Statistics on Mission.

Again, for further statistics ...

1) In May 2004, records showed
over 600 pages (or chapters) were downloaded per day.

This rose in March 2005, to about 850 daily.
Annual rate based on this would be over 300,000.
In July, it grew to nearly 1300,
which would give an annual rate approaching half a million,
if maintained. There is however significant seasonal variation, and these
figures are indicative only.

2) Visits are noted, some very numerous,

by partial checking, from some
76 countries, ALL US States,
9 Canadian Provinces, ALL Australian States
and 430 Universities, Colleges, Campuses or
Research/Educational Bodies

The test time for that aspect
was over an approx. 18 months segment,

from February 2000 to August 2001.

3) In March 2005, it appears that from some 80 countries,
there have been those seeking
chapters from our site,

in addition to various nationally specific groups,
such as educational, government or military. Tell others, for the aim is
Jesus Christ, to be found, known, realised, relished and followed by faith.

Large bodies have come and gone with much variation, interest sometimes soaring here and there, among nations, but whatever the case, the testimony remains, that God is not
mocked for not only does He have His own answers, some exceedingly ironic,
to our erring race, but the testimony as here, wrought over so many years,
remains in place, because it attests the truth which cannot be bound,
even though all were to forsake it. Instead, multiplied millions have sought and found
the Lord, His power, peace, provisions, unique answers to all things,
a way which sits there, whatever the traffic, to His own glory.