On ISRAEL you have an initial composite volume,
News and Other (News 1). Then come three more volumes,  the general:

Volume II

Israel II ,


Volume III

Israel III ,



Volume IV

Israel IV .

These have now also been published.


There are also three collections on News,  following the composite Volume I, four units as below. Then there is a second presentation of news, in a separate volume, Israel 5.


NEWS ITEMS    1,    2,    3 and 4

It proceeds to News 5, but for  those  2003 to 2016 ,
Let us take this as one.

Israel  5 is a separate volume, entitled
God Blows the Trumpet, but Who is Listening! It covers relevant items from 2003 to 2016

News 1, the composite, is titled,
Israel Blows the Trumpet that Yet it does not Hear


The Israel Pentad covers the  5 volumes, as the matter grows, as the above link reveals.