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Chapter 9



Sprawl at Leisure, Repent without Pleasure



News 429. The CMI Newsletter


See further in

Freedom, the Nation, the Internet and the Next Generation

Chapter 3


Let me at once apply this, before returning to the theme centrally.

There has been in  South Australia an abomination  just committed by a body which has control, most unfortunately, of non-Christian Schools as far as  their curriculum is concerned, and also, it seems in  terms of what they may teach, the way it is done and the perspectives  employed, where they may teach it and how.


This appalling lurch into the dictatorial is in the  sharpest possible contrast to the concept floated by the Government of having schools with more power to determine their own  affairs.  Now EVEN PRIVATE SCHOOLS, where parents may spend the odd $18,000 per year or more for the student year, are to have philosophic drivel  made  compulsory, while correctly  produced and defensible modes of scientific method approach are excluded (cf. Scientific Method) by authority.


Of what does it remind


more than of the shameless shambles of  the Inquisition,


where papal misuse of Christ's name (cf. Matthew 23:10-12, SMR pp. 911ff., 946ff., 1032-1088H)


was used to abuse reality contrary both to the Bible's authority and its content.


We need no secular papacy; truth is far better.

It is not entirely that they have taken sudden  leave of their senses, in this matter. People often do in the political, military and religious domains. In fact, it was inn  1988 that there was a Government Circular to Principals, in this much  afflicted  and misled  State of South Australia, which if not as horrendous, was of the same vintage, a very strong one. The follies of this have not only been set forth on the Web for many years (TMR Ch. 8l), but have been shown  to  a  number of successive Governments. No rational reply has ever been received to the presentation made. Some of its other elements are available here.

We reached the  point, before one of my colleagues in another Church deserted, of presenting the matters at length and personally in  the  Premier's office.

There was to be action, we were assured;  but in the end, as always, the expressed desire which we presented, for debate  was bypassed, the issue was sent on to the Minister for Education, and  irrelevancies were written. These neither answered the question put nor proceeded to debate. Such things in a democracy should be made public, before the next generation is subjected to blinkers, rational discussion of creation issues excluded from science, and decisive discussions of the same kind, from all subjects.  It is not perhaps a police State, but it certainly has some of these characteristics as far as children are concerned, as along with physical force, is typical of Hitler Youth and Communist Youth propaganda efforts. Descend to the level, and wail for man, in prison so young.

The publicly expressed desire for debate was ignored. This was a good opportunity lost; but at least the main thrust was heard in private, and the presentation even received some congratulation from the Staff concerned.

The Government was warned. But the  children in Government Schools continued to suffer. It is necessary at all times not to give way to any harassment concerning the truth, any compulsion to yield on issues of obedience to  Christ, such as bringing up the child in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

You may say that you can give  them adequate religious instruction, and then  let them free to the academic wolves, and administrative seducers. Yet this is to avoid the issue. To be sure, if you are killed, you cannot do more here. If you are fined and lose your fortune because of persecution, you have little access, immediately at least,  to means of contest. But if you lose the heart of your child to endless, pernicious, illogical, unscientific and indeed scientistic distortions, who is responsible ?

One Principal of a nearby Christian School once told me that he had received a confrontation on an allied issue. Was he to be permitted to choose his teachers, with some regard at least to their moral principles ? NO, he was not, came the answer of authority. He must have no such standards. Very well, he told me,  he gave them this answer: In that case we will  close down the school, and you will have 500 children on your hands.  They did not pursue it, I understood, and he neither closed the school nor his moral insistence in the field.

IF you are working for Christ, you betray or keep His standards. If you are NOT working for Christ, what has that to do with it ? Work for the night is coming in which no man can work; and that is now very near (John 9:4). A branch  abides in the vine and bears fruit, and has no other sap controlling it than that of the vine, which allies itself to John 14:26, Ephesians 3:16 and 5:18. You do not produce lemons on an orange tree, nor that matter, figs from thistles.

Thus there is only one final  course, if all negotiations fail in the private school sector, or the Christian part of it in South Australia, and that is, if this be insisted on, to  close the schools, and not let them be made captives IN Christ. Was Peter put in prison because he obeyed the High Priest and  said no more, or because he did not allow the voice of the Church of God to be stilled, and  even, in one imprisonment, being delivered,  even continued to deliver the necessary Gospel message outside it!

It may  become necessary to take the case to court, to the so caring Government, to the Commonwealth, and of course, to show the  appalling and  reckless confrontation which this represents with this nation's ostensible subscription  to the UN Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief

The Declaration announces that its makers are

"concerned by manifestations of intolerance
and by the existence of discrimination in matters of religion or belief
still in evidence in some areas of the world..."

They declared themselves: "Resolved to adopt all necessary measures for the speedy elimination of such intolerance in all its forms and manifestations and to prevent and combat discrimination on the ground of religion or belief ..."

In Article 2, 2 of that Declaration, we have this announcement.

For the purposes of the present Declaration, the expression "intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief" means any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on religion or belief and having as its purpose or as its effect nullification or impairment of the recognition, enjoyment or exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis.

The UN of course has small protection, even forwarding its own brand of humanist religion. Thus, in the Declaration on Child Rights, which is already named in one of the Human Rights powers by law, this is exhibited categorically. In Article 5, it has this to say:

"... the child shall be protected from any form of discrimination on the ground of religion or belief. He (sic) shall be brought up in a spirit of ... universal brotherhood, respect for freedom of religion or belief of others, and in full consciousness that his energy and talents should be devoted to the service of his fellowman."


"practices of a religion or beliefs in which a child is brought up must not be injurious to his physical or mental health or to his full development ..."

This with Article 5 could easily be made into a conjunction, so that NOT bringing up the child in the assigned manner could be CALLED injurious. Universal brotherhood is scarcely in accord with Christ statement about one other religion, that of the Pharisees and those who rejected Him in this and allied ways:

"You are of your father, the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But because I tell you the truth, you do not believe Me."

However, the Commonwealth Constitution in Article 116 prohibits the Commonwealth from making


Both the imposition and the prevention of free exercise is involved, in that what is  contrary to Christ, for example, in this UN document is now law. The effect of the law is not entirely the point; it is the PRESENCE of such a law, which, being the case, is in contravention of the Australian Constitution.

The S.A. matter involves State-funded education which excludes the scientific position of creationism from consideration in science classes within the Government schooling system, while allowing organic evolution as a theory and suffering  no view contrary to it to be assessed. This it does in opposition to the far more tolerant and scientific position of the Queensland Government. Indeed, it contravenes scientific method IN THIS VERY SELECTIVE and governmentally MANDATORY MANNER OF APPROACH (cf. That Magnificent Rock  Ch.8, p. 220, note 5; and Ch.1), as well as in the internal procedures which allow such preference in detail for such (inadequate) theory over raw facts with exclusion if freedom to use honest steps to assess all comers, examining and discriminating in a just and warranted sense ONLY,  as evidence and logic require.

That sort of discrimination is another term, means intellectual perception and realisation, the opposite of the other, which means obstructive insistence on preference, without equity.

Further the assault on religion is EXPRESS AND EXPLICIT, being in fact a rather tired old form of liberalism being brought out from moth-balls without any vestige of rational support EVEN ATTEMPTED, one which seeks to characterise all religions in a manner so unscientific and unscholarly as to be no more nor less than an abuse of power and the making of religion a personal  fiefdom of government. It is also a vilification of Christianity, Biblically defined,  in particular, so slackly casual, and a generalisation so wholly imprecise as to show for all time the folly of government without divine sanction, simply ruling its sweet will in the most ultimate affairs of the life of mankind. (Cf.  SMR pp. 179ff., 485ff..)

 All this is shown, the breaches in a Government document to schools and the errors in detail,  in That Magnificent Rock Ch. 8. Such elements and more have been made known to successive premiers or opposition leaders, including one who leader who shelved it after asking for an alternative treatment to the one then in vogue. When however, he was given this other way of handling the issues, it was met without reply; and so it has proceeded to the present S.A. Government which continues to provide no rational ground for its action, merely citing others who favour it, accepts no debate and continues in a most disgraceful exhibition of pertinacious philosophic dictatorship in the area.

Of this,  too many examples have already been seen in this century, from nominally opposite camps, during various wars. Such is not the path of peace, and though Christians are peaceable, and honest and open debate is mere delight when it is available in a way this State has been notable for omitting both in University in Adelaide and in Government areas, yet the fruits of such dark unrighteousness do not exalt a nation.

Indeed, the free examination of all things and the freedom to point out logical errors in anything, are vital and healthy; and restrictive confinements of facts in subordination to feelings and fantasies by means of merely directive authority are only one step from disaster; whereas, to the contrary,  that is only for good which is interested in healthy debate and honourable evidencing of reality, openly to all with ground always available for refutation, qualification and sustainable evidence. Instead, we get dreams, based on the unobservable, the hopeful, like a sort of biological Micawber, straight from the ironic pen of Charles Dickens.

It is always looking for what it never finds, energetically descrying in the clouds of thought what on no single occasion demonstrates a law, attests new information on design type, or has the courtesy or brazenness actually to HAPPEN! Authority binding up options however, this certainly has the brazenness to happen, and has already happened in many a scene in various countries.

Dictatorship is only one step away when reality is philosophically bound for citizens as a condition of citizenship; and the more so when the philosophic delusion is acute, as here (cf. TMR Chs. 1  and,
The gods of naturalism have no go! and Causes).  Indeed a healthy desire to avoid stuffy obscurantism once was strong in this country. Now it is in danger of being tamed, so that cancers of the soul may be protected under mandate, established by law; and they are being established by law, and may soo
n be further so. The ímage of the beast' is precisely, as in Revelation 13 with Daniel 7 and 2, that projection of political cum religious authoritarianism, packed with mystique, humanistic with religious overtones, which seeks as it has  long sought, to put its OWN imprimatur on things, not by reason but by ruthless force, one that cannot listen, that is obsessive with delusion (as in II Thessalonians 2), hectic with power lust. It is a spirit which has manifested itself in Hitler's genetic racism as in Mao's philosophic determinism (cf.  Repent or Perish Ch. 7, Christ Incomparable ... Ch. 2 and Index).

It stoops to anything; stops at nothing: for that is the nature of its pathology. UNABLE to convince by reason, it frequently feels impelled to use ... other means.

The Biblical position is notable for its internal insistence (e.g. Isaiah 41,43,48) on CHECKING THE FACTS, examining the evidence and not shutting the eyes. Honesty and integrity are like milk to the Biblical Christian, whilst privilege-giving laws can act like sledge hammers on watch-works! We do not really need a Government to think for us, far less international governments whose records in tolerance and fidelity are not always such as to evoke a keen admiration.

Science education cannot be permitted to become a fad matter of a passing wave of atheist philosophy, materialist-controlled assumption, or pseudo-god-controlling input from those who happen to be controlling the waves both of authority and of propaganda, to its detriment. If it does not insist on atheism or materialism, it insists - at  the very least, on the sacred sanctions of the latter. Religion is by permission, whatever it says and why; and in this aspect, there is permission for what does not upset the presuppositions of farce, which without absolute truth available on its OWN model, nevertheless lay it down, as with a wand. This is done instead of facing the realities of logic and the empirical in their demonstrable bonding

(on which see further in

 SMR pp. 140ff.,The gods of naturalism have no  go!  

Deity and Design ... esp.    8  , and  

Freedom, the Nation, the Internet and the Next Generation Ch. 3
(a good sequel to this Chapter) with

Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ,
Who Answers Riddles
and Where He Is,  Darkness Departs).

If  evolution could  stand,  let it.  If it falls, let it. If creation  can  stand, let it, and if it should fall, let it.

In fact,  however, God is well able to exhibit His power, having done so in person and prediction, proposition and performance over all of human history*1 (cf. SMR,   TMR,  The Pitter-Patter ... Ch. 4,  with history in the Index). It is the a priori exclusion which, though fully understandable  for what cannot defend itself, is anti-scientific and personally persecutory to students, a buffoonery to which the term UNSCIENTIFIC MUST  APPLY!

In  fact, organic evidence never shows any direct, logical or empirical evidence, and is merely a mistake made between the variation about a type which is observable, and the invention of types which is not. IF this sort of liberty is not allowed, then this assuredly IS religion and hence DOES violate the Commonwealth's commitment to the said Declaration, and that, it is not only to the States, but to  all the citizens,  some of which are in the States, and some in controlling bodies like this, which then come to be in violation of national law, as well  as natural liberty and rational arguability by FIAT.

On the contrary, let's be reasonable; for God is.




See on various elements of this matter, with historical impact, some overflowing into the political, prophetic, logical, developmental, the testimony of time, such items as the following:

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Basic references more broadly include:

 SMR pp. 140ff.,The gods of naturalism have no  go!  

Deity and Design ... esp.    8  , and  

Freedom, the Nation, the Internet and the Next Generation Ch. 3
(a good sequel to this Chapter) with

Light Dwells with the Lord's Christ,
Who Answers Riddles
and Where He Is,  Darkness Departs.