The Board of World Wide Web Witness Inc. 
praises God for the following notable developments
in England and in America, in which quite freely,
the following citations or inclusions have been made.


Relative to the productions on our Christian apologetics and missionary site, the

International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England, has taken various steps.


This concerns the work of Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson,  whose 238 published works have been featured and distributed largely by this site, during the last eighteen years. Below, then,  are some awards and citations. Some may have their own, very different evaluation of this site. It does not matter. The important thing is that people made by God are remade by God, restored in image to fellowship with their Creator through Jesus Christ, and find from Him the way of eternal life, deliverance from damnation and delight in the presence of the true, triune God and only Saviour whose exaltation is just and whose majesty endures for ever. As to this work on the web, let God be the Judge of it, but let us work. We trust He will use what He has in many ways, enabled me to produce.


We are advised that the Board of the IBC has:

1) included the name of Robert Donaldson in the following biographical volumes:

2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century

2) taken the same step for


2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century


3) made offers of various awards for Achievement,  and

4) declared him selected as an

International Biographical Centre Man of the Year:  for 2001, 2003, 2004. 2010, and for their award as International Professional of the Year 2005

and listing in Top 100 Communicators 2006.

These awards have now all been confirmed, and various other offers made, some from England and some from the United States, whether biographical or cultural.

We trust these things will forward the impact of this work, designed to bring blessing to many, and that it may help open their eyes in obedience to His command (I Peter 3:15); and through His infallible word lead on to Him (John 5:39-40). We thank God for His faithfulness in our enablement as a team for His service and congratulate the one who has received these awards.

Robert Donaldson stresses that not merely as a doctrinal fact, but as a fact of experience, the power and the grace for these productions has been a provision of the Lord, whose Christ lives (Rev. 1:18), for whose sake they are provided and whose presence has been vital. If there is any honour, it is His who has stirred, led and helped so that the writing has been in itself, a blessed experience in companionship with Him whom he serves.

The URL remains:


  • One must add this, as author: "The help received from the team in sustaining, and in providing excellent IT assistance has been admirable. My wife has been a model of patience and Matthew Donaldson of Data Deliverance has been a constant stalwart in all technical matters affecting the presentation, sometimes demanding in time and talent. For all this I praise the Lord."

The IBC of Cambridge has also received permission, on request, to include this author in their 30th Edition of the

 Dictionary of International Biography

for publication early in 2003.


Inclusion in the 31st Edition has also been noted.


For these things, as heretofore with the other features, we thank and praise the Lord, for whose glory all this is intended, and by whose help alone it is able to be produced. May it be a blessing for many, in the love of Christ, and the beauty of His truth.


The American Biographical Centre

This body has now advised that its International Board of Research has decided on the nomination of Robert Donaldson for Man of the Year - 2003-2009, 2011. Again,  the ABI has confirmed the inclusion of our author in the

International Directory of Experts and Expertise (2008)


Meanwhile, IBC Cambridge has also freely confirmed inclusion in the volumes,


One Thousand Great Intellectuals, and

                                                  One Thousand  Great Scholars,


due this year DV, and that Robert Donaldson has been deemed worthy of the


Who’s Who Award for Achievement, 2002.


Again, in late 2003, a further notification has been received, of inclusion in the volume:


Five Hundred Founders of the 21st Century,

and of the inclusion for the prospective work for 2004

2000 Outstanding Academics of the 21st Century

and in 2004, the same for the

International Register of Profiles - 13th Edition

Also given was IBC nomination as

International Educator of the Year 2006

with membership of the IBC, inclusion in the list

 Top 100 Professionals 2012.


 See also Author for shorter coverage. 

Various other awards in the humanitarian or academic domains
have been offered from England and the USA, and inclusion
in other biographical works,
but for religious reasons,
where these are not free,
it has not been considered fitting for a missionary work,
to receive them.
If these help to spread the Gospel, word of God,
truth to more sites and situations,
may the name of God be blessed and praised.

The above were all offered without cost.


For all these things, we praise God, for we are seeking
by these and other apt means
that He may draw men to consider the truth:


the advancement of the name of Christ in the hearts of those who read
the reason for the faith, and above all, the word of faith, the Bible,


the salvation of those far from God through the Gospel displayed,


the edification of those coming near through the study of His word,


the fortification of the saints and their refreshment and blessing.

Being all things to all men as much as we rightly may,
we thus seek for more to find the wonder of the truth
from the Author of space, the creator of time, the Maker of man.


As the works published from the hand of this author, are certainly a very direct result of the work, mercies and activity of the Lord Jesus Christ, by His Spirit in teaching and helping, stirring and illuminating, and since this is only the case because it is by His blood that one is found at all, in order to find treasures from His unsearchable riches, one can only praise Him that impact is being made among men, by these as by so many other means.

The great value of this is that they might believe and receive and be blessed from Him, who is the Light of the World, which without Him, walks and stumbles in great and increasing darkness. One trusts that the spreading of the knowledge of the truth in various ways, such as by this recognition, will advance the kingdom of God, stirring many to taste and see that the Lord is good.

There is nothing else for man, nothing valid, nothing verified, nothing worthy, nothing that explains all (Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Ch. 2, Little Things Ch. 5, It Bubbles ... Ch.   9,  TMR Ch. 5, Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 16) or helps, in the end, any. Christ Jesus is He alone through whom the kindness of God toward man may be found. Without Him, one can do nothing! But what does Paul say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

Blessing and glory and honour and wisdom and power be to Him alone, to whom it pertains, whose unchanging word, the Bible, is written and rules, whose work liberates, whose company encompasses.

It is because His word is truth
that one is vastly facilitated in writing of it,
through it,
 to show its evacuation of the nonsenses of the flesh -

    the writhing torment of philosophies that smuggle themselves
    into 'science' falsely so-called, and into religions,
    mere muddied streams of thought  (Romans 1:17ff.),
    and now often infecting august church bodies,
    once faithful to the word of God, but now      
    disastrously deviating from simply what it says;

and its blessed domination without difficulty in all fields.

Divine truth is like that.

It is because Christ is resurrected, the domain of death covered with the brilliance of divine life, that one is greatly forwarded, given assistance as from a mighty wind,  to create, to conceive and to move (Ephesians 1:19). Again, the truth is flowing as in a sparkling stream, a continual counsellor. Whether in power or in peace, it is present, because the Lord is present, who presents the need of man in His word, the power of God in His Spirit. To introduce Him to those who do not know Him yet, is a great privilege, and responsibility.

On the other side (cf. Ch. 6 Dizzy Dashes, Heady Clashes and the Brilliant Harmony of Inevitable Truth),  the 'lie' torments the flesh, the truth liberates the spirit of man, setting it like sheep in prepared pasture, where it belongs, where love is the air, peace is the ground and reality the food. What a privilege to feed here, and what a joy to know that others may forage in the same pastures, freely, if only they will consult the Shepherd, and make application in His name (John 10:9)...


bullet God is our sufficiency, who put our trust in Him, where He may be found,

and His door has no other name but that of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ,

not the West Bank but the Divine Bank of incalculable glory,

sent for shame, exposing sham,

making history hallowed by His atonement,

wrought in heaven, accomplished on earth
(Revelation 14:3, Ephesians 1:4),

by Him whose ways are eternal
(Micah 5:1-3, Isaiah 48:16, John 8:58, 17:1-3).


Sent by the Father, Jesus the Christ  is

fulfilling history as required,

directing history as desired,

infallible in His word, enabling exploits,

the Lord Himself, eternal in heaven before all time;

who died in the form of man
(Romans 5, 8, I Corinthians 15, Philippians 2),

and is alive for evermore (Revelation 1:18-19);

whose are the keys that open the door for man to destiny

from the darkness where ruin dwells,

into the light,  the true habitat for man:

that man might become adopted by God. 


In what number ?

One at a time! (cf. Zechariah 12:10ff., John 3:16, 1:12,
John 4:14, 7:37, 6:50-ff.),

as intimate as eating, as personal as drinking.

Praise God for His unspeakable gift.