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(Advertiser p. 23, March 13,2000)

NEWS 101

In this frantic millenium, not only is the war from the arteries of civilisation to the capillaries of tribal uproar, but there is subtlety as well. All this is precisely as forecast so long ago, by Christ and the apostles (cf. Matthew 24:7-14, II Timothy 3, II Peter 2).

The latest in the latter realm, that of contrivance and subtlety, comes as the Pope seeks to make (strictly) verbal amends for a few millions of death, and billions of false and pre-emptive stealings of the assets of Christians, falsely called heretics over a few hundreds of years of power, not excluding the debacle as recent as that in Yugoslavia in World War II (cf. SMR pp. 950ff., 920ff. ). Her Jesuitical involvement in politics and war has also been documented widely, in fact leading at times  to the exclusion of that heretical sect from many countries (cf. SMR pp. 1072ff.).

The casuistries of the Jesuits have been a matter for verbal wonder, so unprincipled SO LONG AS THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. Here is truth in servitude and subjection to pontifical desire or design, EXPLICITLY (cf. Isaiah 59), and here is the folly of idolatry, in having ANY ONE MAN, not Christ, in ANY position of total eminence or authority (cf. Matthew 23:8-10), where MASTER and brethren are two categories, the Lord Himself ALONE BY HIS OWN WORD, fulfilling the latter. Peter makes the same most clear for his own part, in I Peter 5, where he is also an elder... Since there is NO OTHER ROCK, as we see multitudinously in the Bible (cf. Psalm 62, Deuteronomy 32, Isaiah 43-5, SMR pp. 1061ff.), the whole concept of a Peter more exalted than Peter, is mere myth and pretence, idolatry and confusion.

But what of this new development ? It fits with spectacular ease into the assessment of Dr Robert Cooke, cited in SMR p. 950, and here reproduced for convenience:

"Dr Robert Cooke in his The Vatican-Jesuit-Global Conspiracy (Manahath School of Theology, Hollidaysburg, Penna. 1985) has a valuably succinct word on the variable ways of the expressly declared Roman desire for world power, and its also express papal focus. After evidencing some of the practical aspects, he declares:

... the Vatican has always shown great resiliency and adaptability in keeping abreast of national and international changes. It is working tirelessly toward one goal to bring the entire world to the feet of the Roman Pontiff. The methods used to achieve this goal have included and do include (as we have seen above) murder, massacre, Marxism, propaganda, irenic dialogue, revolution, repression, assassination, education, kindness, coercion, brotherhood, charity, monasticism, enforced celibacy, Jesuit casuistry, intrigue, financial threats and chicanery, and last but certainly not least, a global conspiracy with an historical continuity, and loyal henchmen to see that it continues to endure, unsurpassed in the annals of recorded history. The ends justify the means is no empty slogan ..." (p. 53 - bold italics added).
One has taken the liberty of changing the colour of 'irenic dialogue', since it is here most relevant.

Already the monstrous confusion of thought of making John Howard, PM of Australia, look like a repentless curmudgeon in contrast to a bonny pope doing his penances, in that the former has not apologised to the aborigines for what a former generation of a free country did, is a testimony to the craft of the papal intrigue in this matter. In fact, we are all free members of a free country, and none has to enlist to be born here.

It is not a statement of faith to be an Australian, as it is to be Romanist. What a former generation did, MUCH good and MUCH evil, depending on those concerned, with very much misrepresented as evil which was good, and some the opposite, is not relevant to expression of apology on the part of those who have come here from Italy and Russia, Turkey and Yugoslavia, seeking peace, or their leader; nor is the action of SOME of a former  generation, in the midst of confusion and pretence almost unparalleled, while different financial and tribal interests have their play, to be confused with apology from all of this one! The need to treat the aborigines as REAL PEOPLE, and not suffuse some sort of evolutionary niceness to them, which is both false and their undoing, is far greater than the formulation of some kind of apology for what the people did not do, but some of them, in a another time. Regret is certainly pertinent, and is expressed.

Indeed, it is expressed in the gift of various national lands, large (because multiple)  pensions to many, with numerous supplements and aids, so that whatever may be the LOSS of deprivation of some in some circumstances, which obviously should be remedied with care and concern as soon as possible, there is considerable provision for many others, significantly surpassing in many cases that for poor white people. It is true there should be some sort of enablement to help, in view of errors of the past, confused though some of the representations of them in fact are; and this is proceeding. Yet this done, it is equally true, that a paternalistic propriety, posing as pity, is out of place for it corrupts responsibility and puts the axe to the springs of effort. Failure here is destructive of aboriginal people.

We move then to  look at the contents of this apology, which are not lacking in the subtlety for which Rome justly has name, although it is not quite as subtle as it might have been. For all that, it may fill the bill, in meeting the requirements of the task. Too much subtlety at a time like this, might be too obvious.


The CHIEF affliction from Rome is its error about the Pope, allied with all the other things popes have insisted on adding to the Bible, to make some sort of a composite religion with two masters, pope and christ. They mix less than oil and water, and make an appalling emulsion.

For THAT, there is given no apology. HERE is the sin against Christian unity, and here is no vestige of regret!

But look! there is NOT EVEN ANY APOLOGY for the afflictions brought on Christians (and others for that matter) THROUGH FORCE based on FALSE DOCTRINE! It is precisely that which led to the almost weir-like overflow surge of blood, and and bush-fire flush of burning, treating the people of God like the excrement of the earth, and this with full approval of their so vast saint, Thomas Aquinas, as noted in SMR (pp. 1035ff.). What does the 'apology' say here ? This: "We ask forgiveness for the ... use of violence that some Christians used in the service of the truth".

1. First, the mass worshipping idolatry (cf. SMR pp. 1086ff.) was not the work of Christians (cf. I Cor. 6:9), for idolaters do NOT enter the kingdom of heaven. Christ did NOT commit suicide at the Last Supper, in breaking the bread, and He did not offer it when He expressly was going to the inaccessibilities of a heavenly location (John 6:62-63). The Spirit gives life, He declared; the flesh profits nothing. It was the sacrifice that mattered, not its physical format for eating. It was the Spirit which gave life, not some transmutational object d'art which was to be fashioned contrary to what can be tested (I Thessalonians 5:21). It was the things we see and hear which for Christ as for the apostles, were determinants (Acts 4:20, John 8:38,40). HIS works were demonstrable, not vacuous and contra-evidential (John 14:11ff.). They were to ENABLE faith to IDENTIFY Him by WHAT HE CLEARLY DID, and what was testable (cf. Matthew 11:3).

No two things could well be further removed, each from the other. This is a vital principle, since some confused writers make it appear Christianity has failed in the matter of war. It is not Christianity but idolatry which has done that; and many others, who have made the STATE the boss of the church, have erred in their combination also, for to Caesar must go ONLY THAT WHICH IS HIS, and most assuredly, the church is not that, since it is the body of Him who fills all in all (Ephesians 1:22-23,2:19ff.). IT, the State,  is not founded on Christ and the apostles, just as Rome is not. It is on CHRIST ONLY that the Christian is to rest, this NAME ONLY being effectual as before the Father, whose eternal Son here is given availing incarnation, through eternal redemption (Acts 4:11-12, Hebrews 9:12ff.).

2. Second, the force of Rome was not characteristically used in the service of truth. It was used in the IMPOSITION OF ERROR, since Rome for over a millenium has been filled with error (cf. SMR pp. 1032ff.).  Hence since it is what was used in the service of truth, which is regretted, we have not even a mention of what was used in disservice to the truth, suppression of it, extirpation of it as far as may be, with all vileness of emotion, harsh, remorseless and relentless, using the moneys of orphans to give gilt and guilt to the Roman organisation. It is THIS which is the major thing, since it is directly against CHRIST (cf. Matthew 18:6), and it is HE who is paramount. It is in this sense that the MAIN THING is omitted. It is like apologising for stepping on someone's toe, when you are at the same time cutting off his neck.

 However, this direct affront to the Lord's own people is far from being all. There is the further consideration of the evil of misleading those who might have found better food than this (Luke 11:52, Ezekiel 34:2-6,10-11), in the denial of the Gospel (cf. SMR pp. 1032ff., 1042ff., 1086-1088H), indeed the imposition of penalty for having it and sending it on;  as well as for physical, financial and civil violence to others of the Lord's creation.

What needs to be said to the Jews for seizing their property and persons, in the service of error, trying to correct one error with another, and that with the further anti-christian error of ecclesiastical violence, is likewise something not about service to the truth. Rather is it violence of error to error. The Jews have not noticeably afflicted Rome!

Indeed, it is true that Rome has done profound  disservice to truth not only in violence, but in violence TO the truth as demonstrated, hence helping many to find hell through its ministrations (cf. Luke 11:52). In this, there is no surprise, for it is PRECISELY what Christ charged to the account of the scribes, Christ who likewise abhorred traditionalism added to the word of God (Mark 7:7). His language is not too strong for the Christian, and it must be applied where it fits.

In characterising the violence as in the service of truth, therefore, the normal heretical novelty of Rome is sustained, and the cardinal viciousness against the servants of Christ is suppressed.


Whilst omitting the major sin against the Lord Himself in the apology, the pope also includes apology for what is NOT DONE WELL ENOUGH! It is however NOT for not doing it sufficiently well, that he expresses his regret, but for DOING IT AT ALL! It is like a hostess saying, Oh I am so sorry for giving you a cup of tea! when she should be offering a second one.

Thus we find that the pope has sorrow for 1) sins against respect for cultures, and 2) sins against Christian unity (treated above, where we realise the regret is not where the main evil is). We even find desire 3) to express "genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant", the Jews. This is absurd (cf. John 14:6), for our LOVE FOR the Jews is not the same as our OBSERVATION that they have AS A NATION (not as a race, for many apostles and Bible writers were Jews, indeed nearly ALL, and the Lord was born as a Jew!) failed to accept their own Messiah (cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms13, 17). Rome has failed in failing to give them the Gospel, a profound omission, and a violence which, however profound have been the physical evils inflicted or the indifferences to suffering, is far more hurtful yet!

As to the first point noted above (1), Rome is notorious for combination (cf. A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. Ch. 17, p.  233) with other religions, even the case of having a Buddha on an altar in a joint service with another religion, having come to light (cf. II Cor. 6:14ff.). She embraces so many things with so many words of allure, that she is indeed in the famed and fabulous inclusivist tradition of Babylon (cf. Biblical Blessings Ch.2). She initially mixed with secular Rome with its high priestly concept, near the beginning of her fall which this world calls her ‘rise’. Since then, she has mixed with blood, violence, regality, aspiration for dominion over all churches and nations (cf. SMR p. 903), even playing a medieval comedy, known as the investiture contest, historically, in which pope and emperor vied for pre-eminence, like tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee (cf. SMR loc.cit.).

It is NOT the adoption of the absurdities of pagan cultures for which Rome is apologising, as well she might, but for INADEQUATE respect for these cultures. Alas it is her enthrallment with these things, in the politics of power, in the philosophies of paganism (high priesthood of Rome, philosophy of Greece and goddess style of status for Mary),  which is one of her syncretistic syntheses, her magic combinations.

VAIN is philosophy says Paul (cf. I Cor. 1, Colossians 2:8), and dangerous to the unwary; but the cultures of the flesh and of the prince of this world (cf. John 14:30) are here made things to respect. PAUL indicates that there is little to respect in the traditions of man, as does Christ (cf. Mark 7:7, Romans 1), for their eyes are blinded (John 12:40), and their hearts alienated from the Lord (Ephesians 4:17ff.). It is the PEOPLE whom we respect, not their errors, any more than a doctor fails to respect (ideally) his patients, but certainly has small regard for their viruses!

THAT is Biblical religion: from God, for God and defined by God, for after all... if it is anything, it is HIS, and it is HE who states the tones of pardon, the cost and the way. As to the religious element in culture, it is - if not of Christ, then alien, vain. It may have elements of the residues of the image of God in us all, preserved, but always without the clear perspective truth, which comes ONLY through the Truth, which is Jesus Christ, without whom, no man so much as COMES TO the Father (John 14:6). Without Him, as He says, a man is not even BORN in the spiritual sense. Far from going to school, he is not even available, if you will, for school enrolment, since a foetus is scarcely acceptable; and as to the foetus, where is THAT!

It is one thing to be tolerant and loving to the unconverted; it is quite another to respect the diseases which like cholesterol, threaten their hearts.

 In this case, the disease includes:



1. One might ask whether the Roman 'apology', touted as Australia's recent treatment of aborigines is travestied in the cartoon in the Advertiser (date as noted above), includes what the Howard Government has done. Does this so great papal apology allow FREE CONFERMENTS of lands for use and profit, as compensation for some of the things lost in the past ? in England ? in Italy ? in Spain ? as Australia confers on aborigines ?

Does the Vatican allow from its wealth, does it provide EXTENSIVE PENSION SUPPLEMENTS to help those who suffered financially from its blood-spilling ministrations, its tortuous services ? or does it give aid to those whose people have suffered through disorientation, at the hands of Rome, when it seized money and lands, honour and name, defiling, degrading, expelling, torturing slowly, burning with wood ? does it make compensation for such disorientation, loss, deprivation and human dignity and order, as aborigines in some measure suffered at the hands of many white racists, whose percentage in Australia appears small, while the case with Romanism, one organisation, was total in its doctrinal persecution ?

Does it in any way even PARALLEL what is done in Australia for the work of some in the past, for those who were controlled from the papacy down, by Rome in their far greater work over a far greater period ? Does it bring forth FRUITS WORTHY OF REPENTANCE! (Matthew 3:8).

Or are there VATICAN REPARATIONS (cf. SMR p. 925)  as given by Germany  to the Jews, for the case so like that of Rome, of systematic NATIONAL extirpation (not that by some), under the control of the pope with all his alleged infallibility, so that he could find the infallible answer for the appalling crimes committed for centuries in cold blood and hot fire, before they endured for mindless and appalling years of grief ? It is like a great dressed up General, equipped with every flamboyant uniform and medal, who can do much, but is no good at leading the Army.

If then, the pope CAN gain such infallibility, as supremo and God Almighty on earth, why did he not USE it before slaughtering untold numbers with untold wealth resulting and untold freedoms gained from loss of opposition from those simply killed ?  whose untold liberties were smashed on this earth, by what wants it! Indeed, so thorough and strenuous was this process, so enduring and remorseless,  that whole nations are lop-sided in religious affiliations as a result of such killings, squalid like those fearful exploits by the Khmer Rouge, while  unequal deprivations continue for centuries, as in Spain, where privileges and powers are tilted to the 'church' ?

It is not only the expression of the regrettable nature of thousands of tortures prolonged and orphans multiplied over centuries that is in view, but the CAUSE of it, in the false doctrine which puts in the hands of one sinner, the glory of God, His word, His determinations, and then makes such extravanzas of omission and commission as to make comedy out of blasphemy, like a strutting singer who alas, has no voice.

Or are there tracts of Spain given back to the Jews, because this people were almost totally removed from that land ? Or is the 'removal' of so many for so long in so many barbaric ways by the courts and decrees, the bulls and ordinances of Rome, a matter for reflection at all ? Do consequences not exist ? Do causes not have to be removed ? Does infallibility not have to be replaced where it belongs, in God Himself, who coming to earth as man, remains who He is, and has neither duplicate nor face of man, but His own, which was marred beyond recognition ? and is the pope to have a face like that, and to be crucified and to rise bodily in three days, to qualify for the imposture ?

Is there regret for the slaughter with Archbishop Stepinac in close governmental association, of hundreds of thousands of Serbs by Croats in World War II, as documented by Paris in his 'The Vatican Against Europe' and 'Genocide in Satellite Croatia' and considered carefully by Loraine Boettner in his ROMAN CATHOLICISM (pp. 436-437) ? regret for his elevation to the post of cardinal SUBSEQUENTLY, by the papacy (SMR pp. 951-952) ? or is there regret and repayment for the reactions wrought by this Croat slaughter in such religious settings of 'Orthodox' Serbs, when years later, the wheel turned!

What is this apology for mass murder ? and where is the statement that all the popes participating in these greedy ravages, passion plays against the human race in country after country, against Jews and Christians, were religious war criminals ? were anti-Christian in their sustained and systematic conduct ? were CONSTANT and AUTHORITATIVE TORTURERS instead of confining themselves to the preaching of the gospel which they unfortunately omitted at the same time ? were ANYTHING BUT God Almighty on earth, but were hideously in deformity, in defamation of His will and and word and way, not in some momentary flash of passion, but in settled planning and provisions of evil on an immense, dense scale, fermented with the juice of presumption unspeakable, to match deeds of shame that are highlights of ungodliness in the history of nations!

WHO is blind as he who is pontiff! who is deaf as he who is chief! And this delusive office continues! Its pronouncements and presumptions of power continue! Is the world suffering from delusion ? No, it is just that the 'prince of this world' as Christ called him (John 14:30) has indeed come, and indeed has 'nothing in Me', and the religion which makes world rule an explicit aim in Unam Sanctam decree (SMR p. 903-904), being of this world, likewise has 'nothing in Me'.

You cannot have it both ways. If you want the world, you cannot have Christ. If you want Christ, you cannot have the world. Indeed, those who are Christ's are crucified to the world, and the world to them (Galatians 6:14), and you are not at all crucified to what you want to have! and what you sacrifice millions to get! It does not matter WHY you want it, IF you want it, it is your DESIRE. It is for Christ, not a pope or a church, that the world is sought, and sought so that those who come out of it are not OF IT ! They neither follow its ways nor seek its power nor its glory; and indeed Christ, who sought individuals WITHIN the world, REFUSED to PRAY FOR THE WORLD (John 17:9,15-16), instead praying for those who 'are not of the world, just as I am not of the world', showing it by refusing it when it was OFFERED to Him, at the price of worship of the devil.

Power IN this world is of Christ, when it is adequate (Matthew 28:20), and it is given for the provision of the gospel to every creature, and the teaching of the commandments, all of them. Yet power OVER this world in these days, is the business of the devil, and his methods are what they have always been, lies and fraud, power play and injustice, disregard of man and insistence on his systems, as they arise from time to time, to justify, as with the Jesuits, by the END in view! You are not crucified to what you are about controlling! Indeed, what IS the end in view ? it is that they should be crucified to the world, for "I have given them Your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world " (John 17:14).

The world is a BASE for deliverance FROM, not a BASTION for ownership. The world lies in the wicked one, says I John 5, and those who lie with it are lying with the father of lies (John 8). Christ was offered it, and refused it. The popes want it and pay for it. The courses are diametrically opposed. It is not use apologising for what you are; it is necessary to COME OUT OF IT in spirit, and follow wholly other ways. Meanwhile it is necessary to come OUT of the Roman system, which does not because it cannot apologise for being counter-gospel in its teaching, world-seeking in its doctrine and dealings at the highest and most formal, written level. It is not for nothing that Revelation 18:4, speaking of Rome (SMR pp. 954, 946ff.) says this: "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues".

As to those to come from the divine hand in judgment, read in Revelation 17-18, concerning the culminations in the misuser of Christ's name, the place of the papacy which says this, that they "hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty" (Leo XII in his encyclical The Reunion of Christendom -1885), or as Innocent III put it, "greater than man; who judges all, but is judged by none". Long before that, one of the bishops of Rome, classed as 'pope', condemned far less an effrontery as a work of antichrist (SMR p. 914, cf. Matthew 23:8-10). Under Christ, it is condemned expressly already.

Alas they must be judged by all for their crimes in this, that they are in manifest and total contradiction of the Bible morally, in authority, in rule and pursuit of dominion, whether through imposing physical pangs, through loss of money, and deprivation of power, murder and seizure of the goods of others, or assault on the gospel and failure to preach it (SMR pp. 1032-1088H, 525-532, 1034ff.). Will they unveil a new policy that DOES NOT crimp and cramp and remove freedom in nations where they are in power, as so voluminously detailed by Boettner (op.cit. pp. 407-446) ? and will they cease to regard themselves as able, in unknown ways, to speak infallibly, while acting not only fallibly, but intolerantly, still not revoking the errors of the Council of Trent, which consigns to damnation those who believe the Gospel (as shown in SMR pp. 1045ff. ), in a document so energetically endorsed by Pope John Paul II (SMR pp. 1059-1060) ?

Indeed, will they repudiate Pope John XXIII's coronation statement of 1958, in which, in direct accord with Trent, he declared, "Into this fold of Jesus Christ no one can enter if not under the guidance of the Sovereign Pontiff" ? How are Jews brothers when they do not accept this Pontiff's 'guidance' or the covenant of Christ the Lord, or how are those Christians 'separated brethren' when they were slaughtered by 'other Christians' precisely for NOT accepting the 'guidance' of this anti-christian phenomenon, this 'father' and this supremo, who acts as Lord, who should be as one of the  brethren under ONE LORD!

As to God Almighty on earth, the false papal claim, this is is precisely what Christ, eternal and sinless, the Son of God became in the incarnation: and as to Him, He  did not kill for refusal of the true faith, far less for refusal of heresy which He, for His part, would never promulgate in the first place. In fact, HE has nothing for which to apologise, no reparations to make, and no changes to lavish on the sins He did not have the weakness to commit.

Why ? It is because He was indeed God on earth, and there is none like Him (Psalm 89:6), and who can wear the name of the WORD OF GOD, who being that, errs never (Revelation 19:12-13). ALL His pronouncements are better than any magical ex cathedra, for He IS what He CLAIMS to be, and is no impostor, imposing his carnal will on those amongst whom he should be as an equal, but true God, seeking for those who come without violence, presenting His will to His own, as their desire and His own. He does not assail others in order to be what He is, but being it by nature, offers what He has (John 16:15) because it is His, freely. In Him is the peace of truth.

All judgment begins and ends there.