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This is the target, but before we go there, let us see what we are talking about, and then talk about it. Before morals, reality; before rules, rationality; for what is here, the issue is this: what sent it. Let us in this Chapter start here, so that in Ch. 3 we may consider the revelatory chamber with a better and  crisper perspective, there considering such topics as these.

╬Dispersing  Confusion

╬Design Rest and Salvation Rest

╬Re-Writing Morals and putting God's Name to it

╬Making  Evolving Gods and Revolving Morals









We plan, then,  to be looking down the tube to morals, but first there is need of clarity of thought on what preceded our morals, what is their base, as distinct from pretentious preference. This involves the origin of man, his hard-wired DNA (if you want to put the structured commands in and for his body, analogically in that way), his soft options and the hard facts.


1) You can't stitch what isn't there,


2) Nor make relevant hypotheses out of thin air.


3) What you have must be intimately connected with correlatives


4) and have no place for arrant hauteur, or


5) anti-verified authoritarian dead-ends.


6) Scientism aborts these principles of rudimentary logic,

misusing scientific method on the one hand,

and missing broader  principles of logic on the other.

In fact, the scientistic is simply a work of illusion,

and precisely organic  evolution is this, hooded, unwinking,

unfortified by reason*1, verification*1A or  validation*1B.

Human authority simply replaces that of the testimony

of evidence, controlling, excluding, and is a brash bash,

a scurry in the desert of irrationality.


7) Seizing nothing, it demolishes reality

into material bits and vast systems,

product of mental inertia and causal collapse,

and  with this ludicrously granted, question begged, answer taken from nowhere,

it assigns without cause, the basis of laws.

It uses the immaterial vision without acknowledgement,

provides it  with suddenly installed power  from nowhere,

so constructing the material

without its power,

in hidden delusion protesting  rationality while aborting reason,

a  self-contradiction of no predictive  power, nil testimony,

endlessly having accidental collisions with contrary fact.

So does it inhabit a seven-fold delusion.


This  quasi-explanation

assumes things visible and invisible,

devises results without causes,

and describes outcomes of a logic

that exists on what is not there,

exempt from cause,  reason and explanation,

assuming  all, showing nothing.

It is an  assemblage of dreams,

unreproducible in a world of facts, 

denied by practical  outcomes,

concocted without relationship,

not realisable or  reproducible,

in reason or  experiment,

as allied to  any material  reality.


It  is time those who have reached their professional posts by social delusion  of such kinds, should wake up and not be faint-hearted. How many have taught without conviction, even appalled by the dreams in replacement for scenes of actuality and verifiability... How many are seduced by society, responsive to pressures, unconvinced, like professional propellants, propagated by propaganda. All are not such,  for like any fever, it can take hold swiftly, but not necessarily as a pandemic; but as  these components of anti-intellectual passion and  forceful  question-begging procreate together, there is an absurdity so great that even some here  and there act from within the naturalistic camp, appalled by many of its common assumptions (cf. Gould, Wonderful Life, and see SMR pp. 315Aff.).

If anyone  wants to re-make God in his own image, then that is illusory, not illustrious.
God is not available for being  re-made

by His makings,


by man,


by His creation,


by the kind of creature which He  adorned with some of His own wit,
and power  to contest  and  conceive,
so that they might investigate nature,
their own,
and that of the physical-chemical universe,
the marvellous micro- and the massive macro, together.

As in SMR pp. 140ff., Ch. 3,

TMR Ch.1  and

History, Review and Overview Ch. 5,

Message ... Ch. 4,

Agitation, Cogitation... Ch. 1,

Not Only is God Great ...  Ch. 5, and Epilogue,

Wake Up  World! ... Chs. 4-6, esp. 6,

Alpha and Omega ... Ch. 1,

even God's creation is not akin to  gradualism, far less fast-supply from nowhere,

far less so  is God, eternal that anything might be temporal.



Therefore neither can the author of it be  created  from nothing so that  you COULD have what has to be there to start,  with adequacy for results. This is the case,  on pain of question begging irrationality. Neither can the void option start grabbing inputs from nowhere (where  would the time for starting, the grabbing  power or the items to get, come  from  ?), nor having incursion into its non-being, can it have things arrive  from nowhere!  These exercises in nullity are non-conformist to  reality: they explain nothing, in the end, with nothing, and quite literally, there is simply nothing to them (see Nothing doing from nothing).

If you start  with it,  what is not there, where do you end ?  In the same nullity. By that same door by which you entered, insubstantial you inhabit with your thoughts,  an inert dream, alive only in its own universe of illusion.

 Even  such as Professor as Stephen Gould of Harvard, utterly exasperated at the non-conformity of fact to gradualistic theories ( Wonderful Life, pp, 260,272)  is found admitting that really he can find no  advantage in what survived over what did not, in objective terms (Wonderful Life, p. 236), as if things hoisted design-wise, in mini-steps upward showed up as such. Their litter is unavailable, along the pathways of junk history, failure  parade, which is not found on the map of time. Instead, multiplicities are there at the outset,  and things decrease. Such is his dilemma in facing that extraordinarily unpopular thing in this field, FACT (cf. SMR pp.140ff., Wake Up  World! ... Chs.4-6).

Instead, as if by uncontrollable mental  spastic spurts,  gradual self-creation is plomped*1C with brilliant  technology  from nowhere, with such magnificence from nowhere,  plus whatever imagination wants surreptitiously to import, to prevent  the thing from seeming too bared-faced a  robbery outside the precincts of reason and evidence, with no import  licence. Then we advance: it is not so gradual, but it is still plomped, an advent from nowhere, quite impressive considering its ... heritage, in nothing at all.

How authoritative is this conferment, how hierarchical is its nature*1C, how exceedingly orderly, and how careful must be its treatment, as far the most brilliantly conceptual physical contrivance on earth, ingeniously constructed, functionally magnificent, even self-propagating, self-defensive, and to a substantial extent by a separate system, self-healing, and all by programs sitting in the midst of an overall vitality, equipped with independent understanding, which even has the  amazing additive, of ability for wilful misunderstanding. We are in the presence of an unequivocal marvel, past machines, superior to their largest disposition in the smallest domains of control, yet free to lose self-control, and indulge in self-destruction, or that of others; or even to love. What laws are these which are available,  prescribed and clear to find ? That is for the next Chapter to find, but for the meantime, let us notice these things in passing.

Designs have needs for continuance. What of them ? Indeed in Professor  Stephen Gould's  own understanding as he beholds his diggings, he CAN find far more designs, in scattered variety, from the first than now remain! (p. 227, op. cit.). In  fact, in his Burgess shale diggings, he looks at diversity within type, narrowing later, not at unique events expanding into sub-types (op. cit. p. 233), as would be expected on such an adventitious theory as Darwin's,  the gradualistic worst case confrontation with fact (cf. SMR pp.208ff.). He finds no process of nice, marshalled, self-ordering, by natural processes, but rather a sort of invasion, thrusting in great variety and enormous scope of initial designs, turning pictures of progress and uplift on their head, while damage occurs and disorder increases. It is, says he (op. cit. p,  223), a "nightmare" and indeed a "worst-case" one at that..

He marvels, he cannot see how they could come so suddenly, such disparities (op.cit. p.  227), in any such manner (op. cit. p.260), such a multitude of varieties outlined at once in the record as he understands it, and how could such disparity have arisen in the first place (loc.cit.), in anguish he  asks.  Indeed, in his consternation he even begins verbally a retreat, asking HOW IN HEAVEN'S NAME, these things  could be! He all but does well  to apostrophise the Lord in this way; but it is a profound  pity he  did not  instead, act  rationally and finding the  source  both in power, proliferation, productivity and precision of all that is, think rationally outside this field of custom and tradition,  so jealously guarded that to return to reason becomes almost a religious affront!



He would have improved his lot, if he had viewed what it is that crafts,  in seeking for the basis of craftsmanship; and considered what it is which is required to perform such works,  as a minimum, so that he might understand what is invested with unmerging major designs, that as he says, diminish and do not increase over time.  Nor is this all he find: they even decrease to an inordinate degree over time, while their  construction is of strong co-ordinates (op. cit. pp. 226-239, The  Divine Sublimity Ch.4, esp. *1, Worn-Out Earth and Coming King , Ch. 3, The Great Divide Ch.2). He refers repeatedly to the LOSS of major designs in life, over time, in  terms of 'decimation'!  It would indeed have been far better, if he had  thought in terms of this evacuation as a  result of prior installation (cf. Waiting for  Wonder Appendix, Not only is God Great but Glorious, Ch.5), not from magic or wish-list prodigies, but from what is capable of such a performance, in making such things, so that they now are, and of stopping the work of creation, just as it started, so that it does not any more lay down these marvels, with what he has deemed  a tantalising suddenness.

It came; it stopped; it wears out (as in Isaiah 51:6), and indeed it will go when He is finished with it (Matthew 24:35), and those in it will go, too, where they belong. But what of the demands of reason ihn the mind of man who, without meddling, needs to know where and why and for what, he is...

All he needs first,  as everywhere in knowledge, is the operation of a sufficient cause.

Dispense with that,  and you ignore normal method, logical requisition, defile rationality and yet keep it at the same for further argument in a dichotomy which merely attests the antinomy (cf. Deity and Design ... Section 8). What a strange thing that the force/power/entity/being back of and before him,  he almost routinely he does not care to consider logically. 

Rather he tends to collapse in mind, as if the totality of all

comes from nowhere. and


must be build from nowhere,


leaves no evidence of multiplied scattered poor attempts at products,
failing at first because of no skill, but


provides majestic commands in code for its polished procedure,
for its arrival, for its life forms,


leaves even from the first available living cells for investigation,
no sign of increasing complexity, but rather again, 


shows vast complexity from the start of its deposition,


leaves prodigies of major design without approaches to these, preliminary plans,


stops from such activities for no reason and thus


leaves a sort of mystic incompetence coming to shuffle, in the mind of the theorist,
but assuredly not in the world of evidence.

The domain of directed dynamic, wisdom and brilliance, decision to start or to stop, knowledge in doing both, it is what is exhibited. These are its features, and not of something else.

Shrugging the shoulders at any fact is unwise; doing so regarding the creation of which you are part, is devastating, and might well lead to the cry of Gould, "In heaven's name," in exasperation!*1C Had it now instead been in invitation to wisdom, to divine  action not, to be sure, in renewing the creation, but for his own mind, renewing  him in the spirit of his mind as the Bible offers, then what might have been! (Romans 12:1-2)! Of how many millions does one lamenting ask, What might have been! It is good that no one is ever going to the eternal divorce from his or her Maker, except through preference for darkness over light (John 3:19, Colossians 1:19ff.).

Outside the inward workings of someone's  mind, then, the evidence is not of any shuffling there, but of a determined, decisive, diligently brilliant, totally operative functionality. So does the need flow without being found,  in Gould's approach, which however is a great improvement on the anti-evidential  entanglements of Darwin (cf. Ch. 3 below) at the relevant  level for advance.

It is not IN nature to make nature (a bit late when it is already there),  leaving an option that a person might live with heaven's name, not jolt his mind with it.

Indeed, there is not only the lecture room of coherent theory; there is also for the laboratory of life information*1, *1C which, refusing to be intimidated by nihilistic theories, has scope  for adequate and  attested originator of life, creation expert, nature-maker, which explains  all, meets all and finds some...

Gould had problems with what IT IS, and HOW it CAME! Getting started is foreign to  reality, on the naturalistic system. Naturally: how could nature produce nature before it was there so that as there, it might develop and diversify. Using what is not there to create, or having it already there without cause, it is not puerile,  so much as scientific septicaemia. Dispensing with cause is impossible in logic (cf. SMR Ch. 5, Predestination and Freewill Section 4Causes). You end without the logic with which to argue,  even for dispensing with causes!

Gould, for his part,  looks in the testimony of his own  diggings, at what we noticed he calls a 'worse case nightmare', in terms of discernible ordering. Contradiction looms. Facts are uncooperative with gradualistic theory. So what  do you want, vast  throbs of what is not there to put something there,  so that more vast throbs may develop it  contrary to what is found on this model, so  send down pre-made new non-blobs, all in  a splendour of suddenness, integrality, upward in type ?  What then,   are these highly successful pulses now the last resort ?  Does it not occur that you need  something to throb, energy for throb, productive and creative  power to make a throb not a movement where space is not there and time is not actualised,  and this from an entity now dismissed with such vigour that a throb is all that is now emotionally and irrationally allowed! Nothing throbs creatively, imaginatively, mathematically, with intense diversification and  classic brilliance ? It is some nothing, this, it is something quite remarkable to have so much from so little, indeed from what is not even named!

All this unscripted engineering is precisely the proposition of inanity, vanity, nullity, irrationality, the anti-God squad inventing unsweet nothings for their base. This by what ? It is by the imagination of mind which, calling on reason, makes of reason a buffoon, and of rationality a  plaything. It is myth, result without adequate cause (here without any), and casuistry (use of terms of reason to obscure by glossy substitutes to thought).



Things fade, do not upgrade in macro-design. Such is even Gould's finding here. In fact, simple tests show anti-verification in gradualistic evolution, verification in creation modelling (SMR pp. 140ff.). The whole concept of information, on which we are built in our physical beings,  together with engineering and mathematical modelling which fits this ordering module in the DNA, perfectly for functioning (like builder's supplies plus supervisor all in one), requires action in its own  realm. This must precede its mere  'appearance  out of nothing and nowhere,' a point on which Professor Gitt of Berlin is emphatic and systematic (ref. 3 below), in his specialised field of information:

(Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed...  Ch. 4,
Thy Word is Wonderful
Not Only is God Great, but  Wonderful
Ch.    5,
Waiting for Wonder

What is required ? Intelligence is that realm of information making, whether you pursue scientific method as Gitt does, or the requirements of logical adequacy in broader outline (SMR, TMR).

Indeed,  as seen in the Waiting for Wonder Appendix above, Professor Sanford of Cornell University points out,  on the basis of research, that the source of our physical order, the DNA basic to our investigation of physical order in ourselves and in our universe, is not only degrading. It degrades and does not upgrade. Indeed, it is downgrading so  fast as  to constitute a measure of crisis for mankind. 

What irony, that man, whose ludicrous pretences have been heeded  since ancient Greece, and their prototype imbibed before that, in the advices of the devil in Eden, is now not only disposed to contest the wisdom of God, but to find in its absence in pride of mind, emptied of logic (Romans 1:17ff.), that his very being, even at the physical level, does not even know how to continue for ever. He cannot upgrade it in type, let alone make the original, even with its ground plan and code all before him! His own phyical background is beginning to show clear signs of deterioration, like an ageing record, this being in perfect adherence to the second law of thermodynamics, quite unsparing (cf. Wake Up World! ... Ch. 4).

The ship is not coming out of nothing; it is proceeding back to base, like other designs, over time. The only type of creation now attesting itself is that of a new heart and a new spirit in man, a component of the New Covenant  from its prediction to the  present (Jeremiah 31:31ff., Titus 3:5ff.).



That is what the divinely attested handbook said, and that is as always, in such situations, what we find. This source WORKS, coherently,  consistently, continually, with stated principles, objectives and in a declared scenario, having neither any irrationality or invalidity, antilogy or antinomy, leaving no other rational choice.

Many things can be tested, and the Bible encourages this: naturalism fails the test, divine creation as in the Bible, makes of the issue just one of many where it is directing our minds to the Director of  Operations, of which we find such elegant and adequate testimony, both as to their operation, and their degradation. As with many things for a purpose, they come for it, and go with whatever conserved residue, when finished.

Such provision for a residue, or remnant,  is by divine appointment, not as a necessity laid on, but as an invitation of grace, person to person in Christ Jesus. The result of sin when  opted, as it has been, is as normal in designs, and special in personal ones, induces cost for recovery. Divorce from the unlimited and eternal God, and what do you expect ? That things will arrive by airmail so that you can continue to abuse them ? Such is not perpetual the work of every individual, since some  repent, but the way of the entire  world system and overall mode.

As with ancient Israel, there is indeed a cost for this, so strange when not only is pardon  available, but renewed strength and vision. That cost is pre-paid for all whom God has foreknown come to Him (Ephesians 1:4, Matthew 20:28). Indeed, it is foreknown from the first, and it is open till the last,  when the purpose done, some are won.

Yet man in myriads, historical flows in rivers, turns from the available to what disables. Man has other ideas (SMR Chs. 3, 10, Ch. 4 Extension, Dizzy Dashes ... and the  Brilliant Harmony of Inevitable Truth Ch. 6, Predestination and Freewill Section 4), and though somewhat circularly, he loves to visit them, as if making re-acquaintance with an alcoholic grandparent.

What then ? Man mouths and clowns, ferments and hates, massacres and manipulates, so very often in the history of nations, and makes up his stories, his little fibs for his moral fibrillations and mental fancies, till diaster strikes, almost as if he were building snakes, cobras of the mind, for the express purpose of self-destruction, and that of others with him (Ecclesiastes 7:29). But what a monstrous prelude it all is! It is as if what is created  could kindly tutor or contest its own Maker, when even in his own person, he himself,  even  at the observable  level, is a deteriorating entity, made like other designs, to last for a purpose, and then proceed with the more obvious forms of wearing out. It is  like an artist's  works which, exposed  to sun and  rain on the pavement, fade.

How great is this massif, man, who does not know his place and looks for disgrace as his pretensions are being blown away, when he is not blowing himself up, into the faded  glory of dying antiquities, renewed, modernised, individualised and wreaking havoc in their own ways. To be up-to-date, you have to understand what you are, where you come from, why, what to  do,  and  where to find  service  for your module.

Surely, it would be  too painful if it were not that the remedy for this defect in man, wilful strutting and woeful pretence and pretension,  deceit or deviousness,  is still available. Its impartation is as crucial  as it is clear (Galatians 1:6-9). The verified and validated handbook*1, *1A , *1B. the Bible, has not changed, and stares man in the face these millenia! Thus, instead of bellowing and rutting and pawing the earth like a steamy bull, trying  to exhibit the importance of the fact  that it is there, man  may return to his Maker, as Master, sit  down and learn his place. It is then that the  Spring-time  in the Rockies  comes. Indeed it is in one  rock.

Then in the book which reason requires (SMR). There is the realisation of hope, not in dreams, but in multiply attested reality. You have to cut the cackle, it is true,  even  repent of the  folly of it all over the millenia, naturalistic gods, in phrases or crazes (Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13, SMR Ch. 4, Extension),  as man takes his pick, making figments for each other, or his own unhallowed originalities at any time (Deut. 32:17). Indeed whatever is the leading edge in their novelist's  paradise  (Romans 1:17ff.), man mounts, surmounts, utilises, confounds, rebounds,  rioting and demonstrative, often derelict or dashing, till disaster becomes his new set of rags.

It is necessary to return to the Lord,  where truth does not alter; and  accept His pardon and find His peace in the midst of a new life entirely, learning to be of a poor and contrite spirit, His the grandeur and the glory, ours then the unspeakable wonder of a divine alliance, as children of God. 

It is so  very different in kind - you have thoughts and understanding, but in quality, in themselves, they are far from the heights of your source. It is necessary to consult HIS thoughts, duly written these millenia, the prelude and the consummation, the Old and the New Testaments, united in One, the one the bud, the other the bloom, the boon, the final rest in the Redeemer.

In Him, there is no paucity of answers, nor any place where His light and understanding are inadequate. The world falls, and is fallen, but He arises, and so do those who come to and wait upon Him, for in very truth, such may now rise up with wings like eagles, and neither fail nor fall in their life task, till on this earth, it is done (Isaiah 40:27ff.). God has not forgotten what He made, but in droves, it has been forgetting its Maker.

On His own chosen road home, just as he made what travels, it is refreshingly good for view (Ephesians 2:6). Life becomes an adventure, a marvel, a wonder, a site for finding wisdom which is free, the believer in Jesus Christ studying the manual, so long in print, and looking with joy at challenges, God being now our sufficiency (II  Corinthians 3:5). Now all is explained, nothing is obscure in the whole realm of reality*2, and a far greater and better destiny than trying to control forces which never had the mind to make minds,  this then awaits.

To become an adopted  child of God, through grace, without works, by wisdom and  liberality, like an orphan accepted,  by your very Maker, taken back, in a deliciousness unspeakable, is the opposite of the genome decline, as it is the re-creative restoration to the speaker of the genome (Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed...  Ch. 4, Sinners Only, Colossians 3:10,  Ephesians 4:24, Titus 3:4-7, John 3: 1-18). It is His creation, man, which one by one, He is willing to restore on this divine basis, ordered like the DNA, but for the spirit of a man set ready to be rejected if need be, but surpassing available. Yet the coming, it is by invitation (Matthew 11:25-30).

But let us return to the obfuscatory part, the riding off grandly into the hills of unreason, into the sunshine of human illusion, and find for its part, its end.



When reason returns to this realm, no more permitting scientistic adventurism to hijack scientific method (Scientific Method ...), then human reason and its findings are both static in kind, versatile in application. They do not create themselves, but find themselves, and work as made, so making an entire availability in understanding, once they find their own basis, in the God who made them (SMR), and using reason,  made it  applicable both to man in his mind, and the universe in its investigability by mind. Both these features have the same principles, a dual outfit; and the one is a garden for the other: the made universe (in organised order  and scope and characterisability) and the made mind (in organised power to investigate, quantify and qualify order), the hand in the glove that fits.

An evolving God is merely a contradiction in terms. If you seek and find the base (as in SMR, TMR, What is the Chaff to the Wheat  Chs. 3 - 4), then it is so precisely because without it there would be nothing, which is not observable, for each atom and man is something! If you then try to re-define this logical necessity,  then you merely invade ineptly, the source with sauce, with adventitious concepts when the very existence of the secondary, the created, depends on it. If it were  dependent on something else, some system,  some power or principles instituting or providing guidance and the like, then this would be the logical necessity. Right: in that case, you are transferring the identity of the necessity from what had been in mind, to something else beyond it,  which being the new inhabitant of this locale, is God, with all requisite powers  for the entire engineering of the total result.

WHO God  actually is, as shown in the above  references, is the God of the Bible, for He alone meets the  criteria of logic, and in doing so, validates what is verified in terms of rationality as explained in What is the Chaff ... and elsewhere, rigorously.


God then is as He is*3, and is not subject  to anything. Man is subject to much; but  not willing to be subjected, may have a try at changing God, though he cannot even change himself, or advance in kind. That merely makes a passion out of impossibility; for if man could change God,  he himself would be the ultimate beyond the ultimate, and hence the creator and basis and source, which manifestly he is not. He is born without authorising it, even as to his own composition, in kind and in particular. He goes without gaining or giving authority for it.

Far from it. Indeed,  he comes without consent, is made without aid, and works on programmatics within himself,  allied to a spirit which is subject to instant evacuation and which, in himself, he is far from even understanding. On the other hand, it is relatively simple to understand when he follows the word of God; and one part of this is pathology. That is why pathology mounts to the skies, and  mankind increasingly appears as monstrous, deluded, a captious, fractious, self-elevating, self-destructive race. That is the nature of unallayed infection, which can  start oh so simply, but engulf the entire being, and even kill it. Life from God is for a time;  life without God is disease without limit; life for the godly is grant without evil  added, liberty in love and understanding without lapse.

It has no need of update. God's speech does not change, no, not over millenia. He not only says what He is doing, but how He built it and why,  and what is the  prognosis for the syndrome attaching to  humanity (cf. Sinners Only and Answers to Questions Ch. 5, and how to resolve it, to have a far better prognosis.

When God stated that sin kills, that salvation restores to the image of Him  who created, that it is free (Romans 6:23, 3:23-27, 5:1-12), He is not indirectly conveying something quite the opposite. He does not present the  idea that sin is as one  makes it, that He has no fixed opinion, that it  does not really matter if He says some things exclude from the kingdom of heaven, and that you can do them anyway, and not care about it,  for  some specious  reason. How could  such a contradiction be, or even be imagined ?

Such a style of disregard of the word of the living God, CAN COME ONLY,find a place if there is a new king for the kingdom of heaven. It cannot be man, as noted. It cannot be God, whose word is more fixed than any stars, who changes not (Isaiah 34:16, Matthew 24:35, Isaiah 59:21, Malachi 3:6, James  1:17, I Thessalonians 2:13). 

Who then is this, who  countermands the word of God, who may even pretend Gods is back of such a change ? Paul  defines it as a matter of false apostles, engaging in this kind of reconstruction,and doing so in the name of Christ, who is the same yesterday,  tomorrow and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Is this what a professing Christian would be doing ? only if he were a fake, making presumptuous face uplifts in his heart, on the Almighty. To ignore God, is mere shambles. To speak fraud in His name,  this is like signing someone else's cheque, a  cardinal offence.

 What presumption,  to invent a new Christ,  2 millenia later, and try to  meld it  into the One who  did the works no one else  ever managed, precisely as  foretold, and then foretold precisely what was  to come, and why.

If however, man simply wants to have a new  god, forget everything else but the spawn of his own evolving or revolving or convoluted mind, then he  will need to be making himself the author of eternity, on which time depends, so that it might come into being at all. BEING a man is NOT the same as being God!

If then man so takes divinity upon himself, in name or in implication,  then this is a work of straight fiction, forgetting the basics as above, and inventing for man himself, god-like powers, while in perpetual  collision with God Himself. It is not just that man, product of God in this human race as conceived by the Creator, does not happen  to have these powers, but only his own, as a creation. The transition to some kind of divinity, or some kind of control at that level, is  so illogical as to be ludicrous. Invent anew  what invented you ? How can you as a  deputed invention plan to do that ? in rebellion, in unreason, in retrogression, in pilgrim's regress. As your every move and thought is foreknown, the structure foretold, it is a brash work! It is mere illusionism, the work of a verbal magician,  built not only on nothing, but on irrationality.

Actually God has quite another way of regarding such magnificent enterprise as to invent Him and His word to man anew, like  some ultimate  plagiarist in an anarchic country. It is that of judgment. IN Jude 14-15 it is put in this way:

"Behold the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints,
to execute judgment on  all,  to convict
all who are ungodly among them  of  all their ungodly deeds
which they have committed in an ungodly way,
and of  all the harsh things which ungodly sinners  have spoken against Him."

There are better things for better reason, and in the next Chapter, we will  dwell further on these.

For further basics, in this field,  see the following:


History, Review and Overview Ch. 5,

Message ... Ch. 4,

Agitation, Cogitation... Ch. 1,

Not Only is God Great ...  Ch. 5, and Epilogue,

Wake Up  World! ... Chs. 4-6, esp. 6,

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See  The  gods of naturalism have no go!

SMR pp. 140ff.



See TMR  Ch. l,  SMR Ch. 2,  esp. pp. 140ff., Deity and Design ..., for  example.



See What is the Chaff to the Wheat! Ch. 3,  TMR Ch.5.



There is a sense of the ludicrous in these things, which deserves its  description. On the point in  view, see also

Wake Up World! ... Ch. 7, with

Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record, Ch. 3, from Dr Duane Gish,

CREATION, The  Facts of Life, pp. 89-108,

History, Review and Overview  Ch. 5Ch. 4 Ch. 3,

together with Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, from Dr Michael Denton, Ch. 12,

for some uninhibited factual review.

As Denton, microbiologist,  notes p.  290,

bullet "It is now established that the pattern of diversity at a molecular level conforms
to a highly ordered hierarchical system.
Each class at a molecular level is unique,
isolated and unlinked by intermediates.
Thus molecules, like fossils have failed to provide
the elusive intermediates
so long sought by evolutionary biology.
Again, the only relationships identified by this new technique are sisterly.
At a molecular level, no organism is "ancestral" or "primitive" or advanced"
compared with its relatives.
Nature seems to conform to the same non-evolutionary
and intensively circumferential pattern
that  was long ago perceived
by the great comparative anatomists of the nineteenth century."

There are bounds and boundaries, things set apart as around a circumference, not graded upward in a series of self-propagating segments.

On the next page, he adds this: This new era of comparative biology illustrates just how erroneous the assumption that advances in biological knowledge are continually  confirming the traditional evolutionary story." There is, he adds on p.294, "an incredible orderliness"  in all the divisions of the new biochemical picture. Illustrative again of authoritarian composure of life forms, we find on p.109 at the relatively simple but in fact  profoundly complex level of the cell, this:

"No cell has ever been found which departs in any significant way
from the universal pattern of the code."

 "Apart from  the artificial language used in computers," (cf. Jesus Christ, Defaced. Unfazed ... Ch. 4), "and human language itself, the generic code, or the language of life as it has been called, is without any analogue in the physical universe."

The uniqueness of the code, its extreme complexity, brilliance, effectuality, mathematically embroiled dispositions, miniaturisation, pervasive use in  all  life, is together like a signature from the autonomic agent who wrote it, complete with testimony of wisdom, knowledge and power, overcoming  all obstacles, without limit, in  all situations and at  all levels of complexity (cf. Waiting for Wonder Appendix). The arrangement noted by Denton, in hierarchical form, in classificatory compositions of various living beings at the molecular  level, as in  total  conformity with the same singular, separate and secure distinctiveness, conforms to these findings and to the hierarchical authority impress of one mind in one uninterrupted activity. It is normally called creation, distinctively, by definition (cf. Ch. 1, above, *3 and *9 ).

This is the kind of output from the same necessary income, creation requires and the interested enquirer finds, while the lack of gradualism in the fossil record, and of throw-away false  starts on the way to such perfection, simply confirms what ? It confirms to the uttermost, the reality of direct, explosively complete, linguistically conceived, marshalling and ordering of the vast amplitude of creation, like a school called to prepare  for the start of the day, in some  giant quadrangle. Denton concludes, p. 358, that  "Ultimately the  Darwinian theory of evolution is one of the great cosmogenic myths of the twentieth century."

Are nations to bow before myth-masters ? Oh yes, that is what the Bible predicts (II Timothy 4, Romans 1), and it is this which for one aspect alone, makes for the disordering, wilful digression from divine designs FOR heart and spirit, and consequent unruly routing of all attention to rationality and reality in so much for so long, concerning these basics of beginnings and building, that the end of the Age, as Christ indicated, HAS to come (Matthew 24:22).

As far then as order and discrete differences between elements of a highly complex creation, there is no room for gradualism, any more than Gould attested in his work, Wonderful Life, (p. 272) declaring amid the evidence attested, that Darwin ignored the need for  sudden, major development, in his "characteristic (and invalid) conflation of leisurely, gradual evolution, and change by natural  selection."  Indeed, he declares amid his findings, "The modern themes of maximal disparity and decimation through lottery are more than unacceptable under such a view of  life," as he has found in his understanding of the Burgess deposits ,with the advents and proliferations, in non-progressive lateral exhibits, that to continue with gradualism appears "literally incomprehensible," p.260. 

There is "no evidence," he insists and asserts, of technological advance, as you move through what he, with many, gratuitously takes as the ages in sedimentary fossil pile-ups, "no evidence whatsoever - not a shred - that the losers in the great decimation were systematically inferior in adaptive design to those that survived," p.236.

However you arrange things, this is the relation to what has been and what is.

No "contemporary handicapper," he declares, looking at the masses of early designs and those that were then not lost (a minority of major types) "could have designated the survivors." It is not progress which is written in the types as some lapse over time. How then is progress what is gained! is his thrust here.

A "progressive chain" in the arrangements as time moves on ? not at all, he asserts, for this is not what he finds in his laying bare to the Cambrian. That is an inaccurate formulation, he insists. That misreads the information. There are arisings, diversifications, departures, massive introductions of many-faceted types. Better (in  terms of being technically superior) is not what endures.  Small wonder then that Darwin declared (p. 257), that

bullet "After long reflection, I cannot avoid the conviction
that no innate tendency to progressive development exists."

Indeed, Denton remarks this (p.162), that

bullet "It is still, as it was in  Darwin's  day, overwhelmingly true
that the first  representatives of all the major classes of organisms known to biology
are already highly characteristic of their class
when they make their initial appearance in the fossil record." 

Moreover, facts as Denton adduces them lead at last to considerable confessions. Thus (p. 165):

bullet "The virtual complete absence  of intermediate and ancestral forms from the fossil record is today recognised widely by many leading paleontologists
as one of its most striking characteristics,"

so that in classification, in practice, he cites a British museum publication, relative to categorisation. It proceeds in this manner: "we assume that none of the fossil species we are considering is the ancestor of the other."

Things burst onto the record, connective correlations are thrust away, and failures are unrecorded, while brilliance pervades the language command-control side of things, with a brilliance of code unmatchable by man.

Indeed (p. 288),

bullet "whenever new types of organisms are occasionally discovered,

          they never turn out to be ancestral to known groups."

If you are  going to have sequential ages in rocks, this is where you get. If you want to look at what is the inter-relationship of the total array, here is its nature.

The availability of neat, continual, episodic, uprising connections between major phyla is so conspicuous by its absence (Denton, op.cit. p. 187, SMR p.106) ,  and in such conformity to microbiological findings as stressed by Denton, that it is small wonder you find such explosions of disgust as came from Professor Løvtrup.

Indeed the case is as Professor Løvtrup puts it in his "Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth," with his declaration that there are "now considerable numbers of empirical facts which do not fit the theory." Therefore he asks this concerning this monstrous theory (cf. The Great Divide Ch. 2):

bullet "so why has it not been abandoned? "

and indeed in review he observes this, that

bullet "following Darwin's example - they refuse to accept falsifying evidence."

The empirical and the methodological, logical and causative all compel not only creation, where no single item brings anti-verification, but dispel organic evolution, where multitudes of practical non-sequiturs, THINGS which contradict theory, continually proclaim themselves. ONE failure is enough to demand removal or change of theory, if truth is your concern, a procedure to which Karl Popper justly conforms (SMR pp. 145-146). Oblivious or obfuscated by culture or desire, MANY make the non-discarded, failed theory of evolutionary self-propulsion,  an exercise in religion. It is this which  is being despatched from the High Tower of Untruth with staggering consistency, corruptive of students, compromising to many pedants. It proceeds in a fixation reminiscent of the British failure to heed Churchill, before World War II, that yes, conflict was impending, action was needed. Old ideas needed purging.

It was almost too late, when they listened.







See SMR Ch. 7, and in particular pp. 479 - 631B.