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Parts of this Chapter are taken from

News 453, but extended and set in a more probing environment



Freedom is a tender plant. Democracy does not contain it readily, though it gives hopes that dictatorship omits. Even a freely voting people can follow any craze (look at Germany receiving very dear, indeed deadly Adolf, England equally dear Darwin, equally deadly in his implicit denial of righteousness, one based on what has never been seen to happen, and is the opposite of what is seen to happen (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go! Alpha and Omega ... Ch. 3, Waiting for Wonder Appendix, The Great Divide Ch. 2) and the methods that are seen to work in the institution of things that were not, from the adequate and sufficient bases in what is already there and adequate for  them, that is, the power of rational but imaginative creation.

The omission of creation, in accounting for the myriad realms of 'nature',  in terms of what omits all evidence of such performance, in vain endeavour to make a new and imaginatively innovative irrationality, while using its very terminology to describe its advent and actions: this modern pre-occupation must be the most fantasising use of thought, the most self-contradictory conflation of contrary models, without admission of the impurity and vacillation that could be imagined. It is however a type, always present from Eve, where the irrational was proposed, in making the Creator of all, a seducer of some, as if He had any need psychological or other.

Such vapid dreams likewise reject what does show unrelenting grounds and continual parallel from man himself, in his own use of reason and imagination in concert, grounds and pre-existing power, to make his own smaller creations. It is normal in scientific method to move to the cognate, the germane, the parallel, productive analogies, sites of similarity; but then naturalism is not science as seen in The Splendour of the Biblical  Coverage of the Meaning and Matrix of Man, Ch. 5 for example. 

Instead, the naturalistic, question-begging, nothing invoking or using realms of godless evolutionary fantasy violate


the concept of causality,


the frequent testimony of the unchanged biota intransigently
continuing over alleged millions of years,



the discovery of delicate soft-tissue and blood similarly apparently ignorant
of the chemistry of their dissolution times, also 'appointed' on z
naturalistic presumptions about process, to dates past some millions of years;


the missing biota of billions of misfits, testimony of un-direction,
mal-manufactured because, on that ephemeral model, not manufactured at all. These do not appear, and with reason, disappear in a resolute insistence by evidence, of complex
utility, coherent functionality, information completeness as de rigueur.

Evidence laughs at this appeal to nothing to gain it all. Even the fabled Dick Whittington on the way to becoming Mayor, though but a poor, travelling boy, at least had enormous powers compared with nothing, or question begging bits from nowhere. Indeed, even the dramatic adornment, based on the actual Richard Whittington, remains rational in method!

Naturalism is not. What WAS required to bring it all up - not to the screen in front of you, but to that  magnificent invention, your eyes, and to the presence in your logically productive mind ? How did all those things come to being susceptible to reason, order, continuity of format and formulation, let alone of language that signifies and must be read and implemented programmatically through receptors, as to precisely WHAT it signifies, as in the DNA linguistic phenomenon in man eminently, but in living creatures.  It is written into every nucleated cell of the billions of which our very bodies are constituted, and this has no ground in  some type of universal hiccough, because the universe itself is first to be accounted for, not assumed in order to be described as to its mythical features, that work: for in this naturalistic model,  everything is given from nowhere continually, but in bits, as if the mosaic were easier when seen in bits, even though it works as one*1.

Freedom evaporates with fanciful determinism, determined to be knowledgeable when this type of model subjects the human mind to necessary ignorance of reality, just as it gives grounds for endless mutation of morals, mistreatment of man and gala opportunities for savage dictators, as if competitive slaughter were the father of intensive brilliance, and its ruthless renegacy from reason could replace it, so enabling the system to work, as if holidays were the basis of production and labour, or what is not, is the source of what is. At every level, every stage, what is not is tabbed and not being there, gives what is to be, so that this can then proceed and progress, inserted like an injection when there is neither needle nor reservoir nor idea nor meaning nor matrix, nor body.

It  is worse. Big Bangs are nonsense for the entirety of things, for where is the bigness, or the energy for the bang, or the miniatursation power, or where the contents ready for exposure, the space for the rushing, the time for the rate of it ? It is all a graph with nothing as both abscissa and ordinate, quantities unspecifiable and source null. Thus an explosion in the end, with no ground for its systematic ingredients, its material components or its environment of logic which makes the result intellectually penetrable, so that now it may be imaginatively recounted, with moulded sequence, becomes a mere drama without ground in which every moulding force had to be assumed, with the entirety of the structure. Matter, time, space, force, configuration, interaction, singularity of system enabling inter-relationship, causative relevance (enabling the causatively sequential listing of 'what happened') all are in hideous dismissal of logic and scientific method, assumed as required, like a pension paid without work.

It is indeed creation by assumption, negated by defection from ingredients. It is point by presumption, its geometric and substantive grounds by import from the land of magic, that is nowhere. It subverts reason, ignores causation, perverts means, importing at will from what for htis model, is the bank that is no there. It is blindness by choice, tininess a mere cover for the multi-stage packaging of what explodes, as if explosion had any meaning with its disruptive force, thrust into what is to show itself as a mass of ingredients, ordered, confined, delegated, distinct, correlative and ready for creation. It is a pay as you go procedure, with no source for payment, with shattering violence (from nowhere) in the midst of extraordinary ingredients (from nothing) making sheer marvels in sequence, while using logic (episodically) also imported from emptiness, to sustain interpretability BY logic.

It is, to take an explicit analogy of such principles, rather like a man rationally penetrating in the evaluation of what has been laid down, tracing the results of an explosion in a factory without walls or contents or systems or reason, which was productive of a Rolls Royce, complete with paint-job and intra-systematic cohesion enough to rejoice the mind of man. Not only so, this same explosion in the factory which was not there, produced the factory and the facilities for producing millions and billions more of them, and the reason which makes the cohesion both meaningful and the commands for such a progression, workable and interpretable so that the whole automation continues.

Even this would be a simplified analogy, in which one might fail to ask adequately not only why this could be so, but why there was a factory, or time, or space, or matter, or its laws, or the pre-conditions for any of it; and how before it was, space was invented, in its susceptible systems and remarkable ability to allow all the realities of life to be so free with it: so making insistent law and form and organisation the product of mindless confusion, profusion and ultimately, non-existence; for EVERYTHING requires a cause (cf. Causes, SMR Ch. 5).

Indeed,  having a sequence of rationally construable events in a rationally prepared and comprehensible and assessable situation is merely begging the question putting the results in the place of cause in ultimate confusion; so that in terms of cause of commencement PLUS anything to commence, PLUS any reason for it to do so when reason is not begged as well,  we have perspiration instead of perspicuity, the vacuous instead of the assignable vigour and enterprise of rational reality to cover the case.

As for the magical point or singularity, this merely produces an additional burden for any model, as if an author were to be described in his writing a page, in terms of the production of his book, when the desk, type-writer, mind, memory, skill to type, imagination, in fact the creation of the story were ... not  really there. They just arrived with the book, consequence being shoved into cause with witless wandering. It can resemble the re-writing of history by belligerents after a war, notorious in their apparent fatuity, but actually motivated by desire to make it took the way they want it, though it does not add up. In this case, the war is on God, and it is so futile, except for the ruin which alas is quite predictable, and the worse when it whittles down the wits and, in some cases, subverts the spirits of those who might have found the truth, and in it, rest for the quest.

Accessibility to reason in the procedures which had no reason, since this is not inventible any more than the correlated systems which depend on independence, is simply the groundless chatter of delusive imagination, without ground, making what is not become what is, starting from nothing and nowhere and boundless groundlessness, which however even there allows man's mind to  retrace the steps by insisting on reason, only to bypass it on every side of every step and dynamic, situation and conformity. Tracing by reason, EVEN THOUGH multiply begging the question at the same time, what is exempt from what in the initiation of this model, is a non-existent reason, is rather rich, like tracing how a billionaire become first a millionaire, when money had not at that time been invented, nor exchange systems, nor the very idea!

It is a perfectly objective thing the Bible does in declaring of these methods of seeking to bypass the Creator, that "professing to be wise, they became fools,"  for this is nothing new, merely a more exhaustively schematic story of the type that all was air (why ?) or water (how ?), or change (of what ?) or solidity (how moving ?) or atoms (how made ? and whence the space and logic of their systems ?); and it is really disappointing after the thousands of years since early Greek*2 philosophers invented these painful parodies of reason, to find something in principle, just as bad, rationally presented cases of irrationality, innocent of interface, evidence or systematic correlation with what now is. This is far more grievous irruption into irrationality than agnosticism, which however has no way of knowing that the reality cannot be known, for you would have to be exceedingly knowledgeable with total access to truth exhaustively, to know that. But then, on that basis, there isn't any truth in principle. It is just that it is snatched, in a kind of parallel to atheism, from a source that in this model, is not there. Failure to be based on the Creator always leads to antinomies (cf. Deity and Design ... 2   and   8).

On the other hand, when God is there, then the source of man's assurance of access to the truth (even when he divulges the 'truth' that there isn't any truth) becomes not only comprehensible, but reasonable. IF and ONLY IF you have access to what is outside the systems of programmatics and formats and laws, in terms of being beyond it all, though not alienated from it, that is, having the view of it as it is from the  basis that there is One who knows it, having made it, and who may if He so desire, have acquaintance with you, whom after all biblically He MADE in His i

mage, available for fellowship with Himself, THEN you have find what stands as an option. It is however so for you only if you are given what He has in mind. That is HIS option! As reminded below, we find this evidentially exhibited as an option He has taken.

Thus creation and freedom, which requires truth for authentic action, go hand in hand. It is only when you find the CREATOR that you find LIBERTY*2A. Without it, in minor  matters you may follow your nose,  or self, or chosen mirage, but you are as one in a dream. Democracy cannot confer it, though it may limit molestation of minds, yet not necessarily, since a plurality of votes can demand any hideous force be used.

Some then want the illusory liberties of confused thought and man as master who is merely servile on this model of naturalism. They do not get liberty that way. Some find God, and the knowledge of Himself being made available at His option, and loving Him, find liberty in the association, like someone who is a courtier and loves the King.

These same illusionists, having sought to remove their Creator, though vainly from their midst, would also like to remove particularities from 'religion', and gain some character of  merger, if not by consensus, then by force. Effort is made to have this sad defection to look reasonable, just as the elimination of the Creator is made in to a story package, merely an escapist drug. Let us consider this further.


Are the major religions really basically near to identical, fashioned in much the same way, a matter of comparative indifference in various proposed mergers ?



Do they have in common the subjugation of women, often treated as chattels, the enthronement of superiority, so that others outside that religion are subjected to second class, special tax-paying subordination, death penalties for changing religion and subservience, jihads for eliminating what resists or annoys the sublimity of arrogance, one with entire lack of evidential support in terms of test, verification and validity. Nor can it show the presence of One who according to prophecy duly fulfilled down to the date of sacrificial death as forecast (Christ the Citadel ... Ch. 2), came and showed the reality in the flesh, that man might be mindful of the mind of God and not servilely submit himself to the slaveries of his own prodigiously important pronouncements. 

Do they all worship the Creator ? do they all have a rational respect for this Creator, or do some scrub Him out, in favour of systems from nowhere, that kick about, and undefinable somethings that never make it to the cognition of man ? Do all regale poverty of spirit, rather than victory leading to heaven, over enemy forces ? Do all indite the sin of man and provide salvation not only from its guile and guilt, but from its rewards ? Do all clean the soul and make man straight who was crooked, and worship their Maker on the basis of His verified word and authorised remedy ?

Some religions have God; some do not. Some have God speak. Some do not.  Some have salvation. Some do not. One has the Saviour who is God as man, verifiable, validated*2, others do not. One is testable to the uttermost; others are not. One starts with the beginning of creation and proceeds with records, others do not. One slams sin from the start as a fall, and invokes salvation to come from the first, as a necessity, tracing the aggregating depiction of what would at last be His coming, the One who saves; others do not. One traces events to come in detail and without failure; others do not.

If however truth does not matter, why burden 'religion' with the fiasco. If it does, why ignore its application to religion! If it cannot be found, why legislate what we truly should do ? If it can be, why not follow it! These 204 volumes on our work for God, on the Web, show that it not only is, but is demonstrable, and the method is provided often enough (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, esp. *1A, What is the Chaff to the Wheat ? Chs. 3    -    4, Christ not Culture .... Ch. 1, esp. as marked, Serenity Not Serendipity ...Ch. 6). If now God simply does not matter, then why not make by the same purely human fiat, this time, the human spirit not to matter, the human values not to matter, and so all this chatter about having religions with supposedly similar values being junked them, not to matter. Who precisely IS this new god who tells gods what to do ?

Who is this who would bind them together in some inconceivable manner, like joining decapitated heads and arms from various bodies, making them fit: why not make this unimportant too ? If it is all unimportant, why set up to be important in some new idea of old ruin ? If on the other hand, it is MOST important that the religions get together, then the REALM is important, can be treated knowledgeably, and hence must be considered with no less precision and care than income tax, marriage and employment, nay more, since it includes the conditions for all of these, being subject to none.

Junking God in some realm of human manipulation for convenience is a responsible choice for any race or person; and if you follow it, why be surprised if the same result comes to you, junked because junking,  responsible for being irresponsible, a mash because awash with watery and woeful unreason, slapping in whatever seems convenient ... for WHAT ? To survive ? that is a characterless meaningless acceptance of mess status. Why seek to impose it on others ? Is it not enough if you choose it for yourself ? To get the best ? but how could you hope to do this by such fiats of fancy! Where is the good if you invent the means to find it in merely cavalier disregard of fact! You deal in fact ? Then on what basis did you find it ? It was out of your own mind and its preferences, now falsely if not delusively determining what does and does not matter, is good and is not, because it so fancies itself to be lordly, and   on its own basis, it is seeking for a summit when it does not even have a ground.



Who is this who would bind them together in some inconceivable manner ?

Leaving logic (cf.  RELIGION, RELIGIOSITY AND REALITY IN CHRIST) then leaving foundations in favour of will, objectivity in favour of subjectivity (cf. TMR Ch. 5), to what de we come ? It is to pure fanaticism, which of course, being like pure poison, an extreme case of abandoning the resources of logic, reason, trial,  experiment, verification and validation available to man, is the most impure concoction of residues any could wish, at what then do you  look ? You then see before you SOMEONE or some ones who call the shots, dictate the panorama (you do not view it, but merely have it appear, travelling from their screen to yours).

These proceed with their little dreams,  in this nubilous folly or that, inventing gods, surreptitiously or by implication. Such may not be aware of what they are doing, and some imagine they are gods, the culture becoming so rich in this postulate that institutions for the demented, if still maintained, would no longer be the expected destiny. The pandemic would be so outrageous in outreach that a sound mind would become exceptional in this area, the thinker as often already, subject to imprisoned by the deluded! Yet some still wonder why our reace is intensively and extensively subjected to derisible follies, intemperate outcomes, heartless thrusts, godless perversities of spirit, shameless shambles in politics and tirades of tyrants, often achieving popularity ... for a time!

In what are such immersed ?

They FEEL, or KNOW, or 'see' in some esoteric but indefensible manner, whether through


 unverifiable angelic visitants, an illogical lilt out of the void, from no basis, with nothing to confirm,



from psychic instigations, or


dramatic intimations, or


lustrous insinuations,

and so declaring (not the rational grounds for the source which evaporates, but the result),

mandate it in sinuous terms,

in institutions of learning,

sessions of subversions supposedly instructive,

presumptions back of policy,

ideologies of passion, such as Nazism or Communism, or militant Islam,

or blatant shouting with force as a substitute for knowledge,

and then everyone else just follows.

That is, nearly everyone, for the 'take' is rather high,

whether for irrational religious fanaticism,

or secular,

or pontifical, or any combination.


Such is the common and available practice, schema of Lord Culture, King Kid You.

Look at Hitler, the Communist take-over in Russia, in China, as if collectivisation would produce heaven, rather than as in fact, starvation on a massive scale. Heaven ? it was later judged nearer hell in actuality, in terms of such works as those of former internee Solzhenitsyn. In such envelopes of ideology, spawn of dizzy thought and uncontrolled spirit, and in many sub-types,  the sins of the human heart could be wrapped up by forgetting most of them, while with others hating various butts with a volatility which deems murder a method, and justice discoverable by mass murder! What then of Al Qaeda, the Inquisition, Auschwitz, the Cambodian purge, the promotion of Israel as a client for drowning, pursued not only by enemies, but by those who seek to strip her internationally, as if the odds against her were not already massive to the point of a fulfilment of prophecy in her triumphs as in 1948, `967, 1973 (cf. Zechariah 12-13).

Ignoring their Creator, justice and wisdom alike, they proceed in their various preoccupations, constant precursors of further curses on a fiery globe, thankless for the grace that made it, the power that sustains it, the liberty that enables thought at all and the blessings that have constantly been available from the God of creation and redemption, before this and that evil surge grips the heart and stirs the pulse of millions.

Increasingly in the modern setting,  it is if a plunge into pure subjectivity, by having a relativistic universe with no basis and only interaction, which still allows truth to be found and propounded concerning its VIEW! What is it like ? It is like saying that you are unable to see wihtout glasses, have lost your own, and yet describe in some detail, what is out there. Yet they follow, they wallow. They listen. They droop, they drop, they grow enraged, with each other, using double-talk and total unreliability to shatter peace and promote this putsch or that.

So it was and moreover, in type, is to be. In II Thessalonians 2, "the man of sin"," thus named,   is to discover for himself that he is God and review himself with appetite with this illusion, not long before discovering by an experimental method which the Lord will undertake to present, that this is not so (II Thessalonians 1:6-8, II Thessalonians. 2:8). Consumed with vanity, he is then consumed with what fits such rubbishy talk and transparent illusion: the fire of devastation.

There is an end; just as there was a beginning of human sin and the deferment of judgment.

Reality can be maximally unpleasant for dreamers, whether they enhance their follies by drugs, or dementia, or dynamic, or hypnotism, or fraudulent clap-trap, being emotionally resounding, rationally incompetent, appealing to the unstable, till the fashion being created, a culture is formed, and folly comes at white heat. It comes to decapitate, or cut off hands, or squash, or torture, or invade mind or body, or in other ways play the ghoul. It is an ideology ? it is to-be-reverenced culture ? If so, equally 2 plus 2= 7.94 is an idea and could be crusaded into a fashion. But what has that to do with it ?

If fatuity is to replace truth, why bother about the sure collision with reality. Escapist dreams don't work, except for a little as the knot is tied. Europe is finding this out financially as an excellent article in The Australian, January 4, 2021, p. 6 in World Commentary, in effect points out. It has found it out in blood and physical and psychic torture three times in one century of time. How long! Whether it be fear or it be  pride, nationalistic flirtation with imaginary destinies, godlessness without grace, reductionism without reason, you find it. For its part, it finds out its suppliants and brings woe to its worshippers. Various remorseless irrationalities grip like an octopus and remind one of the case where a sailor in a considerable vessel, felt the creaking of the timbers as a large octopus sought to breach its seaworthiness: ambitious, it is true, but horrific at the time.

Thus the dream of the self-made universe is appealing to those who want ventures of free-for-all morals (if you can call them that), limitless power and licence for anything, a sort of projection of the self-made man, though it seems in such cases to be forgotten that the 'self' was first made without consent or co-operation, and WHAT has been made is often confused with what he himself created by misuse of it, ignoring how or why it came, or relegating reason to rubbish, in order to lay claim to the universe. So they sail off in space ships into it, as if to find its source in itself, its begetter in what is begotten. As sensation is hard to find, when a mouth is given pain-killer injections, so truth becomes hard to find when such antinomies are injected into the human mind. The eyes, said Christ, you have closed LEST you should see, and be converted, and I should heal you. It is so as it was so; one suffered and now the many.

This misconception about man does not work,

information not coding itself,
systems for its scrupulous designations not being self-made,

nor the logic back of them
nor the linguistic and symbolic capacity
nor the matter and its laws and regulatory constraints,
nor indeed anything at all from nothing;

so that what is so based does the same: it does not work. Verification is denied it; validation is reticent to the point of retirement; foul outcomes rush like so many Jersey bulls, dangerous, brooding, with sudden onrush.

You CAN only get it all from somewhere sufficient, with all necessary qualities for the job, extant before it, sufficient for it, from which it is an outcome. Logic and inspection are in fateful accord, and do not yield to vanquished dreams, poetry in scientific terms, a hybrid monstrosity.

But the people who are enslaved by such dreams, they work as many did in Siberia and in Communist Camps elsewhere, political illustrations of vacuous thought and unverified claims*3; and till this day or most recently, a variety of such things is reported in Communist China in the field of State-run camps of horrid compulsions and tricky constraint, labour units which defile human life in order to make something or other to achieve some State purpose. What is then made with the profits from such things ?

Results include an increasing fleet of atomic submarines, presumed to be for quite peaceful purposes and not at all for the sake of grabbing more from other people. Who secured the funds ? underpaid, overworked, manipulated, severely misused servants of the State, which in that Communist negative religion, is set above the minds of those who created the ideas, each an individual, as if individuals did not exist, but as means. So is man subverted and so does power accumulate before its overthrow as in the USSR.

Alas, as any people may have an influenza epidemic, so any nation can fall to the sword of such dragooning, empty in basis, emptying man for State purposes. Others may act in earlier stages without physical force, gradually sinking spirituality in what has been characterised in another way, as "soulless."  Thus, one of the US candidates for the post of Republican Party representative for the Presidential Election is said to represent "something of another European specialty: "the dispassionate technocrat, data-drive, post-ideological, lacking in soul." This appears in The Australian, January 4, 2021, World Commentary p. 6. It is not the personal application which concerns us here, but the type of characterisation as such, the alleged spirit or procedure. Such a spirit, where applicable, becomes seductive; for force is not the only way to dissidence from reality, even if the final result, truth being inwardly destroyed, is apt so to be driven by diverse means.

Choose a dream ?

That is what irrational, God-forsaking man does,  and deceit and deception first, and murder as you pass one (possibly by State judiciaries) is very frequently the method of implementing its sweet nothings, which in the end turn out to hold nothing sweet, but rather vagrant night-mares.

You CANNOT make anything sweet by illusion. You pay, remorselessly, incontinently as you become morally incontinent, and the end is that irreparable separation from a calamitously and chronically rejected truth and righteousness, from a blessed conformity to design, and not this only, but to what is enriched immeasurably by spiritual relationship with the Creator-Redeemer.

Turning from Him who has shown Himself indelibly in the history of man, in the Bible and in Jesus Christ, and runs things precisely and verifiably*4 as there revealed, certainly is perilous for folly. It can bring down a nation, an individual, a company; just as conformity to Him in heart and spirit and mind, can exalt a nation. Though the Lord is most longsuffering, there are limits to extremity; for the soul, like stretched rubber may break until there is no remedy. Thus was the case (as in II Chronicles 36, said of Israel at that time). As the infection spreads and deepens, the conscience may even come to be "seared as with a hot iron," as in I Timothy 4:1-2 and extended in cover in II Timothy 3-4.

But then what would you ? If you INSIST that there is no road, and yet drive anywhere, this form of mindlessness will find that the mind given to man, DOES mind, even if the heart refuses to heed. Calamity is a call to awaken; but few heed it. The Bible exhibits an earlier case of this kind in Amos 4, where calamity was used progressively to attest folly, but it was not heeded, repeatedly. Therefore, it says, Prepare to me et your God! (Amos 4:12).

In Amos, we find after various possible plagues in the mind of the prophet, a divine injunction. God showed him a plumb-line (Amos 7:1-9). If then the wall is LEANING, is not straight, and the truth is unheeded, await its fall! Mercy seeks; but truth remains. Help is at hand, but blinding passion sears. Judgment is delayed; but reality does not bend.

ONE of the first fatalities to this invention of gods, whether actual ones by direct naming or consequential ones, by illusory dreams, such as secular self-contradictions with knowledge about the ostensibly unknowable, is what ? What gives ? what happens when the model shows truth unknowable and the mouth announces the guiding star, the glorious reality, the operational ideology ?

One of the foremost losses soon to come, in such a case,  is of course freedom. If the culture decides, anointed as king as man virtually worships himself, then what follows ? What comes is whatever self-deception and alliance of empty hope with self-assertion, brings in its train. It resembles the parental plight in facile but dysfunctional educational systems. It resembles the position in due course, for a wilful child, grown up but not in heart:.

If then, man either via 'culture', or more honestly, by caprice, decides to follow a given dream, a make-up, papier-mâché concept for governing thought, then it often becomes important to it,  in its thinking, that no one should challenge this. After all, if it has no defensible basis in fact, fact is the last thing you need, so prohibitions come to be invented, to prevent its articulation. Freedom of speech must go and some excuse for this ravagement is to be found.

After all, since such constructions, such false ideologies, such humanistic configurations of sel-contradiction are so illusory, then challenge from the people could destabilise their whole regime. That is why State security is so often cited in Communist countries such as (ostensibly) in China. It is not the defence of reality but of unreality that is in view; and since it cannot be rationally defended, it protected by force, itself provided under the name of various illusions, as if betrayal of truth were the only way to protect the nation.

In the end, the opposite is the case: the advancement of truth is the only way, with its outcomes in a liberty which needs no force, because truth is its ally.

So force is repetitively used to bring continuity to their rule! It becomes a 'challenge to State security', because it could so destabilise (as in Communist fears and trenchancy over their poor victims). It is always a marvel that a system built on illusory morals, as a talking point in providing new 'liberty', becomes so very moral in its condemnation of what might thwart it. Morals are opiates except where they are OUR morals; and we condemn condemnation of people's lives by ANY party, God or other, their reasoning flows, EXCEPT by ourselves, in which case it is not only sound and useful and good, but SO necessary that if you challenge you are hideously immoral, virtually hopeless, better put away. So in the guise of forsaken morals, do morals become forced to serve, an illusory substitute, to repress, to oppress, to turn man into a manufactured part of a hideous whole, worshipping itself, mystically becoming a god, and as fraud, prohibiting any other.

That is one political way to do it.

An added, specialised and perhaps fateful dynamic is the underlying insistence of some, a pressure-group such as you find in Lewontin in thought, and Dawkins in rather more, lately, in England. In education or science or whatever is wanted, we find that there MUST be nothing of God in it. A presupposition is made that excludes what thought requires (cf. SMR, TMR). It becomes like the joke in which some man in delusion vigorously condemns another. He thinks he is Hitler, he chides. What nonsense! Obviously he cannot be, for I am!

That an expression in type of a dynamic of our day, what Christ called a 'leaven'. It works, it ferments and seeks to cover everything by a sort of constancy; and little is more constant in decrying truth and inventing mirages in place, than this scientistic substitute for science (cf. Scientific Method ...).

This type of 'leaven' or ideational captivity, may be formed in dislike, or it may be forged in straight passion; but it readily rules. If man does not regard reason or reality, deity or creation, sin or redemption, then his vulnerability to manipulation and dream becomes staggering; but this has a reason. If you forsake what is made for you and made you, both of these, then your stability control becomes inadequate, like a boat without keel. You rock readily. People become more and more masses of seething, desiring, readiness-units, launched now to be under sway, rather than under way. Control then becomes the name of the game and means for it are actively sought, whether by rejecting freedom of speech by one means or another, in these areas, preferably at first by a disingenuous pretence of sympathy for someone or something.

Thus persecutions readily proceed  in the name of liberty, in a self-contradictory riot of unreason, become attractive to some, and tired-leg-tied people, constantly bombarded with psychological and media explosives and manipulative measures. By such means, in a little time, depending on the virulence, people, may become increasingly, in the many, subdued. They may even come glory in their subjugation, not realising in their dream, the  result of it. Thus the Bible repeatedly advises us to be AWAKE (Romans 13:11, I Cor. 15:34, Ephesians 5:14)!

It is not always realised where the dreams lead - whether of national importance, hegemony, ideational commitment where truth dies and pride lives, reconstructed gods, newly forged christs (cf. Matthew 24:24, II Corinthians 11), the old as far as might be, re-massacred, in the cultural constraints, to enable the ultimate racism of humanism, or elsewhere. This is so, despite the shore-line of history being littered with the rubble of the results of failure of what failed in heart and head, before in life and ruin.

Alas, even when people begin to awake - as some in Germany did as the deadly heart of Nazism lost its appeal and millions of corpses mounted selectively for this or that nuisance party, chiefly the Jew - sometimes sleep is preferred. It may seem less dangerous when you simply sleep through a storm. It seems that many did, including the mouth of Pius XII, but on awakening, what is found is that the deed is to be done.

Moreover, as the culture thickens (like storm clouds brewing into ever deeper darkness, till it seems all but solid), quite a little  time has often been enough for the formation of  the idol 'culture', a national or social feature, almost a means of self-identification; and indeed, what seems to some to give added lustre is this. Such cultural absorption may grow into what is really then just self-worship: the ideas of the self (nation, community, group) becoming a type of god, esteemed above all, to be received by all. All glory is to be from it, for it and to it. The fact that this is manifestly not so, is of little importance. As with habitual marijuana usage, a type of divided mind, schizophrenia of the spirit, can readily arise till truth hurts so much, the victim lives in an invented world, occasionally visiting this one.

For the rest there is then but one message:  give way! It was so with Rome of old, in the days of the lions and Emperor worship, to a degree in Japan with its celestially conceived Emperor, is so in China, with its ostensibly omni-competent State (the rulers thereof when not themselves attacked, rarely lacking), in Germany where 'Heil Hitler' became like a new sort of Hail Mary, a salutation with overtones as high as the particular heavens in view, permitted.

What displaces God, in dereliction of divine decree and reality, has in the end but one type of result to its hype: death, desolation, deprivation, thus the D type, often with disillusion added, and rampant persecution; or where timidity rules, psychic dereliction. Depression, obsession, crowds machine gunned, vices multiplying, disorder the organiser. That not all so submit is one of the glorious positives concerning this race of ours, and what has for Christ's sake and in His name stood when falling was á la mode, is often attested, as in Foxe's Book of Martyrs, and many a document in the field of martyrology.

If it is desired, if truculent wagging from wisdom becomes a glory in conflict with truth, as in Proverbs 1, let it be so. Where liberty so opines, there it goes... but oh the cost to the lost! Who would not weep for them (cf. Jeremiah 9!).

 Put people in prison in the best of all possible systems (God made the world, man made inane systems to misgovern it, and these have results, as you may have noticed) or fine them, and perhaps then the generous heart of a gracious people will rest content! Does Margaret Court, famous tennis personality in Australia, who has a stadium named after her, dare to say something contra-cultural and design-wise obvious for the continuation of the race, in terms of the word of God ?

What says one: THIS is TOO MUCH! How dare she? Let her keep to her tennis. Fancy having the daring to expose an opinion based on reason and revelation! How COULD she! So they rampage, and already you see what is following. It is not enough to have what biblically and in terms of design as there noted, is perversion; it is not enough to remove all discouragement as the CHARACTER of a nation changes toward dream. NO! there must be the use of the term 'marriage' for such misuse, and it must become unlawful to differ from what is seeking to become lord and god, this King Culture.

Indeed, this has come nearer to reality even in Australia in some not long finished religious litigation*5; for in this way, you can assault what opposes the change. In this way, you limit their power, defile their names and limit their capacities to expose you, all in a domain that seems in some strange but nominal way, to be a legal matter. So does litigation prepare for subjugation! The LAW comes to revile you, the PENALTY to strip you and the LORD becomes distortion in unreason, hatred of the commands of the God of the Bible, of the Old and New Testaments, without ground, contrary to all ground*4.

Australia has already dabbled with this*5, and is considering such things further, in the name of course of a cultural religion just called 'culture' for short, the measures being adaptable to licensing or de-licensing newspapers who do not conform to the cultural idol in vogue,  as it may be made or re-made, modelled or refashioned from time to time. It may be called divisive, or insufferable, or intolerant (fancy ANYONE having the hide to insist that 2 and 2 DO make four and such is the substructure, how narrow! how conceited! how undesirable! the rant and hype, in type would go), damaging to human dignity (the power to teach error in the name of academic fact is most prized, a fact even now in much human employment academically).

Indeed, soon it is conceived and even presented as perilous in a world of such powers available to small groups, and hence by all means to be aborted. In these or other ways, the specious prelude to dictation is wheeled into what was once a free country, into an oppressed residue called the population. Such is the way of it, such often the procedure, variants not altering the thrust! Peril is not only from abroad, and can come as close as the human heart. That is not the least of the reasons that it needs the Saviour: savour without Him can decrease asymptotically, like the straggling graph that rises fast upward, and then soars on and on approaching a value of  ... nothing.

WHO however is the one as noted in the initial quotation, WHO IS THIS who calls the gods, the imaginary dynamics, the tersely insisted on cultural desires, and having abandoned truth, insists that this is it; or that it is true that truth cannot be found, and SO we do this, because it is so. So ? How so if there is no truth ? How talk in the name of truth when your model has already slain it! If you contradict yourself, what need is there for others to do so ? Yet pity probes.

If there is truth, then, WHY THIS discard! Where are the credentials ?

Are these to be found in 

the imaginary dream,

the dynamism of some idol that is not subject to reason?

in some idea that is never found to work,
and which is worshipped in absentia, with or without words,
despite demonstrable impotence and total incompatibility with what


does work,


is verified,


is validated,


does evidence power of control*4 ?

Scarcely. Where then is this ONE, this government or person or group or culture which so dictates ? It is merely force mixed with imaginative but heedless war on truth. In the Bible, it is called "the lie" (Romans 1) in the God-denying creation-worshipping variety, and again more generally, it gains this name for the active delusive seeking of man to have his own god in himself, in this case in "the man of sin", as in II Thessalonians 2:10. There it is called an 'active delusion' sent in penalty format because those concerned did not receive "the love of the truth." Disjoined, like a man from a boat in the ocean, it is subject to underlying forces. Such too was the penalty of Pharaoh of Exodus fame.

What then in such cases as come to culmination universally for the end of this Age ?

Here the hypnotic follies of vanity are exhibited, as God-haters turn themselves over for psychic beauty work, and imagining they are God, or with the face of one of them, insist on showing the marvellous power, using deceitful manipulations (II Thessalonians 2:9), reminiscent of the magicians of Pharaoh's day, that ruler who WOULD not stop (Exodus 8:19). He continued in his recalcitrant negations, till some thought began to descend when all the forces failed, the magicians were stymied, and the word of God happened remorselessly. If Israel did not go, Egypt would! But at last, Israel did go, and the army of Pharaoh in amazing consecration to dreams, followed them.

That, however, was not to another land, but to drowning. A watery doom attested the unwisdom of mere passion, of continuing in a contra-evidential mode, flaring at counsel, heedless of help, self-possessed and showing possession by irrational maladies, prelude to a harsh seeming reality. It is not however the reality which is harsh, but the insistence on meeting it as an adversary!



What then ? Though the magicians themselves, the god-makers, the maestros of apparent power, had tried to dissuade Pharaoh from further recklessness, for this, said they, "is the finger of God," yet he would not heed even them!  They discerned that as everything said in the name of the Lord, was promptly done, at whatever level. Each plague, given for the deliverance of the driven people, Israel bound in slavery, coming as stated by Moses and going when mercy was pled for: there you had revelation as routine, action as predictable, a concatenation of command and affliction, and seeking for forgiveness and its removal. THIS was the very hand of God at work. Such was the case of the dour determination in Egypt, the mist lifting for some, but the delusion by then endemic for Pharaoh,  whose dictatorial arrogance and repeated unreliability brought just ruin to his country, his army and mockery to his mastery! (cf. Plagues of Egypt).

 The result, the end, the confirmation, when liberty had run its fateful course, It came then, as has been the case in innumerable confirmations of the word of God, whether in history, in heart, or in power. Not only is this so in things negative or judgmental, but in things positive, in healing, in detailed data, in dates or in perspectives for things, presented in prediction, fulfilled in history.

The path of grace however is not popular, and its counterpart, that of disgrace, spreads like weeds carefully cultivated, where flower and shrub are poisoned systematically. Many are the realms of investigation*4. This world like Pharaoh is increasingly scarred by the outcome of endemic dreams, like cognitive cancers, working their carcinogenic way in colonisation about the body of the race.

Following the Bible and focussing on the

REMEDY requiring

REPENTANCE, and rescue and return from dreamland, whether personal or propositional or both (Luke 13:1-3) and even the

RELIANCE  on the God of creation, in His offered redemption, long foretold, often symbolised, but now paid in Christ remains the path of mercy, restoration and the knowledge of the divine faithfulness.

God remains when all else finishes, but at His word, just as God was eternally there, and created all else, by His word. He remains like rock, immovable as an option felicitous, however barren it looks to the dreaming heart that wills the drug of rational oblivion and tempestuous self-affirmation of our race as if some invented but powerless god, or this or that idea which it worships instead of God who made the mind and its rational capacity, as well as the world, and aits rational investigability. This He did with ONE LOGOS, verified and validated as Jesus the Christ*6. He was not inactive at the first in creation, nor will He be in desolation and deliverance, the former when only justice remains, the latter when through faith only mercy is applied (Romans 5:1, Titus 2-3, Micah 7:19ff., Ezekiel 33:11, Lamentations 3:33, Isaiah 54, 51:11, Romans 8:29ff.).

He visited incarnate and met every test (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 2, Christ Jesus: the Wisdom and the Power of God Ch. 8) to enable assured indentification, and vast and indelibly rigorous was the array of prophecy for Him to fulfil, which He did with a sophistication of sovereignty and a might of mind which was astonishing, for the propositional and the practical, the works and the words of mercy without limit were ween to be applied as never before. THIS TOO, it was foretold (Isaiah 9).

What then of His rejection and murder by man ? Although the dismissal was decisive and costly, showing the unrelenting disbelief in Israel the nation at that time, and Rome in its representative, Governor Pilate, it was part of a divine plan. This for centuries had been  well attested by the prophets, as well as predicted even to the date, and for the resurrection, the three days before shattering death, not just as for others earler, but in His own case (cf. John 2:19ff. - cf. SMR Ch. 6, Christ the Citadel Ch. 2, The Magnificence of the Messiah, Matthew 16:21, 17:22-23).

The resurrection of that unworshippable body, for it was not a heroic failure but a supernatural triumph as foretold in detail, that proceeded, continued with the Gospel as likewise in some detail foretold*7 in the combined references of the Psalms and Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah, for example, actually coming to earth just as the Saviour had done. It came in vast scope to the Gentiles as Isaiah showed in 42:6, 49:6 and in the terms foretold no less. The ship of State of our God moves through the waters of history with majestic assurance, constant and cumulative results and many passengers (cf. SMR Chs. 8-9, Answers to Questions Ch. 5 and Israel*8).

The nations however, increasingly like fish gutted, hearts removed, retaining form but not original force, still rage as Psalm 2 predicted, first against Christ when He was present, and then as the time for judgment arrives. Indeed this Psalm, as we do in the Lord's name because of His word, give them warning. Even a child can warn a king, if he will listen! (cf. Jeremiah 1).

When a nation moves with force and then seeks to force where Christ calls, so that the sensitive heart of man is man-handled, and the wickedness of the spirit of man, seducible into dreamland and self-righteousness that would be comic if it were not so tragic, in time and often in eternity, begins to have its way, not only does judgment threaten (transient or final) but freedom is in danger of death for the many. These heedless and reckless powers unleashed, largely freedom lapses, follies manufactured by ever new works of the political novelist, the mesmerised national leader, who does not realise that he is in fiction-land, or does so with devious and subversive lust and enjoyment of his or her own cleverness. Results, they, pile up like atomic waste, and man is caught, once more! But there is an end, and all the indications show it to be near (cf. listed in Answers to Questions Ch. 5).



Therefore do not sacrifice reality for myth, results without due and assignable and verifiable cause, but trust in the Lord who alone has word and result to the uttermost true of Him. The invisible which directs the heart of man and moves from him into history, as a stream of events, whether it be courage or love of lies or self-indulgence or peaceableness or love of this or that, is never measurable, but its discovery is very much so, what it uncovers! This lies in results, until the mind being opened it can see again, and the light is not so blinding. To submit to someone's little ideas on the invisible, when there is neither evidence nor ground for faith, is a species of lemming-like failure, sheep as dog-driven the depiction.

Avoid it and stay with liberty, and seek the Lord with open heart, and call on HIS name. This earth is mere result of His Being and action and love and power, and rebuke. Yet it is open to HIS remedy, unchanged for millenia, differing from dream not only in its verification and validation, but in its continuity and its graphic fulfilment at large, as likewise in its implementation personally, as all else fails.

So does His kingdom proceed with a purity after which many feel longing, but few find in belonging; and it is the one which will not be destroyed, as you read in Daniel 7:14. There the famous prophet Daniel had been lodging his prophecies, over millenia entirely fulfilled, and spoke of the rise and fall of nations, in a given order, the death of the Messiah, at a given date, and the end of the matter  in the end of such beginnings of nations, and the institution formally and visibly of the Kingdom of God. Visas are available for the kingdom of heaven of which Christ spoke, the nature of which is seen, in vivid contrast to this world, in such sites as Matthew 5-7, I Thessalonians 5, John 3 and 14-17. They are found not at the box office, but at the Cross Office, indeed from its Head, the Lord Jesus Christ, His ear open to the cry of faith and repentance, His heart to reception, but never to deception (Matthew 7:21ff.). There is no need to die when life is freely available (John 3:15-19,36, 11:25-26, Titus 2-3, Ezekiel 33:11, John 5:39ff., Luke 13:1ff., Romans 10:9).

There is liberty, love for its Creator, love for its Redeemer, love for Him who first loved us (I John 4) and so loves those who so receive Him, to the last (I John 5:11-12).

The love of liberty is good; and the love of its basis is better; and the finding of its source for one's life is better yet, and the love of the Giver of it is better yet, and the finding in Him of what it is all about and of the regeneration in truth, because HE IS IT,  so that one belongs: this is a thing so glorious, that even in a world like this, one can in this same divine Redeemer, Jesus Christ, be intensely and even intensively happy (cf. II Peter 1). It is wonderful to live in the truth, at peace with God and knowing Him. It was fun to know one's dog, one's horse, and all their ways, and to live in these situations, with these delicious friends - though the horse could be challenging, yet within bounds; but it is glory to live at peace in the presence of God, at liberty, in love, with joy. He is very good. Indeed, He is altogether lovely. Taste and see for yourself.                 







See on 'bits' and allied concepts,

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Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God.

See also:

The gods of naturalism have no go! Alpha and Omega ... Ch. 3, Waiting for Wonder Appendix, The Great Divide Ch. 2 and *5 below..



See Freedom, the Internet and the Next Generation Ch. 4. This has a number of references allowing rapid familiarisation with much in the field of detailed data. An excerpt appears below.

To adjust freedom of speech in a spectacular slide,  from correcting the obviously evil to threatening this freedom by demeaning means, occupying the seat which is that of God only, validating and invalidating on social, or psychological lines: this is an atrocity the full force of which has been felt often enough in history, often enough.  To invite it, however, would be a folly which would result not only in mischief, to those so embarking, but to those who happen to be on the same national ship.

Let us hope that Australia, long buffeted in this field, and allied ones, escapes, that this country comes to realise its special opportunities and privileges in world history, and rises to the moral, spiritual and social challenges which face it, instead of subtly at first, stripping even aspects of biblical and reasoning defence of the Gospel in free mode, from the national agenda. As shown in Ch. 1 above, this is well within the scope of present laws, and their development, which may now be enabled to bypass State resistance, and swallow up the land. In such areas, it is necessary to be sensitive, and not to wait till what is discounted, becomes all too clear in the light of common day, as it did in Victoria in the now famous case of the two Daniels (cf. Ch. 1, *C above).

If this nation fails to avoid these restrictions, however craftily put (cf. Ch.1, *2 above), this would be a move which could, short of divine mercy, yield not only sour fruits, but rotten ones, and this with remarkable ease.  Much is sour already, with limitations of a philosophic kind on freedom in colleges and schools (cf. TMR Ch. 8, and Ch. 3 above); but the transition from what in much is still a free nation,  almost startlingly free in the present world context, into one not only subordinated in many academic spheres to naturalistic, humanistic religious and scientistic dictates, supported by neither logic nor empirical research (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go!), but to a place where the citizenry more generally become in crucial liberties, pawns of political pundits, this would change things vastly. Is it not enough to molest the minds of babes, that they must abort the due and just expression of the thoughts of adults from whose conclusions and beliefs they may differ! Is the exclusion of criminal folly to become the exclusion by the kings of mores, of divergent views from the cultural norm ?

What is too proud to be corrected by word, is often found liable to the humiliations of history; of which, in military terms, the French Maginot Line which was obviously so great and good, is a prime example. It was bypassed because not really relevant to actualities.

But what would such a failure to protect national liberty, say this time, on the Internet, be like ? In effect, it would be like taking a national drug, sedation by psychology, set-up by philosophy, imposed by man playing God, which however is a work, not play, and one for the infinite and eternal Deity alone, not for the spuriously directive children of man.

Let us then consider the point at issue in the light of the tissue of developments over the last few years in South Australia, and to some extent in Australia more broadly. We have had the Russell report of vacuous, anti-theistic, all-knowledgeable survey of religions and nature, unfounded and unfoundable on any logical basis (as shown in the Thesis, Lead Us Not into Educational Temptation); and the 1988 SA Circular to Principals, of precisely the same inadequacy and knowledgeability (as exposed in TMR Ch. 8).




See *5 above, especially SMR Chs. 1-3, 6, 8-10.




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See the Pentad on Israel comprising the following books.



Nor Will Many Nations! But Hear it all Will!


Consider Israel - If You Don't, You May Have to!

Vol. III




A Contemporary Inspection and Collection
in the Inextinguishable Light of the Bible

Vol. IV





and the setting is








This extends Volume I above, in the field of News.