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One rather popular item is set in the form of a flight by air, and gives a more directly spiritual overview of trends awry - it is stand-byaught.html.


A short and easy preliminary approach, decisive and not time consuming, is found at

Impossible to Man, Open to God Ch. 3.



Acme, Alpha and Omega Ch.  9this considers the phenomena broadly and contrasts with the unity which is in Christ.  


Biblical Blessings    Appendix III  (considers the glory of the living God and the decisiveness of His word, setting this as the basis for discard of spurious options) - see esp. *2,

Impossible to Man, Open to God Ch. 3.

 The Kingdom of Heaven Appendix
(the cross of Christ as active criterion for all review).


Popular Heresies, not always viewed as such!

Barbs, Arrows and Balms  30; see also

News 78, End-note 1,  
and strangely perilous zeals 79.



Heresy old, format new:


Modern theological earthquakes ? many involved ?

Try Impossible to Man, Open to God Ch. 4

News 121, 122,
It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls  Ch. 11.
Also SMR Ch. 8 is to the point.


SMR p. 701,
in various formats, fresh from the oven:

The World Belongs (Presbyterian cases);


Beauty for Ashes Ch.   9,  LIGHT  2 (Anglican cases)


Bright Light  Ch. 6 (Uniting Church case)


News 88 Stepping Out for Christ Ch.  5, pp. 249ff., Chs.   1 4,
News 107, 121
  (Lutheran case)


 SMR pp. 1032-1088H., 912ff., 946ff. (Romanist case)


Dastardly Dynamics ... Ch.  10, including  *2;
Red Alert ...Ch.   6, 13,
Outrageous Outages, Awesome Inputs and the Courage of Christ Ch.    5

(US case and Australian case, relative to the secular and the religious,
in misleading unity of thought or action).


Tender Times for Timely Truth


Chs.  7, 8 Ch.  8, review with reference to Satanic plan.


#Things Old and New Chs.  9, 10 Epilogue, Appendix
(significant assessment of sects, politics and philosophies,
their tedious, torturous tapestries)


Ch. 2, End-note 1A. This gives considerable attention to the roving dynamics of dissidents who do not wish to cut, but merely pollute.



Some Overview


The Frantic Millenium ...Ch. 9 puts up a perspective, as in another way, does Questions and Answers    2  ,  in which to perceive truth in impact on sects, whether those secular in tenor, or more specifically religious.

News 121, 122 gives some overview, as do some of the below, of movements more broadly akin in deviation, giving various opportunities for syncretism of one sort or another, merging into plain rejection



Some of these concern false forms of unity,
with some contrast in kind with the true:
for which see those inset below.

 Acme, Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ


Ch.  9 - glamour, stammer, hammer  ... flitter and glitter, and the unity that counts;


Ch.   1, more reality in unity;



Spiritual Refreshings


Ch.   3 (the soporific self, and the unity glide, under the sedation of sin),


Ch.     8, the embracive unity of reality created, not desecrated in reverse;


Dastardly Dynamics ... Ch.  10, Glory that is yet no glory, and good that is no good in the welter of political options, and spurious secular identities that are not one but many;

The Frantic Millenium...
Ch.  11 - twigs and towers;


News 116 - sham, shame and co., cf. News  132;


Secular Myths and Sacred Truth Ch.   8 (the necrosis of naturalism and the futility of pulping when script is needed),


STEP  9 (the array of unities which speak, ordered, considered, acclaimed, source named),



LEAD 5, pp. 192ff.,  End-note 50 - More Governmental Intrusions with, from or for heresy; cf. TMR Ch. 8!


News, Facts and Forecasts 


13 - symphony and seditions - two heady heads,

14 deadly d's;


(these appear above as News 121,122)



OVERFLIGHT ... Ch. 5 - an answer to an attack from Naturalism, which includes reference to the twin set on this topic at The gods of natualism have no go! Culture seeks to unite what truth divides.


New Age unity is so divisive from truth - cf. SMR pp. 867ff.


ROP  5 inventions in mind, gender, politics ... 


AWME  15, SMST   3 (spiritual - political - economic surrealism, and reality, and various modes of escape from efficacious unity, where it belongs),


and  with this,

Divine Agenda
Ch.    6 (specialising on religion miscalled demanding faith by force and the pathos of power's puny imprint),

Aviary of Idolatry (survey of spiritual vagrancies),
The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet
Ch.  6 (world movements that cry for what is coming, the Judge, Jesus Christ)

Dastardly Dynamics ... Ch.  10, and News  152, wide-ranging, including UN; 


Divine Agenda Ch.   3 (sums three absolutist religions including Communism, Islam, and considers an Anglican trend  towards new religious 'unity',
NEWS  82, and Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch.    3);


News 37 (many false forms of modish, cultural, national unity
contrasted historically with what unites),


News 100 (lust for many natural unities, love of actual unity,
State efforts to promote disunity in Christian bodies),
Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13.



Diversities of  Spiritual Plagues, Errors and Deviations


Biblical Blessings Ch.  12, Appendix I, II and III,  Christ the Citadel ... Ch. 6,

Gift of God's Grace in Christ Jesus Ch. 1


(esp. Seventh Day Adventism, as also in
Christ the Citadel
Chs.   5 and esp.   6,  in
Hapless Hitches
... Ch. 1 as marked - in two places,
Open to Him
... Ch. 3 as marked, and the
Sermon Galatians 4-5 as marked,

and especially Lively Lessons ... Ch. 4
and The King's Counsel Ch. 5).

See further:

BAB Appendix III with Appendix II
BAB 8 - Easter Alert,
BB Ch 12, p. 148,
TOAN 2, End-note 1A
, Appendix


Again, we come to: Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 11 (misuse of tongues and allied matters - for charismatic matters, see A Question of Gifts).


News 46, News 74, End-note 1, 79,  Wake Up World ... Ch.  1, p. 15,  
Journey To God ...
Ch.   2,

Spiritual Refreshings
Ch. 11
(Mormonism, various false zeals);
Stepping out for Christ
Ch.  9 incl. p.126
esp. Mormons - see also On Translations of the Bible 17, *4,
and News 74,  News 46,
which in addition touches the 'idealism' of the Olympics and the nature of it sometimes shown);

Journey to God
Ch.    2 also deals with a large overview of spiritual blindness contrasting with the light, and gives more on Mormonism.


Galloping Events Chs.   1 2 ,  3,  4, 8 (British Israelitism and other insurgencies).


Spiritual Refreshings Ch.  15 (Christ, the assessor, in the infinity of deity),

Answers to Questions Ch.  6 (dramas in delusion), and Things Old and New Chs.  2, 5 , Appendix - the last specialising on the J.W. error;
Joyful Jottings  14, RRR  6,
  3, OPENTOGOD   3   (esp. J.W., but many others in category).


TBW Appendix 3, LIGHT  2;
LORD  3, MM  4,  *6
LORD  3,

(delinquent demonising by words - for example 'fundamentalism' as an alias
for 'plenary inspiration'.


Governmental errors in collusion with religious errors,
helping the tide of corruptive culture to reach its Spring level


Dastardly Dynamics ... Ch.  10, including  *2; Red Alert ...Ch.   6, 13,
Outrageous Outages, Awesome Inputs and the Courage of Christ Ch.    5
Beauty for Ashes Ch.   9   BFA   9   LIGHT  2 ; TMR  Ch. 8. See also above.