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December 2005

1.  Published November 2005, Volume 115 of the set:  In Praise of Christ Jesus




Expository Sermons and Sermon Notes



is now well advanced, and covers such topics as this prophecy of Haggai and its application, more on the errors of the 70,000 evolutionist thrusters, with work on the nature of INFORMATION:


while coverage of the Parliamentary bomb thrust at Moses is also systematic, correcting this atomistic error, and erroneous attribution.


The meaning of the term ' household of faith' is considered relative to the family, baptism and reality. All of this is in the context of Christ, the Desire of the Nations.


3. The spiritual challenge to the Government
from the Evangelical Presbyterian Alliance

has progressed through a notice in The Advertister, Thursday, December 15, 2005, and the site to which it refers is to be found here. The text of the posting in the newspaper is as here.


November 2005

I)  Volumes 112 and 113 are now published, namely






The above links will take you to these volumes, including prefaces explaining their functions.

The latter has in its last chapter in particular, an extended one, a conversation between two angels, which while certainly not earthy, shows a celestial concern for man on earth, rather than earth-worms. Volume 114, not yet published, has now available a continuation of this conversation, found here,  making in all more than 34,000 words which expose the un-wonderful wander-lust which seems to arise in the reports on the 70,000 versus the God of creation phenomenon, recently repeatedly to hit the press!

In volume 112, there is a good deal of exposition in such books as Daniel, Revelation, II Timothy, Romans 5 and 6 and Isaiah. If you want to see and so be able to test the word of God, or simply feed on it, here is ample pasturage! Why not drink abundantly, feed voraciously ? for the word of God is pure, seven times refined. No human invention is comparable; and moreover, it never ages.

3) AUDIO continues to provide preaching in the normal manner, for the ear, with 5 sermons, with one normally exchanged weekly, available.

4) It is good to report that a new and rather amazing award has been received from the IBC, Cambridge, together with various biographical entries, and one of the latter also from the ABI, in the USA. For these, the reader may consult this link. They appear as item 14, and in what follows this. It would be improper, yes impossible, to fail at this time to note the simple fact of faith and life, that it is the Lord's Christ, Jesus, whose strength and grace alone enable these works to be done. As Paul proclaimed, HE is our sufficiency! (II Cor. 3:5).





October 2005

Very shortly, DV the 112th volume is to be published.

During September,  volume was published:


Get out of the Way,
To Let the God of the Bible
Have His Say!

Somewhat extended from the earlier model,
this now has 53 specific translations,
with analysis of the present translation situation,
and expression of the providential perfection of the Lord in this field.


  Deserts and Desserts, Delicacies and Desiccations

DV is to be published early in October. It includes some areas in
the exposition of both Daniel and Revelation which seek to
reflect and appreciate the magnificent divine light in each of these biblical books.

AUDIO on the Web, audible sermons (five now) for those shut in, or
seeking to break out into new areas and arenas from the word of God, continues to expand.


September 2005


3.  Deserts and Desserts, Delicacies and Desiccations
has been begun, with emphasis on biblical exegesis and its outcomes.

4.  Both index and Bible Study items continue to grow, as does the list on Bible Translations and the News section.

5. AUDIO, has come a short distance down the Home page, and here mp3 technology facilitates our placing sermons in live voice on the Web. There are three so far. If you are shut-in, or want extra food, the presentation of the word of God aurally, then use it freely, and please tell others who might wish to do so.



August 2005


was completed and published in July.

For those interested in intensive application to the Bible,

Chs. 6-7 of this volume deal with Job (on whom there is already specialisation in


Chs. 4-5 with Jeremiah, both with relevant applications.


2. Weekly sermons at The Site continue, usually in notes,
but sometimes in fuller form, or with extended applications.


3. China and Nukes, Taiwan and Truth is Ch. 1 of a new volume under way,

Dancers, Prancers, Lancers and Answers

4. Please remember, if you would like a communication to be read, to ensure that it is expressed personally, the purpose stated and what you would like shown clearly. Computers are used, but they are not the executive! We hear from PEOPLE and being people, write as such to others, in the name of the Lord. May the Lord bless those of you who seek Him with all your heart!


July 2005




was published during June, and is now completed.


2   Commenced, and with 3 chapters done, specialising in historical survey and
I and II Thessalonians chapters, is:


For Eyes fast Closed, Truth is Opposed:

More Humble, less Stumble


3 Some may desire more on CLONING,

which has some news plus a broader index coverage.

4   The work on SINGING liberty and constraints in the congregation has been extended.

5   Archeological affairs have also received some further treatment.



In these computer literate days, it unfortunately may go so far that some may imagine that sending 'material' about this or that will receive attention, when what is needed is to UNCOMPUTERISE and REMEMBER that you are STILL talking to PERSONS!

Thus for reply, you need to address a person, and tell your desire, need or thought in a personal manner, establish contact, so that as a person, you in turn may receive answer. Fair enough!

The PERSON in whose name we act is the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why we are here.

June 2005


has now been completed and published,

The Chapter on Bible Translations has now more translations in it,

while the indexes continue to grow, as does the BIBLE STUDY section.

A new work has now several chapters complete,



Information, Inflammation, Conflagration,
Consummation with Comfort
or Inextinguishable Ashes

This includes a large treatment of Psalm 51,
repentance, realisation and reality in the changeless Gospel of grace,
and presentation on the vast scope of
I Corinthians 15.
 Here may also be found thought on the situation in Sudan,
and the Indonesian imprisonment of one proclaiming with every pore, her innocence,
while Australia continues its billion dollar work of mercy for that country.


May 2005

1. IMPOSSIBLE TO MEN , OPEN TO GOD!   was published this month.


is well under way, and it includes a special feature on
majestic marvel of the TRINITY ,
that fountainhead of love,
which some have seemed confused or concerned about in recent correspondence.
It also contains two allegories.

3. A new idea - the MINI-INDEX has come to fruition.
This enables you to have access to
some elements of index for quick checking which I have found personally useful,
 in addition to the major indexes at SEARCH.


April 2005

1. Now published is:




The Dynamics of Disintegration and
the Delights of Restoration 


March 2005


2. Also published in March 2005, is the 102nd volume,



3. Commenced in the 103rd volume,


4. Several new News items have been presented.

5. Bible Translations has had some further extension.

6. A Second Easter Message has been added.

7. An Overview of the SECTS has been provided in the latest volume,
at Chapter 3, and this is associated with a new file, an accompaniment to

8. From the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge has come for the author in this site,
a new title as
International Professional of the Year 2005.

For this, we thank the Lord, as it may help some to consider the testimony of Christ
which this site is dedicated to presenting. At the same time, we are quick to acknowledge
that the help received from the Lord in this work is such that any praise is clearly His.


March 2005

Now published - Feb. 2005, is the 100th volume:

Little Angel, an allegory.

Its successor, also allegorical, and gradually growing, is

Journey to God,
or Fantasy's Flight to the Infernal

Easter Message, 2005 ? Here it is.

Note also recent NEWS items.

An IBC award, as an

International Professional of the Year 2005

has also arrived, for which we thank the Lord
whose grace abounds.


February 2005


1) Published also in January 2005, were volumes 97-98



specialising in the work of reason, the place of method and the results,
and surveying revelation in its infinite wisdom beyond it,
but assuredly pointed to by it, and in this,
the Redeemer, without whom, there is nothing:

a collection of elements on these topics from throughout the site.

This makes 6 volumes for January.


A number of collections in fields is now available, and this is to be seen in SEARCH.


2) Published in February 2005 is the volume 99


3) Bible Study items and alphabetical indexes continually increase.

4) If you like ALLEGORY, you will find a brand new one here.
For earlier allegories see this site.




January 2005

A.   Five volumes have been published so far
 in January 2005.

1) One is SWIFT WITNESS, a compilation of answers to challenges to the august truth of the uniquely valid Bible, shown in action. This is the 93rd in the set, In Praise of Christ Jesus. There is no end to His due praise.


2) The gods of naturalism have no go! has been somewhat expanded over time
(now, in total, some 1320 pages, it is number 84 in the list of books from this author),
and it is been replaced this January by a TRILOGY, of the same name,
but with separate volume titles, namely:

Naturally They Don't Go

Necessarily They Don't Go!      and

Nothing Doesn't Go!


These three replacing the one, make Numbers 94 and 95.

All of this is available at the hyperlink above.

3) A new work also is published:

Grating Grandeur and Aggrandisement of Man,
and the Meekness of the Majestic Messiah 
This is Number 96.

From tsunamis to truth, from violence to magnificence, this covers life from the celestial scope of the Bible, which decisive word of God comprehensively explains its place, plight and opportunities.


B. Three new volumes were published in December 2004:



and the




with JOB for FOCUS

This has peculiar contemporary relevance as the tsunamis have rolled over much land in desperate seeming devastation.

Ready the Preface-Exordium from the hyperlink above, concerning this.



  and contrasting considerations, popular in callow confusions


Volume 5 in what is now The Predestination Quintet


This includes new chapters dealing with a challenge in the field, and leads you into the Wesley-Calvinism contention,and the peace which should instead be found by a more comprehensive approach, covering the concerns of both, and squarely based on scripture.


It is our constant hope these last 40 years since Predestination and Freewill was written, that an irenic result may come to help better understanding by all, so that the correct emphases on which many insist, may be seen in their biblical harmony, in the love of the Lord. Here peace is not an extra, but a biblical result! May the Lord bring blessing to His Church!


Volume 94 is proceeding, and its early chapters may be found HERE. It is called,




C. Please remember that Bible Studies is continually being increased, as are the Indexes for The Rest.

The bvt earlier indexes are now out of date, and are replaced by the more numerous alphabet variety, found in Search, here. SMR indexes remain as before, here.

D. On Tsunamis - see Grating Grandeur ... Ch. 5.




has now been published.

Anguish, Ecstasy and the Mastery of the Messiah

is now in process, with several chapters completed.

If you want Bible Study, remember it is available, constantly being increased,

if you want a search base, this is it.
Topics, words, bible verses, all are available and the base grows.

Also, since Christmas day is on its way, there is a




The novel, THE MOON SOON, has now been published, but is available only for reading, downloading in this case not being available in Copyright.

is now well on the way towards publication.

This volume contains a substantial exposition on Zechariah in some of its chapters.



There are three new publications to report ,

with the extension in a fourth.

First however, there is a novel
DV to be published in full during October


Bible-based novel involving personality development,

power play, national ambitions,

ramifying interaction and ideological interchange,

where pathology mounts, drama develops,

intrigue unrolls and lunacy earns its name on the moon,

as some of the predicted events unfold

in the imaginary setting provided

as an introduction to the actual ones predicted soon to come.


1) The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy

a Compilation from this site on this topic, with extensions.

The sub-title: Remedy is - and Victory goes with it (September, 2004).






(late September)

This is a compilation with some extensions,

on the love of God and its outpouring.



is published now, October 2004.

A constant contrast of the dire realities
of vacuous virtuelessness,
before God, and the grounded life in Christ,
with all the reaches of divinity and sublimity,
the diabolical and the devious seen
in their space-station outlines
from the perspective of the word of God,
their credentials in accord with their names.

It includes a review of Christian Apologetic method.


Fourthly, a second appendix has been added to

The gods of naturalism have no go!

which here, as in the rest of that work, has

a focus as follows:





It is the last which is the chief focus of this Appendix.





is now complete and becomes the 84th published member
of the biblical Christian Apologetics Series, In Praise of Christ Jesus,
and the 85th volume.


Explorations in the Obvious

is now commenced and is available at the hyperlink above.

Bible Study Entries and Index Items continue to increase.

SMR Section 1-g has been augmented at *27,
which is a convenient stop-over for brevity lovers.

Bible Translation: You may wish to see more on Hebrews 11:1 and Ephesians 1:3-5,

Nos. 47 and 48 in the translation set.


1) Some may be interested in Bible Translation and hence may be interested in that stunningly evocative passage, Hebrews 11:1, sitting like a giant pearl and ruby pair,  in a cluster of diamonds, in its chapter. For this, turn here.

2) A fourth member of what was the Predestination trilogy,


making it instead a quaternion of volumes, has been published.

Its number in the series on site will be 83, as it has been completed before another work in process.  This new member of the predestination quaternion (The PQ - 'the' since it is a group of 4) is partly a collection of existing works not in the former trilogy, partly new work, partly supplemental to existing work, and allows for further development in any component at any point. It is called:




3) HIS WOUNDS OPENED ETERNITY is the other volume in process, and it also is available  (by this hyperlink) during development, now being more than half complete. This is numbered 84.



A new Christian novel MOON SOON

has been written and for further news, see this site in due course.



We have just added two recent units to the third member of the trilogy on



Marvels of Predestination and the Wonders of Will.

Making a Second Edition, it has also now been accorded a five-fold appendix. Contents lists for the three volumes are provided here, so that this volume is a convenient base for surveying the trilogy.

This trilogy now supplies about 1000 pages on this topic.

This volume supplies in the contents section,
 a list of related chapters dealing, as an APPENDIX,


genomes, genes, and fooling with freedom and clowning with clones.
(Update: this material  is now found at this site.)

This addition gives, in one set, an even more comprehensive coverage of this vital topic, and readers are encouraged to turn to this expanded volume here.

The second member of this trilogy remains the same as shown in this link.
The first and basic member of the trilogy is found here.

The trilogy is also readily accessed from SEARCH, enabling the use of hyperlinks for any desired chapter.


1) Three Anzas and the Answer is now published. As noted it starts with allegory, but it proceeds in history direct. A short description follows.

Man is adept at breaching beauty, lusting for non-truth, building sand-castles and
watching the tide come in, with a fatal fascination, an intrigued hypnosis, it would almost seem, to destroy them.

One of the latest exemplars is found in Europe in the clamour on its Constitution, and its consequences; but they started with Eve. Thrust by the 'must' of necessity, pathologically triumphant in his fallen heart, he inherits the must of decay, the vitiation wrought by vainglory. There is, as there has always been, one answer, rather more obvious than this, that 2 plus 2 equals 4. As man dives for cover at the incoming waves, it does not seem to occur to him that it is time he built up on higher ground, with the upper air serene about him.

This is still available, and though the world follow its woes with passion,
it is well to leave it to its devices, rescuing whom one may, warning all,
awaiting the call of the Christ whose worth is infinite, whose day is eternal,
whose love is practical, whose passion wise.

2) Recent news items are now available, for which see NEWS. One given in considerable depth concerns the EU Constitution, and this relates closely to biblical prophecy. See EU.

3) The crucial fact that God IS as He says is contemplated with relish, in Ch. 6 of the new volume.

4) Visits to this site are reported as having risen

from 620 or so daily for June

to an adjusted rate of around 700 daily for all of July.

While they vary, this is a welcome trend, since the truth given by the Bible, manifest in Christ, clear in His written word, is of incalculable value to man, the greatest of blessings from God, unchanging these millenia. When you find that Christ IS that truth, that He came in love, then His remedy and His realisation alike are as delightful as I Peter 1:7-8 declares them to be, and as sure for each recipient as in I Peter 1:5!

For the authentic, there is no comparison, and there is none like Him, nothing like His word and nothing resembling His salvation.

5) There is a new boy at Swift Witness, dealing with a crucial subject ... freedom, man, God and His will. What is man ? how does he operate ? How does he relate to God ? How CAN he ?

This is No. 19 in that list. You may care to look at the other items here.

6) There is a new volume in preparation,

          Outrageous Outages, Awesome Inputs and the Courage of Christ

For the available chapters, click here.



has seen the 80th volume in this biblical Christian Apologetics set completed.
It is entitled


1.  This gives much on suffering, significance and the aspiration of man, in the sight of God, and includes three chapters dealing with Job, and more on Daniel, and the general principles of urgency with God, purging by God and His divine performance.

2. The rise in construable visits per day to this site is cause for praise to God.
Visits  have risen from

around 620 per day in May

to over 900 per day, so far in June (1st -15th.). However this was temporary, and the adjusted rate for July is some 700 per day.

If the word of God goes out, it will NOT return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11), and our prayer is for the finding of many by the blessed Lord,
and the refreshment and strengthening of more. 

3. Those of you who are Christians may wish to PRAY for the State of South Australia, for currently a Korean Minister and the author are approaching the government for reform in State Education, requesting it to remove virtual assault on religion, thus including Christianity, from one of its guideline documents for schools, and to restore creation urgently and with scientific propriety to the science curriculum and to objective debate. The action is through the Evangelical Presbyterian Alliance.

On the background, see TMR Ch. 8. This now is moving to the foreground!

Contact us at team@webwitness.org.au if you wish to help in any way.

Contact the Lord, in prayer,  in the name of Jesus Christ, only Lord and Saviour!

4. The 81st volume in this Apologetics set is now commenced, and may be found HERE. The first item is a consortium of insects and animal, comrades interested in international affairs, without being impressed particularly. It is called:

3 Anzas and the Answer

Extravaganzas, Stanzas, Bonanzas, 
a Humble Heart and the Holy God


MAY - June  2004

The new volume this time is Christ, the Cumulative and the Culmination

now completed. It looks at the way things were instituted, and over time have accumulated and now culminate in various phases, giving a needed perspective.
These days are great ones, as if on the one hand, some are dying in agony of pneumonia, because they refuse oxygen, and others need to know of its availability. This is one of the reasons for this site!

Sermon Notes have continued now for some time on a more or less weekly basis at this site.

An 80th volume in our set, In Praise of Christ Jesus,  has been begun:


and you are welcome to taste the chapters as they come.
It starts with some approaches to the book of JOB and what it has to teach us
about God, His word, His revelation and His wonders!

APRIL - MAY 2004

1. For the moment, this is just an announcement that our first NOVEL has just been written, and it is being prayerfully considered how best to publish it. It is a combination of spiritual saga, space fiction and prophetic episodes, designed as always to help you find Christ, or if you know Him, relish His word and His ways, and to be strengthened in His life and service.

If you have interest, you may email us about it.

2. This novel is completed on Good Friday, 2004 and with it is an  Easter Message. Don't miss this at Easter Message.

This volume brings the total scope of In Praise of Christ Jesus, the Biblical Christian Apologetics set, to 78 volumes,  about 7.5 million words and 18,100 pages, and the volumes written in the period January 2001-April 2004, 40 months, to 50. We praise God for His marvellous lovingkindness and faithfulness in this.

3. A new work, Christ, the Cumulative and the Culmination has been started. The first item in this news-related work concerns ... bin Laden blues!

4. Gracious Goodness and This World in Disorder Ch. 6, on Creation, and the New Creation, Making and Re-making, with exposition on basics in Genesis' early chapters, and the work of grace in comparison, has been extended significantly.



April 2004

1.  Volume No. 77 has been published, in late March. Its title ?

Worn-Out World and Coming King

A Call to Spiritual Arms

This wayward world, spouting its now great swelling words of vanity more and more speciously, in sonorous hollowness to match the emptied souls, is moving inexorably, dynamised with the desperation of despair, towards an end to this stress and invidious, indeed almost sacred solemnity for the self: the natural, the divorcee from the divine. It is this, or else it makes its own divinities, and then seeks to outlaw the God who created, the Saviour who has shown His face only to have it mashed in madness ...

There is a face to face, however, and its passion in love has in no way diminished its power in judgment.

Compassion does not annul truth, but makes an avenue for its children that is safe, spiritual and godly, with no charge for admission and no end to the life so commissioned.


2. More abundant indexes have been sought, with numbers of additions.

3. More work has been done in the area of Bible Translation.

4. Sermon outlines continue to be provided at THE SITE, while new Bible exposition for indexed verses continues to be provided.

5. The special project, not yet made known, continues and is maybe now half completed. Maybe next month you will hear. Pray for this one, as it is ... different! It is quite fascinating to myself as writer, and I trust it will be useful to you and to imagination, that helps understand things not only imagined, but entrants into history itself.

It has of course as always but one aim, to glorify God, magnify His word and attest Jesus Christ that many may find Him, know His friendship, salvation and power, and follow Him with joy in their hearts, peace in their lives and fearless faith in their spirits.

March 2004

1. Late February saw the publication of a new work,
No. 76, and it is now ready for you, in March

Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic

ISBN 0 9751761 6 1


Desire or Desideratum

The Infernally Lying or the Eternally Divine

In this volume, we follow the mixture of delusion and divine dynamic, as the Author of man and history, brings the final touches to the painting which, once a matter of gore and grace at Calvary, now becomes a mixture of human ferocities as man unbalanced and far from his Rock, works out his own damnation, with fear and trembling, with pride and arrogance, with hope misplaced and dreams that are deadly.

For the social dreamers and ecclesiastical play-goers, free of the divine truth, the drift, as in drift-wood approaching a whirl pool, increasingly experiences the forces soon not so dream-like, whilst the deliverance which awaits, must come from above; for the timber of truth must be swept out of the sea into a safer place for a better construction by the Maker of all, the Saviour of some, the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ the unchanged, death defying and defeating.

Man must  not only catch the drift of these things, but cease drifting ... on an individual basis. Neither experience nor association can alter it: it comes or it goes, drifts or is delivered.


2. A totally new style of project is now under way, and news of this may come shortly.


February 2004

What is new ?

Late in January, a third book was published for this year, namely No. 75,


and you will also find a new one under construction,


Desire or Desideratum

The Eternally Divine or the Infernally Lying


Ch. 13 of the former is in some ways close to the topic of Ch. 2 of the latter

the 'dream' and the reality: these chapters make good twins and might be viewed together.

It is small wonder, in view of the 'dream' that is not of God, that a US politician
could make the assonantial pun, "I have a scream!"

Ch. 12 of Let God be God! deals, like Delusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch. 2,
 not a little with creation, and especially, but not only,
those interested in church developments in USA Presbyerianism
may wish to consult the former.

INDEXES to facilitate your research: In Search, there is a constant flow of new entries,
either new words or topics, or new entries for existing ones, whether in TOPIC,  or BIBLE VERSES.

BIOGRAPHY: Also a new work for 2004 in biography is planned by IBC,

its 13th Edition of International Register of Profiles, in which our author, Robert E. Donaldson has been asked to be a biographee. For this,  we praise God who is our help and resource,
as it may lead more to this site, and to the Lord and the greatness of His goodness,
mercy and strength, always sufficient,
ever delightful, as He is.


January 2004

TWO NEW BOOKS have been published for this month.

They are

73    "Comfort Ye, My People"

After the Night, the Day, the Day of the Lord


74    Hear the Word of God!

Sermons and Addresses from the Bible, in the Lord

For description, proceed to this site.


There is also a new AIRCRAFT ALLEGORY

which you might find helpful, pleasing or in a grave manner, amusing.


December 2003

A few developments include:

1) Increase in the scope of the topical index,
many new entries now listed.

2) New publication:

Overflight in Christ

Christian Wings

Christian Things


In Christ, in this volume, we make some overflights, scenic surveys, like the U 2 of old, and to see in Him the ways of peace, of truth and loveliness, even in the midst of a world committed increasingly to the ignoring of those ways, the imposition of useless ways, and the assertion of the human spirit, its words, its culturally imitative religions, its sacrifices and its sententious summits. Alas for man, made by God for God, he is making an ass of himself by braying with words not from God, and  moving with a heart not given to God.


What would you expect when you omit all the demonstrated handbook of the  Maker, and make up your own! Yet those words are now as from the first, available, and nothing avails without them. This is the way of truth, whether with 'Nature' or the nature of man.





For some time now, Sermon Notes for our weekly morning address have been made available at the site of the sermon, the last being the latest. Here many other and complete sermons also reside, expounding and applying the Bible as needs to be done as it shines, a light in the darkness of the obscurantist world.



Updates in terms of new references have been added to

That Magnificent Rock, Ch. 7

on dating.
Some of these appear at the END of this section E.





We praise God for more access to many in this, that IBC Cambridge has advised of author Robert Donaldson's inclusion in their work,  


                          Five Hundred Founders of the 21st Century, and for the prospective                
2000 Outstanding Academics of the 21st Century.



6) A new idea


... especially for those who want a shorter way of getting to some of the pith of things.
Here is a suggestion for a short preliminary coverage of some depth.


You could try, for reading, the following files, in this order:


SMR   1,  2, TMR  1,  5

Barbs,  Arrows and Balms   6  - 7,

Wake Up World! ... Chs.   2, 4, 5, 6

(Contents site for each chapter),

Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 9


Spiritual Refreshings ... 13, 16

A Spiritual Potpourri 1-3 ,  8,  9
TMR Appendix
The Biblical Workman Ch. 7

Secular Myths ... Ch. 7

Earth Spasm ... Chs.   1,   7

Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 9 and perhaps Ch. 10

Biblical Blessings Ch.  7

SMR  Chs.   3,   5

Little Things Chs.   5,    7

SMR Chs. 6 - 9

(this site has contents for all the chapters,
so simply select each of these),

Christ the Wisdom and the Power of God Ch. 8


It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls      Ch. 9
TMR   7,

Beauty of Holiness Ch. 4 with Divine Agenda Ch. 6 (News 138)

The Biblical Workman Ch.     8


That is some 40 chapters out of many hundreds, a small percentage for a brisk start, if the idea appeals!


November 2003

1) Just published, late October, 2003:


Near is the time for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, great are the encompassments of prophecy with precision, to signify this. How near ? It is like pneumonia, while the breath rasps, the temperature soars and the breathing pants. It is time to look at the will  ? Well yes, since you are in it. Is it the will of the flesh,  written by yourself, or the wisdom of  God, to which you have abandoned yourself, as a sinking soul accepts rescue ? Undignified ? Of course. So is cancer. Realism repents. History does not: it proceeds, scurries, for the end is near. Near enough ? Nothing is near enough. Your name sketched in the book of life ? That is not near enough.  It is written or not. Be sure of its being written ? How ? Were you present at predestination ? Of course not; but God was. His willingness is the most beautiful thing! Seize salvation like breath in the hole of Calcutta.


Such is the atmosphere of this book, which however surveys multiplied scenes in science, politics, society, international movements and current news, making careful exposition of many related scriptures in the New and Old Testaments.


2) Commenced now is OVERFLIGHT IN CHRIST, beginning with complexities of politico-religious entanglements in Australia, and their international and  ultimate background.


3) News in the perspective of Christ according to the Bible, continues to be a major element.


4) Sermons have been made more readily accessible, including many short outlines.



OCTOBER and Late September 2003

1) Just published: JOY COMES IN THE MORNING,

the 70th member of the Set, In Praise of Christ Jesus.

What is joy, that elemental joy which comes from association with the Prince of peace, the Creator of man, the King of eternity, the Crucified Lord of love: how is it marred ?

What is that joy which comes in the morning, when His light shines at His return ? What is its dimming without purity, and where lies the ebullient place of many waters for the heart of man!

Joy is only one of the facets of the light in the knowledge of Christ as Friend and Saviour (cf. Joy Ch. 9).

Included in this new publication are news items which are joyless, but contemporary corruptions, indicative of the breach that leads to lead. Thus positive and negative features alike are focussed.

2) The Indexes are constantly being extended to enable easier finding of desired themes, topics and scriptures. 

3) News Items have been numerous recently, and you are encouraged to watch the changing face of the waters, as the storm approaches.


Just published, late August, is The Defining Drama,

the 69th volume in this Christian  Apologetic Series*, probably the longest work in this field ever written. The concepts are heavily integrated in topical indexes. What of this new volume ?

Flashpoints of our time, collisions with the word of God, more thought on creation, and on the nature of enquiry and education for the mind of the seeker, together with reflections on the Robotic 'Snake' all appear  in Volume 69. It ends with consideration of the Irresolvable Mutiny and the Irresistible Truth, looking into the Middle East. As time moves, definitions sharpen for mankind; those of the word of God are wholly sharp already. Meet the scalpel!

Meanwhile, the next volume has been commenced, "Joy Comes in the Morning".
Why not look and see ?

* The title of the 69 volume series is this: In Praise of Christ Jesus. It is also available on CD-ROM.



Just published is the 68th volume below, rather unusual in this site, but a happy addition for those who are young, young in the faith, or in any case want to consolidate with a reasonable knowledge of major ingredients in it.

Know the Lord,  Know the Bible,  Know His Will

Manual for Young and Growing Christians
covering many topics and emphasising
the beauty, reasonableness and harmony
of God's word

  in preparation

for the work of a life-time

It is important to note also that DAYSPRING, a work on Creation and its Genesis commencement exercises and its significance, biblically, has been revised, and extended substantially. You could find the development here helpful.

A 46th translation contribution is provided in bible translation, and found at the end of the file. It concerns Isaiah 23:13.

The 69th. work, The Defining Drama continues step by step.

Remember how we value hearing from you as you grow, seek, find and if in the Lord's grace you know Him, rejoice in His presence.  If you should wish to write, click here.


JULY 2003



News of Earth
in the Light of Heaven


It is a compilation of the news items 1997-2003 on Israel with special reference to the Middle East, but more broadly in its various implications. Equipped with its own Preface and Introduction, this gives perspective on the whole issue, biblically, and in contemporary steps, as the news has developed over these years.


The preceding volume, the 66th., is entitled


Imagery with Verse for Christ the Lord

This too has been published this month. Knowing that the Bible is filled with imagery, this presentation compiles most of the allegories, verse and other imagery in the volumes which preceded, while providing some extension, and a Preface to provide a perspective. It covers an estimated 800 pages.

As this is a major matter in divine presentation in the Bible, equipped of course with the underlying principles and declarations as well, so here there has been effort to aid understanding, rather than replace it, by these means. Further introduction may be obtained HERE.


A further recent volume, the 65th was published late in June, as announced.


Heritage of Christians, Exile from This World.

This covers many of the personal and cultural, national and international aspects of victory, with biblical perspective.



JUNE 2003

For this month, there have been some special developments.

1. The INDEXES have been redivided, making more segments with less each, so that download times seem drastically improved. This is to encourage you to USE the INDEXES, so that download times seem drastically improved. This is to encourage you to USE the INDEXES, which are far more than mere notations. They involve perspectives and orientation as well.

2. They have been placed with various materials in a new site SEARCH.

3. The 64th volume in the Biblical Christian Apologetic series, In Praise of Christ Jesus, has now been published (late May). It is entitled, The Christian Pilgrimage, From Grace Triumphant to Face Divine.  Much on the epistles to Timothy is found in this aspect of the Christian Apologetics.

4. You are reminded that the topics of Predestination, Freedom, Responsibility, Duty, Will are now available in a trilogy, and this is noted in the Late May link, immediately below. It is vitally important to realise that the Bible provides a basis and a framework in its predestination, which meets, explains in perfect and unique harmony these field of human endeavour and divine action, as the case may be; a and this constitutes a buttress in Biblical Christian Apologetics.

God ALWAYS has the answer, and in doctrine, teaching and perspective, in truth and reality, He has directed us to it in the Bible, His sole authorised written word to mankind. How we should relish this! It is LITERALLY wonderful and wonderful literature, with the infinite advantage that it is the truth, even demonstrably (SMR).

NOT IN THE LEAST does this render faith unnecessary. Many people might 'believe' they could surmount Mt Everest. Not many attempt it (more than formerly, to be sure). Fewer do it. Some attempt it unprepared...

Finding God according to His word

(of whom else would one imagine a word of invitation could be granted! for even YOU could be hard to find if you did not desire it, but to those you would like to find you, you would give help) -

has this great advantage, that God is on record as to His attitude to mankind in Colossians 1:19ff. for example.

This universe contains no more amazing fact than this, and what He has done because of it (Questions and Answers Ch. 2, SMR pp. 582ff.).

The way is always the same. God does not change.

5. Just accorded is a new award from the International Biographical Institute in Cambridge, England, for our author of the set on this side, Robert Donaldson: International Man of the Year 2003. If this helps anyone more readily to seek for what we present on this site, which focusses the word of the living God, His Gospel of Grace and His Messiah, Jesus Christ,  then we praise the Lord for that. HE is our focus and concern, and you who read, that you find the Lord, and having found Him, rejoice greatly in Him.

Late June

A new volume has just been published,


Heritage of Christians, Exile from this World

This covers many of the personal and cultural, national and international aspects of victory, with biblical perspective.


How manifold are the victories of the Lord, and they need examination, itemisation and consideration, appreciation,  application.


In contrast the world has nothing to offer but defeat, more palpable as its own mismanagement of the creation which  it loves to disaver, inexorably proceeds. The stultifed human pseudo- 'creation' to come is a mess, but the Creator has a better way. The personal application of victory is examined, and a substantial allegory completes the volume, outlining the heritage of Christians, the victory which is nevertheless, that exile from this world.



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Late 2000 and


IN 8 Parts

For PART IV, including the Cambridge Awards,
click HERE.

Part V , August 15, 2001,
contains a further Cambridge announcement
and leads to new items for September, October 2001
to September 2002, continuing down,
month by month for what is NEW!

PART VII includes some American Biographical Institute inclusions in further Biographical Volumes, and PART VIII one more from the IBC of Cambridge. These which have all been accepted,
have also all been freely made available, while many awards or inclusions

whether for attainment or humanitarian service,

which would not have been free, one has declined
for a number of spiritual reasons.

Part IX provides fascinating aspects of culture spiritual counter-culture, and its biblical and logical evaluation. 



1. Dave Hunt hunts Calvinism, but there is
more to it than that.

(August 2000)


New news section, published.

SEE BULLETIN 1 for far more detail.

3. BULLETIN 2 is now out. Check it here.
For BULLETIN 3 and 4, follow the links.

4. Two new books are now published also, by November 2000.

The 28th. - Things Old and New ... Love with Mercy has Acted

Multiculturalism and sophistry, God's critics, sedition by sects and other
aspects of old novelties in new clothes,
with no small touch of Australiana


Published October 2000 with ISBN 0 9578 146 5 8

The 29th. - It Bubbles, It Howls ... He Calls

The Middle East is in wrath and ruin
    The Midlands of Mankind are in turmoil
    The Mind of God is in writing for our purposes
    The Solution is Salvation in Christ
    the Lord
    whose are all lands,
    literal and metaphorical,
    rational and spiritual,
    and whose is all truth.

    Alternatives: ZERO
This volume was published in November, 2000
ISBN 0 9578146 6 6


5. A further volume, DIVINE AGENDA has been published, January 2001.
Here the varied contemporary expressions of the thousands of years old forecasts of God in the Bible are considered as they dynamically unfold.

News is becoming, if possible, more of a saga of scriptural superintendence!
He says, it happens!

He has long ago said, it happens now.

He knows what He has doing and does not change.

For individual lives, He is just as proficient, understanding, and in Christ, undertaking.

We have just begun.

5 more books have been published so far this year.

Galloping Events - The End of the Race and the Face of the King, 2001

Little Things - the incomparable Christ has made wonders even in what seem ... little things

Pall of Smoke, and Diamond of Joy
Considerations of Contrasts, Complementarity and Beauty

With Heart and Soul, Mind and Strength

Licence for Liberty

These also are new this year.

You may even want to visit the one still in preparation, with some 6 chapters done:


You are most welcome to discuss issues arising, as you search for or rejoice in the truth.


As its title suggests, it considers the impact of the past on the present, when the past in view is the word of God. Principles and events alike are aligned to the issuance of understanding.

In addition, a new section in Action Kit provides instant access to various SURVEYS with some indication of their individual contents. These include the fields of politics, physics, nature, unity movements of various kinds, past and present, historical overview, commencements, termini, ancient and modern glory, doctrine in its systematic streamlining, a very wonder in dynamics.




The Board of World Wide Web Witness Inc.  praises God

for the following notable developments in Cambridge, England.

Relative to the published works of Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson, featured on this our Christian apologetics and missionary site, the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge has taken three steps.

We are advised that the Board of the IBC has:

1) included his name in the following biographical volumes:

2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century

2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century

      due for publication and despatch to libraries towards the end of this year.


2) declared him an

International Man of the Year.

(See also Section V below for further developments in this field.)

We trust these things will forward the impact of this work, designed to bring blessing to many, and that it may help open their eyes in obedience to His command (I Peter 3:15); and through His word lead on to Him. We thank God for His faithfulness in our enablement as a team for His service and congratulate the one who has received these awards.

Robert Donaldson is emphatic that not merely as a doctrinal fact, but as a fact of experience, the power, grace and wisdom for these productions has been a provision of the Lord, whose Christ lives, and for whose sake they are provided. If, he declares, there is any honour, it is His who has stirred, led and helped so that the writing has been in itself, a blessed experience in companionship with Him whom he serves.

The URL remains: http://webwitness.org.au
email: team@webwitness.org.au

Other family members of the board have provided very substantial help at the technical level, or in domestic maintenance, so that this has now for many years been a real team effort both from Matthew Donaldson and Margaret to whom much thanks is due for dedicated labours.


Several chapters are now available in the 37th work,


Glorious Light Amid Uncomprehending Darkness

August 2001- April 2002

Beauty of Holiness has now been published, and so too has OUR 38TH VOLUME:


Prophecy: A Light in a Dark Place
This World: A Place in a Dark Light

It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls ... Ch. 9 has also been extended, as has Ch. 10, End-note 1, which concerns ZIONISM, RACISM AND HUMAN RACISM and is topical in terms of the UN, at present.

For Cloning: see News  153, and 166 .

For an addition to Bible Translations, Ch. 9 of The Kingdom of Heaven, concerning Psalm 22:30, see the end of that file, the last case.

Further extensions have been made to some of the Indexes.

The International Biographical Centre at Cambridge, England has now further announced that
Robert E. Donaldson, the author featured on this site in exposition of and defence of the Christian faith, is included in the forthcoming Ist Edition of their work:


For this, as heretofore with the other features, we thank and praise the Lord, for whose glory all this is intended, and by whose help alone it is able to be produced. May it be a blessing for many, in the love of Christ, and the beauty of His truth.


It is important to realise continually that the reason why the reason for the faith is certain, its testimony indefeasible, is this, that its basis is  God Himself, to whom it points, directs and impels. It is because He is immutable, immovable, unimpugnable, illustrious and good that the epistemological, logical, metaphysical, physical, moral, aesthetic, linguistic, cosmological, aetiological, methodological - scientific and other, the vitality and the validity have but one resting place, one source and one end. Just as many in Christ's day sought to find refuge not direction in the scriptures, failing to follow them to Him who had given them, along with life, their historical and national, their mankind manual, as He attested as seen in John 5:39-40,  so some may instead seek to find substitute for spirituality in the testimony of reason to righteousness, logic to the Lord.

Reason however does but lead to His word and His word requires ACTION.

In neither case in itself,  therefore is there rest, not because either fails, for reason can but attest the truth, being established in this way for man in God's image; and it will not suffer such violation, while the word of God manifests its splendour on a daily basis in all dimensions, directing the universe in life as it directed life into it, and made it for it at the first.

No, it is because the testimony of our construction and our functionalities on the one hand, and of His word to us on the other, the one refusing to be alienated except by irrationality, the other except by rejection of rebellious will, are from what He has done. He made us, so that our best efforts fail to justify departure; and He gave His word, which being truth, stands beyond all testimony and banishes all complaint, except that of stark rebellion, aloof and alone like darkness in a universe of light, hiding in some insalubrious corner. The time is near when such privacy will be removed and the light manifest, all will be composed spiritually, each part in its place.

It is now therefore time to seek the Lord, and according to His word, by His Son sent for the purpose, to find Him (Isaiah 55). It is living in the living God which is crucial: there is not other, and He is definitive of Himself both in His written and His living word. There is no other way, God or truth, no other hope, nothing hallowed. It is Jesus Christ or nothing (John 14:6, Galatians 1), the Lord's Christ or woe; and finding Him, like life as a child in the outset, is something which is His gift.

His word is given that He may be found, and His Son has been sent that the cost is covered for all who come (John 3:16). The way is won, the job is done: it needs to be entered, and with the transmutation of life which then occurs (John 3, Titus 3:5ff.), followed faithfully. HE is faithful.

Indeed, as He gives His power, illumination and enablement to write, as here, reason for the faith, and to answer challenge, so He gives to those who serve Him, what is needed (Psalm 145:18-19); and as He disposes to service so He is disposed and dynamic to enable it.

HE is the LORD!




In the field of unity and unison, dating and commencement, creation and maintenance, you may wish to check

That Magnificent Rock Ch. 7, Part E which has had
an updating in terms of *4.

This is well equipped with correlatives and parallel studies as references.

A new work has now been published, the 39th in the IN PRAISE OF CHRIST JESUS series:


Especially on the topic of FRUIT and FAITH, which comes first, why and how is it related to the beautiful reality of Christian assurance, see The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 8, Light of Dawn Ch. 1 and Lord of Life Ch. 7.

October 2001

Just published:


The Lord is the Light of my Life

         unphased, unfazed and unfading
          above time, beyond time, in time

NOW PUBLISHED in 17 chapters:

Red Alert, Grey Day
                     and the Bright Light Coming

This brings more, after Lord of Life, on recent events, ancient words, dramatic developments, their spiritual significance and the direction of world history, among spiritual excavations into meaning, with special reference to Romans 5, and assessment of excursions into the meaningless as an antidote for past ones: not to be desired, but being wrought anyway. Such is this world, pointed at disaster, and hurrying itself along.

Also note: News 57 which deals with aspects of creation, is amplified.

NEWS continues to have Biblically interesting developments in the current crises.

In Preparation:

More Marvels from the Majesty and Mind of the Almighty
Extensive Preface and Ch. 1 available


Detailed exposure of the Moslem 'faith' in More Marvels ... Ch. 4 especially.

Ch. 5 sweeps you to the End of the Age, with Joel, Acts, Romans, Habakkuk, Isaiah, Micah, Deuteronomy and Ezekiel, while looking at some of its relevant symptoms in the light of the forecasts of Revelation 6.

News items abound, as the world rotates into what could look like a desired oblivion!
It is not, however, available.

 Mini-morals for mini-man are considered also in Ch. 5, *3.

Further Bible translation work appears in Bible Translation *4.

January 2002

More Marvels ... is now finished

Also added are two further volumes:

Deliverance from Disorientation

Much on Daniel, which does not move,
and on the world, which does,
but only under divine surveillance, to that celestial conclusion
which is most apt, and clear

Published January, 2002

Highway of Holiness, Path of Peace, Way of Truth

Here we examine motivation, purity of heart, reward and reality; and then proceed to a compilation with some extension of the works on this site on the prophecy and prophet, Daniel.

His impact is far vaster than many realise, his attestation of things divine bearing imprint of amazing conspectus and clarity, testable, verifiable, verified, inspiring, humble, hallowed, not hollowed, proceeding from God, for God and bringing with it, many hearts of joy on their way. The prophetic book of Daniel in its entirety is now given a substantial survey, with much detail.

Published January 2002

This brings the available material to around 5 million words and 44 volumes,
200 pages of various indexes, allowing and calling for intensive Bible study and correlation of these data with other sources and resources, so that the simple fact that there is nothing on earth like it, indeed the word of the living God, just as there is nothing like the Lord of glory who came Himself, might readily sink into the depths of heart and mind.

February 2002

Published this month, Sparkling Life in Jesus Christ.

This is a volume of sharp clarity, dealing with issues from the Biblical Canon, to World Politics, from Cloning to the Millenium, Creation, Man as purposive, and the Clarity of the Bible. Its message is constantly this, that if you want more than mere effectuality, but certainly not less, if you want not a dim flicker but sparkling light, it is to be found in one place only, the word of God, living and written, on display and without rational competitor, or alternative testable revelation for man. It deals with man as he is, leaves nothing out, puts nothing in, and exposes him, vulnerable as he is, to the light which also has "healing in its wings", when it is received. That light is Christ, immutable, immiscible, unrelinquishable to those who know Him, irresistible to logic, the rock which crushes what rejects it, and needs it as all men do (Matthew 21:44), but is a secure ground for those who find in Him the truth.

Also, remember the NEWS from Christian perspective, constantly building.

Older numbers are available through the hyperlink at the head of this file.

Further: Late February: Tribal Testimony to God in SMR pp. 1026ff. has been substantially extended, with considerable assessment of some missionary methods, including some in Australia. The latter appears especially in pp. 1031Aff..

MARCH 2002

THE IMPREGNABLE TOWER is now published. It has fascinating material, consecutively considered, on the Messiah in Zechariah, and many recent developments.

The Bible Study site has been extended, both in index and in what is available, so that now substantial consecutive work has been done on Daniel, Revelation, Isaiah, Zechariah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, for example. In the case of Zechariah, it is a specialised work highly relevant to Christian Apologetics, on The Messiah in Zechariah. This is in itself a coverage of 60 pages, proceeding chapter by chapter.

Cascade of Truth, Torrent of Mercy, the 47th. volume, has now been commenced, and at this time, the Preface which is considerable, and Ch. 1 are available.

APRIL 2002

Cascade of Truth, Torrent of Mercy has just been published.

With much on the Middle East, Current News, Prophecy and Predestination in a personal sense as well as doctrinal, this gives you something like an aerial view, your airplane cruising not far above the tree tops as the end of the Age comes like a magnificent promontory to the gaze. For this new work, click HERE.



MAY 2002

Three new volumes have now been published, this month.

1) Red Heart, Dead Heart and Pure Heart

Topics ?

Conspicuous confusions, profusions of prolixity and cordons of righteousness: they do not agree, but all are present. The world is setting on its business of severance from God at prodigious pace, but the connection is ineradicable, indefeasible, ultimate and righteous, and thus the effort is not only not feasible, but delinquent, abasing to man who is seeking to exalt himself, and fatal. There is however a far better way, far more clearly delineated, more conspicous in its attestation, coherent in its affirmation, which alone stands, and standing acts.

It includes "Homage to Perfection" and the apologetic significance of Psalm 73. Haggai's "Desire of the Nations" is also surveyed. The current political confusion on Israel is also a major focus, in several chapters.

2) Regal Rays from Revelation

Published May 2002
ISBN  0-9580787-3-4

In this volume, the Book of Revelation is given focus, materials on this site being collected in order of Chapter, to give a series on this prophecy of John. More material is added, and the work commences with some scrutiny of the Middle East imbroglio. Various aspects of divine revelation cohere in this conspectus of considerations of the power, work and will of God, both in history and in writing.


3) Trust God, Mate! Forget about 'Fate' ...

Published May-June 2002 ISBN 0-9580787-5-0

This work specialises on the decline from trust to 'fate', that fortuitous or banal concept which evacuates from the divine realities, and sadly faces the consequences, unaware that it is in fact a deviation from responsibility, a departure from God which induces the illusion of 'fate'. Nor is it entirely without background, when the Lord is mocked by such penury of logic, and projection of evil into inane philosophic concepts. Like chaff is the wicked blown (Psalm 1), whilst the Lord KNOWS the way of the righteous; and who IS righteous, but the one to whom the gift of God in Christ is applied, donating the truth, covering sin and clothing with a righteousness far from merely academic: it is brilliant with the dew of truth, happy with the life of God.

What more ?  NEWS is usually NEW ?  Keep up to date. See News Items for the latest, many in the past few weeks.



This has been extended for reference purposes, both by addition of elements and because of new work now on the Web, at this site. For example, a typical study associated with a look at RUTH is now available.

Various further official recognitions of the works on this site have been received from biographical or cultural sources dealing with these matters, and while this has been encouraging, it has not been felt appropriate to receive these. If there be any honour, it is Christ's, whose most manifest help has made the author feel more like a servant than a performer! Praise to His name...


This has in it, much news, and biblical criteria and perspective beyond this, giving it meaning.

Here, amid current news, is the evacuation of secular myths in favour of sacred truth.

Naturalism and other fancies are replaced with reality, the hollowness of humanism with the holiness of deity, and the landscape changes.

It looks and is far more wholesome not to say beautiful, without the pock marks of adventurous, dazzling meteorites, which leave holes and dirt. Its past, present and future meaning is then apparent in that far greater adventure, the history of man in the word and works of God Himself.

Meanwhile, you may want to ponder the


the anti-scientific aversions of science falsely so-called.
This is certainly an area of infectious pathology for our time! If so, view here


JULY  2002


continues, as the latest work being prepared for publication, and now is at its 8th Chapter. In Ch. 3 in particular, there is more which can wisely be integrated with the work on naturalism above, namely Secular Myth or Sacred Truth Chs.  7,  8, and Epilogue.

The American Biographical Institute has again sent to us, advising of their persistent desire to include the name of Robert E. Donaldson, the author whose works appear on this site, in their forthcoming publication,

Great Minds of the 21st Century.

It has been decided to accept this inclusion, for the reasons noted at the relevant site and one trusts that many will be stirred to look to Him without whom this world is but a perishing garment, graced with beauty, but sick with sin and wearing out. In Him is peace and beauty and power and joy, and reality and truth and blessing. As to Him, He is meek and lowly in heart, and there is no other way for man.

Advice from the ABI relative to similar inclusion of the same author in the forthcoming edition of

500 Leaders of Influence,

has also been received.

The mind of course which really matters is that of the Lord, and the influence that is vital, is His own. From Him comes the strength and aid necessary for these works! He is indeed a solver of riddles and a translator of truth to the heart of man, that he might see.


New book just published, August 2, 2002
Earth Spasm, Conscience Chasm: and the Renewal of life

This is a varied volume, in which the clashes of fiction with fact, delusion with faith, reality with pretence, virtue with vice figure; and it has its historical study, intensively in I and II Kings with special reference to Elijah and Elisha, their words and ministries. These are taken in a survey of scope in the mighty works of the Lord, their significance, their consummation and the perspective of divine intervention in natural affairs.

The concept of Nature is examined, and the supernatural is seen in terms of scientific method, in the actualities of creation, as in the Bible itself.

This is a volume of oversight and insight emphasis.



 1) NEW BOOK   The 54th volume has just been published. It is called:

Christ Jesus: the Wisdom of God and the Power of God

History time!

The power and the wisdom of God is too much forgotten in the slime-covered chains of naturalism. Those who break free are at times in danger of forgetting the simple fact that GOD HAS POWER,

that it is available for His mission and purposes,

that it is not another way of seeking pleasure but of securing performance in His love for His mission, church and word,

in order that men, women and children may find Him,  and in Him that resource, recourse, resourcefulness, wit and wonder that the waterfall merely suggests, the mountains intimate in their beautiful massiveness and space recalls in its majesty and grandeur.

He has made these. It is vital to know Him, and hence time in this volume is given to history, focussing Kings and Chronicles, and beyond, as well as more recent times, again featuring the testimony of Jesus Christ whether on earth, or in the whole panoply of the divine revelation. The exemplification of the principles and precepts which God has revealed is a delight in historical survey, which also helps relate prophecies to the prophets concerned, as well  as the God who gave them!

2) New Biographical Work.

The International Biographical Centre in Cambridge has written to ask permission to feature once more our author, Rev.  Dr.  Robert E. Donaldson, this time in their work,

Dictionary of International Biography, in its 30th edition, due early 2003.

Permission is given, and it is hoped that this free incorporation will help our work to bring even more to Christ, more to strengthening, revival and joy in the Lord, more to an exuberant love of the truth; and as always, it is our thrust that HE be acknowledged, for in very truth, it is Christ’s strength and inspiration which has led to these publications which make up most of our site at WWWW.

October 2002

This month a new work that may interest many has been published. Its title,

Calibrating Myths, Machining Dreams and Keeping Faith, is given at this site, but you may see a description here. The shorter description comes second in this reference, so if you are hurried, look for FURTHER INTRODUCTION. Many correlations and references occur, and here is an opportunity to collate many fields.


November 2002

We are proceeding with Gracious Goodness and This World in Disorder.

SO far, at Nov. 5, it has 5 chapters, including study of Psalm 82-83, and an intensive survey with exposition of Genesis 1, on the one hand,  and Genesis 2-4, on the other, with extension to Genesis 11 and application throughout prophets to the Messiah. This is correlative to A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. 9 and The Biblical Workman Ch. 7,  and read with them, gives a composite cover of beginnings, relative to the  end.


Under Bible Study, you will find many more items on  beginnings

New Material on Domestic Relations is to be found at Ch. 3 of this new work, and a contemporary survey at Ch. 4, which has much to do with Israel, without by any means being limited to it

Why not survey the new book, even though it has not yet been completed, at this site ?


December 2002


Gracious Goodness and This World in Disorder is  now published.


Already a fascinating topic,


No Thanks, Angst! Truth’s Alive, Resurrected and Written


has also been published, this month. Would you like to open this ?

Considerable exposition of biblical passages is to be found in this volume as we see the governance of the word of God. The whole modern phenomenon of angst, in strong accord with the astonishingly majestic, extraordinarily direct and wholly reliable predictions of the book of the Lord. How incisive His ways and how verified His word, which sits like the spiritual sun in its glory, shining and revealing, in light dazzling without the softening glory of the Son, leaving nothing to itself, exposing all things.

In this volume also, there is opportunity to trace the reply to a questing soul, and to ponder how elegantly sufficient is the work of God, how clear His word, how alive His salvation, like riding in a boat on the waves, with the fresh keen salt of reality and the wonder of the disappearing blue, which yet is there in the distance, after the droll indifference of this dreamy world.


Meanwhile we praise the Lord for His goodness in the news that Rev Dr Robert Donaldson, whose books are here published, is scheduled for inclusion in another of the biographical works of the International Biographical Centre, in Cambridge, England.


Its name:


One Thousand Great Intellectuals.


Such help has been provided for these works that it is good such events as these may assist people to find the Author of Ourselves! for in all things is He reliable, faithful and good beyond all measure. He needs to be KNOWN!





January 2003


Dastardly Dynamics,

Delirious Daubs,

Wandering Woes,

Bleary Theories






Is now published,  the 58th on this site, and you may be interested in this nest of the topical, the current, the newsworthy, the blend of the ancient and the modern, the scriptural and the contemporary, and the application of the former in the domain of the latter.


It includes further discussion, relayed with anonymity, from web contact.


Notice too that there are now around


250 pages of various indexes (scriptural, to show on what pages a given verse may be found, topical with numerous sub-topics to facilitate finding what you seek,  and glossary. The glossary itself has nearly


70 additional pages, contactable either from the hyperlinks on the pages themselves, where applicable, or from the glossary index,  to let you know which words or terms are given treatment in the various glossaries, and where terms may be defined, or at  times concise coverages encapsulated for stimulus and aid to thought.


These are all available from the Home page, but are added here to facilitate excursion.


The Indexes include four major ones:

TOPICAL, Main Trilogy
BIBLICAL, Main Trilogy

The Alphabetical Glossary for the trilogy is also available.

For a new Sermon, incorporating a New Year Message – this one on I Corinthians 15, that steadfast core chapter that combines summary, argumentation and inspiration, with glory – see THE SITE (for sermons). This sermon appears as the last in the list.


Of interest is the advice from International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, that Rev. Dr. Robert Donaldson has been judged worthy of their award:


The Who’s Who Award for Achievement 2002.


We thank God for this, as it may amplify our audience; but the whole objective is one, to find people for Christ, who are lost, and to fortify, refresh and bring blessing to those who are already found, while glorifying God, in the name of Jesus Christ, the ONLY DOOR, Himself integral to the very house, the Son of the living God.


It is also pleasing to note that there appear, on estimate, now to be several hundred thousand visits of various kinds, made to our site annually. Since Christ is the truth, this is ground for further praise to God who makes all things work together for good for those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose, which in Christ is wonderful.


If you have not as yet found Him, try to door (John 10:9,27-28). If you have, then rejoice, for His coming draws near (Answers to Questions Ch. 5); and though no one knows when, this we know, BE PREPARD!




Get spiritual perspective based on the Bible, its application in history and in life! For this see the January 1, 2003 upload


There’s a War on, and It’s not in Iraq!


Look behind and in front, and consider what time is for …




February 2003


The 59th volume on this site, on Biblical Christian Apologetics has been published, late in January. It is entitled,


To Know God,

the Power of Christ’s Resurrection and the Fellowship of His Sufferings.

In this work, the title delineates the topic, always keeping Christ in focus, without whom is no good thing that lasts, for He who is equal with God and from eternity, alone can bring to it in peace. In this volume, Job is given substantial treatment with special emphasis on suffering - in 3 chapters, as is the unity of the faith over the ages. The book of Acts is also summoned to attest these things, within its first 12 chapters, whilst Daniel too comes to the bar; and the trilogy of knowing your God, receiving and using His power for His purposes and the value and victory of sufferings in His company is focussed constantly.


The 60th volume is also published this month, namely:

Great Execrations, Great Enervations, Greater Grace

Diversity in the current contemporary period, intensity in scriptural applications, and investigation of the theme make of this a pathway to thought, challenge to faith to expand and appeal to those who do not yet know their Creator as the meaning of life, the purpose of destiny and the Lover of His people, to review their needless omission, lest it become reckless as well.

The last chapter on JOEL and ROBOTS also allows the presentation of the GREATER GRACE of God. Technology is an (advancing) instrument of man; GRACE is an infinite disposition of God. It is witheringly easy to miss it! (cf. Matthew 7:15, 21), but flourishingly peaceable to receive it.


Meanwhile, we have just been advised of the inclusion of Rev. Dr. Robert Donaldson who has authored these books, in another planned publication of the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England,

“One Thousand Great Scholars”,

the proof for the publisher being now returned.

For this, we give thanks to God, if it should help any to read the testimony of reason and truth, to Christ Jesus here presented, to the Lord, and only Saviour, without whom the world is approaching a darkness worse than physical, the less endurable for those who prefer it to its Maker and Saviour, because it is a needless suffering and a pointless end. He did not come that we should go, but that we should come – to Him!



March 2003


A new volume is now under construction, and earlier chapters may be consulted. Its name is –

Of the Earth, Earthy or Celestial in Christ, and it early provides exposition in Christian Apologetic perspective, of I Corinthians 15. Moving into recent News, in Biblical perspective, this volume keeps to the theme of the massive available wonder of that splendid and delightful person, Jesus Christ, who as God has shown us the heights of sublimity in man’s format, and on the other hand, the clinging clay which many seem to want to carry about on their boots, several inches thick, wondering perhaps while walking is so difficult.


Also, new facility has been provided for chapters of volumes, so that if you happen to come to one direct, you may at once from the top of the file, take a link to the Home Page, or to the Contents Page of the Volume in which your chapter is to be found, or to this your present site,
What is new ? This matter is now being refined.


Meanwhile, an update is being undertaken, as many of the files, constructed in one Browser system, need adjustment for the other, to come nearer to the original architectural  and typographical intention.




APRIL 2003


A new volume has just been published (March).

It is one that now forms some 462 pages constituting a Companion Volume to that of Predestination and Freewill (1964). As the disparity in the dates of these two works indicates (over 38 years), there has been a long time for much more on this topic to be written, and some of this the author has brought into one format, and the whole composed, connected and given more completion.

This compilation, then, made available for April 2003, is rendered from various of the published works on this topic earlier provided on this site, with addition and development where this seems apt, allowing the reader to visit topic-wise, in different dimensions with comparative ease.

In yet greater scope, we see the ebullience of these concepts of predestination and will from the Bible, their integration in themselves and their application to reality so broad, so efficient, that the source of this biblical revelation is once again attested in the marvels of coverage which it provides, leaving nothing out, embracing everything, but not with clammy arms: rather with an integrity both personal and unchangeable.

Note that the Exordium found in the hyperlink below, along with the contents, is of particular significance in this case, covering allied concepts and issues in overview.

The new work is titled MARVELS OF PREDESTINATION and the WAYS OF WILL.



MAY 2003




A new work has come into flower at Easter, this year. Its name ?



Of the Earth, Earthy, or Celestial in Christ.


An extract from the Preface, a little extended, will suffice to indicate its nature.


I Corinthians 15 has some wonderful contrasts: the first man, Adam, the ultimate man, Christ the Lord. The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven.


Now we are finding the funding of nearly everything imaginable that is earthy, worldly, carnal, rapacious, insolent and demanding; and hearing nearly everything that is raucous, obtuse and insurgent, from bin Laden to Communism, from Islamic submission requirements of those subordinated to these false lords, to the arrant yabber, deemed funny for some reason, of cartoons which reduce man to a motivated, moulded relic of a meaning no longer to be found.


The celestial is abused, its name debased whether in the slaughter of people in shopping malls because somebody called ‘Allah’ allegedly wants it, to the devising of means of allowing what destroys to become the lord of what builds. And what sort of destruction would that be ? That is what the Bible has long called Apollyon, the devil, whose varied functions include accusing the brethren (normally falsely), contesting righteousness, inducing fear of death, alienating from God, inducing to love the means of life more than life (‘Mammon’), tempting and corrupting. He can come dressed in flowing white robes which do nothing for his heart, but much for those whom he dupes, surrounded with flowing verbiage, elevating himself or his false prophets to the heavens, while his ways are earthy.


These two courses, those of the bacteria and those of the body, those of the creation and those of the desecration, they continue parallel for a time, until the judgment. In biblical words, these are the wheat and the tares of Christ’s parable in Matthew13:24ff., which grow up together until the harvest, by which time … they are readily recognised.


For the Easter Message associated with this, please use this hyperlink.


In this work, contemporary events, biblical exposition and in all, application for Christian Apologetics abound. In particular, thought is given to the possibility that a freed Iraq will ostensibly with democratic power, opt for Islam with suppression of all opposition. It could include the normal (but principially abnormal) horrors such as amputation of hands for theft, subjugation of women in an incredible macho riot and the like, as is sometimes found in Islamic settings. Thus minority groups could be gobbled up, and the tyranny of a mere majority become, not the essential thrust of the State, but a new dictatorship of intolerance and arbitrary irrationalism (cf. More Marvels ... Ch. 4), as horrendous as Saddam Hussein.


News this morning, Easter Saturday, on ABC News Radio, indicates the arrival of a Sunni Mullah, who had apparently not found it fitting to be in Baghdad earlier, with a message for an Islamic State, which could readily amount to a new tyranny. In this new volume on our site, Number 62, this possibility was raised before the inflammatory message just heard; and it could be so because the US conception that democracy is liberty is not adequate. Democracy, unless seen in a setting of restraint, can mean tyranny as even Plato showed in his Republic. The protection of minority liberty of speech, and from persecution with physical power against truth on the basis of a religious foray could make Iraq MORE dangerous, like North Korea, than it was, Just as Islam, Communism and Romanism, as often shown on this site, are three contestants for world rule, and there is only one world, and none is correct in method or message, all touting omnipotence that (mercifully) is not so, and demonstrably not so, apart from all else, one can expect OPPORTUNITY as Iraq may seem to those pushing for this kind of power, to turn readily to IMPORTUNITY, as they try to grab it.


It must be made clear, if the US is to use wisdom at all in this affair, that the concept of liberty which she embraces is not FORCE ALL TO DO WHAT MOST WANT to the exclusion of liberty to think and speak otherwise, so that future generations may likewise possess the same determinative power, and some one generation does not in a merely human way, though of course with great fanfare, seize the reins to deny all others.


Christ does not WANT this world on its own terms, for His kingdom is not of this world. WHEN HE COMES, as He soon will (Answers to Questions Ch. 5), the generation by GOD of the human race will lead to the generation FOR God of the rule OF God, AS God. That is the only other option, which this world has made it most clear for two millenia, it does not want. Sin is like that. It wants itself. It will get it: in that doom of forsaken because forsaking personality which is appalling to conceive because here justice, judgment and truth will mingle.


In the love of Christ, however, we can hope for liberty to preach the Gospel alone rational, alone scientifically confirmed by scientific method, alone logically viable, alone divinely authorised, alone constantly confirmed, alone personally represented with divine power and alone exhibited in millenia of always fulfilled prophecy, alone meeting the logical requirements of validity... to preach it in Iraq, lest American lives were lost merely to enable tyranny to bloom on the blood caked soil, again, in its dark flowers.




As May develops,

we now find available much on I and II Timothy,

partly a sequential study of much of both books, but

partly a specialisation on certain themes and verses, in detail.


This is not least an expository treatment with abundant presentation in the field of Biblical Christian Apologetics. If you want that combination, this may be for you. The volume concerned is called:

The Christian Pilgrimage, From Grace Triumphant to Face Divine.


The Timothy treatment starts at Ch. 4 which you may select,
with later chapters, from the index of contents, above.





Now a most interesting development puts into your hands a whole trilogy on predestination, freedom, liberty, constraint, control, the human  spirit, foreknowledge, responsibility.


In 1964 the first volume was produced, namely Predestination and  Freewill, an MA thesis at Melbourne University.


In April of this year (2003), the second was compiled, namely Marvels of Predestination and the Ways of Will, about which you may read a little above, under April.


Now the third is available, published in this month, namely:


                           THE HEAVENS ARE TELLING

                            Biblical Predestination has a very Beautiful Face


In addition, there has been some development in our Bible translations section, as also in the INDEX for the REST (i.e. the 60 volumes outside The Shadow of a Mighty Rock), and in the
Bible Study section.