To emphasise our background, and facilitate our work,
we have chosen a shorter name


for our operations, because this represents our decisive doctrinal basis,
we now use the name


 - a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Alliance.9The earlier name was: The Australian Presbyterian Bible Church. The change of name does not represent any change of position.

See also brief introduction.

In other words, we are a Bible Church in Australia, with a Presbyterian
character. Neither culture nor Confession can command, as the word of God does,
and where either takes precedence over it in anything, in principle or practice, the cut-off point is reached.
The traditions of men are not mandatory but abhorrent to God in such a place (Mark 7:7ff.).

On WHY WE ARE HERE see Christ not Culture ... Epilogue as marked.

For Church Constitution, use this link.

Our basic approach includes this, which appears
on the back of the Church visiting card.

Continuing in fellowship with all by faith

  • receiving Jesus Christ, the eternal Son
    of the living God, as Lord and only Saviour,
    freely covered for ever by His blood atonement,
  • taking the Bible as His, final in authority,

Calling for repentance with faith in Him, God as
man, crucified, bodily resurrected and to return.

Fellowship has great scope for sharing, and so we seek to be very open in this (John 17).
Church membership of course is a far more shaped thing,
but the fellowship aspect has great potential.

The eternal Word of God became man, showed God as man in definitive image, broke the bondage of sin and death, exhibited the power and wit, wonder and grace, intense and intensive love of God, rose bodily from the dead, granting the same as a grace in time to come to those believing in Him (I Cor. 4. 15:51-58, II Cor. 5), and does not as the Lamb slain, cease to retain His completed and consummated saving power, premises and the ways of His Gospel. This is so, even when all is finished, the Messiahship on earth already performed (Hebrews 9:12); for He has accomplished "His eternal purpose" (Ephesians 3:11), the throne being that of God and the Lamb for ever and ever (Revelation 5:13). The Gospel is never passť.

Our aim is to be worshipping the Lord in the beauty of holiness,
following the Bible without reservation, as God gave it,
the Lord
without fear of man,
Protestant, glorying in the cross
of Christ
and His word without addition or alteration by the word of man,
in Christian Apologetics, and the Church is

a sponsor of this site.

Our email address is:

ONE COMPELLING REASON for our being here, may be related to Church movements
in the last 25 years, and the word of God for millenia. The sketch below is intended to show 
how this can (and did) work   out.
bullet As an ordained minister, this is the path I have found.
When I joined the RPCES (Reformed Presbyterian Church,
Evangelical Synod) as a Minister transferring from the fallen PC of New Zealand,
I  sought and obtained a good change  (not original) for its Constitution. Thus here was a
Presbyterian Church like that in Australia at that time, doing some justice to the love of God towards
those who are (and remain) lost.
bullet This  RPCES even advertised as a "true blue" Presbyterian Church and it seemed good
to belong to it. However, though a whole Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of the  south wanted to join our denomination, this was not forwarded, so that instead, around 1983, a reverse process occurred. Instead, what was to become the Presbyterian Church in America absorbed the whole RPCES denomination, with no apparent allowance for its Constitution, so in effect deleting the important change brought about in it, in my entry year, 1967.
bullet Naturally, and in view of such things as the considerable influence of freemasonry which appeared
in what became the PCA, one was not attracted, let alone later, when after the absorption, they made great fanfare organisationally of their free movement away not only from the Genesis days, but from the very concept of a day in that site,
for this was more than dealing loosely, acting laxly in a sure context;
it was proceeding to play games with the very structure of the text.
Seeking to act resolutely, one speedily divorced from all this, and transferred to a small Presbyterian Church in Adelaide.
My major Ministerial work since then, apart from preaching and approach to the Government on various issues, has been
the writing of what has become a theological set of 243 volumes, specialising in, but not limited
to Biblical Christian Apologetics.
bullet Having tasted in 4 nations and 4 denominations the decline from the teaching of the Bible, I have 
a desire to show, and in this have shown, that there is no alternative to this Bible, as it is self-defined,
nothing near to equal in status in the whole world,
nor has there been for millenia of its changeless declaratlon.
bullet There is no other 'sacred book' nor any philosophy to answer every attack, every question,
every phase of events and eventuality, in man's troubled habitation of this globe,
or show a love of a deep, lasting and lavish kind. 
On the contrary, it gives answer with an exuberant authority, proclaiming, predicting and inviting.
The central resolution and divine benefaction to and for the race is the offer of and in Christ
and  Him crucified/resurrected.
As in I Corinthians 1-2,  the fully inspired Bible is the handbook. and not a suggestion box.
God has spoken. Humankind  may be pardoned and adopted, one by one, not only in principle, but in practice.
This is the word sent to man and this world is aching its way through history largely without it.
Hence this electronic missionary work.


  • Continuing in fellowship with all

by faith receiving Jesus Christ, the eternal Son
of the living God, as Lord and only Saviour,
freely covered for ever by His blood  atonement, without our aid,
being eternally redeemed by His grace without works,
taking the Bible as His, final in authority.

  • Calling for repentance with faith in Him,

God as man, crucified, bodily resurrected and to return.

Meanwhile it is:

Back to the beginning, when Presbyterianism
   first coalesced in this country, and

to the first beginning when creation itself burst, a fabulous spectacle,
into an unfallen world.


Back to the Bible, trusting God
    and finding treasure in His word, His promises
    and His thoughts
    without alloy.

  Back to the emphasis on the love of God
as in the PC of Australia,
at the first in the this country,
a loving sovereign whose remedy is all embracive in its scope, realised in His own, sufficient for all, effective for those who receive Him.

  Back to obedience to the Lord,  whose word is not an option  to seek for,
but a command to follow, the King
whose name is not ''possibly",

but majesty, wisdom and power, glory and dominion, praise and love.


IS IN IT ... its qualities, features, and the wonder of His working in it, see

For more on the Australian Bible Church, you are recommended to follow this link!

It is located at 30 Musgrave Ave., Banksia Park, SA 5091

For past work of testimony of the pastor and current work, use hyperlinks as shown.

For the grievous affairs which have befouled so much in the PC of Australia, over a long period, see Christ Incomparable, Lord Indomitable Epilogue, The Biblical Workman, Ch. 8, in two sites, and Biblical Blessings Ch. 11. Remedy is always needed in such instances, if not in one way, then in another, as the Lord gives grace and supplies the power: who is faithful!

For grounds of separation from the PC in America - the funnel for the RPCES of earlier years, from which one withdrew unilaterally to an independent Australian church,  after more than 30 years as an American Minister - see this link. It concerned ecumenism and the love of God, but above all, CREATION in its biblical purity.

For the criteria of separation from foundering bodies - it is not being too critical to notice when a ship is sinking or its charter is chronically violated, as in Romans 16:17, Jude and I Corinthians 5-6,  see Separation.

For the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, that great and beautiful exemplar in the workings of Christ, that blessed exhibit to the blinded world, see The Kingdom of Heaven... Ch. 2

For a brief look at some things it is NOT, see

1. PIVOTS and
and more broadly, see


For a scripturally based MEDITATION  on childlikeness, childishness and what man is, see:

For a list of doctrines which you may wish to investigate, see here. This includes the indexes and the doctrines which you may find there.