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Chapter 3 






I was looking at some prints of birds, in a beautifully produced, large volume on the Arctic, Antarctic, and was impressed with the exquisite precision of the geometry of their markings, the brilliant taste in the aesthetics of the colours, the aerodynamic feel, as if aircraft, of many of the creations, the fascinating ectypes - that is, what would be personas if they were humans, their obvious characteristics, their features as entities, not run of the mill, but product of a creative thrust which made of them living BEINGS.

Theirs, in many cases, is an aerodynamic facility - it is fun to watch those who also live nearby as they take off and land, as they prepare to land, as they engage in circuits when disturbed, as they survey scenes and select sites, and to compare some of their movements to the most sophisticated manoeuvres of relatively clumsy aircraft, which lack their sense of touch and feel, of delicacy for each occasion ... of LIFE!

Again, in waiting rooms, one may see as doctor prepares his way to you, designs of the most sophisticated artistry, intricate almost beyond measure, precise in symmetry or fascinating in individuality, as if princesses, not parrots, as if portraits from the great, and not birds, were in view. It is necessary to be realistic: there is an EXUBERANCE in creation which far surpasses utility. In vain does the reductionist parade his blindness. It is THERE. Far beyond the need, long into the hinterlands of design, past all amateurism, often past the professional, is the brilliance of fashioning that evokes admiration and to the wise-hearted, adoration of the Maker.

It is the same as we have been seeing in the realm of micro-biology, in particular in genes*1. There is a sophistication the opposite of sophistry, a marvel and a wonder of precision engineering and electronic communication, a brio of intricacy with a modality of miniaturisation and simplicity (as in the 'letters' of DNA) leading to astuteness of function which is even to the non-professional in the field, a diatribe against the elevation of stultification as its base, indeed, against the elevation of the sub-moronic as its cause. Indeed, to be sub-moronic, even to earn the specification 'moronic' at all, there would need to be something in the realm of mind; but not nothing to the point, not assemblable (the word ugly, so is the thought, they match, so let it be) stuff plus nothing assembling itself in code to the point of artistry and exuberance and maintaining the same by devices in themselves exquisite and repairing in the same domain of super-intelligence.

That is, it is to be so described if words are to retain meaning, and to relate to the functionalities which one observes as testimony and evidence, rather than being assaulted, stripped naked and left to die in the aridities of irrelevant philosophies.

What is the source of this artistry, this enthusiasm of creativity, and yes again, in the same field of exuberance, the sheer VARIETY of modes, built as we learn from Denton for example, on hierarchical models*2. As with any engineer, parts may be inserted into this or that design, since they are THERE and they can BY INTELLIGENCE be adapted to multi-functional usage, with various DEVICES of a keenly intellectual kind*2A.

You see, dear reader, we are failing to be blind, and does it not astonish your long abused eyes! Here we are talking as if double-talk had never been invented, as if the association between what is there, and what it takes to put such things there, between each cosmos (thought, intellection, abstraction, symbolic notation, provision of power for the implementation of symbolically expressed orders, engineering modalities and so forth - before you even enter the aesthetic and the elegant) and each result, were a subject of rational investigation and application. How long have how many suffered*2B the 'as if' madness, as if results of the uttermost distinction ever seen visibly on this earth, in classes and categories of invention, were not even related to sufficiency of origin for the modes of conceptually formulated fashions which work them, engineered provisions which are worked on by them and ensembles into integrality even with ectype pseudo-personas, which exhibit them!

Our present concern however is NOT with the order, the orders, the commands, the symbol-signification, and signification-orientation considerations, or a host of the other features of the movement of mind in general, intelligence in particular and personal distinctiveness as well, but rather with a specific feature. It is EXUBERANCE.

Just as PERSPICUITY, the penetrability of the construction called creation by human mind with its concepts, categories, logical structuring and investigatory analytical tools, and the correlativity of the one set of active things with the other set of investigable things, is a masterpiece of conceptual concord, a field of semantics in engineering inhabited by results, so there is this exuberance. The one is a clarity of interface, the one suffering its unveiling at the mind of the other; the other is a prodigality of the created face, but it is, to be sure, correlative also, the creativity expressed with the creativity impressed into the mind and spirit of man as the investigator once again. But what shall be said of the results of such semantic survey ? What meaning is to be found in a fastidious attention to detail visually, to form aerodynamically, to skills in flight with thousands of procedural variations depending on tempest or calm, direction of wind and hindrances or helps to flight, to take one phase only, when it is MIXED with MYRIADS of types of birds, with magnificences of wonder spread out like pictures in an Art Gallery ?

It is true that some birds are less attractive (boobs is not just a derogatory term in the avine world!), and that some creatures are repulsive (some of the vast walruses remind one of fat, obese, pleasure loving gentry, waving their masculinity with fetid zeal), and one is lazy (the sloth), and yet it lives. But that is all well done. Nothing is lost. The parade, like a party impersonation series, is instructive. Who does not relish the sheer artistry of the bee dance to divulge information for foraging, the wonder of the little bags for pollen on the rear legs, the astonishing creativity of having the termitic change for some of that kind, when they develop wings for flight for the phase of life which requires it, and start building take-off platforms*3 ?

The fox for cunning, the bear for clumsy persistence and insidious pursuit, the rabbit for running, the hare for overland flight, the deer for dearness, tenderness, the pheasant for fashion, the elephant for retention of memory and persistence of desire, the hippopotamus for hugeness and snappiness (with the mouth, not in art form this time), the rhino for rage: these are all exquisite AS parables for wisdom to digest. They are all of their type, prodigies of cartoons or instructions, or illustrations. They are not daft or inept; they are depictions that stay in the mind and instruct the spirit, just as do the beauties and delicacies of floral artistries to take away one's breath with the sheer wonder, as of daffodils with Wordsworthian profusion, stalking the fields with a careless and naive beauty, which fears nothing and occurs anyway.

It is all so multi-spectacular, modally conceptual, in terms of ectype, brilliantly typed without redundancy, the very characters of these creations events in their own right!

It is not at all so many assemblages of (nicely designed) lego building blocks (or their vastly more complex and useful natural parallels), coming now in this fall-out and now that. It is entirely to the contrary. It is instead so many engineering marvels, computing exquisites, assembly line exemplars, mathematical prodigies, miniaturisation specialties,  easily-carried complexes (small enough to fit inside invisible cells, with vast, even prodigious information in each), ectypes of individuality and innovation with system and architectural facility, each one of some type, with sub-types brilliantly arrayed.

So appear the avenues of creation for this or that bird or flower, beaver or eagle, parrot or dog, horse or deer, like brilliant music, with thousands of notes in symmetrical, in aesthetically fascinating, in evocative and almost provocatively brilliant displays of originality on which  bewonderment loves to thrive, while classes of music, of architecture, of brilliant techniques and originalities within these in sheer unmitigated exuberance and force, come, all equipped with meaning, method, the imagination of maestro and the execution of mentality at awesome heights, so far from divorce from feeling and art, as to serve these with an intimacy which is surpassed only by the ultimate individuality within the type, which comprises the vitality of the product. .

Each creation is a pièce de résistance, including the virus, or the mosquito curse, each doing with amazing technical facility, what is its task assigned.

It is like watching a champion swimmer, pianist, organist: each work is a prodigy, each production has a signature: who else could do that! we say. When you reach the summit of summits and the methodological brilliance of METHOD together with the ectypal brilliance of result - in the case of mankind, persons - and the self-production of the bodily unit, able to renew another member of the kind or clan, it is then that , bathed in brilliance, it is time to dry-out the startled wits and glorify God.

You look at the flora, and marvel at its exuberance and then at the micro-floral almost too small to see, and then marvel at its persistent fashioning, each after its kind, and each kind possessing multiple means of variation within kind, till the sheer ebullience of the creativity leaves one, as it should, in adoration of the Maker of such things, sufficient for them, efficient for them, implicit in their construction. It is He who is explicit in His book, the Bible,  the one written not in symbols for command, like vitality kits for the next generation (just in case we tried to evade the first impact, providing for the erection before our eyes of the next generation, step by step, in an organised soldiery of construction) but in immediately cognisable units called words.

These are of ONE KIND, since when the Speaker acts directly, His mind is definitive, not typical. Thus the messages of 1500 years are consistent and imposing, the language, that is its semantic content, of one kind, whilst in the case of the DNA, the instruction symbolism, the language of command, is of one consistent kind. Consistency of plan for salvation and of procedure for the biological construction is a twofold partnership.

In His book, the Lord of creation reviews such things in various places (Psalm 104, Job, Romans 5,  8:17ff., Genesis), and with this comes, as in the last text just cited, a sobering note.

What! says someone, of the cruelty of the fox, the wolf ? What, one at once replies, of the cruelty of so many who profess religion and who do not! What sort of heart is in man that so much sheer and blatant hypocrisy comes with WORDS from this spirit of his, wizened words of self-praise and ambition for the spirit of man, as a whole, in part, in race or in politics or in nationality, as he nudges aside both truth and honesty and seeks to grab, whether as now parts of the Arctic, or as in former times, much of the world! This he has done, even to the point of grabbing slaves in some centuries, and turning whole nations into integral slave camps in others, as appears in danger of happening in Tibet, as it tended to happen in the USSR.

Tended ? you may well ask! You are too soft, you may add. But let one explain. Take Solzhenitsyn who died this week at age 89, was he in an integral slave camp ? Or was he in a kingdom of another kind that nothing could capture ? Did his spirit find itself subdued ? or were his words those of fear of retribution when he publicly admonished Russian Orthodox leaders for their too servile yielding to the anomalous atheism of their predatory government! or when he exposed the Gulag. Someone might reply: That does not reduce the impact of the slavery!

But it does. This is precisely what it limits. It does not limit the INTENTIONS of the slavery, or its endeavours to be systematic; but it does reduce its impact, and it did not reduce Solzhenitsyn to conformity, because not being God, it cannot control its people, as the 1991 developments displayed to the point that this wicked and corrupt, this irrational and unempirical, this self-contradictory modern Nineveh decayed at last, relaxed its clutching and spasmodic grip. At last, it proceeded to set free not merely Berlin but many others, though its pollution of many waters remained, with its grossly careless distribution of nuclear waste into the Artic Ocean and reported pollution of Lake Baikal.

Yet with all this said, we do but discuss the NATURE of the admitted gross horrors which man does, and has wrought for so long in so many dimensions, whether with scimitar or inquisitorial fire, with the confused principles of communism rationally excommunicated by the very spirit which animates its own obstinacy and harrowing tours of persecution. THAT has no necessity*3A.

How valuable was the tale told in The Australian magazine, August 2-3, 2008, of a lady who was in danger of being killed by a masked terrorist, and not only she, but her daughter also, when the latter by biting, created such a disturbance that the man of horror lost his mask, was recognised as one to whom immense pity had been shown by the very family he was now persecuting, and so overcome, broke down with savage regret for his follies! The spirit of man is not subject to necessity except in LIMITATION (for he is not god), but when it comes to being scheduled by this or that thought, in common stopping all men from reaching the truth, then 'the truth' having reached the philosopher who says so, shows that if right, he must be wrong! The model precludes its operational power, being its own death-warrant.

Such tiresome tirades as make such models are the very stuff of the irrational into which man is uniformly led whenever he tries to abscond with his created equipment from the God who made him*4.

Man is so fallen, so fastidiously fallen in philosophies, so grossly in politics, so habitually in psychic maladies, so conspicuously in frauds and lies, so persistently in injustice, so horrendously in hypocrisies which creep like radioactive emanations, into the lives of those who profess very different things, that the provision of a cursed creation for his delectation is something of the nature of a parallelism. Man bit 'nature' (that is, abused the conditions of his trial in such an elevated state, as in Genesis 1-3), and nature, by the hand of God, bit back!

BEHOLD THE MAN! cried Pilate as he presented the illicitly whipped Christ to the populace. Here was the idea, here is the one you refuse to take in pardon, and on whose crucifixion you are now so vociferously insisting! They took Him and ignoring the point, that this expressed in physical format the screeching horrors of horrid hearts, proceeded in blindness to crucify the ONLY HOPE of this saddened, often maddened, grievous, self-esteeming human race.

BEHOLD THE CREATION! then one can cry, in parallel to this.

Look at what you have done to it, and yet do. Look at the greenhouse effect (some even now trying to say, It is not man's fault! in the old gag of shrugging off responsibility)! look at the vast hole that comes and goes and expands and comes again in the ozone layer. Consider the resultant skin cancer, as man erodes what is in effect the protective gaseous armour designed for the amour, the well-being of the earth!

What YOU, mankind,  have done to it (including to its races, its peoples), is illustrated and made visible in your environment!

Take Peking, in this:  what was NEEDED to clear air up to a reasonable degree for the Olympics, and consider all those lungs, and what they suffered, before the Olympics and may yet suffer again. Let us recognise that this is merely one illustration, though an extreme one! What GOD has done to man's earthly habitat, in order to EXHIBIT to him his folly,  to mock evils, to illustrate the nature of his misused power, to remind him of his sins and to make cartoons of them, and to limit him while he nose-dives with the pathetic exaltation on his lips,  of 'man, man, man!' - exulting as he cries and falls,  is likewise a tableau! (Romans 8:17ff.,  5:12ff.).

This earth, says Paul, is subjected to vanity, that is, to what is not good and strong and fine and true, but rather vacuous of goodness, deprived in godliness through vice and misplaced valour, cursed or without virtue.  Why ? It has been for the suffering man imposed on himself in the beginning, and yet imposes on the race in continuity, in rebellion with relish, in scoffing with sardonism, in godlessness with thrust.  The disease exhibits elements of its cause, as with lung cancer. The consequence is not unrelated to its cause; the scoffing receives its echo, and the vicious departure from God finds for itself the vices that lash, just as they came with the viciousness which lusted.

When therefore God subjected 'nature' to this curse, man's vault to this containment of calamity, He did not spare anything. In parables of animals, in pointedness in history, in games of futile philosophy, in wars of endless emptiness and vast suffering, man continues his dalliance with the devil. The more his sin teems, the more results team with it, to rebuke it.

The folly man imposes is correlative in general terms to the suffering God discloses;  and so they move in parallel. Plagues of locusts are merely one exhibit, the mosquito another, of the curse which is to remind man that he is not living in the world of a failed God but of a failed man, and that God who does not fail to supervise the earth till its end (which comes - Matthew 24:25, Isaiah 51:6, II Peter 3), will remind this race again and again, in system, in principle, in event, of his hollow course and vanity of perception and action, while time lasts! It is not without hope, that many will relent and repent, and millions no doubt have already done so after the long, little span of human history over perhaps less than 10,000 years*5.

But we merely put things in perspective The creation is still wonderful, the beauty of skies and lakes and their planes of merger, of mountains and dells, valleys and skyscapes, of fluorescent brilliance of Spring colours and deliciously evacuated Winter scenes of splendour, these continue. The delight of the new-born in its nascency and potential, this still comes, the puppy is still a hive of invention and joy, of play and spirits, youth still explores with rigour, when not too soon corrupted altogether, the means for which a permissive society is madly increasing.

The EXUBERANCE of creation is the topic; the surrounds are a sub-topic; the enduring reality of the furnace of invention is the theme.

It is this which is incapable of rational denial, and it is a characteristic of the creation as well as perspicuity, integrality of ectypes and irreducible complexity, sophistication of artistic intellection and the rest as seen in History, Review and Overview Ch. 5 and developed in The Bible: ... Ch. 5.


It is all or nothing. It is not only

 irreducible complexity, but

indivisible integrity,

indissoluble co-operation,

inter-and intra-systematic proliferation,

coherence of logic and symbolic notation with
executive receptors, skilled to catch meaning and execute orders, 

continuity of sequence from

connotation, to denotation, to implementation,

in a series of systematics incomprehensible except in totality,

together with




This is the stuff of creation of which man is part.

(Indeed see:

SMR pp. 332Gff.,
Stepping Out for Christ
Ch. 9,
Repent or Perish
Ch. 7 in End-notes,  
Evidence and Reality
... Ch. 2,   and   for further considerations! and
The Bible
... Ch. 4 - 5, especially the later, on Perspicuity, another feature.)

Such is the array of today, while it is day, and such is the reality of creation, its own theme, its own order and proclivities, initiation rites of command and complexity, exuberances of mathematics and form, of instruction and production, of aesthetics and prosthetics, means and marvels almost without limit, set in types, conditioned into kinds, except for man. It is he who, though as mankind also delimited, yet having powers of thought and will, conception and imagination, model-making in thought and mind,  can systematically mar the model.



Thus he who is more, becomes less through the corruption of precisely what IS more. Yet positively,  though he may make himself less, acting as a devil, yet his scope is still more. In what way ? It is in this:  that in the kindness of God his kind has scope to become the children of God.

There is no kind of book to mirror, to parallel, to compete with the Bible, the sole authorised declaration of God to man in propositional form, the only testable and verifable and verified religious handbook, or contestant for the post of the speech of the Creator, the living God. Moreover in it only is there the capacity to explain in principle ALL things (cf. Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ), just as in it there is the requisition of reason that it be*6, that such a word BE found.

Thus is there a creation of great delight;  for the logic given by the Lord, requiring such a Book, is refreshed when it is found*7. Then is there scope for the conjoining of what is self-separated, and the conjugality of what is divorced, for man to return to his God and the sinner to find his Redeemer, Jesus Christ Himself, the heart cordial of an entente cordiale like no other.

With what a PERSONAL joy, the Lord views such a development, having paid to the uttermost (Hebrews 5:7), in order to save to the uttermost (Hebrews 7:25), there even being more joy in heaven only just ONE sinner who repents, relents, comes home to the holiness of the Lord, finds pardon and secures redemption utterly freely (Romans 3:23ff., 5:17ff., Isaiah 55), and then revels in the realisation of the presence of the Lord! (Matthew 28:19-20, Colossians 1:27, Ephesians 3:16) and all it entails (John 15:7), and provides (Ephesians 1:11)!

More joy than in what ? than in 99 who are already home. Why ? The delight of the rescue is in this profound, the DEPTH from which the one delivered comes, the HEIGHT to which he goes (cf. Colossians 1:13) and the future which is assured (Romans 8:28ff.). Indeed, when  God saves, He recreates, He renews after the image first made (Colossians 3:10), regenerates (John 3), not merely re-wiring but reworking with a splendour of suffusion with His own self, which impacts on the lost soul like apple-nectar that is cold on the palate immersed in dust.

But why, however great the individual ground, is there more of it than for 99 others already home ?

If you have a family, and all is well, it is fine and delightful and you love its members. If one member is near death, is not your focus there, is threatened, is not your hope there, and while you love the rest, you cherish the deliverance of THIS ONE, for it is on the verge of being lost!

What is true physically is more so spiritually; for the physical is for a time, but the spiritual for eternity; and as the physical has time on its side, ready to be sure to be deleted, the spiritual is built for immortality, and needs its restoration before ... it goes.

And what a welcome is there coming ! (I Corinthians 15:51ff.), and on what grounds it is built! (I Corinthians 15:20-25).








See for example:

The Bible: ... Ch. 3, *8,  

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Spiritual Refreshings Ch.  13,

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See Message ... Ch. 7 re the extensive work of Denton on this aspect in his Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, and again Evidence and Reality ... Ch. 6. On the impact of symbols of command deployment, operational words, and all that is involved, see News 94 with The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God ... Ch. 2. On the musings in futility of evolutionists themselves in their barren domain, see Dancers ... Ch. 5.



See Deliberative Design in SMR pp. 252H-J.



See SMR Ch. 5, Causes, Predestination and Freewill,  Section IV on Kant.

Kant, in just the same way as the Marxists (in his model, conditioned by forces not of enlightenment but of mere power) had knowledge of what is beyond knowledge, and so was rationally  unable to tell us that because on his model, we could not know it: the ultimates lay hidden.

In fact, his paraphernalia of imaginary conceptual spectacles, which were to get between the observer and 'reality', could not be sustained. Thus if it were true that causality were created by our bent for seeing things in a certain way, then this is what caused the concept. In other words, as soon as you try to get rid of such a thing as causality, and to make it just subjective, provided because of some idea, then TO GET THERE it has itself, to be caused by the thing you cite for its arrival.

In other words, to have such a hidden field as Kant's, you have to beg the question. We are so made that such thoughts reach the barriers of irrationality.

In fact, made by God, we have excellent access to reality, except for limitations which do not allow us to see the whole of time as one, like an open book on which we can flick the pages at will: we have to  LIVE through it. But then when God tells us what we do not know in this dimension, this not only agrees with what we do, but gives us what is beyond our cognition in this, that you cannot know ANYONE'S heart, if he does not tell you, and as to the heart of such a one as God, while His power and nature are apparent (cf. Remedy Ch. 11, TMR, SMR), yet the thoughts of His heart are another matter. Since we are given access to reality and meet barriers of logic every time we seek to avoid this fact, we are responsible for what we do with God - not in the sense of deranging Him, for we CANNOT, but in the sense of our RELATIONSHIP with Him, which is something different indeed!

Thus what has logical backing and is required by reason can readily be tested, and when man defies God, then his perspective being wrong, he comes into endless antinomies and antilogies (cf. Deity and Design ...  Section 8), and into foolish flirtations which end in nothing short of endeavours to subvert simple facts (cf. SMR pp.  140ff., TMR Ch. 1), in the interests of what the Bible rightly calls 'delusion' (II Thessalonians 2:9-10, Romans 1:17ff.). The 'as if' then becomes a beautiful buffer to stop God getting too near. However, in reality, the testable fruits of biblical perspective are in splendid harmony with the world about us, our own thinking methods and their internal relationships in our minds. This precisely has been the work, amongst other things and volumes on this site,  of SMR, TMR Deity and Design ..., Light Dwells in the Lord's Christ, Scientific Method, Satanic Method and the Model of Salvation  to show.

What is logically impossible to deny, is what is perpetually available empirically to affirm, so that the glorious harmony of our perceptions and conceptions, when rational and precise, is something to experience, as this author has done over some 20 years of application to these and surrounding territories in the Christian faith, and over some 150 volumes that through the grace of the Lord, have been produced. What makes it far more fascinating is this: the Book of the Lord, like the book of his creation, 'nature', confirms itself in all things, in vast areas of testability and empirical reality, as well as in the functionality of the perspective it provides, which covers all cases in principal with an ease that only honesty and integrity can provide.

It is like watching Niagara from the cave behind it for the first time. The sheer splendour and power of the spectacle is not confined to some exotic vision: it is fact and it confirms itself with every drop. So is it here. Thus the scripture indeed most righteously declares that those who being surrounded with the testimony of God, yet deny Him are without excuse (Romans 1:20)..

One could wish that they would instead excuse themselves in the only way available, and repent and then find the Lord, as no doubt many more will do before He comes (Acts 1:7)



See History, Review and Overview ... Ch. 4, for detail on this amazing little race.



If people could consistently be said to be ‘guilty’ of resisting the necessary forces of communist development in history (their model), then those forces are not necessary but dispensable.

The attribution of guilt SHOWS that!

If ONE person can resist the inevitable, then give him power and he prevails, as Solzhenitsyn, for his own contribution, has tended to do as Communism in the USSR failed, and life in defiance of it, in him, triumphed in this. The actual facts of Communism in Russia and in China, in both cases brought to power when a weary nation was in the grip of disastrous war, or following it, are not those of necessity but troops, coups and oppression. These, being against the desires for liberty from childish materialism displayed by the ruling powers, who themselves manifest WILL for what is irrational and hence unnatural, created friction with the fiction of this materialism with its odious junta. No necessity could conserve the Communist USSR.

From the first, it did not conform to prediction (cf.  SMR pp. 925ff.), and being as unscientific as irrelevant, to the last it was a thing of contempt. It sold the soul of man to man, and what is he that he should unconditionally rule over what he neither made nor understands nor can control!

If economic forces really controlled man, forcing his being into thought and action accordingly, then he COULD not know it, for not truth, not reality, but force, control would be the criterion of consciousness, with no way to get beyond it. Those who tell us how bound we are are always at a loss when it comes to telling us how they get to the truth they declare to be divorced from their model. The point that if there WERE no absolute truth (as where there is only interacting materials), another fallacy in their model, you COULD not know it, makes a muck-heap with the rest of this outrageously strident dictatorial wreckage from the spirit of man, imposed on the spirit of man.

It is important to survive to provide a good account of your gifts before God; but not at the expense of truth, which only makes the person a piece of animated fiction. These amoral materialisms are as fashionable with force, as meatily meaningless with death squads, as man is meaningful in morals and truth, in the realms of wonder and creative power, where he belongs. It is a sad reductionism in theory, and a sacking reductive force among the nations!


See also:  News 98, News 37.

Aviary of IdolatryDelusive Drift or Divine Dynamic Ch.    5,

News 37. 44,  69, 97 (the exploiters, the fanciful,
the Communists, the de-godders and the realities)
,  98,
News 150 - Taiwan.



See for example, SMR Ch. 3 and by contrast for the Biblical perspective, Ch. 5, and in applications, Ch. 10. See also Deity and Design ... Section VIII on antinomies and antilogies.



See for example TMR Ch. 7, Section E.



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