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What then do you DO, to hallow the Lord's name ?

Firstly, you realise that you are not engaging in a psychic exercise, involving the libido of life, in its multiple channels of thrust, creativity, imagination and self-expression. It is good for a butterfly to flutter; it is good at it, looks fine doing it and has a shimmer of beauty to impart to the ocular apparatus, the spiritual musing and the mental apperception of man. But it is not good if, for all that,  the butterfly does not perform its functions, or the bee.

Indeed, in the last few years, there have been many sad-sounding noises from the USA about the multiplied millions of bees which are dying, losing their joie de vivre, or whatever is the ectypal correlate of this, their drive and their force. They are ... dying out. Whole clusters and regions are in danger. Why ?

That is the negative formulation of the question: WHY LIVE!

Whether it is derived from climate or other change, whether certain strains once had environmental assets which are successively being lost, whether pollutions of this or that kind are enervating their dynamic, interfering with their metabolism or whether indeed there is as in any design in this world, set in material form, the unending contest from the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which whatever be its intellectual formulation (such as increasing entropy), is a product of the curse. That is, when man fell, his environment was authorised to fall with him.

It is rather like a convict who, when he stole, not only had a guilty verdict, but lost his home and now inhabited a prison. That, it is an environmental change, and unless the person was falsely charged, and is a thief only notionally, it is one etched inside as well as declared outside.  

In a fallen environment, there is a mockery readily added to an abasement. Thus,  without God,  man who is in a fallen state (it was as in a capsule when man fell, for when one particle of humanity fell, the whole capsule derivative from this first one, became tainted, unusable without cleansing), and rather fond of it, is readily exposed by ironies both searching and searing. As a race,  persisting in being without God, while ignoring remedy, mankind becomes butt to his own folly, and even an exhibit of it.

Do not make an exhibition of yourself! an angered mother might say to a silly, strutting child! But this is precisely what man does, by virtue of what he has become. A thousand psychic and moral calamities embroil him where lead and dead do not yet reach, and his fall is echoing not only in environment but in crassness of government, callow options in religion and souls almost ceasing to search, while debauching themselves in the suburbs of spiritual squalor, loving even their comics and major TV features, to bring folly and grime, crime and terror, heartlessness and selfishness, pleasure and promiscuity to adorn the darkness. They lag, now frenetic, now despondent, crying and swaggering by turns. They cry – but not to the Lord: it is as for ancient Israel before its ruin: “they return, but not to the most High” (Hosea 7:16), and again, “they have not cried to Me with their hearts, when they howled upon their beds” (7:14).

There is a lack of éclat, verve, integrated morality and energy, with poise and balance, understanding and stability, spirituality and character (cf. Isaiah 33:6): joy has become decadent, pleasure its descendant, vision more often psychic spasms and godly light a thing of disdain; and the nations and the governments and the echelons of power, they look like it, more and more, as if crying for a mould, and finding not form, but decay.

So with bees, so with design in general: it will last a long while, perhaps for thousands of years, in some Egyptian pyramid, for example, but dust, decay, chemical intrusion, atmospheric change, dissolution of delicate biochemical structures, unstable without care and constitutive support from their own internal environment in a relevant body: these things intrude. Designs in an environment no longer conducive to their sustenance, tend to fail, be defiled, become dysfunctional, lose lustre, inherit decay. In spiritual things, the design of the spirit of man is similarly wrecked by failure to report for servicing to the Saviour, and its psychic disorders dependent on low-maintenance, when misuse and abuse is added to this. It is like putting a car engine in a bicycle, and then let it continue unserviced. Folly starts it, irony ends it.

Man as himself fails, while becoming loud in his racial praise and self-esteem; and in failing, he creates corruption in his environment, through visionless vice and condign judgment alike, even though the latter is held back in its final severities by the mercies of the living God. . 

Perhaps then this or that species, even genus, may begin as the folly of man foils some of the features of the myriads of designs displayed on this earth, to lose some internal ingredient equivalent to zest in man, and have neither the desirable features about it in 'nature', nor the energising thrust within, in a double dissolution, or a dissolutive anti-dynamic.

So something may die out; and man is busy trying to resist the multiplied disorders arising both from judgments on his follies and turmoil in his wandering psyche, at times summoning courage and strength as in Hitler, to do die-hard follies as if slaughter were wisdom, while at other times regressing in an alternate folly, and lapsing into indolence of heart, diffusion of dynamic, seeking drugs mental, spiritual or physical from false religion, fraudulent workers or profiteering criminals, as the case may be, as if to prolong the illusion and avoid the hygiene of holiness, found in the pardon and peace of the Lord's Christ, sent for the purpose of meeting man's need.

What then ? We have been looking at objects in the Lord's creation, the field of creation, and considering the various internal and external modifications and intimations which come into the various designs, the ectypes, and the results accruing, and why this is so. So many love to dig deep into the biochemical processes of decay, of disease, and why not, if it serves some useful rehabilitative aim; but they tend to confuse the means with the objectives, results with meaning, programs with purpose. Many never look to the Designer, Maker, Architect, Speaker, Code-contriver, to find what HE wants, what is the purpose of His action and how to be at peace with Him, from whom truth is the outcome of His being, in whose control is all.

It is the same with art. Many will (not without SOME cause) want to copy some 'master' in his modes, whether like Picasso, cubism, impressionism, or if you like to manufacture a term 'expressionism' - definable as the exhibition in terms of innate, or inward foci, actual characteristics of an outstanding quality of something: but this, so that they become magnified, thrust upon the observer, like rocks slamming into the side of a boat in passing too close.

They will find a genre, examine its modes, copy its techniques and lo, you have non-inspiration. A genre in great art is a mere conveyor belt. It is what it is that is to be conveyed, that matters. The form is important; the thrust, vision, imaginative vitality is vital.

The value and understanding is not lost, but rather found when you find the POINT of an exercise, the REASON for it, the PURPOSE behind it. It is not only playwrights, like the amazing Shakespeare (so profound, so arresting, so ungarrulous, so vocal, so penetrating) who have purposes in their utterances (to convey this or that view of mankind, of God, of nature, of morality, of politics, of the human psyche, of history, or need for man as in Dickens' social sensibility). It is the Maker of (not art but ) creation, what the endangered species of man often calls 'nature'. It is this purpose in invention, in judgment, in history, in provision and in communication, it is this which is crucial.

To be sure, there is point in referring to human nature: though usually wrongly, since blindness is not conversant with sight, and man is by sin made constitutionally blind to an amazing degree as in Ephesians 4:17-19, where they are seen as 'alienated from the life of God' for two reasons, first "the ignorance which is in them" and  secondly "the blindness of their heart".

After all, in the design of mankind, there is a 'nature'. However, it is gravely distorted (as by someone wrestling and seeking to break a bone by thrusting it into a false position, contrary to its geometrical arrangement) by pressures of alienation from its Maker, showing themselves in various physical (as in same sex marriage), mental (as in philosophic yawing) and spiritual follies (as in unifying ALL religions, inclusive of flat contradictions of one by the other, and this multiply, so subjectivising all and rendering futile each, these are making religion subservient to culture and culture king).

It cannot, this culture, to be sure, capture Christ; but it tries by making caricatures of Him, the revolutionary christ, christ the clown, christ the mere socially minded man, and other cut-aways. These cartoons are not getting to truth, as when a god of violence may be exposed by this means, but getting to mere substitution of the mind of man for the actions of God. It is to give Marx a Cadillac, and to condemn him for luxury, or Mao a heart of tenderness, and condemn him for being mawkish. It is to proceed by contradictories and to make sport of options. It is the endemic of confusions, and the evil flower of irrational confabulations of those who sport imagination and suppress truth.

Man is always throughout history, tending to make up 'nature', human or otherwise, by absurd plans,  impious pretensions, eccentric obsessions, as if imagination were creator, and folly the captain. Unfortunately, in this they often take themselves so seriously that thousands or even millions of anguished and dying groans are emanating from myriads of what become corpses after they suffer, as people bash each other as if this were in some way suitable, salubrious or demonstrative. Certainly, to defend from evil is one thing; but to embark on glorification of folly*1, *1A is another, common as the dirt to which the dying bodies come, and from which the deadly thoughts proceed.

Liberty, discipline ? Some of these ?

Even this then becomes a feature for fatuity. It has many directions to take but two of the extremes*1 illustrate it. Thus it may be as in the Rousseau-type liberation into nothingness, into unchartered waters of liberty, with libations to autonomy and deification of man without having gods anyway, in foci of folly so vast as to form a sort of panorama of decadence and confusion, as in some graffiti. Again, it might be in the Hitleresque, Stalinesque brutalities from bovinity, in which asinine ideas of absurd authority are forced onto human nature, as if to make a Volkswagen into a mini-Boeing that does not even fly, but is required to do so, because of internal impulsion and authoritarian compulsion. There is evidently no limit but death to delusion, and no confinement except extermination to confusion*1A. Such species cannot live. Bees may be a warning.

It is not, then, into such fields as these, of human decay, deterioriation, delusion, psychic, social, political or historical that we are looking when we consider the positive aspects of our topic: HALLOWED BE THY NAME.

It is something sui generis, like vision, like hearing. It is a world of its own; but then again, like sight and audition, it has vital relationship with the world in which we live. It is just not subservient to it; and whereas to see and to hear are features in part of a whole that is the domain of the human spirit in flesh, known as man, specifically to hallow the name of God relates to the spiritual domain that is the beginning and end of the human spirit in flesh, and in mind supplied, when it is turned operationally to its Maker.

You look down, dirt; you look up, a universe of clouds and stars. You SEE different universes because of direction of thought, of sight, of interest. When it comes neither to down nor up, but to the Maker, then this too is another matter. It is no longer to this or that page of the totality of the book of life, and its library shelves, matter and space, with its rooms, mind and spirit that one refers; but it is now a matter of seeking the Author of the book.

Then there is one simple question, as there is indeed in an intra-universe situation with stars: CAN YOU FIND THEM ? Here a similar point is related: Can you find Him, the Maker ? Is the Author available to telephone, or to text message, or to email ? But where are the connections ?

They come in two major modes. First, there is the parallel to the DNA wordings of COMMANDS, directed to execute the POINT of the commands for which they are, as all symbolic systematics, written. Those are for man's body in its formation from the womb, constitutive commands. These are instructions for what is so constituted!

This is called the Bible and we have often on this site shown its necessity to exist*2 , and its verification that is total and universal, in a cumulatively open condition, for scientific testing*3 .

The second is Jesus Christ. Now this is slightly complex, but only for children as to mind, though it can be so for adults, as to spirit, since the spirit of man is alienated from God; and it can be like trying to show the notes on a scale to someone who is averse to music in the first place. It is however relatively simple as there. When God wrote to man, first speaking, He told him some things. When man defied God and defiled himself, God showed him some more things. One of these was that his disease was sin, his duper was the devil and that God through a human being, not under the control of the devil and sin (obviously), and so not a mere part of this race, but provided for mankind,  would destroy the corruption of man and its source, so delivering him*4.

The Bible provides the entirety of these sole authorised depositions of deity for man. People can have visions, devilish, angelic, relevant, psychic or from the Lord (as in Acts 2 at Pentecost, where Joel is cited to the point); and a man can indeed have the vision of God through the grace of Jesus Christ. However, such things need attestation if other people are to be directed by them. In the Bible, this attestation is given, the prophets in concert with one message, their authorised presentations collected, and these then confirmed by the Christ when He came as ordained and foretold, and His apostles given grace for their completion (John 14:26, II Peter 3:16, I Corinthians 2:9ff., Galatians 1, cf. SMR Appendix C, Appendix D).

 Many people love to be directed by various visions, but Colossians 2:18 sounds a warning, speaking of being puffed up by the flesh in such expeditions. As the Bible alone has this generic of confirmation by verification and validation (*2), it alone can be trusted, though of course, as with Isaiah, a person may inwardly be called by a true vision of God, and must test this by the scriptures most carefully.

Indeed, not only angelic tripe, which intrudes as if to add something to the word of God (forbidden categorically in Galatians 1 which makes the Gospel both complete and immovable, immutable*4), but philosophic hype can seek to corrupt man. You see the latter in Colossians 2:8, where the invaders of truth are "philosophy and empty deceit" mixed with "the tradition of men" and "the basic principles of this world, not in accord with Christ." Such would be those inevitable blunders of the distorted and deceived human heart, found in such deviations from rationality and reality alike, as: naturalism, evolutionism, visionary dictatorship, social conformism, pan-religious pandemics and pandering to flesh, with self-aggrandisement of the human race often not far away.

As to the victims of these*4A ideological, this illogical, these delusive diatribes and buculoc brouhahas, some are taken some way, as when soldiers capture enemy troops, and some are seized in another. That they BE seized is what the devil desires. Methods vary.

Avoiding being seized then, and


false trails


which merely bring spurious trials and empty pathways


to nothing good,


but to captivity of thought and life


by nonentities masquerading as significant,


but so only for ruin to the design of man, and his destiny:

we come to Jesus Christ.

He is linked to the propositional deposition, the Bible, by being central for deliverance, implemental to salvation, director of mankind, sacrifice for sin to clear the accounts, entry to the haven of heaven by removal of the detritus of evil which blocks the way and breaker of death by defying it to the point of adding His own resurrection to His resurrection of Lazarus. This last, it was like, a pointer like a preliminary military excursion, just beforehand, and reminds us of the pointers to the Southern Cross astronomically, which help you to be alert to the near presence of that body.

Yes, it is really very simple. There is the Book of the Lord, testable and validatable, in fact sole resident of rationality in these ways, and there is the Lord of the Book, who has done precisely what the Book of the Lord said He would do, so confirming, completing its design (this time, not for creation, already done, but for salvation from the sink of design to which man is so perilously flowing as if honour-bound to his own destruction). If you follow the Book of the Lord, you come to the Lord of the Book. Then there is another boundary to pass.

If you reach the latter, then you may opt to ignore the directions. You may do this for one of many reasons. You may hate Him because you intrinsically and epidemically hate any authority that seeks to overcome your own autonomy, preferring to do just as your sweet, or sour will desires. You may love Him much, like the rich young ruler who, however, loved only his vast possessions more than Christ, and so left Him before really arriving spiritually. Despite his intense desire for eternal life, this was not enough since a greater intensity governed his will. Again, you may want peace, but not purity, and so disjoin. You may want macho, or libido, or your own credo, and so trade in life for sensation, sensationalism, or internal satisfaction, whether of pleasure,  triumph or other

This false and autonomous credo category includes those who want neo- or pseudo-theological pretension or mention, or fixation, and knowing much about the way to God in Jesus Christ, yet simply omit to follow it. They are teachers who never trade. Their type is mentioned by Jesus Christ Himself in John 5:39-40*5. They read the scriptures and think that in them they have eternal life, but they will not come to HIM! This is what He said. They sit at the sign-post, admiring its verbal architecture, and wallow in its beauty in the garden in which it is set, and consider the power of the distant mountains to which it points, the Mountains of the Rock, which has nothing comparable in earth or in heaven, since it is the outward attestation of that member of the Trinity who did the actual salvation payment at Calvary.

They do not however actually visit the place, nor, far less, reside there. They spectate, perhaps from time to time expectorate, gaze in haze, and stay just where they are. Only their eyes travel, in the direction of the light.

Now we come, at last, to the way in which these things which are NOT HALLOWING the name of GOD, lead us the more clearly to what DOES HALLOW IT.

To be sure, these also are negative in a way, but they are not mere 'DON'T' words. They are places not to be confused with hallowing the name of the Lord. They are side-shows, diversions, charming or enticing perhaps, but false, like falsetto voices, imitating what they are not. They DO, yet do it negatively for all that.




At last, we pass from things to avoid, when seeking to hallow the name of the Lord, and paths to void, when desiring spiritual things and to hallow the name of God. The first list is that of prohibitions; the second is that of deceptions when you are positively inclined. We come now to be being positively active in hallowing the name of the Lord.

First, there is the aspect of entry into His kingdom so that you may know what you are doing (John 10:9, 27-28, Ephesians 1:3-11, Luke 13:1-3, Titus 3:3-7).

Secondly, there is that of discovering iniquity in your heart, when it is hiding there somewhere, and evacuating it in an orderly and adequate manner, so that you may do what you intend (cf. Psalm 139:22-24). He, Jesus Christ, is the Stone which takes iniquity in one day! (cf. Zechariah 3:9, John 1:29), through faith and repentance, receiving Him and not another misusing His name! (cf. II Corinthians 11).

Thirdly, there is the need to abide in the Lord, by seeking Him beyond all things in heaven or on earth, this entry figure of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, without whom there is no door, and nothing more (Psalm 73:25-26).

Fourthly, there is the office of consecration and prayer, so that you may be up-to-date in your ascertainment of His will for you, and seek this for others (Romans 12:1ff., Hebrews 12, Ephesians 6:19, Romans 8:24-26).

Fifthly, there is the finding and exhibition as far as may be, of the beauty of His holiness, which is a vitally dynamic way of hallowing His name (Psalm 27:1-4): exhibiting what it is all about when it strikes into the heart of man. People are like laboratory exhibits, and why not ? Thus hallowing His name is indicating His will in life, and living by the power of His Spirit and the Word of His mouth, so that His Spirit does indeed flow out from you, like the waters of a full-fed spring. Beholding the beauty of the Lord is open to those whose ugliness He has removed into His own sacrifice, and in whom His life works both to will and to do.

In these ways, you act experimentally in this: not as ignorant finding out what is wholly unknown, but as an illustration, living in the One whose name you thereby hallow, or show to be what it is by its effect on your own person.

WHEN you are asked about the cause and source of your life, you therefore do not hedge for social propriety's sake, or that of fear for your ambitions, lest they be dimmed by admitting the name of Christ. On the contrary, you speak clearly and soberly. You clearly attest the truth. This is the sixth aspect of hallowing His name: you do not abort it by cavorting instead of exposing Christ as Lord and Saviour, or rorting truth by suppression*6 .

There is no obvious need to become too expatiatory, since you are relating a fact. That does include another negative, admittedly: high-power expatiation has its place. It is however not intrinsically necessary here. There is also a factual side, a record of reality. There is the role of writing, as it were, lab notes for those interested, and there is the role of expounding the realities. If the Bible is the basis for the latter, then you are on sound ground, and if illustrations of its truth are on your lips, they move well.

THIS also, this is hallowing His name. IF you are hallowing your own visions, or power, or holiness, this is obviously something different. If you are hallowing your pastor or your movement, this too is another thing. If however, according stringently to the Book of the Lord, you are showing the glory, and honour, and faithfulness, and mercy and love and tenderness and justice and fearfulness in its clean beauty of the Lord, you are hallowing His name. You are SHOWING its truth as distinctive, His wonder as God, His power as Lord, His grace as necessary, and His blood (Acts 20) as covering you sin and able to cover that of any other who in faith and repentance, comes to the God of creation and power and salvation, in the name of Christ, according to His word.

Further, in addition to showing His glory, it is necessary to be knowing what you are showing.

The "spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him" is denoted by Paul in the context of having "the eyes of your understanding ... enlightened", so that you may know three things:

1) "the hope of His calling" - how wonderful is this coming thing - Romans 8:24-26, I Corinthians 2:9).

2) "the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints" (how great is the wonder of the host of the spirits of persons whose spiritual expression is completed, 'just men made perfect' as in Hebrews 12:23, a host hidden in Christ so well that they are in linen white and washed and follow Him whose is the glory - Revelation 7, 19).

3) "what is the exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in heavenly places, far above all principality and power..."

In other words, we are to become, be made aware of the fact that the power of God is utterly beyond the operational dynamics in this universe; and prodigious as is atomic power, for example, it is infinitely beyond this memento of His creation: for this is merely energy in contrivances in nature, what is made; it is an action in visible from from the Creator. How far greater is the power of Him who created these forms of constrained and controllable energy! It is with this kind of power that the Christian is dealing, yes rather, is being dealt with, as he/she moves like a vessel on the ocean waters of life. For if the waves may reach high like buildings, He who has built man is beyond space, itself a mere entourage for matter's convenience and composure.

Within this, there is the specific stress on the beauty of His holiness, the nearness of His presence (cf. John 15:7), the abiding in residence where He is habitually (John 14:18). David in Psalm 27 makes it clear that there is ONE THING that he desires, one that he will seek:

 that he may


dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life.
In so doing (the house being the form, or image whether symbolic or not,
but definitive as revealed, the place of prepared concourse with the Lord through His Spirit,
John 6:50ff.). Indeed, he wishes to


behold the beauty of the Lord, and to


enquire in His temple in time of trouble.

Again, this means that he desires nothing to disestablish, threaten or grieve the spiritual intimacy with the Lord as his majestic but gracious friend (cf. John 14:20, 15:14), and to find as to some extent with any friend, but here in an infinitely more lovely fashion, the exquisite realities of His nature and desires, which being good, are a delight to know, see and follow. He wishes to have a spiritual consultant who is also not only his LORD but his GOD, whose will and ways are so delectable in nobility and loving kindness as to be worth living for, and to be able to come to Him when troubles vex, oppress or seek to intimidate, that he might continue to live as for, from and in the Lord, his Saviour.

Seventhly, You are hallowing His name, again, when you defend the Gospel as Paul did (Philippians 1:16, II Corinthians 10:5, Galatians 2), or when you give a reason for the faith by the power of His Spirit and the truth of His word as Peter commends (I Peter 3:15) as part of the total work of His body, the Church (Ephesians 2:20-22, 4:15-16 - a body built for an immutable Head as living, and with an irrevocable and complete foundation, as structural - I Corinthians 3:10-11). You are doing so if you do it in such a way that HIS glory is shown, HIS resourcefulness is featured, HIS truth is amply exhibited and your part is that of a called servant. You are putting things in perspective by the power of God for the glory of God and showing HIS differentiation from all that is made, HIS invitation to all who have sinned, HIS power to save, who is mighty to save.

In this,  you are distinguishing Him, not as having some distinctive or other, but as being the source of ALL distinctives, being deity, eternal, immutable, beautiful in holiness, without comparison, so that there is none like the Saviour in heaven or on earth, amid all creation (Psalm 89), and that He as the eternal Word of God, with the Spirit and the Father, is seen in holiness of splendour, majesty of praise and humility of provision for the lost.

You are hallowing His name when you INSIST that there is no other God, no other Book of the Lord, that there are only false christs and prophets beyond Him (as in Matthew 24:24, Isaiah 44-46). You hallow it when you point out that the trinity, so far from being difficult, is the name given to the feature of God which involves the point that He has fellowship WITHIN HIMSELF. Man did not provide at last, fellowship for some poor, socially deprived god. In fact, in this man merely showed in his family situation, something of the reality which God of course already had within the Trinity.

Moving from His being like a stream, the exhibition, the manifestation, the express image of God, His expression, is forever, not merely as some statement or library, but infinitely beyond these things, as life in Himself (John 1:4, I John 1:1-4, 5:26,  10:17-18). Moreover, God is not only exhibiting Himself in this way, but there is scope for applying these realities by the Holy Spirit, who is able to focus reality in any heart, to convict it, to sustain it, yes and to SANCTIFY IT (II Corinthians 3:17-18), John 16:7ff.), granting it great liberty and grace, while conforming it more and more to the image of Him who made it in His own image in the first place as in Genesis 1.

These are realities, these are infinitely clear and utterly unique facts, these are exhibitions of His greatness and features therefore of that to which HIS NAME refers. In showing these things, while the wallowing world mistakes vomit for food, you are hallowing this, His name.

If you therefore HALLOW HIS NAME, you are paying for the sacrifices of praise*7, and giving the calves of your lips*7, and of the testimony of your life in consort with this. In so doing, you are a living apologetic, a testimony of truth, an exhibit of righteousness, not by BEING at all the perfection of righteousness (though being entirely drawn this, and seeking it continually - Matthew5:48), but by being OPEN to it, and leaving no door closed to His work in you to this end.

HALLOWING is showing, attesting, acting in conformity with His name, doing nothing false towards it and everything true concerning it, exhibiting its glory, majesty and purity, fearfulness and lovability together (Psalms 2:11-12, 27:1-4, 18:1), and the faithfulness of His word (Psalm 119:75-80). This latter is not an exercise in fatuity but in factuality. It is necessary to show how wonderful truth is, in order to assist those who still in the cockpit of the Spit-lie, to escape it before it crashes irreparably.

While many have used Christ's name in vain, even building pseudo-churches which used military force to disobey Christ (contrary to John 18:36, Matthew 26:52-56), such organisational diseases are irrelevant except as a caution for humility. These are the crash sites for those who broke the rules and hogged the road. What ACCORDS with His name is ready to hallow it. What denies it, fouls it, and is unhallowed as it hollows the name instead of hallowing it.

Praise God that many have hallowed His name, and may it be that those who read this, will do the same. This then makes more and more, the pages of the living dictionary of 'hallowing His name', through various ... usages. These, precisely, are not diverse as to that name, or His ways and life, but the walk and work of differentiated individuals who have one common body, that of Christ, will, that of God, and word, that of the Book of the Lord, the Bible, yes and one one uncommon Lord, Jesus Christ, near whom no creation comes, since it is He who created mankind (Colossians 1:15) and all things (John 1:1-3).






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See TMR, Ch. 3, Creating Waves, with TMR Ch. 2.



Hosea 14:1-2. Someone might think  that this could mean that we will turn our lips to His praise, like oral calves, as if the muscular structure of the calves of one's legs were rather moving in strong oral action, seen now in lip format. These are now directed to His praise, the image magnified  because of the power of the word. That however would be to ignore the fact that the Hebrew is 'bull calves'!

Rather, it means that the lips will attest the glory of God on THIS earth in its present state, will hallow the name of the Lord only at a cost! Thus it is like a sacrifice so to use them. We who love the Lord thus willingly give this sacrifice, as if our lips were beasts for slaughter, calves of value now given up to the service of God, and we 'render' these, that is, provide them freely to the Lord, who has given Himself freely for us. This He predicted, in Hosea 13:14, that He would do and this He did in His only begotten Son, sent from eternity to temporarily for this purpose. It is of immeasurable delight in the Lord, that what unconditionally says, He unequivocally does. It is never vacated, contra-indicated, delayed for lack of power, deferred for administrative reasons, deleted for grounds of State security. It is DONE!

This comes freely since if GOD works, who can prevent it! If He whose is eternity, whose inventions include our time, should speak, then you do not await in dubiety the outcome. You know it will come, though the sun forgot its labours, or the moon took a vacation from the solar heat and disappeared for a while. Sun and moon will go, with all the heavens, but His word does not! (cf. Matthew 24:35 and the attestation of the eyes!).