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There is a trend in the heart of mankind to ascend. Hilary thought it good reason to climb Mount Everest, that IT WAS THERE. Many find the need to resolve a problem, to be something the same: it is there. A faith in the reality and ordering power of God has in fact historically been a large impetus to many godly scientists - men like Faraday, Maxwell, Newton, Lord Kelvin, Braun - to EXPECT answers where in fact they are found, in rationality, order, intricate inter-relationships of design. That is what designers do, the sort of work at which they apply themselves.

This can be quite healthy. It can increase knowledge simply by applying the matter-analysing powers of mind, in order to ascertain with the comprehension capacities of spirit, what is what and what, for that matter, is not.

However there has been a pathogen that has crept in, perverting this blessed ascent in understanding of the universe, into something more akin to curse, and as so often, it is a fine blend of human pride and autonomy which seems back of it - short, that is, of that maestro of all anti-God confusion, the devil.

Listening-In to the Musing of the Beautiful Bureaucrat

1. Manufacturing Cloud Nine

There he was, immersed in business in his spacious office.

The Commissar for Cloud Nine was at work. It was interesting work, even fascinating, but suffered from cost over-run. It had been found by the cost-accountants that the methods of sustaining that altitude necessary for efficient functioning of CLOUD-NINE COSMOLOGY, which had been up for around one and one half centuries, had grown disproportionately in recent years. *1 )

Darwin had of course fallen... *2; too many atheists and agnostics were criticising his non-happening theories to be comfortable, and only the tangible successes of Cloud Nine Propaganda Section were really clinging to it any more: especially in places like Education Departments which might take a few decades to catch up with the facts ... but too many actual influential thinkers were now proposing wholly different solutions because neither the Cambrian Age nor the Mammal Record nor the Genetic realities would conform to the Idea. Other theories always verged on the obviously fantastic, never worked and so forth.

The Philosophic Section was doing much better. It was quite remarkable how they had taken over whole universities with a sort of unspoken assumption and assurance, presumably because

  • it was so very important to so many of them to be FREE,
  • gloriously, spaciously, CLOUD NINE free of morals and restraint
  • that almost ANYTHING would do.

Anyway, it worked well enough there, but the bickering about what was the best theory about it all when none of them even approximated the facts as a base, WAS embarrassing!

The cost was high. There had to be a LOT of very hard work to butter up the dry toast before it broke into a thousand fragments and make it at least tolerable, rather than downright disgusting to even casual analysts, of whom there were more and more.

However, the results were for the time not disastrous. "It is just the cost," he mused. "There have to be enough inane TV sessions - and really, even for a True Believer, which I suppose means in this case a false zealot, but one has to do SOMETHING - to keep the popular mind at rest, and a constant supply of preachers of unrighteousness is absolutely essential."

Newspapers had to be inclined in the right direction, for if even ONE of them were to follow the actual evidence, only disaster could be expected. The trouble with a lot of the academics was this: MARKETING. They did not seem to realise that far more conformity was needed in their thought for marketing purposes. Imagine if the Army before a war could show only a divided series of wholly incompatible theories about meeting the enemy.

It had started well enough: ah! those were the days! In the thirties before the Second World War, there it was, and even before that, as World War I began to loom. There was that lovely EXCELSIOR, ALWAYS MORE, IF NEED BE BY WAR! slogan. It had stuck, and to be sure, a couple of world wars had been related - Kaiser with the German State in its philosophic, striving and evolving beauty as supreme - wonderful gift of Hegel, that! and Hitler with his god of forces, hit the Jews and run with the loot concept, a sort of developed Hegelianism with a Nietzsche backing (poor fellow that last one! went mad! wish they would think more of the CAUSE we're fighting for, before doing that sort of thing).

Yes it was a simple plan, worked quite well to a point, or had done so in the past. Someone had to be better, so ...

evolve through war and then encore!

But that was passé if anything ever was. There were too MANY wars, and people were getting sick of them, he mused. Peoples couldn't war ALL the time, or they wouldn't have enough to blow up left after lthe ast time, and it was tiresome. I mean, he reflected, there has to be some reward!

Then there was the nasty mood change. Of course it was good to bleed the USA - too much religion there - and so bring it down a bit so that more secular forces could have more clout. Yes, though, that was a success if ever there was one. Would you believe the OUT OF SCHOOLS FOR PRAYER slogan in a NATION LIKE THAT! Pride of nationhood, as if freedom lay in exclusion of their ostensible matrix! Be free by denying the operation of its source in the freeways of the glory that was America. It had an almost Hitleresque ring: WE ARE GREAT, so what need to we have of the God who tells us.

However they bought it, that was the main thing. Yet even there now in Time Magazine in April of this blessed year of 1998, you see reports of hundreds of schools, a large percentage indeed and Government schools at that, with prayer groups and the like, after school, some with some permission even to advertise these things, in the premises which had been dedicated to no-God.

Nevertheless it worked just fine at the time when it happened and God, the God of the Bible was OUT: THAT! it was a coup! God as a dispensable extra! Magnificent! It just showed you, he reflected, what secularism could achieve when it appealed to some vague feeling of liberty.

Liberty however, he thought coolly, it was no good in the long run: all that cost of keeping Cloud Nine, Cosmology Aloft. It was simply too high a price.

The Philosophic Section, now, it had run into troubles of its own...

2. The Descent from Cloud Nine

There was that horrible, almost horrifying outburst of Leary-ism, drugs, fall-by-sensation, it's all your life! sort of stuff. The very name almost seemed to describe it. Surely they could have thought of that: surely the boys could have done something if they had only grasped its significance earlier. Still, to be fair, at that time it was all sensationally and almost ecstatically ga-ga, so that even such a name as that might seem attractive.

It could only be temporary. They should have seen that. Abstraction from reality is certainly in the right line for any propaganda machine, but then we need the minds to manipulate if we are to have a really strong society-in-secularism; so that as a long-term project, it had to go. Now it was getting out of hand, as if ruining minds were the intent in making them... "Oh dear!" he pondered. "Here am I using words like that! I'll be talking of design and creation next. It just shows the strain of working in such a situation, such an atmosphere... I might say!"

Then that mood of disillusion. Surely! ... it grieved him it WAS SO complicated. Sure, disillusion was good for anti-morals. Frustrated and morose people could do almost ANYTHING, and that, it liberated; of this he felt sure. Yet it had a certain negativity of feeling. No class! The old German Kaiser had some of that - something you were going to GET, rather than a pain in the neck, a heavy heart, a disordered mind and the need to rely on your parents or the secular State, bless its heart, to make you even financially sufficient.

And then all this business of ... crime! "Because of drugs!" That was TERRIBLE for the trade! True of course in many cases, but not necessary to blather about it; surely the newspapers and communication arm can manage better than that. Couldn't they MAKE them see that we need better co-operation than that.

"Falling ... falling ... falling!" he stared within without joy. "It reaches me that. It is all, always falling, and the structural, psychological reality of it all is that you CANNOT ... let me say that again, C.A.N.N.O.T. maintain any really workable altitude in CLOUD NINE COSMOLOGY when this sort of thing is its practical expression in what some people even dare to call reality - the actual results in the flesh.

"FALLING statistics ? Oh no! Rising statistics in about all the crime you could wish, rising suicides, assaults, school deaths, madnesses of every kind. It makes my flesh creep. There is simply NO discipline in the ranks any more. There HAS to be SOME sort of dignity given to this thing soon ... If the Creator is to come back then where will we all be! We try that 'nice little Sunday school boy!" derision sometimes, but then that has a back-lash, for a lot of parents seem to heave a sort of nostalgic sigh at that thought that nice children with obedient temperaments, obedient to truth no less, and moral tone could actually exist on this earth. You know, the other day, I actually heard a parent SAYING THIS! that it was as if children had all but ceased to exist. That is, only after a few years at school, cool school! Oh well, we MUST do better and all these private schools. Sure, it saves the Secular State a lot of money, and that is to the good, so that it can pursue its aims with less service and more left over for propaganda and so forth.

"Incidentally, it also helps in this, that it empties a goodly number of Christian pockets, parents who PAY for private school, parents who WILL NOT have their children taught that self-assertion and Darwinian survival are the spice of life and indeed its cause; though frankly, how they EVER thought that survival was arrival is always a mystery to me. But there it is. We have a job, that's what we're paid for, and the fact is the ALTIMETER is not looking good for CLOUD NINE."


"You hear a lot about this Christian stuff," he reflected. "Repent and seek the Lord. Do not ASCEND because without God you only DESCEND; have no CLOUD NINE! (absolutely absurd, no job for me, and it IS interesting!) ... and find the Messiah, the Christ who is King, and He only will Rule, with righteousness, justice, mercy, love, kindness, consideration and so forth; but you have to be SAVED! Frankly, I prefer hell with all its mess to being saved. I mean, where would 'I' be! Obviously this re-structuring of the soul, as they call it, it is an absolute abomination to anyone who wants to be the centre of the universe, as with all modesty - due modesty - I do!

"No! The ONLY alternative is this. Have an antichrist, a real charmer, a man of steel with gloves of velvet, a man of technique, with computerised augmentation to make a really good IMAGE. Let him use force. I am sick of al the slick and slithery work I have to do, for all its interest. It costs too much. It is ruining my own self-respect.

"No, you need system, plan. What war doesn't, and let's face it, this IS WAR. The territory to be claimed, gained: it is MAN! All the other wars were so petty in a way, but I suppose technology helps us now. After all, if you control MAN, why worry about this little (or even large) bit of territory. YOU have control.

"Charm them and then get it, then tell them and make it happen. I mean, ants and all that, termites even better, and bees: fantastic things can be done when you ORGANISE people! Economics is a soda with the computerised techniques available, and they've been testing laser methods - yes, yes, I know just as the Bible says, marks on the body to identify and all that - soon NO ONE could MOVE financially without permission. And there is the beauty of it all!

"Ah sometimes I WISH, I really do, Hitler had made it, but then, a bit unsophisticated! Now it would have real clout. In the sort of set-up I look for, you don't have to GIVE PERMISSION: you simply PREVENT the money from being available. Your number is NOT AVAILABLE! "Dear Sir, Your Account Number no longer exists! It has been regrettably necessary to cancel it!" Beautifully neat. No blather.

"What do they do then!

"So ... Wrap up every kind of aid, legal and otherwise in the system, make even the richest eat humble pie: after all, when YOUR NUMBER IS OUT! They actually were reported to have SAID that this would be an option in the U.N. some time past. Most indiscrete, but then, some of these are simply uneducated in what it is all about!"

4. Leaving our MUSING OFFICIAL,
let's consider it!

There is only one opportunity to avoid this endless clenching of the eyes, lest they should see, closing of the ears, lest they should hear: aborting of thought, lest you should think and see and comprehend and be converted, being convicted of subterfuge, sin, and folly incredible and eddies of vagrancy innumerable (cf. Matthew 13:13-15). It is the unique Jesus Christ, free of any contamination, superb in majesty, majestic in lowliness, holy in grace, effectual in working, predicted, pure and the enshrining of God Himself, definitively in human form.

The other 'answer' to Christ is antichrist, a substitute machined by social engineers, augmented by electronic engineers, groomed by political engineers, until the whole of the world lies in all but prostrate submission to the Lie Leaders, Mind Suppressors, Convenience Committees, in manifest and open war with God (cf. Micah 3:5, Revelation 16:14-15, 19:19).

Avoiding that mythological mysticism and miasma of fraud (cf. SMR pp. 750B-D, 857-873, 909ff., 923ff., 611ff., Questions and Answers 7, 4), there is but one.

THAT! It is Jesus Christ the Righteous! Lord of creation and Author of Salvation.

"OVERTURN, OVERTURN!" Squalid substitutes for divine rule, aspiring in vanity, will not last; for God is not with them.

Does not Ezekiel, in 21:26-27, speak in the name of the Lord, just such a thing for God's work in exposing the dismal dealings of men, self-hypnotised as if God were an option, for a realm at peace ? It is HE who will overturn!

  • "THUS SAYS THE LORD god: Remove the diadem, and take off the crown; this shall not be the same; exalt him who is low, and abase him who is high.
  • "I will overturn, overturn, overturn it, and it shall be no more, until he comes whose right it is; and I will give it to Him."
  • There IS hope: "Looking to that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us that He might redeem us form all iniquity, and purify to Himself a people of His own, zealous for good works..." - Titus 2:13-14, cf. Acts 1:7-11.
  • That is the only way, to accept the KINDNESS of God.
  • God made human kind
  • and made the way of kindness for human kind;
  • but no kind of alternative or substitute can be made for God,
  • for the simple reason that you cannot alter history
  • and have us made by someone else,
  • even if someone else were there,
  • which is historically and logically impossible (SMR Chs.1-4,10)
  • as well as contrary to the evidence of Him who is there (SMR Chs.5-9).

All this ersatz stuff, this psychological manipulation, now exceedingly difficult, already, to differentiate from insanity in its irrational writhings and twistings, this man-makes-man illusion, delusion and fraud, HAS TO HAVE force in the end, and charm as an agency on the way.

The only way to expect to make folly "work" is by force. And that is not kind! It never was and it never will be! It has been seen times innumerable, and its name is make-believe. Truth is an invariable ingredient of anything worth while, and freedom is possible when truth rules.

And as to truth, of course, truth will out: not only because there is otherwise interminable friction, not only because mankind is made for it and squirms in its absence, however bold the exterior: but also because God who is the truth, has never abdicated! His foreknowledge has put Him in charge of the last from the first and He is as He always was and will be, unchangingly what He would be, knowing all things and implementing His desire in concert with the prophets and history in perfect accord. (Cf. SMR pp. 26-35, 545ff., 580ff., 44-45, 88-89, 269, 313-315; consult Malachi 3:6, Psalm 102:25-28, I Peter 1:23-25, Isaiah 40:6-8, Jeremiah 33:19-26, Matthew 24:35.)

CLOUD NINE cannot be maintained, but its illusion can be ENFORCED. Biblically, the latter is the way man will take - MAN! let us be rather more fair linguistically! "It is the way the world will take!" Man? Dear old mankind, so sadly lassoed by the cowboys of the devil, the task-masters of illusion, it divides and will till the end comes (Matthew 10:35-36, John 18:36-38). The sheer force of administered people-control will surely come as it came in Russia, in China and is marking time to come for all the world. It is in one sense clearly right that it come as a judgment on this world.

As the U.S., both in war and in the treachery of many in peace,

gave illusory strength to rotted Russia,

fallen into its rough-cut Communist woes,

helping create a myth in the midst of their madness,

before some realism crept in, as when Reagan called

things by their names, and before long this folly fell;

so now it is aiding the withering bureaucracy of China.

There comes a pouring in of funds and help in the name of "our interests",

with query on query of dangerous exports,

that leads on China to more of these dehumanised inhumanities,

with the appearance of action,

the dynamic of development significantly imported,

thrust in from where freedom has more place.

In this way does the U.S. help these banal, drab,

soul-assailing substitutes for functionality,

feeding on what the regime does not create,

a colossus astride their human heart, directing it to its mouth,

maintaining itself in the name of stability (Time p. 45, July 6, 1998)*3,

at gun-point, instead of meeting reality with reality, and

matching the dissidents with truth, not torture,

too well-attested by Harry Wu and his researches,

reported by him to the U.S. Senate,

himself subjected to imprisonment and duress.

Is this not economic profiteering at the expense

of those the system does not answer,

and is it soulless arrest of souls, compounded by their abuse for gain ?

while others flee or are restored, or rot

because their mouths are not where control would have them be.

When the continuance of life becomes its chief purpose,

Its value is self-defined at zero*4,

its character, contributions and resources

prostituted for mere continuance of ... whatever,

and indeed, as Christ said,

"Whoever will save his life will lose it: and whoever shall lose his life

For My sake, the same shall find it ,"(Matthew 16:25).

Here in these sad assaults, however, the control-mechanism

is formally geared to Intrusion of loss

as a national pastime, not individually determined.

As in the Roman Empire of old, non-Emperor worship (here substitute, rejection of pseudo-imperial Communist cult),

spells State alienation, that may mean alienation of liberty,

or life.

And again, as Christ said, "What shall a man be profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" - Matthew 16:26. And if the State would make the soul-sale vicariously, what is the place, then, of that State!

Thus, what must be said when the US gives most-favoured-nation treatment to China, while the latter ? What does it do ?

It imprisons and deals for gain,

exploiting the virtual slave-labour of people inconvenient to them,

with manifest injury to truth and equity,

disdaining their heroism and concern,

substituting alleged national economic well-being-with-Communists-in-power

for that freedom which fears nothing BECAUSE it is true.

When the US does THIS! ...

certainly there is to be expected, payment.

There was payment in the American Civil War after the exploitation of slaves, and Britain paid hard coin in two World Wars, losing all the needless and often cruel rigours of the Industrial Revolution may have 'gained': God is not mocked.

A little here, a little there for profit, and security and happiness in the US (or a lot here and there, in China) whilst some are tortured, despite their courage, endlessly and tiresomely humiliated in mind and body, if by any means the spirit of the nation might be broken on behalf of alien illusions, not fit for any man: the US cannot do this to encourage tyranny in China, and hope not to be infected with that to which, thereby, it morally yields.

The time will surely come when the world withers, its ideology a caprice, its deceit and force then internationally potent as they have been in the Russian and Chinese empires*5, to name only two. THIS! it is no insult to the Russian people, or to the Chinese. It is to their immense credit that heroes have arisen in the very face of intense psychological tyranny which, in the case of Russia, had even the international psychiatric body hostile, because of brutal drug use and suppression.

Here was a case of oppression which Russian hero Solzhenitsyn characterised as numerically worse than the Czars managed. But the system of the world started in our contemporary world, to expand in these two Empires; and it moves and will move till its last gluttony for souls is finished, and it is famished ... when HE COMES TO WHOM IT IS DUE, THE CROWN, WHOSE RIGHT IT IS, the Lord JESUS CHRIST (Ezekiel 21:26-27, Revelation 5:6-9,  cf. SMR pp. 623ff.).

That too, it will happen. With the word of God, without any exception to the slightest degree, it ALWAYS HAPPENS (cf. SMR Ch. 9).

There is a better way, the way of truth, the way of sacrifice, in which Christ having paid the ransom for sin, those who come may receive it, each one covered in the predestining foreknowledge of God, each with his/her place in the infinitude of the magnificence of the Creator, who knows His people. He made them. He loved enough to SEND INTO THE WORLD His only begotten Son (I John 4:9), NOT to condemn but that the world might be saved.

The result: either YOU will be saved, or you will not be. If you are not, since HE WOULD HAVE ALL MEN TO REPENT AND TO RECEIVE THE TRUTH, YOU only are to blame (I Timothy 2:4, Luke 13:1-3). If however in faith, you call on the name of the Lord (Acts 2:21,36ff.), you will be His. Want it? Take it. Don't want it? You get what you want. It's coming.

So is He, the Judge of all men. To all who look for Him, loving His appearing, this is a sheer delight (Hebrews 9:28, I Corinthians 16:22). Man is made for it; divorce from it is unthinkable, though the drug that is sin can make illusion captivating until its inherent cruelty is found; but then, it is too late.

History has been a long time coming (cf. II Peter 3:9, Matthew 24:14, Ephesians 3:9-12); for you, it is wise that you should be a short time coming. There is NOT a kind heart in the centre of the Universe; for it is a mere though multitudinous creation; but there IS a kind heart in the Creator of that universe. It is folly to disdain it. And this, says the word of God:

  • "this is their condemnation
  • that light has come into the world,
  • and men have loved darkness rather than light,
  • because their deeds were evil...
  • He who does the truth comes to the light,
  • that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God" - from John 3:19-21.

Truth, it is indispensable, memorable, marvellous. It puts things in place, and what a place is this, "Christ in you, the hope of glory!" (Colossians 1:27.)

Endnotes ...

*1For some of the reasons for this, see SMR pp. 422Eff., S15-S34, 100ff.,Ch.2 , 999ff. etc..

*2 For some reasons, see SMR pp. 226-236, 145ff.,251ff., That Magnificent Rock Ch.1 , The Other News, 12, A Spiritual Potpourri, A & F Schools etc..

*3 See also China references, Time May-June 1998, incl. June 29, pp. 30-31. See Communism, in SMR Index.

*4 See What is Life for? -Ch.6, That Magnificent Rock.

*5 See News 37, End-note 5.


HOW do you escape 'meaningitis', the mere wafting
in miserable profusion of thought;

missiles - the just vulnerability to evil;
and find faith, faith with an object worthy of it ?

Being sacked doubtless is not the most genteel of operations. If however you are sacked for good reason, that is serious.

Being a dreamer, a wafter, a drifter, a casual, a temporary, always in some item or element that is unsound, untested, unverified, some floating hope or obvious folly: that is much more so. Here the employer whose services you despise, is God.

In fact, the world is likely to support you to a point (the point where it hurts it more than it hurts you is one possible case). It too loves to waft (within economic bounds), and drift (even into war if it may pay) and to loiter in philosophic fantasies (provided they do not interfere too apparently with the 'good life' of having and getting and being somebody and so forth).

It may even let you know of its great religious operation.



This is very popular in practice, but not normally actually said, since its hypocrisy is then too apparent. The idea is simple. People have their vagaries and dreams, and what does it matter, a mass, a spiritistic contrivance, fortune teller, fire dance, rain dance, blues ... it is really their affair. But ONCE LET THEM GET THE NOTION IT IS TRUE, not 'true as the priest says' or 'true to us' but actually factual, really there, then they tend to become concerned. THEN you may: 1) start wars 2) increase present wars 3) tend to make new conflict within old wars (they call it 'stirring ancient hatreds' in one hollow piece of folly) 4) activate rebellions 5) break social harmony - I could go on, but let THEM write their own propaganda, this is enough.

It is true that some people who 'believe' something may do such things; as may other people who try, as in Vietnam to 'contain the Communists' without actually defeating them, lead to a few hundred thousand maimings, deaths, lacerations of mind, soul or spirit. However the point is really violence.

Yet if you do no violence, then they will still be likely to be concerned, since others may find in what you say you believe, some sensitive ground for violence - on their part! (Imagine them using the same argument about making money or a profit - If you make money or a profit, it might go: then others who do not do so, may find in this your action, or your public balance sheet, some ground for envy or upset, and it may stir them to revolution etc..)

However in this case, it is really a question of God, and if there is ONE THING the world does NOT WANT, it is God. Goddishness any day, the vain, inane, vapid 'virtue' of 'being religious' by all means. But really to know and to love and to serve God: NO! or ONLY if you believe it,


Now by this is not meant that you are an obvious hypocrite. A bit light on top perhaps, but not that. They mean that you hold it in a watertight compartment of your being; preferably one which you 'prefer not to discuss', since that will have the 'socially desirable' result of 'making you happy' (like any other unreality producer, like heroin? but these, they do not think!), without threatening...

Threatening? What? Well, this to their consciences, like missiles, which, if threatened can lead to unhappy or tense dreams and scenes within, self-accusations, self-doubt and the like, which are not good for the reposeful avoidance of God.


2. Believe the truth!

whatever you MAY like

In fact, it is better to believe the truth, whatever you like. After all, if you believe it is going to rain, and it does not, you are not helped. If you believe there is no hell, and act like it, you are not helped upon arrival. If you believe that God does not care and He does, you are avoidance your own mercy. If you do not believe the truth, you are deluded or confused, derailed or about to be.

Truth does what the case is; and you do not? You are then driving on the wrong side of the road, as I did once in a land where they drove on the opposite side to the one so used in my own country. I marvelled at the man about 1000 metres away who kept coming on the relatively deserted road, straight at me on 'my side'. I had just moved from a gas station and then, in a flash it came to me. HE was not being obtuse and odd; I WAS ASTRAY, with a hundred or two yards to spare, I MADE THE ADJUSTMENT to the fact. We passed happily.

You must have faith, it is true, a bent to believe and receive and act with understanding and conviction, in terms, however, of the correct object. If you have faith in your swimming and SO do not allow a life-saver to rescue you when you are in trouble, then your 'faith' is your death-warrant. The same applies if you have faith in some incompetent helper, with whom you may - certainly in company, certainly that! - drown, not quite so happily.

If you are simply vague, wandering, alone amidst facts unknown, you are like someone driving this side or that, always prone to an accident being non-compus mentus, or else so slack that you do not know what is what.

Now in Christianity, the case is Christ. Objectively He stands alone (SMR Ch.6), and His words are unparalleled in factual power (SMR Ch.8), while the Bible on which as doctrine it stands, alone is and can be valid on due survey in the depths of the matter (That Magnificent Rock, Ch.5, The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, Chs.1,3,10). It works, it stands and logically, it stands alone, as does He.

But then the trouble starts in a new way. The world is full of such ways: it is as if an Uncle gave you a 'new start' with $10,000 and you AT ONCE 'misunderstood' and bought heroin with it - some new confusion or other.

It is better to treat it right.


Now here, it is best to use your mind. It says, "Love the Lord with all your mind" as well as with all your heart. If you were sick, and a specialist had just said, "Operation for cancer or death!", then it would be good to check out what he had to say, and its reasons.

In the Bible, the word which alone stands as 1) valid and 2) able to give evidence of its origin, 3) able to point to the power to get done what is needed,

you are told to call upon the name of the Lord and be saved! (Acts 2:21), and indeed that is found in the predictions of the Old Testament as well (in the prophet Joel). You are however given meat for your mind. You are to be saved WITHOUT YOUR ACTIONS as the ground. Thus it says, "By grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast, for we are His workmanship. Created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." That's found in Ephesians 2:8-10.

SO being a slightly better 'boy-scout' is NOT the way. 'Grace' means a kindness not deserved, without your merit as its base. It is in this spirit that God saves those who are to be saved. 'Faith' means an inward assurance and conviction to which evidence also relates, but which acts with confidence in its object. The 'object' or focus here is Jesus Christ, the Saviour. He is like the life-saver in our case above, equipped with the features, in the figure, of being able to swim and able to save, as well as willing to do so. He is the 'correct' object of faith, being available and active on request in the necessary way.

So long as you think that the slightest addition of yours will 'produce salvation' or effect deliverance in the affairs of life and of God its maker, then you are not 'using it right'. It is fake, fraud and will end if continue, in fiasco. God is both keen that no one will boast ('I had a beautiful faith, in fact it runs in our family' and so forth in the realms of self-satisfied boasting), and that people should come to Him and be saved. Hence it relies on the One who can DO it, always and to the uttermost, without any vulnerable ingredient. Besides, our best works are imperfect, and salvation is perfect, without flaw.

How? Heaven with unheavenly people, let's face it, is not heaven. God supplies the difference in Christ, who as Saviour, and being perfect, is the model to which all are conformed in spirit at the end. Here, we are moulded 'from glory to glory' who are His; but there the process is complete. Here however, we gain a PLACE AS CHILDREN OF GOD, and all this is "the gift of God", as Paul puts it, in Ephesians. "For," says he, "the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life" (Romans 6:23).

SO you have to receive a gift! Some WILL not. Others are quite happy to have it, but want it to be available for making profit (like selling masses, against I Peter 1:18-19) or for ordering you about (contrary to I Peter 5), or as a sort of insurance, while living their own lives quite hypocritically, as if it were some dead necklace about their necks, and not a living lead.

That of course is not treating it right. It is a gift which means that you know God (John 17:1-3, 10:9,27-28), which is a transforming relationship, a rock of strength and a resource of delight. It is actually knowing the Being who made you, the Person who saved you, and finding in Him, the vitality and understanding which is apt and appropriate to such a creation as man is.

Let's sum this up then:




Having learned to treat it right there, you need to avoid other pitfalls of philosophic folly which try to catch men, yawning open for the wayward, the wanderers and the confused.

Thus the God to whom you look IN FAITH, whom you love with all your MIND as well as heart, started the universe as an author starts a book, but more absolutely. He started mankind as an author creates a character, but more pervasively. NOTHING is given. He is the CREATOR. Nothing did not make it, nor did anything inadequate for the whole universe of worlds, of the mind, of rational thought, of imagination, of conceptual ideas, of practical implementation capacities, of emotional texturing, of words, of physical action, of validity and so on. The Maker had the lot and that is how there was made a synthetic marvel called man. Man is temporary, God is eternal; but man is made.

Let's just look for a moment at something I wrote earlier on this, for convenience here: we look at the idea that what did not have it made what does have it.

(Excerpt from A Spiritual Potpourri, Section 1).

One of these says that we 'just grew', like Topsy, amongst the wilds. However

1) when we look for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence units, or space-men, orXTs, what do we find? None. The expectation relates to the idea that others too, just grew...

2) when we look for Extra-Terrestrial Life, XTL, there is furore, but facts do not co-operate, no not when billions are spent in the search.

3) when we seek supermen, SM, on the ground that some might just grow better in the wilds of our 'cultures', we find disillusion, betrayal, pride wounded and nations destroyed. Hitleresque pictures do not work, any more than do Communist bee-sweat proletariat productions. They never have worked, and never began to work, whether based on race or ideas. What did work was slave labour and ultra-bestial violence in both cases, soon shed, as history goes. It improved nothing but the death rate.

4) when we look for laws by which such progress expectation might be justified, we find none, only the precise and direct opposite in the Law of Thermodynamics, the 2nd. which tells us that specificity tends to reduce, not increase, in a given system such as our universe comprises.

5) when we look for creativity, which alone would justify the expectation of such a law, we find our own tempered but impressive originality - which does not create life, or matter, or mind, as part of our parcel; but we do not find the MIND in the materials provided, which creates minds.

It is curtains and blinds when it comes to man making minds: only servile slaves occupied with man's visions and his dreams and his hopes, these arrive to attest his subordinate status, and sometimes to feed the insane pretences of many. Minds however? no. Spirits? Far from it. They do not come; they do not arrive. Thus is not the state of our case on this present earth.

6) when we look for a line of transitional objects, TOs, from major type to major type in the rich diversity of different kinds of living things, we do not find them. Variety is the order of the day, incredibly ingenious combinations; but no transitional sequences.

7) when we look for mutational episodes, ME, even brought on by 40 years of X-ray bombardment as in the case of the famous fruit fly Drosophila, we find they do not provide the advances desired. Nul and void is the effort to make impact create design. Increased design specifications do not "arise" however much they are looked for. This is scarcely surprising; but surprising or not, it is certainly fact. Intelligent work and effort is needed.

8) when we look for means of variety production, we find them in abundance, precisely as scripture implies:both in its selection of the term, 'kinds', and its specification of variety, as in the case of giants. But variety is not kind; it does not advance vertically, merely spreading horizontally. Ingenious provisions for variation, as in skin colour and eye shape, are included; and the spice of individuality is as surely programmed into being, as is the basic type on which variation is made, like musical variations on a theme.

9) when we look for Upward Design Increments, UPIs, the 'arising' of superior kinds of things all out in the wild, by themselves, we do not find it. NEVER do we find it. NEVER have we found it, NEVER does law lead us to expect to find it, NEVER could the evidence, law and logic be clearer. UPIs are not there. They do not happen in cars, in Ph.D. theses, in things old or new, high or low. Design by its nature as by its practice, takes understanding, and this is not resident in 'Nature', that bogey-woman of imagination which is crowned, 'mother nature' by the superstitious.

10) when we look for Downward Design Decrements, DDDs, then on the contrary, we have no trouble at all in finding mutational descent, when things get damaged. We knew all this. It is not new and in many cases, not accepted because it is not desired. There is no other reason.

In fact, NOTHING is the result, wherever organic evolution is used. In what could be terms a wry humour, were it not that it is presented as sober physics, Paul Davies then apotheosizes nothing, and says, Well yes, it does seem that this is where it all began! (for details, see That Magnficent Rock, Ch.7, Models and Marvels). For what is not there, that is quite a leap, especially definitionally. Still, when there is nothing else to talk about, one supposes it can serve; though not of course logically.

Definitional dilemmas apart, and amusement aside, there is only one place where the answer is YES. In that place, ALL the answers are yes. In this place, there is NO answer which is 'No!', 'Nothing doing!' or, 'What are you talking about!', as is the case in this tedious prodigy of the nineteenth century, organic evolution.

(End of Excerpt.)


If you want more, see That Magnificent Rock, Ch.1, or The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, esp. Ch.2, but also Ch.1, or A Spiritual Potpourri, Chs.1-9; and there is more, to be found by looking in LIBRARY under the topic heading, CREATION, on the home page of World Wide Web Witness, http://kern.com.au/users/wwww

Then you are walking in a real world with the Maker, not a world where you believe anything you like, so long as you do not think it is true.


But there is the other end of things. Death.

The God who made it all, has counselled and planned it all (Ephesians 1:11, Amos 3:7, Isaiah 26, 45 etc.). Sin, that wayward impulse and fiasco of folly, has its moments, when the downward descent, like a bob-sled can seem rather interesting. However there is always the end.

Death is the end. Christ rose physically from the dead. The 'object of faith' which did not do this is just another mirage, dream, vagueness, temporising, human invention, about as useful as a baby doll when it comes to life-saving, to pursue our oceanic image from above.

You see this in Luke 24, in I Corinthians 15, in Isaiah 26:19, Psalm 2,22,16 and so forth. The point is this: any 'christ' who did not do this is a mere waste of time. The one in history, of the book, whose works attest Him, did do it. Any who did not is a fraud, a mental fiction, not able to serve as an object of faith, not the Saviour (Matthew 1:21).

As to the evidence to the mind, see SMR Ch.6, and pp. 931-942 and 'resurrection' in the Index, available by clicking on The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, in our homepage. But to return to the Bible, Peter said it so frankly in Acts 2. David, the King of great name and fame in Israel of old, had prophesied, forecast in the name of God, in Psalm 16 that there would be One whose flesh would not rot upon death, and whose life would not be consigned to be outcast from heaven, either. In Psalm 22 we find His being pierced, mocked and lacerated, in Isaiah 53, we look at His being offered, "wounded for transgressions", even though many took Him as "afflicted by God". We see the whole picture in Ch.9, SMR, in detail, and some of it earlier in the current volume, Ch.17 supra.

But He arises (Psalm 2 is very vivid and dramatic on this), and in His time comes to bear rule. In the meantime (II Peter 3:9), there is an interim in which the WHOLE WORLD is to know this "GOSPEL" or good news (Matthew 24:14). Then He returns TO this earth, just as earlier, He arose FROM it (Matthew 24:300ff., 25:31ff., II Thessalonians 1, I Thessalonians 4 etc.).

God had it all planned (Acts 2:23) from the first, and even before it, as far as this present world is concerned - it's rather like a stage on which the programs of man are played, and the work of God in salvation and all that follows in it and from it, are wrought (Acts 17:26-31, Ephesians 1:4).

Death has no terror for the Christian because the Saviour has dealt with that one already. It is only a passing from this stage to the next one. It is indeed horrible if you do not know the saving power of God in your life, do not have the status of a child of God, have not been pardoned and reconstituted and accepted in Christ (Ephesians 1:5-6). In Christ, however, it is like dirty clothes when the dry-cleaner is at hand (Hebrews 2:14-18).


Of course, the Christian life has great depth, simply because God has. Thus in II Peter 1, you see the sort of GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT work which enlightens and often really ravishes the Christian. It is a delight as I Peter 1:3-9 makes so clear, to know God. He IS delightful and He is praised because it is DUE to Him. In His presence there is life in such abundance that it grows.

Some of the growth plans are shown here in II Peter 1: they include perseverance, godliness, virtue, brotherly kindness, self-control and love. Brotherly kindness is a rather beautiful thing, for example. To be kith and kin, means to be of the same family, in its broader ramifications, cousins and the like. Kindred are your people. Kindness is the sort of happy concern which goes with godly families. Brotherly kindness goes with the family of God.

One of my special delights is seeing just how like ourselves are people like Vietnamese, Chinese and others who, superficially in culture and history, in appearance and education might be so very different. Yet I find again and again that the sense of humour is such that they could almost have been brought up 5 miles away from myself, and their seekings and searchings for peace or beauty or goodness are the sort of thing we may find here.

Certainly there are refreshing differences at times, or even ones which have gone astray, just as in this country there would be the reciprocal of that: but it is the ESSENTIAL similarities which amaze me.

When the children of God are such in the sense that they have been pardoned and received in Christ back to the One who made them in the beginning (Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10), then there is a real spirit of kindness, of kindredness if you like ... And so the growth goes on. Love ? love and then grow in love as Paul again says - and does (I Thessalonians 1:9-12, 4:9-10).

But with all the growths, never forget the foundations (Galatians 6:14). Like a vast house built on a wonderful foundation, never forget what you rest on. The growth is both safe and sure, steadfast and meaningful. You know where you are, why you are, where you are going, and you're on your way.


Finally, there is one thing which we could have mentioned when looking at STARTING AT THE BEGINNING. THAT was physical. THIS is spiritual. God made both.

Luke 13:1-3 tells us that except you repent you will likewise perish. The point was this: a tower had fallen on people, passing, and it seemed remarkable, raising the question whether you have to be very wicked to qualify for a 'natural disaster' like that. Jesus made it clear that this was not so; just being unrepentant in the sight of God left you vacant lot material, well equipped for any calamity. Were you not out of sorts with your maker ?

This does not mean that no calamity can befall a Christian. It DOES mean that for the Christian it all has meaning. See Psalm 1 - THE LORD KNOWS THE RIGHTEOUS, but the wicked, the divorcees of the spirit, these are like chaff which the wind blows. IF a Christian suffers, it will be for a good purpose (Romans 8:29), and may of course involve a demonstration of the love and power and wonder of the Lord, as Christians have provided so VERY often to persecutors of this world, in Roman times, in World War II, and very often since in China, Russia and so forth. IF, as frequently happens, amazing courage, grace and wisdom stays with the Christian despite all the torture and evil, then often people who could not otherwise see the love and wonder of God begin at least to see it there. Their eyes can be opened.

In the whole Bible book of Job, this test - DOES JOB SERVE GOD FOR NOTHING ? which was a sort of taunt, suggesting that mere self-interest was in it, was met very neatly in this way. The whole book deserves a deep search, and one version I have found very good here, is the New International Version, though I prefer more generally the New King James (concerning which see Bible Translations, Ch.9 in The Kingdom of Heaven ...)

Repentance from sin, a whole-hearted detestation of it is a prerequisite for faith. EXCEPT you repent, you perish. You do not waft into the kingdom of heaven, you repent and believe and receive, retaining a vast hatred of sin, like someone who having been on the brink of a slow death from lung cancer, is invited to have a smoke...

Let's conclude with a quotation from the very famous Scotch martyr (throughout much of his amazing life), man of courage and inspiration for a whole generation, Robert Bruce. Of noble family, he nevertheless stood firm in a way which bypasses the age, and reaches home now. Look at this, concerning his repentance:

  • "At last it pleased God, in the year 1581, in the month of August, in the last night thereof, being in the Place of Airth, lying in a chamber called the New Loft Chamber, in the very while I lay, to cite me inwardly, judicially in my conscience {he was a lawyer}, and to present all my sins before me in such sort that He omitted not a circumstance, but made my conscience to see time, place, person as vividly as in the hour I did them.
  • He made the devil to accuse me so audibly that I head his voice as vividly as ever I heard anything, not being asleep but awake. And so far as he spake true, my conscience bar him record and testified against me very clearly. But when he came to be false accuser, and laid things to my charge which I had never done, then my conscience failed him and would not testify with him. And in these things that were true my conscience condemned me, and the accuser himself tormented me, and made me feel the wroth of God pressing me down as it were to the lower hell.
  • Yea, I was so fearfully and extremely tormented that I would have been content to have been cast into a cauldron of hot melted lead, to have had my soul relieved o that insupportable weight. Always, so far as he spoke true, I confessed, restored God to His glory and craved God's mercy for the merits of Christ: yea, appealed sore to His mercy, purchased to me by the blood, death, and passion of Christ. This court of justice holden upon my soul, turned of the bottomless mercy of God into a Court of Mercy to me: for that same night, ere the day dawned or ever the sun rose, He restrained these furies, and these outcries of my justly accusing conscience, and enabled me to rise in the morning."
  • (Paragraphs have been inserted to help the modern reader, but in the extract one finds only one paragraph for the whole passage.)


Religion in Israel
Unity only from a Former Sale#

Adversities and adversatives to come,

in what for the time seems incapable of resolution:
before for many, the holy communion of Christ.

It is one of His prerogatives to render possible, yes even to perform what to man is without hope. God, the Lord, is like that.

TIME Magazine, this first week of May 1998, has within it

a rather unusually good article on Israel.

It sketches with some depth the various religious and secular groupings (not in breadth, but with some 'nose' for the aromas). The little more than 30% religious Jew estimate, with around 1/3 of that Orthodox; and the resounding increase in secular Jews, following the huge influx from Russia, of returning Jews: both are noted. Tensions are becoming very deep and strong.

Thus, the DESIRE of some of the Orthodox Jews to MAKE people respect the Sabbath on Saturday, itself of course an Old Covenant SIGN for the reverence of the Lord, and have some ideas of things religious, on the one hand; and the ZEST of the secular, to resist this, and to be a democratic republic, is shown as a vigorous conflict. It is seen in something of its uneven, unequal and uneasy match.

The GREATEST DIVISION, it reflects, following an Israeli's viewpoint to that effect, is what ? In modern Israel, it is RELIGIOUS!

There does NOT seem to be any ready resolution, the article continues.
One suggestion it notes from its survey ? It is not CALLED apartheid, but it amounts to separate living for the two groups; another and less constructive suggestion, civil war, is mooted.

There is however a very READY RESOLUTION of this whole affair. Doubtless, this will eventually, and possibly sooner rather than later, occur to many in the nation, to the point of becoming a significant if not indeed a mass movement. It is very simple, very straightforward and very necessary for peace and truth.

It is traced with that quite normal, and entirely supernatural skill which belongs to Deity alone, in the OLD Testament (surely an excellent resource for the Orthodox Jew!). In Zechariah 12:10 we read of it. It concerns SOMEONE whom they had PIERCED, an act of which they are here PREDICTED to REPENT, in a very lively and very personal way, family by family (12:12-13). The PERSON PIERCED, who is the speaker, is the LORD. This SAME LORD is also noted in that 500 B.C. approx. prophecy, to have been SOLD for 30 pieces of silver, and to be coming on the colt of an ass, into Jerusalem, as the Jewish KING, indeed, as one HAVING SALVATION. (Zechariah 11:4-12, 13:6, 9:9).

THAT is the ONLY and the PREPARED resolution of the very UNDERSTANDABLE Jewish tension. It is a DIVINE SOLUTION, and it is THE DIVINE REMEDY for this, as for all the imponderable problems (cf. Isaiah 9:1-7, 11:1-10; The Shadow of a Mighty Rock - SMR, Ch.9, and Balms, Arrows and Balms, Ch.17).

Do not be mistaken. Some people seem almost to love misunderstandings in this sphere, as if to add mayonnaise to salad. The non-Jew world has much to repent of, including much of its treatment of the Jews. The Roman Catholic heresy is exposed in many places, such as in the lives and works of the vastly famous Reformation scholars who peopled England and Europe for hundreds of years; and it is also exposed in The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, pp. 946ff., 1036-1088G et al.. England, as some may even recall, is FORMALLY (not formerly, in terms of law) a PROTESTANT country. One could wish it acted more like it. Nevertheless, there it is; at the official level, that is what it is. It has been so for over 400 years.

HENCE the horrendous Roman Catholic Inquisition, which hit the Reformers hard and often as in Italy and Spain, yes and in England, with unremitting cruelty and bloodshed, preying on those not defended in these cases, was not a Christian phenomenon at all. In fact, it ALSO HIT THE JEWS. The account in such a work as THE STORY OF THE JEWS, Ancient, Medieval, Modern, by James K. Hosmer, Professor at Washington University late last century, is almost enough to make the blood curdle, the heart stop and the head reel. Yet it happened in such a style as this, and the exultant St Bartholomew's Day Medal which the Pope had struck in the 16th century, commemorating ... and following unmitigated and incredibly lusty slaughter of thousands in France, is merely a famous illustration.

It is important NOT to engage in racial hatreds, religious prejudice; and hence to uncover the reality that the JEWISH race has had a very hard time, and that without bias, but with terrible truth, the Roman Catholic Religion was ONE of the chief ministers of this evil. When truth falls in the street through fiction-makers masquerading as peaceable, and THAT additional murder is perpetrated, we need no more talk of hatreds (Isaiah 59:14). THAT is hatred itself. It is one contemporary slaughter which is becoming almost as savage as the Inquisition in its former days. The seduction of convenience becomes an altar to pretence, and truth is often despatched as though it were in a society of lies. It is a secular specialty in which the spirit of man, so often willing to swagger as if indomitable in this way or that, finds a current outlet.

To the point therefore: IF the Roman Catholic Church repents, well; and if not, to masquerade suppression of truth as if it were a friend of peace, is mere enormity. Love rejoices in the truth (I Corinthians 13:6); and in all truth, one forgives readily, but does not meddle with the suppression of the truth. Repentance is not another name for a cover-up, but for such a turning from the things in truth done, that Christ, in truth and for truth bearing these evils, is able to purge and to pardon. Love and truth are intimate friends and allies. Psalm 85 is eloquent on this:



And when He did, in incarnation, look what they did to Him, yes Roman Pilate and Jerusalem priests. They have had a fine entourage from many nations ever since.

It is not possible to love if you do not love the truth. God is love; Christ is the truth (I John 4:7-8, John 14:6). People are never helped by guilty cover-ups, but by frank pardon on the basis of truth and mercy.

The truth is here crucial. The Roman Catholic body, as noted in the above reference (SMR where cited), and by the Reformers over hundreds of years, is heretical; and that is precisely one reason why it acted as it did, protecting amidst other claims to power, a worldly domain, which it claimed and had claimed explicitly since the papal Bull, Unam Sanctam in 1302 A.D..

Notwithstanding all this, CHRIST said,


What then do we conclude when this IS their way, when somebody's servants as such, endorse the fighting model for physical expression! In flamboyant contrast, this religion of Rome, for hundreds of years, made fighting part of its formal 'church' program, spiritual mission, in terms of religiously conducted and sanctioned murder. It is nothing to do with Christianity.

THIS is important for the sake of love, to know. Thus the systematically horrible treatment accorded to the Jewish people by this body has nothing whatever to do with the love of Christ. It is true that the Anglican Church in some of its phases, being CAPTIVE to a NATION which RAN it, also erred in this direction at times. It was horribly oppressive to the Scotch Presbyterians, whose nation could respond, understandably but unwisely, too heavily at the political level to this torturously political, ecclesiastical pressure. On the whole, they suffered immensely and intensely, bravely and with often saintly beauty not least in the interest of preserving the church from political, secular or hybrid domination outside the rule of Jesus Christ.

This assault however was not part of the Anglican basic formulations of doctrine, as a Church! Heaven forbid! It was part of the leprosy which results from being run by a governing body which is not AS SUCH, Christian. For that it paid, and so did many others. It continues to pay, in other ways for this national distortion of the Lordship of Christ. It is nevertheless not PART of its doctrinal structure as a church so to act.

The Roman Catholic matter, by contrast, to the point of physical ambition and claim, is extensive, intensive, systematic and incorporated in its own religious doctrine, in terms both of declared world aspiration and of Inquisitorial practice (see SMR pp. 902-905, 923-924, 949-955, 969-970, 1033-1041). It was repeatedly formally authorised by the papacy. It has all the integral presumption and invasive rule of Babylon of old, and is not improved by this fact. (Cf. SMR pp. 728-731, 946ff., 1031C.)

HENCE it is not with Biblical Christianity that the Jews have any historical quarrel: with that form of the Christian faith which is, in short, Christian, Christ-authorised and Christ-governed. NEVER did Christ or the apostles authorise crucifying people, burning them, stealing from the orphans left, as "penalties", releasing souls from purgatory for the sake of money, money for masses and the like. NEVER does the Christian Church, bound to the Bible, do such things (see SMR Appendix D). We are, of course, not speaking of some exemplary perfection in man; but of the principles and normal practice of Bible believing Christians, who would abide in Him and in His words (John 15) as commanded, loving not only in word but in deed (I John 3:18).

It is to this same Christ who HIMSELF WAS CRUCIFIED

rather than become an agent for crucifixion for the benefit of others;

who rather interceded for His enemies, enemies so great that they were slowly killing Him,

and taunting while the blood dripped, and the anguish seared:

than sought or bought or brought down legions of angels to dispense with His vicarious distress:

it is to HIM

that the Jewish people will need to come if they are ever going to resolve even their own internal political and religious problems.

The simple reason is this: the Orthodox Jewish segment, with whom one can have some sympathy in their intense desire to be religiously pleasing, nevertheless have not changed gear with the hill of the A.D. world.

Ø   The Old Testament had the Christ as its focus, and He has come at the date prescribed (SMR pp. 886ff.). He has done all He had to do, and no-one, with all the motive and desire in the world, has EVER been able to show ONE single failure on His part, from the annals of history, to meet ALL that the Messiah had to do in His earthly life. (With the motives then, and now, that is a monumental testimony! See also SMR Ch.6, and pp. 931ff., starting back slightly. )

Hence to keep NOT ONLY to the Old Covenant, but to the TRADITIONS added to them in terms of human 'interpretation' or reflection (see Mark 7:7), is unwise.

It is similarly unwise to discount the Lord God who made us, as do so many in the secular category. A nation run on these lines, as increasingly is apparent in America, also fails to be blessed in the rich, deep texture of its national being. Decline comes like rats in the basements of New York sky-scrapers, which, with all else in this present regime, age. It becomes horrid, laughable, ludicrous and like excessive obesity, incapable of cover-up. It blares in the behaviour of misled, mistaught children, erupts in the chilling exploits of ungoverned teens, reeks in the unrelished deeds of many in high authority, as if to shout and taunt: "WE are the generation of the free, who know no freedom from sin."

With the Jewish nation, it is well to be old where age is truth, and it is better also and equally, to be fresh and new, where newness is age-old in its predictions and quality, fulfilling the word of the Lord from of old, as in Jesus Christ.


The same, incidentally, in the more extensive and general sense, applies to the Gentile world. BOTH sides need to come to the place where peace is to be found. It will never be found elsewhere in the Middle East, in the human heart or in the whole world in its government (Isaiah 9:7, Ezekiel 21:26-27). That is what the word of God says; and that is what is going to happen. Actually, the world will tremble as God acts, and Armageddon, itself prescribed for the Middle East, which is earnestly living up to the program! comes to be.

It is better, whether Jew or Gentile, to see the writing on the wall, and read the writing in the BOOK which God has kindly given for our EYES and EARS - in addition to the one He has placed in our nucleated cells throughout our bodies - for us to KNOW and to TEST and to SEE and to REPENT and to BELIEVE and to RECEIVE what GOD HAS PROVIDED. That ? In a word: Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, and Him crucified, yes, rather risen bodily from the dead, who provides life, life for evermore.


Further on this topic especially relating to New and Old Covenants, Jew and Gentile, peace and truth, may be found in BIBLICAL BLESSINGS, in its last unit, APPENDIX-NEWS, and in Ch.12 of the same work, That Exuberant Day of Rest.

See also and especially, the Extension to follow, and Item *3-Extension, pp. 229ff., in Item 29, below. Cf. Items 17 above, 30 below, Biblical Blessings Ch.3, and SMR Ch.9, pp. 751ff..



Before leaving this topic, let us ponder further the state of the case.


It is a ground for jubilation, not consternation. The coming renewal and reconciliation is paid for in advance, so that merely its outpouring (Zechariah 12:10) is to be looked for. The payment is past, the procurement is to come on this earth, which will scarcely be able to contain when it arrives, the wonder of this new unity, not in some antichrist without law or love, but in the truth. As Paul put it,

"If their being cast away is the reconciling of the world,

what will be their acceptance, but life from the dead?" - Romans 11:15.

The apostle Paul talks of the making of ONE NEW MAN.


he says, inspired by the God of all truth, peace and comfort,






With what did he begin all this ? With these words:

"At that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world" - Ephesians 4:12.

YOU, he says to the Gentile church, were OUT OF IT. THEY, the Jews, were up to the neck in it. But you both had to have your eyes opened to the CREATOR in your midst, leaving the torrents of symbols on the one hand, for the reality who at length came, and leaving the cold unbelief, hopeless ignorance, on the other, and meeting where you should meet. In Christ, bringing you BOTH BACK TO GOD.

Thus we see the great apostle to the Gentiles, focussing their divergence and in vision apprehending their coming convergence. As to those to be rescued (cf. Isaiah 66:19) from the Jewish (1) and the Gentile world (2), what is it that had to come ?

  • The one (1) leaving the pedagogic preliminaries, the early forms of tuition by which their thoughts were patterned into the forms and formulae, the realities: these would come to Christ.
  • The other (2), leaving the lax liberties
  • which callow and careless, came to be their lot -
  • either all but formless or else invaded by mere violence or foolish hope, as in the evolutionary follies of Hitler, or the systematic political stereotypes of Stalin - what of these Gentile escapees ?
  • These also, in one common theme by diverse pathways: they likewise would come to Christ.

The two all but opposite thrusts would thus be closed in community in Christ.

Laxity(2) with or without indulged viruses to sap its strength; and
legality (1), far removed from its original purpose to prepare for Christ, the predicted Messiah, and adorned with perhaps as much ornamentation as the Gentile world for its part, added in the wild follies of unsuccessful philosophy:

these the two extremes.

They come together. Now there is in Christ liberty (II Corinthians 3:17), together with inward transformation (3:18), love of truth and obedience to Him and to His word (Luke 14:33, John 14:21-23), with room for growth with an initiative born of the motivating, activating, grooming presence of the One of whom Abraham was called the friend!

What! impossible, you cry! Surely you know little of the Jewish traditionalists on the one hand, or the Gentile world of philosophy on the other, if you even for one moment imagine that ANYTHING or ANYONE (force for a time excepted), could bring them together.

Not so! There is a name above every name. It WILL take THAT name. This one will most readily concede. There is NO OTHER that will do it: and that name? The Lamb, the Messiah, born in due time as predicted, sacrificed to a world not prepared to listen, whether Jewish priest or Roman Governor, pierced à la mode, as prescribed in the book which claims to cover in advance what is to be, so that this is that to which it refers, for in 2000 years there is no other; and NO ONE has done the things required, nor did God predict someone who would appear to do so.

The case is covered. The need is repentance, nor reason. God has spoken, and the case is as clear as if a murder appeared in Court before the very face of the Judge.

It is time to repent, receive, believe and return to the Lord. The world cannot - and of course will not - repent; but many is the thousand of individuals, Jew and Gentile, who have done, who will do so. Small wonder that this Christ said this:

"I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours...

"I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not ofthe world. Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth" - from John 17:9-17.

Yet there is not all. Not merely is there this already visible reconciliation of Gentile Christian with Jew. There is also that reconciliation of Jew with Jew. If then one phase of the Jewish people is more weighted with passé legalities of form, of pattern than it should be, faced with the new Covenant of Christ, so often predicted (see No. 17 above); and if another phase is the liberal, the radical, the secular Jew: THIS is no barrier to Christ. THAT, the latter phase, may appear almost at one with the Gentiles, except for a cultural past, and perhaps, a national vision secularised and pragmatised.

Religiously, however, this Jew of liberal religion is as lost as his more rigorous fellow, as indeed is his non-seeing brother Jew. These two - almost a sub-species of Gentile on the one hand, and of 'orthodox' Jew on the other, as surely as they come to Christ - can be reconciled. To each other ? But of course; but equally assuredly NOT by any process of human computation, power broking or harmonious philosophy. We have had about enough of those plagues, which nearly ended the world. Also surely, not few are the Jews who will so come to the peace and unity which is in Christ (Zechariah 12-13, Isaiah 66, Romans 11).

ALL could be, and in significant if not substantial measure, MANY DIVERSIFIED JEWS WILL BE reconciled to that same Messiah, jointly murdered by both Jewish power and Gentile law, in Pilate and priests, according to plan, that "He should create in Himself one new man" (Ephesians 2:15). For that matter, within Israel, there were thousands of believers in Christ, on the one hand, along with thieves who railed and high priest who failed, on the other.

His cry for them, if by any means, they yet might be forgiven, rent the air about them all:

"Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing!" (Luke 23:34). Indeed the Greek tense indicates that He kept on saying this over some period as He was being crucified; just as the results have kept on coming, over some period, nearly 2000 years in fact.

Looking upon this swelling amplitude of convergence to come, when streams of converts from both 'worlds', the former Jewish and the new Gentile one, will be brought in great numbers into the delight of newness in Christ, Paul has two great exclamations in which we must join in our own understandings.

  • 1. "Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!

For who has known the mind of the LORD?
or who has become His counsellor ? Or, who has first given to Him, and it shall be repaid to him?" - Romans 11:33-34.

  • 2. "The Deliverer will come out of Zion; and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob; for this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins" - Romans 11:26, cf. Isaiah 59:16-19, Micah 5:2.
  • The Jewish Messiah,
  • so well-known in the nation's capital
  • in the time of His praise, His healings and His sword-like utterances, His comforting words of balm,
  • each in its place, to wolf and to lamb:
  • HE has come and
  • HE certainly and securely WILL COME to ZION (Zechariah 14).

And not small will be the geological trumpet blast heralding His coming. That, however, is slight compared with the inner peace which will greet Him, on the part of His redeemed, when first He comes, for Jew or Gentile who have come to Him who said,

  • "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except by Me!" - John 14:6.


ROME and JERUSALEM, the Roman and the nationalistic Jew at the ecclesiastical level, BOTH were guilty in the murder of the Lord Jesus Christ, that dawn of the morning light, and beauty of holiness, the Son of God, in His ministry of compassion ... and of salvation (Psalm 110, Hebrews 1).

We have often heard of the anguish of the Jews, persecuted, hounded, harassed, exploited, with Auschwitz, it may be, Act 5, Scene 4, in terms of a Shakespearian drama. However, Rome too was guilty: it was ROME which co-operated. Without its gutless and unprincipled weakness in the person of Pilate, the Jewish leaders were powerless, frustrated and exposed. Only by his Gentile folly did they prevail in the final consummation of what Luke notes as the vehement accusations (Luke 23:10; 11:47-50 and 11:53-54 - when they began "urgently to press on Him ... and to cross-examine Him ... lying in wait for Him").

Jerusalem has been sacked, its holy place desecrated by a Mosque (SMR pp. 822-831) and remains cause célèbre with international and sometimes UN leaders acting as if it were decidedly part of THEIR jurisdiction to determine its outcome. The Jewish leaders, and more particularly WHERE they led, have been exposed abundantly, and requited.

Rome however ? True it did not have with he Lord the same covenantal solemnity - there was no pact. Yet naked murder of the Son of God by judicial travesty: this is high crime, WHOEVER DOES IT.

Rome inherited

a) a sacking by relatively uncultivated, uncultured people, its Empire placed into receivership, its pride abased to the dust and beneath it.


b) the papacy - that tyranny that has sacked churches and for pure ostentation amidst countless murders, sourced in infallible peoples (who had BETTER have used their 'infallibility' before enacting such things as that unholy and despicable torrent of Cambodia-style horror, named "The Inquisition" - the famous tortures of the Spanish variety are merely on phase).

It will inherit - at least for its religious establishment

c) destruction as Jerusalem did - and Rome's abasement most fittingly will be by flames, such as those in which she delighted, with its many merchants aghast at the loss of their hub of commerce! (Revelation 17, cf. SMR pp. 946ff., 1032-1088G). It will be the destruction of much of the 4th Empire's religious heart at that phase (cf. SMR pp. 886-889), jutting like a peninsula into the seas of judgment to come. And come it does, and that quickly (Revelation 17-20 shows a sort of apple-core of judgment, hard and seedy to the end).

While the international juggernauts quarrel or at times combine

1) the biological, the fantasy of evolutionism - (cf. That Magnificent Rock, Ch.1, A Spiritual Potpourri Chs.1-9, SMR Chs. 2,10);

2) the political, the humanistic tragi-comedy of communism (SMR p. 468-469, 925-928, 970-972, 707-708 and see Index);

3) religious - the international aspirants of the Moslem, the Romanistic and the New Age (see SMR Index) - seeking for the one world with many hands: there comes at the end

4) a synthetic sovereignty (SMR pp. 732B-C, 750Bff., Biblical Blessings Ch.6, The Other News 5, A Spiritual Potpourri, Ch. 18) which will fit the antichrist like a glove, though soon, too hot to handle.

Implacably looming, the judgment on Gentile Rome will not fall far behind those of Jewish Jerusalem, which has the advantage, amid repentance, of predicted restoration of blessing, in the New Covenant, for one and for all. Babylon has been long at it (cf. Biblical Blessings Ch.2) and Rome is like a death-mask for her, an epitome of here powers and pretensions. But after Rome, is the pompous mouth which will continue after what Revelation calls the "harlot" (spiritually) has come off the back of the beast. It is then that the appalling horror will reach its final dimension, before the Lord returns (cf. Ch.18, A Spiritual Potpourri, SMR Chs. 8


In the meantime, the Jewish-Gentile common salvation and judgment is near. Now as always, but especially now, it is time therefore to seek the Lord, recalling His mercy and His supra-racial love: "Seek the Lord while He may be found and call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts. Let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." - Isaiah 55:6.



It is time to cast aside the shroud of sin, secular, cultural, political or religious, for whosoever shall call by faith upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. It is time to return to the Creator who is also the Redeemer. Race has no place, for there is an eternal race ( I Peter 2:9); grace wins the race, for His it is, and it is needed.

It is time to return to God, in repentance to the King of Eternity,

to come to Jesus Christ the Righteous and the Just -
(Acts 3:14, Luke 13:1-3, Isaiah 9:1-6, Revelation 5:12-13; Item 17 above),

the Lord of Glory
(I Cor. 1:20-2:8, Jude 24, Acts 4:11-12, Titus 2:13-14, Colossians 2:19-23, John 5:19-23, Philippians 2:1-12, Isaiah 45:23, 43:10, 42:8, 48:16, Zechariah 2:8, Psalm 45:6, Hebrews 1; Item 27 below),

only Saviour, that Eternal Life of God, gift by grace through the everlasting Gospel -
(Acts 4:11-2, Item 17 above):

for without Him
(Romans 5:1-11,15, Ephesians 2:2-4-12, Proverbs 8:31-34, I John 1:1-4, 5:13),

there is no hope;

and in Him,

there is no death

(John 5:24, 4;14, 6:521-54, 10:9,27-28, Titus 3:4-7, Hebrews 2:1-4,12-18, II Timothy 1:9-10).