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Chapter 7


Fallen is the USSR, Who will Bemoan her ?

News 350,

The Australian, May10, 2005, April 29, 2005

It is of course true that the slave trade in which so many nations in Europe indulged, was as horrific as you could wish, even in the area of ghouls. It is equally true that trading in men is an arrogant action that appals the mind and grieves the heart. You see it ironically exposed in Revelation 18:12-13, relative to the various degraded slaveries of Romanism; you see it in straightforward but abysmal terms in Uncle Tom's Cabin, relative to the precursors of the American War of Independence.

Moreover, pride and pomp may have contributed no little to World War I, though loyalties and containment of evil was undoubtedly a major concern. Men as objects rather than subjects, as manipulable rather than meaningful, is one of the vast perils of our Age. In Communism you have it as its confessed depth, where the individual is a 'thing',  a pawn.

Yet the enslavement which excludes God as part of its totalitarian servitude, and persecutes for those who, under the enslavement of Communism, are not yet sufficiently dominated by politicians not chosen by the people, to meet the insatiable greed to govern: this has an appalling horror all of its own.

Thus when the USSR, having by Stalin and his successors, some estimate, slain over ten millions of its citizens, there is room not so much for pause, as relief that it is gone; and as the Economist asks (as cited in The Australian, May 10, 2005):

"Where, Western observers (and some Russians) ask, are Moscow's memorials and museums to victims of the purges, Gulags and famines ?  Where is the equivalent of a German (or South African) official reckoning ?"

It goes on to mention

"the dreadful military blunders and wartime crimes ... the pointless army purges; the monstrous and mindless sacrifice of lives; the execution of tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers; and the persecution of returning prisoners of war ... Not to mention the wholesale deportation of Chechens and other Causcasion nationals, whose consequences Russia is still living with ... "

To this one might add the selective persecution of Christian and Jew, which may be continued to this hour in the latter case, the abusive intrusion in Christian churches, as when cheek bones were broken in an assault on a prayer meeting, as reported, the abuse of the alleged freedom of religion by the pretence that the State's security was threatened when Christian bodies worshipped freely, so that the State became a god, jealous of other gods, suppressive and subversive, and at war with the true God. Freedom of religion ? It was like the freedom of volcanoes, something that erupted and corrupted by twisted words and bodies and the ire of its fire was the only thing at all free.

Meanwhile,  the true God, the Christ,  was as earlier for a little, by Saul of Tarsus,  assailed and assaulted by this ghastly subterfuge, which merely brought nearer the fall of this hideous empire, carving up much of the world by the cutting edges of its brutalities.

The endeavour to control minds by drugs, devices, enticements and punishments is perhaps as deplorable an invention as ever hit the earth, certainly since the Roman Catholic Inquisition*1A; and its sacrilegious follies make a funeral pyre apt for the declivity to the ultimate abyss. Indeed, it was even condemned by an international meeting of psychiatrists in its days of devious devilries. It was not enough to starve, as some of the kulags, to transport to wasting under-fed labour in Siberian cold, to torture; no, more than this had to come, even drugs to dope, means to suppress, intrusions to seek to dissolve the spirit of man in the medley of the machineries of twisted minds and audacious spirits, indulged to the uttermost.

It is therefore no small matter to see this report in the same article:

"Many Russians might well agree with Russian President Vladimir Putin's description last week of the Soviet Union's collapse as the greatest geo-political catastrophe of the 20th century."

Perhaps at ancient Nineveh's fall, some who valued its pomp and power, its grasping credentials and its inveterate cruelties, for their various by-products, may have felt just the same to see its total departure. Indeed, as to Nineveh, that majestic, that mighty, that insatiable, inveterately cruel political calamity which for long ruled in this world's civilisation, or made marches into destiny with vast resources and powers, now here, now there, it ended as a heap in the dirt, for centuries not even recognised! Thus in The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 4, we note of this, among other exhibits of prophetically predicted ruin:

"Similarly Nineveh was condemned to desolation (Nahum 1:8-9, 14). It became a desolation.3 Says Davis, of Nineveh, in his Dictionary of the Bible: 'So complete was the desolation that in classic times the departed Nineveh became like a myth. Yet all the while part of the city lay buried under mounds of apparent rubbish.' "

However, among these ashes would not be the slaves, or the spirits of the dead, the objects of greed and the nations overthrown by inveterate invasive compulsions, obsessive delusions of grandeur, as if man were a vegetable to eat, or a tree to be chopped down. To a higher court are the spirits of man to be arraigned, and those not covered in Christ, who reject His mercy, these may indeed tremble for their misdeeds and man-consumption as if to curse were human, and to torment were play.

So with the USSR, there would be many who would not only NOT regret the departure of the USSR, nor grieve at all, but they would rejoice with cherished delight at the end of such an outrage in national dress. They could not agree with this estimate reported of President Putin.

in agreement by no means would be those slowly eroded by unspeakable deeds of horror by the KGB and the other resources of wickedness, where morality being dismissed, a new morality was subversively and surreptitiously introduced, so that for reasons impossible to find, the will of the State WAS morality, and whatever its unenviable lusts might be, they SHOULD be followed.

How on earth something ostensibly based on what happens, on a view of history which though debunked (cf. SMR pp. 925ff.), yet was the only basis, could generate what OUGHT to happen, how description could generate prescription: this is a conundrum even the most passionate cannot solve. Yet for this folly and woe of mind, this irrationality and presumption of pride*1, millions died, not willingly but as cattle for slaughter, perhaps many considering it a mercy that they did not live in order to be tortured the more by means including the drugs to disable if possible the minds and souls which were the target of this devilish array.

No, assuredly those tens of millions of victims, official and unofficial, of the malign passions of the degenerate State and its minions, these would not agree with such an assessment; but rather would they be more likely to rejoice at the demise of this engine for the sale of the human soul for such a pittance of passing power, amid a moral mushroom cloud of dissipating anguish. Regret the passing of this USSR, this denudation of thought and of man! as well might they regret the passing of a viper.

 It is with them as with Nineveh as you find in the prophet Nahum (3:18-19):

"Your shepherds slumber, O king of Assyria;

Your nobles rest in the dust.

Your people are scattered on the mountains,

And no one gathers them.

Your injury has no healing,

Your wound is severe.

All who hear news of you

Will clap their hands over you,

                           For upon whom has not your wickedness passed continually?"


Indeed, as the Lord predicted, so He did (Nahum 3:3-7):


"Behold, I am against you," says the Lord of hosts;

"I will lift your skirts over your face,

I will show the nations your nakedness,

And the kingdoms your shame.

I will cast abominable filth upon you,

Make you vile,

And make you a spectacle.


"It shall come to pass that all who look upon you

Will flee from you, and say,

‘Nineveh is laid waste!

Who will bemoan her?’

                           Where shall I seek comforters for you?"

If by mismanagement some now are short of food where multiplied thousands by testimony of note, were intentionally starved, in a land grab, then at least they do not do so at gun-point. At least there is scope for help, where the sale and of course, use of weapons might be turned rather to the production of food.

Those who tell God, the living and true God to get out bag and baggage, as in the earlier  USSR, those who mock because they do not, infantile in wisdom, find God swinging on a cloud or sitting on an asteroid in the space which He made, or disposed in some other way in the empyrean, as happened in that misshapen empire: such may indeed expect dismantling in due season. How could a State based on such principles and fed with such frippery long continue ?

Who will bemoan such a travesty through tyranny, such disregard of individual worth by individuals imagining that mere meeting together makes morality theirs, or that the determining of human destinies was set in their paws, to be engraved with slashes on the flesh of their victims!

God is not mocked, and the USSR like Nazi Germany has received its come-uppance. Foolish indeed would be the idea that Germany or Russia is to be castigated as one whole for the passionate follies against which many in those respective lands fought! Yet the result for the regime is to put red ink where blood was madly shed, and to declare failure where folly ruled.

Japan too received the end-product of its own follies, and its atrocities against China from 1937 on, augmented by the Communist coup later, also received their end at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the overall grand scope of things: more red ink for more red blood and unconscionable tortures. These included the endless seeming individual episodes loosely summed and seen in the pride of rough and often brutal conquest, in the Burma rail-road horror with prisoners of war, in Nazi concentration camps and in the follies of the slaughter of leadership in Cambodia. Sometimes judgment waits a little while, and then it comes; sometimes it is allayed by mercy, but He who sets the times and seasons of the nations has final accounts to settle in their day (Matthew 25, Acts 17:26-31, Psalm 50:20-23, Ezekiel 28:9).

The true God has power and what grows is the testimony continually to it, the attestation of the glory that is His alone. Yet the glory itself, it does not grow, for it is infinite already. But these nations, they have had their part in the program of learning, and the tide swells with arrogance on this and that side. What next ?

The world is next, this whole world; for it too is to receive its come-uppance. You say, But surely not ALL in the world, any more than all in Germany or Russia or Japan ? Of course not: for there are many in this world whose lives are for God, through the only Mediator and Redeemer even given, Jesus Christ, whose witness fills the earth and whose words are always fulfilled*2; and these are His.

Yet this world as a regime has its internationalised magnificence still to come, where not Hitler, not Mao, not Stalin but the Man of Sin of II Thessalonians 2 will at last make it. In the end, the beginning ends, and the end begins with this international scourge, in his place where many predecessors from Alexander the Great longed to be, and as far as Hitler is concerned, came near to reaching. Is memory so short ? is the crying to God so forgotten, at Dunkirk, and later in 1942 when the end of freedom seemed near on this earth ?

Is it so hard to recall those days and remember the margins! Is it beyond the imagination to see the UN and other instrumentalities of internationalism growing, Europe in place as a coming giant, and the need of security and co-operation impelling many to seek a world government which has what it takes to control what increasingly with puny power, yet augmented by scientific options, threatens the globe ?

When radioactivity, to take only one case, deals with this earth, this is not much left for vast periods of time! The world flees to its end, just as did those empire, including the USSR; and its end is near (Answers to Questions Ch. 5), just as predicted in this one of the vast scroll of predictions which never fail, but are fulfilled to the letter in history, as Christ declared (Matthew 5:17-20).

It is not a time to lament the demise of powers which used the crushing of human souls as gasoline and illusion as engines. It is time to augment understanding and seek the Lord, for neither now nor at any time in the future is He mocked, and the fact that His love is such that He willingly submitted to a season of mockery only to mock the mockers (as Psalm 2 predicted), is all the more reason to heed. It is not merely that His is power, for it belongs to Him who made minds and matter alike, including their cross-reference capabilities (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7); but His is the meaning and the mercy, and without these man's government is fit for guffaws, not glory*2.

It is a time to beware of the lust for power on the part not now so much of Germany, Japan or Russia, but of this World. That empire, it is the one for so long pending, never amending, always bending and fending for itself as it asserts itself longingly with lusty power after power, on this pretence or provocation, prevarication or pummeling; and it is the one coming, as predicted and as so much now foreshadowed by events*3. In the bosom of Satan it is a pearl; in wrath of God, this pretentious pretence and humanistic holocaust of all that is holy, to the limit of its power (cf. Revelation 12), it is an abode of ruin and judgment. If World War I with its trenches foreshadowed it, in its long and awe-ful day, the infernos of World War II gave a dark light and coming events. There is no limit to the power of God, and when men like little children, imagine themselves great because they find the way to the atom, like a child finding the keys to the car, they are but suffering delusion.  But God foretold it (cf. SMR pp. 790ff.).

When Revelation 13 hits the decks of history (cf. SMR pp.  906ff.), and the "Man of Sin" of II Thessalonians 2  has his place (not of course called that, but perhaps Glorious Leader, or Human Man or whatever seems appealing cf. Moon Soon, the novel on this biblical theme), many may be surprised, just as people may be as stunned in Germany when Hitler came into power and then started killing millions of Jews; but now the many will be without excuse. Not merely has God SAID that this coming World Empire is to be, but man has shown by MANY efforts, the preliminaries, and here one has seen, if eyes are yet open, how relatively easy it has been.

In part, it has occurred when the premises are right, when fear or envy, revenge or assertion seems ripe, when the man appears and the machinery is set up, perhaps for other purposes, but conducive to this one: RULE. It has spread till Europe was sinking, Russia was in peril, Africa was tottering, the Pacific was infested. It has another future, before its end.



If then history has shown this absurd rule-lust, it has shown something no less conspicuous: the desire to deride, destroy, decimate or hate Israel. To be sure, Israel in some things has asked for it, conspicuously by murdering Jesus Christ, though they did it judicially, as did Stalin in some cases, as has China done in many cases, and as is becoming more and more popular with bodies, other assassins, like al Qaeda. Yet it does not alter the blood. What you say does not alter the blood.

On the other hand, how many Gentile nations have oppressed Christians, the body of Christ! What of such atrocities in Italy and Spain and at times even Germany in the unholy days of the Holy Roman Empire, and yes, England in the era when Rome had the rule there, though it was pushed out vigorously and commendably from its horrid ways of torture and corruption, so reminiscent of those of Stalin in their odious devices to subdue or secure 'repentance', often only to kill anyway!

What of the travesties of Roman Catholic Spain lusting for gold and seizing it, taking as slaves those not killed, making use of 'converts' in servile labour, when she launched herself into America! The tale told on TV has been as poignant as that of the US Civil War, but more debased.

What of those Gentile nations which even now are losing their Christian basis, or disregarding it in the foolish confusions of multi-culturalism, a thing excellent for grace and patience, kindness and concern, but folly itself when it puts on its religious hat and begins to preach that no religion is anything more than any other. That is idolatry in the form of social affairs.

If you did something comparable in science you would be as shameless and ridiculous as here, but the eyes are closed as in Christ's day, as in Isaiah's (Isaiah 6, Matthew 13), lest they should see and repent and be converted and He should heal them (Matthew 13:14ff.). Is this something to use as a basis for despising Israel ? Scarcely, for it is merely following on from its premises of Calvary, at a new level, in the Gentile world.

Is it good not to rule by religion ? of course, since this is the Gospel era and the way is free. Is it good to fool with religion ? Of course not, since this is the Gospel day, and only judgment remains (John 3:19,36).

Yet Israel remains vitally important, since God used it as a demonstration lesson, not only to give the scriptures, but to be the land for His only begotten Son, the Messiah, to provide ground to acquit sin through faith only through His grace, to present His Son as a sacrifice, sufficient, sure and single as singular, and to demonstrate the resurrection from the dead as an example for those who are Christ's. Just as He showed His power in Egypt, at the time of the exodus from that slavery, so this time He acted to rescue not from a land, but from mortality! Israel figured in all this, the laboratory and action site of it all.

This land is also vital since God has specified that He would eventually bring Israel back into being after a long period of exile, have them win wars against wildly disproportionate enemies of great power, and bring Jerusalem back to them.

This He has done (1948, 1967). He always does what He says, as you would expect when truth and omnipotence are in one Being! It is one of the grounds on which He assures us of His reliability (Isaiah 41, 43, 48). It is His personal signature in history, for history (Matthew 5:17ff., 24:35).

Where then is the significance of Israel in our concerns about national and world empires, and what is to come ? It is this: just as it was chosen as the place of the Cross, for the sacrifice of the Messiah, so it is likewise chosen for His return in judgment (Zechariah 14:3-5, Acts 1:7ff., Isaiah 59:21), but not before He has abstracted His own people, whether Jew or Gentile indifferently, the Messiah-people, the Christians from the scene as a Father might abstract his children from a burning house (Matthew 24:37-51, Isaiah 26:19).

That however is no ground for mere complacency, since there is to be trouble enough before that day, though for the elect's sake, that of those chosen, His people and His 'bride' as in Rev. 19:8ff., He will shorten the time (Matthew 24:7-14). Nevertheless, at the time when the Man of Sin, the antichrist himself announces that he is 'god' in the temple (II Thessalonians 2:4ff.), showing himself to himself as divine, as 'god' in the normal parade of paranoia, this time not in an asylum but with the world's approbation (except for those who do not bow), then the restraining influence of the Spirit of God through His people is removed and Armageddon is not far off (Revelation 16).

Meanwhile, as these events sharpen their talons for the unrepentant (cf. Revelation 19:17ff.), and the people of God prepare for their sufferings and deliverance, just as Israel was delivered not from this earth, but from Egypt in its day, a trailer of events to come (cf. Micah 7:15), another soon is to follow. There is to be an assault on Israel. That is depicted in Ezekiel 38-39, and it is set after the promised return of Israel as in Ezekiel 36-37, at the brink of the final deliverance for many of Israel, in finding the rejected Messiah and receiving His salvation. The latter has happened.  The former looms*4.

It is in this setting of an ultimate adversarial relationship to Israel, 'agin the Jew', of an ultimate effort to take it once and for all, for after all


THIS is the nation which GOD USED and which God disciplined,
doing both just precisely as He said.


This is the nation
where the Christ came,
where His cross was,
where Israel was to return,
where it has returned,
where it was to be assaulted, where it was assaulted,
where it was to be victorious over vastly greater foes, and was so victorious,
where it was to linger in unbelief as Zechariah 12 so clearly shows,
and where it has so lingered, suffering while it waits, and waiting while it suffers.

 This is the country where there is to be an outpouring of the Spirit of God so that they will awaken to their rejected Messiah (as in Zechariah 12:10, cf. Micah 7); and it is here that it would be good for those who are at heart humanists, autonomous man worshippers, to destroy, to parade, to show power. It is like a flag, an insignia, an Eagle to grasp and display, and the world lusts, the UN especially (cf.
It Bubbles ... Ch. 11).

It is more than niggling, this Israel thing; it is ancient history come to life, the word of God come to fulfilment and the future of the world when Christ returns, coming to fruition. Besides, it is democracy and it is allied presently in some measure to other democracies. If power is to proceed, where better than out of the mouth of Jerusalem!

Many are the incentives. Many are those trying to seize it. They use different words, but to control it, if not to immolate it at least to have it possessed or so weakened that it is irrelevant to power, this seems common to many of the non-fraternal efforts to handle it, as few nations have been 'handled'!

It is to be as it was written in Ezekiel.

Now however we come to another piece of interesting news which is bound as one with the other. It is this as shown in The Australian, April 29, 2005.

This news ? President Putin, we read, visited Israel, wants a Peace Talk to be arranged, a thing which was rejected before he even landed.  After all,  as one said, there is a Road Map already, and Israel is not currently in the midst of that.

Thus an Israeli spokesman is reported as using these words, concerning President Putin's visit:

"We want to hear from him, what his idea is. We have accepted the idea of a conference. It's in the road map, in the second stage. We are not even in the road map at the moment."

Now there is here a certain willingness, but the peace conference is also noted as 'rejected' by Israel before Putin so much as landed. There is an interest, to be sure; but there is also the notation that Israel is "not even in the road map at the moment." The failure of the new Palestinian President even to confront the terrorist organisations directly, preferring negotiation, even with such past on their heads, it is at the heart of that outage. It is difficult to have peace talks with someone who is punching your nose, or supplying resources even of a general kind, to those who are doing so.

Why then is there this willingness to listen to what is willingly dismissed, or at least to him who brings this with other things in his bag ? It is doubtless for a number of reasons. Firstly, the situation has to be made realistic before ANY talk. Then, and secondly, any talk might lead to something useful. It is, after all, not every day that a Russian head of State visits Israel. The Australian notes that it is the FIRST VISIT by a Russian or Soviet leader to the Jewish State.

A rather different course has been followed by the Russian empire, or land. As the article in The Australian declares,

"Almost all of Israel's wars have been fought against Arab armies armed with Soviet weapons and trained by Soviet instructors."

This of course is true only of very recent times, but it is these that currently concern us.

What then did Putin offer other than the announcement, made in Egypt, that he wanted to reactivate the role of international mediators in the Middle East peace process! In so doing, at the same visit to Egypt, he is reported as discussing possible arms sales to Egypt (shades of the multiple assaults on Israel in 1948-1973). Small wonder that it is reported that Mr Sharon "will ... challenge the sale of anti-aircraft missiles to Syria", something Putin deems 'defensive'. However it seems Mr Sharon would not mind if Russia put pressure on Iran to halt its nuclear development. Again, Putin may discuss natural gas sales to Israel and participation in Russian space research.

Lollies for the children ? Who knows the heart of man, but the Lord!

Certainly showering weapons on Israel's assailants, notorious for seeking to extinguish her tiny kingdom - without a King since Christ is not yet returned to their hearts as a nation: this is not a peaceable act. It is indeed right in the groove of Russia's earlier thrust against Israel, from its barbarically anti-Christian period of 1917-1990, 83 inglorious years.

What is significant is this, that it is from the area of modern Russia, the Caucasus region being most closely in view, that the predicted assault on Israel appears to come, one which can have only one outcome, as the Lord is committed to its repulse*4.

That is to resemble the destruction of Nineveh, is cited as comparable with the devastations of the Exodus (Micah 7:15), and it is of great interest to compare the closing verses of Nahum, cited above, with those of Ezekiel 38-39. When man attacks God, a thing possible in view of the former's freedom, there is some scope; but when the ultimate is reached, and all means of mercy are despised, when the word of God ignored, when the ways of flesh are determined and resolute, then there is but one end. Some of these ends come from time to time, as in the case of Babylon, Nineveh and Egypt's conspicuously lowered role (foretold in Ezekiel 29:15), in Tyre and in Israel's victories of the last century. Some are to come, and this moves to the major one leading at the ultimate time of Revelation 19:19, when the nations gather against the Lord.

You say, Gather against the Lord ? Yes, it is not difficult, for in many of the universities, it is nothing less as they teach the mythical follies of organic evolution and leave little room for correction or thought on the basic issues*5, and even in schools, where in South Australia, a concerted assault has been made, and operationally for some 17 years, on the reality of the power and observable impact of God, in a Circular to Principals which is one of the most irrational, intolerant and extreme documents to populate an Age of extremes.

Recently the author was advised by the body concerned, that this is still being 'enforced'!

This is but one episode in the fall, though the Circular concerned appears singularly gratuitous, unscholarly in presentation and presumptuous, a very monument of un-scientific method and a derangement of what should be presented in METHOD to students! (cf. TMR Ch. 8).

More broadly throughout this world, one may ask, How many have been sacked, intimidated and derailed, when even the famed Professor Lovtrüp has acknowledged that the delusions of Darwin are misdirecting research funds! It is often presented without ground and merely assumed as a basis for when it is already past history, furiously condemned by straightforward scientific method (TMR Ch. 1, SMR pp. 145 -151). His work, Darwinism, The Refutation of a Myth, contains much of interest (cf. SMR p. 203).

Yes, it is not difficult to see, this coming confrontation, when this whirring world is already storming its way to the very brink of audacity, folly and pride.

That being so, Jerusalem is a great destination for God-haters, and those who reject Him. To reject One who has made you and then sent His Son to die for you, and to provide unlimited mercy for your return, it is not some little act. It is moreover summarily despatched in the end, for where else can such disgrace end but in eternal separation from God. Can He do more than die for you in human form and format ? More than offer free salvation ? more than show a grace in the face of horror which is the acme of forgiveness and the very splendour of pardon ?

The lust and the 'must', the sense of need if not necessity in one world government, as one way to handle terrorism, to subdue squabbles when the hands that fight can foul the earth with radioactivity or chemical spoilage or bacterial or viral horrors, so readily, together with the love of humanism, the love to be something more than one is, the delusive dynamic of desire, the trust in man's wisdom, all this is culminating, so that the efforts of former tyrants are mere foothills to the new mount of epical proportions. The desire to 'deal with' Israel in a way few nations would tolerate, this continues also, as the predicted combinations of categories comes to its final pattern.

So to think and to act is becoming more popular as lies and lords proliferate, giving graceless assault to the realities of the God who made them, in whose hand they lie, as if they yearn to follow the nations of yore who came into final ruin because of this. It is as if a branch should cut itself off, having got its own secateurs, and rejoice in its folly as it withers.



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News  53 (and 'all the nations' in  Zechariah 14 ... today), read with NEAR   4,  10;  RDP 10
(Israel and the calling of names), CELEARTH  13 (the UN and Israel ... and others! and unity moves).

On Gog, see Highway of Holiness Ch. 6.

*5 See TMR Chs.   1,   8, Secular Myths ...   8, ,     7, 
Earth Spasm
   7;    1;   3
CELEARTH    4  *2; 
Beauty for Ashes Ch.     3