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The Depth,

the Glory and the Grandeur

Not very long ago, there came the privilege of discussing some basic topics concerning the Creator of your life and the wonder of it, with a young person in the Pacific region. Truly the internet makes the world like a back-yard - though a particularly attractive one, if the imagination is allowed to rove. It is good at such times to share something of the scenery, the life and the joys of the place.

For now, however, it seems best to share part of the correspondence from this side only, in case it is of help to any, and to stimulate your imaginations and thoughts, as you consider the way for your life. It is - when one is young - sometimes odd that this fact, that one has only one life and that it turns old in a while and is up for review, may not occur forcibly to the mind. Let us then consider the ways of life a little, as was done in response to questions about underlying principles, about creation and evolution, about former times and these, approaches to the Bible and 'modern science' and how they relate. Slight changes have been made, with a few expansions, partly because this is not now a text-only file.


Knowing your Creator when Young

There are senses in which, if you do not know your own Creator, you have everything to learn. In a way, it is like just starting the computer. It is not that you know nothing beforehand, but that a new sphere of operations arises, with its own demands and provisions.


This matter has now been incorporated in the book. REPENT OR PERISH. In that work it is Chapter 4, and for this, click here.