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Chapter 11




News 387

Commissioned Report
by David Matas and David Kilgour, July 6, 2006 and the

Anglo-Australian National Community Council, in its first March 2007
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It is always hard, living upside down. Even for a few seconds, the blood rushes to the head and acute discomfort comes to the normal processes of living, now subjected to anti-productive gravity.

Living that way mentally, morally and spiritually is no better.

The blood rushes to the head, as in al Qaeda, Auschwitz, the Gulag Archipelago, that non-maritime chaos of cruelty for which Solzhenitsyn made the USSR famous, and for the exposure of which, himself no less! It does it as in the four conspiracies that have made effort enough to rule this earth: those of Romanism, Communism, Islam and humanism.

How different was the famed English King, Alfred the Great, who felt his own weakness toward youthful passions and error that he sought a disease from the Lord, to chasten him, was granted it, and then sought the Lord to make it a lesser one, lest he fail to do the work assigned by God to him; and he was healed. It was this Alfred, so deliciously humble and so entrancingly active in advancing learning, schooling and strength in England, who rejected the pope's clamant claims and declared that no such things were to be recognised, his own fealty having no such base, and that his predecessors had had no such allegiance. To him Oxford's foundation is attributed, as that of Cambridge to his son, Eadward. while his successor, Athelstane, placing a copy of the Anglo-Saxon Bible in the churches, continued that work which even William the Conqueror continued in this, that he roundly rejected papal claims and had no authority so to rule in England.

So does light come, as it did in that once so noble land, with Alfred, Eadward, Athestane, William, Wyclif all showing now this and now that aspect, until the magnificent trio of Cranmer, Ridley and Latimer, the sublime 2000 who in the 1660s refused to conform to intrusion into the Church of Jesus Christ by what was not Christ and left their manses and salaries for persecution at the pleasure of the persecutors, yes and to Tyndale no less a little earlier,  and all that marvellous troop of fearless people whom Foxe so skilfully and with such pains (and we find that Alfred had to perform his mighty works with no small pain of body) depicts, great and small, rich and poor, guided by grace, glorifying God with redoubt, enduring as teeth of evil ground what they could.

But England has changed, and its Church has become another body (cf. A Question of Gifts Section VI, Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 9, Divine Agenda Ch. 3, Tender Times for Timely Truth Ch. 7), with another spiritual fealty than simply that of the Lord; and it toys with morality and modality alike, as to change what it will and to keep company with deviation spiritually as well.

While there is contrary urging, so much is said and so little separation is found that this body is like a barometer, well reading what the entire world is tending to do, and in some ways acting as a leader for it. The world goes further swiftly, though in principle there is not so very much further to go: vacate liberty for laxity, keep multiple idols and gurus, ideas and syntheses of thought, and worship its very own genius/land/people/culture/history/future/destiny or whatever else appeals from time to time. Thus the European Union disdaining any clear-cut allegiance to anything beyond itself, has a COMMON DESTINY marked in for its guide and girding; but since this has not yet appeared, it seems like a motherless child, awaiting the father who will surely come! (The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God ... Ch. 6  cf. II Thessalonians 2).

If 'Nature' is said to abhor a vacuum, how much more the heart of man.! You evacuate the sweet air of the crucified Sovereign only to achieve the brutality direct on your own head in the end; for there is neither light nor love nor mercy nor peace without the Lord, for all is covered with the grounds of His exclusion, which comes to show itself in its season. Hidden desires are not hidden from God, and in the end, what was in the closet secret, is proclaimed from the housetop, whether by the Hitlers, the Mussolinis, the Stalins, the Marxes, the Maos or the various proponents of diverse idolatries, religious, civil or simply humanistic.

Vacuity of thought may be a temporary filling; but the tooth rots without permanence. Let us then look at some of the the prima donnas for control of the vacuum sin creates.



The Inquisition did not arise from nowhere: but the absurd papal claims preceded it in its main heyday, by centuries not least with some of the more exclusively arrogant proclamations from the time of Hildebrande, Gregory VII, made the more vainly inglorious in the Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII. These pontiffs imagined the world at their hest, in their grasp, but the One who declared "My kingdom is not of this world!" (John 18:36), was clearly of another mind; and what in military aggrandisement (as in the attempt to obliterate the Waldensian martyrs by one pope), and in directing kings to do this or that, was a mere beginning, turned to breaking bodies and crushing bones as an alternative, at the more individual level (cf. Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 14).

If it were not so, said Christ, then His servants (seeing Him publicly scorned and about to be crucified) would fight. Now, He continued, My kingdom is not from here. This worldly fever is often fatal, not only for those who are held in it, but those whom it smites, as arms and armies flail about without spiritual control.

Thus we find this from SMR, on that point (pp.912ff.)

We have had occasion to consider and will consider other elements where Christianity has been persecuted, in the fourth kingdom and its various phases: its partly strong and partly weak aspect, its partly patent and partly latent areas, its partly hale and partly broken history, as predicted by Daniel (Daniel 2:31-34,40 ff., cf. the fourth kingdom in Daniel 7). Where is it now ?

Not only are there communistic contributions as to the spirit and method to be employed, and Nazi contributions as to the scope and the religious vagrancy involved, but Roman Catholic contributions in that these inspired Hitler (who devoutly admired the organisation of the Jesuits and indicated this): these are centred in central Europe, and the current Pope is explicitly seeking one religion for the new and 'united' Europe which so splendidly fits the fourth empire in its continuation. It is for this reason that the doctrine of Rome, and its contradiction of the Bible and of Christ required, does require and will require analysis (e.g. pp. 1040-1086, cf. 1032-1040 infra), so that the fourth kingdom will be seen operative in all its dimensions. In particular, this will include its contribution in quality and trend, to predicted events, yet to come.

Another reason, of course, as dealt with elsewhere1 is the relevance, to our apologetic field, of the principial use of force in the subduing of those who will not believe what is wanted, relative to alleged salvation. This in turn requires us to research the statements and practice of Rome, historically, on such use of violence (e.g. in Chapter 10, Section 2A , and pp. 913 ff. infra), enabling both of two necessary points.

What are these ? The first is this: that Rome's use of force here is contrary to the construction of man, in God's image: the Bible does not signify force for conversion purposes. God pleads, exhorts, asseverates, thunders, protests, judges, but does not make force the means of 'conversion'; and of course Jesus stated that His kingdom does not belong to this world. It will be seen that this, apart from Biblical contradiction, rules out both the Moslem heresy and that of Rome, each of which employs a different 'Christ', re-defined. It does more than this. It helps to define the nature of the cruelty which Daniel (7:7,19) predicated of this fourth Empire, in which Rome has played so substantial a part, in its ecclesiastical format, in the Church of Rome.

The second is this: that Rome, with its force is part (as we have developed and will develop this theme) of a predicted apostasy from Christianity. It is not at all apologetically relevant as a negative (as if Christ now offered violence, crucifying, no more satisfied with being crucified); but is relevant as a positive item, in that it is a predicted perversion of the purity of the Saviour, carried out in His name. (See Chapter 10, infra.)

Thus Boniface VIII, so long occupied in conflict with Philip the Fair of France, had some words echoing with divine sovereignty:

How shall we assume to judge kings and princes, and not dare to proceed against a worm! Let them perish forever, that they may understand that the name of the Roman pontiff is known in all the earth and that he alone is most high over princes. (Italics added. Address to the Cardinals against the Colonna: Schaff - History of the Christian Church, Vol.VI, p. 16.)

One had thought that God alone was most high and all the princes of the earth were as dust before Him (Isaiah 40:1-17)! Again, for ever... seems a long time for one mortal sinner to reflect on the superior, and indeed lordly powers of another mortal sinner, when it is God alone who "shall be exalted in that day" (Isaiah 2:10-11) when all is revealed. That day will of course take place within the 'for ever' held in view by the Roman pontiff. For ever will become never! and this by strictest principle. It is again a strong penalty pompously envisaged on behalf of one mortal sinner who specifically is not to be in the lordly mode of 'the Gentiles' (Matthew 20:25-27), if a Christian. For as Christ said:

He who is greatest among you will be your servant ... and he who exalts himself will be abased, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

The lesson, if learnt, would not seem to correspond to the 'humbling of himself' on the part of the pope. The object of the lesson is in fact the precise opposite - the full realisation of the ineffable power claimed by the Pope, and defended with such zeal that eternity is needed to reflect adequately on it. Such is the pope's lesson, here! Such teaching and such 'understanding', he would impart.

Further, as Schaff also observes (loc. cit.), in view of this exaltation of the Bishop of Rome alone, it is notable that, in recognising the Emperor, Albrecht, Pope Boniface declared that "as the moon has no light except as she receives it from the sun, so no earthly power has anything which it does not receive from the ecclesiastical authority". God, for His part declares:

It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers... He brings the princes to nothing: He makes the judges of the earth useless (Isaiah 40:22-23).

It would appear a most anomalous grasshopper who makes the princes depend on him! One of the antichrist sentiments seems commonly to be the removal of God from all practical involvement, whether verbally, symbolically, by philosophy or, as here, by mere pretension; and when you reflect on it, this is natural. To be God requires no opposition; and to make Him inoperative or irrelevant to the point, would prima facie convince some that all that was HIS was now theirs, for their own disposition; and perhaps it might almost convince some of the victims likewise!

Small wonder Boniface I, another bishop of Rome (*5) once sent a humble petition "to the emperor to provide some remedy against the ambitious contentions of the clergy concerning the bishopric of Rome" (Foxe, in his Book Of Martyrs, p. 12); whilst Gregory 1 (op. cit., p. 15) detested the vulpine vulgarity of 'universal bishop' as a title. This is merely the flesh and the spirit, as so often, at war: the one aspiring, the other adoring Christ. Thus of Gregory I, Foxe writes:

In his epistles how oft does he repeat and declare the same to be directly against the gospel, and ancient decrees of councils, affirming that none of his predecessors did ever usurp to himself that style or title and concludes that whoever does so, declares himself to be a forerunner of antichrist.

Thus did faithful Gregory, in the early days, despise such high claims to being 'universal bishop', repudiate them, claim them as novelties in the history of the church - though himself bishop of Rome. His predecessor, Bishop Pelagius of Rome, urged similarly, showing that to take such a title makes one bishop to become 'derogatory' of another. Gregory, Foxe notes, spoke "with sharp words and rebukes, detesting the same title, calling it new, foolish, proud, perverse, wicked, profane, and that to consent to it, is as much as to deny the faith." This is scarcely surprising in view of Matthew 23:10. It is not only disobedience, but direct usurpation: for the reason that it is forbidden, is this - that the post is Christ's!

I Peter 5:1 tells us that Peter is a fellow elder, and 2:25 that Christ is operative "bishop of our souls".

Verbally to arrogate that title is to derogate deity!
To assume such a role is to imitate deity in His majesty; to suffer it, is to allow idolatry!
To embrace it in the heart, is idolatrous.
We must agree absolutely with Gregory I in his assessment, in the early springtime of his office.

Wrote Gregory: "As for me I seek not mine advancement in words, but in manners: neither do I account that any honour wherein the honour of my brethren I see to be hindered... my honour is the full and perfect vigour of my brethren. Then am I honoured when to no man is denied the due honour which to him belongs... Let these words therefore go, which do nothing but puff up vanity, and wound charity..." (Foxe, loc. cit.).

In the grip of these ungoverned pontifical pretensions, long an object lesson in grasping at the sceptre of God, Pope Leo Xlll (Sapientae Christianae) could say:

Union of minds requires not only a perfect accord in one Faith, but complete submission and obedience of will { to God ? no... } to the Church, and to the Roman Pontiff, as to God Himself. This obedience, however, should be perfect, because it is enjoined by faith itself, and has this in common with faith, that it cannot be given in shreds.

There is the crux of idolatry and the criterion of antichrist: that another snatches the sceptre, takes the post, achieves the position, masquerades quite directly as God. God is one whom no man can impersonate, because His personality is infinite; and whom no man can replace, because He says so. There is one God (Ephesians 4:4), one Lord of all; so that the mathematical error of calling one two, when there is no question of a quadripartite God, is mere blasphemy.

'Appalling blasphemy' is the sense of the "abomination of desolation" which is to be "standing in the holy place" (Matthew 24:15); and this is in Blasphemy Avenue, en route to such a blasphemy as that. There is little in development, then, at this level, before the 'man of sin' in person; but Rome, as we will see, can here only make her not insignificant contribution.

It is the fact that it is significant, that currently concerns, as an avenue to the fulfilment of prophecy, already in type meeting the case.

To revert, however, to Leo XIII: The popes, said he, 'hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty.' This unevasive declaration is found in his encyclical The Reunion of Christendom (1885).

The New York Catechism, as quoted by Professor Lorraine Boettner in Roman Catholicism (p.127) states:

The pope takes the place of Jesus Christ on earth.

As Christ (Colossians 2:9) has the fulness of the Godhead in Him bodily, this means the pope takes the place of God; and that is not merely logically impossible for a sinful creature, but the pontifical erection of an idol, distinguished only by this, that it is the pope himself, who is so transformed (cf. II Corinthians 11:13). He proceeds even beyond the false apostles of Corinth; for he is 'replacing' Christ rather than merely misteaching Him; but while replacing, also misteaching... so we progress (cf. II Thessalonians 2:7). Paul (1 Corinthians 5:11) even prohibits fellowship with such persons.

The point is this: we have progressed in precisely the predicted direction, and it is within the premises of the fourth kingdom of Daniel, with its ecclesiastical appurtenances, that this has occurred, already.

Let us not however neglect Pope Innocent III, who as Avro Manhattan (Vatican Imperialism In The Twentieth Century, p. 52) points out, made this claim on his own coronation (Christ's crown was rather different) in the accompanying sermon:

Now you may see who is the servant who is placed over the family of the Lord; truly is he the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the successor of Peter, the Christ of the Lord ... greater than man; who judges all, but is judged by none.

Concerned lest he should send to hell any who should enjoy eternal life, he showed the extent to which he regarded God rather like King Edward VIII, as if abdicating from this earth, in his favour. That of course is just what the New York Catechism, as quoted, indicates; and we will shortly quote from it again. The Pope then is able to substitute. One might substitute for another basketball player, being his fellow and near equal; but for God ? Jesus Christ is replaced. Someone else substitutes for God in the play of life! Christ however declared that no man should be called master on earth, since it was Himself, God as man who alone occupied that role. Nothing could be clearer (Matthew 23:10, John 13:13).

Since then no man is to be called master but Christ Himself only, then by this papal act, Christ is displaced. What then, the increate, sinless, possessor of everlasting Deity as we have seen (cf. John 17:3, 8:58, Colossians 2:9, Revelation 1:8,11,18) can have a stand-in, albeit a temporal, sinful, created, dependent being! Sin substitutes for purity, incandescent deity is bundled out in favour of polluted flesh (Hebrews 1:3); the finite, behold, it operates as the infinite, the created as the Creator, the partial as the total (John 1:14, 3:34... Romans 12:3).

But here, in the New York Catechism as in the other claims noted, we learn from the spiritual sagacity of this sinner that Christ (who statedly made His requirement excluding any other, forbidding to call any man on earth Master because one is our Master, even Christ - Matthew 23:8-10 - and any Teacher because one is our Teacher, even Christ) can be flatly contradicted. He is to be replaced on earth by one emphatically not Christ. Such a one will be both the teacher and the master. It is at least a rollicking rebellion.

After all, the Pope was not born of a virgin, did not carry the sins of Christians in his own body on the Cross, did not rise from the dead, is not the saviour, did not enjoy glory with the Father before the world was... There is no slightest risk of confusion between pope and Christ, of substitutability, of a mortal sinner acting in the place of God, who in Christ did all these things. Not Christ, though he incontestably be, this papal aspirant calls himself, in acute derogation of the very reality of deity:

the head of the entire church, the father and teacher of all Christians (sic). He is the infallible ruler, the founder of dogmas (sic), the author of and judge of councils; the universal ruler of truth (sic) the arbiter of the world, the supreme (sic) judge of heaven and earth, the judge of all, being judged by no one, God himself on earth. (Italics added. Taken from New York Catechism.)

The only good thing from a Biblical standpoint one can see in the above appalling blasphemy is that it obviously contradicts, like a triune corruption, the Matthew 23 prohibition of being called father, teacher and master. It accomplished so much in so short a space that followers who can read have no excuse, once God's book is with them. Indeed common sense should make it clear.

If the intention had been to show defiance towards an aggressive king called Jesus Christ, then this series of statements would be 'telling Him', breaking all He says, reason and common sense as well. Yet God is not available for mimicry, far less through an epidemic of contradiction. Christ on earth endured the contradiction of sinners, and it is clear this unholy hoax is making an art form of it: doing it while masquerading in His own name! Alas, no pope or other can bring himself back in time to the point before time, and bring it about that he... was there! It is... too late now.

We move now to the next in our little list of prima donnas in the power play for control over man.





bullet As to the aims of Islam, they are doubtless many, but our concern is with some
of them, shown from Divine Agenda Ch. 6, and in this regard, the work of the Taliban |
is far from exceptional. More is found in Index Mini, under Islam*1.



The Australian, Friday, Dec. 22, 2000, p. 11 Features

Revised 2003

We are shortly to consider the NEWS on the LOST BOYS of SUDAN, their quite remarkable careers (III B below), and what this signifies in its setting. First however look at these Greek terms which are used in Romans 1, in describing the progressive (or regressive) pathology of the race, as its day of judgment draws near. The relevance of this and of II Timothy will soon be seen, and prepare the way for the story of these young people, just as the story will confirm the Biblical predictions made, accurately indeed, albeit in a rather ghoulish manner.

aspondos astorgos asunqetos asunetos

We shall plan to come back to these, in the Greek of the Bible,  in a little. Meanwhile, there is background, historical and literary to consider, as the word of God and the news inter-relate. It is worthy of a little burrowing.


Meanwhile, we note that these Greek words adorn the text of Romans 1 within verses 30-31.

They are amongst many terms directed to giving a clinical picture of what man is like when


a) there has been some knowledge or revelation of God.


b) they fail to glorify Him as God, departing into their own obfuscations or obscurities.


c) they esteem themselves wise, while exhibiting in reverse mode, mere folly.


d) they turn truth to lie, and worship what is created, or indeed what they create,
since this too is a creation, and thus an object of the world or of their own minds,
acting as creators as in false religions.

This outline follows an earlier and more general statement. It is found in Romans 1:17-19. That sets forth the initial conditions in this decline phase, like a great ski glissade, but far less lovely.

Here we learn that God is wrathful towards a certain kind of provocation which is chronic and audacious.

It is this. All ungodliness and unrighteousness. That is, efforts to avoid God, do without Him, institute one's own standards and call them right (or for that matter, anything else, in installing them or applying them: it is all 'unrighteous', since God being the only POSSIBLE truth, substitutes are not right, but imagination replacing actuality cf. SMR pp. 101-102,  Ch. 3, That Magnificent Rock Ch. 5, Barbs, Arrows and Balms 6, and 7, Repent or PerishCh. 7 ).

Those who indulge in this particular practice are characterised accordingly, in verse 18. They are suppressing the truth.

What makes this the more obvious is the fact cited, that the reality of God is manifest not only TO them but IN them (Romans 1:19).

That is, there is an obvious attestation


as we have so often considered before, but especially in SMR Chs. 1-3,10.

The invisible realities of this world are manifest, namely God's eternal power and divine nature. Invisible peace, truth, love, mercy, understanding, assessment, attribution of right and wrong by wisdom, beauty, creativity, the creator of creativity and the buttress of truth: such things as these do not disappear because they are assumed in all man's endeavours even to think. They are pre-conditions of his discourse, of validity, of truth.

From this institution of man and his awareness of his commencement exercises, on the part of God, to the present is a tortuous course. There are however some basic ingredients, and here they are traced. The direction of slide is observed, and something of the terminus of this action!

The normal progression to a substitute:

Associated with such spiritual movements, are of course certain dimmings of sight and dumbing of understanding, certain moral substitutes, since all men have morals, even if it is only to condemn those who admit they have them. The end of the line is where vast layers of humanity now are:
"vile affections", "unnatural" usages in the procreative line (since this has some touch of divinity, in that it leads on to pro-creation, and is relative to the love which makes the jointness of parenthood such a boon to those who gain it and keep it!  and is likely to go astray when the actual divinity is lost). It is then that we discover some of the spiritual qualities which are found in this realm of diseased spirit.

In what follows we shall use the following translation abbreviation, where it is not the KJV: C for Conybeare, P for Phillips, T for Thayer's dictionary, G for Goodspeed, W for Weymouth, M for Moffatt, NASB for the New American Standard Bible, ASB American Standard Bible..

In the end, we come to find (vv. 28-31) such things as these: an outcast mind (C), that is one without foundation. Hence we get the 'identity crisis' and the lost children of the universe, the vain quest for meaning with Maker, and so on. These are lost without tanks and machine gun bullets. Their state is inward. It is pandemic on the earth, and shows itself in multiplied symptoms, which again multiply, like an obsessive plague, never stopping, always targetting in new ways, the same old things.

Again, there is what is deemed by one 'unmentionable deeds' (P). These are things unbecoming, unseemly, improper, indecent. They are offence to righteousness in bending the rules and making the way without the qualities of right, soundness, seemliness, agreeableness with and adaptation to reality.

Maliciousness, covetousness, envy, murder; contention ... wrangling (T);
with the qualities of being
conscienceless, treacherous (G),
without natural affection or without pity ((Weymouth)
 or callous, merciless (M)
or implacable, unmerciful.

In addition, we find these symptoms: they are characterisable in those who become  -
whisperers; gossips ( G)
ingenious in evil (G), or inventors of wickedness (C),
scoffers at duty to parents (P), or impersuasible, uncompliant, contumacious to parents (T)

which last intractability rhymes ethically with the 'wranglers' notation earlier. With all this, there is yet more in the slithering line, for it is not all bold, but evil:

stabbers in the back, God-haters (P); or slanderers (G), defamers (M), or slanderers, abhorrent to God (G)/ hateful to God or exceptionally impious and wicked (T).

Again, the theme continues: they are insolent, haughty, boastful (ASB). Shame is forgotten, the impudence that despises God, the living and true God, or considers the fear of Him backward, retrogressive, and serves slander and contumacious contempt, it is here.

In all this, we are reminded of Paul in I Timothy 6:5, where those who reject the sound words of Jesus Christ, such as those to whom he specifically refers, are deemed "men of depraved mind and deprived of the truth" (NASB).

This then is the prognosis of giving short-shrift to God in the very midst of His revelation. Who better fit this category of placement, than those who for centuries have heard the gospel, have even had it formally established in their land (however improperly when any kind of force was employed), have had it presented in ever so many translations, languages, by sound waves, by digital mode, on CD-ROM, in books, in explanations and compilations, in defence in exposés, sermons, by coffee shop methods, in tenderness by bed-sides, in robust vigour in Armies, on land, in sea, in air, and to some extent, in space!

Is it happening ? Are such symptoms, now here, now there, now in immoral radio, TV, dance, exposures and dramatisations of exposures, in indecency which it is now being made indecent to CALL indecent, in cover-ups, in shams, in shames, in strident calls to natural conduct, where nature is defined as promiscuously dismissive, in fact a mere fulfilment of "worshipping the creation rather than the Creator" as in the indictment of Paul.

Are there not even some who deem themselves irreligious, at least to the point that it cannot 'touch' them so that they can do what they want, so that they may become self-styled towers of ethical wonder, or self-styled beasts of slush, allegedly at will (though the price tag is there) : are there not some of these, who are beginning to waver and quaver. WE CANNOT HAVE THIS, they cry. The PLACE IS GOING TO THE DOGS.

They want up, but find down, and have dismissed the elevator. It is a quandary indeed for them. It is necessary if you want to fly, to find the craft to take you, since men cannot fly. It is essential if you want the things of God, first to find Him, for He is without imitation or precursor, successor or parallel.

Thus when we read of

the implacability in Palestine that was,
Israel and the Moslem states surrounding that are,
so that Israel is to be muted, commuted, disputed,
while merciless meanderings with diplomacy, money and power are to impress on it that they can, as Arafat seems to feel, go to hell,
an interesting peace proposal:
when we read of the new shoot-a-settler program, as noted in an earlier news, and find that Jerusalem MUST not be really Jewish,
it is then, not surprising.

 When we find that West Timor should actually be maimed and blamed, and bled white and assailed and assaulted, and that there is really no way to bring back 100,000 or so displaced persons, because it is all so sensitive, don't you see, we are not staggered at the sheer inhumane offensiveness, the gluttony of gracelessness, nor are we incredulous at the ferocity, the indifference to all natural affection, the remorseless intents, the merciless ways through the haze of the days of wickedness.

When we find that Hitler is not enough: Israel MUST be subdued by the many Moslem millions, we do not stagger in unbelief, believing ourselves in another universe, perhaps some lost realm of thought. We can, though at that, with difficulty, credit that yes, perhaps such things could be.

When we find Arab youths sporting stones trying to outface and subdue Israeli protectors of the nation, and that these are heroes because they get hurt, and ponder the lives of these sacrifices so readily made by those who embrace that religion of Islam, indeed submission, we do not weep for the sheer extravaganza of woe and wickedness so to defile the vulnerable and use the weak to overcome, perhaps by world distortions, the Jews.

If force did not work, as according to the divine plan as shown for example in It Bubbles, It Howls... He Calls, then subtlety can implacably be tried, and the price paid, in the flesh of the young, sent like the Iranian boys earlier, feckless into the throng in the interests which seem like that of Mars, for Rome, the god of war. Is this Islam ? It is certainly submission.. Is this Islam ? It is certainly submission.

Or if we find that the UN wants Israel out of control of its little bit of former Palestine, so shamelessly NOT made available according to treaty, by Britain, and understand that that international body is somehow supposedly an international repository of some kind of morality: we do not shudder in unbelief. It is no more impossible to believe that the institution set up AFTER Hitler, should so forward the line of dispossession. It does it differently. It has some of the same sad results.

The misuse of the mouth flourishes as perhaps never before: right is called wrong, weakness strength, conscienceless conduct morality, slander is a way of life, schism is a practice that adorns, as those who insist on the Bible are disregarded in the massive whirlpools of philosophy and convenience, convention and arrogance which draw the deluded to their doom. To add to it, many USE the Bible but do not view it, talk of it, but do not obey. For them, it becomes an ethical status symbol, a thing for the ode, but odious for the performance. In the same theme, many like freemasonry, put it all into some sort of unhallowed vitamiser of opposites, and come out with the sheen on their armour, but its trademark unknown.

If then there were need of seeing the end of the road, to which the highway of the 21st. century so nearly approaches, in terms of the degenerative dynamics so faithfully traced in Romans 1:17ff., we have only to look at our contemporary period of the restoration of Jerusalem to the Jews as in Luke 21:24, which marks the ending of the Gentile period, and the onset of the end, the terminal events. Jews had an innings; Gentiles are about at the end of their own. Furore about Jerusalem is predicted, and it is CERTAINLY OCCURRING with a vengeance bordering on vendetta! It is in the news, the views, the pews, in the papers, in the magazines of the press and the gunners alike just as in Zechariah 12. It is this which likewise traces the triumphs of glory in deliverance, before that epochal event of their SPIRITUAL deliverance and restoration in large numbers, to and of the Messiah.

The Jews, then,  have won their wars, as likewise there predicted before that massive national repentance traced for the end events, both in Romans 11 and in Zechariah 12:10, in that PRECISE CONTEXT. Now the burden of fighting is impacting on all concerned. It is on THEM, because they still do not NATIONALLY recognise their Messiah; it is on the other nations concerned, because THESE still imagine that the land of covenant is THEIRS and has nothing to do with God. The UN merely exemplifies and exhibits the heart of unbelief. It is a symbol of what it stands for, what the nations stand for, and assuredly this is not the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The religions, as we saw in  It Bubbles, It Howls ... He Calls, are to be in agreement, at peace, not a nuisance while the UN ploughs on. This is its recent call, there documented.

God is not to the point. He is to be put in a container and made if not mute, then to lie down and be quiet.

These then are phenomena on the divine agenda, but two things more remain. They are these: the particular applications, high power microscope version, attributed to our times in II Timothy 3, and the case of the LOST BOYS, the Sudanese who, if ever implacability, if ever remorselessness, if ever murder, mayhem, irreconcilability, if ever wickedness, heartlessness were to be seen, is here displayed!

These ? They have been pursued with troops, planes, bombers, thrust in crocodile and killer hippopotami waters by troops behind, assailed from this nation and that, by Islam so-called fundamentalists with a zeal so arrogant, a heartlessness so inhuman as to make it seem like an Edgar Alan Poe classic, rather than history. They were in many cases children, but all the better for you to die, my dear, so very young. If ever the importunity of the implacable, and the ivory throne of the irreconcilable were to be wed with the inhuman tower of  inveterate malignity, whatever its alleged source and ostensible motive, the desire to do what has been done to these the young of Sudan, is plain irreducible evil.

This irrational thrust of religion to be followed, and of force to be met, it must figure in the annals of time, even this time, as a commissioned classic of the grotesque.


We have considered this phase of the last days program as predicted in the Bible, before. It is not necessary to repeat this, but it is to the point to specialise for a moment on some features, before telling the story of the Sudanese 'lost boys' as they are called in The Australian article noted above.
For convenience the relevant pages of SMR (pp. 659-664 are supplied in the End-note*1).

Now however let us consider something of the music of the language deployed through the apostle Paul, in this text, in characterising the abysmal decline of the Age.

This returns us to our start:

aspondos astorgos asunqetos asunetos

The first two of these terms appear likewise in Romans 1, being here specified in particular for what is in that chapter, a more general descent than that of II Timothy, though of course, one ending in precisely the same place! The first four terms occur in two separated pairs in Romans 1, and the first two in a pair in II Timothy 3:3.

The assonance and alliteration is intense: it involves moreover a salient REMOVAL of various good things with the 'a' prefix, leaving the result a sonorous moral wasteland of negation.
It reads and sounds like a death sentence, the sonar spectacular mixed with intellectual denial. In a literary way, they resemble the Churchillian 'on the beaches', though this is undoubtedly, on the breaches, which are virtually of everything.

These terms, then ? They mean:

1) without treaty, contrary to treaty, truce-breaking, hence irreconcilable, implacable;
2) without natural affection, lacking affectionate and cordial relations with kindred;
3) without understanding;
4) merciless, harsh;
5) odious towards God, God-hating, characterised by hate relative to God: hence from the earlier times, hated by God, God-forsaken.

That is a good contour of ethics for association with the events to come. From the NASB, in II Timothy's prophetic of the ethics of the last days, as it strives and arrives, we have this:

Even in religions, there is FORM rather than FACT, "holding a form of godliness without its power" (II Timothy 3:5). In their religious clothes ... we shall for the moment avoid this extension! WHEN you lack the power of God, the tendency is either to  use your own, ally with others to make your own, or deplore the lack, and perhaps seek to find it, or simply lack power. The last contingency is not so popular, on the world stage today: with independence throbbing like a pulsing head-ache, blocking thought very often as does a thrombosis the blood, hate for those who disagree about territory becoming a butcher of bodies, a strangler of minds, an arrogant detester of peace, fortified with zeal in the irreconcilable, as immune to truth as to reason.

This of course is all part of the DIVINE AGENDA, to descry from the distance these intemperate follies as LIKEWISE TO ASCRIBE THEIR CAUSE, as we have just seen in detail from the general coverage found in Romans 1.

And this ? Not least it described: Alienation from God, from truth, hence peace, from reason, from evidence, from duty to God, to each other, from beauty, with wilfulness and vice disadorning the debased and carrying everything the more rapidly to its illogical but merited conclusion, blind to mercy, merciless.




bullet To the Moslem situation in the Sudan, where the drama is to be shortly exposed, our investigation and comparison of words with works, of prophecy with performance now takes us.

We have - many at least - heard of that country in Africa where the so-called fundamentalist Moslem NORTH has made raids, taking slaves from Christ-professing households and thrusting them north for 'service', and so on. What we must shortly consider and report, is if possible, much worse. But why is it done ? Perhaps we need preparation before we consider WHAT ELSE has been done in the name of this religion!

It is perhaps felt that this will adorn the Koran, please Allah and that sort of thing. Thus we shall first look at some of the things which  it is saying on such topics.

It is true that in the Koran in Surahs 8 and 9, we do find, as see previously (see Moslem in Indexes) various incitations to violence against those not willing to capitulate to the desires of the being called Allah.

Thus, for example, we find in 8:36-40, these words: "Tell the unbelievers that if they mend their ways their past shall be forgiven; but if they persist in sin, let them reflect upon the fate of their forefathers." Is this then some statistical survey, or was the 'fate' in some way brought forward by human hand ? Ah, but yes!

"Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God's religion shall reign supreme."
Very, veritable jihad ? ... There is no lack of support for such concepts in the Koran. (Cf. also SMR p. 1081, 987ff..)

There is an interesting provision: Go out and fight. Thus, 9:121, 47:34-38. Be ruthless! If agreements are made with say, believers in the Lord, called 'idolaters' since Muhammad rejects God's speech in person in Christ, against all reason, evidence, prophecy and reality, and invents a religion wholly contrary to that which has records and performance criteria that stand (cf. SMR pp. 988-990, 1081-1082): then kept they must be, and such action, acute, decisive and sure is called for, in the Koran.

bullet Then we find a development: Speaking of those who have the Messiah, and failing to understand the Trinity, he considers this: "They would extinguish the light of God with their mouths; but God seeks only to perfect His light, though the infidels abhor it."
bullet "It is He who has sent forth His apostle with guidance and the true Faith to make it triumphant over all religions, however much the idolaters may dislike it." With such specifications for triumph, and 'victory' and 'reward', this is no mean task. It does not in fact come to fulfilment; but this has not, over the blood-curdling centuries, been for any lack of trying.
bullet Indeed, there is reward here and now, for this world is very much in view and in vogue with this book:
"Therefore do not falter or sue for peace when you have gained the upper hand. God is on your side and will not grudge you the reward of your labours" - Surah 47:34ff...
bullet In 48:29, we find this: "Muhammad is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers, but merciful to one another." World dominion is in view, for "If the unbelievers join battle with you, they shall be put to flight. They shall find none to protect or help them." This of course is not scientifically the case. It is however the intention. Whether it is incitation to fight, or to resist; to put to flight, or to parry; to subdue into servile treaties, and then attack if there is effort to escape such subjugation, the result is the same.  And this ?
bullet The case is as follows: Submit or be silenced. There are vagaries and strategies, but this is the end of the matter, repeatedly... in theory, for this religion is not scientific or accurate;  but it is as real as organic evolution, as much desired for various purposes, and as much despised by fact.
bullet Thus the subjugated must be those who have "honoured their treaties with you in every detail and aided none against you..." (9:5); but let them once seek liberty from such second class citizenship and thraldom and then ? "make war on the leaders of unbelief" (9:12).
For how long ? "so that they may desist".
bullet Yes, "Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them." SO it goes.

So if it were to go, the world would be Muslim, in submission to the untestable words, which contradict the whole essence, substance, spirit and tenor of the Biblical words which are not only testable, but triumphant in EVERY test, and which even in Muhammad are being fulfilled, for there were to be many false prophets and false christs (Matthew 24:24). There is no way to be parasitic upon their unerring and ancient testimony, for the Koran is in the most violent and harsh discord with them, in both Testaments. Muhammad is part of the false prophet parcel, and in view of the liberties he took, false christ also. That, as with all Christ's words, is given and done.

There is neither divorce nor division between Christ's words and the world of fact. What has stood, stands; what is predicted, happens; He who was to come, came; what He has forecast, comes, is coming and is nearly now done. The words of antiquity, given and attested over the ages, these do not alter; their message is always the same, and always contrary to the phenomenon of the 7th century, who, casting all this away, rests only on himself, and his failures to have his words implemented to this day, and nowhere with a more simple and sublime reality than in the failure against Israel, as formerly against Europe*1A.


To the third of our prima donnas we now turn, Communist with its Russian frenzies.



So much, then,  for the treatment from the Lost Boys Chapter. But this is merely one of the assault forces on the ways which God presented in the Bible, from which Israel turned so often as shown in the prophets of their own Old Testament (cf. Isaiah 1, II Kings 17, II Chronicles 36, Malachi), and from which so many Gentile nations are now turning, peoples who once had significant fealty to the Lord, in various ways.

As these distance themselves from the truth progressively, so disaster yawns at them with less and less leisurely mouth (cf. Divine Agenda Ch. 3, Wisdom of the Word of God ... Ch. 6, The Pitter-Patter ... Ch. 2,   Answers to Questions Ch. 5). Communism, like Islam, not only has an agenda which threatens the world with its clamour for submission on ITS OWN TERMS (which are freer in theory than in abasing and abusing practice!), but it too has given recent testimony of its charters; while in China more is to be seen which almost passes belief: though to be sure, the Communist facade in China is exceedingly thin, except where the power lies.

The presentation of a group commissioned to examine, for example, the organ industry in China, is ghoulish to the point of amazement; and its methods of research appear exceedingly careful, as a  reading of this research would appear certain to suggest. We will return to this shortly.



Communism's exposure was wrought by many, and few did more than Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Literature prize winner, who after the fall of Communism returned to his land and had a
triumphal seeming progress through the land in a notable train journey. His works, such as
First Circle
, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Gulag Archipelago,
are an indictment for which much evidence was found during his ten year interment
for the hideous iniquity of daring to say something construable as critical of Stalin.


As to that gentleman, he himself appears by repeated testimony, to have been a
mass murderer in one way or another, staged famine, direct death, slow working labour
designed to terminate in death: of ten million persons. And this ? it appears to have been
a little project to indulge his appetite for systems of sin and works of woe, as he stripped
his land, and then much of Eastern Europe, including in his haul the prize of many scientists, and sought to engulf the world with a servile heartlessness like base metal sounding,
as the violins of a heaven on earth threw their songs to the air, and the vileness of hell
seemed to find a magnificent and artless imitation through the devices of deluded mind*2.


Now we come to the organ reaping noted above.

Some recent release, indeed from this year, indicates such horror concerning certain aspects
of Chinese Communism - though its relevance to Communism is becoming less and less,
except for its phenomenal of absolute rule by a minority - that it is hard to realise it is occurring. The testimony of a commissioned group including legal and political expertise,
in their extensive and much buttressed report, appears to have been gained
with no small attention to method and to detail, however ghoulish. It is to be found at




It is of the very nature of all relativistic systems - and those which disdain the Absolute are such - that their standards ultimately having no base, may approach anything at ANY base level without too much surprise*3. A boat moored near a fast-flowing river near the ocean, has some restraint and hope; but when there is no mooring, but some system which itself disdains morality and invents its own in strictest opposition to its declarations - for as to what IS, this is no possible logical basis for WHAT OUGHT TO BE - then ANYTHING goes.

What goes in this case, according to the Report, is a matter of some thousands if not more of organs, corneas at $50,000 in many cases, livers perhaps at $150,000. While condemned 'criminals' may be one source, the article indicates, the bodies of healthy Falun Gong members, imprisoned in multiplied thousands, contribute much; and the access of organs from any one 'living body' may be multiple - it being important that they be fresh (that is, the organs), since they are so valuable. So does materialism incorporate corpses slowly and squeeze death from life, just as it has failed to recognise totally, what it is (cf. What is Life ? and Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Little Things Ch. 5, It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, SMR pp. 348ff.).

 Its will of the people is illusion, being the carefully controlled will of a small minority (in fact, by one report, those involved in Falun Gong were more numerous than those in the Party so infamously indifferent to the life which being theirs, enables them so to act). Power in this communist rampage against man, and the individual, is the result of the stripping of independence from judiciary and legislature;  and all in the name of the Party which has no name but its own, and roves in its absurd imagination that all the wonder of the universe came from a law which, starting in lawless abandon, plus a potential always being invoked, but unable to exist without the power and properties which could give it place, surged like a comet from a universe of thought that was not there. It is like having a baby without a womb, or indeed a woman.

Thus for no reason, this motherless child of the imagination has ordered things to become what they did! Some law! and at that, its chief operating feature  is a law of classes, which do not exist till order and organisation is clearly established! Such fairy tales, here, however, are grave, for they are not being told by fairies, but by those seemingly bewitched, for whom millions can die to enable irrationality to rule.

So does man migrate to the mire, and forget his own mind, spirit and source, which gives logic its validity, truth its availability and life its integrality (cf. News 98, 97). Let us however return to the corporeal-cadaver aspect reported of China.

The case is mentioned of MANY offers being made of various types of one organ, to meet the exact specifications of the recipient, in a very short time. Indeed the whole point of the speed of availability speaks much of demand and supply conditions, the article points out, the organs proffered to the client being not only multiple in offer but exceedingly quick in arrival! It is a multi-pronged probe and deserves the widest attention, for the demand is considerable!

Just as, however, Christ indicated in one of His parables, that though one should rise from the dead, it would not change the inured unbelief of many (Luke 16:19-31), so horror even when so carefully researched, may do little to arouse those who put commerce before corpses, and corpses before the mode of their becoming so.




What however of humanism, that light-weight substitute for thought, which bypassing all of reason, simply MAKES of man the criterion, the centre and the substance for the measurement of all things, as if you used a car, or a jewel case or a cloud to do the same thing. It is as illustriously indigent of all thought as any other idolatry, which taking some one creation, tries to make it do duty for truth and reason and meaning and matrix.

Partial in scope,  it is partial to pretence; inadequate, it is adequate for delusion; actualising what has no power to create universes, it inures itself to the dream of knowing all about that in which it is found as a foundling, and denying the absolute, it makes it absolutely true that all is relative to man, failing in one small point, to make of man the absolute. Alas, he is born he dies, and he bears much and makes for his fellows, by the million, much to be borne~

In this, it is not only in fact that it fails, for in nihilistic or materialistic theory, man is precisely that, an orphan who rules, and an advent who creates, an incursion which is the foundation and a fact which becomes author of truth. When truth does not so much as exist in such a relativistic and circumscribed scenario, it is surely hard to find, and so to state, and so to inhere in such a theory, which excludes it from the outset; and that it is absolutely excluded from those who nevertheless spout it, is made the worse, for it is necessary for truth that it both BE and BE KNOWN TRULY, if one is to speak accurately, and divulge it. Thus religions which invent it are in little better case than materialists who defy it and then talk about it.

Thus when Romanism makes of a man God Almighty on earth, it is in essence in the same bereft case, except for this, that it abuses the name and the orders (Matthew 23:8-10) of the very Christ whose name it uses; and when Islam makes of a man's words, those of God Almighty, and seeks to place itself in the territory of all the Jewish prophets with monumental contradiction of the same, thus an orphan from birth, it too makes of a man, in this case a false prophet such as Christ foretold, of this unverified and Johnny-come-lately mouth suddenly opened in a new field and a contrary one: the fountain of truth (cf. Barbs ... 17, TMR Ch. 3).

To be sure, it uses a name, as does Romanism, and a process of alleged divine interposition, as with other words, does Communism which latter loves to have an absolute system working away with absolutely no foundation; but in essence, it is alluding to infinity from the finite, the absolute from the relative, and this without the kind co-operation of the same, in delivering His own mind, testably over the millenia, as is the case with the truth*4.     Meanwhile, it is intent on formulating perspective for knowledge from the controlled, and blame for the conditioned.

In short, it has one world to present, and another to police; and it distorts reality only to be swept into mental spasms of self-contradiction.

Indeed, it is altogether such a production of effects without causation, arisings without grounds, sequences without solicitation, functions without formulation that its dream-like qualities almost need the atrocities which it continually perpetrates against humanity, to give it any standing outside rank and  casual fiction. Only the blood-stained earth, the exhausted frames demeaned by impassioned moralisers who denounce morals: only this speaks with any factuality.

More and more man's marauding spirit is pointing baselessly and fatally to some style of nature worship essentialised into human self-worship, evidently to be seen as a man providing for a passionate presentation of mankind in himself, glorified into a sense of deity stripped of the actuality but not of the awe, and galvanised with force much as seen in earlier works,  in militant Islam and Communism. In this case, however, it would be universal in stature, and equipped with quite explicitly with this delusive religious thrust*5.

Such is the presentation in Revelation 13, with the first 'beast' merely the normally abnormal conglomerate of religious lust, dynamic lift and suppressive vexation of one empire or imperially minded group over many others. It is the second 'beast' which is the specifically religious one when the end comes (cf. Matthew 24:12,15). He is like a Dr Goebbels to Hitler's mouthings about might. Mercifully his domain is short (Matthew 24:22).

Humanism has for many decades in much of the Western world been using universities and colleges and even schools instead of Army divisions, to infect, taint, suppress, subvert and turn, indoctrinate and falsify, make ignorant and make manipulable, the ideological cannon fodder presented to them*6. PM John Howard in speaking of "incomprehensible sludge" as having a ludicrous place in the school curricula, is dealing with part of it; with his animus towards the systematic short-fall in the true coverage of the realities of Australian history and its exploits and performances on many fronts, he is dealing with another. Ignorance is a profoundly effective help if you wish to manipulate.

Thus this author in doing a Diploma of Education course, at Melbourne University, was amazed to find no course offered, in what was admittedly a special segment of the Diploma students, for History of Education. It was a most fascinating course which one was permitted to design for oneself! It helped one to see trends of many sorts, progressive trends and omissions, repeated errors and types of dynamisms which were precisely what the use of ignorance as a ballast for the ship of fate, misnamed the ship of State, calls for. It heightened awareness of fallacies, fripperies, phantasms as of solid structures, as the thought on the one hand and the result on the other, could be witnessed from times past more readily.

Indeed, if there is one thing you do not need when you wish to make humanists, it is a knowledge of human history, with its trends and ends! If there is another, it is the knowledge of the nature of truth!

It is this which seems to be more or less forfeited in advance, in psychologically manipulative approaches. When one presented for the Diploma of Education, in our segment, the thesis required, mine was of some 50,000 words, because this religious aspect needed a deep treatment. It is to be found, with very slight adaptation to the Web, at Lead us Not into Educational Temptation, and has proved a popular because much needed aspect of our Web work.

Again, the direct, frontal assault on religion which has been since 1988 contained in a Circular to Principals in South Australia is one of the most irrational examples of propaganda, free of scholarly support either in actual presentation or prospect - as shown in TMR Ch. 8, that one could even imagine. More is found on the systematics of the case at y.html. More yet may be found on Governmental avoidance of the issues over many years and appeals, not even mentioning the challenge of public debate in its replies, nor over protest, the degradation of religion which it propounded so irrationally in its Circular, is found here.

All but incredibly, the Government of SA has been proposing a Bill (on Equal Opportunity of all things!), in which the bringing into extreme contempt without support, of a group of persons would become a crime.

This would evidently have resulted in a criminal government, on its own terms, for it has done in its Circular, precisely this, a vacuous document, hideously awry, utterly unsupported, thrust onto the educational realm with the will of what would appear all but a political pontiff! Not surprisingly, it is possible the Government will not proceed with this item, which otherwise could have been used to incriminate those who hold to biblical truth, in the way so many of the nations have used as an alternative to reason and reality, in so many cases over so many burning and bloodied centuries.

Contrary, however, to this religious thrust to an absolute which is not logical, but force-fed, as with Hitler, Stalin, and so many rulers and masters of mandate, and to the increasing intolerance of truth because of lust, fear and convenience, there remains the man as he is. He cannot escape himself, having been fashioned by precision as well as power, in mind as well as body, and presented with spirit not as an extra, but as the only integration feature of his whole being. It is here the control lies.

Because of man's innate desire to worship something, a thrust  that appears even in the thrust  and energy of virtual-worship at some soccer or rugby matches, where the singing is like that of deep-throated choristers in sublime passion or adoration, there now seems to be feeling increasingly, that there is something to come, some formulation, formula, force or finality.

Man in part has been looking for it in Aryanism, but no, in processes, but which ? in humanity, but lo where ? and so in some medley of thought and hope, he is seeking for something to be formed and formulated IN MAN, with some look upwards or downwards, or somewhere with the dynamic to make it go. Little was more eloquent of this desire, this homogenising of the race, this binding of the embattled creation man, than Henri Spaak's statement  that what Europe was needing was a leader, and be he god or devil, once given, quoth he, we will FOLLOW HIM!

Disoriented without God, and faced with the fact that invented goddies don't really clothe the soul, merely irritate the skin, man is seeking and warring about substitutes which are both irrational and cruel. He is inventing his own hells long before he finds the actualities of Mark 9; and all awry, his futile cry leaves him orphaned not by chance or history, but by his own unsweet will. If you WILL NOT use the family car, what is the point of complaining if your feet rebel after 2000 miles of walking!

The despearation is increasing as the falsity of the dynamics claimed and named in this of that inadequate ideological system make many writhe, and arrogance a fatuity.

Remembering the song of being thought past love, and then finding it, it is as if we are meeting some kind of parallel:  "it was when he though he was past worship, that then he met his last worship" and this is the END indeed!

Regarding himself as humanist but awesomely special god, he proceeds to the display of fatuous deity impersonation foretold in II Thessalonians 2. The prelude is there, the earlier efforts to make such benign but actually asinine rule are there, the examples and where they failed are there, the danger without unity is there, the weapons to destroy the world in the hands of fanatics are there, and the talk is there. The movement is like the rising of the sun on a day forecast to reach 114 degrees Fahrenheit. It is 11 a.m. and already the mercury is showing 106 degrees. It is moving as appointed.

There is nothing 'fatalistic' about it. It has been called for the more radically over the last few centuries, and the results of those calls are making the pace greater.

Long ago, a rather nice-seeming technical College teacher spoke to the author at the annual feast, and declared, rather atypically, what POWER was available to man through the atom, and what he could DO, and how wondrous was his destiny, or words of some such order. How man loves to maximise the extraordinary powers he has been given, and to associate them with those latent in the universe in order to do an EVE. That ?

It is simply to yield to the arcane idea that he could act relative to the Lord as "one of us" (Genesis 3), in innate power and place, and so have his own negotiable or even better, possess a declarative role in the total destiny of all things.

It brought ruin at the first; interest is borne, and reaping the whirl-wind after sowing the wind is never pleasant. However it IS popular! Thus man is dedicatedly moving on this course, and as he goes, securing more and more aspirant objectives amid foul tortures and repression, famines and devastations. He indoctrinates, until the manipulees, being freed increasingly of all restraint, many even aspiring to be 'married', male to male, female to female in dedicated indifference to the declared design and designated mode of population innate in mankind, become in need of 'teaching'. Then the imagination is buttressed by power: whether to forbid criticism, or to enhance perversion by school courses pretending there is no design when the interstices of design in this very matter are precisely, multiply and amazingly presented in a way no scientist could even reach if he wanted to do so. Force comes. It comes whether the issue be physical, social or political relationships.

That step always comes. It becomes repressive when the golden dreams become aided into disaster by the loose thinking and irrational pretensions of mere hopes (cf. Jeremiah 23). As Jeremiah put it, speaking of those 'prophets' of his own day, false, force-fed from within and not from the Lord, "in the latter days you will consider it perfectly." That is, the phenomenon of quaint, irrational, irreverent thinking which puts man's thoughts where only God's should be, by pseudo-religious devices or social power of both (cf. Jeremiah 5:30-31), that which had brought Israel near  to ruin, would appear again in history. When would this be so ?

It would be duplicated to an EXTREME degree, when the terminus of human history in this era of trial, would be complete! How right! How much it resembles II Peter 2, II Timothy 3, I Timothy 4. It goes. How much it resembles the dynamics of today!

The French word here seems singularly appropriate, Ça va! Indeed it marches! (cf. SMR pp. 750Bff., News 121, 122, The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 2).




As seen in passing, and attested in detail in the material cited in the Notes below, instead of illusion, there is reality, instead of suppression, expression: for there is a better way.

It is that which Jesus the Christ manifested, according to almost innumerable prophecies, when He came and fulfilled illustriously and indefeasibly in His own Person - so leading to the religion which thrust truth into an amazed world. It has in turn been confirmed by those predictions which He then made, these being fulfilled to the letter, as always, as history has unfolded since He came (cf. Joyful Jottings 22-25, SMR Chs.   8 and   9, Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet).

It is neither blighted by


being made too late in history to constitute an answer to the plight of man, nor


being too contradictory of the Old Testament to be placed upon it, as in the case of Islam,


baselessly assuming all that reason requires, and giving it some name,
instead of following rigorously the requisitions of reason to their end (as in SMR Chs. 1, 3),
and then on to their verification (as in SMR Chs. 2, 5, 8, 9, 10).

The name of Jesus Christ in the book of the Lord and in the pages of history stands alone in rationality (cf. SMR Chs. 5-7, Christ, the Wisdom of God ... Ch. 8, The Magnificence of the Messiah).

Nevertheless, even this is not too sacred! The earth has deluded itself in part, by allowing and even fostering the evil works of misuse of that name for vile violence against those who follow the word of God (cf. Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Ch. 14).

It has been used by Romanism, which in the shadows of ancient and fallen Rome (with perhaps some more modest efforts beforehand), took on some of the official authority of the high-priesthood, and this the more with Constantine, as Emperor. It has used force as forbidden (John 18:36) both in principle and in practice (cf. Matthew 26:52ff.), and done so blatantly, belligerently and arrogantly; and whereas Peter appeared merely bewildered by this no force development when the heart and centre of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ was arrested by force and bundled off to be crucified (Mark 14:26-52, Matthew 26:47-56), Rome took a far different line.

 Indeed, it even sought to protect its unbiblical additions of 'father' and priest-offeror (not as in John 10:18), and multiplied cross-occurrences (Calgary verisimilitudes - contrary to Hebrews 7-10), these being non-suffering (contrary to the prescription in Hebrews 9) and without blood (though without blood there is no remission as Hebrews 9:22). It became an impious pageantry and its use for the application of force, and death, even burning, as a test for life or its snuffing in countless victims, this has bled many a saint from the actual Church of Jesus Christ, where force in the particular realm of faith is prohibited.

The reality of Christ, foretold, fulfilling, foretelling, activating and fulfilling His own words all over again, in heart and mind, in removing all conundrums, it remains (cf. *4 below, and SMR Ch. 5).

The beauty and simplicity, the depth and delight of His ways are just as one would expect for the illustrious Creator of man, become one, and defeating both death and guilt, opening the path to friendship with the very Divinity Himself. As a downward flowing stream if followed, leads to the higher lake surmounting a hill, so has He led (Philippians 2); and as stream and lake are both water, so are He and His Father both God, as is that sublime and divine Spirit which coming to man's own invisible spirit, may on the New Covenant access in its totality, bring strength and grace and help and wisdom in the name of Christ, to all and any of His people.

We have considered some of this in News 23, All This Rot About Not Believing, and many other places; but today, we look at some of the instructions and exhortations found in Colossians 1 and Ephesians 1. In chaste but abiding language, these show principles and powers of operation when God is the Lord and the Lord Jesus is realised in His deity, when the lost is found and the foundering is rendered stable once more (cf. Isaiah 33:6), when favour with God replaces alienation and vexation, fear and uncertainty, when faith finds its proper home, and worship, instead of being a symptom of spiritual divorce, becomes an expression of truth with thankfulness.



Colossians 1, Philippians 1

Thus we can see these things in perspective, considering them mutually, comparatively.

There is that delightful antipodes which puts us in Australia far from Europe and near its contrary, at the other side of the earth. It is interesting and fruitful for all. However there is an antipodes which is far from fruitful, and it is this which is at the other side of the highways of spiritual life, amid the byways of human invention. This leads, as it has led, to murder as a profession so dear to the heart of so many Islamic activists, Communist scrutineers and sundry militants. It has led to wars of attrition, aggression, revenge.

It has led to the atomic weaponry and now to its proliferation, probably one reason why Einstein was so extremely vocal about the warrior uses of the bomb: he was about terrified, it seems. At one point, it appears he was not sure whether it would blow away the atmosphere. That is to come, by divine means (II Peter 3), and the earth then goes with it.

Actually, it is not so hard, the spiritual life. To be sure, it involves discipline; but as to the nethermost alternative, estrangement from God, that involves agony and anguish, angst and anxiety as well, delusion and violence, vileness and force; and even humanism, how largely it has used its own peculiar type of force, refusing debate, avoiding instruction in creation, and seeking by all means to enrol a new generation manipulated from reason, divorced from truth, far from God.

Christianity does not need manipulation since truth speaks; but these violences of thought and word, deed and war, they remain under judgment just as they cannot stand in the truth.

What however of living the Christian life ? It is not just that it is less destructive and more pardoning, for you COULD be rich and comfortable on this earth, your conscience apart (though it never is); it is that it involves truth. The truth that God loves is in constant contradiction of the fact that mankind, in large segments, is now vocationally set as a hater. Explosive words and deeds fester with irrational unruliness about intemperate mouths and hearts, and thousands are continually being wounded, children included.

What a race that sets the pace in terms of indifference to the divine, or even war on God! However, the test of truth does not need violence: it speaks for itself. It is indeed so dominant that many REFUSE even to hear it, in schools, colleges and universities, not least in this State.

War on God ? It has been done before, in Israel (Micah 3:5), and the result in the Jewish people over sad centuries is not hard to see! They prepare war on Him, says Micah of his generation, who puts nothing into their mouths - that is, they speak in His name or against Him, but not FROM Him, merely at Him, or misusing His very name. Then was it in the places of power in Israel; but  now in most of the power plants in the nations. The earth itself  is in upheaval and it groans.

Now it is not merely ancient Israel which does it; it is the wayward world itself. Just as Israel in much, would not learn, so now this world; and just as Israel was for a time swallowed up, so will such a fate on a far grander scale be the inheritance of this world (Matthew 24:12,  25). As Zechariah 7:12 puts it:


“Yes, they made their hearts as an adamant stone, lest they should hear the law,
and the words which the LORD of hosts has sent in his Spirit
by the former prophets: therefore came a great wrath from the LORD of hosts.”

As to the current war on God by many a nation, many a group, an individual: it is declared whether  that is realised or not; and it not only does not, but cannot produce anything less than catastrophe, as in the flood which men naturally try to swallow up with more mental hope than then the inundated earth managed. Its evidences abound. Next time, says Peter , it is fire.

Now let us ponder the spiritual contrast with the antiopodean rewards of spiritual sloth, sloughing off the truth, and find the splendour of light amid the dismal depths of darkness; for that Light continues unsullied by its environment, indubitable, indomitable, clean and pure, stable as truth is (John 9:4-5, 8:12). Let us see the life of truth in the Lord in the prayers, perils, appointments of the apostle Paul.

Today then, by contrast, we consider some of Colossians 1 and Philippians 1, in order to find some of the beautiful principles of godly living, spiritual life, the paths of peace in the name of the Lord! 



LIVING IN THE LORD: what prayer reveals!


I   The Ingredients and Dynamics - Colossians 1:1-11

Paul revels fatherly in compassion, and rejoices at their faith which produces love to all saints, with the hope fixed in heaven to come a constant stimulus and reminder of that godly perspective in which love flourishes. Such is the proper procedure in a Gospel actually believed and HENCE applied! Do we believe in love and practice hate ? not when the love of God is practised by His power in our hearts, effulgent from heaven to which our destiny leads, in which our desire rests.

This result, says Paul, has worked from them as the word of truth in the Gospel moves to all the world, its heavenly hope fruitful in them, from day one of their conversion, when they found the grace of God in truth. It is not in propaganda, in paid party membership, in imagination or in postulation: it is in truth. Truth like an undying companion, first and inspiring, carries them and keeps company: indeed Jesus Christ declared Himself to be, and is ... the truth (John 14:6). It has a face and it is His, a heart and it is shown in Him, a Spirit and it is this which He sends from the Father (John 15:26). Man with Christ is not orphaned, and lives in the truth of love and love of truth.

He prays then three things. Firstly, it is that they be FILLED with the knowledge of what God wants and in ALL things live pleasingly to Him, fruitful in spiritual function and increasing in the knowledge of God. What an instant change that would be if this world did so; yet it is precisely this which is to be the continual aim of every child of God! How else with such a Father ...

Secondly, he prays that they be STRENGTHENED WITH ALL MIGHT, and so thirdly,  SECURING  all patience and longsuffering with joy. It is not resignation: it is aspiration, continuation and company with the Lord Himself.  Such mutual love, such empowerment, such wisdom and self-control, such gratitude to God and concern for one's fellow man, such awareness of the place of the Creator and the role of the Saviour: these are the things this world lacks, and in lacking, becomes lackey to evil on all sides. Evil is easy; it is what is good that requires longsuffering with patience; and it is in Christ, something done with an inner joyfulness to be in His presence and on the work assigned. 


II The Apostolic Income -  Philippians 1

Always has Paul been making request in the case of the Church at Philippae, for their fellowship in the Gospel; and with these prayers, he is confident that the God who began a good work in them will COMPLETE the same to the day of judgment itself, yes that of the Lord's return for His saints (I Thessalonians 4). Partakers with Paul of divine grace, they may well be so considered, and it is so whether he be in chains (as then) or in the defence and confirmation of the Gospel, in journeyings often, shipwrecks, when beaten with many stripes (not merely abstract stripes), in showing the error of unbelief, attesting the power of God in the truth, arguing with the Jews in synagogues, proclaiming God's power and pardon through Jesus Christ to the world, at Athens or in many a centre.

This is the apostolic income in terms of suffering; and he suffers not in vain, since there is the robust salvation of Christ and His enduring felicity, with all wisdom imparting all knowledge needed and all guidance, grace and governance, not so as to remove the reality of life, but to enhance it in due and true meaning without concussion or repercussion, all being under His wise grace and alert love (cf. Romans 8:29ff.).

PRAYER ? He has them in his heart and his prayer for them is that their love may grow IN KNOWLEDGE AND DISCERNMENT increasingly, rather like someone speeding in a car, and the faster  he goes, the faster  is the rate of increase of his speed.

There is much spiritual territory to be covered: there is no place for laxity. Imagine if Christian, in Pilgrim's Progress, had stayed in the near precincts of the City of Destruction! Then, it would have been merely an ambivalent dream! He prays moreover that they would approve what is excellent, and so discern it, discriminate what it is, love it and pursue it as a greyhound a rabbit, seize and hold it. That they should be filled with the fruits of righteousness is his constant desire, things gained in Christ (as in Galatians 5), love and peace, joy and longsuffering, faith and goodness. Sincere and unstumbling: this is his desire for their spiritual career!

What a world it would be if such were all its inhabitants! This, it is for heaven; on earth let us seek so to be and thus to seek for others, to rescue them indeed from this ship of sin, on which are atomic bombs aplenty! If Christ had to die for the sin of others, an undertaking breath-taking in its immensity of spiritual scope and magnitude of mercy, then others like Paul have to live for the health of others, that they be brought out of the onslaught of the weapons of selfishness, while being blind and arrogant, the devices of devilishness, invasive and destructive, the seduction of sickness of soul and heaviness of heart, the elation of idiocies or extravaganzas of irrelevancies.


"For me," he says in Philippians 1, "to live is Christ" - Philippians 1:21.

It is not a game or a religious refresher course. It is the truth; and so Paul declares in this same epistle, "according to my earnest expectation and hope that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death."

Does he inflict wounds, does he blow himself up, or invade eating places with arrogant explosive force ? Does he manipulate countries and declaim in favour of revolutions, seek to induce them or to take over the power base ? No need. He is presenting truth and mercy, and until the time comes, this is the program, the purpose and the marvel of God!

When judgment does arrive, it is to be after thousands of years of Gospel offer (cf. II Peter 3:9), such as now indeed have passed! Then it is no more intrusive or abusivethan garbage collection, in truth; for with God, the designations are not theories, not theses, but realities! (cf. Matthew 13:37-43). Truth rules, and mercy laps the shores, to cleanse them while there is time.


III Apostolic Outcomes - Philippians 1 

As for Paul's own case, in chains in Rome, he has had remarkable success in presenting Christ to the palace guard (1:13), and to the whole array of those about him. Appointed for the defence of the Gospel, he preaches in heart, whoever merely insults grace by using the name of Christ lightly (1:15 - even then! cf. II Corinthians 11)!Thus does he lead, and thus pray and thus is set his constant desire for the people of the Lord, and such should each of us here be, and such should be our rapid progress in persevering love, patient faith and active endeavour (as in Colossians 1:11).

The power resides as you abide in His will, ways and works, not hoping merely for this and that, but actively, ardently, continually seeking like Daniel of old, to find, know and do precisely what is most productive, most pleasing for Him (Philippians 1:9, Colossians 1:9-10); and the peace that follows (Colossians 1:2, 3:15, Philippians 4:6-7, Isaiah 48:16-19) is like a flowing stream, when you follow it faithfully through briar and beauty, hill and valley, to its issuance.

It is challenging; it is questing and yet in it, there is resting from all concern, for the burden is His and it is cast on Him (Isaiah 53:6, I Peter 5:7); and again, there is wrestling as befits danger, so that the evils may be met head-on and flee headlong (Ephesians 6, I Peter 5:8-9); but it is wrought by faith.

It is life, and life more abundantly (John 10:10). It is constructive, productive of peace, effective, reliable and with its rest, is the charge, the challenge and the spiritual power to perform. Blessed be God: it works because He works! and in love surges like a cleansing stream into the lands of the heart.

How glorious is that prodigious marvel, the life of the Lord, and how abounding is His power and peace; yet how narrow is the way from the fray to the Father: and with all of this, how liberal is the love of the Lord, so that in narrowness, as of blood in arteries, there is function and felicity. Designs may be aborted or brutalised; but used as intended, they can be a wonder and a joy. When the design is to know the Designer and He is the Lord, then the designation, Children of God, is more precious than many worlds, or any!







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Let us update some of the procedures, as seen from a current source of some expertise in the area.


bullet From the Anglo-Australian National Community Council,
in their first March 2007 Web presentation, we have something of an update,
in terms of modern style dangers, other than those of direct terrorism,
in which muscle is to substitute for truth, and
mercilessness is to demonstrate the quality of mercy which those guilty of such actions,
have to give to those whom they ... liberate ? that was the Communist term
for the tyrannies of despotism.

Some excerpts below are taken from this site, which has numerous articles and items to present, and at this point provides news of much interest. The link above brings you to the quotations from this site, within the following text. .


             Limit Muslim intake, urges visiting scholar


A VISITING Israeli expert on Islam has urged Australia to cap its intake of Muslim immigrants, warning “life will become untenable” unless the Muslim population is kept in check.

Raphael Israeli, a professor in Islamic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said Australia was in danger of being swamped by Muslims – especially from Indonesia – and called for a “preventative policy” to protect national security and ensure Muslims remained a “marginal minority”.

Professor Israeli, whose visit is in part sponsored by the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, has just begun a six-week stint as a scholar-in-residence at the Shalom Institute in Sydney, where he is teaching a course on “Understanding Islam”.

An author of 20 books on the Muslim, Arab and Chinese worlds, he will also give talks in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and New Zealand.

In an interview with the AJN, Professor Israeli expressed the view that mere verbal exchange was not enough to defeat radical Islam. Politically, there were other aspects. His view follows.

“You have to infiltrate all those circles where the Muslim radicals operate, to arrest them, and to limit immigration into western countries where these Muslims, who are bent on destroying western civilisation ... to limit immigration, even students who apply to come from Islamic countries to the West,” he said.


He felt it was not good enough to exchange words when home-grown terrorists, preparing for years for such occupations as blowing up undergrounds in London, are in view.

In fact, of course, not a 'war' of words, but a work of words is necessary in all these areas, in order to give a reason for the faith once for all delivered to the saints, and to show that it is NOT in principle might but right which is to the point. As with Hitler, it is not his power but his purpose and truth which make the weapons of rebuttal and exposure,  most formidable; for nothing is more formidable than truth. Though it may seem but small, it is the entire envelope for man, so that Jesus Christ, whom the Bible rightly presents as the sole, sufficient sacrifice for man, declares Himself the truth and only Saviour (John 14:6).

However, the news article here being made available in substance, has some very palpable points to present, and some useful comparisons to make with other countries.

Citing France, where Muslims comprise about nine per cent of the population, as an example, Professor Israeli warned growing Muslim communities could change the political, economic, and cultural fabric of a country.

“You have to adopt some kind of preventative policy. In order not to get there, limit the immigration and therefore you keep them a marginal minority, which will be a nuisance, but cannot pose a threat to the demographic and security aspects of a country.”


The item then presents Islamic comment on these things, and proceeds to note that officially there are less than 300,000 Muslims in Australia, to follow the 2001 Census, but Islamic community officials estimate the reality to be no les than half of one million - about 2.5% of the Australian population. On this point, the news item proceeds.

“Even though it’s so low, they are so vocal, and they make so much noise,” Professor Israeli said. “And therefore the situation has to be checked before they increase their numbers, because don’t forget in your immediate proximity dwells the largest or most populous Islamic country in the world [Indonesia], and by necessity, there is demographic pressure from there to channel the surplus of populations to wherever it’s possible.

“And one of the big possibilities is Australia, so they will continue to come legally, or illegally, and settle here, and when they get to the rate of the 10 per cent like in France, then you will see life will become untenable.”


In fact, Professor Israeli declared, France might at this very moment be at the "point of no return."

“Then they control whole sections of the economy, there are areas in France where you cannot be elected to Parliament without the support of the Muslims and so on. And therefore, by increasing their numbers they start to have an impact on the social, economic, political and cultural nature of the country.”

He warned that radical Muslims would find it easier to “melt” into the community and plan terrorist acts without scrutiny from authorities if the growth of Australia’s Muslim population was allowed to continue.

“You will have then large concentrations of Muslims, so it’s not thousands, it will be millions, and when they become millions it’s a big mass where individual Muslims, including terrorists, can melt, and then go look for them.

“In England they already have that problem, they cannot locate them, they cannot sort them out from the general population, and sometimes you have to impose a curfew on a whole area to catch one or two or three terrorists, and by doing that you do an injustice to an entire population, and then they start complaining that they are discriminated against.”


Professor Israeli presented the observation that immigrant Muslims were notable for manipulating the values of their adopted countries, to suit their own objectives. He then proceeded.


“And that’s why Islam has become feared in western countries, which are open, democratic, and tolerant of others. And Muslim populations, which are very often minorities, very often abuse that hospitality and use democracy, openness and tolerance to their benefit, to spread their faith and to intimidate their hosts, and very often, to impose their standards and values upon them.”
AJN - 15




On Communism, exhibits from Index Mini are given below (and of course the Main Index extends).

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Impossible to Men, Open to God Ch.   5

See also LORD  8.

A useful  selection:

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