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Chapter 3

NEWS 136

Time Magazine, Dec. 4, 2000, pp. 52ff.; Dec. 18;  TV News

Where are you going, my pretty maid ?

Just where, that is the question.

OF course, she is but a figure. There she goes with her milk pail, off to the cows perhaps, or is it to a neighbour, sick, whom she wishes to refresh ?

1) Take the Arab, the Palestinian situation in Israel. Time on Dec. 4, 2000, speaks of a change in Palestinian tactics. The stone throwing youths or even children, who are to become martyrs (how sadly if not savagely the Moslem way comes at times to resemble other absolutist systems, like the Communist, where life of the individual can be a ploy or at the very least, a part of a program that does not seem to incorporate the particular reality of the detail called ONE PERSON!): they are no longer the way to blazon the 'cause' across the face of the world ? SO it would seem. Now there is this grand escalation, this witty invention of method: now you can just go and shoot a settler. Is it to become the 'shoot a settler' sport ?

Death is so very impactive. It can relieve the desire to be in some place on earth. It can even help others to be less desirous of being in some place, when their loved ones are killed, their fathers are blasted, their sons lacerated. It is a very instructive process, a method even of teaching ? You WANT something (like Jerusalem, or part of the mini-State known as Israel amidst the luxuriating hectares and thousands of square kilometres of the Moslem holdings in Africa and the Middle East, moving right up into the domain of the former USSR), so you start a form of violence against the people who have it, you know, kill a few, maim-a-man program, that sort of thing, and then you put your kids into the business, and when a reserved and provoked, taunted and defamed Israel tries to restore order and reduce the murders of its citizens, you clamour to the TV and shout out your oppression ?

Good ? Remarkable ? Would not Dr Goebbels of Hitler's day, who also was not fond of Jews, have clapped you enthusiastically on the shoulder, if he in his day had seen fit for you yourself to continue to live so that your shoulder would be there to clap - would not he, I say, have been proud of you ?

Yet this, it is not enough. But how obvious, is it not ? It is necessary, surely, in the face of these clearly less-than-enthusiastic Israelis, who ask questions such as this, 'They have lots of Moslem land, why do not need to have even more of our tiny portion ?' - it is necessary to do more. In the face of their obstinate refusal to lie down and die, these Israelis, and so to make a will in the favour of the delightsome people who love to kill and wound and maim and complain when those who are PRACTISING violence, have to be rebuffed: yes of course, these whose religion is so embracive of THIS world - like Communism and Romanism - they now elect to do more.

What then is the Arab desire, at least as reportedly being articulated by its leader ? The United Nations should step in and stop the atrocities of people defending their tiny country, treacherously reduced to far beneath the original contract from Britain with its mandate to come, and now gone. There should be a reward for violence, and a dispossession of more and more of Israel from the Jews.

Very clever ? Not, one should have thought, if those to whom this disingenuous appeal is made, were all in a balanced, judicious and unbiased frame of mind. How could you possibly dispossess the scattered remnants of one of the most persecuted peoples on earth, whose holocaust is even outrageously denied by some: how could you do this,  in the face of millions of deaths and billions of dollars of theft in the raunchy old days of wild Europe under Hitler, and seek to take even more ?

Would the UN then like to add to outrage by practising again the program, or pogrom of dispossession ? Would they admirably see the purity and wonder of removing internationally (instead, as in the case of Germany, merely nationally) more of what Israel has fought to regain, seething against the Jew as in the imperial past, so leaving the Jews as a yet more minor enclave in the Moslem masses' sprawling lands ? Would it like so to reduce it because of the Islamic need for more land, despite its possessing or having large influence in territories pleasantly circling no small part of the Mediterranean, from Syria past Egypt to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, reverse, go back, to Iraq, Iran, Armenia, and so on ? Do not my friend, forget Saudi Arabia ? One might at least question adding to the disproportion, reducing the tenuous and almost throttled (literally) little narrow-necked land of Israel, in the interests of Moslem freedom to grab this crumb.

Surely most wily people might try it. Most vacuous onlookers might transform themselves into arbitrating big brothers, and do so; but for what vested interest ? Well, of course, there are the wells. They well up, well, with wonders of oil, and there are MANY nations who want it so much they might (and maybe formerly DID) fight to ensure the barrels keep on coming, and might (and perhaps formerly DID) retire fast to leave for example the Kurds, to get whatever gentle Saddam Hussein might see, in the interests of justice of course, to do for them in the cold of the mountains, in the heat of the moment, or otherwise. They might (and perhaps did) retire when ONE MORE DAY might, in the Gulf War you may be thinking, in 1991, have sufficed to deliver actual things called people, from actual events called terror, horror and oppression. Children being involved in this sort of vivisection process, you might still somehow not even feel the situation. You might - I say - you might do this if you had a mind for it.

It is not to the mind of this writer.

But as the new wave of intelligence, if that is the term, sets in, let us hear what Time says on Dec. 4 by way of summary of the modalities ? of the situation as it develops, battle-wise, on the part of (dare one, could one even be permitted to say) this international Palestinian-Moslem aggressor movement, that sought to slay the Jews in 1947, and has continued in fits and starts, ever since:

"Eight weeks ago, the Palestinians began the latest protests with old-style demonstrations. Then they started shooting at Israel towns. Now they are attacking settlements. It's not at all clear what the next step will be, but every step seems to get bloodier."

Where are you going, my pretty maid ? Why is there a gun in your lily-white hand, my dear and delightful neighbour ?

Are you going to the international invasion predicted these more than three millenia (cf. SMR
Appendix A), is it to this that you are going, my pretty maid ?

It is no place for so lovely a maid, my girl, no place for her!

2) Where are you going, my pretty Russia ?

The area about Israel and indeed within it in certain places, teems with hostility, and brims with opportunity.

We come to another focus in the Middle East, which blends nicely to the East, through the Caucasus which are an index to the predicted invasion scenario for Israel (cf. SMR Appendix A, and pp. 656ff., 516ff.). We have earlier traced through the Scythians, the Caucasus and beyond, together with other surrounding nations in the arena. Now we merely note a recent development in contemporary Russia, with its satellites which, with Moscow all but due North of Israel, lies in the direction of flow specified in the prophecy, though it is not necessarily all involved as such. It would, however, be entirely in keeping with the indications if it were, or at least a good part of it.

Thus it is interesting to find that Putin, who, without disputation, is a former KGB official, apparently with all that sort of flair which would make him successful in East Germany, has been moving in his reconstruction of the Russian IMAGE. He has adopted the Hammer and Sickle illustration of the power hungry and love vacuous days of the regime which slaughtered in a way which would have been horrific for cows, using the sort of transport to Siberia likewise, which might have ruined the beasts. That of course was only the beginning of the years of removing whatever it took to do whatever they listed.

It did not work.

It was a campaign of hateful power in the endorsement of powerful hate; it was odious, reprehensible and lifeless, dead to humanity, alien to God, asking for the punishments such as those of World War II, and beyond. In the litany of defilement, refined brutality and misery of mind, it stands as a place where the volume is turned up to the full. Visions of splendour and drab realities of torture, of mind as well as body, make this amongst the most continuing exhibitions of devilishness one could ever wish to behold, before the antichrist himself comes in person.

Putin's place as a KGB officer was not in the days of Stalin. It was perhaps in a somewhat more restrained rule in mindless propaganda, over the sea of the people. Nevertheless, he was working in the not entirely delightful realms of the KGB. Is it possible that the glory days have not left him ? Is it possible that the concept of GETTING IT DONE, is still with him - and MAKING IT HAPPEN, with anything of that rambunctious indifference to cost which has distinguished and substantially but far from entirely, extinguished this dare-devil spirit which entered into Russia in 1917 ?

Perhaps not. Perhaps it is merely that the sunken atomic submarine of year 2000, would have revealed too much, and thus it was that the rescue was not mounted with all speed; perhaps however it was that it was humiliating, demeaning to Russia ? Who can tell why incredible delay occurred ?

Perhaps the adoption, by Putin, of the hammer and sickle as one of the OFFICIAL EMBLEMS for Russia now, the heavily financed Russia, recipient of aid to the tune of billions, perhaps it is merely nostalgia for getting things
done ? Perhaps it is NOT nostalgia for the WAY they were done, and where it all led !

In any case, the adoption has apparently outraged many, for whom it stands for the whole unwholesome and unholy reign of terror, which would appal, it would seem, many of the original Reign of Terror in the French Revolution for its unhallowed inhumanity and heartlessness. It has been adopted, this symbol of atrocity, inhumanity and gross abuse of power.

Then the double headed eagle, symbol of the old Empire has been adopted likewise. What do these two official symbols, now instated in the new Russia, signify ? A love of glory, of power, of status ? A relative indifference to WHAT SORT of power and an emphasis on its FACT and PRESENCE ? THIS WE HAVE DONE, these are symbols of our being able to MOVE!

Without wishing to endue such things with too much significance, one cannot well endue them with none! To use the hammer which smashed minds (using, anomalously, very often a combination of drugs and viciousness), though not the mind of Solzhenitsyn and many like him; and the sickle which reaped ruin, sending whole areas into famine, which has responsibly been considered as very possibly intentional disciplinary and disruptive force (SMR pp. 658-659), and slicing off heads of people instead of grain: to use this is more than tasteless. It is false glory and resembles the use of the SWASTIKA in Germany now. Imagine, now, if you will, the German government MAKING THE SWASTIKA a CURRENT SYMBOL of the new Germany!

Enough said.

Hence, in addition to the fact that the area surrounding the Caucasus in a broad scene, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and that victim of Putin's strategy as likewise of Yeltsin's determination, a name like a cancer sufferer's pain, Chechnya, together with not distant and well placed for assault, Iran, Iraq, Syria and its north! is indicated as a likely source of the invasion of Israel predicted these 2 and one half millenia, for the New Covenant era, there is more. It is quite possible that Russia will either PERMIT or not interfere if the Muslim south of her area so acts, or may even in some way be involved.

This is merely an indication of movement which enhances the preliminaries in the scenario of the nations just mentioned. This in turn is in the era of the restoration of the Jews to Jerusalem, both a portent and a pivot for the end and return of Christ (Luke 21:24), while wars thunder on with a rapidity, multiciplicity, almost mindless ingenuity of cause and indifference to effect, with rumours continual and ruin unspeakable, just as this era had to do, to qualify (cf. SMR pp. 648ff.).

What however of the UN ? Would it impede an invasion of Israel ? After all, let us be realistic not only the 1991 pan-Islam alliance to DEAL WITH Israel, but the year 2000 duplication of belligerence by the Muslim powers, these things do not signify peace, or irenic, amicable intention. The Arabs are to be supported. The festering wound in the tiny heart of Israel is to be administered inflammatory drugs.

The UN however ? If the UN does what it did to stop Nasser, it will make no difference! If it acts as it did in 1947 in removing Jerusalem prospectively from the Jews and giving them bits of Palestine, then it may conceivably do MORE than merely not intervene to rescue the 'normal Jewish victims'.

Where are you going my pretty Russian maid ? Are you looking at power play with your symbols and your scheming ? are you looking the other way, if the empire advances ?

3) There is more, much more movement as the divine agenda realises itself, fully equipped to know in advance the sad manoeuvres and freneticism of man.

Where are you going, my pretty Europe ? We read in Time, Dec. 18, of feelings being balmed, of understanding increasing as Europe is not really going to make its Rapid Reaction Defence Force - or whatever other name it may come to use for its FORCE, something to displace dear old North Atlantic Defence Organization, which for so long has helped Europe. Yes it has aided it so far back from its so deep pit dug in the 1939-1946 spree from Adolf (AND partners, let us not forget, he did not do it alone, either nationally or personally).

Where is she going, this land of culture, civilisation and ... past ? Where is she heading, who does not want to be so (humiliatingly ? expensively ? needlessly ... now ?) dependent on the US ? After all, it is over a full 50 years since the little slip was made, and it was surely no worse, if not indeed better than either Stalin or Mao, in the deaths its caused. Is it not time to begin... to have some shoulders for the arms, and some arms for the shoulders, so that the hands might hold them ?

Now of course, not ALL of Europe was so utterly intoxicated as were the (ruling sectors of the) Germans and Italians (and poor Austria, taken over so conveniently, first). The axis was not the whole works. The axle of the axis was powered not least by Darwin, Hegel and Nietzsche, and the many poets and proponents of power, for some purpose or other (ah yes! of course - the power to be first, to be prominent and dominant and the very latest - chic, whatever - wave of an imaginary and delusive evolutionary progress which progressed to the normal flames, including some of their own at Auschwitz). Very witty this evolutionary program and perhaps it was felt a suitable song, the cantata of the mere singeing of 6000000 Jews, and of course, a few others who got in the way!

Should not people who are not the best, the first, the most powerful, get out of the way of those who are, or wish to become so, so that they might do it less bloodily ? that might to some seem the question in their evolving dynamics.

Give them some vestige of credit, if you can: maybe they would not kill so much if you lay down and died! But of course, you must not do that, for if you do not, they may have to do more before they come even to find that it is THEY, ah they! who are the best, and most powerful, the crescent of the flow of history and all that, so that THEY might be crowned, like a modern Alexander the Great, in much power over many lands. How sonorous is the sermon of power and grab-itis, for surely it deserves some medical term for its iniquity, to cover its shame from the light of reality!

Oh and of course, a jihad will do too. That is another one of the Hitleresque seeming scenarios, to DOMINATE and gain SUBMISSION, and if not, DEAL with the resistance of those who DARE to defy or deny your right (see Moslem, Indexes), as we have found and shown can happen, from the Koran. Come to think of it, this sounds especially like the Unam Sanctam mentality (cf. SMR pp. 1035-1036, 1070). This was exhibited in Rome in essence in the days of the 11th. century, Gregory VII*1, and executed into form, in the days of 14th. century, Pope Boniface VIII (loc.cit. - but as for Gregory the FIRST, he condemned as a thing of ANTICHRIST, the Roman bishop's desire (or pope's - same thing) even to be called the UNIVERSAL BISHOP.

How that ‘pope’ hated the papacy and its entire spirit of self-elevation! And how rightly did he make his declaration to condemn it! (Cf. SMR pp. 1042-1088H, 1032ff., 1056ff., 912ff..)

That arrogant mentality so justly condemned by Gregory I, led on to this domineering and delinquent, indeed, in strict verbal correctness, antichristian assertion of the necessity for salvation of being SUBJECT to the pope (Matthew 23:8-10, Acts 4:11-12). That is another NECESSARY SUBJECTION, constructed to be imposed by this particular one of the three world conspiracies.  It too led to the - what ? theft, prefer expropriation ? so; but it led to the Inquisition which has NEVER been condemned by Rome as a godless heritage of heresy*2, but slapped on the wrist as able to include unnecessary suffering dealt out by those interested in the impact of Truth (that was the word).

Truth ? What truth murders to ensure the servility of its victims ? What truth thieves to secure the gain of its
coffers ? What truth of the Christ who was crucified but did NOT crucify, who FORBAD His servants to fight on His behalf (John
18:36, Matthew 26:51-54) , who said that His kingdom was not of this world (John 18:36): what truth contradicts Christ and yet USES His very name while DOING IT! This is as much in the service of truth as is the Mafia's engorging criminality in the service of justice. It is a frank and indeed, rank contradiction of it. Hence NO apology has ever been made by Rome for the contradiction of Christ by those who were in the service of the lie, that idolatrous place given the Pope, Mary and Mass (loc. cit., SMR), and in particular for the murder, mutilation, torture, incitation to distress, mental invasion and calumnies practiced against the servants of Christ, who rejected these idols and would rather die than worship them, or even appear to do so. Hence John 16:2 is fulfilled.

Yes, the Romanist, Nazi, the Communist, the Muslim conspiracies have prospered in this world not a little, though in Israel, 1948-2000,  as in World War II and in Russia in 1990-1991, they have of course all failed. Now we re-visit in Israel, this outpost of the Muslim working, the Palestinians, many the children of those who fled before the advancing Muslim armies, in order to enjoy victory on their triumph, but did not return upon their defeat. It was inconvenient for many, that the defeated aggressors were not able to cast the Jews into the sea (bathing in water was to become an improvement on bathing in their own blood under Hitler, perhaps then ?). It certainly would not be easy to return and say, Oh well, our side did not make it, but let us now live in trust and amity, until next time.

That, now, it is not to say this: that the Jews CANNOT live peaceably with Palestinians, but that it is somewhat - shall we say, aggravating the situation when your request is couched in the language of stones, bullets and grim-faced murderers who exclaim with distaste if their target repulse them, or if Israel should seek to limit their marauding murders.

But Europe ? Will it re-arm ? Of course. It is nice to have your arms back, for your shoulders. Oh yes, in Europe the last two wars (and do not forget that little excursion, known as the Franco-Prussian in the 1870's) have indeed been on the large side, and have caused some trouble, and yet, it is over 50 years, and a guy needs his arms.

Anyway, it is NOT, we learn, to mean that Europe is to split or subvert NATO. That is STILL useful for the defence of ALL of Europe. But you see, a guy might want to send a few troops, like 100,000 (NOT, don't you see at all, 200,000) here or there to do his job, and stop aggressors being so outright aggressive as some of them seem inclined to be. A few hundred aeroplanes, too, these are like sauce for the chicken: they go together.

Now this is not to scorn Europe. Far from it. It is to question the direction of these winds, it is to ask of the young lady, this question: Where are you going, my pretty maid ?

After all, however, it is BIBLICAL that EUROPE is to be the MEDIUM in which the Beast proliferates, and now that Europe is talking freely of an expansion to say, 30 nations, it is apparent we can even consider this relative to the 51 US States and, well, compare! The European States are rather large, in fact COUNTRIES, not all large, to be sure, but not nothings by any means. This is then in full conformity to the form of things to come, BIBLICALLY PREDICTED. There is this neat little Army, together naturally, with a few hundred aeroplanes which are also being called for in this Rapid Reaction Defence Force now authorised. So that is going along quite nicely towards the assigned culmination of the scenario in the Bible (as noted in SMR Chs. 8-9). It is all coming together like hands that clap.

4) But there is another maid.

Where are you going my pretty Britain ?

You see, England UNDOUBTEDLY was part of the Roman Empire, and quite notable in its contribution of civilisation, and various other things like RULE. Caesar, we recall, did his veni, vidi, vinci, came saw and conquered. SInce the BIBLE PREDICTS that this Roman Empire, partly strong, partly broken as it is and as we have traced before (cf. SMR pp.886ff., 902) is to be the base for the antichrist, the beast, the socio-economic-politico-military oppressor to take the WORLD (not merely much of Europe as last time, or Russia, or China as now) in its ideological grasp and control, then Britain has to be part of it NOW, when the evil messiah comes, who is to be the devil's go at it. (See devil's messiah, IndexSMR.) The devil ? He is always inclined to be a copier, and what can you expect, for God is INFINITELY more wise and able than he, so that the gentle art of copying, which some nations did COMMERCIALLY before the last war, is now to come in the spiritual realm, par excellence. However, this is one excellence which does not excel.

Hence now that we learn from the Internet that the HOUSE OF LORDS is to consider whether it really would, in the light, you see, of modern developments and approaches and all that sort of thing, old chap, be tasteful, nice, apt, appropriate ? choose your own word from the verbal cafeteria, to DO something.

Any particular sort of thing did you have in mind ? one asks.

Let us try to imagine the sort of answer that might come.


Oh yes, but of course. You see, we are thinking of getting away from all this NON-Roman Catholic Sovereign stuff. Out of date, don't you know! You can't have that sort of thing now. We are becoming a part of Europe and it is rather strong on all that. I mean, after World War II there were no less than TEN European nations who had Roman Catholic leaders. If you cannot beat them, join them; or at any rate, there is simply no NEED, now, to keep them out of the seat of power in Britain.

Yes, one might make reply to this admittedly imaginary conversation, but one not ill-adapted to the tone of the report of the formulation of the thing:

Yes, but Romanism is one of the three major international conspiracies which OPENLY and in various ways, make it clear that ONE aim is that the world should enjoy the realities of their rule, and will GET it in various ways and under various heads or circumstances. The world is in the eye, in Communism (explicitly), Romanism (explicitly from Pope Gregory VII in the Middle Ages) and in Islam which as we have shown from the Koran, has an obligation to remove all who do not worship Allah and do not conform to the conditions of co-existence, from time to time.

THESE are religions of THIS WORLD in all or part of their orbit, ambit, ambition, aspiration, declaration, intimation. Hence those who are of this 'faith', or any of these faiths, have a higher loyalty on which (by the words of their books) their very life depends. (Cf. Errors in Religion, in each case.)

 What then ?


·  The religion of Communism MUST have a drift to its invasion of all places in the interests of a roller-coaster god who just happens to program everything out without paper or pen, but by some law or other, which is so scientific that it does not happen unless you make it do so, and of course, a guy can't do everything, so that it usually does not happen, and in any case, it was very hard to formulate, especially when it was anti-verified so much.

·  That of Islam requires submission to the Allah god, and in various ways, we learn, people must be made to realise that he is god and there is no other, and he is not interested in people bypassing him when he gets suitably involved.

·  The religion of Rome wants all priests and princes to bow to the pope, who has RIGHT, we learn, to this obeisance, and considers to this fateful hour, that it is still his DUE. He is willing to share when others learn that HE IS HEAD, God Almighty on earth. That, it is an interesting post for a created sinner when God is uncreated (increate) and sinless; but this is the term used in the New York Catechism. Words do have meaning, even when the assertions they make are logically meaningless.


Accordingly,  the HOUSE OF LORDS in its thoughts of undoing the deliverance from the multiple and spiritual, mercenary, murderous and invasive atrocities of Rome, exporting its Inquisition and doctrine and blasphemies as if the world depended on them, its bread and re-made Mary and papacy as (in turn):


1) object of utter worship
2) only Saviour of sinners and
3) rightful ruler of clergy and princes,

is thus considering the abrogation of British sovereignty over the nation.

Two cannot be first. These, they are two earthly powers in this respect, each claiming authority to rule land. The spiritual pretensions in no way remove the territorial aspirations which are so amply documented as noted above.

Nevertheless the FLOW of things is strong. Abrogate, abdicate, become RC if you are sovereign, whatever. So does hypnosis blind the unwary, as so often before, like a bird facing the snake. Alas the 'necessity' is far other than imagined.

Thus one can readily see what appears necessary, in quite another light. HOW otherwise could Europe really regain its place as the Empire to be the site for the antichrist. Britain is MOST important, and if a literally CENTRAL place for the prince of this world who is to come (as Christ declared in John 14:30), then certainly a most SIGNIFICANT one. It must go, from its independence. It must come, to its place in the scheme of things. It is moving fast. Already and for MANY years as we saw in A Question of Gifts Section VI, Canterbury with its archbishop has been looking for Rome with its pope, to have the primacy among churches.

Tragic ? of course. Incredible failure to learn and to note the implacable refusal of Rome to depart from its former ways and claims ? (cf. SMR pp. 1056-1073). Naturally. However, what is dead floats with the stream. Is England then in this condition ? Time will surely tell, concerning the leadership from this situation.

  • This little political addition, this geographical increment, why, it is merely making territorially more apt the gift already so dear to the heart of the Church of England. You have heard of it surely ?
  • That is the church whose PRIMATE or chief archbishop in Australia has made it clear that really, old chap, you CAN come to God without Christ. It is TIME (is it not interesting how it is always time for these things, as if chronology removed logic, fact and faith in one side-swipe, communist style): it is time, says he, for us to realise, that you CAN'T have all this sort of singularity, Christ and all that, ruling when the world is actually going into a different mode, these days.

Christ is just one of the pantheon, it seems; or if more, not enough more to make other and contrary 'faiths' to be viewed as decisively inferior, or inoperative when it comes to that salvation which brings a person from the exclusion to the inclusion, from condemnation to approbation, from categorical rejection to exquisite and assured inclusion in the counsel, comradeship and pardon of God. In rejecting this claim of Jesus Christ as recorded in John 14:6*3, the new Primate transforms himself from merely being Primate of a (once) Protestant Church, into being Primate of some new religion which has yet to receive its name.

It has NOTHING whatsoever, objectively, to do with the Biblical faith, except this, that it is its entire rejection; for Christ, only, always, and none else as the way to the Father is the beginning, middle and end of salvation.

That is the sort of thing, then, that Peter meant when he said this:


No, on reflection, you may say, it could not have been, for it is the flattest of contradictions. True, but THAT is precisely what is predicted, and is in this as in so much else parallel and noted in earlier volumes, fulfilled!

These words are clear, in Acts 4.

MEN have NO OTHER NAME. MEN MUST be saved. Under HEAVEN, MEN have no other way. The "NAME" is that of "Jesus Christ of Nazareth" (Acts 4:10), the sinless Saviour, Creator in the form of flesh (I Peter 2:22ff., Colossians 1:15ff., Jehovah Himself - John 8:58, Exodus 3:14).

Name ? The nomenclature is not sedate, complex or wreathed, entwined in confusion or profusion. It is one - JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Anyone who has that name and is the famed one of Nazareth, whose works attested Him (John 14:12), could claim it, but only ONE COULD USE IT AS HIS OWN, being empowered and incarnate. Become Mary’s babe, be circumcised the 8th day, have the men from the East come to worship you, the shepherds, Simeon, Anna and turn the water into a beverage incomparable, raise the dead, heal the sick, be born around B.C. 4 (SMR pp. 886ff.), and you are in line. You are one.

Who however is this YOU ? (Cf. SMR pp. 98-99). It is HE, the Lord, and NONE is like Him in heaven or on earth (Psalm 89:6). It is CHRIST OR NOTHING. Nothing is no good, for you see, you MUST be saved. Hence such a statement as this attributed to the archbishop in news report, simply Biblically defined,  is exposed as antichristian, a treacherous defilement of Christ. It is in the same category as the blasphemy of the pope, who would use that name as altogether necessary for salvation, when ONLY CHRIST IS THIS. It is dramatic, emphatic, and traumatic to pretenders.

But you may ask, Cannot surely a man reject Christ if he wants to, and ignore the declarations of the Saviour ? Of course, it is just that when a man is STATEDLY Christian, and Primate of the Church of England, which has been propounding the precise opposite for a few hundreds of years, such a statement as that reported of him is a contradiction of the alleged Lord as exhibited in the Bible. It is a reconstruction.

It is not however for the heart of man to construct the Christ of God, but for history to reveal Him, none to be able rationally to reject Him, the word of God to delineate Him, His power to attest Him, His predictions to show His ongoing control just as His Spirit is able to bring into effect the word of His truth to His people (cf. II Peter 1:3ff., Ephesians 3:16, 1:17ff.). It is the LORD'S CHRIST (Luke 2:26) who showed the love of His Father by being sent, His own by coming, the power of deity by rising bodily from the grave. Any other christ can make his own way. THIS ONE has already made a way FOR US. (Cf. SMR pp. 864-877, Appendix C, Ch. 6, Repent or Perish Ch. 2,
Barbs, Arrows and Balms
and  7.)

But what is to be made of such a statement of unbelief as attributed to the Primate in Press report ?

If he were authorised to make such a statement by the church, then a church it is no more, since it is alien from the pivotal precision of the word of God in the most vital area of salvation. It is a reconstruction. It is rather like the President of the U.S.A. declaring that actually he is a subject of Russia.

If he were not so authorised: then for the church to tolerate such an expression without review, reproof and if no repentance were forthcoming, then rejection, would have the same effect. Treachery can be individual, of the family, of the nation, or of the body using the name ‘church’. The principle is one.

Biblically there is no other way, nor do its words, when followed,  permit another assessment (Titus 3:10, Romans 16:17ff., II John and see The Kingdom of Heaven ... Ch. 7). The movements of the Lutheran Church, conspicuous because of its former relationship to Romanism,  have also been noted in this precise context, as those of the multiplying modern sects (Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 4, with further ecumenical aspects considered in Ch. 1 cf. SMR pp. 699ff., Tender Times for Timely Truths Chs. 7,  8.)

This, to the point of our concern, Christian Apologetics, is explaining one thing with another.

  • The predicted falling away (which implies you were unfallen beforehand) of much of the church in II Thessalonians 2,
  • with the forecast of many false teachers arising FROM YOUR OWN MIDST (in II Peter 2:1ff.), in the last days: this
  • in concert with the prediction of many false prophets and false christs in Matthew 24:24,
  • sited chronologically in the historical pattern situation noted in Answers to Questions Ch. 5:

it is overall merely being enacted as programmed Biblically 2000 years ago.

In this Biblical prophetic context, the movement to Rome is simply part of the reunification process which is apt for the false prophet and the beast, who seize power as we have often seen, leaving Rome out of it. First, however, the religion of Rome is most convenient as a source of composition, albeit falsely to the Bible! But what of that, for the Beast! All the better to see you with, my dear!

Meantime, we note the direction in this Anglican development, so typical of New Age more broadly and other trends noted in SMR Ch. 9.

In this, Christ becomes just one of the pantheon; and the New Age, in name if not in religion, is being appealed to as period in which a christ is being annealed, in this reported Anglican approach. And what is it, then, which can be so made, but one to be fashioned for the times of misfit, to rule amongst the unruliness of misrule, and to populate the imaginations expressly wanting something to fit the times, rather than MAKE THEM - and for that matter, to replace the Christ who Himself as creator of all, as the word of God, has time itself as one of His dependencies. Flowers of fashion fade, indeed the very glory of man for his own part, we find from the word of God, joins the grass; but the word of God endures forever (I Peter 1:24).

This, to the point, then,  of our concern - Christian Apologetics - is explaining one thing with another. The predicted falling away (which implies you were unfallen beforehand) of much of the church in II Thessalonians 2, in concert with the prediction of many false prophets and teachers, II Peter 2:1,  and false christs in Matthew 24:24 which are sited chronologically in the pattern situation noted in Answers to Questions Ch. 5, is merely being enacted as programmed Biblically 2000 years ago. In this,  the movement to Rome is simply part of the reunification process which is apt for the false prophet and the beast, who seize power as we have often seen in studying Revelation 17 (e.g. SMR p. 949), leaving Rome out of it. Meanwhile, she is on the Beast's back, before parting company after the manner of fallen riders, as we have often seen in studying this scripture.

First, however, she is most convenient as a source of composition, albeit falsely to the Bible! All the better to see you with, my dear! So may predators become prey. (Cf. Revelation 17:1-6, 15-17, SMR pp. 946ff., 955ff., 1056ff.).

Thus the Church of England is not making a very great statement of outrage at the suggestion that Rome can now come back. After all, Rome has apologised for UNNECESSARY force used by people who were SERVING the TRUTH. Alas, since none of them was  serving the truth who used force for Christ, as noted above, but serving rebellion against His directions, this apology*2 covers nothing actual. It is void. What is needed is apology for all murder, all confiscation of property of martyrs, all leaving of orphans without visible means of support, all defilement of the Gospel of Christ, all works and words and Bulls and mandates to kill from an array of Popes, the entire concept of the Inquisition plus force, whether in the hundreds of years of its bull-ring type operation in Spain, or its work in Germany, Italy, England or elsewhere, against Jews or others. It cannot come, for if it did, Roman infallibility would go; and to be sure it is long gone in its scriptural contradictions, but this would be to end the claim. Then Rome is no more.

It would seem in view of the present pope's efforts, that it would rather die than give that up, this provocative postulate, this invasive polemic, this antichristian assertion of superiority, condemned as we saw above, by one of the Popes himself (Gregory I) as antichristian! In fact, that is to come: Rome is literally to burn, or at least the religiously involved sector of it as in Revelation 17-18 (cf. SMR pp. 949). That is the other option. It is the one which is PREDICTED to happen.

Meanwhile, then THIS PRETTY MAID in the House of Lords of all places, is going where she wants to go, with her pail of milk, milk for Rome.


Thus we are seeing Israel grow MUCH nearer to the confrontation which the Bible PREDICTS, from a multi-national invasion force, as the provocations and disputations and exhortations and appeals to the UN and so one, go on. The UN has for over half a century been proudly dismissive of Israel's historic existence, compromised it as we have seen in It Bubbles, It Howls... He Calls, and these developments are coming to the appeal which,

  • by the UN directly
  • or the nations indirectly, scattered, Islam style like a prison fence about Israel,
  • or whatever other cluster or group,

are to invade.

Europe, the centre for the promised antichrist, is coming into a more independent posture, much better fitted for the PREDICTED work of rule, to be performed IN IT, by the one who will USE IT.

This is nothing to do with being anti-Arab, or anti-Italian, or anti-European. It is nothing to do with races. It is a matter, rather, as with Hitler, of what various peoples (and at that, only the RULING SECTOR IN THEM) are going to do to other people, who assuredly (as with much of Europe UNDER Hitler but not willingly) are to do such things. It is to be done (as with Hitler) by stealth and then by strength. It is to happen by devious deceit, and then by declared force. But it is to happen, and the preliminaries are now pulsing, whether in the

Palestinian pawn situation, the catspaw as it appears is its line of service to many interested parties,

in the unsettlement and incitation to attack Israel,

in Europe and its armed power arising, or

in England with its growing submissiveness to Rome, that fast-setting cement which helps the nations to that unity to be exploited in his day, by the antichrist, or his prior and preliminary power blocs, as he comes to buck off the harlot (cf. SMR pp. 946-956, 744-745, 1060), to use Biblical language, and rule without her, alone.

It always seems such a service that Rome is performing in INSISTING on primacy and authority and direction in the 'churches' who are willing to co-operate (and in Biblical terminology, since her name is harlot in Revelation, in a spiritual sense, spiritually to copulate, Psalm 106:28-39*3); it is such a help to have the thing so convenient for the antichrist, the beast head, or organ of expression. He it is who is to take over the harem of infidelity, and turn it to his own use. It is rather like a Sergeant in the army, who with strong voice and vigorous countenance, has all the troops come to arms, come to attention, come to quietness, become still, BEFORE the OFFICER arrives. The Sergeant is Rome; and the Officer is the antichrist. Rome will be burnt as noted in Revelation; and so, in the end, will the antichrist. That is the way it goes, whether for the FALSE PROPHET or the BEAST. Rubbish is like that in the end. That is a sure way of completing its evacuation.

The DIVINE AGENDA is hastening on; but it is time to realise, that despite these dreadful pathologies, they are pitiable people who are invaded by these ideological viruses. They need Christ no less than any other. It is not a question of resisting power blocs with power blocs, evil with evil. Resist not evil, was the word of Christ, put down your sword, His directive. It is no use trying to imitate the world, and its three major international conspiracies, EVEN IF THEY ARE MAKING IT EASY by example, for the antichrist to take over, and hasten their demise. It is necessary to warn the people in it, and seek to help Arab or Jew, Italian or Britisher to escape from the wrath to come. It is surely coming.

Where are you GOING, MY PRETTY MAID ?

Why not to pick flowers, not to pick flowers, my good sir.


Some years after his notorious deposition of King Henry IV, Pope Gregory VII wrote an infamous letter, approaching the domain of incredulity, in which he presents his desire to have princes, and then as to superiors, priests, ALL subject to HIS OWN JUDGMENT, in surely the most flamboyant contradiction of the will and word of the Saviour in whose name He presumed to act, that it would be possible to conceive.

This letter was to the Bishop of Metz, 1081. In it the sky is not the limit, but the authority of the heavens on earth, the Pope unhappily confusing his office, as self-inflicting idolater, with that of Christ, as the One to be worshipped as Lord, who said this: "Do not be called Master, for One is your Master, the Christ, and you are all brethren," Matthew 23:8.  What does this mean ? ONE person alone among men is to be called Master, one man alone: He ? Pope ? No. Priest ? No. Presbyterian Minister ? No. Church Council ? No. One person or legal person, any kind of person is not another. Who then is the one ?

Who accordingly is the person to be called Master, the authoritarian, highly respected Lord to bind such matters, Rabbi ?

Who then is He ? It is Christ. But what, the interested enquirer might persist, what then is the nature of the people who are not Christ, in this domain ? They are ALL BRETHREN.

In what way do they resemble Christ in this ? he might persist yet again. Not in any way at all, for He ONLY is Master. In what way do they who are not Christ, but Christ's, resemble each other ? Massively, for, Christ declares,  they are all brothers, the father being another than they entirely (Matthew 23:9), as Christ indicates (that is, ONE is the Father spiritually, namely God, so that NO ONE ELSE may receive this spiritual title). The household of faith has NOT a dragon's multiple head: the Head is CHRIST ONLY. That is Christ's teaching, to which He even adds this: "Why do you call Me, Lord, Lord and not do the things that I say!" (Luke 6:46). As to elders, as Peter advises, they are NOT to act as lords, far less of course claim such authority. They are helpers of your joy (I Peter 5:1-3, II Corinthians 1:24, 8:23), examples to the flock. We do not, said Paul the apostle, "have dominion over your faith, but are fellow workers for your joy."

What DID have dominion was, as it is, the word of God because it is God's and HE IS LORD!
(I Corinthians 2:9-13, II Timothy 3:16, Matthew 5:17ff.). Those who are not God, do not have this place.

Thus Rome established in increasing formality over time,  the stature of God for itself, arrogating and perpetuating, proceeds till the burning predicted for such stage-craft in the theatre of time (as in Revelation 17-18 see above), clearly a conflagration prepared for what has become a false fabrication of a church from near the end of the first millenium. Before that it was actively on the way, of course; and the situations which led to these devilries and the latter murders, were being developed assiduously.

She has been misdirected, and her ‘fornication’ or treaties, compacts and accords with the "kings of the earth", as in the Holy Roman Empire, Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, have made her disloyal to the One for whom this was not relevant in His mission of salvation. This world is not a thing to love or to seek to get for ANYONE (James 4:4, John 18:36). Christ did not claim it, would not have His servants fight for it, even on His behalf, but He will rule it when it is JUDGED (Psalm 2).

When He came the first time, He did not come to judge but to save (John 3:16ff.), and His servants who serve Him, are not in an alternate program. As to what is, it is not His.

That there would be those, however, who even in His name would do such things is part of the scenario, the libretto for the opera of evil being sung so lustily in this world (John 16:2, 14:30, Revelation 13:11, Matthew 24:24, II Thessalonians 2).

This is all in the DIVINE AGENDA.

It is even now as if the secretary, puzzled, scratched her head, were quietly advised by the Chairman that yes, this was the way it should go, and it would soon be over, but that in the meantime, the meeting must progress. There is no duress but sin, no sign so malevolent as Satan, in this evil concupiscence of and for this world; but the externals, the signs and their squalor sing, like a misplaced bathroom baritone, sitting on the concert platform in his bath-robe, raising the roof.

 Cf. The Frantic Millenium and the Peace of Faith Ch. 6.

*3 "I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father except by Me."

The impact of this sentence and its illustration of the fact that fornication or adultery is taken in the most daring sense (for us men), to designate spiritual decline, is such that it is reproduced below from the New King James translation of the Bible.

They joined themselves also to Baal of Peor,
And ate sacrifices made to the dead.

29 Thus they provoked Him to anger with their deeds,
And the plague broke out among them.

30 Then Phinehas stood up and intervened,
And the plague was stopped.

31 And that was accounted to him for righteousness
To all generations forevermore.

32 They angered Him also at the waters of strife,
So that it went ill with Moses on account of them;
33 Because they rebelled against His Spirit,
So that he spoke rashly with his lips.

34They did not destroy the peoples,
Concerning whom the LORD had commanded them,
35 But they mingled with the Gentiles
And learned their works;
36 They served their idols,
Which became a snare to them.

37 They even sacrificed their sons
And their daughters to demons,
38 And shed innocent blood,
The blood of their sons and daughters,
Whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan;
And the land was polluted with blood.

39 Thus they were defiled by their own works,
And played the harlot by their own deeds.

40 Therefore the wrath of the LORD was kindled against His people,
So that He abhorred His own inheritance.