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News 293

The Advertiser, October 19, 2003


The Moslem conception of Dr Mahathir is not flagrantly different from much that has been found in the Koran (More Marvels ... Ch. 4); but in one point he is far more specific.

The Jew is to be beaten. What does he declare: "1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews".

What then ? He is reported to have indicated that the use of political and economic tactics, not violence, was the way to achieve a "final victory". It sounds so like Hitler's "final solution", and quite as ghastly in its enterprise. Israel apparently, in holding one of the tiniest of places on the planet, a small fraction of the promised Palestine (cf. Calibrating Myths Ch. 10, Galloping Events Ch. 4, Of the Earth, Earthy ... Ch. 10, Regal Rays of Revelation Ch.  1), is utterly unacceptable. It must apparently cease to exist, so that the lebensraum compulsion that many Moslems feel, and multitudes zealously express, may be fulfilled. This is the ultimate in indulgence, and inequity, and uttermost in parody.

YOU trouble me by existing, hence cease to do so. In other words, is the murderous impulse is to be the criterion of justice, or is the slaughterous ? but is this in some parts at least now to pass ? Is it now to be the triumphalist desire to become the paragon of virtue, to circumscribe, to defame, to ring-bark a nation, to remove its location, to terminate its place, to overcome, overthrow, to despatch, to crush, to defeat ? and in what ? In detailing it to move from its site, so that its sight might no more offend the eye ? Is some such notion as this to be forwarded, and gravely nodded to, in courts and places of high ideal ? It is a strange world, but little is more so than this!

The final victory, then, appears to be this, that not only should Indonesia, and Malaysia, and Syria, and much of Jordan, and Iran, and Iraq, and Azerbaijan and Georgia and Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Morocco and Sudan and so on, thus including the oppressive encircling movement around Israel, be given the liberty to practise their ways, with such discipline and directness in many cases, such approach to the obliteration of the dignity and integrity of the spiritual and personal reality of women and such despatch to the cut off members of those who err, as in the case of thieves. More is needed. Israel must not be around ? What else is this 'final victory' but the Hiterlesque equation: WE are and YOU must not be! That equals ... what ? It would appear to equal murder of a nation, of a people in its national place, of a past, of a promise of God to Israel (Galloping Events Ch. 4, Red Heart ... Ch. 10).

If it is less, how otherwise is the oft cited 'calamity' of Israel's return to be construed ?

Moreover, Mahathir reportedly declared that the world's Muslims were in a "quagmire" and feeling "sidelined or marginalised". It is not however in the obliteration of Jewry, in the Middle East or elsewhere, that would correct any such treatment as he apparently imagines.

Let us illustrate. Hitler also tended to be mocked, in songs  and parodies.

Why ? Not least it was precisely because of his apparent barbarism in conducting experiments on Jewish bodies confined in slaughter-houses, in exterminating them like vermin, in seeking glory and fulfilment for the Nazi dream, as if humanity were an excrescence and Siegfried Inc. the point of the whole exercise of man. It was indeed because that these things were the works of a one-man Mafia, who seemed to aggregate like-minded zealots whose immaturity, whose egregiousness, whose tendency to stark inhumanity, whose pretension and whose ambition made nausea seem a relief by comparison. 

The violence was merely vile; the pretentiousness, pretence; the grandeur was hideous, the self-affirmation of a foolish philosophy, raised to a peak in presumption, an abyss before his feet, while he goose-stepped.

In seeking glory,  man often loses it; in seeking respect, he can become a joke; in affirming his rights with volatility, he can become a sump. Darkly moving to self-affirmation, or merely ideological affirmation, not verified by clear reason, not attested by verification, not divinely assured to man made in the image of God, with claims not confirmed, the march of desire, with the destructive impulses that readily result do not encourage admiration. More especially is this so when man becomes, without any scientific adequacy for his claims, and with whatever protestations that it is otherwise,  the virtual source, not God (cf. SMR pp. 1080ff.). It is such things can marginalise a nation, a man or a movement, whatever its name might be. 

To be sure, mankind is altogether vulnerable in his fallen state and condition. Thus,  in his fatuity, when apart from God, that disease biblically brought to the light as a blight for woeful and even wilful separation from God (Romans 1:17ff., John 12:40, Matthew 13:14, Isaiah 6), he can follow the emptiness of loud assertions, arrogant pretensions and irrational pretexts; and often has done just that.

However, apart from the passion of the indoctrinated, what is found ? The outside view, the external appearance of the phenomenon is often one occasioning acute derision, mild mockery, spiritual aversion, the cultural eye aghast, the stomach revolted, the mind affronted. It is in the LOSS of the assertiveness, the use of reason and the use of humility, not bluster, that the remedy may be found for any marginalisation in such a case!

Yet, just as the problem is being mouthed, so the cause appears to be confirmed! It would seem almost like being appalled at a smoker's cough, wondering if it betokens lung cancer (yet), and then smoking vigorously while ONE SAYS SO!

God for His part expressly affirms that He has provided for the mind of man masses of reasons, infallible proofs, assured demonstrations of His word and way, so that any who reject it have only themselves to blame (cf. Isaiah 41, 43, 48). It is not only the Moslem, and not merely the secular: it is mankind itself which needs to repent, not to some establishment of some, who rule, but to God the Creator and Saviour, who does not disregard man as if he were acceptable in his present condition, or works could atone for the state of his soul, or cover the sin of the earth. He INSISTS on sacrifice, to match justice to crime, yes spiritual crime of which all stand guilty before God, and does not waive anything, being pure to an infinite degree.

Only HIS OWN sacrifice covers the case; and only HE has shown reasonably and assuredly for all time, and at any time, that this is so. Neither does He change, nor does His word change; and if some who mock His methods, reject His reason, do not follow His revelation, ignore His Jesus Christ, find the going rough, it is not through the malice of Christians that this is so. They also, every last one of them, were in the same case, and were rescued only by the grace of God.

Let us take now one illustration of the word of God working.



God, as so often, is glorified by the wrath of man (Psalm 76):

"Surely the wrath of man shall praise You;

                           With the remainder of wrath You shall gird Yourself."

In what way, however, does this here apply ? It is in this way. Dr Mahathir has declared, by report, this interesting datum:


"Mr Mahathir told leaders form 57 Islamic nations that Muslims had achieved "nothing"
in more than 50 years of fighting Israel"  (The Advertiser).

In so saying, he showed from a Muslim mouth what the mouth of the Lord had predicted millenia ago, in Zechariah 12. ONE of Israel, it declared there, would be like a thousand, in the wars against it and against Jerusalem, which would be an injurious and heavy stone to those who sought to manipulate it.

That, it is the word of God. This is the word of man. The latter confirms the predictive assertion of the former. The fact that Zechariah 12 goes on to attest the coming of a vast national repentance in Israel, for having pierced their God in human form, this prior to the return of the Messiah in glory and power to Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:10, 14:5), merely time-sites the matter precisely. It does more.

It shows that the Lord had determined to conclude the matters in this very way, in terms of His own then looming sacrifice in human format; and this being half of one millennium before that sacrifice, He thus showed doubly His control, supervision, wisdom and knowledge. Not only was it to happen as He said, when He came, to the last detail, but these were the relevant parameters which would be facing the nation of Israel to the last, even millennia later again, just as Isaiah made it plain they must be (Isaiah 53-55, 63:13-15)!

What then is the time of this presentation in Zechariah, and how may it be characterised in its biblical, predictive setting ?

It is in a time when Israel is back, when enemies multiply, when Israel is given amazing aid in survival, when it fights and remains despite horrific odds. That was to be as shown succinctly in Zechariah 12.

It was to be. It is. Dr Mahathir has characterised the result of 50 years of fighting very much in the way the Bible did; except for this difference, that he says it with disgust, the Bible with gusto.

Nor is it that the Lord favours Israel in its sins (as you see in Ezekiel 36:22, even for this period - cf. SMR Appendix A); but that He is honourable, and is determined to do what HE SAID (cf. Ezekiel 36:22ff., Galloping Events Ch. 4), and WILL NOT be diverted, cajoled, manipulated, shouted down, replaced; nor will He digress (Great Execrations ... Ch. 4). That is one of the features of the word of God: what He declares HE WILL DO, He does (Isaiah 44:24-26, Jeremiah 23:28ff.).

His doing of it is frequently in conditions so apparently ludicrous that only HE COULD do it; and He does it. This is merely one of the ways in which He gives, in grace to man, the key to the door that opens, the Messiah, that righteous door (Psalm 118).

Yes NOTHING is the prevailing of the many Muslims against the few Israelis in this time; that is what is now being said, and this by an enemy of Israel! Israel has been able to prevail in its Muslim-locked little retreat, and to do so for half a century, and more!

To that, add the shocking betrayal by Britain, itself the Balfour Declaration mouthpiece in 1917, giving Palestine to Israel, as confirmed by the League of Nations, which it performed so heartless in 1948, when BRITISH ships turned away Jewish survivors and those deprived of a country, from returning by sea to their land! Add to that also, the all but incredible partisanship of the UN, which wanted to internationalise Jerusalem and give to the Jews bits and pieces of unarticulated land, in the main (1947 cf.  Divine Agenda Ch. 8). Yet Israel prevailed, and the nation was born at once as Isaiah declared would occur (Isaiah 66:8ff.).

Who has HEARD of such a thing! the prophet asked; yet it was to be, and it was. 

The nation, once so near to the Lord, but then rejecting Him (Isaiah 65:13-15), itself rejected , became the butt of many; but when brought back, it was this nation, fully in view in all its pathos and provocation alike, that would be reconstituted in a DAY. That day was in May, 1948, and it was in fact the work of a broadcast by Ben Gurion to do it!

Hear Isaiah 66 on this day, when the mourning for the lost nation is replaced with amazement at its being restored: for here is that phase one of the Ezekiel 37 final solution of God Almighty, which is in phase 2, nothing less than conversion, not extinction, building and not bluster, repentance and not ruin, for those who come to Him out of Israel (cf. Isaiah 59:20, Romans 11 and see It Bubbles ... Ch. 10).


"So will I choose their delusions,

And bring their fears on them;

Because, when I called, no one answered,

When I spoke they did not hear;

But they did evil before My eyes,

And chose that in which I do not delight.

"Hear the word of the Lord,

You who tremble at His word:

'Your brethren who hated you,

Who cast you out for My name’s sake, said,

"Let the Lord be glorified,

That we may see your joy."

But they shall be ashamed.'

"The sound of noise from the city!

A voice from the temple!

The voice of the Lord,

Who fully repays His enemies!


"Before she was in labor, she gave birth;

Before her pain came,

She delivered a male child.


"Who has heard such a thing?

Who has seen such things?

Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day?

Or shall a nation be born at once?

For as soon as Zion was in labor,

She gave birth to her children.

" 'Shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery?' says the Lord.

'Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb?' says your God.


"Rejoice with Jerusalem,

And be glad with her, all you who love her;

Rejoice for joy with her, all you who mourn for her;

That you may feed and be satisfied

With the consolation of her bosom,

That you may drink deeply and be delighted

With the abundance of her glory."

How well this resembles Deuteronomy 32:43, cited by Paul! From the beginning, the circumstances of the end were judiciously, indeed judicially announced.

THE TIME HAS COME: CAN YOU YET HEAR, Nearer my God to Thee! on this Titanic, that cannot be sunk,  as it sinks ?

The fact that this day has come (cf. Ch. 9 above, SMR Ch. 9),

as have these environmental circumstances of aggressive desire on the part of many


to seize the capital from the Jew,


to enfold it in their arms in a suppressive rather than expressive manner,

bullet while many have suffered as did Iraq, as did Jordan, as did Syria, as did Egypt:

this composes the situation with the normal divine precision, just as predicted some 2500 years ago.

The despised land is in motion, and in commotion, pending their return in large numbers to the Lord (Romans 9:25ff.). The eye sees what the ear has heard. Time gallops on; for though the velocity of light in this decaying, ageing universe, seems downward bent, the pace of events leading to Christ's return is accelerating. In one way, this is very much in the same pattern: what was created, it ages; the One who created, He never ages. He always does what He says. One more thing ? This same Jesus will come again in a manner like that in which you saw Him go (Acts 1:7).

What could be clearer ? It is always clear if you are willing to follow it, because you follow Him. Rebellion is worse, says the Lord (I Samuel  15:23) than witchcraft. It even tends to bewitch the brain! (Isaiah 6).