This presentation is to achieve certain objectives.

They are in succinct form, these.

I.  To identify


a) the reason and base for the foundation of the universe.


With this done,


b) the singularity and significance of the communication


of this Being to mankind.

2. To comprehend, teach and apply these things faithfully.

3. This done, to relish and appreciate, serve and obey our Creator,
Saviour, Redeemer and Donor of Eternal Life, Jesus the Christ.
Pastorally, this involves

showing the certainty and necessity of Himself as the way,
the life and the truth on every side (John 14:6),
this being without significant competition logically
or practically in the incomparable certainties
of His written word, the Bible,
and personally in Jesus Christ.

4. To make known the contents of His word, its qualities and
qualifications, and to fulfil to the uttermost part
His call to us personally whether in this area or that,
while in the varieties of Christian ministry, using
the particular gifts He has assigned to us faithfully and fully.
This is whether to preach, teach, exposit, win souls or seek to safeguard
the purity and truth of Christ in His Church,
or to seek to illustrate the love of Christ
in His diverse domains without fear or diversion.

This site is an electronic mission to such ends, that it might be made known


a) so far from being passť, biblical Christianity throughout the ages, 
is beyond Pass A level, being the logical exclusive available,
the verified testimony and the uniquely valid account
in the field of explanation and implication,
revelation and reality and the place where honour dwells; as that


b) the Gospel is both glorious and necessary.
What it has been shown to be, it should be made known to be,
žn the interests of all compassion, concern, wisdom and truth. 
This is therefore, in no small part, a missionary enterprise.

What faith believes, reason confirms on every side,
so that it not only confirms what faith affirms,
but propels towards it;  and this has been one
of the major contributions on this site, thus requiring
investigations in many fields, and providing both an underlying
and a verifying and validating work in substantial principles
on many sides to demonstrate this.
That has involved a particular system
of Biblical Apologetics to be created (ABC Apologetics),
which is in this site presented in various aspects.

Thus, through it are shown the facts that the Christian Biblical faith
is both mandatory for reason and unique in this field,
and that God Himself without any human help
or presuppositions, is the Rock of reliability,
the Bible His only authorised written word, and His Son, His everlasting Word. He, the only Saviour He has sent (Isaiah 43:10-11, Acts 4:11-12, Philippians 2)
is the One provided, sufficient to all eternity,
available while the Gospel is preached (John10:9,27-28).
Eventually, its time of application comes to finish (Revelation 20),
but neither its truth nor its results do so;
for these do not end.

Hypocrites and those misled or confused  may advance their causes,
whether wolves in sheep's clothing as Christ intimated
in the sermon on the Mount, or other,
and adversaries may show their hands (II Peter 2, II Timothy 4:1ff.),
but non-violent challenges to truth are welcome and can be useful,
since they cannot overturn it, never have done so and never will.

Finally, this work has been constructed as an enduring testimony concerning the Lord, the faith, the salvation and the way on and out for man, for his destiny and his place. Man  may receive the word of God, when searching, even testimony to its truth; but whether or not, whether he forbear or act, it stands; but if in the end he will not stand it, neither will he stand.

The 240 volumes therefore, are set forth, to the glory of the Eternal God,  as a testimony to truth, functional truth, necessary truth, irrevocable truth.

In particular the testimony is that

bullet in all things, reason can only yield to the biblical testimony to Jesus Christ;
positively attesting that
bullet nothing else as basic for understanding and truth can stand;
bullet the Bible is the sole authorised, written text and testimony
from the mouth of God to and for man;
bullet Jesus Christ is not only the only Saviour but God Himself
in His sole incarnation from the Trinity
to that trilogy of mind, matter and spirit,
called mankind and made in His image;
bullet that He is the living word of God;
bullet in his sin, man is already in a final wave of devastation, and must repent;
bullet in his need, man is invited to return by faith to his Maker;
bullet in His love, God has provided ransom,
blessing it toward all and for those who believe, the eternally redeemed;
bullet in the resurrection of the body of this same Jesus, is
the expression of the finished redemption of the body,
available through faith, to man,
at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

See on substance such statements as:  I Corinthians 2:9ff., 15, Matthew 24:35, 5:17-20, Isaiah 34:16, 59:21, Luke 13:1ff., Acts 1:7, 4:11-12, John 1:1ff., 3:15-19,36,  8:58, 14:6, Colossians 1:19ff., Galatians 6:14, Acts 2:22-31, Romans 5:1ff., 8:18-23,10:3,9, 3:23ff., Mark 7 :7ff., Hebrews 9:12ff..