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JOB 28



WHERE, asked Job, is wisdom to be found ? When circumstances roar like jealous lions, regretting that your flesh is still extant, thrive like angry snakes, intent on evil, plot like corsairs, brood  like offended maestros, concentrate their fire on you as if some game were being played to show endurance could not continue, then wisdom is one necessary ingredient in your answer.

If GOD be against you, you can forget it; or alternatively remember Him,  and make peace with Him, as in Isaiah 27:5,

"Or let him take hold of My strength, that he may make peace with me; and he shall make peace with Me."

The strength of God was needed to make matter, with mind its sovereign, and spirit its texturising control agent, and it is necessary when your relationship is broken or sick, to bring it to health and strength. It is done by taking the advice so long given, and for some, neglected for years. God's strength is His apparent weakness on the cross (I Corinthians 1), where in strength of character, He stood the test for man's sin and broke its hold by being broken, and then in the Messiah, banishing death's claim once for all. 

It is then, as in Isaiah 32:17, that

"the work of righteousness shall be peace,
and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever."

When God's answer to life's potential torment, inventory of arrows, slanders slenderly slanted to poison, sicknesses, calamities is sought, that it is found; but it is found where a sound relationship is first instituted, and its ways executed. If you do not like God, then you do not like life, and it may not seem to like you, which is perfectly natural. Abuse it and it can confuse you: why ever not!

In Philippians 4:4-6, you find that once you find the Messiah as in Philippians 2, coming all the spiritual way to earth as incarnate, to bring peace, that you are then, as when someone goes into a castle fortification, or the rock soaring above you (Psalm 18) that there is a reason and a purpose and a procedure likewise, and battles have point, assault against you has a place, and your strategy and commission being exposed by the One who made you, then you may even relish the conflict, that it may be sore, and find the victory which only God can give, and only in faith, you may receive.

Job was in such a situation, courtesy of the devil's desire that he be tested, and not allowed to behave as virtual enriched royalty, with no apparent tests at all (in fact this was mere slander, ford the self-control and character needed for Job to do all the good works he did, would have been large - it is easy to envy what you do not emulate!). Nevertheless, such was the challenge: "Does Job serve God for nought!" sneered the devil. He is essentially a liar (John 8), like the jaded girl-friend who seeing her comrade happy in a blessed marriage, comments, They just get a lot out of each other, lucky things: I would do the same if I were placed as they are," forgetting what the placement has entailed!

People who LOVE righteousness BECAUSE God has made us in righteousness and folly spends it amiss, and it is a key to knowing Him, where folly has no place, and truth abounds: these virtually CANNOT its appeal, like sound-deaf citizens of the soil, or blind perceptors of an Art Gallery.

Now we turn to Job 28 where Job, in the midst of many episodes and torments, trials and seeming subversive situations (some being such, since the devil was trying to break him down, and permitted to do so, short of death), having testified in clearest possible terms of redemption through the incarnate Messiah to come to this earth, and of resurrection (his own body was in an awful state because of Satan), looks for wisdom.

We have studied Job 28 before, in Acme  ... Ch. 4.

Job, then,  in the midst of sorrow,  grief and suffering, muses, following his finding of faith categorical and content-filled as in Job 19, where his bodily resurrection and the terrestrial emplacement of his Redeemer are  clearly focussed and made the essence and  repository of life. Thus poised, but not yet delivered, he  makes his discourse on wisdom.



Copper and silver have mines. Men swing about swaying underground in search of them. Vast their undertakings, in subterranean emplacements, they labour in exquisite toil. Shafts  may reveal  sapphires,  but this search, though dedicated, is subordinate to  the overall question: WHERE is WISDOM to be found ? Having made such observations, Job pursues this inevitably paramount wisdom, for its point of application, place, mode, habitat.

Wisdom, he continues: it is invaluable. It  lives with the place of understanding, but the spatial directions  contribute no help, and maps are here in vain. You can't purchase it,  as if obtainable by  market valuations; nor is there anything you can give in exchange for it. Why, the proverbs asks, teach a man if he has no heart for it (Proverbs 17:16).  This, it is quintessentially a matter of the heart, and not only the head, of perspective and reality, not mere interchange of objects; of attention, not atoms, of recognition, not play with bits of things *1.

The place of wisdom, Job continues, is hidden  from the EYES of men. Destruction, there is an entity which is acquainted with it (Job 28:22), for it is not inevitable without wisdom,  but an option when you find wisdom which gives to life its place, its  emplacement and as Job showed in Ch.19, its eternity if taken from God, the Redeemer. What is the good of life without eternity, like a stomach perpetually hungry or a mind, forever in dock, never on the oceans of mystery, to find their nature and rejoice.

Wisdom ? it was present WITH God when He measured,  created, contrived and devoted  attention  to the  construction of this world, with its various building blocks and artifices. It did not come from nowhere, or nothing, or no entity. It did not come where its fastidious functionalities were in the minds of mongols, submerged into oblivion. This is not only a matter of no productive interface; it is one of direct removal of one, by first of all envisaging its requirements, and then making sure that they are not there. It is at this point that the farcical nature of effort to ignore the creation becomes not only non-science, but nonsense. 

For me, for the last 55 years, I have believed it necessary to say so, if something does not make sense, in terms of due contest, where this is statedly the issue; I say it here.

It is an oblivion to the blessedness that man needs, to become a fraudulent intellect relic, using the mind to deny it. If it were invalid, then it could not show that this was so. Use it, and matter is subordinated to its ways; remove its relevance, and your argumentation is meaningless, a veritable self-contradiction.

Wisdom then is not to be found in surreptitious import of material laws, in a model where the opposite is the case, and the continual equally surreptitious importation of mental laws, logical pre-conditions, conformity of all operational cosmoi (mind, matter, spirit, and their colleagues and allies) into the scenario, a mere smuggler's cover. In this model, not a cave for the booty is to be provided, but an anti-laboratory, to prove that these treasures never work, and therefore are true, because they are evaluated as such. It is a type of voluntary dementia, dismissal of mind, while arguing, forgetful of the dismissal.

What is it like ? It is like a Principal who having sacked his Senior Maths Master,  goes on acting as if he were still there. It is as fastidiously and rather juvenile form, perhaps of paranoia, to speak kindly. The Board might not view it so leniently.

No, wisdom is not found in aggregations of matter, slave-driven, law-girt, formulation penetrable, comprehensible by mind, which KNOWS the laws that matter merely keeps, and INVESTIGATES matter's realm with an instrument used likewise in matter's own construction, thus producing compatibility and operational capacity to understand it, via concept.

Far less was it to be found in the non-minds of non-beings with non-personal powers which could never articulate its personal conceptualising and ramifying and commands.

What then ? The laws of matter are there: not chance, but command; and command does not come by the absence of power to command, but by its exercise. The laws of life do not come by IQ 60 manufacture, since this is scientifically precisely to seek for a solution, not near to the source need, but where it is definably absent. How much less do they come from non-legal, non-commanding, non-conceptual, non-functional nothings, lodged in somethings which in turn managed to arrive clandestinely, some night of logic, when it was not looking.

God saw wisdom, He prepared it for creation, Job informs us (Job 28:27). In fact, and this is just as found in the DNA with its memorable intricacies, commanding intimacies, and superb efficiencies, HE SEARCHED IT OUT. Such commands for integrated, linguistic-type information do not and cannot come from what is a butt of command, but what is at liberty to initiate command, impose conceptually formulable constraint, and make things happen.




God  did not face up to a stream of events, and add some thoughts here or there, like chocolate flavouring, to given amount, to a toffee base. There IS no base for God, who makes every level of the ontological strata, energy-forms, material formats, partial and more general control units, mini-motors for mini-tasks (like protein folding, where man's mind is so eclipsed by the Creator's miniaturised methods).

But this is the least. He makes the mentally creative and model-constructive units called minds, with their correlative imaginations, machinations and creative impulses, in His ' junior'  creation complex, man, His divinely formulated totality of design, in which God has designated the relative significance of form, format, dynamic of energy, organisational structure, command stricture, moral rules, spiritual access modes, and filial opportunities so that the whole has a front like a temple, vast, ramifying and remarkable.

Beneath, there proceeds this folding, forming, forging, accounting for each principle beyond mere structure, in the midst of structure, installing stricture, and making fail-safe provisions as desired. Indeed, in this DNA is an excellent representative, with its vast provisions not only for editing (the copies of originals for new growth), but correcting what has escaped editing; and for having information about information, rules of procedure in a multi-systematic, mutually operative whole, where an integral and to a large extent, self-correcting entity, called man, is the product, from the template from the first.

Vastly beyond this relatively simple field (staggering in its complexity, to be sure, but RELATIVELY simple because utterly organised in one language only), is the mental machination and  the spiritual fascination and origination. This is both for its production in the first place, in its own cosmos, and then its fitting into the other ontological entities, to make just ONE BEING of the totality, the overview and estimate, the evaluation and occupation side of which is so far greater than the means side, that error here can simply obliterate marvel there, as in ... murder, or suicide for that matter. Then you have man, or cosmos, or universe, each according to kind, character and constitutive forces, forms, laws, provisions, procedures and limits as assigned. Assignations are not from nowhere, nor is logic, nor is its application from the mind of man to the world of 'nature', nor is its validity. It all has grounds necessary, the lack of which spells dream; for it is then based on nothing.

What then is the wisdom for all this, since its installation is so obvious ? When man as man has to make moral judgments, political decisions, career aspirations, puzzle perceptions, catastrophe problematics a challenge: where is wisdom to be found. At the risk of appearing defective, one has to state it: why at the Source from which these threefold entities, this ontological trio CAME. He has the laws, the desire, the dynamic, the synthesis, the articulation of rules by which these things move, or in the case of mind, are rebukeable, so in the realm of spirit, it is well to find out from Him. WHY, then, was I created and WHAT am I in particular to do, or my people, tribe or nation ?

Wisdom is necessary at the outset of life, and blessed is he who has it in the form where testability, that mode of science, establishes it beyond all competition, the Bible*1A ).

To the Maker, Creator, Author of Life, Maker of DNA, FORMER of law, and fountain of wisdom for this His staggering creation, man, one must look*1B. In looking one must simply check out with ruthless and uncorrupted simplicity, the realities of what is available with God's name, and adhere to what shows itself His under open test. Reason is employed. It is a given. Its results are as listed in the Bible (Romans 1:17ff.), and the availability o the book is the verification.

To  man, in the midst of this creation, He gave a categorical advice:

The fear of God,  that is wisdom, 
and to depart  from evil,  this is understanding

(Job 28:28).

God has made Himself staggeringly clear. He has it all written down. The interpersonal side is managed through His sending of His Spirit; the laws are static, spiritual, inscribed. By DNA command, man is made able to read, with the use of his due facilities; by DIVINE command, he is to find God where He is, and not where imagination prefers (Isaiah 55), where test shows truth (Isaiah 41, 43-45, 48), and there he may read what the Principal of this college requires. This College is that of Truth, not culture, for the vulture-culture of unbelieving man is an aggressor which merely muddles man and the world, till it becomes one enlarging puzzle, like a car driven without water until it is a matter of engineering interest to find the various dysfunctions, how they arrive. It is not however wise so to do.

As to God, He is the Board as well as the Principal, having constructed the school and those in it. It is well to know Him. Pride that does not deign to taste reality, is for fools; fuzzy food like fairy floss as sole diet for children.

Evil then ? It begins by being what departs  from the wisdom, the work, the ways, the created pathways of God. He searched it out, and man's researches, then as often  (but not always) now, were  to find another way, such as Satan smirkingly suggested (Genesis 3). The other way can have factitious, fictitious appeal, meretricious mountebank mouthing; but its end is loathing, loss of life, of orientation, of operable perspective, of objective evaluation (TMR Ch.5 ), and it drools readily in scepticism, cynicism (cf. SMR Ch. 3), a sort of psychic resultant of dabbling in what does not fit,  so that both thoughts and deeds become unfitting.

Small wonder you have fits of mania, such as Hitler or Stalin or apparently, Ahmadinejad, where devastation becomes an inherent right of what has neither logical basis nor divine aid. These: why read Ezekiel 17-34, and see the way the Lord organises the response to pride, self-elevation, of nation or person, and how it unwinds. Wisdom does it. It has its own ways: it is the pathway of God.

Yet God, in His wisdom,  not merely makes massifs of self-congratulation to be brought low as it often has done (cf. The Pitter-Patter ... Ch. 4), or empires to become superfluous, the terrifying monster to become the pathetic cringe, the judges to become the judged. In wisdom, He also provides through love the remedy, as Job stressed it (Job 19:21-29), and the wonder of wisdom: the work of the Creator to come, in judging on this earth at the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ (cf. Christ, the Wisdom and the Power of God Ch. 8, Repent or Perish Ch. 2, SMR Ch. 6 with SMR pp. 502ff.).

What would be so wonderful if filled with vindictive enmity, God simply unwound the missiles of mind, the terrors of matter, the sanctions against the human spirit, to render it a shameful mess, exhibiting what it had long become, now openly! It would be just ? Yes. It would be neat ? Perhaps.

It would not appeal. But now we have compassion, which seeing the editing errors, made large in mind and spirit, not by the Second Law of Thermodynamics in its relevant operation*1C , but by misused WILL, finds itself funded from the WILL of GOD, to obliterate the case of guilt, and make peace. That alone would be phenomenal, yes more than this, a path of a wisdom so incandescent as to attest forever the wonder that is man, where it IS wonderful, that is, in its relationship with the Wonder, the Counsellor who made him

Yet now, it is more than this. God not only has provided such a path, but PERSONALLY dug it out. It had even geographic specifications (Bethlehem the birth-place, Micah 5:1ff.), though geography in this was merely used, as is a gun to kill a rabbit. It was not to kill, however, but to be killed that He came.

Here is wisdom, that He through the Spirit has recorded and inscribed these things, and not only this, but done so beforehand as in Isaiah, the Psalms, Zechariah, Micah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Deuteronomy and so on, and in a particular predicted place in TIME (Christ the Citadel ... Ch. 2), the foretold death date for the greatest death in history, great not only because of the divine status of Him who died, being sent as sacrifice to make peace, but because LIFE was affirmed in the midst of death, though man continues to murder millions and call it war in many cases, where it is in fact subjugation and non-subjection to truth which leads to it.

Death, a divine sentence on sin, which disrupts the systems, disparages the dream of man's formulation, formation and function, has been rescinded as man's permanent address. WHERE in wisdom man is found, WHERE in wisdom man receives the remedy, WHERE in wisdom truth is received, WHERE in repentance man is redeemed, then THERE is a place for wisdom, for Jesus Christ is the WISDOM of God (I Corinthians 1, Proverbs 8*1D, and His Gospel is Divine Wisdom itself, the self-imposed marching orders of God, which love delighted to fulfil, for man's deliverance: as many as received Him in this saving role.

Wisdom, it is to know God whose love is the acme of His action, which rejoices in the truth, where joy is to be found, for restitution is better than dissolution, and regeneration than degeneration, and eternal life than eternal death.

Praise God for His wisdom.

Possess then your possessions, if you name Christ, or seek Him: come and be found in Him, and with eternal life, know the God who made you.



There is a perspective which is not humanly generated, though it may be humanly perceived (WE do not generate Niagara Falls, though we may readily perceive them in their awesome,  design majesty, correlative consequence of the modes and sustaining of creation).

There is a standard, though it may be humanly breached.

There is a resultant for this, though it has been mercifully by wisdom in love, been  replaced  by restoration instead, where Christ's redemption is


both realised and taken to heart,  as it is


written in the Wisdom of God,


contained in the Bible.

It is there, from  first to last, in preparation, prophetic intimation, in Messianic execution (when the Messiah was executed, in a delightful divine irony in the midst of grief, for God is very wise) as in Life's almost scornful overthrow of death's ministrations,  as if these could contain the life of Him who became man, though Himself source of life! He came to render innocuous the death which man's  folly inherited,  derisively vacating the tomb with an act of splendour, and continuing as if death were an event,  like a scholarship exam or an athletic carnival, to be routinely faced and duly overcome (Acts 2:24).

It is He who always did what pleased His Father, fountain of wisdom, power and protective authority, source of judgment and of joy, site of spirituality and place of peace (John 8:29), who dwells in light unapproachable (I Timothy 6:16).Of  this His  act (cf. John 2:19-20), Peter writes  this:

"whom God raised up, having loosed the pains of death,
because it was not possible that He should be held by it."

He proceeds to cite the prophetic intimation given 1000 years before, in Psalm 16 (cf. PSALM 16) which Christ diligently fulfilled (Matthew 26:28ff.,52ff.).

Possibility, note,  is not what man can obtain, but what God elects to do; and when He resolves on its performance, power provokes possibility into actuality, and wisdom directs power to  facility. It is the astonishing neglect of this simple fact, found in all of human machinations, activations and constructions, requisite in logic, that intimate correlation which cause finds with effects in our world being merely an apt created summary for it: then it is done. He simply speaks, Creator AND CEO of the universe, and it is done.

Sometimes,  as in the  crucifixion,  it means that He suffers in the elected purpose and enterprise of rescue; but this too, it is done. He came, He saw, He conquered and finishing it in one, left only one result for man, but it is infinite in scope, wonderful in kind, sufficient in efficacy! (Hebrews 7-11).

It is not possible for it not to be; but please, reader, never confuse that with simplicity or superficiality. Becoming Redeemer to experience man's butchery of mind, body and spirit, this was as arduous as ardour can  find, as wise as wisdom develops. as tedious and tedium contrives, as singular as heart  and creativity achieve, as effective as deity arrangers,  and as non-compulsory as God's image in man achieves.

That any man, woman, child should so despite in reckless tirade against truth, broadside against wisdom, gush with guile in the midst of generosity, is the focus of man's downfall, the force behind his fiascos and the depth of his divorce from  wisdom.

It is to be found, one remembers, in the fear of God;  and to  depart  from evil (contrary to this), that is understanding. That is why ALL philosophies  ALWAYS fail logically, empirically or both, which ignore that fact; and this is in turn is why philosophy, which is chiefly IN this world OF this world, has gained so horrid a name. It is a divorce substitute, the letter of fury for the simplicity (to mind) of faith. The love of wisdom ought not to be so; but then, since  wisdom is not loved by man in this world, this being an election and selection and deliverance for some, then its philosophy in general*1F (cf. Colossians 2:8), is a sink for pollution on the way to its irksome shrine, at best a processing plant for intellectual sewerage. There is a place for wisdom; but purely human  philosophy is not it.

It reminds one of the Groucho Marx verbalism, after an entertainment. It runs something like this: I have had a very nice time, but it wasn't here.



Is wisdom then to be found in the movement of particulate matter, that ceaseless chatter which like the movement of blood corpuscles, has its own place and part in that for which it is sub-structure, towards which it may be built ? Not at all. It is under orders. Who gave the orders ? DNA IS orders; who commanded. Matter is recipient of orders, which it punctiliously obeys, being mere organised material for service; but it  does not issue any. Just show us by experiment that it is doing so, and let us listen to the intellection thus generated (not re-generated by using what is already a store-source for commands,  a simply mode of begging the question).

DO it. MAKE it. It is the same with the illusion that particles make up structure and organise modes and entwine themselves with concepts, implicit in commands that they should be intelligible (to us) and effectual (to other particles in making the billions of  racing cares - a metonymy for countless, brilliantly  operational works of life). Don't talk about it. Make it happen WITHOUT using intelligence. Then we shall acknowledge your greatness: but don't  cheat. What is there is a product; so are you: you have  to show that the product matter does not need the product you (possessed of the hitching-post of intelligence), or any of your kind of mind, to make it all up.

The fact that information theory*2 opines to the contrary (SOME science, even  today, is harassed enough by facts to conform its configurations to what happens, not what is hoped!), is a npn-misty comment, not from  naturalism, but from nature as observable source. WHY discount what is, in order  to explain it!  START with it,  and you end with explanation if you go far  enough (as in SMR, TMR), USE it  in order to solve mystery.  But don't TELL it what it must do or be like in complete and utter divorce from  what it does; and please do not confuse such an intellectualist program of hope with science. That is scarcely even philosophy, but rather simple romancing.  No wonder Professor Lewontin of Harvard University spoke in a sort of confessional moment, it seems, of naturalism's just-so stories and absurdities!

Why ? As shown in Possess Your Possessions Volume 8, Ch. 5, it is because the idol of materialism*3 , which like other subversions, requires such  subservience of intellect to vain theories. That is as  usual for millenia (cf. Spiritual Refreshings ... Ch. 13), this fascination  with bits, these tone poems on blather, what MUST happen, apparently a sort of compulsive directive  to nature to nestle into itself, and before it is there, make itself.

As if this were not enough,  then it is directed by command-science (scientistic self-elevation) to continue on doing so, as if forgetful of cause and  effect, in a surreal world made by mountebanks, giving sufficiency by the mind of man, on the errors of which it is to generate bits, systems, rationality, penetrability by reason, needing no disciple of causality, nor any cosmos of control. The dream is as if 'nature' were  interested in invention from the mind of man, that it should hang like an intellection, a mistletoe of hope, despite the actuality of its limited and observable  testimony of works, as if concrete could burn in a gentle breeze. Little children are like that: they imagine they can drive Dad's car: rarely however do we find them imagining that they can make it: for obviously, they cannot.

Bits from nowhere, their laws from nowhere, as are their cohesion in systems and sub-systems of architectural constraint, their generative capacities of information technology, their susceptibility to intellectual formation and penetration, the growth of the whole into individualities of profound and integral powers and character: you can play with nothing, like putting noughts without an initial integer of magnitude. They get you nowhere. it is all but a dream of results without sufficient cause, of elements without limitation to their observable powers, of infusions in profusion without notation of the source, of gradualism without generative source, surging into significance by departure of earlier bits, in ways never found to have basis in reason, source in cause, but assumed like the new home of the newly weds, for which they cannot pay. These, they do not have the unwisdom to build the house by changing the attestable laws of nature; but instead, as facers of facts, they must provide the work, the toil,  of comprehending and composing the parts, all made for composition by intelligence, and actually engaging in labour.

If it were otherwise, houses might not be so expensive; and universes might be seen at work building themselves with facility, and this one building up, not running down, the DNA of man himself, actively engaged in this negative and downward process. Of that Dr Sanford of Cornell has empirical facts to be noted (cf. Waiting for Wonder Appendix). It is better to face these too, rather than dream. There is nothing romantic about dreams that subsidise folly, deny reason and are then provided for 'science' as if they related in some way to the proper disciplines of that realm.

The whole concept of things coming by going, or coming from nowhere, or arriving in the plush flush of cause-free imagination is contrasted with the loud blare of things declining for very adequate cause, as they wear down, wear out, receive jars to their order, and exhaust their limited resources.

It is time to give up on bits in the bitter blas bombast of looking at sub-structures to make themselves, the reason in them, by which we can understand them, both we and they being made on one mould (the LOGOS, allowing mutual penetrability on the one hand, and penetration on the other as we think, and it moves), the outcomes and the integration of these in ascending scales of correlative laws, structures, cosmoi of operation, such as inspection, intellection, computation, creative thought, will and folly at will. Nothing is featureless, dreams about it are drivel, desires are not dynamic and hope is not happening. Imagination is one thing; logic is another; causation is a third; mentality is a fourth; program is a fifth; will is a sixth; orientation is a seventh; choice on reasoned grounds is an eighth and these things do not come by first imagining anything you feel like and then having it give successive birth to all of these, like a queen ant that is not there. Fantasy has its limits; and so has man. But the use of such romances has no romantic ending, for misgauging your beginning merely hastens your end.

It is time  to seek the Lord (II Corinthians 6, Isaiah 55).

It is time to realise that rebellion is quite cute till the sea overflows your castaway folly.

It is time to seek the truth and to live it.

The fear of the Lord, that awesome awareness of His majestic splendour, intolerance of sin, enormous toleration of man so that He came to die for him, vast capacities of creativity without limit, so that He has contrived to make the 'new man', restored to His own image (Colossians 3:10), through regeneration (John 3,  Titus 2-3), in a marvellous enterprise of love to mankind: it is time to find it, and to act. It is time to visit the cross of guilt  cancellation (II Corinthians 5), and to take up one's own cross of disciplined, spiritual soldiery,  daily.

Laxity and self-indulgence, including indulgence of the self, as distinct from mere slackness, is as productive of wisdom as tar of pure drinking water.





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