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Chapter 2


News 314

The Australian, June 12-13

The Journalistic Presentation

It is of course quite remarkable.

Imagine a European politician of some eminence speaking in unmuddled terms concerning the Middle East. Now one does not make a practice of following every separate word which every such person ever speaks - it would take too long and would not be profitable for any good purpose. However, it is rare indeed to find in any report such balanced words as appear from the pen or electronic substitute of Per Ahlmark who, we are advised, is a former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden.

Construing that there are three pathetic passions arising to grip Europe, all blind and unhistorical, but presenting a smug mug to contemporary history, he announces or unveils them. They are, he declares, anti-semitism, anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism.

They include the ornery concept that the Jews are in some subtle way a threat, a force seeking to have dominance in Europe; the fulminating fiasco of inveterate antipathy to Zion, to Israel as  Jewish homeland, although, as he points out, they in fact cannot even afford to lose one war without national extinction; and the lamentable ingratitude and unhistorical venom against America as the stirrer who with the slandered Israel,  brings passion to the otherwise relatively content Europe, which suffers from such unpolished ways from so far abroad.

What, he asks, about this massive but imaginary marvel of Europe the negotiator, the sophisticate, the knowledgeable height of diplomacy which has learned the better way, not force but wit, not insistence but persistence, not principle but willowy wonders of compromise! Is THIS how Hitler was removed from his vice-like grip on the place ? Is this what gave it the freedom to be critical of America ? Did this remove the Nazis ? Was it this brilliance of the wonder-combination called Europe which led to the demise of Communism ? Are these heroes in Europe, these world leaders in smooth operation, in their own COMPARATIVE self-presentation relative to the US, able to teach others when the US was used to liberate them from something on the nether side of disaster ?

Did willowy words make them free to criticise ? Did these rebuild their ruined nations ? Was this the power that provided for them in their distress ?

Not really. The US used force and power, in association of course with others, but since it is the butt of the antipathetic remarks, its place is in focus accordingly. That is how Europe kicked off the giant's foot from its bleeding head. Is it wise now to PRETEND that it has the ways which work ? The sort of work which this sort of shirk would produce, he indicates, is SLAVERY, and from this they have been delivered by what they now mock, and unhistorically demean. He is speaking in terms of the principle of the thing, not the details, of the actual dynamic, not the need to exalt.

He deems this determination to ignore military power in the light of such wonders of suppleness as are in theory being paraded in pomp and pride in Europe, to be 'pathetic'. As to Spain, which has voided partnership in any sort of military aid in the Iraq situation, moving out of that domain in the last election, instead of a carefully formulated critique of military power in such situations of tyranny, he feels it would have contributed far more to a safer world by doubling its military presence in Iraq. In this, he might be right, for after all, there is nothing in a passionate sport or diligent war, such as al Qaeda seeks to prosecute with blood-thirsty lust, which is likely to inflame the eyes of the murderers so much as a sense of weakness in the victim.

There is, perhaps, a cyclotronic effect, such that any encouragement, any sense of immediate gain or massive pain for the enemy, any gasping for breath or weakening of courage, can greatly multiply the weak self-indulgences of those who seek to tyrannise and to destroy, being better at this than creating freedom, finding truth or following righteousness.

Had this been done by Spain, rather than withdrawal, then he conceives that "The triumph of terrorism would have been transformed into a triumph of the war on terror."

He cites a British writer, Ian Buruma, as claiming that this European rage against he US and Israel relates to fear following vast and catastrophic suffering in two World Wars, so that they seek welfare at home and non-intervention outside the homelands. It is conceived as a matter of fear; but says Per Ahlmark, such a concept of action could survive only with American power.

The US suffered in liberating Europe, and Israel suffered in the Europe to be liberated, and both on rather a grand scale, so that those who suffered are becoming new mythical inventions as if they were the tyrants.



In fact, it appears that the USA is certainly in the grip of an immoral surge, a spiritual decline and a vast loss of national vision, as if it were being squeezed almost to death, Clinton being most popular despite his scarcely repented of liberties, the days of Nixon being a tragic testimony to double standards, and the rigors of Bush being vastly damaged by his wholly anti-biblical words on the Koran and Islam (cf.  Lord of Life Chs.   4,  8).

Indeed,  in Lord of Life Ch. 4, this is noted of the USA:

So the two, the twin crags grow more obvious.

There is no unity with CRAG ONE, the State, and CRAG TWO, the religious, unless the latter is indeed mere pomp and pretence, synthesis of opposites as here. This is a new official charter for folly in the USA, just as its crisis develops. Religion applied for STATE purposes, making for less tension and a better deal for some who may otherwise be persecuted, is one thing. However a religious concoction as the level of collusion, joint prayer with what in Biblical terms are quite simply unbelievers (II Cor. 6:14, I Cor. 5:11), it is not only forbidden*1. It is servility of Crag Two to Crag One, neither of God or for God, but each of man and for man. It is in the nature of what is coming, predicted and prepared for utter destruction.

Do not misunderstand. This tendency is far from limited to the USA, as the above references abundantly show. It is however strong there, with the many sects scuttling about like demented crabs, slicing through the Bible with their claws (see Things Old and New), and it is now being made stronger as former churches join in the fashion parades of pollution*1A.

bullet This nation -
bullet once with Britain, having much to show in the direction of Biblical religion, but now with Graham of the Southern Baptists, a large denomination,  moving strongly into the synthetic sphere, with many denominations dividing on the Bible, and many sects and follies in spiritual things, while nature myths have long been illogically but regally resident in areas of the academic (Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium Ch. 13, Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming … Chs.  5  6) -
bullet is changing calamitously.
bullet It has come to be in danger of a vast mutation.
bullet Its treatment of Israel is nothing less.

It is not impossible that real revival will come again; but if in its pains and pangs, it turns to the pagan profusion of religions, Crag Two, to help support Crag One, we have a tragedy of the first order. It demeans God for man. Its trans-Atlantic partner has long in the failings of doctrine in the Church of England and its trip to Rome, moved in just the same direction (cf. A Question of Gifts VII, Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 7 and index).

Thus, while the POWER of the USA in conjunction with that of Britain and the Commonwealth nations in the last war, aided somewhat by resistance movements in fallen Europe, closely co-operating with that power, was indeed used to deliver Europe from enslavement such as the Taliban might rejoice to see, though with a different basis than theirs, and from participation in a world of tyrants, such as al Qaeda may for its own reasons, like to see restored, with the power vested in its gentle fangs: yet this is not all that we need to realise.

In removing something of the US hatred beginning to arise in those  in Europe preferring firstly to lick wounds, already much better with US aid, and secondly to compete with it using the aid given, by considering the enormous bounty provided in the last century FROM the US, we need to realise that now the deliverer itself is in need of deliverance.

It is not a mere matter of a national debt in trillions, hope of removing which was burgeoning in an earlier election, but decisively rejected in the days of Dole's interest in the prime US spot in politics; nor is it one of the hideous casualty lists which are the price of seeking to extirpate terrorist bases wherever they may be located, and especially specialised training centres, lest licence breed multiplication and that breed devastation. It is rather deeper.

The depth increases daily. It is a rather a matter of an increasing dynamic towards moral depravity which not only aborts with ease (cf. Christ, the Cumulative and the Culmination Ch. 5) the lifeless and often severed corpses of little kids not far from birth, but aborts the absolute criterion in Christ, which once was nationally so extraordinarily visible. Instead, the nation appears to be making for a lush and listless relativism, as if this were peace and purity, affirming with increasing confidence, that it does not really know.

Miraculously, it may know that some things are wrong, ex-God, and  are right, in that dual dish of humanism and relativism which always produces the rabbit of unreality out of the empty hat; but it knows this even more, that it does not know. The knowledge of God is becoming increasing the vain pretence of pretenders, or the alien action of former days.

In this, it is beginning to resemble Europe itself, except that in that field, Romanism still has a formalistic function, and the papacy still some aspiration (cf. SMR pp. 923ff.). Further, selfish aims are indeed becoming far more visible, mercenary ambitions, and uninhibited power play, since Kissenger, has become a sort of game and gamble. The presence of God is scarcely visible in any deep and personal sense in much of politics, and where it might be thought to be, in Bush, there is this hideous compromise with Islam, not really required by the Presidency, since a man is a man before an agent, and answers to God before people. Presidents come as they are, and are not chameleons to perform, like little girls at a party.

Biblical seminaries are no longer easy to find, and forms and arts of compromise spread like mould in old bread. Sects and sexual perversion alike, like flies on rotting meat, alight in darkness. Yet there is no light in them, for they make light of the absolute commands of the absolute Creator, and create scenes of judgment all but too appalling to contemplate. If some nations have already found that the barrel has no bottom, the US still seems to find the smell of the wine intoxicating, though there is none left.

Freedom to have no rules is the rule; and it being applied with increasing vigour as if to seek to perform for Israel, a twenty first century analogy of its own work, over twenty centuries ago. Of course, it is doing it in its own way, since waywardness often insists on that, as if the last dregs of originality are to choose HOW to be unoriginal. Sin is a sham and a shame, and deprives any people increasingly of light. (Cf. News 121, 122, Things Old and New 9,10 Epilogue, Appendix, Secular Myths and  Sacred Truth Ch. 8).

NO NATION can hope to perform in this way and continue with the sort of blessing which its past has attested, its power has signalled and its not rare kindness has evinced. If England has gone on much the same path from scenes of former eminence and beauty in many things, now the USA seems intent on proceeding into the same unbelief, but with more panache, as if what is NOT Europe, having had a wonderful time with a Protestant escape from the nullities of Romanism, is intent on joining the rest of the religious absenteeism from God, in this world (cf.  Divine Agenda Ch. 3), in preparation for the soon to come rule of the mythical centre, where the disbanding of myth is to be wrought in the Devil's Chaplain, that antichrist (Biblical Blessings Ch. 2), who will find in himself the god he seeks, showing this to his very own heart.

Yet let us return to the case of the USA, since this is the focus of our journalistic comment, as noted at the outset, from Sweden.

In other words, the USA is in need of an INTERNAL deliverance, and before long, if it does not repent of these vast changes in its alignment, commitment and ways, it may become external as well. If you are dizzy you may fall; if you fall, you may break a leg. It does not really matter how strong you are before you fall, if you fall into ... an abyss.


It is necessary to consider the background now of the other European assault target, listed by Ahlmark. To do so, let us revisit for a moment, It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls Ch. 7.

Here in the Middle East came man. Here, informed with the most incredible magnificence of organised creation, filled with intelligence of means, brilliance of method, economy of size, as far past the best man has ever produced as heaven above the earth, with ONE language in his cells, ONE architecture in his voluminous code compilations in EACH of the billions of his heavily organised cells, ONE type of mind inserted to use this equipment, ONE type of spirit available for the overview of it all: here was man.

He was not; then he was.

He was not made; then he was made.

Liberty of thought to enquire and seek perspectives was not in flesh; then it was. Far further than the atomic bomb above a 100 lb. TNT explosive was this, and in construction, not destruction.

For that is a mere 2000 or so times more, in the lowly atomic bombs; but this was dimensionally separate, functionally apart far more than a Boeing 727 compared with a safety pin. Rational, constructive, imaginative thought, perspective propagation and all that depended on it, personality assessment and capacity to understand the thoughts which the Creator should propound for him, all were suddenly there.

The cradle, however, in the Middle East was ever so soon rocked, not by the tenderness of peace in the domesticity from the Creator, but in the hideous ingratitude of ostentatious, grasping, inane and vain ambition, so that man could become as if God (Genesis 3:5). That has not ceased since, and its price continues to be absolute (John 3:16 is in the same chapter as 3:33-36).

The cradle has long since been overturned, and man is now busily, in his secular, humanist endeavours, seeking to make plastic people for a plastic cradle, with tubes of chemicals for drugs and atomic power to use for rocking. The amplitude of swing, however, is very upsetting to the earth, and the air is very polluted. Plastic people tend to be unusable, and to use others for the purposes akin to plastic; and to become violent because they are not really plastic, and the overlay is not good enough to warrant even the delusion which is so popular.

A plastic society has likewise been fashioned, and the prayer now famous, of Kansas' opening Senate session, while not to the iota necessarily endorsed, is of great depth and penetration, well worthy of reflection:

"We know that Your Word says
'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have done.

"We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

"We confess that:

"We have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your Word and called it  "pluralism".
We have worshiped other gods and called it "multiculturalism".
We have endorsed perversion and called it "alternative lifestyle".
We have exploited the poor and called it "the lottery".
We have rewarded laziness and called it "welfare".
We have killed our unborn and called it "choice".
We have shot abortionists and called it "justifiable".

"We have neglected to discipline our children and called it "building self-esteem".
We have abused power and called it "politics".
We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it "ambition".

"We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of "expression".
We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it "enlightenment".

"Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.
Guide and bless these men and women who have been sent to direct us to the center of Your will,
to open our hearts and ask it in the name of Your Son, the living Savior, Jesus Christ.


There can be no doubt that this prayer betokens something of that critical self-analysis which is close to true religion. It is far better than the swanking crankiness of humanist self-praise for a performance which slugs might disdain, in the very soft tissues of corruption. Yet it is an extraordinarily atypical contribution. Like the last moanings of a light-house, before a crippled ship in stormy seas, impacts on some hidden rock, this seems to sound. Is not abortion becoming a national pastime, whether of babies, of morals, of the Biblical principles of self-sacrifice, poverty of spirit, meekness, love of righteousness, integrity or godly fear! Is not the ship becoming crippled in its own goings, while it rushes onward in the stormy seas of international affairs!

America relative to Zion has become more ambivalent. It did, in earlier days, such as those of Nixon and Regan, evince no small amount of support, as for example in the amazing 1973 air-lift to aid the embattled land land where Christ was crucified. It did, under Nixon, when there was according to Intelligence Digest of the day, a red alert. Russia was considering parachuting troops into the area, to annul the Israeli triumph over its foes, this time in Egypt, where it had gone so far as to encircle the troops of an army of the Egyptian invader and transgressor, on the far side of the Suez Canal! The USSR did not so act. Red is a dangerous colour.

Israel released the trap. Then Israel returned home, taking some of the territory which it later in part restored, with its peace initiatives so often conspicuous, so rarely considered. How much has freely been given back to Israel, since these wars ? Yet Israel is marked as ungenerous. The opposite is the case, relatively speaking!

Israel has given more to the Palestinians, who in some sort of inverse gratitude, now use it to perform acts of violence against Israel, so making commerce difficult, and threatening the prosperity of many Arabs who work in Israel. Retribution is then heralded as violence, and the efforts to take over more of the land become a kind of contribution hat, in payment for their violence against Israel. It resembles an Alice in Wonderland place of opposites. The one who gives is disgraced; the one who grunts for more, is helped.

In this, the UN is most kindly helping the hat collection program, so that Israel can have not only countless millions of passionate Arabs or Moslems openly seeking its extinction, or a loss so great as to be tantamount, in time to the same, but this 'international community' as an added foe.

Now however, the USA, through Bush, has long endorsed as one of the Quartet who so graciously take Israel on its agenda, together with its cronies in this, the UN, the core of the former USSR (Russia), the EU, a more discreditable intention. It focusses the concept of taking MORE OUT OF ISRAEL THANK YOU very much. Yes, give more, O little Israel, for you have not yet given the pound of flesh, only 15 ounces. Nearer the heart if you please, some of Jerusalem perhaps ? So does this latter-day Shylock seek to avenge itself on the Jew, this Quartet of corruption. Why ?

Justice is related only inversely. You assail Jews


per Romanists, in the Inquisitions.


per sovereigns like Louis XIV of France, who sought riches through them, and made life near to impossible for them in France, so that Huegenots went not seldom to immigrate into America.


per Egypt, as with Nasser, who sought the ocean for Israel, but not as an excursion.


per Jordan, as in 1948 ... with its many allies with one heart seeking the devastation
of the then infant State of Israel, just days old.


per the former USSR, in its long refusal in many Communist years
to let the Jews go home to Israel,
whom in millions it profitably kept in its own land.


per Russia of old, in its pogroms to destroy Jewish property, inflame against Jewish citizens
and defile their name.


per Syria, in its support for Hezbollah, so that the Jews in desperation
even invaded part of Lebanon
in order to have more hope of preventing the reckless raids and enormous bloodshed
of the terrorists, then in their infancy.


per Italy, in the flaming days of the Inquisition, in particular,
where we read of sad boat cruises with something other than pleasure as their intent,
featuring ... Jews, being wafted so gently
to woes unspeakable.


per Islam, seeking for years in Crusades to conserve the control of Israel's ancient land,
even building what was obviously the most inflammatory of concepts, their gold-domed cry
against the Jewish religion, in the very ancient Jewish temple site in Jerusalem.


per whatever perversity of oppression man can devise,

such as the British effort by the 'Royal' Navy, to to block Jewish return
to the Palestinian 'home'
promised by Britain to it, in 1917, though
most of it was robbed to give to Jordan, in the 1920s ...

a naval blockade made the more noticeable in that the date for this was 1948,
and the oppressed seeking their 'home' were not least from Europe,
scene of Germany's contribution
at Auschwitz and other such ghoulish premises, to the 'solution'
to the Jewish 'problem'
by dissolution of their bodies,
using them perhaps for soap, or for gold.


per the UN which in 1947 decreed bits of land enough for the Jews, here and there,
tiny scraps of
the formerly internationally promised ALL OF PALESTINE,

and would have made Jerusalem an international city,

and still acts with such hostility that one wonders if it could not be named,

in this at least, the UNITED ARAB NATIONS, AND OTHERS ... UNANANO, not UN.

The repetition in that acronym could be a symbol of its repetitive anti-Israel thrust,
never more apparent than in its aborted African meeting
to deal with ZIONISM AS RACISM.

This is considered in Of the Earth, Earthy Ch. 13, and
It Bubbles ...
Ch. 10.

Now al Qaeda, in a seeming infinitude of distortion, refers to Allied efforts to diminish the Islamic bullying of the Jews as a Crusade, though they retain a vast tract of territory on all sides, so that their wanton destruction appears approximately equivalent to world rule ambitions, and certainly such, if it be deemd necessary to have it, to destroy Israel. This fanatical hatred, on the part of those who like billionaires in property sprawling to Africa and Pakistan, seek to obliterate the tiny package which Israel has so bravely gained from the grasping treacheries of many, is as far from religious reality as one can virtually go. FORCE is its name. GRASPING is its way.

It would be fitting, in the latter chapter noted above,  to revisit this aspect as we ponder the impact
of anti-Zionism now becoming so obvious that the former Swedish Deputy Leader has spoken out
so freely as we have just seen. This is shown below, with a significant amount of revision in form, but little in substance.



In fact, the Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, 1917 by Balfour, British Foreign Secretary, to Lord Rothschild, a Zionist leader, not merely made provision for a Jewish national home in Palestine on the part of Britain. It came to be ratified by the allied governments and was basic in the League of Nations mandate for Palestine, assigned to the British at San Remo in 1920. As to the percentage of "Palestine" accorded to Israel by the UN after World War II, see Red Alert ... Ch. 10,  *2  and Regal Rays from Revelation Ch. 1. The percentage depends on the definition of 'Palestine', but even of the British mandated territory following World War I, a large fraction of it is missing in the UN 'resolution'. It is not only a gap, but a gaping hole. Indeed, it is far worse than that, as shown in the above reference.

It is true that, by the endorsed Balfour Declaration,  there had to be safeguards for the rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine, but this it not to say that it would not be a specifically Jewish homeland. In fact, Israel has allowed the mosque to continue in the prime, ancient historic site, which is rather more than merely safeguarding rights, for it abolishes what might be seen as central to their having a homeland at all. They have also provided for Arabs who wish to be citizens in ways which can be of considerable economic advantage. Grievous indeed is the constriction into the miserable pittance of a place, which is the minor area WITHIN Palestine which they have been accorded, and from which still more is sought.

Some agreement! Some League of Nations. Is it then to metamorphose radically, to become a league against Israel, which presented the credentials of its homeland, denying even the little they took, and seeking more removals from the current fragment!

The current concept that ZIONISM is racism,

apparently dear to some in the UN and desired for discussion,

is actually in essence,

a desire for HUMAN RACISM:


the deliberate, determinate, relentless,

remorseless if not pitiless procedure

to excise what God,

with much discipline,

has provided for Israel,

to exclude what He has included:

and it speedily tends to make a mockery

of any nation having any claim or involvement in its own historic parameters.


That evil is evil remains true,

for and from any race or city or nation or group of nations;

but that this means, what in a universal principle of similar disregard, would be implied - 

that all peoples are now virtual expatriates, free to be governed from beyond -

is absurd.

It is to seek to gather them, as in the tower of Babel, to themselves by their own authority with multi-national or international disdain for localities and apportionments; and this invites an exquisite disaster, as we have seen in recent autocracies of man, and hideously exposed in Escape from Red China (Robert Lo with Humphrey Evans - see Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 9).

There is of course an element of truth in the proposition that mankind has a proper and happy relationship, but not in these terms.

It IS true that all peoples and all individuals, not having made themselves, and being on God's earth and required to show forth good fruit, are invited into the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. You see the consequences not rejecting such an invitation in Matthew 24, where Christ considers the nations.

It is true that in this kingdom there is neither Jew nor Greek, in that spiritually, there is entire brotherhood, under one King; and ONE KING WILL REIGN ON THIS EARTH, whose mind is His own (Isaiah 9:6-7, Psalm 2, 110). His dispositions are His own likewise, and His plans and demonstrations of this and that, they too are His own.

One of His intentions meanwhile, however, for an alienated earth (Romans 1:17ff., Ephesians 4:17ff.) is as in Ezekiel 36-37, relative to the Jews (cf. It Bubbles, It Howls, He Calls Ch. 1, 10). He is a teacher as well as the LORD and only SAVIOUR. The lessons TO the nations are there outlined, in the return, so long foretold, of Israel; and TO ISRAEL NO LESS! (cf. Ezekiel 37:24-28, 36:22).

To try to call divine apportionments 'racisms', however, is beyond the ludicrous. It soon bids fair to become that human racism, that inward if not autistic racism, which seems only the power of the flesh to determine with the very implements of divine majesty, His stipulated premises and promises, what the Lord will have to 'suffer'. He is to be thwarted, aborted ... as if Calvary were not a massive atoning manifestation of divine pardoning love, but a human success story. In fact, predicted, it is as Peter declared, the fulfilment of the divine counsel from of old. So too is the exposure of the human plotting against the Messiah and His plan at the end (cf. Psalm 2, 110, Revelation 19, Micah 7, Isaiah 63-66). If the one is luxuriant in pity, the other is lordly in decisiveness. It is rather like an operation. If you have it, it is incisive. If you do not, it may be mortal. The former may involve tenderness as well as incision; the latter is for mourning.

It is in short no wonder that Armageddon has peoples declaring war on God, nor that it is in the due territory of Israel that it occurs (Rev. 16:16, 19:9). The almost indescribable folly of making war on God as there declared to be coming, it would be delicious in its folly of muddled-headed midgetry,  were it not of gravest moment and deep in tragedy for those concerned.

It is of course true that any race may exalt itself, and seek to expand imperially with crazy philosophies, naturalistic, in that ditch of confusion now openly rejected, Darwinism

(cf. A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-9, SMR Ch. 2, Wake up World! Your Creator is Coming Chs. 4,  5,  6 and Stepping out for Christ, Chs. 2, 7-10, Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium Ch. 13 etc.)

or spiritistic as in the case of the delusive and soon exposed Japanese ideas before World War II.

However Zionism is not exaltation in this, that it is

bullet 1) the people who seek the divinely appointed land (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4),
bullet 2) one held by them for a millenium, from which they were evacuated
for a breach of divine law and truth,
including murder of the Messiah (something wrought, along with Rome),

by the
Lord's own decree from centuries before,
bullet 3) one to which they have been appointed to return for millenia,
bullet 4) one where they have such a minimal modicum of land
as both to be an insult following the World War I promises internationally,
and almost a cupboard in terms of living room at all.

bullet Indeed (5) their smallness is such
bullet that their land is only with all but miraculous assistance
bullet (and sometimes with it as predicted in Zech. 12 and seen since 1948 repeatedly)
bullet able to be defended at all.



From this sliver, there are many who seem to seek

to exhume more of this little Israeli island

from the graveyard many seem to have conceived it to be for Jews:

and things of this order Arabs have repeatedly,

with various others such as Egypt under Nasser,

declared or implied  the matter to be, in prospect.


That such desire by Jews to be in their land,

Zionism if you so conceive it,

that this should be accorded the name 'racism' is

an elegance of witticism or a disaster of irrationality and inhumanity.

Lands are vast and wealth no less,

for the many who embrace Islam, on all sides of the country,

if it could be called that, of Israel.


Racism to return to an inheritance,

and to seek to maintain some small part

of what has even been internationally promised

with a liberality of word far removed

from the paucity of deed !


bullet If, then, it be an 'elegance',

so verbally to attack this Jewish desire as racism

with the term Zionism used as if one of abuse:

then it is an unseemly and shameless,

an immoral and unfounded taunt;

and if it be merely a 'disaster',

then no less is it a shambles.


Such verbal concoctions cannot stand.

It appears that failing in logic,

there are those internationally who would like to see Israel even less than it is:

on the one hand, by violence,

blowing up women and children as an inveterate form of war,

or on the other,

by chilling diplomatic amputations.


What a charming international excursion!

Is it not in part because the world is afraid of God, not in its words but in its stentorian, its stertorous, its riotous and self-acclaiming fiascos, its pseudo-beatific bonanzas, exploiting now resources, now races, now philosophies of stark irrationality, as if it dressed in nudity to proclaim its crudity!*2

It tends at times to cringe, as cringe it might, because of the sheer implacability self-absorption with itself, though a mere creation equipped with form, law, function and integration at myriads of levels, with thought programmed to harmonise with the mobilities of creation, with spirit to utilise thought and with will to direct all!

Ignoring the obvious, it clamours, ignoring divine claims and reality. It even has the effrontery to complain as it makes rapacity and rebellion its keynotes!
(cf. News 126).

It wants, it cries, it demands, it insists, it makes bonanzas of ravishment of persons, ideas, exploits of war, like denizens of the highway to hell, moving ever faster, ever more unconcerned. For a little arrested, it now surges on, the British Empire's emphasis on the Bible becoming a thing not only of the past, but passé in its blighted perception.

Is it then any wonder that in its infantilities of desire, which perversion of mind, spirit and body so amply attest, that

bullet it fears at times, fears for the 'unknown future',
for the desolation of resources (Luke 21:26);
bullet and hopes, hopes for some exhibition that God is not there,
has somehow forgotten about Himself, will become a wall-flower in the dance party;
bullet and indulges in a sense of grandeur for man, like some insolent adolescent,
for whom NOTHING, but nothing matters but self-acclamation,
self-proclamation and not bending to anything ... but if to anything, then not in heart!

The gratuitous adds to itself gracelessness,  and the whole rushes to its ruin
as if on program!

Yet the diseased will and the deceased spirituality, these are no program.
It is merely that like much in the realm of disease, given head, they gallop.

Is it then not natural, in such a perversity of nature in man, that he should fear and even execrate Zionism ?

Is it not for Zion,

bullet just that éclat,
bullet that historic sense,
bullet that prominence as a pivot of the past,
bullet that massive myriad of miracles which surrounded it, and just as potent in perception,
bullet that aura of discipline, divine discipline, meted out with precision according to the Bible,
all of this which encompasses Israel from its very Genesis
(cf. Genesis 12ff. - Numbers, Kings to Chronicles):
bullet is it not ALL of this which makes it IMPERATIVE that it must go, be humbled...

It should not be hard, the feisty enemies may muse! Even God is by His own word against their rebellion from Him, who killed their King at Calvary, and as a nation, lament not ... as yet.

Is it not therefore, in this world's pressured eyes, important to extinguish Zion and Zionism before somehow, as in the past, so now, it might be seen to have a sheen of spirituality, before something happens in the land which, though it crucified the Christ, is yet on the divine agenda to return massively to that same Christ, as the end of the Age draws near!*3

Is this not all 'a worry', a deeply hidden constituent of the fear which Luke has told us, from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ, would come to grip the world ?

Yes, there are subliminal as well as oily reasons for extinguishing Israel, for it is an opportunity to attack God, which in morals, in gender, in sexuality, in the imposition of misery in ludicrous wars, in ravaging and rampaging even in the abused name of God, they do already*4. Where are more symbols of His actions in the past ? Zion ? Is this not one ? Let it be gone. Such is the passion of this world, on bonanza bent, to surge into the rich veins of gold in this world, of value, given by God, to be made abominable in the surging greed, greed of mind, body and spirit, which grips man like some gripe that he does not notice, such is his passion.

So does a just fear, through unrepentance, merely adorn the other and more obvious and grosser reasons, if this be possible, for the gamut to which the world LOVES to subject the Jewish people. Zionism, this it abhors.


As for Israel, it is time that it returned to the Lord; for autonomy in this world, their own or anyone else's, when it comes to the point of the self-declaration of God, is not merely unwise, but in the end justly unworkable.

There are greater things than land to be concerned about, and though the LORD has graciously returned the nation as He SAID He would do, yet He has also provided for their return to Him, even to that self-same Messiah the world of the United Nations seems set on ignoring, and from whom they also departed.

It is only in Him the world will find peace: for the world is HIS! Theft is not, before God, a wise operation; nor is it just!

In Israel there will be large numbers shortly do this - how soon we do not know - as provided
(cf. SMR Ch. 9, Answers to Questions Ch. 5, Romans 11, Ezekiel 36-37, SMR Appendix A).


bullet It should meanwhile be carefully noted

that the thunder is coming,

the direct, fearless fiasco of the nations climbing up on their band-wagon,

using powerful megaphones

and telling God that this is THEIR earth,

and His word can be forgotten.

Unfortunately for them,

it is not their earth,

a fact they do not seem to have noticed
(cf. Wake Up World! ... Ch. 5,
Earth Spasm, Conscience Chasm and Renewal of Life
Ch. 1) ;

and His word will not be forgotten by Him,

nor will it, as always is the case,

fail to be seen implemented in history, in whatever it has said.


The day may soon come when those who seek to rule this world without the God of the Bible, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ,  may wish their tune were more harmonious with the happy blessedness of the will and word of God Almighty, whose Son Jesus Christ has paid for sin, for as many as receive Him, but does not accept rebellion that rejects mercy and declares man god (cf. Ezekiel 28:9, Psalm 2).

At such pompous parodies of truth He laughs, as in Psalm 2 He declares.

Such then is the biblical perspective which God is duly and truly implementing with much pain to the Quartet who have taken it upon themselves to seek to control Israel, to divide it further for more robbery of the land internationally accorded to it, and ruthlessly distributed to others. It is like some sad sort of joke, in which a rich oppressor, being told of the slums he has created through failing to keep up his properties in the inner city area, laughs and cries, Ah that! now. We shall see. I shall increase the rents, and then you'll see something. Be there with your cameras.

The unutterably grievous molestation of the Jews, now of Israel, has the feeling of a somewhat similar hypocrisy and alienation from all sense of humanity.


That the Palestinians have seen fit,

even when given citizenship rights in Jordan in the 1960s,

still to attack Israel,

that the Islamic 'world' has seen fit not to provide for its own,

so that it wants not its tracts of land, disappearing

on many horizons in sheer enormous and sightless distances,

for the Palestinians,

but more and near the heart of diminutive Israel,

that the UN wants to help them extract it:

these things remain as indeed an anti-Zionism

of which Ahlberg speaks not in vain.


As he says, so it is in this thing.

The solution ? There is of course no solution to a mathematical problem is you INSIST on violating the conditions of the discipline of mathematics. If 1 and 1 MUST equal 2.04 repeating, while infinity MUST be something that is not the biggest, then you are in trouble with self-contradictory premises.



If in this world,

GOD's WORD MUST not be implemented regarding Israel (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4),

and JERUSALEM MUST not be Jewish,

while Israel MUST be sacrificed like some tortured human litter

still receiving some of Saddam Hussein's noxious treatments before it can be induced to die,

until it is a useless waste,

bombed, murdered, in tongue, by tongue in teeth, by cheeky tongue,

in deed, in misdeed, fed on and invested by the Arab equivalent of the Klu Klux Klan,

with changed victim merely:

then of course there is no solution.



There are however results. If the name 'judgment' does not seem far wrong with the Klu Klux Klan's topics, such as shooting at 'nigger' feet to make them jump and so on, with masks or hoods and flames of fury, then neither is it here amiss for centuries amiss concerning Europe (but not Europe only) and the Jew*4A.

Now that Europe constitutes itself a minder for Israel, with the other trio in the Quartet, it is asking for judgment as it seeks further defilement and alienation of this midget residue from international treachery, from Jewish control. It may go further yet, before the Lord intervenes as He very carefully promises to do in Micah 7:15ff. (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 8). It would prove for this purpose instructive to read Micah 7:8-20:

"Do not rejoice over me, my enemy;

When I fall, I will arise;

When I sit in darkness,

The Lord will be a light to me.


"I will bear the indignation of the Lord,

Because I have sinned against Him,

Until He pleads my case

And executes justice for me.

He will bring me forth to the light;

I will see His righteousness.


" Then she who is my enemy will see,

And shame will cover her who said to me,

"Where is the Lord your God?"

My eyes will see her;

Now she will be trampled down

Like mud in the streets.


"In the day when your walls are to be built,

In that day the decree shall go far and wide.

In that day they shall come to you

From Assyria and the fortified cities,

From the fortress to the River,

From sea to sea,

And mountain to mountain.


"Yet the land shall be desolate

Because of those who dwell in it,

And for the fruit of their deeds.


"Shepherd Your people with Your staff,

The flock of Your heritage,

Who dwell solitarily in a woodland,

In the midst of Carmel;

Let them feed in Bashan and Gilead,

As in days of old.


"As in the days when you came out of the land of Egypt,

I will show them wonders."

The nations shall see and be ashamed of all their might;

They shall put their hand over their mouth;

Their ears shall be deaf.

They shall lick the dust like a serpent;

They shall crawl from their holes like snakes of the earth.

They shall be afraid of the Lord our God,

And shall fear because of You.


"Who is a God like You,

Pardoning iniquity

And passing over the transgression of the remnant of His heritage?

He does not retain His anger forever,

Because He delights in mercy.

He will again have compassion on us,

And will subdue our iniquities.

You will cast all our sins

Into the depths of the sea.


"You will give truth to Jacob

And mercy to Abraham,

Which You have sworn to our fathers

                           From days of old."


Such is the event comparable to the Exodus (Micah 7:15),when the Jewish people so long exploited and indeed for that matter, divinely disciplined, are to be fully restored to their land, while their oppressors will find the meaning of justice, and the unwisdom of interfering with the divine challenge to Israel, with one of their own! Bullies are never popular for long. It is against nature, justice and truth, all three. In the end, the essential folly of their pretension is exposed. You see the same divine deliverance in Deuteronomy 32:43 and this is cited by Paul in Romans 11:26, after his reference to the blindness of Israel AT LAST disappearing and divine action following. It is then that the Redeemer of Jerusalem (out of it, as one who was born there), comes TO Jerusalem, and there is His face seen, last time battered, then resurrected, now brilliant.

Bullying Israel, composing new 'evil' faces of caricature for world scorn, including victimisations of the past, and assault on deliverers such as the USA has been in its better days: this is indeed a woeful pastime.  It is a place for pride, which has that habitual scope, to FALL.

Let then those who glory in their polluted flesh, with its barbarities and weaknesses, both, let them like Europe, take heed lest they fall. Does not Paul speak also on this, in Romans 11:19-22 likewise:

"You will say then, 'Branches were broken off that I might be grafted in.'

"Well said. Because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith. Do not be haughty, but fear. For if God did not spare the natural branches, He may not spare you either.

"Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, if you continue in His goodness. Otherwise you also will be cut off."


If the Jewish 'branch' were excluded from its own tree, is this reason to exalt oneself over it ?*5
If the Gentile Christians were 'grafted in', is this ground to ignore the tree into which they are grafted ? Does the root bear you, or do you bear the root! Paul remonstrates in Romans 11.

Speaking of roots, we find that this very week, Europe is considering its new Constitution, against which a vast movement is to be found in Britain, in its anti-EU or pro-British party, newly arising to considerable strength in this European Parliament election. Will the EU Constitution to come, will it dare to refer to 'Christianity' as its root past ? Will this offend Moslems ?

Does that matter ? So far Giscard D'Etaing has sought to make an implicit reference to Christianity, it appears, making some semblance of testimony, while appeasing Moslem aspirations. Not thus does the trumpet give no uncertain sound! (cf. I Corinthians 14:8 cf. Christ, the Cumulative and the Culmination Ch. 4). Indeed, said Christ, If you are ashamed of me, I shall be ashamed of you! (Luke 9:26), yes in the day of judgment.

It is that day which is not simply wandering nearer, but coming with the speed of a jet landing (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5, Little Things Ch. 6). The vast aggregations in the new Europe with something like 450,000,000 people is itself fulfilling the promised hegemony of that sector (cf. His Time is Near Ch. 8, SMR pp. 886ff., 904ff.). It is in this setting that the antichrist himself is to manifest his consummate evil! (cf. Biblical Blessings Ch. 2).

Europe is on the move, the only problem being the direction. The threefold Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-USA deliverer syndromes are suggesting much in the way of heart, head and direction. USA itself is becoming disenabled increasingly by calamitous sitings in the abyss. Britain failed, in its very success. The USA is locked in step. The hideous deformities of brazen human power, religiously warped, nationally twisted  or politically impious, continue to charge into the failing world that was, as the thrust to the End continues, accelerating like a youngster pursued by the police. For a very little while, it looks as if he might escape. Then in the morning, there are the pictures of torturous metals, tortured bodies, if indeed they are alive at all.

There is only one power that is adequate for man, only one purity, only one Saviour, one one Deliverer (cf. Isaiah 59:20), only one Lord, only one God (Ephesians 4); and until this One, the actual One, is taken, there is only a continuation of the wastage, rapacity, of emotions, of heart, of spirit, their correlative melancholies and the continuing cruelties. As Judge, man is ludicrous! As Victim he is a vast reservoir of opportunities to the godless. As appointee FOR judgment, he is foolishness itself to ask for an early date! Even in the day of Amos, there was the warning: DO NOT SEEK FOR THE DAY OF THE LORD. That, it was to His enemies. As well seek for World War III (except that it has come and gone already in the 'Cold War'). Consider the ethos of Amos 5:18-20:

"Woe to you who desire the day of the Lord!

For what good is the day of the Lord to you?

"It will be darkness, and not light.

It will be as though a man fled from a lion,

And a bear met him!

Or as though he went into the house,

Leaned his hand on the wall,

And a serpent bit him!

 "Is not the day of the Lord darkness, and not light?

                             Is it not very dark, with no brightness in it?


It is best to make peace with the Lord, to find God where He is to be found, not in some séance of spiritualism, not in some efflorescence of irrelevant emotion, centred in self or society, not in some situational ethics which knows no God: not in any of these  but in Christ Jesus the Lord. It is He who is the illimitably attested Sent One*1 who bore what sin demands to provide what God desires, mercy, pardon and peace. It is then,  and only then, that one may seek the Lord's near return, saying, "Lord Jesus, Come quickly!" as is the spirit of Revelation.

It is His word which works. It does work, has worked and continues to work, as in constant correlation, God brings on history as He has foretold (cf. SMR Chs.  8 and  9). Nothing else does for the very simple reason that if you leave the heart out, nothing goes. While it limps, it limps into its destiny of doom.

What could you expect!




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As noted in Red Alert ... Ch. 10, what nation is like that of the Jew, Israel! It is not only distinctive, but poignant in its very base, as so well brought out in Hosea, as all love that is breached and misused, yet continues with depth and design unmitigated.

It is a beautiful drama, really, that of Israel.
















Despite all this, Israel has been amazingly victorious over decades after its historic return (cf. SMR pp. 775ff.), a return and a style of victory just as predicted from that ever validated Bible. That, it has been brought to pass for it by divine power,  though it was dumped by Britain, truly in this 'perfidious Albion' of Shakespeare's phrase, and assailed by the UN, wanting if not her blood, then her capital and most of the land, as since 1947.  Nor have been lacking intensely interested neighbours, lusting for her extinction from time to time, and some perhaps all the time:  such as Syria, Iraq,  Egypt (since at peace), or the international Islamic meetings, desiring her extinction, and yet prevailing not at all to secure this, not though they be tens of millions with tens of billions available, in oil funds.



*5 If the Jews became formalistic, ritualistic and lacking in faith and sincerity as Malachi so assiduously and with such acerbity proclaims in the divine name, are the Gentiles, whether in dead churches*1A, that have left the body of Christ, or in specious propagandas of flesh, to be treated as if they were imperial specialties, or because of their logical solecisms and their social solipsisms, indulged toys!