Before we proceed to demonstration,
a word in perspective:

There's a book in your cells, where it can be seen, endlessly duplicated during life, equal to perhaps 1000 large volumes, in DNA code. This covers your organic equipment - specifications, manufacture, operation and much on repair.

There's another, the most famous in the world, that should be in your library, better yet in your heart, faultlessly covering history and destiny; authority and authorship: and there's an author, the Creator, the articulator back of both. Indeed, space's creator has called. He was not well received. The results of this are not being well received either, as might be expected as the world is showing with a force reached cyclotronic .

There's a third book, that of history, so openly and unashamedly mirroring what is forecast in the book of God, the Bible, before it happened, since God is before history and speaks His will into it (Amos 3:7, Isaiah 44:25-26, 45:21, 48:5,15-18), that it is like a secretary doing what the boss has said. You see this in considerable detail, especially in The Shadow of a Mighty Rock Chs. 8-9, found in the Library SHELVES.

Living without knowing Him is like leaving your private Boeing in a junk yard. It is worse; foryour equipment is far better technically. This prodigious enterprise called man has back of it, creator, architect, manager, maker and messenger. He is called God and He has made Himself known; but is not knowable by force or corruption.God is not available for manipulation or exploitation, and it is indeed true as the Saviour declared, 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.'  First, however there must be cleansing, as the Bible states (Titus 3:5).

Knowing and Understanding ...
The Book,
which has no practical competitors,
and its Writer,
the Incomparable Christ, and finding
spiritual reality for living, beyond all speculation,
rates above winning wars or fortunes.

What is personality, prophecy, public divine declaration... what is victory in life, the place of the power of God, of His peace, of the truth... where does wisdom lie, and what is the meaning, destiny and status of mankind ?

What, for that matter, is your own ? Let us then to the task!

Note:You may wish to relish a little further some of the amazing depths and dimensions which we are privileged to study, rather than wait till our first studies are complete, or well advanced. For reference, then we shall give you a little further overview, which in sequence is best addressed after preliminary pursuits of our analysis; but  for initial survey, it may be regarded here, and kept in mind. You may find it best to study the first chapters of The Shadow of a Mighty Rock first, but in any case, awareness of this convenient perspective should help.

Indeed, it is useful to hold in mind.

For this, then, click here. It is called SIX DIMENSIONS.
It will also be found in the end of the Glossary for Book 1.