Take a look at a different approach to proving the existence of God and the veracity of the Bible.  You are invited to read about and make use of this method of Bible Christian Apologetics. It starts with no presuppositions and is therefore direct.  It makes use of reason without confusing it with revelation, and uses scientific method as just one of its sequence of components.


It moves on its way to utter certainty of God, identifying the Bible as the sole written and authorised source of divine revelation to mankind, and Christ as the only Saviour, which leads to the study of the Bible as the crux of the method. First used in a Th.D. thesis of 1978, it was applied in a trilogy in 1992, now in 3rd edition. This testimony stands as an enduring challenge and multiple testimony to the divine glory of Jesus Christ.


Freely available on the Web ( since 1996, this work has grown to a set of 243 volumes. It nows extends further, with specialised sub-groupings, and 119 recent bulletins, the whole entitled "In Praise of Christ Jesus." Within its scope is to show that what philosophy fails to solve, even over time, the Bible's presentation and orientation aptly enables to be resolved, itself being unique in its multiple answering ability and its sustained power in principle in all fields. This is because of the truth - a fitting verification of the Bible's post. Further, in terms of logical criteria, nothing else comes close.


The Bible-based resolution of the chronic philosophic problem of predestination and freewill in particular is part of this. Commenced in the author's 1964 M.A. (Hons, Melb) thesis, it now has increased coverage in 7 volumes, kept on the Web.  Author of the 243 volume set - Robert Donaldson.


Australian Presbyterian Bible Church