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What is youth ? Is it the time till 16, 18, 20, 21, 40 as the Greeks seemed at times to think ? We will not attempt to define it. If you feel it is yours, here we are. We are very interested in your contributions. For offerings, use the email sender provided at the end of this home Page.

Meanwhile, item 2 below has 'arisen' (actually been written with work, you can apply that one...) from correspondence with a youth in another country. The item 1 was written for the young, and has been used often enough for the pressing needs that can seem for a time, almost insurmountable. However they fall beside the power of God revealed in Jesus Christ, not called 'Lord' for nothing!


1. The power, the wonder and the victory.

Life that is vital, undying and realistic, with a worthy relationship to God.

2. The depth, the glory and the grandeur.

Queries answered in the field of the unmatched Matterhorn of deity amid the plane and plains of planetary confusion.

3. Evolution as religion, and Christ as remedy.

The fatalistic fancifulness of childishness that invents a worship scenario, almost without realising it! and the place where worship for the human spirit really lies.

4. Crucifying Children - News 16

Not a pleasant occupation, but one readily engaged in, when it comes to the heart and mind of the growing child: the real horror shows are not of the body but of the soul.

5. Creating the World - it was not simple to create it, but it is very simple to see the outline and nature of how it was done when you look where it is to be found. You may like to look at more of this book (A Spiritual Potpourri, in Chs. 1-3, 4, 6-9, 12). Following this, you can see something else, and how it relates, if you think about it, and read what is written in the word of God. Namely ... the efforts of

6. The prince of this world

The spirit of envy, vying pretence and pretension, and the glory of the beauty of the Lord: ashes for beauty - its times to go into reverse.

7. Blood Sport - the Modern Brutus over the Ancient Caesar!

The Modern Mark Anthony with Another Body to Lament, and a Contemporary Message for Us

Phases and fads in education a little later ... based on a scene in Julius Caesar, and a speech by his friend (not Brutus!)

8. Doubt to Delight -

A Travel Dialogue that takes you far and brings you near, if you will come.

9. Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 7 -

A Walk on the Beach:

An intriguing dialogue as we progress to another walk,  that does not end.


10. Same book as above, Ch. 8 -

The Lake, the Rose and the Lily,
may prove interesting. It too involves dialogue.

11. If you are say 19 or more, perhaps Chs. 9 and 10 with some sort of continuity with the above, may appeal. These are:

The Magpie, the Termite and the Truth, and
The Witness of the Worm

(he is a professorial worm, but quite interesting).


12. Christ in your heart, your pocket ... ?
A survey of the scene that may help spiritual topography:

Where is Christ for you ?

13. Dynamic Escapes and Divine Deliverance adapts a parable to needful thought.

14. University perspectives are often irreligious and disorientated, according to cultural norms. For preliminary preparation, you may want to check "Comfort Ye, My People" Ch. 6.

15. Getting mixed up in many things, church things, gospel things,
personal things ? You may enjoy an Appendix to The King of Heaven. The amusing part of this is that it is basic, and called Appendix! Shows the need to persevere! (It also appears as Question and Answer 2.)

Speaking of amusement, don't forget in The Kingdom of Heaven Appendix arena,
this one on a … style of religion.

Or are you in grave mind for review ? Try The Generation of the Dispossessed. Remember, Christ is always sufficient, available and active. The worse the problem, the greater the glory in its solution by the One who knowing what He has made, knows all of its solutions.

Again, you may want to reflect on YOUTH ON THE SEAS. Many of them are on the high seas, and it is good to see where you are going, before you are too far on your way! This one is for you if you are of a very thoughtful disposition, and like to think about things deeply.