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This Chapter has been replaced by Ch. 5 below.

It is now used as a convenient reference

to recent work in this site, on Australia, its elections, education, Constitution
and crisis, so that now it is becoming 'of course' for what is so far off course,
as to become not only a countermanding without mandate,
for basics of the past, but an open mouth,
like that of a whale, surging on to swallow almost anything.

For some of these then see:

1) World Amiss, Heaven Aboard Chs.

1, 2, 5, 6, 12, 15

all of which may be readily accessed through the hyperlink above.


2) Mercy Outdistances Judgment, Chs.

5, 6, 8, 9, 10


3) Department of Bible and Spiritual Affairs Chs.

10, 15(2), 20

Some further warning and notification follows.

1) It is fitting ... ?


Is it fitting that a political leader (or any other) should intimate that anyone who does not follow his ideas on what is called 'gender fluidity' is a bigot, when billions of virtual voices in a given, healthy human being deny that gender is fluid ? being the provided pathway for the continuation of the race.

There is far more. Are there not found massive multitudes in any one person, of manifest instructions about  the building of babies in successive generations, for example in the DNA, impressing and expressing that there is the male and the female variety? Is this also  to be ignored as if it were not so ? Why precisely ?

Is  man so placed that anything a person desires is to be granted ? But this is not so and is a basis for endless wars. Is naturalism to be joined with anti-naturalism ? If 'nothing' is seen as able to make anything - a mere logical contradiction, but used by some as a basis for the universe, or if nature is to be made able to make nature (itself) before it is there to do it, with other naturalist myths, what then is the  ultimate penalty for this subjugation of reality to fancy ?

Is what is NATURALLY apparent in the genetic orders that make babies for new generations,  without experimentation, to be rejected for gender fluidity, and that in terms of experimental, naturalistic  concepts ? Preoccupation with myths is precisely what the Bible predicts (II Timothy 4:4), together with that with gender changes (Romans 1)! Why not then imagine that you are not part of mankind, and certify yourself as a god ? Assuredly by this means, you will not become one.

Is this not the very acme of confusion! Who then is a bigot ? and why ? and why not reason in this case, instead of waving both convulsive-seeming law and abuse as if truth were irrelevant, and emotional frenzy had to sway the people ?  It almost appears that all means to this end are being taken.



See also in The Guardian:






(Hosea 8:7)

It is the very latest in a graciously aided land called Australia, in the Preamble to the 1901 Constitution of which there is reference to reliance on Almighty God, which as a form has not been divorced as political scenes changed, that a bigot is someone who


does not change his own personal allegiance to the stated God Almighty, 


does NOT in this turn away from what is stated thus in the Constitution.

To be sure,  there it is not binding, but it is indicative of what was done and seen fit to be recorded by the States as they turned into a Commonwealth format in 1901. NOT following this is the first thing, then, in NOT being a bigot. Strange logic; it is indeed quite irrational so to intone and orate!

The idea is assuredly somewhat strange; but not to rebels.

Rebellion is the new conformity, the branding enormity. If you do NOT rebel, you are not only a spoilsport, not up with it (wherever that may tend to be, such as aloft in the stratosphere without oxygen, minus a parachute or any plan for descent from the ridiculous to terra firma), unsophisticated, but far, far more. There are some in Parliament who so act, and perhaps even so believe, if they believe in anything above themselves and mantras which like manna, seem to fall from the skies, but certainly not from heaven (cf. Mercy Outdistances Judgment Ch. 6 and references cited there).

Logic does not even sniff at them here. In this they are baseless, and exhibit a decline both from truth and wisdom, understanding and restraint, adorned very often with the latest opening of children to gender fluidity dynamics: a piece of alien invasion by a degree of presumption which makes mere bullying a forlorn and weak substitute. THIS is carried out with GOVERNMENT resources, and there are some (for example Victoria) which plan to force the issue past parents, as if we were a Communist State where the children belong to it, and are mere grist for its governmental mill, to be ground into conformity.

The method is different physically; but has great affinity mentally, psychologically, in terms of a "culture" which is on all sides of government, to make it bad, wrong, unacceptable, unethical (and so on) to view what the Bible calls perversion (and what for the generation of children does not work), as wrong. Here is MORAL DICTATION, RELIGIOUS COMMAND from the State, which just happens to be forbidden such steps into religion by the CONSTITUTION (Section 116). Does it not matter now that


the new morals are pushed,


the new religion propagandised,

while it appears in such quarters


to be now not known what is right but


that anything that has Christian morality as basic is certainly wrong, or


that the new approach is made into a commission ... ?
but what has commissioned it!

Ought not the people in a democracy be ASKED before a new religion notorious for its breach with the past and normal functionality alike, one of this kind in effect whatever the intention, with natural bounds so that nature invents itself before it is there to do so, or nothing does the job (Secession from Supposition Ch. 1) despite the fact that this is a very flat contradiction in terms!

It is time Australia awakened to what is morally and religiously, in terms of its nature and powers and liberties, a con job. This is not to say by any means that ALL who push this agenda and dare to make it appear it has something to do either with the world of academia and logic, or democracy, are aware of the coup; but it is to warn all of its danger, its imposition, its unconstitutionality, its gross gracelessness and mental bullying of children, clad in the ghastly pretence that it is 'safeguarding" them.