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Australian Presbyterian Bible Church
Bulletin 121

The God of all and His creation of all


A mini-treatment of a major matter

A)  Atheism has already been excluded for nothing produces nothing
and what is produced shows no power to make itself,
but rather to run down and in the generation by generation
copying of DNA, to make increasing errors,
as  Dr. J.C. Sanford and team show (Genetic Entropy)
and he stresses, the Second Law of Thermodynamics itself attests .

It is strange as Stephen Jay Gould so explosively indicated (Wonderful Life) ,
to be seeking to account for an increase
in major designs over time and to be
seeking methods for this, when the empirical data is the opposite: a vast reduction
from the early examples found is what is left.

The doctrine of atheism itself is dependent on the power to have absolute truth,
Logically you cannot even state what it is, using what is not there to do so
as the merely material sequence model requires, and atheism demands.
Truth is not nothing's source or matter's sweat.

What is true of the general is likewise so for the particular.

Thus invalid too the case of declaring the very model of materialism,
 in terms of logical thought,

as if all that is, is magically and meaningfully emplaced material,
(from nowhere and nothing, a particular case);
and indeed, despite the additional fact that truth itself is
neither palpable, nor tangible,
nor dimensional,
nor does it have any of the criteria that characterise matter.

It is abundantly obvious that you need to have the truth in order to express it
and so to have a system or model
which allows for it, in any valid presentation,
and not a mere relativistic reductionism,
omitting a place for what it states.

Instead, truth itself to be stated,  is in the area of symbols,
words which
signify by assignment,
command by correlatives,
convey conceptions which are variable and mutable, in modes used,
which is a matter of mind and its choices, with the result read by receptors
and implemented by programs, supplying materials in time and  to order
for generation to work in practice as the assigned symbols command.
Such is a feature in the DNA method of construction.

And that is after you have truth, to begin! 

For those additionally interested to review or pursue, note moreover the following
in the atheistic model, including materialism.

There is no escape from the tyranny of circumstances,
for the mind to have power to rise up and survey reality.

On the contrary, this model implies an arena of entire participation. 
There is no way to obtain an overview of it.

There is no source for origin of anything, far less everything;  
and nothing is no good at it! (or anything else).  

What, then, on such a model, you cannot have, you cannot consistently even state;
for you cannot USE what is not there to talk about it,
in some kind of sophomoric splendour.

In this type of model, then, there is nothing to organise the militia of forces
or to provide for their assessment.

Remember: assessment requires survey and there is nowhere from which to survey
on this crimped and cramped model, nor is there anyone to create logic or to apply it.
You have no provision
for the actual outset or the onset,
nor any provision to know it.
For all things, you have here to get gifts from nowhere.

Nor can you even state on this model what materialism is,
for there is no power in matter
to assign meaning or referents fixed and sure,
(arbitrary) words (symbols, codes)
various items, whether abstract or concrete.
It leaves you speechless.
Matter by itself cannot manufacture meaning or mind.
It lacks the facilities and empirical evidence alike.

You cannot have these things and these needs ' thrown in', as an extra.
There is nowhere from which to throw nor anyone to do the throwing.

B) What of creation, namely the place of being other than God,
and its categories, mind, matter and spirit,
in a sophisticated trilogy called man ?

C) Here again, God is necessary in creation.
Nothing cannot do it,
however subtle
the word and phrase traps provided, deceptive irrelevant blather,
ignoring that nothing MEANS nothing, not nothing PLUS
human or other agencies hidden in the phrasing of the fiction.

The source is either nothing or something.
That something has to be there always
for it ever were not, there would be nothing,
neither potential nor actual nor actualisable,
from which it could come.
Nothing would then be the history of the universe,
which moreover would not be there.
However we logically have to account for it.

The something back of it all, not God Himself,
has to be adequate for the human trilogy and all beneath it,
and eternal therefore.  As Deuteronomy 32:16-21 with Psalm 53:1 teach,
to follow what is NOT-GOD
is mere foolishness.
You have, logically. to have the Being, the eternity, the ground for all else,
the capacities, the mentality, the methods, the maestro coincidence
of thought and form, format and function, workability as a whole,
ancillary facilities like editing copied text, for the next generation
and the whole that is neither NOTHING nor inadequate in itself
in order to secure the arrival of products, such as man
without surrender of the entire realm of causation,
which, including logic does not match the universe.

We have, if to succeed in rational discourse, not only to adhere to the terms of our discourse,
the methods behind our talk, but to USE them.

To imagine God mute who made speech, the thought behind it, the symbolic method
within it, the formulation power with it, is like imagining a lion in front of you,
to be old and decrepit, though it roars continually.
 He who made it, does He not
understand His highly successful working model which mankind IS!

Does He not speak into this flummery of fancy, grotesquery of evil and malicious deed, which
like mould is spoiling so much that is wonderful, assailing His creation, seeking to snub and
ridicule it, while operating as a creation ? SMR and TMR in detail show that He does indeed,
and locate it in what according to report, is by far the world's best selling book. It is known
as the Bible. 

What is taught in the Bible ?
To find out, let us examine the relevant data there.


1) All things are created whether matter or man or the regimen of rhinoceroses.
They did not arise from their components.

You see that in such verses as Revelation 4:11, Colossians 1:15ff.,
and to these may be added Isaiah 45:12, 43:10, 44:24, 45:5,18, John 1:1-3,
Jeremiah 10:11.

The declaration ? It is this.

No god or gods before God, none to be after Him:
all things created by Him, none through or by themselves.
Being and characterisability alike
are from Him who both made dependent existence and
independent but not autonomous spirits
together with the open door for will or love
to bleat in antagonism or bless in adoration.

In all things, His directive word commands form, formation and information.

Every category or kind is called into being at His input, not its own.
If it be made, He did it, not itself. In this presentation of all things,
creative inputs outside Him ? Zero.

2)  It is like a hat from a ribbon. The head was there, the ribbon was there, 
but the hat was not at all there. Its entirety as a hat is a creation
(perhaps in that case in one minute).

It is also important to realise that the Hebrew and Greek words normatively used
in these creation contexts (cc) specifically mean creation as such,
and not simple formation.  

 3) Observe moreover the direct action in Isaiah 45:12, concerning man
in the same total deity coverage as in the creation of the earth

"I have created the earth and man upon it." 

The heavens and the earth are in the same absolute category.

Again Colossians 1:15-17 shows that other than God, name it as you will, nothing was there,
just as the various modes of creation in turn are at His fiat, word, command.

Indeed God in these verses this group noted, dismisses all other agencies, powers,
potentialities, capacities, functionalities, prior actions, beings  or directions in the field.

 4) In cc, what is in view is not created by the action of its components.
There are found to be limited provisions for response to environment 
as in many good an d thoughtful designs, but these,
though mathematically brilliant, are rigorously limited in the holding structure.

 5) After the first stage of creation, God might of course choose
creatively to deploy anything that was there, but the entire activity of elevating material -
or making it direct - proceeds from God,
whatever  the resources artfully subordinated to His creative will.

An analogy - a sculptor may take marble as an instrument, but it plays no part
as a contributor to his creation. It simply had potential as a means for the action
of what was entirely not itself and was the source of the creative action.

 6) Copying a creation, moreover is not a creation, though the mode of securing a copy
may be (e.g. DNA). Limited variability however within kind is in some cases,
found to be an imparted and  controlled feature. Dr Nathaniel Jeanson in his recent work,
Replacing Darwin
, specialises in observation of this programmatic procedure.

7) Ironically, modern man's refusal to see these dynamics and distinctions is
paralleled in intensity  by his greater and greater personal use of many such features
at the level of his own creative work (derivative creation).

NB  Creation requires imagination as of a person, hence information, form and format
(whether in words or non-symbols), function and focus. Its results are in certain contexts
so often confused with its cause that it becomes a major folly of the century,
perhaps earning it the title 'the silly century'.

This is but one component in the coming judgment (Matthew 24).