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Huffpost Religion,

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October 1, 2013


First, a

NEWS ITEM: The Signals of Statistics

According to a YouGov poll, only 21% of Americans believe that human beings evolved without the involvement of God, and 25% of those surveyed said, "Human beings evolved but God guided this process."

37% of respondents answered that "God created human beings in their present form," in response to the question "Which of the following comes closest to your views on the origin of human beings?"

It was also found that 40% of the country favours teaching creationism and intelligent design in schools , 32% oppose it, and a little less is unsure.

That is of interest in its place. Now let us look nearer to home.



Where An Imaginary -ism works, and its imaginary thrust

is flatly contradicted, as a new phase of it, based on nothing is called forth, as was the original theory, then we have an exercise in futility of the first order. Boot camps for  this process appear in many universities, and in many, almost as a condition of progress.

Nature (apparently on this model, in effect,  something which came unstuck from nothing, that is pure special pleading and rankly irrational assumption, as in  
The gods of naturalism have no go!

comes into its heritage as man, and then man meets it on a road which isn't there, and would like to change the nature of nature, which arrived from nowhere, through an act of will, and concern, which nature in the model does not share. He would have it different, like a wife, planning a big change in hubby. But of course the model has 'nature' as impersonal. Anyway, man now would seek 'nature' to  BE different. This Hitleresque stuff just  won't do.  There needs to be a different motif. It is so hard to find,  as Gould pointed out, since the upward glide by little steps of 'nature', Gould could not at all find; nor can any when it comes to the molecular and the verifying realities of continual gradation, which so many of various philosophies have had to point out.

Perhaps then, the thought goes,  mankind will be able to MAKE his nurturing nature come through to 'nature',  though the evolutionary variety of this race avoids nurture in 'nature' with passion. Would he then turn it in its belligerent blatancy (though it has no direction in the model) from which he is supposedly derived, making a bend from the totally non-nurturing, a course alteration in its imaginary thrust, so that it might be become more like him.

Can it be turned by its 'product', man, to a different type of 'nature' ? if it is all illusion, as empirical facts confirm from the wall of logic, then man might indeed change it, for it is merely a projection in the first place, so utterly inadequate for the task assigned to it, as in any logical account of it being there, that man might WELL invoke some change, so that this idol could have at least some bearing on what he is. Naturally he has come to feel, in the case of Sir Arthur Keith, that the evolutionary process seems to have gone mad! It was mad in kind, in the first place, a conception, an idea without relevance to the task of explanation, the power, the finesse or the creativity needed, as starkly lacking in origin as in observable process.

It is THIS 'nature' which in the backwoods of regression, the State of South Australia in 2008 in a Circular to Principals would have presented without competition from any other testable source for the world and for man, what is the philosophy of evolutionism, deemed scientific with no scope whatsoever for challenge from the scientific presentation of creationism, by fiat, pronunciamento, cognitive monopoly and totalitarian suppression. This is dealt with amply in That Magnificent Rock, Ch. 8. Galileo in his day*G was also ill in accord with the bluster of authority.

In 2010, March 3, from the Sydney Morning Herald, news came of some new constraints. Thus the South Australian Non-Government Schools Registration Board, it declared, made a decision "effectively to ban the teaching of creationism." The issue was in science. The method there was outlined, and made by pronunciamento, irrelevant to creationism, applicable only to the option preferred, namely the unproductive, invalid and unverified philosophy of evolutionism which was in some undisclosed way supposedly related to science. At best, it is part of the history of abuse in science, as shown in this Volume, and throughout the 222 other volumes of this set, in particular in Secular Myths and Sacred Truth, and more extensively in The gods of naturalism have no go!.

In fact, and in very large degree, BOTH of the positions, the one preferred and the one ludicrously indicted, are susceptible to scientific method, as shown briefly in SMR pp. 140ff., with very clear results, even in that overview.

To bring us nearer to the hive of their thinking in this 2010 case, it was specified in the Board's further arcane directive, that it does not accept as satisfactory a science curriculum in a non-government school which so much as REFLECTS a view of creationism which they specify in a gratuitous and incorrect fashion in their terminology. The curriculum must not even reflect such an approach to "a religious text." It is easy to deal with straw men; but incorrect to substitute them for reality. What then of the case where what is in the Bible, as normal is thoroughly borne out by scientific investigation, and the naturalistic hypothesis of organic evolutionism, preferred by this State Authority,  is not ? Would it not then REFLECT what is taught in a religious text, insofar as they are in perfect agreement.

Would it not be scientific then, without bias, to NOTE that what is found in scientific method, applied to the observable, thoroughly meets the test case in many testable areas, and with incomparable superiority to the case for evolutionism, precisely in terms of unharassed scientific method, the kind not taken over by philosophic presuppositions! This meets no dismissal, finds no lack where verifiable, while the alternative, naturalistic hypothesis fails, and thus ought to be deleted, along with the earlier phlogiston case, as a once held theory.

ONCE flaw and failure is ignored, anti-verification rules, then the science is gone. It is then mere predisposition as is currently the case, illicitly demanded even of independent schools. You MUST teach what is not so, even in science, and state or imply that God is an optional extra in the world of hard facts; which is actually NOT EVEN the case with evolutionism. It is a non-available choice logically, empirically and in terms of actually test-oriented scientific method.

To like it is one thing, just as some like spring water; but to prescribe this distortion to others does in sober reality constitute a real parallel to what we have been seeing in the zealous, conscientious work of the Hitler youth movement, where slant became a sort of secular sainthood, and the ONLY way to view things, based on a Darwinian approach, was as prescribed. Did this nation fight to be rewarded with a more subtle take-over!

Both in the British and elements of the South Australian case, and most explicitly in the former, and perniciously in the latter, does gratuitous derogation of creationism, the Bible and in terms of due challenge, the testimony of evidence become a mere prelude to what amounts to authoritarian rejection of factual finding, even that carried out in strict accord with scientific method.

It is a widespread, unarticulated but implicit theory that evolutionism MUST accord with test results, and is presumed to be so. It is not a fact that it does so, but that its failures are massive, sweeping in like a tsunami; and this failure linked to the demands of Government is what makes the 'testimony' of this development, the scientific and educational disaster that it is.

But let us go now to Great Britain, and see what has happened. Here in The Guardian, November 30, 2012, we find that all free schools will be forced to present evolution as a comprehensive and central tenet of scientific theory. This, we find has results from lobbying by senior scientists "who feared schools would present creationism as credible theory." That, it is science ? It is a presumption which current fashion in materialistic and naturalistically inclined philosophy, represented in science by a majority of scientists, with many exceptions, prefer in their religious orientation.

It IS after all, a religious matter to decide what is INCLUDED and what is EXCLUDED in evidence, in terms of scientific method, and final values and perspectives here have dictated this. This has been covered in kind in SMR in dealing with the apparently obsessive concern with THE CULT OF THE FORBIDDEN, the gratuitous exclusion of some things from the purvey of science, and so excluding critiques, comparison and 'race' results, to the detriment both of objectivity and of truth. On this, see SMR pp. 150-151, 330-331.

By fiat of the State, in this case of Britain, by an authoritarian and presumptuous pronouncement, evolutionism is to be presented as an omni-competent theoretical encompassment for students. Such is the sovereignty of this idol, which can do and does precisely nothing, but fail. Thus by one of the most virulent religious persecutions in centuries in Britain (forwarded earlier by a thrust from Dawkins cf. Beauty for Ashes Ch. 3, who appears confused), free schools "will be forced to present evolution as a comprehensive and central tenet of scientific theory." Such is the Guardian news item.

As will be shown further, this praise to what is merely a mental idol which cannot stand in the world of empirical fact, is parallel to forcing Christians in the Roman Empire, to worship the Emperor (if they could be so seduced). This is a mentally invented one, however, touring the schools, in effect.

This indeed is quite useful for it tends to sum up some of the underlying features, which have gone before in some of the turgidities of prescriptive teaching, and the manacling of science teaching, to exclude designated areas, in a manner wholly in contradiction with its method (cf. Scientific Method ...). What is it like ? It is like having a world champion tennis player with red hair, and then pontifically announcing by the tennis authorities, that of course red-haired contestants are not valid, and cannot enter, for reasons so obscure as to be hidden in the cultural recesses of the day. Ludicrous conception ? correct, and it is this exclusion of a whole phase of fact, feature, logic, empirics and comparisons which has just this just designation.

While they teach the barren reductionism and unscientific method in this area, they refuse access in terms of that same method, to the field for others. After all, there are alternative approaches to the matter scientifically, and materialistic presupposition based on nothing and in obvious violation of logic (as seen in Repent or Perish Ch. 7 and Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2) is only one approach. Indeed, gross misrepresentation was implicit in the South Australian State approach of 2008, as was pointed out to the ruling body (cf. Government Composite). Thus we find this, for example:

Our concern, emphatically and statedly, is not that a religious perspective be imposed on students, which would indeed be an oddity, for a secular State. It is precisely the fact that this is already BEING DONE, at which we protest, and for which we seek cleansing. Such imposition is not, nor has ever been relevant in our approach to this State; but rather the opposite,  that various perspectives be faithfully and accurately taught. However, to make ALL creationism religious only, or to make ALL religion only unscientific, these are rash and unsustained generalisation, both about religion, and about creationism: and it is to fail in this educative criterion. It becomes instead a substitution of authority for reason, opinion for evidence and ignorance of the position, for scholarship. If some prefer this, tax use should not dictate it.

To pre-empt the testing of all that comes, that offers, and that in terms of a philosophy that can be pre-emptively set in place, as here and now in this State. This of course is done in defiance of scientific method while this same State is there equally insisting on scientific method; and that, it poses a problem. Is is more hypocritical (in failing to do what it prescribes) or confused (in failing to realise that with the structure which man did not create, there are questions he must answer, for this and for all, and there are testable results for creationism and evolutionism. Why not have a Carmel ? Why not at least open the eyes to the realities of the contest, since in the Darwinian, outdated mode, this is so incredibly important in derivation from this idolatrised 'nature'.

Why tell 'science' what it must believe, like the Inquisition, for Galileo did not fail to suffer for his tenacity in his views, whatever may be said of this and that slide and glide on the part of that body.

What makes it so very much worse is the demonstrable fact that under test, biblical creationism has no residual problems in system, while this evolutionism has them on all sides, in every facet. To review, small wonder man is now finding evolutionism in its presuppositions rather preposterous, for its alleged, underlying amorality clashes to the uttermost for the morality of many, provides no grounds for this, and worse still, is proving more and more lethal in practice, when followed in its alleged ways, by modern man. It simply does not work in application, do it how you will, as every imaginable weapon for simple, amoral, à la mode survival is pressed into service, deviousness, deceit, lying, pretentiousness, pretence, hatred, revenge, retaliation, twisting of truth, what you will, as a matter of PRINCIPLE.

To be the children of this farce is an ache in the  spirit of man, which cannot adapt, since it is contrary to reality, does not create new kinds, but only more extreme forms of old kinds of sheer folly, as godlessly graceless and astutely dishonest, as modern politics is beginning to appear.  And why ? It is because the basis dinned into the pre-political, Primary and Secondary School ear is given its reductionist force, without challenge, by FIAT. Is it God then who so demands ? No, it is the State. It is some liberal and enlightened State, which so requires pre-emptively ? no, it is the voice of the newly authoritarian trumpet of intolerance and contempt for truth. What else is it when the realities that challenge to the uttermost, by fiat and command, are removed, and what answers for nothing ultimately, or anything empirically, this organic evolution, is set in preposterous dictatorial rule.

Science! Is this a comedy, was the other inquisitional enquiry science ? How can ANYTHING be science which announces answers, exempting competition, and a philosophy, excluding what alone stands all investigations,  and withstands all scrutiny, as if it were poison.

So what if the modern mood begins to turn from the presuppositions of Darwinism, just as many evolutionists of standing have turned from his contentions, and  to want something at least  slightly like the product, to be found ?

 If it wants that, then this it must do in total rejection of its initial premises, from which in dream, results such as man inexplicably come. Just as its non-nurture reputedly made for  progress in some magical manner, to man, now man in his nurturing mode, wants to turn about this strange chameleon power his ostensible father, and still to progress, but now amid prodding opposites. If that father, however, be dead, how will it live ? and if it lives, how will it be effective when its very life-blood is shed already!

It is like a German saga, a Greek myth or a last ditch effort  of a failing party, 
as it dies.

Some like the Hitler-mode, no doubt, but the odd 55 million dead for the plot is not impressive when the topic is life, and the application of death in non-survival as some ludicrous ground for creation. After all, as to Hitler, so systematically immersed in Darwin as an outset, by his own word, he was only trying to help, using the alleged methods of nature by his own intelligence; and with him in this, were ever so many scientists and doctors, to augment the process that is allegedly so creative, and effective, and uplifting to such heights that are dizzying before one wakes up. As exhibited  in SMR  and Wake Up World! ..., however, many do not so desire, and a number of these notable professors are listed in Ch. 3 above, at *2 cited. Creationist scientists are like mushrooms, continually arising as the error of evolutionism is found, and these are in addition (Government Papers Composite).

Let us then not hear this music uncritically, but investigate.



It is useless to speak of 'the new savvy'or perceiving that evoution works better by mutual concern and care, or any other contrary or even contradictory variant. If the former concept of deviousness, or desire, or dishonesty, or trickery or treachery or force of whatever serves survival were correct, then let it continue to do so. If on the other hand, that is merely a peremptory idol, then it makes no real difference to change the actualities back to their actual source, and let the idol survive, if it can! Has the idol made man so shiftless that he disowns his putative father ? (cf. Jeremiah 2:23). This he might well do, as deriving something from nothing, life from matter, intelligence from its absence, mind from the mindless and spirit from the will-less is merely the most unscientific act you could presume to make. It is not the most ludicrous that is to be sought, but what has some generic relationship with what you have in hand, which first is to be sought.

Science is not comedy, such as Darwin in effect made it, void of support for his macro-theory, and indulging in flirtatious manner with absent fossils, which he deplored as a chief weakness, impossible tasks, the eye even being called a ridiculous proposition by his own means (cf. Deliverance from Disorientation Ch. 7). Again, in SMR Ch. 7, we have this presentation concerning the downfall of Darwin, in overview, which makes it indeed easier to invent a new 'nature', though as impossible as ever to have it come from nowhere, or avoid the Eternal Adequacy as so often shown.


The downfall of Darwin

And Darwin ? His delusion is the same. Scholar after scholar (and we could mention Morris, Løvtrup, Nilsson, Goldschmidt, Gould, Kouznetsov, Korochkin, Bird) acknowledges its failure. Neither has it given any evidence in over one hundred years, to verify it, as the noted Professor W.R. Thompson pointed out in his introduction to a new Everyman edition of Darwin's famous book; nor could it, nor is it workable technically, while men like Denton, Eden, Schützenberger {cf. SMR pp. 128 - 135} show it is contrary in nature to the technology now revealed in the cell. In short, it has neither the evidence nor the logic nor the method. In fact, it is not even dealing with the origin of species, as has been pointed out, but rather with their sustaining, which sidesteps the issue, and Darwin himself noted that the eye could only by absurdity, be seen as coming to be by his methods! (Dysfunctional specialised components are blind!)

Again, if men were made by mere manipulation of matter ('manipulation' - but not even that, for in this theory, there is no one to manipulate)... by mere interaction then, within a system, then of course by definition, they can only apprehend within the conditions of a component; cannot evacuate from either its limits or its constraints; cannot invade from beyond its thrall to see it as it is, for on this view, there is no beyond. Therefore, in this schema, there is no way in which a simply interactive part, embodied within a system as a component, can envisage a whole, cognise, construe and capture the system: for that is a different feature from mere action at a point. Hence Darwin could not possibly, on his own system, have known what the truth was, as with Marx, as with Freud. In the rigours of relativity, there is no absolute, so that it is absolutely impossible to know... even the rigours of relativity as the truth. The theory dies with the opening of the mouth, to declare it l#1g.

As to 'theistic evolution', it is not merely idly blasphemous in attributing to God the movements within a system which uses trickery, treachery and force to 'advance' (this being the principle, and man on this basis coming to be as consequence), to elevate creation to the 'pinnacle' of man from the slimy depths... That is not all. It is not merely that this would implicate God in obliterative tantrums, as he lurched through this eccentric process of 'creation', receiving magnificent help from the brave citizenry below, who by striving and conniving, helped things along; for, instrumentally, we accept what we use#2g. Such a view therefore is mortally delusive.

Nor is theistic evolution less futile than any other such theoretical fantasy, without absolute creation 'thrown in': lacking as it does, the evidence of self-activated advance in design complexity, of progressive continuity of change. It is as ludicrous as anything else in the God-bypass area, in meeting the evidence of the Cambrian Age, that sudden apparent bursting forth of a large percentage of advanced creatures very near the first (on the theoretical basis in fashion); and of stolid non-transmutation in decidedly unadventurous fossils. Refusing to co-operate, they give the impression of being almost clandestine creationists.

The evidence chronically and almost callously, for evolution, runs in manifest contradiction, indeed, to the entire observation of decline and decay which is the only evidence available, relative to overall 'drift' in an established system.

This evolutionism, of whatever variety, then, is merely an added blasphemy and irrationality, in callow and ineffectual confrontation with God and His glory, and the evidence and logic jointly.

Creation and creator remain the sole possibility; and those of us who know Him, we are not therefore 'cast down'. Nor did the Psalmist long remain in that condition (Psalm 73:2-3,13-14). It is, as the Psalmist shows, wholly an error to be envious at the boastful. Their paths are indeed slippery, and the latest attack on and revolt from God comes and goes, and to use a slang Americanism, when it goes, it 'goes good'!

It is all madness, revolt and revolution, refusing God, evidence and logic alike. Every lust to replace God and find a system that works, to analyse our condition and remedy it without God has failed. The 1991 collapse of Communism is merely a routine treatment, one more example of what is intrinsically unworkable, always has been, and always will be.

They fail intellectually, as humanity invariably finds, when, rubbing its eyes, perhaps 50 years later, it sees its error. They fail in behaviour, when the 'Spock' generation becomes the 'shock' generation, and the 'liberated' generation becomes the annihilated generation. They fail physically and morally when the generation needing no aid from God gains AIDS from man; when the enlightening liberators turn into Red Guards and the economic marvel becomes a request for grain, to avoid starvation, grain from the West... or for money, to avoid bankruptcy! Will man never learn! His brave new world, continually constructed (in mind) with morbid fascination, is neither brave nor new.

Sometimes these matters, then, weigh on the spirits of men; and the Psalmist is showing his suffering as the Psalm 73 proceeds from the first verse, a statement of conviction about the constant and continual goodness of God to His own people (He doesn't force people), to a statement of heaviness in verse 2.

But as for me, my feet were almost gone, he says,

admitting his envy at foolish people, who momentarily and superficially had seemed fortunate in their gross prosperity. Thus, temporarily blurred in spiritual vision, he suffers what you might call ...

Yes, if the organic evolutionary hypothesis were correct, so that changing its basis would present a problem, then let us find the creativity of the unremitting contest supposedly the productive dynamic, leading on to man; let us at least see it work somewhere, some time, in some place.

If however, the arrant faith of evolutionism, complete with materialistic philosophy (any god can be there, the point is sometimes made, so long as it does not actually do anything), as also with the metaphysical religion of the once would-be cleric, Darwin, is to be kept with its nugatory blindness  (one which despises systematic actualities to be found, tested and found above all else by reason and observation in biblical creationism,  where the case is harmonious both internally  and in 'nature', indeed in  the realities found in many natures and schema in the universe): then what ? Then  let  us have its new quasi-credentials.

To refer once more to Sir Arthur Keith, and adapt: it not 'evolution' which has gone mad, but the incoherence of the concepts back of it, misused, applied, found as in explanation of the universe, which remain systematically wanting, utterly devastating when applied and reductionist to the point of comedy.

Credentials for the starkly unobservable, the logically illicit, the methodically rank, these provide the dream always with a pot of gold in its rainbow end, always in fact with a pot of tar when it is searched for, which dark delusion incites war, or contradiction, struggle or insignificance, dichotomy or death, or a mixture of banes so devastating as to make this world increasingly near to unlivable, as Christ foretold (Matthew 24:22).

What, as Jeremiah is moved to ask in the name of the LORD Himself, concerning dreams and diligent dealings with evidentially manifest deity, "what is the chaff to the wheat!" (23:28)... in effect, 'saying to a tree, 'you are my father,' and to a stone, 'You gave birth to me,' as in 2:27.

Once a misled radio announcer declared in a ludicrously mismanaged discussion, with the microphone withdrawn at will, that the next day he would summon one from the University to SHOW evolution. But that is the whole point, not in a century and a half has this been done, nor will it ever be; for it is bereft of a working model as poor Professor Stephen Gould in a bout of honest critique, admitted as in a way, almost like Nilsson (SMR pp.  108-111), he just gazed at the suddenness of things. Neither their gradualism nor their obvious superiority for survival at the outset, when considered in advance was at all apparent (Wake Up World! ... Ch. 6 cf. his Wonderful Life, p. 239). 

Indeed, 'advance' was made, in a series of creations from the mind of God and that removes their puzzle and concern at clash with reason and evidence. It is God, not survival, which invents. In illustration, remove all the failed essays you like, but unless you have the vision, there is nothing to say; unless you have understanding, there is nothing to propound; and unless there is, to get back to historical reality, a mass of evidence of failed 'essays' on the part of this miraculous 'nature', of rubbishy messes that did not work in themselves, grotesque oddities, strewn in vast myriads compared with effective things made, where is the point of pretence.

The advance from servile 'nature' is a dream, as in new cars. It acts as made, not Maker. New cars over time DO advance, but not by accidents, rather by intelligence at work in its multiply perceptive and cognitive fashion.

Cast up on an island from a boat, and all the dullards removed in the disaster, for a few of brilliance remaining, you do not outwit the genetic basis. It is still the same; it does not re-draft its core or remake its matrix. It is never seen. Its ground is never found. It is a dream, which now we find is the opposite of reality. Consider then.

Perhaps as the blood soaks in from the recent estimated 55 million human loss (as part of the loss on many sides from the Hitler excursion, that Nazi part), and the message comes out that devastated the biological furniture is not the best way of using it, nor does it stop the DECLINE in FACT in the genome which Cornell's Professor J.C. Sanford has shown and written about in his "Genetic Entropy." Man does not need more deluded slaughter to advance, for he is already in danger of a coming extinction, in principle, from his own internal degeneration, even in his genome. As the design deteriorates, as is the common touch with exposed designs, so the false dynamic kills, whether directly or indirectly, by ruining potential or by bringing direct blood loss. Reality is not magic; it needs coherence to understand, that explains on all sides, not which contradicts the very heights and functions which it so denudes, leaving a laughable comedy of 'explanation' that never touches the field of explanation.

Some then begin to look to a different brotherhood,  disdaining  the imputed 'father' of impotent nature, which contains but does not produce its given equipment, amid the exposition in history of its content. It acts as it is, and is not to be caught creating new information, let alone in splashes of workable complexity of abundant specialised and mutually needed parts. They become open to instruction from the lectures of consistent reality. They will perhaps have an inspiration, namely to face facts and be rewarded with the disappearing dias taken from 'nature', and find what does not power to create, is totally unworthy of such idolatrous heights.

Others continue to exalt the pretender, and insist on laughing at the Lord, by smirks or guffaws while, if open at all,  wondering how on earth this world can work on its assumed basis;  and these may so very readiy swallow so many dreams, like blow-flies to the open mouth, too dizzy to close on the truth. These are of the category of student controllers, the political directors who, even in 'free' lands defile truth and students alike, by authorising arrogant teaching, pretentiously pretending that what is clashing is coherent and what is comprehensively and futilely reductionist, is an explanation at all! Such has notoriously been the position in South Australian Government, in the notable case recorded, concerning education even in non-State schools, for 2010,

Perhaps then - the idea


of now co-operating without struggle, subversion and overthrow as a zestful joy, or duty,


of giving at least some impression of brotherliness,
or at least reasonableness of mutual concern, and


of wearing this as a diplomatic mask
to cover  the iron and allegedly productive law,
that made something out of nothing -
though a law is only a description of what happens -
that natural and eminently fallacious rule:

perhaps this double life will draw some ?

Perhaps they will try harder at least to look as if things were ... a little better ? War is so drastic, they may muse, as many do. It is by far the easier task, as Islamic warriors are showing continually to their great advantage, to destroy than to be creative! It pays if you want mayhem, for other people... At least it may be for a while, as 1917 and its deeds, pointed out:  at least ... for a while, but then truth eventually wins, for God lives. Thus when the whole Middle East  became naked to the Allies, and the Ottoman Turks were bereft, Jerusalem simply taken back from those who by violence had seized and subordinated it for so long. This presages the return of the Lord Himself as in Micah 7, Zechariah 12,14, Isaiah 59:20, with the awakening of Israel to its God (Romans 11:25ff.), the same Lord crucified (as in Zechariah 12:10 - 13:1). Yes, freedom has its place in this world of trial, and trial involves suffering where sin abounds; but in the end, truth triumphs, though the day be long.

So the false path has its end.

But there is the option under test, for the true path, the path of truth, for they are coherent and one. To this let us return later.

To pursue the present point however, the double-minded way of Darwinian dynamic and kindly compassion, perhaps as an artifice with some kind of a change in human behaviour, this may be tried, as often in practice this is precisely what happens. It may however be given new official kudos. Thus there may be a merely superficial movement from the godless wastes of Darwinism - or since that is stone dead in an evidential backwash, then from some alternative evolutionary myth, until this, constantly sought to live but never found to do so, meets repudiation. In the end, the contradiction may be preferred, despite successive failure in every schema and imagination, while truth is constantly shouting to ears that do not hear (cf. SMR pp. 249 - 252N, Wake Up World! ... Chs.  4,  5, 6).

Then is a silken mask put over the contorted, striving face, outdoing all the poker variety; and what then ? for will the ruthless modes envisaged have in fact anything to offer, in diplomatic style hypocrisy, where real co-operation is missing and shadowy antics are performed as in a play, where dramatic irony evident to the observer!

Unless useless evolutionary reductionism, and oblivious, dysfunctional naturalism be abandoned as a null prong of desperate and unempirical, irrational thought, there is the same spirit to it, the same style of dismissed reality as before, the same spirit to it, the same style of non-realisation as of yore. LIVING a contradiction is as impossible to reality as holding one. It is all the mark of error, falsifying disunity of concept and disjunction from empirical fact, that in obstructive obfuscation, refuses to be abandoned. So was it in ancient Israel, that God-given opportunity provided to the current world for reflection, that it persisted in its wandering in seeing, thinking and realising folly. It was then that the prophet Jeremiah was divinely moved.   He was led to say this (Jeremiah 5:3):

"O LORD, are not Your eyes on the truth ?

"You have stricken them,
But they have not grieved,
You have consumed them,
But they have refused to receive correction.
They have made their faces harder than rock:
They have refused to return."



Let us suppose in all this travesty against truth, that logic wins, and the idea of myriad, synthetically, mutually adjusted and adapted programs and procedures of utter unitary brilliance haplessly just arrive from nothing or by invalid begging of the question -  just taking things for granted in this new model for science.  You could have it as coming from 'nature' before it is there to make anything: so it is all from nothing or 'nature' from nowhere, a veritable feast of irrationality, the most incoherent and uncomprehensive account that can be imagined, deserving not an F but if possible, a G for rating.

Let us suppose this neo-science should be abandoned, be dropped like diseased tissue, for some reason, as in applicable to man since it denies much of what he is and contradicts the outcome from the outset, not explaining, which was the task in hand.  There sometimes comes a point when a foolish theory, even put in granite by tradition, is simply so unworkable that at last it is given notice, instead of demanding attention. Suppose then that some such abandonment of futile folly should occur. What then ?

 Suppose that instead,  respectable, facts to theory, theory to verification, anti-verification to abandonment, verification to further tests and so forth, be resumed. Let us suppose in particular that the Professor Lewontin approach which puts the errant philosophy of materialism*1 in the chair before science begins, can open its eyes, is set aside, but firmly, and that philosophy no more rules the scientific waves on this shore, just as it has never had a valid place in logic, destroying its own bases.

How then can kindness and co-operation, without the nature myth of origins, provide even workability in the deteriorating gene world of reality as distinct from the superman dreamings of some and the intemperate illusions of others ? You may resolve to co-operate in a falling market, do athletics in a failing body, act for underlying selfish, self-deceit, but do it ubranely with good cover-up ... but what then ? Nothing has changed except the degree of deception, pretence, confusion and self-contradiction.

Does oil make a failing engine restore power, or fractured cylinder heads rejoin, when the degradation is both rapid and internal ?

Does deceit change attitudes when its pretences are known ? Does subtle striving transform, where the underlying spirit is the same - or does it merely aggravate! Deceit begets treachery as error removes resolution in a program.

You have to have, for anything to work for 'ínterfering' man in the assumed horror of strivingly creative  'nature', perhaps the biggest imposture of centuries:


an abandonment of myth,


a presentation for a line of results, no more
on an inadequate, unverified and callow base,


a ground for your hopes,


a reason for your schema and for its actions as depicted,

and a correct and verifiable understanding
of what it is with which you want to interfere.

You are going to change things ? What are the things ? Know them.

You should seek to know who it is who does these multivariate physical, mental and spiritual works, why it works and the basis of its working;
and of course, when you turn to the only Eternal Adequacy
(which does not have to come through self-contradiction from nothing),
you are shown these things, and can test


so that the requirements of logic are set in the site of the discoveries of investigation. That as pointed out*2 is in the Bible, in Christ Jesus and there is no objective competition for such a base.

If you plan to interfere, to change 'nature' or anything else in mind in the world of system and significance, then you need to see why you need to do so. The irrational is worse than beasts, and almost as foolish as a matter-force myth, with neither direction, source nor capacity for the form and laws of matter, or mind, or the realities of spirit, which in the very endeavour to find such things, acts to conform to reality or otherwise. You need to comprehend the terms in which the whole, self-contradictory apparatus  of materialism is ludicrously envisioned. But that is by definition impossible; for since it contradicts itself, in terms of scientific method and rational basis, there is no need for others to do so. The effort, accordingly, would better be placed in considering what is the basis, what are the powers, what is the eternal source (other than self-evacuating nothing), and what may be found in all ways, in any way, in every rational method, to ascertain what we are, and it is, all about!

What IS there to see, or in which to interfere, if that be the desire ?

There is the non-progressive existence of many cells of exquisite and marvellous sophistication, never simple, always complete in kind; there are like marvels in overall laws of simplicity and elegance (such as reason tends to craft, and great minds to secure), of which E=MC2  may well be one, and for other areas of dynamic, those of Newton, and those discovered by Faraday, Boyle, Kepler and so on. The chatter of chance is not very good at formulating, applying and securing the operation of systematic, confining and characterisable overall laws, since these are opposites. Moreover, chance is just a name for a system in which its own procedures occur, without a supervening personal direction (cf.  Ancient Words and Modern Events Chs. 9   and  13   ). 

We do not find this state of affairs, but its opposite; nor can we trace any verified procedure for steps in self-making of nature before it is there to do it, or even if it is placed there by magic. The Big Bang has far too much highly developed galaxy material too soon in its supposed expansion time from a singularity,  for theoretical comfort; possesses no ground for the pressure upon this immeasurably compressed point, nor any source for its force which involves energy, or the point at which it is exerted, nor any reason, nor causative basis for the explosive set-up*3, based on imagination plus a desire for a source for movement, seemingly at any cost; nor has it ground for its assumed constructive character in consequences (imagined to include such little matters as you and me, man and mind, brilliance and creativity, thought and assault on it, and the whole vast array of orderly wonders which astonish regularly those who deny a cause*4 for them, that relates to their style, substance or very existence).

It is naked, a needless and specifically unverified theory, indeed anti-verified massively, but enduring like a theoretical cough, held in mind for no good reason. Such coughs can be hard to get rid of, since they are in practice not really there in the first place, like the little man who sat upon a stair which wasn't there..

Nor is any reason found (not for the pragmatic usefulness, but for the existence) for  the massive, assumed but never verified dark energy and dark matter, without which this just-so but highly vacuous theory contradicts its very formulation (Cascade of Truth, Torrent of Mercy 6   , Lively Lessons in Spiritual Service 5   ; see also Creation Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 2, pp. 34-35 re short summary from interview with astrophysicist, Dr Marcus Blietz).

Thus we find before us, like it or not, a non-progressive existence of marvel cells, marvel works, marvel minutiae, in a world of molecular-level kinds, and non-failure level combinations that never show their categorical information in products coming new, now in practice, and a manual for man, a book called the Bible. This, like the lively programs in what has been created, does not show failures, but only successes; and this, even though attacked with passion for millenia. While this assault, endemic to man's restlessness and rebellious irrationality in much, proceeds on the one hand, the propositions of this book just as ruthlessly are implemented in history, on the other.

Meanwhile, its validation of reason's call for an answer as demonstrated in SMR,  is implemented in terms of method and rational inspectability, and its results in confirmation, on these rational foundations. THat constitutes validation both of reason's integrity and exposition of ground for its applicability in investigating the creation. Reason in man and in the natural world are the same. Whether in law, re-discovered by man, or in DNA, It is based on words, information input, engineering, co-operating with the words, a plexus of information coherence, and distinctive, non-foozling exhibits now perceptible from the past, the acme of creation as definable. This in turn is fulfilling the definitional aspect of its results, as a creation, in a distinctive way, that is also exclusively distinctive, for nothing else does this. Uniquely definable results indicate the the definitional ground, when this is the case.

THIS ruthless implementation, accordingly, like its systematic products, is not balked by difficulty, nor overcome by resistance from man or anything else, in the institutions in view; yet for all that,  the method is not morally ruthless, just uninhibitable in force. The ruthlessness is not in the original creation, but in the creation's input at its own level, and the consequences of that, whether as now in the field of education, or as a little time ago, in the field of overwhelming military force, as it was for a time.

This whole project is all explained in detail in terms of what was not an experiment, but a test, at the first; and the results of that failure as in Romans 5. Failure does have results. You can see that in the Four World Wars that have in the last hundred years been coursing through this rigidifying world of nations. There are results. It is not just the multiplied trillions of dollars lost, but they lie in the mashed bodies, the broken minds, the soured spirits and the corrupted hypocrites, who try to gain from all of this, in some kind of progress, citing the Darwinian myth, or applying it as the case may be; among others ... (cf. SMR pp.  611 - 623). For many, it is time for the truth to dawn; for when the pollution remains spectacular, that of mind and of spirit, of morals and of understanding, passed on rigorously to children, then bleak indeed, acid and sour, streaky and dark can be the dawn.

Indeed, it remind one of Isaiah 8:19 - 9:7; for the position does not change in essence, whether in the day of Israel, to which came the Saviour, or in this, the day of the Gentile nations, which are showing a prelude to a far greater desolatory movement in scope, even for this world (cf. I Corinthians 7:31, Matthew 24:35, II Peter 3, Revelation 19-20, Isaiah 51:6, II Thessalonians 1-2).



Let us ponder the matter further in its setting, in the field of naturalism and supernaturalism.

As different philosophers hide God in their strange and diverse dicta (cf. SMR*5 Ch , 4 Ext.), so different fault lines appear in the history of man - when they talk of these affairs, or when these reflect strong movements in the mind of mankind. The one in view here, is of a TYPE that has existed for millenia, with equally amusing nonsense words to support it for the contemporary mind, as times change, as it has varied, from ancient Israel's extended day, through Grecian times (cf. Spiritual Refreshings ...13),  to the teeming present.

You have the point illustrated, fully mirrored indeed, in all the annals of unswerving history, an indictment against the human race in its popular movements; and to meet it is the word from the Creator of what is there, should not be there, needs repair and how and why. He shows what is neither logically nor empirically its own source, what cannot engender itself except in an established gift for procreation, as presented, a gift. For matter, mind and spirit, He provides the comprehensive word, the overview and the review, the diverse powers, their reason and their result.

But man loves to be deaf, or to brandish his latest ear-trumpet, while affecting not to hear a loud shout concerning the Lord, instead inventing unsubstantial and nugatory bypasses, that lead to nowhere. What belittles such thought the more is the fact that from nowhere in his own barrenness, in the case of many, he deems himself to have come by special messenger, or just notionally, forgetting both reason and to be reasonable. Small wonder the Lord has not only presented with zeal as in John 3:16, the tidings of truth, but John 3:36, the data concerning and the results of its rejection; with indeed, the reason for these.

It is His presentation in His Manual, the Bible,  which is eminently coherent and comprehensive, blessedly lacking in  extravaganzas built on nothing plus question begging, reductionisms which do not touch reality as in man, in his specific features and functions, there is to be found not futility but testable and sound wisdom impervious to philosophic fiddling. Here is left for good what are ideas not only incoherent and ludicrously limited, but demeaning and blind to many of the features of man, to their ground, significance and operational procedures. Return from this to the irrational would be an epic of mental malfeasance, and so is it marked before the God of truth (II Peter 2:20-22).

In Dizzy Dashes  ... and the Brilliant Harmony of Inevitable Truth, Ch. 6, these issues receive attention, and one excerpt showing the limitations, is given below, just as in the Appendix of the last Chapter, its major contribution was to show the imbalance in coverage and effectiveness between the two models. .


Here then we see the two sides of reality, a derivative from its ground of existence in ONE MOULD, in terms of the liberty occasioned for its participants, in their original construction, where will acts in constriction and contradiction. Indeed, more, it may act within the stringencies, either consciously or not, of separation, sedition and conspiracy, actually designing to segregate the design called 'man', from his source, to grasp the power and run with it!

Where however can he run, since the course for his feet, this too is constructed. Thus the mob of violence runs each into the other, and much of the blood-soaked mud of history is so created.

What on any naturalistic or monistic ground


in metaphysics is mere discord (cf. SMR Chs.   3,   10),


in aesthetics mere mumble (cf. SMR Ch. 5


in ethics platitude without meaning (News 19),


in epistemology mere vacuity (cf. TMR Ch. 5),


in politics defeatism (cf. Questions and Answers Ch. 7),
or else towers built on invisible clouds,


all reductionist, irrational or both
(cf. What is the Chaff to the Wheat Chs.   3 and ),


now on the supernatural origin of the regimented and volitional natural,  becomes




in essence predictable,


and assuredly verifiable on the ground of the creator, whose verified word is without inhibition


exhibiting the fitting conclusion, like a thunder-clap to a murder.

In all things on such a basis, it leaves nothing in the least difficult, whereas on the other model, there is nothing but failure, for there is never explanation for knowledge, existence, division, beauty or morals, but only tired reductionisms, without power, without ground and without the necessary result . It is simple fact that creationism in general, but more specifically biblical creationism with the creator who has acted and declared Himself verifiably in the Bible (cf. SMR Chs. 1-3, 10, 8-9, 5), accounts for everything as nothing else either does or can (cf. Reason, Revelation and the Redeemer).


You have in the Bible the indictment, the offer of pardon (Isaiah 52-55, Micah 7:18-19, II Corinthians 5:17ff.), and the provision of all insistent  law, in terms of the mind of the Eternal Adequacy, henceforth 'God'. You have the exposure, first in plan and then in practice, as well as in performance, of the divine ground chosen to enable pardon in a reasonable universe, where lawlessness has its own demonstrable results, whilst the evolutionary dicta and applications to smother reality, proceed like giant bulldozers to smash towers. Indeed, you have the evolutionary dicta and the applications of it, whether with Hitler, or Mao, or Stalin, using this or that sort of politics with one force, one heartless grossness, one traditional confusion, all born in one irrationality.

It is like that with error; truth is one, error is numerous, and sometimes lavish on a given path as here, in this millenia-old naturalism. Their logically illusional twists and pretences have long left the dead in tens of millions, as dead as the theories which came like poisonous babes, to be eaten by the irrationally ravenous.

It is so in the Bible - as in Ephesians 4:17-19, in the long rehearsals and pleadings, exhortations and condemnations in Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah (esp. 17:9ff.), Ezekiel, as in those in Romans, Jude, Acts and Ephesians, Colossians.

Folly itches, man scratches and the skin shreds, and even bleeds (II Timothy 4:3-4, Jeremiah 23, Matthew 13:15).

It is rather like an irritant. It WILL not go; man must gain skin disease to pre-occupy himself, and WILL not go to God, who endowed him, endued him with spirit and reason, and gave him liberty to attack God, his neighbour, other nations, or to help, to heal, to love, to seek good, to love God... Many have in all ages, loved God; but when this shrivels, so does this world's peace. Many have distorted the Gospel, but the Gospel has gone on. Its peace is not communicable, like a disease - the repentance in many as shown in Zechariah 12 shows how personal it must be, as does Jeremiah 29:13 and Matthew 11:27ff..

The word from the Creator defining what is there and why and for what, and for how long, and in what circumstances, does not alter amid all this. He has given freedom to think, revolt, rebel or delight in Him and in His wisdom; but the law is not expressed in compulsion in such a case, rather in results; nor is it short-term only, but as with a tree, it grows gnarled in time, or toward perfect symmetry. In this way,  it may respond to various stimuli; but with man, the response at the personal level is, though often  fevered, unfair and self-absorbed, not bound beyond repair.

Rebellion may be maintained in the very effervescence of self-will,  self-assertion, self-management, self-elevation, or that of a surrogate (such as Hitler) appointed by the self, or providing a testing challenge (as it did, alas for Bonhoeffer, interested in the death of Hitler, contrary to John 18:36; and he paid). There is no escape except in the Maker, who alone, using neither fractious theories nor drugs, has the power to restore the distorted and renew the grizzled spirit (Ephesians 3:16, 5:18, 3:17-18), even to regenerate (more than the parallel to a valve-grind, more like a new engine, same moulding) as in Titus 3:4ff., John 3.

For the body, stem-cells can be used to do much; for the mind and spirit (as well as for the body at His own will), the Lord can do whatever is needed; and He does. But for many there is the same veiled or unveiled evil, as in the Darwinian flutter; and repair and diplomacy do little but complicate the evils. New names on old apple cores do not restore the apples.




But what, when you return


to the book, the Bible, the verified and validated establishment*2 of truth,


to the Christ focussed in it, the exemplar, Saviour
from lies and their consequences, for life and its vitality,


to its prescription in the Gospel,


to its ascription as of Christ, God in precise revelation
by His living and eternal Word,


to His gift of eternal life from His own resources,
made available through pardon in turn
made available through His substitutionary death
to cover all who come,
offered to all unreservedly:

then there is no mere renovation.

Far less is it a deceitful one, far less again, a devious one. The name is love, the power is divine, the practice is through His word and His Spirit; for He did not leave as orphans, those who are His own, who have received Him (John 1:14, 10:9,27-28).

Thus the GROUND is Jesus Christ, God personally come to a race made in His image (spiritual since He IS Spirit), enabled for liberty by the power of the Lord and the creativity of His Spirit, rescued for it by His foreknowing penetration (Ephesians 1:4), who forces none. Indeed, so profound is the gift of liberty that it suffices for man at will to attack, assault, assail, slander, libel, distort the truth concerning God, and to act as if a god, while smilingly disdaining His very presence and precious gift, obtained with such cost by His own all-instructive love and His wisdom, His perseverance with man, and His pardon.

Certainly, God does not throw the cheque-book at the race. But accounts change when He is received (II Cor. 5:17ff., Matthew 20:28). Our sin is set to His account, paid by Him, His righteousness to ours, presented by Him (Romans 5:17ff.). So many become so self-conscious or defensive, that one might be excused for thinking that it was all a matter of GIVING a ransom to some terrorist; but it is the precise opposite, just as Christianity is the precise opposite to Islam.

To be sure, BOTH require absolute submission, but the latter to the detached Allah, the Christian to the God who is SO loving that He sent not an ambassador but His eternal Word, became man in flesh, not to instruct merely or to suffer, but to die in expiation of sin, and to hand pardon to the accepting hand, and with it, the redemption payment in full (Hebrews 9:12), and the power that grants eternal life out of the bond of death (John 3:16, Matthew 20:28, I John 5:11-12).

This same love, which in view of our spirits, stopped at no short-circuit for our redemption, made sure of the place of pardon, also made sure that man be warned, and be shown his own ways (cf. Proverbs 1). If turned to lawlessness and myth. Indeed, as illustration, the new same-sex marriage business is just the near equivalent of the derisory cries at the crucifixion, for it mocks the DESIGN the Lord gave for reproduction, intricate and highly organised in specialised mutually operative equipment as it is, the THOUGHT of the Lord, who designed such an expression for domestic love and joint production in love of new tiny persons, the COMMAND of God (as in I Timothy 1:10, I Cor. 5-6, Leviticus 19, Romans 1).

Further,  it ignores the WISDOM of God, who produces like an artist, lovely pictures when the paints are set aright, and lastly, it placards in what is internally in such alliances, dysfunctional. Thus it is more than a slap on the face for the Creator; as with the soldiers in the day of Christ's trial; it is more like a clout. In the Bible (as in I Corinthians 5-6), it is in the same category as adultery, in that it spoils what He has made; it becomes however more open. It is rather like proclaiming, in the biblical perspective, partners in adultery, and giving a certificate and making it a binding ceremony. It shouts at God, using megaphones of various types.

So whether with extreme ideas or extremely common sins, whichever, God has provided satisfaction for pardon and due judgment where even THAT is also disdained!

It is rather like a millionaire who having had his cheque returned, for a million dollars, decides, Ah well, he can starve then, since he is so fond of it. In this case, the cost of producing that available cheque has been the most prodigious ever paid by anyone on behalf of anyone. That shows the style of what it saves FROM and the grandeur of what it saves FOR (cf. Philippians 3:20ff.).

Thus we see what counts is not only an item or a point or a practice, it is with God the entire program, the style, motivation, nature, direction, source and schema, its purpose in progress from darkness to light, and this not by millionth of percentages toward imaginary uplift, till a vastly new thing 'arises' from 'nature'. It is categorical change, just like birth (John 3).

This solves the counterfeit problem for those who want to retain barren naturalism with such as Darwin, and yet be 'nice'. It is the honest alternative, the powered preference, the ennobled reality. Here reality is found to match the objections of Stephen Jay Gould, Heribert Nilsson and the many others and various schools of evolutionary diversity, which cannot stomach the gliding indifference to the actual data. Impenetrable mystery in the intoxication of imagination, becomes clear conformity to it; and facing these facts, you turn to the rational source of the actual and find similarly, that the need in life is the same as the feed of facts, and the Creator not only avoids the deceptions made by man, in starkly direct creation, but removes the results, by making the same creation explosion to occur spiritually as happened initially materially.

Man was created and fell, and how far he is observationally fallen! As made, he held the utmost; as fallen  he is reduced to the utmost; as re-created in salvation, he RETURNS to the MORAL NORM (Colossians 3:10), and solves all the behavioural problems as he follows the word of God on integrity, kindness, love, duty and responsibility. It is not kill one neighbour (if needed) as you kill another, but love our neighbour as yourself. While many fellow traveller talk of Christ but do the opposite, yet this is the Bible.

It is then and therefore not a matter of skilful and urbane deception, but of actual and profound reconstruction, even a change of heart on the basis of the provision of God. In sincerity and profundity, therefore, it is not only the very opposite of those who want ethically to use what metaphysically they disdain, in naturalism. Instead, s first created, the Christian awakening comes to follow the consolidated and creative resolution altogether, in repentance, humbling, restoration, regeneration, redemption, acceptance, in peace that is inward and love that is outward. It is one comprehensive account, not a flagrant and unmanageable fiction. There is then nothing to hide, to contradict. What you say ought to be what you think; how you relate becomes what made you, one spirit, one life, one God, one way, all integrated and not disintegrated, the latter the great gift of the deluded Darwin, as to dynamic and direction, whether followed in type or left in self-contradiction.

This is the SPIRITUAL side to the logical realities which are shown basic to biblical creationism. Just as its agenda shows it triumphs continually in meeting facts, where naturalism fails abominably and comes to need not only reasonable replies to the origin of man's full nature and being, but righteous actions, between one and another, so it contains one coherent truth. So it can live and abound; for truth is not  discountable, except in the minds of the illusional.

Disillusionment now has a better place, a truer shield, a better destiny to go to, a more consistent presentation to follow, so that man can be healed; and its own sins in its dejection or contradictions or both, have a place for their pardon, and the mind so afflicted, an opening for the "renewing of your mind," Romans 12:2. Life is not enigma now, but evidence; not diseased ethics, but open-hearted; not irrational pretence but consistent concepts; not aborted scientific method but a yielding to its just constraints.

 The whole mixed-up muddle of modern society comes to a call of health, to glorying not in greatness and survival or contradiction in some lordly fashion, but in the Lord, one Creator-Redeemer, and pretence about being coherent where clash is the reality, both with reason, evidence and ethics is rejected like diseased tissue, and if not of lies, then of fabrications and pretension.

Here, not in the fictional flatus of airy evolutionism with its calamitous contradictions both of evidence and of man's need, a gross and deadly illusion, is the way ahead, both for the disillusioned and for the idealistic, for the broken as for the broken-hearted, for the aspirant to seek good for man, as for the defiled, who rests in his own pollution, but should issue like a rocket from its housing.  Here, where the old heart was made, can man, one at a time, get a new spirit, a new heart, a new understanding, and return from delusion to delight, from darkness to light, from dreams to reality, from idea and counter-idea, to the total, harmonious, consistent position which covers every field in principle, and meets fact with joy.

As it is in life, just so is it through the Old and established BOOK, and as in that Book, so it is through the Christ, in His young human maturity who gave what was young to find pardon for what is old, yet not condemned for that reason, but for its pollution, oblivion or indifference to or rebellion against God, as for the results in life, whether pride or debasement.

What is it like ? It is like one at a spiritual Dunkirk, taken into the boat not of man but of deity, in which there is a still rescue, relief and transport for life, by His own power. Thus there is NOT a surrender to surrounding circumstances of bombarding forces, seeking merely to overwhelm by directed power, loveless, godless, mistaken and malign, because of delusion, but escape to live again in the comprehensive coverage of Christ, the way, the life and the truth (John 14:6).

No more is the surrounded soul to follow the meaningless, as in prongs of power smashing each other in Europe, indeed aggressor or prey, no more is the deadly dance of destructive dynamics the underlying plan, but now it becomes the overlying, man-manufactured could of pollution, and no longer is the cure on sin considered the nature of life, for it is life denatured that booms and dooms its willing victims (Romans 8:17, 5:1-19).

No more is life some disjunction, some movement from marvels to those which afflict all, while no more is it  the paths of arrogance or contentious calamity, for glory. It has better fare, other conquests which do not destroy, except the sources of delusion and the false prophecies of peace. No more is it a matter of sheer effrontery, ludicrous postulations which are not even  in the right dimensions of concept, mind, thought, input to match the output, in destruction as the way to brilliant design or nothing as the basis.

On the contrary, now there is NO FIELD of life or known matter which does not find a solution in kind, in principle, in verification where this is available for one or for any, no more is the field of life a marsh of unformed, folly masquerading as the most brilliant case of engineering and mathematical brilliance, allied with the most magnificent gift of liberty not only to criticise the Maker, but when in His love, He comes to deliver, to murder, and to follow this up with millions more murders, having slain the peace offering, who is the only peace man can or will ever have. This is one way: it is free.

The other alternative is to be glad for the giant of all designers (shown by works, as anything else cf. Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny), the innovator beyond man, for whom man is just one of His products, in whose world the cynic can slave in his sheer wall of wilful unenlightenment and ignore, like someone tone deaf, the wonder that stares at him, while he moves evasively in a convulsion of discord (cf. SMR Ch. 3).

In the severely confounded example, for such a person, the case is closed, the truth is reviled, the data are replaced by hopes without foundation, for things NEVER seen, NEVER found, NEVER available, ALWAYS leaving contradiction of results with the necessary cause ignored, as if by a flippant wife whose cheque book is never closed, as if nothing was needed to give it content in the first place. On the details of the sovereign consistency of the verification/validation of  the biblical account of creation, man, life, sin, deliverance, salvation, historical control and grave results for grave reasons ( Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ ...), where there is a coverage in scope and in depth, cause and consequence, the majesty of the Creator and the magnificence of His work.

NOT ONE area is now a misty mystery, an irresolvable conjunction of uninterpreted data, a set of contradictions, superficialities, non-sequiturs, let alone dreams based on imagination without evidence, desire without causative derivation and visions set on nullity and its offspring, such as are readily found in the mind of ,misaligned man, and never in the repository of what is now there.

That ? it is the many natures in stark multiplicity, orderings of kind, in the context of law and principle, mathematical elegance and grand working laws of extreme sophistication, the testimony of the character of the mind of their origin.

It is the wonder of the analytical and in principle, perfectly tuned mind of man which finds its counterpart in the created marvels which now also are found in life, the match of mind to the realm of nature, like a tartan in its splendour, organised, apt and intimate. So does the Mind of reason do and reason find, even in the mind of the things made, like the human race. What a fit is this!

Though now,  after millenia, the bodily facilities, the genome indeed, are seen seriously in the way of  running down, of deteriorating, as noted earlier, even so this simply stressed the build-up at the start, never now found, but ceased and rather running down. Nevertheless, it can be so wonderfully investigated, its calibre, quality and stark intelligence of kind, seen in what is unique to this power. Thus intelligence finds its mate, man the made equipped with the ways of the resources of which he is made, the two both logical in disposition, and mutually penetrable. Since God is the Maker, it is an excursion of joy for the made, man, to find Him; and of peril to abort, distempered like someone determined in misery or madness, to fling himself from an aeroplane, without parachute, because of a 'new' concept of natural laws.

There is now in the word of God, in its perspective and biblical presentation, and its outcomes, nothing in kind which is inexplicable, and the creation lies open to created mind, challenging and pursuing, with nothing irresolvable but the sins of man, masquerading as master, and in so doing, achieving only a double mind, a convoluted mystery, a barren model and a series of wars, man against man, nation against nation,  the scenario for disjunction from the Creator. As in politics, so in philosophy, there is no rest for competing ruins... and the abused seeks to embroil what is delivered (cf. John 1:5, Revelation 12), even the Deliverer Himself.

It is He, however, who made their shame appear (I Cor. 2:8-13), their sham and their mischief, receiving freely the death as a challenge, so that He who repetitively raised the dead, as promised was raised Himself, as and when planned, both in date and in day (Matthew 17:22-23), thus triumphant over the scorn of the murderers, He, the bane of the unbelieving, the humiliation of an Empire, which in time even came to acknowledge Him!

As to that severance that sin brings, it is so great, concerning what is awesome in splendour, that it moves to pity, amid the so great sins which exhibit in detail, the basis for destruction, amid baseless rejoicing and reckless hope, almost obscene, since it visits on the coming generation, the degeneration of much that rules the old, which will not accept the actual direction of things natural, and simply tends to shy and baulk at  the end which needs to be faced, as when 5 divisions face 500, before the crisis is past (Luke 14:31)

Indeed, here the ONLY one capable of total knowledge of any person, man, woman or child, with the mastery of the Maker, removes the need for fiddling with fashion, and finding the endless dead-ends of fabricating philosophy, which erupts even in science, to rob it of its integrity and masquerade with imaginations, arcane, contrary to need, beggared of all capacity, as Lewontin*6  so excellently exhibits. So it substitutes for the sheer splendour of what is before us, failing in life as in mind, in destiny as in desolate and dismal disjunction from cause and consequence methodology, moving aside to land in the impenetrable mists, those afflicted with it, coming to be filled with a dim wandering, as if after an accident, a blinded man is found wobbling in the dark.

But avoid ? avoid a fortune ? an explanation ? a singularity of reason and of power, of understanding and of illumination, which explains all, invites all, moves towards all, and in a love as impenetrable to the cynic, as happy marriage, brings the sheer certainties of supernature, His own, to the spoiled, soiled and dithering, the assertive, the self-glorifying fashions of man. Sin is natural for the fallen, this our race, salvation is supernatural (Romans 5). We are not left with the former to rule us, however acid the rain.

Instead, there is demonstrable power to explain, to understand aright with adequate bases, and to appreciate, finding the path not in a universe not made for man's travels (Psalm 115), but in a display of divine majesty, where man is placed, like those in a sheep station: small is the house, but apt it is for its place and persons within...

There is the nature of many natures, the oversight of many laws and principles, the will and power of the Creator, and the nature of man in particular, turning in increasing numbers, rebellion into verifiable obfuscation, unreason into ruin, and the place of peace to the pyre of burning.

It is in receiving the Saviour, who also is the Creator, who made both creation and remedy for its ruin, who proclaims peace (Isaiah 52:7), so that the only peace that will ever be available for man (Isaiah 50-55, John 3, II Corinthians 5, Titus 2-3), is to be found. Other peace is there none, only resistless delusion.




See The Lord of Longsuffering ... Ch. 2, for a presentation on this point of history.



On this topic and philosophy of materialism, see for example:

Repent or Perish
Ch.    7,

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See for example It Bubbles ... He Calls Ch. 9, and in particular *1A  within this.

See also What is the Chaff to the Wheat, Ch. 3   and Ch. 4; SMR and TMR.



On this nature myth, see the following.

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SMR Ch. 5,

Predestination and Freewill Section 4,

for example.



A short excerpt from SMR Ch. 4 Extension will give some idea of its scope in delineation in this field. This follows.

Let us summarise a little. God then has many muddled, quasi-suppressants and smugglers (suppressing as they smuggle, smuggling 3 as they suppress - cf. Romans 1:18-21).

bullet Aristotle hid "Him" in a contemplation casket, untouchable, untouching;
bullet Plato (q.v.) in forms, archetypes with occasional glints from beyond;
bullet Kant (q.v.) hid "Him" in the unknowable noumena, about which he was so knowledgeable ...
bullet Bergson (q.v.) in vital force (living what ? "force" accelerates matter, but bears no mind - see 'Potential');
bullet Davies seems to act similarly with - a vanishing god, as if disassembled - in the multi-faceted monism,
which he inspects like a doctor, to see if perchance dissolved mind
is somehow secreted in the self-contradictory "it"
(pp. 252A-N, 263-270, 284-297, 300 ff, supra; 422Q-W, 425 ff. infra); while -

bullet Buddha (q.v.) seems as if he really wants to forget "it" (cf. pp. 996-997, 999 infra);
in this, being like a primordial version of ...

bullet David Hume (q.v.), who for his part proceeds without subject, cause or ground for his "description only", contradicting both his criterion and his results with his procedure. So -
bullet Hoyle* (q.v.) more consistently put "it" into the system's innate 'intelligence' bureau,
complete with virtual information library.

But of this nexus, the composer and the cause ? He merely removes the necessities one step, in transit to God.
(Cf. pp. 127, 225-226, 112, 207, 80, 302 supra.) Attributing to the universe a facility it does not manifest,
he ignores the demands of the creative action it incorporates.

(Cf. pp. 80-88, 121, 131, 252C-N, 265, 293-299ff., 313ff. supra.)

The collation of results however with causes (Ch.1 supra) inexorably (Ch. 3)
leads to God, the God of the Bible
(Chs. 1, 10).



See  *1 in Ch. 3 above, at the insert,    *2.