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Algemeiner, February 18,

with multiple stories including extensive oral interview
with post-Trump
Meeting Interview

See also Bulletins Forty Nine  and Fifty




The  view was this, that desirable as some may regard the two State solution to be, Israel and the Palestinians, it is so far from being an internationally agreed objective, that it is not a concept that so much as has existence.

The P.A. education and indoctrination appears from reports to be fixed in hatred and denigration of Jews in so coarse a manner as to be reminiscent of Primary School intolerances amid the very immature. It is worse. The Palestinian approach from many quarters is that Israel should not exist; and as Netanyahu put it, this whatever borders, whatever limits there may be. Many favour none, and what Abbas 'allows' is limited by subtle enough speechifying.

There is NO OFFER for a Jewish State, so what is all the talk  about! THAT is as it has been the issue for millenia! A Jewish HOMELAND State was the British and League of Nations donation. Now it appears it is to respond to Palestinian orders, supplemented by world harassment, and become anything at all, but NOT a Jewish State. Far from the homeland promised, for Israel, it is to be an anything land by order of Palestine, the beaten assailant! Here there is a mix-up and confusion, with abuse and subtlety added, barren of factuality at every turn, as smooth as nettles and as abortive as deceptive.

Propaganda is even readily found that many Palestinians and much in the way of media talk,  proceeds in illusory terms, as if the Jews were a crusade of darkness, even the devil, while Muslims were conceived as the kingdom of light. In such terms, indoctrinating passion within the P.A. appears far from ready for the existence of Israel in its site, or to accept this*PA. It is treated more as a bane, as a Jewish State, hence in aim, to be banished, unrecognised, unrecognisable, and as for the Temple area, that of Israel many centuries before Islam existed or Muhammad came to birth, even washing the feet does not suffice if one be a Jew, to  allow place!

Even when Abbas gave forth his Ramallah speech recently in February, his words wobbled.

Sure, they accept there is an Israel, and its religion is its own, but NONE of the Temple Mount, this never for their "filthy feet". East Jerusalem too must be given up, though its restoration to the long absent Jews was achieved in the face of a multi-national surge seeking Israel's destruction. Oh, and another point in this so savoury presentation of Abbas: there is no question of a JEWISH State, it is just the other one. One State appears to be designated by Israel making more gifts to the Palestinians who have destroyed so much so readily, even where they failed militarily to annihilate Israel. The other State ? the thingummy ? What is it supposed to be by these failed militarists ? It is whatever, but it is not a preserve for the Jews, just the place they can now go, since P.A seems permissive enough to let them while they take more prescribed gifts, and further bombard. It is not a very seemly suggestion.

Thus, yes he recognises the religion of the Jews, that is their affair. It is just that they should not as such be in the land where they are, nor keep the Jerusalem they won back when attacked jointly by many nations in 1948 and 1967, the aim their destruction. Not very neighbourly, one would think. Nor has been the gift of the Gaza area, which was used for indiscriminate rocket bombing of Israel, perhaps as a sign of gratitude or acceptance ? That was one little experiment. And indeed there is another trifle: NEVER will Abbas permit the Jews to have ANY part of the temple mount.

It is now a large and unresolved issue with the dictating invasive forces which have struck Israel so often, and seek in addition  to their own vast resources of land and oil, more of the tiny slither now with Israel: Israel the nation of the Jews ? Oh no! What a suggestion. So take what you cannot grab in exterminative wars against Israel, and then ask for gifts, abuse these (using aid for war), spoil the opportunity to live peaceably in Jordan by using the  land as a base for further assault on Israel, and so lose that opportunity, and now say of what is left in Israel, NOT a Jewish land. Come on!

Hard to define, some say, but not essentially. If like any other State, it could choose its militarily regained borders without hawkers constantly either bombarding or asking for more, more, while seeking to take gratuitously at once some half of its capital, which Israel liberated, freeing it from further assaults on its synagogues within it, the melee would be ameloriated. Better still if the propaganda assisted lust for rocket based blood were then to subside. Better yet again, if it were not trivialised with hateful tirades, scoured with metallic force by assailants constantly seeking international aid for their assaults, while barbarically mischaracterising them concerning whom, the restraint has been almost a prodigy. Thus, inveterate, they are trying to take over this historically undismissable land of the Jews occupied by them for around a millenium of detailed history, and that long before Muhammad first met this world.

More ? It appears that this Jewish homeland must not be used as a homeland by Jews, a donation given as a recognition assigned to the Jews,  in gratitude first by Britain in the Great War I in1917, indeed as originally given specifically to their race by both Britain and the League of Nations; nor should they allow whom they would to enter as immigrants. That policy too should be prescribed by those outside the land. Even Germany, in its most gracious act, now seems to be coming to the realisation thatt unlimited immigration is the equivalent of a takeover.

In fact, altogether, if any other nations tried to impose on their neighbours such conditions, in such circumstances or not, it might be regarded almost as a drunken outburst from a wild parliament. Not in one thing but virtually in all things for a nation to be governed by others from outside, who have multiply tried to destroy it: it is a dream which dies with daylight.

Is this some kind of fallout, when many failed to crush Israel at the first, scarcely a pleasant additive. Moreover, if their passion of hatred and denigration  ceased, could they need to bypass the large fraction of Palestine already given to Jordan: far more than given to Israel!

Let us look again at this. Already it has long been done, this division, this second State; and that against the agreement on which basis Jews worked, grabbing from the ostensible "homeland" gift, most of it ALREADY! In effect, the division has already unfaithfully been effected, and ruined by attacking Israel FROM that Jordan base, instead of living there peaceably.

And this partition, it occurred before the further international attempts at their destruction in 1947, with the absurdly diminutive and dispersed fraction of the land to be given by the UN to tiny Israel, Jerusalem to be an international city!

Even then, Israel was willing to accept it; but not so the Palestinian enclave! in the rollicking 1947 days, that would have made Jerusalem an international city. Now complaint! seeking for help from a lot more nations, to overthrow the Jewish homeland altogether. It reminds one of an avian episode when a group of miner birds were bombarding  ceaselessly a poor speciment that had somehow drawn their ire.

Inveterate hostility and undisciplined abuse are channelled meanwhile to and through children's minds to help  hatred to thrive in years to come; such is the long term ACTION being taken, index to eventual intentions. Yet it is Israel which is the dumping ground for UN hostility, that source as the Australian PM noted, of many condemnations of it during a time of only one reference to the Syrian imbroglio.

It would  almost seem that all the Islamic lands do not suffice for those who fought Israel and lost, in addition to the addition, already donated away in the largest part of Palestine to Jordan. Those who in much sought its overthrow and were thwarted, or simply left freely at the first, awaiting a happy  outcome, these should  flood into the victor's historic land, and receive  donations from others who cannot stand a free Homeland of the Jews and overwhelming by their numbers, amid multitudes of Moslems and Arabs, gain rule by statistics.

Britain has rejected Europe as (virtual) overlord, and is it surprising that any other people rejects 'solution', this time not by gruesome death camps, invention of Hitler, or pogroms, habit in Russia, or commercial discrimination, as in  BDS, now being pushed even in some USA places of learning ... learning precisely what!

What more must be given to the insatiable seeming maws of the aggressors ?

Perhaps this MOST of Palestine, given to Jordan,  does not really exist either, like the Jewish history so rambunctiously written off as if history were just an idea, and 'facts' were to be minted by imagination. Perhaps for some abstruse reason, this does not count. But imagination, a good additive in many other areas, must not entirely rule. When reality is so readily dismissed, along the lines of Hitler's invasion of Austria, on ludicrous grounds, and Russia's of the Ukraine which it had UNDERTAKEN to protect in its independence in exchange for its yielding up of its atomic weaponry, thus breaching and abusing all at once, then what ? Then invasion becomes liberation, and rhetoric bucolic.

Another aspect which it is always unwise to ignore, as shown without exception, is seen in the Bible (cf. SMR, TMR). This matter has been visible for millenia.

We read that God gave Israel this land subject to temporary dispersion if they chronically displeased Him; and He gave if for all generations (Genesis 17:7-8, and as in the 5 volumes on Israel found  at Israel Tetrad). The Lord has specialised in characterising their history, both the mockery they receive, as now, and the assaults as now, among the horrors and the arrogance of those who contend not only with history but with God (Micah 4:12-13, and 7:8ff., Isaiah 51:21-23, Micah 7, Deuteronomy 32). He also noted their return to their land to come, the end of Gentile rule of Jerusalem (from the lips of Jesus Christ - Luke 21:24,  and this as a signal that Christ crucified would THEN soon return. It would be "near". That is now and the definition of "near" has this aspect, that WHEN it happens it will surprise (cf. I Thessalonians 5:1-2).

Interesting enough, while Abbas referred to Israel with what appeared perhaps some kind of an adverse obsession with their feet (not to bring filthy feet - theirs -  to the holy Mount), the Lord Jesus Christ referred without obsession to the MANY feet of the Gentile nation the no-Jews, the other people, as having a time limit in their occupation of this famous Jewish site, for a millenium or near it,  following Solomon's virtually imperial rule.

The time would come, Christ declared (Luke 21:24) when this Gentile trampling would end, this occupation, this dreadful discipline would terminate and Israel would again possess its place, Jerusalem its own. Then there would be no more trampling down Jerusalem by Gentile feet, but restoration to their own! It was then, as noted, that Christ forecast this: then the Lord's time for His own regal return draws near! Is God who made 100% of the land, the earth, the cosmos and the universe, in some inverse alchemy, to be denied the power to  appoint a nation to a site, a place, an area of this diminutive but dynamic earth!

You or anyone else can try, but when confrontation with God is the issue, look back to the Exodus. It is OF THAT ORDER that in Micah 7 God specifies what He IS GOING TO DO, in dealing with this covetous confrontation. It is for them who seek to assail Israel, engulf her, both humbling and catastrophic. See also Ezekiel 38-39 where there is exhibited the specific thrust from a far Northern nation with its helpers - Ezekiel 38:6 - 39:2. In terms of divine teaching, this invasion is overwhelmingly devastated with majestic rigour. That is done by God Himself, in fulfilment of covenant. (Of interest is the inclusion of what appears the area of modern Iran in the ruthlessly invasive group of peoples to assail Israel, an assemblage of man to meet with such divine devastation to demolish their forces as shown in Ezekiel 38-39. Indeed Russia is in the 'far north' relative to Israel, and one must ask how much further can one go to the north! in seeking such a nation).

In the end, what is mere oppression, deceit, vainglory and striving with power instead of truth, is assigned to breach; and after much patience, it is assigned also for a penetratingly punitive disruption and exposure. The above parts of the Bible are detailed and clear in both scope and consequence.

To confront the One who assembled and constructed you, together with the materials and through the spirit assigned to you, is a type of wisdom, by contrast, to make any donkey look an Einstein!

The time comes, yes and has come, despite intentions, invasions and combinations, when there is to be no more do this trampling down of Jews in their land, by non-Jews. Though some as seen, want to exclude the Jew, leaving freely open the trashing of his homeland, an "anything", to be ruled as they dictate, they have not achieved this, except verbally, nor have they rocketed to 'success'!

There is still the VOICE of this divergence from this grandstanding and greatness of usurpers whether international or local. God speaks. God says. God does. Many nations tell Him in effect, to be silent. His words do not falter however (Matthew 24:35 plus history). That is one difference from all other religions. As He Himself says, "The gods that have not made heaven and earth shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens," Jeremiah 10:11. Concerning Israel by contrast, He says, "Jacob is the tribe of His inheritance," Jeremiah 10:16, cf. 51:19. THAT is the line which the abundant testimony of the Old Testament makes so clear, he one through Jacob. Though He has not hidden their sins, but insists on repentance (cf. Hosea 14:1ff.), yet even that time of realisation and repentance in the nation is coming (Zechariah 12, Ezekiel 36, Joel 3:21, Jeremiah 30-33Romans 11).

And  what is the result to come when that nationally happens ? (as in Hosea 14 and Jeremiah 31:18ff.).

The Jewish nation has erred and suffered and its coming repentance and return to faith is stressed in the above biblical sites,  and many more. Now it is the Gentile's turn, those not of Jacob. The marvel is that without discrimination, any of any race may come to this same Christ, and find mercy and wisdom, grace and pardon before God Himself (John 10:9,27-28, Romans 3:23ff., 6:23, Micah 7:18ff., Galatians 3). God has His own purposes and ways, His own teaching methods, and does not plan to be either side-tracked or aborted.  As He says in Isaiah 14:27, "For the LORD of hosts has purposed and who will annul it. His hand is stretched out and who will turn it back."

Many would love to grab the universe, not only Israel, and lead God captive in the caverns of their imagination; but the hope is vain, and has proved so over the millenia of history. Shall the clay wield the axe ? Certainly the  mercies and love of God have preserved mankind so far from the second stage of judgement after the flood, that in the end, by fire. Indeed the next stage is worse because more final than water and flood (II Peter 3:5-13). How long does it take ? But God is not mocked.

One can only pity those who oppose His will and mercies, and exult in their own will, though created beings: dismissive of His authority, who is the Creator and owner of it all. Yet in the end ALL will have suffered, whether Jew or Gentile, all as their deserts come; and God though exceedingly patient, does not proceed in vain. As in Romans 11, the next phase for Israel was to come, and in much has already come. Paul stresses this, that Israel is not to stay ignorant of God, despite its earlier treacherous national dealings! (Isaiah 24:16, Zechariah 11). The time for their return to Him will come,  when cut for a time out of the olive tree abode, they will be restored to its graces by regrafting. Only ignorance is unaware of this. Paul declares that he would not have us ignorant of this fact.

Such is the teaching, which is true as always.

Their restoration both in spirit and land, as in Jerusalem is repeatedly predicted (Luke 21:24, Jeremiah 31,33, Ezekiel 36-39). Already miraculous has been their preservation amid vastly more powerful and equipped and mordant foes, seeking their destruction and now harassing them for more of their little land, amid their own vast territorial holdings. Every time they are repelled, in a way at times which even this world finds it hard not to regard as miraculous. It clearly was astounding, contrary to all rationality on a this-world basis, but entirely consonant with the ways of God, and the word of God, which as the Lord declares, will assuredly not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:10-13)

People may love to ignore what the Bible has to say about our sinfulness and the provision for our salvation, from which many turn away (as in Matthew 7:14ff.), which in the deposition of deity as man, came through the Jews, though that nation does not yet acknowledge this. That however does not alter the fact that what He says, He will do, as from the first in creation, so to the last, in judgment according to truth, and in mercy through the Gospel as given, without substitute or amendment (Galatians 1), the very Gospel which Paul had preached. God does not change. History does.

In short, on ALL sides there is an adversative, insulting, guileful, grabbing work going on,


to exterminate or trick those Jews left
since Europe's blood spattering wonders against them. It tries


to ignore archeology, delete in effect a millenium or more
occupation on the part of Israel,


pass the Bible to the rubbish,


gnore the endless seeming testimonies,


enforce its own will,


declare what is to be the policy of that "other nation",
now named Israel, and


leave really nothing for Israel to do,
except await this latest form of take-over.


Some in the P.A. bundle have gone so far as to make Jews the kingdom of the devil striving for Jerusalem, while their group, a multitude of militant Muslims, were to be conceived as a superb substitute, a proper and fitting people, whose deaths concerning efforts to grab Jerusalem made them instant recipients of assured glory in heaven. Is it then not coming but killing which is their aim - let the little children be killed, not let the little children come to the Lord, as precious. In P.A. media, Jews may be  called bad, undesirable, worse, animalised, as those of whom Europe was well rid. It is continually given a characterisation as ludicrous as it is outrageous. Where ?  in media of the area, even concerning the area, while children are enabled to recite and broadcast, with the prescribed feeling of odium and detestation, mockery and degradation of the Jew, as if kindergarten killers.

It is not a matter of acceptance. As to Jews, it is here a matter of calling for what is deemed their fitting doom; and training children to see and sing it that way is continuing derogation and derisive dismissal! But Israel is not so lightly dismissed. Aid from the US can help; but if that fails, there is the main support intact, one both constructive (of good things) and destructive (in judgment for those who refuse the mercy provided and wish to delete what the LORD God has to say in the Bible).

That is thus a look at the non-existent two State solution, Part I.  Israel is freely characterised as the bane, is worthy of blight, is a strong strain and sad stain, and added is this inference, that the world would be better without them, as a matter  of principle! That brings neither tender-heartedness nor peace nor the disposition for it.

Nothing in the way of two adjoining States can be caught here, except what has happened thus far: a part of Israel was given freely to the Palestinians and they, granted citizenship for a time in Jordan, but attacking from it as a new base,  lost access to that land, and attacking with rockets. These with the grant of the land by Israel to the assailants, made for nearer targeting of that land,  now a more nearby Israel. In accord with this, they spat indiscriminate murder with aerial explosives, complaining the while at not being given more land in which just to be themselves. If this is to be themselves, it is scarcely wise to give it, since it might well  spell in any human terms, the end of Israel by ever more masssive and penetrating assault.

Are they not a law to themselves, and have not some 20 recent UN declarations shown how broad is their clientele, not only Islamic, but supported by a new sort of Internationale, an anti-Israel homeland one with this great allure. Get rid of God, bag and baggage said one of the Russian braggarts in USSR God-bashing mode.

Get rid of the famous land of His millenial actions is the thrust, as salvation, one that came to be seen freely and conspicuously on the earth in  accord with their prophets, even if they did not follow them in the end, seems the new variant (Matthew 4). Get rid and grab so that man, or some parts of the race, may have its fill of its will, with an invented history coming not from the first  but from some 600 A.D., and with many attempts to subdue Europe. And don't stop at that. In a godless junta, let all rule and rule out this God, this Rock, this Saviour, launching the spectacular secular rocket to bring glory to man. That is the next step.

Yet man, he is not glorious.

Meanwhile, to return to the anti-Israel posturing and its thrust, Netanyahu did not revise all this, or his part in it, but spoke simply of the non-presence of a two-State solution, in terms of the developments to hand.

If, again, Netanyahu declared, there were not Israeli military control of the portion West of the Jordan, it would only constitute a new base for blasting of his nation, as demonstrated in the Gaza strip gift to the Palestinians, who have used it for multiplied and intensified rocket assault. Israel is not able, without inviting irruption, to have such a Palestinian State as is now available, for that is one closely associated with full, stated plan for Israel to cease to exist; and this adjoining State which so many in the world of interfering despots have in mind, is not therefore ABLE to offer a twofold existence. It would be the ONLY ONE while it purposefully and statedly pursued the desired option of exterminating Israel, their land governed by statistical invaders, made making it indefensible and diminutive by throw-away lands to its assailants. Will a leopard change its spots ? will propagandising hate become peaceable relationship, will some kind of an Israel, for whomever but not specifically for the Jews, be the so gracious blessing ?

Is THIS negotiation ?

If someone wants to get married and the bride insists on a shot-gun in bed, and utters a desire to use it as soon as the opportunity exists, it is fair to say that any talk of partnership, let alone marriage, is ludicrous, a fantasy, a supposition of something to be real which does not exist. It is quite literally a fantasy; and if this is what the world  by agreement, favours, then small  wonder it continually finds itself blocked from such an thoroughly indecent illusion, as if intent on besotting itself with bother. There is need for such things as mutuality and concern, unlacerating speeches*1 and genuine desire to be complementary. Nothing could be further away in the current thrust of news testimony.

WHY ? God asks in Psalm 2,

"do the nations gather together and the people imagine a futile thing, against the Lord and His Messiah! saying 'Let us break their bonds asunder and cast away their cords from us.' He who sits in the heavens will laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision. Then He will speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His  deep displeasure: 'Yet have I set My King on My holy hill of Zion..."

Further, imagine If all nations had to have international help in getting back what they had and had lost,  here or there, how changed it would be, and how chaotic as endless revisions and reversions occurred. The call for international help for this vast aggregate of lands on the part of a religion hard to distinguish from one seeking world rule, and their allies and in their alliances - of which the UN now frankly appears to be one - against the tiny David with his sling stone, this small and voluntarily reduced slither, is one of the most revolting pictures available, perhaps on a par with the Syrian epoch nearby.

Yet such kinds of action are precisely what the Bible, Zechariah 12, indicated of the interference from nations against the returned Israel (predicted, as already noted in Jeremiah 33, for example). It would weigh like a "heavy stone" on those who busied themselves with it, in particular with Jerusalem, where Christ both died voluntarily, and rose again triumphantly to launch the Gospel into a world which it struck like  enlightening lightning.

It is, after all, not a little presumptuous to tell a nation that it is high time it ceased to exist, after receiving from it a free gift of land in order to help peace, from and using this for its continual inhuman assault, rockets sent in vast multitudes, where children and others may be or are, as a sort of temper display for not getting still more land or having Israel  apologise for existing, or else depart in haste.

The biblical end of the matter is drastic, as seen, let us emphasise,  in Micah 7, Deuteronomy 32, Ezekiel 38-39; and the  Gentile  trampling down of the city of Jerusalem, from Christ's own predicting lips, is something that ends (Luke 24:21). The words of His lips, a matter both of faith as of observation, however, do not end (Matthew 24:35).

Without God peace does not rule, justice is blighted and benighted bullying, bluster, devious deceits and scurrilous plans continue, and they multiply, as if evil, stirring, rollicking with temporary power, seeks an outlet, not for youthful enthusiasm, but untruthful riot, far from reality. It is more and more as in Isaiah 59 in its vast depiction of deep evils, as in Isaiah 5, if you want a parallel.

Before the events of Isaiah 59:20, delay is available ... for a diminishing time! Then comes 59:21, in its pith, point and piquancy, the crop comes as from seed scattered. The Redeemer as in II Peter 3:9, delays for a purpose; but then He comes. As in the incarnation, when that happens this world will never be the same again; and in due time, after the Lord has been glorified and His word fulfilled, burns up.





See the coverage on this point at:

https://www.algemeiner.com/2017/05/09/do-palestinian-arabs-want-a-peaceful-state/ Date was May 9, 2017.

A point always arises in such matters of enmity and negotiation: what are the words for short-term gain, and what are those for long-term aim. Evidence needs to be sought in both directions, as of course with immense emphasis, on ACTIONS, things rejected and accepted, and as to the former, how often (in this case in the immensely generous offer of the UN, rejected but not by Israel, and that of Camp David, again the same)! Rejecting a plan once is plain; doing it twice while continuing a series of murderous rocket attacks is neither attractive nor unclear.

It is  time this world ceased its malevolence to Israel, admittedly a strong testimonial to the God who brought them back as promised, and has caused them  to prevail after being back,  as promised (Zechariah 12, Jeremiah 30-33, Ezekiel 36ff.); and when the State, or the bulk of it, returns to the Lord, then He will act (we learn in the predictions of Micah 7) in the style of the Exodus, to defend them and violate the viciousness of the invaders. It is not that justice cannot be found; it is rather that God is both patient and testing, and when His wrath is duly  roused by chronic evil, the results, as at Hiroshima, as in Egypt in the days of the Pharaoh, as with the Spanish Armada, or in different action, Dunkirk, can be not only effective but translate tragedy into triumph.

Trusting in Him is right, and confusion  of His identity despite the uniquely testimonial and evidentially unique Bible, is fatal in the end. Such is the crucial character of the Lord's hatred of sin, presumption and arrogance that all must be humble or humbled, just as Christ humbled HIMSELF on the cross, to secure free pardon for those who stoop to pick it up.

See also Isaiah 51:21-23 as we proceed to that vast evangelical depiction of Christ the Suffering  Servant, the Divine Sacrifice, the Crucified King and purchaser of sin's guilt for those who thus receive, not amidst trumpets but truth, God Almighty in His loving salvation.




The opposite are not hard to find, but seem to imbue much of the educational, cultural and psychological flames in PA mode, which almost seem like a fire with which to send off rockets. Some examples are seen in the reference with the link below.