The Procedure seems to be growing hot and dusty,
like the drafting of cattle at a sale yard.

What IS for sale ?

The State, in and for itself, is not the affair of the Church of Jesus Christ, in that the kingdoms of this world are to pass, to go in judgment, and not in joyful culmination, as if coming from nothing, they were made into marvels, and then grew into consummated magnificence. Not for them such a fool's paradise. There task centres rather on bringing people back to God in salvation and pardon.

The fool's paradise of secularism (with whatever transient idols) is built on nothing, on things NEVER observable, like the writing of information such as you see in DNA, never perceptible being made without intelligence. It is all bare-faced myth, as foretold (II Timothy 4:1-4). But God who made it at His pleasure, also is the beginning and the end of truth, for without Him there is and can be none, and in all truth where is there a refuge for the wry impudence of man, seeking to be self-made when invented on a stated and visible command-platform, except in the domain of lie and fraud, which is never empty, and is fulfilled in ruin!

Various philosophies have been tried from the servile confusions of absolutism and cynical sardonisms concerning the motivation of man and the reductionistic account of his beginnings, to the liberating odysseys of Rousseau. These only on display, and efforts to achieve some kind of examples of these things are like the bereaved at a funeral, memories of what was put forward, but now is dead. They come only to fall, whether in the dried blossom of Communism, or the dedicated fling to racism in Nazism, and millions die either in the dither of a freedom founded on nothing, and supported by nothing, or an authoritarianism founded on desire, supported by power and clamouring for more blood.

In this writhing world, nothing of itself available as base, including the evacuation of everything for a nice beginning, and the making of a point to explain everything with its space environs, force abilities, assemblage potential, law propagating wonders by explosion, we have the behaviour which relates to such derring-do, as if all thought had long since vanished and myths were the schizophrenic seeming substitute.

This world, so distorted, restless, abortive,, stands amid its blood, but falls as power abusing, man manipulating reckless, heedless, feckless, foundering on foppish propagandas, posing as philosophies, pounding their futilities amid the cries of confusion and alarms. They sink into self-glorifying themes, as destruction beckons them on, for the normal end of pride, of self, mankind, nature, human nature, race. The glitteringly and dominant cognoscenti amid their confusions, discard knowledge of the Author and Judge increasingly, of their';skfjhj start, state and destiny, wisdom or any other achievement of the aspiring spirit that so readily grips our race, so long as this is needed to avoid Him.

Even our own country of Australia, sacrificing much and many to keep a splendid freedom intact , betrays itself. despite its vast contribution to the land and development, in godless thanklessness. Now, with new totalitarian morals, founded on nothing, and reviewing as nothing those principles and priorities which attended the creation of the nation, at least in intention as in the Preamble to the Constitution which, naturally enough, many now want to change, they surge into rambling, stumbling shame.

Now has division its masterpiece, so that mutually blasting groups attend to each other, and the governing is heavily compromised through lack of vision. It was true, is true and will continue to be true, that without vision, a nation  perishes, and that is one primary reason why youth in such growing proportions lacks in patriotism, application, industry and leans on support and covers for being offended! It is an increasing trend, causing diminution of many standards,  expectations and reliances. Some who had begun well, tarry, and as to marriage, it is becoming more of a philosophic sword play, laughing at the billions of cells with their clear DNA on gender within the normal human body, and then wantonly proceeding, things becoming like a joy ride. The car is of course already made one way, but around various poles the unlicensed drivers tend to wrap them. The accident in this sense is not entirely unintentional, for it is against the law, in this case, the law within!


It was never a lucky, but rather, a blessed country and thanklessness now reaches a climax as baseless innovators want to remove God from creation, morals, gender, science, the national relationships and this nation, substituting 'nature' or some airy alternative, whilst devoid in mind of what part of nature is nurture, as in parenthood, and what calamity, as in curse. So too as with the early Greeks, one school has all to be change, another all in orderly but reduced format, Parmenides and Heracleitus. Now the one school, in reductionistic cynicism, want all determined (odd without any determination), caring not by what; and another in ribald riot, wants all free, to  do whatever, while death stalks and genes deteriorate with time, slowly undoing the race, as shown so well in the various editions of Genetic Entropy, printing research results for Yale's Dr J.C. Sanford and associates. So denying what is written (in the DNA and in the long tested and lavishly verified Bible), they fulfil its prediction (II Peter 3:4).

Indeed, foundering increasingly without the ultimate Founder, so that there was something to be found, and without His source of strength, so that there was power to investigate at that level, by whom it has been so protected for so long, they try to fund the universe with nothing, and beg the question with anything when so disposed.

Yet the source of all is neither nothing nor wobbly words of meaningless ambit. He is the One so well acknowledged in the so far unchanged Australian constitutional Preamble noted. Rejecting indebtedness to God, they are now in immense debt to others, as are millions of its people and to  a staggering extent, some of the States.

Indeed, whether or not many have been conscious of it, it has been, is and is setting out to immerse itself more and more in an unclean baptism of segregation  from the Almighty (as if putting Him in quarantine, though He declines to live there, but remains as free as ever). Psalm 82 puts it splendidly (for this is not the first time a nation has set itself to such jejune anti-God, erratic exploits), noting God amidst the congregations of (would-be) gods reducing their arrogant demeanour to its actual meanness, excrescences without meaning or power, flippancies of the nations.

Isaiah 59 also shows this disillusioned line of disillusional confusion, decline, decay and degradation of the nation, with "justice fallen back," for "truth ... fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter ... and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey."



In fact, in the light of some of the other Chapters in this 42 series of Bulletins, we have an even longer list of social sensitivities and grabs to take for man what belongs to God, not to will, but to reality, factuality and is foreign to fantasy, but evidentially based. There are twelve  readily recognisable elements which can be cited, in terms of twisting and turning and laying down without foundation what is socially desired for a nation freed from God.


1. Gender - fluid and fanciful, not according
to the billions of genes in each person,
declaring specialised and twofold gender construction modes,
for normal generation of babies.


2. Jerusalem (its gift to Israel clear in Luke 21:24,
Genesis 17:7-8, Zechariah 12, 14, Psalm 132, for example,
including the British Empire and the League of Nations in 1917 and 1920.


3. Genesis, its stark use of words for creation in Genesis 1,
thoroughly vindicated in DNA,
and modern methods of CEO speech
to gain  verified result in accord therewith.
Yet this majestic divine mandate is
ludicrously made into co-authorship
with some aspiring scientists and their philosophic back-drop,
where mere facts are deleted where inconvenient,
and lack of them where desired, become almost a thing of game and shame.
This practice and authoritarian myth-enforcement in colleges
sets man not only against God and specialised confirmation
of His word, but gives a foul misuse of scientific method.


4. Resistance to regeneration, and supine acceptance
of any specious, secular mode of correction, reform, restoration,
so long as it is not an entirety of divine re-production in heart and spirit
(Hebrews 8:8ff., John 3).


5. Preferential procreation at will, as if specialised equipment
were invisible and DNA illegible.


6. Profanity: a forcible sharing of what is normally
an irrelevant and base reference
to some human function, friction or complaint,
or a reckless one to  some religious identity, veiled or direct,
even permitting this discrimination in the classroom,
to satisfy disturbed feelings unilaterally,
thus suspending freedom of discourse.


7. Degradation of Jesus Christ, de rigueur,
making a mass of unsupported, inventive reconstructions,
tedious and tangential, 
which disagree greatly with each other
as with the biblical record.
In fact, these are merely a use of His well-earned name
for superficial and perverse purposes, without permission.


8. Degeneration of vision, hope and meaning,
through endless reductionism,
as if the eye could not see,
the heart behold or the spirit understand.


9. The Dawn here of totalitarianism, for those
who repeatedly intrude on academic freedom,
political option and ways of life,
and even liberty to dispute.
These are equipped with a de facto religious zest
as with a kind of secular index expurgatorius,
forbidding whole dimensions and areas of thought.
So students in this area of science and religion
and all its facets, if conformists, become intellectual serfs,
with research delimited by desire.


10. The extension of the same through making legal barriers to
free discussion, even when constitutional change is to be debated,
thus creating a prejudicial approach, limited range and
unequal access to debate, a thing both perilous and shameless,
as the nation in this, lurches into simple injustice.


11. The didactic method of seeking to induce students to believe
concerning the origin, meaning, significance and duties of life,
convenient areas contrary to evidence. This is a blot on scientific method
which is in continual obliterative use in this country's educative midst; it not only
exhibits propaganda, but in this case, induces ethical confusion
and makes virtue of violence. It incorporates a sickening scenario for superiority,
whether in racism, individual behaviour, political inflation
or futile wars. Truth is better and far safer. Myths are a costly
invasion (of reality) and evasion (of truth).


12. Desperate indebtedness,
so that what is not paid for
becomes a criterion of negative wealth
so severe as to threaten political freedom of action
amid the other nations.

Alas, through fictive education, fashionable orientation and inflammation
of complaint and rights whereas team-work and labour are better
than a swathe of demands where rampant desire is often the empty claim on the race,
we are moving towards the figure of a retrograde, degenerate generation,
where neither inspiration nor vision, nor mutual embrace of direction
figure, as the sands of time run swiftly through the time piece accorded to history.

It is possible not to be slow to be insulted, but slow to reform, not slow to demand rights,
but slow to encounter responsibilities, especially concerning the One who made our lives,
and  wrote our genes with disciplined meaning,making of many elements one,
 just as we do in our inventions whether of words or machinery
using the constancy of divine laws to make them work for us.

Our Author and Creator did not write with no logical meaning assigned, rational basis for them, assignment of symbol-significance pairing as in mathematics; but to do what we can do, not nearly so well, namely, construct a prodigy. This, man, we cannot construct at all, merely constricting this or that in the writing in terms of what we want, like someone turning on the electronics in a car, or perhaps finding where it is placed.


The human being is assuredly not a prodigy from 'nothing', or some verbal equivalent in some confused rhetoric about  points and pressures and potentials, like the old children's book where a prepared page with water added, could bring out what had already been put there for just that purpose.

Indeed, our genes decline, just as the Second Law of Thermodynamics has indicated in general, and as experience of the nature of copying implies; for as each generation involves a new copying of a vast number of virtual books, and despite the wonders of editing included to make our mode of system even work at all, the process is not perfect. Sin does not fail to destroy and the nature of nature incorporates decline whether of available energy or correct image, precise multi-purpose alignments and so forth. Thus there is a rate of decline per copy, per  person, per generation,  that is, and genetic defects accumulate making slowly but surely an unworkable end to the matter, which is often called 'melt-down'. Denying this fact does not remove the process, the statistics or the nature of the case. The genetic ship is going down, and it never came from the caverns of the deep in the first place, since there was only nothing to draw on, and it is never productive of anything ever, when it is the sole occupant of the entire field!

Oh the irony of imagining grand growth, involving necessary symbol-meaning pairing, a mental process, genius in purest form sprouting from nowhere for no reason, giving it a name, as life erupts, organic evolution, thus making strife a basis for creation, and death a means of life and then finding decline and death the nature and direction of flow! Consider the volatile frippery of doing this,  while in fact man is made of amazing proportions, and through folly lives amiss so that what is to be killed by millions in the evolutionary ecstasies of fallen man, proceeds as if hypnotised. It is a price of revolt against facts and the function of God. Man has first to be invented by someone not at all man, but his Maker, always capable of what is found, never coming from nowhere and nothing, being always there, eternal.  Only then can logic operate both in the universe and its laws, and in man and his equipment, so that they continually meet and match.

Instead, far-fetched inventions, contrary to reason, are supposed, contrived, as if perversity in seeking answers as far as possible from the categories required, are pitched into the mind, like the inmates of concentration camps, pitched from carts to their controlled destination, where they simply do not belong!

Even the OPPOSITE of the logical need is imported, and the need distorted. In any account, account must be taken of the genesis of genes. These are built in magnificent display of inventive originality and systematic integration to produce one object, multiply equipped for life, but one slowly losing in multiple copies its precision. Such is man. Such is the fall pride is so apt to produce.

At present rates, found able to continue only a few thousand years, from this present time, this marvellously protected precision equipment is not eternal, but develops flaws which eventually kill it off. Stephen Jay Gould (cf. Wake Up World Chs. 5-6, and developments as in Bulletin Thirty Nine) got it right in this, that major designs from the Cambrian to now have been REDUCED, there being more at the outset. He asks how in heaven's name this can be! It is so because of design and law: the one has to be made, and the latter has predictable negative effects in time.

As noted, the Dr Sanford team has fully confirmed what lies behind this: indeed, you cannot make by what declines, a progressive procedure. As with man, a declining control unit, is not an institutional thrust, however hypnotised by opposites some may choose to be. Imagination is fine, but not as an enemy of truth; for this leads to deception and as in a soon to fail aircraft, removes time to consider in a hot bath of illusion.

Even the incredibly multi-purpose, rigorously interlocking areas of the genetic construction, with all its functional restrictions, constrictions and amplifications, its laws and its consignments at the outset, with their incredibly miniaturised specifications, cannot perform miracles. They are part of nature and product of God who can indeed change it, but has laid out its laws with considerable precision, and has set for it, its time. Indeed, He makes it clear that such would be the condition of man in due time, as the time for judgment drew near (Matthew 24:22), and for His return as Christ to rule, that UNLESS He DID return, it would not be possible for man to endure on this earth! Indeed, "no flesh could endure."

That is indeed the position, just one more staggering verity which becomes, however, a simple matter when and ONLY WHEN you realise that God did not disengage from His prodigious creation, man, but provided remedy,  relief and restoration for him by a ransom, a payment to cover his sin, even becoming man so that as man He could bear it (II Corinthians 5:18-21).

With us, parental love can be profound; even with lions! God who made us is not lacking in what He has given, nor for that matter, in judgment where remedy is vociferously or wilfully refused by recalcitrant man. Thus, if you MUST go to the waste-paper basket, or whatever state is fitting, blame only yourself; for God would have ALL reconciled to Himself, yes whether IN HEAVEN or ON EARTH (Colossians 1:19ff.).

Not only people but nations can so act, and Israel is the paramount example, its case itemised in profound detail, both in judgment and in restoration, the latter having happened for the first time in some 1900 years in my own life-time (cf. Israel Book IV, where marked to the end). With it, Zechariah predicted the amazing victories, as well as the enormous problems efforts to "deal with" the returned Jerusalem would constitute! That too has been somewhat ironically fulfilled, as pompous people apply constant pressure to Israel, as if to direct it in ways they would not even consider for themselves! Imagine the USA being willing  to NEGOTIATE with people who were given a nearby State, and used it to bombard if possible the White House, and kill kids in some kind of warfare. Negotiate however with genocidal orators and their people ? Certainly, this appears simple delusion... outrageous day-dreaming, resolution by the unexampled and the ridiculous.

Surely a certain madness seems to hitting the world,  though some see through it and understand
what the Lord has done and is doing, as they will later when the case concludes (cf. Ezekiel 39:21-29).

The waywardness of espousing the impossible or lawless has become the major philosophic flummery of our time; and imaging KINDS of creation to come from a non-creator is about the level of it. You have to bear in MIND that creation is not some cramp or twist in what is not there, but a precise and identifiable work of power to use equipment with facility and purpose; and where there is neither equipment nor personal power  to use it, it does not occur. Evolutionary irrationality is like giving a standing ovation to the non-exhibition of creation to an adoring world, which wars to be the best, the most advanced, as if in a trance, and capture masses in or through agony; for neither the information to make man, as in DNA, nor the writing of it in effectual format, nor the institution from nothing has any exhibit. These thing may go to press, but do not enter reality, being the stuff and substance of fairy stories.

It is rather like  attributing a man's wealth to the greed of those who use it.

The State, we began by asserting, is not in itself the  affair of the Church - Christ would not even pray for this present world (John 17:9).

It will  wither with this world, until the kingdoms of this world BECOME the kingdom of the Lord's Christ as in Revelation 11:15.


the condition of one's own land requires attention, not to seek to control it - for it is far from the Church in its pursuits, but to seek good for it, for those in it that is, rather than alienation from its ultimate Source and Maker. Especially it is to seek to deliver its people  from the foolish blood lust which deceives it, wallowing in pretentious  glory and invasion or coercion as if it were the very acme of bullying which it worships. It is NOT to join with it in any way, but to bring for its inhabitants inspiration and opportunity to repent and find the reality of the God who made it, and of the love with which He has provided a free redemption for those who repent of their worldliness and other befoulments into the presence of the God of all comfort, victorious  with the visa of salvation freely given to faith, because strenuously obtained by Christ's sacrifice as man for man, as many as received Him and would do so.

The Church is ALSO to seek to protect its own members, members of the flock of Jesus Christ, from intrusion from the State, when it is acting to overturn the laws, proclamation, preaching, teaching, child instruction and education of those of the Church. The twelve  points above are some of these areas.

Meanwhile a political leader is reported as talking of differential treatment of some before the Lord as though this were arguable, instead of definable as injustice. What you do with mercy is another field; but justice is swayed by nothing.