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Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson



Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

January 2005

ISBN 09757291 1 5






News 330, DWTV December 17, 2004

He is never done. Let him be bankrupt, like the USSR, and in need, let him have drove of foreign scientists help his perilously undisciplined stocks of nuclear weapons, and let world banking lend massive funds; it is still a matter of boasting of having new inter-continental rockets that will not be matched by the 'enemy' for a long time! Man is inveterate ... it is not just Putin, disputing the dynamics in the lost land that glorified man in Communism and abased mankind to the uttermost in dismal reductionism and defiant devilries, too well documented by one of its own people, Nobel laureate, Solzhenitsyn (cf. SMR pp. 971-972).

It is Europe. It too is a new emblem and has a new ensign to show its glory. In muted terms, they refer to their Christian background, basis or tradition (as on the DW TV documentary here screened on December 16, 2004), and in loud ones to the question whether Turkey can be taken cold turkey, or must be garnished a while. To be sure, it is wise to ensure that the social treatment of man is at least in some discernible way within the confines of some reasonable legal system, and not the resultant of religious dynamics which assume what does not stand, and work on what has fallen and failed these millenia since its foundation (cf. Divine Agenda Ch. 6, More  Marvels Ch. 4, SMR pp. 829ff.). Yet to what excellent glory is Turkey seeking entry ?

After all, what has Europe itself been doing ? Let us forget for the moment its two not so glorious world wars of the recent past (in such a perspective as this).

What are these traditions ? those of the Inquisition ? It has failed to affirm so far in its new Constitution all this glorious christianity, spelt here with a small 'c' because it is a small and diminutive edition of the real thing which is actually based on the meek but majestic Messiah, Jesus Christ, not on inquisitions* for centuries, grabbing riches for Rome and Romanism, and torturing bodies whose possessors do not believe in illicit magic and dreamed doctrines which are neither true not biblical (cf.  SMR pp. 1032-1088H). There is no glory in shame.

The ONLY GLORY is in the meek Majesty of the Messiah who DIED rather than murdered, who AROSE rather than slithered into ridiculous posturings of 'greatness' reduced constantly to ruin or the deliquescences of pride overruled and dripping into its dank spiritual slums. By contrast, what the Messiah claimed, He demonstrated; what He said He would do, He did, what He asserted, it stood and all the king's horses (such as those of Herod) and all the king's men (such as those of the High Priest), yes and all Rome's audacious imperial aura, reduced to folly indeed by Nero as time passed, could not smash the Holy One, though they tried as much as wit and work could muster.

On the third day I arise, He had said; and they could produce no body (cf. SMR pp. 930-939), nor crush His people nor falsify His words in any way, but rather had to witness a gospel proclaimed in that very Jerusalem where the deeds and works of the Messiah were so well known that no more fatal step could have been taken, if they had not validated the Messiah over the years, and shown His glory. Nor has any produced any way to account for His actions, for the disciples marked well the tomb and held well in their impassioned hearts the way of it; nor is any ludicrous concept of casual treatment of a 'man', made a corpse in this world lest Caesar be offended, despite proclaimed innocence, of the slightest significance regarding a well-guarded, and from a worldly concept, wisely guarded tomb of One who DECLARED that He would arise ... and when! God does not proceed by half-measures.

His meekness has majesty*2, and His claims, predicted for millenia for the time when God would come in His own Person, were satisfied in the face of the most cruel and crucial examinations over years, of all time.

It is here that the future lies; and it is here that lies have no future.




On the Inquisition, see the following.

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On follies of political and quasi-academic flesh when moved in defiance of truth, see Aviary of Idolatry.



See Red Heart ... Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Christ, the Wisdom and the Power of God Ch. 8,
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Chapter 1                   Christmas 2004: A Challenge


Chapter 2

Making up Religions

and Finding the God

Who Made you Up!


News 331, The Australian, December 18, 2004


Chapter  3


Humility, Realism and the Regress of Pride

Authenticity and Specious Unities, Natural, Unnatural;

Melding Communities of faith, Breaking Stones to rebuild, and ventures into a spiritually salacious world without solace ... reminiscent of Egypt of old, instructive for the world of NOW!


News 332, The Australian, December 23, 2004


Chapter  4



and what it shows!


Chapter  5



News 334

ABC News Radio, December 29, 04

ABC TV News December 28, 04


Chapter 6

New Year's Greetings!

and what are YOU greeting, may one ask ?

News 335 ABC Radio, End of Year 2004


Chapter  7


2005 and still alive ?


Consider then the regimen as portrayed by Isaiah 54-55,

and find your own place in it! 



Chapter 8                        The Stark Simplicity of Spirituality


Chapter  9


Leaping for joy, or for your neighbour's throat ?
It is a calamitous contrast, but in
Christian terms, a just one.

News 337

The Australian, Monday January 10, 2005