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The Great Australian
Political Spasms and Chasms of the New Religion





12 Checks of Unbalances




Rev. Dr. Robert Donaldson


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Since World War II, there has been in Australia a growing discontent with the status quo. Religion increasingly has been disparaged,  the Christian faith mutilated, and a sort of obsession with being different has staggeringly taken hold of a victor nation from the won  war. One reason for this has been the opportunism of Communists, and for that, the huge error of the Allies, summed up in Churchill's idea that the great thing was that there was just one major end, the downfall of that bad man, as he was called, the indefatigably racial crusader and force devotee, Adolf Hitler. That was indeed ONE and a major aim, and a pressing one, to be sure, but the Communist atheism, indulging in numbers estimated up to some 30 million vile deaths through systematic starvation, slaughter, experimentation,  a blank beginning without ground, a nothing product, and a barren world based on distortions, knowledge based on  wisdom  that could not be there on their own model,  and unplugged power that could not make mind, but was inebriatedly drafted to do it, what of this ?

Why by that colossus of error, to partner such a living corruption, even making it  a companion in arms, was like making a murderer your best man at a wedding. Thus came the fallacious image of the champions of Zhukov, a strong nation. Was it however a revived Russia, or rather one delivered by Allied action from being overcome - and that only by a whisker, one able to use enormous amounts of donated materials from democracies, to press a surrounded Germany to a failure for their own equally horrid invasive, force-fed lusts. Thus Communism was given a power it could never have mustered, let alone in time,  to face Hitler, and with vast resources to hand, the Allies were able to  sweep home;  and what is more, in Britain they even called upon the name of the Lord in those first months, in a national prayer day for what then was a nominally Christian country, and He answered in Dunkirk's maritime marvel (as in Germany's decision not to flow on fast to Dunkirk, but delay), and in many great things - such as diverting short-supply aircraft northward on one fateful night,  when hundreds of enemy planes were shot down, through an "inspired" guess!

This massive support was then used to romance about the USSR, and left-wing subversives (that is,  those who would like to see Australia deprived of self-rule and chained to the system of multitudinous murder from another land) became popular in Australia. This was especially so in academic circles, and with this came many other radical fashions, as if the end of the war was the end of sanity, balance,  logic and reason, a time for doing ANYTHING. At University, one came as a student, scarcely able to believe such nonsense was being propounded by apparently sane persons, occupying highly influential positions in ludicrous reductionisms, as if life did not matter, room left only or insidiously and persistently for a type of intellectual inebriation and  moral looseness,  disadorned with spiritual deadness, as to trend.

As time has passed, so with the erratic grandeur of irrationalism gaining increasing adherents, and many churches departing from the faith, some as LEADERS from it, Australia became a lamb for sale to a howling set of wolves, whose own dealings were to make a vast mess of the Middle East, a weakening of Europe, a diminished Britain, as its purpose in life became obscure and of course, with one finale.

This was perhaps the worst statement ever made by an American President to the people of the land, namely that the USA was NOT a Christian nation. President Obama made the statement - admittedly with many interpretations, but isolating one of the main features of the country, however much it may have, and in fact has changed in the last 60 or so years, since I first came to it. It has many Christian institutions, so conspicuous that sometimes statues of Moses or such items are to be removed from public places, since not all now are (as they as a nation never were) formally of that religion.

What made it necessary so to exclude part of a fundamental founding religion, though it was not formalised for the whole nation, but only a major and chacterisable part, from traditional types of recognition, was not clear. It appeared a part of the new spiritual inertia, moral decadence, lustful thrusts and diminishing power in practice, abroad. Even  the Lord's prayer could be excluded as if purged,  in some academic settings, and to bring on talk such as has been presented, to the effect that a case occurred where a soldier witnessing of Christ to another, was told he could be court-martialled for such an offence, as if the land were militant Islamic or in some such way utterly intolerant of such free discourse, leaves  a question with many answers.

That such things evidently have happened, including in much the dissolution of the entire moral fabric,  leads to the view it is detaching Christianity from more and more aspects of its life to the point that a President could even make such a statement, as the one cited. With Obama also exalting Islam as in Cairo, not tracking it down in the rabid export of its violent aspect in the Middle East as he readily could have done, in the first stages of IS, as it moved to Syria, and as it is reported he was urged by advisors to do, and by intent or not, helping to turn a secularisation of culture into a tsunami, one last bastion of national stamp in this Christian testimony is being eroded as if by such an oceanic rush.

In Australia, the situation in many churches and schools and academic bodies has rushed into mutation at a not dissimilar rate, and in particular, it is well - before any referendum or plebiscite on topics such as making inherently non-reproductive type intimacies of the same gender persons, to be part of a new kind of marriage in name - to ponder the nature of this change, which is never exactly reproducible in the body.

Together with this collection of currently inflamed topics and approach and analysis of them, with this marital issue soon for referendum, the allied issue of pretending with children that they have no particular gender, and such illusionism, proceeds like rust on crops, spoiling an integral scene with new advents. It remarkably comes as part of a tax-payer financed ghoulish-seeming physiological dismemberment, or psychic face-lift; and given to and as an EDUCATIONAL part of the State, it proceeds like panzers.

If this is not child-abuse, meddling with what is manifestly the case in the statistical norm, and always has been, and indulging in fanciful re-conceptualisation with kids, lest they have immature bents towards this and that, is far worse than encouraging them to get drunk. It misuses, confuses, assumes a moral, religious and philosophical toning which is worse than mere prejudice; for it is a virtual impartation of a world view in its very assumptions of categorical wish-to-work freedom, as if man knew the depths of his own creation, and had the power of it. In many cases, we learn that this fancy-to-imaginary-fact procedure, process, wafting, work, has been kept foreign to parents! excluded from awareness of such arrogance, presumption and intrusion, as if by Communist kid-cadres, children of the State that rules all, given into its moulding hands.

From its conception  to its deception in hiding, this is a form of religion with specific approaches to the issues of God, moral, sexuality, origins, destinies (if any!), values, priorities, the plastic power over youth, the power of the state over flesh, even young flesh and young minds WITHOUT PROTECTION, presented as if advanced, without the direction of that claim, being made clear. It is rightly to be removed because unconstitutional in character as Commonwealth sponsored religion, giving place to some, not others (Section 116). If some schools select it, this is like a microcosm State, the contents poured out like a libation.

It is delusive; for whether in finance or gender, the wish or hope or viewpoint does not create fortune or child-bearing capacity, and preying on their susceptibility to twisting this way in their gender concepts, or that, or pushing a sense of the amoral is scarcely education, especially when evocative, a thrust of advocacy or a mere assumption of mutability in the matter of women and men.

The ingredients of religion in all these aspects of life, whether moral or metaphysical or ethical or biological or family, or logical are so vast that taken in any sort of logical consistency amongst themselves, they undoubtedly constitute a religion, and hence any involvement financially or morally or in education by the Commonwealth becomes  readily an unconstitutional farce, a tour de force, a coup d'état, a misnomer, an anomaly, a presumption, a pre-emption of powers, and hence a decadence indeed from the love of freedom shown in the past in this nation. The more elements of such a pageant of idle philosophy are preferentially  pushed into law, the more grounds for more to be similarly flattered by acceptance begin to mount, for the future. There are scores of ways to lose freedom, and one is to imagine autonomy; but one may serve as a legal and custom funnel to many more.

If this land follows such a course, already long applied in biology (cf. Ch. 4 of this volume, below), where the same brash push has long left rational thought behind, in this State (SA) with a withering patronising wink at religion, as if it were important but not realistic, this blessed land, which started with the  Christian religion in its very founding nation, moves to such wildly provocative and evocative disregard of its very constitution, that it asks for rebuff. What refuses (self) discipline, can learn how to come back  to reality at the hand of others. This is the message of history, long and short, over and over again. The incredible tyranny of the political gods (when they begin to act like that) becomes the dust of oblivion, the matter of a slightly raised eye-brow; and that, it is before the Author of what nothing CANNOT produce makes His more personal comments when the probation of man is over.

It is well to think, and not to blink and say, Oh well, it is only fair. Is fair to change the way of and approach to child actualities, marriage, so that it is an OPTION to disregard the complementarity of male-female and even make it up for youthful  grabs, and unfair to regard this as the work of some human god with grace or glory, carried away with fabrication and  free to induce others to  follow. Part of this is currently the mental molestation of children, so that Safe Schools become as safe as lambs to wolves, to powers more mature than they, directed, assured in private bases, fashioning child on child, as if it were a medical wonder, that is in any norm of nomenclature, a design-breach, with almost endless ramifications (Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny, esp. Chs. 2   and   8,and Ch. 7 below, in this volume).

These things then are well investigated, considered and pondered, and what is being dismissed with such ruthless seeming domineering, always with assumptions of its OWN goodness without applicable basis, should not be thrown out, like crown jewels with the rubbish, let alone using an unconstitutional carrier. Why then let marvellous man (or any other gender as generic, if you want to change language too) show his wonders by inventing another universe with other laws and other people with other genders, so that the mastery shown in doing so becomes ground for setting one against the other with mythical evolutionary doctrine (fond thoughts of Stalin and Hitler and many others who want to rule and  take part in creation by destruction, the wonder element of organic evolution), if they want it that way*1, making war a kind of god*2,  and cruelty a super-hero, and let them make genders a riot of fantasy, if they can.

Perhaps if it be their own universe they can ignore the laws and cause of this one. But they do not do it. It appears that they just want surgery on this one, which they neither made nor control, But you see, it is not theirs. They did not even make themselves, before they were there to do it, nor did nature, before it was there to do it.

It is as if to find a billion houses freely up for rent with people who find them seeking the income, declaring it is not fair if they cannot do with them what they want, even though the title deeds for every one of them are written. It is mainly in one magnificently minimised language, DNA, filled with subtleties, a builder's language that curls into the powers that be, to direct them to construct, to which the latter readily lend themselves - not to nothing, nor to chance, but to command, plans unchanged except for deterioration, once given, never found writing themselves (in this like any other language except by program), given with their marvels of effectuality and sophistication as a testimony and test together. Life has always held such contents, wherever it is found in full format. To grab for what is given is no more to be desired at the macro- than the micro-level. If you really want to be allowed  to use it, you need to find out the conditions, given for the eyes that have been built*3 . Ignoring them is parallel to theft (Jeremiah 7:9-14, 23:30).

There is reason for the plight of man, and Christ make it so very clear, and how it would become such that man could not remain on the earth at all (Matthew 24:22), unless He who was crucified and rose, came back to rule. Like waters approaching Niagara Falls, the world is impelled to try it out, using children as the new test pieces - or much of the 'sophisticated' parts of it.


Notes - *1 See The gods of naturalism have no go!

*2  As foretold in Daniel 11:38, this disregard of God in favour of a god of forces, fortresses, strengths (Hebrew term so translated), is precisely as in Communism and neo-Communism, and for that matter, as exhibited by ISIS. How many divisions, Stalin is reputed to have asked, has the pope ? It is similar to the foretold pre-occupation with death (Revelation 6), used as a type of weapon, a dynamic death cult, currently favoured by ISIS, but underneath, for long favoured by many as the means of life. Death however is not a way to life as this world works, but to rotting. When Christ's body, as also predicted, did not rot, that also was predicted (Psalm 16, Acts 2).

When life breaks death, that is a miracle, not the natural realm, as thoughtless philosophy so often loves to imagine. It is so much easier to blow up a  Boeing than to build one. Collapse has no bearing on creation: the one happens, the other is done. One is natural, one is supernatural. Confusing the two is not only inelegant and irrational, but logically irresponsible and short on display. It is directed to what is not there.

*3 See Ch. 3 below in this volume




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10.   The New Morals, Values, Attitudes to One's Bodily Being,
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It would be nice to have at least a referendum before changing
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