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It is so much easier when there is a key; it is so inexcusable when it is not used...

Hell simply reflects the inexcusable; it is not in the end for mere error, but for a failure to receive remedy (cf. John 15:21-23, John 3:15-19, Colossians 1:19-23).

You WISH you had this key ? then repent and present yourself SINCE you want it, to God through Christ, receiving His offer. Read this arresting account. Consider Peter and Judas Iscariot, reality and simplicity in the Gospel, the irreducible minimum, and the Lord's irreducible maximum.

You DO NOT ? then be sure not to grumble about the inescapable, or the horrible: no one goes where he/she does not belong. It is better to belong to the Lord, for He is above all in wonder, and marvellously kind. This too we have found in experience, as well as believed. The key is a Person, and the Person is King. He is an inimitably humble one, gloriously faithful and wholly delightful to serve, neither lax nor harsh and eminently reasonable.

As to God, then, He is not only powerful, but He is also personal and He made us: it is so foolish to be where you should not be, in order to erode, when you may be where you should be, in order to grow, and to grow in likeness to Him. BUT FIRST YOU MUST ENTER THE DOOR (John 10:9), and then ... HIS is the task of making you triumph in His praises (John 10:27-28). When you are His:

"Righteousness will go before Him,
And shall make His footsteps our pathway" (Psalm 85:13).

Notice the initiative in that! think of a shepherd. When in His care, we are not flotsam and jetsam, but sheep. They both need and respond to care, and grow beautiful ... wool, having a purpose and a peace.

Peace without truth is like health without heart. It is or implies a contradiction. As in a mathematics sum valiantly addressed, the feeling of satisfaction is not the same as gaining the correct answer. In the end, feelings will not help! The answer that is sound and stays, is always essential. No welfare State, UN or other human invention can help you there! It MUST be right or YOU are wrong: fatal, final.

As to violence, it does not alter truth, except to institute the truth that violence has occurred.
Christ suffered violence that we might justly have peace, find purity (for dirt brings trouble, and asks for action) and fellowship with Himself, that we and God might be friends, no more separated by the juridical, pathological and enfeebling thrusts that sin brings (Isaiah 57:19-21, I John 5:5,10-12). There is -



and nothing worthy of life, without CHRIST JESUS THE LORD (I Peter 3:18, I John 1:7-2:2, Romans 3:25-26, 6:1-3, 6:23, Acts 4:11-12, Ezekiel 21:27, Isaiah 9:6-7). HE for His part has no comparison or competitor, but stands alone in power and prophecy, in performance and purity, in all the paths of life from ancient to modern; not surprising since what is before us is His creation, the results of making the universe and ... man within it. His Gospel is inimitable, clear, predicted, perpetually unique in kind and attestation, incorrigible because already correct, powerful and pure. All these things you may verify on site. Then verify them on His site, which is Christ Jesus the Lord, and only Saviour (Acts 4:11-12, Luke 6:46). It is intensely practical: the Lord MADE what we call practical! Meanwhile, we need constant cleaning, periodic careening, spiritual vitalisation and the searchlight of understanding; and He who is perfect in purity is zealous to keep us that way, by His word, through His Spirit, in His name (I John 1-2, Ephesians 1:17ff.).

What, for that matter,  do YOU do with your OWN house ! Is there not a key !