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News 69
Dollars are Green, Blood is Red

Time Magazine, in an article entitled, 'No Sects Please, We're Chinese"  ... p. 36, August 2, states concerning the Falun Gong: "... police arrested some group leaders." Book burnings and suppression of expression of members have also been noted. Arresting people of course does not always arrest thought, though it often arrests progress by having  political bullies eat up the people like grass, in their paranoid pretensions of a power they simply do not possess (cf. SMR pp. 925ff.).

However misguided Falun Gong's quasi-messianic aspects are

This lordship is total, even eviscerating the individual (by a surgery done by individuals), as this deus in machina (having been put there by impious hands) acts out its idol part. It is this catastrophe of cult power in the militant form and uniform of communist tyranny, that mainland China in its idol-grip seeks to export to Taiwan.

They however  are not buying and seem averse. After all, forced export are a little rich. The desire of the rulers of mainland China for Taiwan, like Russia's for Eastern Europe after World War II (and the riches of Eastern Europe DID help prop up Communist Russia for a little season), is spiritually the lust of an idol for victims, burning the children as of old, with the hot iron of its dictatorship, interning youthful seekers of liberty, oppressing search by the human spirit, loving its post as lord, missioning the masses without mercy, an Establishment that makes the worst excesses of British-Anglican Establishment seem almost mild by comparison (yet in the grip of the State, these were by no means always mild), as it swallows whole those over whom it swaggers with military sway.

To arm the hand that so oppresses, by and through commerce, and to aid the commerce by positive stimuli, is parallel to, if not the very same as the sale of souls for money. Even without 'assisting' blood-driven sales by others who are weak, the protection of the desires of commerce while this goes on, appears reckless enough!


What does Isaiah say ? Read Isaiah 26:13:

"O Lord our God, other masters besides You have had dominion over us,
but by You only we make mention of Your name."

What does this require ?

Even the environment of terms is for the divine: IT IS BY HIM that mention is made of His name. The Spirit is not for invasion, the worship not for secular direction: the whole is under the sole panoply of God Himself.

Communism is quite simply an idol-master, precisely as in Israel, steeped in superstition, asking of its determinative powers, gods over the earth, the provision of 'miracles' predicted in the name of its nubilous powers, who do not have the advantage of existing, so that the results do NOTA come to pass.

It is as with Baal of old, like Molech too, swallowing up children by 'necessary' imprisonment for disagreeing with them: and how one mourners for the imprisoned Chinese youth, butts of Communist folly and brutality. Ignorantly as with Romanist Inquisitions in the past, it tortures and trumpets, demanding submission this time not to the Pope (cf. SMR pp. 926ff., 950, 1032ff., 1088F-G, 1065ff., 1069ff.), but through marauding, murdering, to the Party.

In it, however, in vital areas, it is routinely condemned in its 'manifestation' of 'lord', as was Stalin by Krushchev and Mao by Zeng. This then is dominion! Dominion of mind, of body by artful pushers, Fagins of the soul, and devious devisors. By its rule, it sickeningly steals the souls of men.

What then is the application here of Isaiah's words ? Quite simply: making mention of God's name by State permission, in State terms, by State control. It is not by Party permission and rule that the name of Christ is to be mentioned, but by the authority of God, with the liberty of God to rule His Church as He wishes. It is CHRIST only who is head of the Church, which He purchased with His own blood (Acts 20:28).

Hence although one cannot approve of war in which a Church might participate by Solemn League and Covenant, nor on the other can one do other than condemn categorically in God's own name, any truck, traffic or participating treatment in terms of oversight and control, by any Government for a Church.

In this, the Scotch Presbyterians were entirely right: CHRIST ALONE IS HEAD OF THE CHURCH. While the Government might indeed institute righteousness (NOT " 'faith' by force", that ludicrous imposition of militant pretence), the Church is free directly to its Head, Jesus Christ. Other lords may not be mentioned in terms of His name. By HIS NAME ONLY may we make mention of His name. That is what we are instructed to believe, and hence to DO!

It is faithfulness exhibited in fidelity of government and utterance to HIS name, to HIS specifications, in HIS phrases and by HIS will, that is required. Indeed, ALL things are to be done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:17). There is simply no other name which is allowed by God to intrude in the things which are His, delving into the site which is HIS in the souls of men, bustling into their adoration and worship, hustling into their life control and aim, emphasis and rule. Hence, despite the blindness of a lecturer we had in a related field in Sydney University, who professed himself incapable of knowing what we learned from Christ's word, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things which are God's" (Matthew 22:21) - the facts are not only clear but simple. God does not allow any component of theology, of worship or church affairs in their teaching, spiritual and proclamatory phases to be entered by Caesar - the 'sovereign' State. Any such action is direct war on God Himself. It is not really apt for Christian organisations to act as if all were well, in such times; for governments to suggest it to be plausible and inoffensive, or pragmatically ... correct.

He, Christ Himself died rather than compromise. He had, after all, only to say that He was NOT the Son of God to escape all, a matter of ... doctrine! It was because there was no deviousness, no deceit in His mouth that He proceeded to die (Isaiah 53:9, Mark 14:62). Those who are ashamed of Him, of them will HE ALSO be ashamed (Luke 9:26).


However, vehement and grossly ignorant as is abusive Communism, the idol that insists, even freely chosen idols can bind their victims. The God who made us is our only true resource. Pity the people who pay a 'redeeming' Party for its worthless deliverance, its oppressive liberties and its invasive rescues. Its worthless and ruthless provisions of compulsory philosophic pills are for what ? Not least they are a birth-control device, seeking to prevent oppressed Chinese children from finding the kingdom of heaven. Nothing however and nobody can stop God. On the other hand, those who betray Him, in the end serve their own idols, which can make merchandise of them, even of them also (cf. II Peter 2:1). Gaining, to their hope, the whole world (for their party, cause, philosophy and so on), they gang into the gangway which terminates in the plank, which they duly walk. FREELY, then, many, not in the plight of the mainland Chinese, adopt IDOLS ? Yes, quite often.

And who could so act ? Not least those already sold by the many false churches, predicted to proliferate in our times ( II Thessalonians 2:3,7), those who have become the merchandise of their own misnamed prophets, their philosophically captured priests, their false christs and their New Age aspirations (cf. II Corinthians 11:4-11, SMR pp. 867ff.). Amongst their number are the 3 international conspiracies with the world in their eye (see SMR 829ff., 877-878, 903, 911ff., 920ff., 951ff., 925ff., 986-993, 999-1002C, 1032ff., 1074ff., and esp. 1078), those whose centres are Rome, Mecca and ... now by default,  Beijing. These are they which have so distinguished themselves in their trade, if you will, by vast multitudes, vast aspirations, vast violence and abundant world power-play.

Any nation is at high risk which plays its politics through such conspiracies (see list above, incl. SMR pp. 920, 951, and cf. Joyful Jottings 21 with News 42, in  Scoop of the Universe, pp. 152ff.), which like trained hunting dogs, know what to do with prey, especially that already slain by its own exposure to the violence of heart and mind, which its society desires. Let new players in secular society, like Australia facing Republican status with great division and uncertainty, beware. Repentance precedes change, and principles of abuse need rejection formally as well as conversationally, when a persecuting body is to create a new image; the head and heart must co-operate, and criminals of high estate must not escape for sentiment, when evil is exposed. While the world remains in the sites and in the sight of any body, it is no casual companion for those who want freedom, including freedom to worship without Caesar, his adjuncts or colleagues.

As to Christ, His people are volunteers (Psalm 110 cf. Joyful Jottings 23), and His instrument is faith, where mercy calls and reason justly bows.