placebo may endure for a moment.