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The list below is compiled simply for convenience and by no means exhausts the treatments of the topics shown. Rather it shows the titles where aspects may be found, by name, in the indexes. These appear below, for ease of reference.

For more on sects, including secular substitutes and false unities, see SECTS also, closely allied.

These are attested in SMR Ch.1, pp. 48ff., in Ch. 10, and as in the indexes for SMR and the Rest.
These may both be found here. Some important headings in this connection would include:

Agnosticism (SMR, )

Atheism (SMR, The Christian Pilgrimage Ch 6)

Buddhism (SMR, including pp. 1011ff.)

'Christian' Radicalism - see Liberal Theology (SMR) and Liberalism (the Rest)
See also concerning some denominations, and syncretic, synthetic slithering, at the outset, the onset, or the re-set,  in this regard:

Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 7, Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ...
Ch. 3, Answers to Questions Ch. 8, Biblical Blessings Ch. 11, Stepping Out for Christ Chs. 1,  4,  5 6

Communism (both Index systems) - and see esp. pp. 611ff., which relates also to Freudianism and Darwinianism in Biblical perspective. On these, esp. Freud and Jung, see also  Spiritual Refreshings ... 9, incl. End-note 1 (esp. programmatic psychology and its ilk), Marvels of Predestination and the Ways of Will  7,  including *1; News 8044, SMR 4.

On Communism see also a convenient cluster of treatments at Index Mini.

Existentialism (SMR)

Hinduism (SMR)

Humanism (SMR and The Rest) and see especially SMR pp. 620ff.

Islam (see many references to Moslem, Muhammad in SMR Index; to Moslem Religion, in Index for the Rest; and Index Mini especially; and note especially More Marvels ... Ch. 4, SMR pp. 50-53, 91, 829-831, 986-994, 1080-1082 with Grating Grandeur ... Ch. 9, *1A, Red Alert Ch. 2, 16).

Judaism in its approach to Christ (see Jews, Israel, Temple, and also in more detail, below in red) Barbs, Arrows and Balms 13, 17, Scoop of the Universe 41, The Biblical Workman Ch. 1, esp. *3, Ch. 8, pp. 141ff., SMR Ch. 9, Appendix A etc., and consult both Index systems.

Materialism (SMR)

Monism (both indexes); see especially, Repent or Perish Ch. 7 and SMR Chs.   1,   3.

Nature gods, Naturalism (the latter, a thinly disguised modern form of the former): including organic evolutionism, theistic evolution (index item SMR; under evolutionism, the Rest), creative evolution -SMR) - most numerous entries, for which see under Evolution (both indexes, both highly diversified in sub-topics), Naturalism (the Rest), Nature (SMR), creation, Creator (both indexes), Religions of Negativity (the Rest).

See especially The gods of naturalism have no go!, the trilogy.

Neo-Evangelicalism (both indexes)
Neo-Orthodoxy (SMR)

New Age (SMR, cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 5) and Scientology (also below) - SMR p.686 and cf. pp. 684-687, 365ff..

Nothing (both systems) - Nihilism (see also Communism and Naturalism)

Polytheism (SMR)

Reductionism (both indexes - this is really a form of religion of a negative character, in postulating what is apparent as inadequate, and seeking to force all things into drab failures of characterisation in the interests of misplaced philosophic short-sightedness and religious poverty, which is not that of spirit!)

Relativism (SMR) - and see Religions of Negativity category in the Rest

Roman Catholicism (SMR pp. 1032-1088H., 902ff..  912ff., 946ff.),

Satan (SMR), and see Devil in both indexes:  satanism is merely an offshoot of this more normally hidden being, whose disastrous reality is so far from glamour, that it is all but glamorous for him to be unnoticed, and certainly of aid to his abased and abasing cause; but his results are not nothing! though doubtless he prefers people to talk of 'nothing' while he fills their emptiness with other things, of his own kith and kind: see esp. The Kingdom of Heaven... Ch. 8, and Job  (both indexes), as well as SMR pp. 590-594)

Sects including Roman Catholicism -see Sects (see both SMR and the Rest; also in the Rest, Seventh Day Adventism, also Mormonism and JW sects as noted under sects), Radicalism, Liberalism (the Rest), Neo-Orthodoxy (both indexes), Pentecostalism (both indexes), Freemasonry (SMR and Know the Lord. Know the Bible, Know His Will  ... 31-33, A Word on the Bondage of Freemasonry); in fact both Judaism and Islam come close to this designation, since each has a basic relationship

Comparative Religion

(relativism phase: set here in parallel to sects). See esp. SMR pp. 374-385, Ch. 1, pp. 48ff.,
Ch. 10, Lead us not into Educational Temptation (esp. Chs. 2 310) , and Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 8 (incuding the 'three threes which do not make nine'). The last named chapter also provides some overview of some recent christs manufactured, in accord with the provisions of Christ for such rambunctious apostasies, seen in Matthew 24:24. See pp. 87, 91, 95, 106.

"In the end, the Romanists - 'Roman Catholics' (in principle) - manipulate 'Christ', the Buddhists reject God, the Confucians bypass Him, the Hindus proliferate the 'Christ', the Moslems reconstruct 'Him', the Jews reject Him (as a nation) and many of the Gentiles, helped by insistent government propaganda in schools, in association with universities and by popular TV and other media, tend to ignore Him. (For more detail, see Chapter 10 infra.)" - from p. 809 SMR. See in context and with respect to Chs. 1 and 10.

For an even broader considerations of apostate or awry religions, using force or fiction instead of facts and function, see Barbs, Arrows and Balms Ch. 30, Highway to Hell. Repent or Perish Ch. 5 contains a coverage of the secular and the spiritually insidious, employing also an allegory to assist: where the tides of humanism and religious invention create treacherous vortices, well away from the Rock. To this may be allied Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital MilleniumCh. 4.

On 'comparative religion' , in addition to the above, see SMR pp. 822-834 which includes special reference to Judaism and Islam; and SMR Index (index-b) on this topic. It is quite fascinating that the dereliction of Israel of old, towards the divine covenant (as in Isaiah 30:8ff., and Zechariah 11:10ff., Romans 11), led to the elevation of Gentile hopes, aspirations and contentions (partly legitimately, as in Romans 11:15,24, partly and often illegitimately as in false christs and prophets a plenty (as in Matthew 24:24) like vultures assembling "where the body is" (Matthew 24:24-28, John 14:29-30, II Timothy 3, II Peter 2).

Crowding and often crowing with sheer exuberance, this wild theological bird life, apt for carrion, tears its way into the opening created by the failure of Israel, so powerful when walking with God of old, now in contrariety with the king of heaven. The Church moves into place to perform its New Covenant work, Israel resumes its place in the nations as predicted (SMR Ch. 9), and has its enormously successful and wholly disproportionate victories and so on, as traced in the reference given, and while the world wails for its baals, its UNs and its WCCs, the end approaches like an express train. The mere reading of Romans 11 is like a search light in a stadium.

Scientology - SMR p.686 and cf. pp. 684-687, 365ff.

Shintoism (SMR)

Transcendental Meditation (SMR)

The above and various items down the scale
are all shown defective per se,
or in comparison with Christianity
as presented by the Bible and
Jesus Christ, Himself the Saviour.

See also SECTS

and ...

Truth, Gospel, History, Jesus, Kingdom of Heaven, Laboratory of History, Man - and his nature (the Rest), Man (person - SMR), Meaning (both indexes - available from one source), Morals (of God - the Rest), Morals - Good and Evil (SMR), Validity (both indexes), Meta-religion (use this hyperlink, but also consult - the Rest)

In the case of sects they defile the Bible, hence are unable to claim it, logically. These are the Biblically unauthorised versions of Christianity, by contradiction of the divine presentation of the deity who came to earth, both in principle blasphemous and idolatrous when worship is engaged in, as a result.

In the case of all religions but Moslem and Judaistic beliefs, any claim to truth is shown to be invalidated by their contentions, so that they cannot validly claim it, lacking the logical wherewithal. For this multitude, truth is not a logical option (cf. SMR Chs. 1, 3,10, That Magnificent Rock 5,
Wake up World! Your Creator is Coming ... Ch.5, esp. Endnote 1A -3). In the case of these two religions mentioned, however, empirical evidence does not attest their claims, verify their suppositions, sustain their coherence or meet the requirements of the case. As for the Bible, they omit its main thrust in the Christ who is LORD on earth. For this, see index items as above, and initially SMR pp. 48ff., also Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 12, SMR Ch. 7, pp. 532ff.,  and pp. 857ff..

See relevantly to this general topic: apologetics in both index systems, and SMR Chs. 1,3,9, 10, Religions of Negativity, That Magnificent Rock Chs. 5, 6, 7, Stepping out for Christ Ch.3, Barbs, Arrows and Balms Chs. 6-7, 13, 20, 30, Acme, Alpha and Omega - Jesus Christ, 1, 11, Tender Times for Timely Truths , Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ...Ch. 5, End-notes 1A (3) and 2, and many others.

For convenience, the Indexes are available below.

TOPICAL, Main Trilogy
BIBLICAL, Main Trilogy