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(The Australian Presbyterian Bible Church)


Committed to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20),
Continuing the Bible-based, Christ-founded work of the original
Presbyterian Church in Australia.

The world is dying for the lack of Christ,
the only appointed Saviour in heaven and on earth
(Colossians 1:19-22).

Why die with it ? Live for Christ.

It is not in sacraments,
not in visions (Galatians 6:14),
nor in anxious cares (Matthew 6:31-33)
that life is found;
but in its Redeemer,
Christ crucified to cover sin,
risen from the dead,
and returning before it is too late (Matthew 24:22-30),
for His own people.

Are you one of them ?

The responsibility is yours,
the offer is Christ's ! (Matthew 11:28-30, John 4:14, 10:9,27-28).

Come, learn His word, the Bible, take His gift, eternal life,
by faith in His name.

God has not forgotten you.
Do not forget God.

God's people need to work together, with the full scope of the Bible unadjusted to the
demands of the time, or the puny glories of man, for these so soon becomes time past, and past fame, whereas God in His word is always ahead of time, His own invention, and His glory never dims.

Consider the need and the opportunity with us, at this site.

Worship Services: Sundays at 11 a.m., and 7.30 p.m.
Web Missionary and Teaching Outreach: http://webwitness.org.au
For Web Awards and Recognition, use this link.  Currently the electronic missionary work of and from this church uses some 234 volumes on Bible teaching, Gospel, especially Biblical Christian Apologetics and the numerous  topics there involved, all made available at http://webwitness.org. au

Telephone: 8 263 3968
Address: 23 Wendy Ave., Valley View.

Minister: Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson
Th.D., M.A., B.D., B.A., Dip.Ed.

The pastor has laboured in the Presbyterian Churches of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod as well as for many years, in the Presbyterian Church in America, and now operates in an independent Presbyterian Church, personally adhering to the original schema of doctrine of the PC of Australia, which puts the infallible word of God, the Bible, as the first criterion, and emphasises the love of God to the lost.

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The Presbyterian Church of Australia in its 1901 Constitution has an acceptable statement on doctrine: the substance of the Westminster Confession required, with a carefully sensitive Declaratory Statement added, in terms of which the Confession has to be read. This supplies grounds of flexibility and faith alike, but sadly there has been an implicit nullification of the DC by the 1991 ruling that it has nothing not already in the Confession, which removes impact from what the Confession does not mention, but the DC does. The increased scope of the DC is thus aborted, and its provisions of emphasis and wisdom lost. The Confession rules with one ground of union stripped of any extras, and all additives so that it becomes a different Church, confessional in kind.

This has impact most particularly on the extent of the crucial love of God, through which, in terms of the blood of Christ as in Colossians 1:19ff., for example, He would have all men reconciled to Himself. It is when an understanding is built on such a love as that, in the full biblical perspective, that all philosophical problems of this world are surmounted and removed, leaving the biblical approach unique, and necessarily so, as the light of the world in the Lord of all (cf. Light Dwells with the  Lord's Christ ...). Christ is indeed then seen as the light of the world, not only in spiritual dimensions, but logical,  empirical and comprehensive harmony of concept. So is it fitting for God to speak through His eternal word, made flesh.


Leaving aside, then this 1991 move in the PCA, one which silences the special and constitutional content in the Declaratory Statement, and to which was added a new, sapping and binding Confessionalism,  the original 1901 Constitution was and is generally a splendid presentation. In that spiritual and original sense, the Australian Bible Church is a continuing member of that Church (PCA), and is one where the written word of God rules all doctrine absolutely and practically, without waiting for the finale of wisdom on the word of man in much or in little, as criterion: whether man would add or assault.

Neither the radical liberalism which confessedly defiled the Church for some 40 years, as one of its papers acknowledged  in the 1970s, nor a more pharisaical-style binding of the traditions of man in confessionalism in the 1990s, meets biblical requirements, to which the Constitution directs. We however have not changed but continue content in Christ..

Indeed, the word of God is neither bound nor broken (II Timothy 2:9, Hebrews 1:3, Joel 2:11), suffers neither addition nor condition, but as to this world, that body and its ways, it fails in both categories. Its need is the word of Christ and the Christ of the word, the Bible. Not only does He not change; He is immutable (Hebrews 13:8).


For the CONSTITUTION of this Church, click here.