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A Preliminary Overview of an Intriguing Aspect, in Some More Detail


At the outset in our site, we have first noted and then examined two "books" - and it is very close to LITERALLY two books. They are both exceptionally well-known,

1) the Bible for the mind and the heart of man, and

2) the DNA for his structure. Each is inscribed with efficiency, profound symbolic coherence and cohesion, intimate capacity for correlation with command, system to the finest point, and just that combination of meaning and symbolic method which constitutes design, direction and communication. If this is not communication, nothing could be.

In our Home Page, we had a link to Preliminary Perspective which traced these two books, but added a third, that of history, which follows the prescriptions of prophecy with admirable, multiplied and meek precision (see The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, Chs.8-9). For our present purpose, we shall merely note that this is a branch line in precision, although on a parallel line as it is, it does present a further intermeshing in dimensions, the word-work dimension of deity. Returning however to our pursuits here, we move beyond these two books, and the paralleling mesh of history-prophecy, to our own lives. Thus we are not only showing meshes within meshes as we proceed, but a parallel mesh of history, past present and future like a chronological parallel to the operational activities we are about to trace.

There are then in our present, personal operational library the two books noted. This however is not all. There are two additional books, somewhat more figurative, but not in the least imaginary. The FUNCTIONS to which EACH OF THESE EXTRA 'BOOKS' REFERS is as real as any between two covers in our ambit and purvey of scholars.

3) The third then, or the first of the two extra books is this: the co-ordination of mental world and physical world, auditory reception and command execution, between the man whose bodily equipment is programmed, and the world which has its physical and botanical, biological equipment programmed. The programs intermesh well; their symbolic sub-structures are unitary in kind, so that the efforts of the one, avail in the other, the impacts of the one are understood in the other, and (cf. Predestination and Freewill, Part 4), there are no alogisms to be found: the logic is unitary.

More, the mind of man, using programmed sub-structures for its ultra-programmatic progressions and pursuits, can understand the products that surround him.

4) There is therefore, and this is the fourth book, this second unit in our second series: and this is the comprehension-combination that transcends. It goes far beyond the mere structural logical cohesion and synthesis. To emit and receive in terms of a common system is one thing, extremely magnificent though this created product undoubtedly is; but to be so prepared in spirit and mind, so that the raw materials, themselves coherent and cohesive between the two systems, within and without, are able to be grasped, intuited, subjected to imaginative incursions, brought into the scope of thought and will and analysis, yes of understanding for action by the non-material, purpose-proposing, imaginative dimension of the being called man, his spirit, this is the next generation of marvel. (Cf. SMR pp. 348ff..)

5) Yet it would seem indeed scapegrace in gratitude to God who performed this production with the necessary linguistic, mathematical, comprehensive, analytical skill to manufacture symbols and significances (symbol targets), intimations and executions, thought sub-structures in logic and meaning, and interaction with a subject also formed, if we did not notice a fifth book. This is the power to ruminate concerning the Maker Himself. This naturally is the copestone, to which the imaginary relationship of Pinocchio to his craftsman corresponds in reality. Right through to the inward realisation of the thrust of the logic, the communality of the communication, the direction of the design, the strategy of the construction, man can peer toward the God who made him.

He can do more. It is not necessary in this field to speak of a 5th book, although it would be perfectly meaningful. One prefers not to do so, as at the level we have now reached, the affair is inter-personal to such an extent that the term 'book', so fitting earlier, is somewhat distanced. Rather this is the intimacy-provision for creator and creature when that creature is man. This is what book No. 1 provides for (the Bible), book No.2 is sub-structured to enable (the cells DNA and allied phenomena, atomic parameters and provisions), book No. 3 ascends to substantiate, book No. 4 arises to confirm. We shall however give it a name: there is in this fifth dimension, a correlation that is spiritual in kind, so that it may be termed scope for spiritual communication, and for concord. We are moving from the concept of 'book' to that of 'look', or inter-personal interchange.

This allows testing of promises, assimilation of pronouncements, reaction to orders, comprehension of commands, in a SETTING of illumination of conspectus, like a search-light revealing from the nose of an aeroplane, the configuration of the land far below, and something of the ways of those who live there. This is an ultra-programmatic conspectus, and an inter-personal opening. It is a vista on the divine.

It is complicated by just one vital feature, which is equally a vital failure, such as one may get in a damaged automobile, or TV. There is a perverse streak which surfaces in man, so that the more the promises of God in the Bible are fulfilled, and objectively they all are always found to be of this kind, the less they are wanted; the more the prophecies are brought into history, like obedient little lambs in a fenced paddock, the more is the distaste; the more the disciplines for folly, the more the folly, or the less the concern. While this is not like rectilinear motion, a mere reciprocity, and is complicated by the resilience and capacity granted to the immaterial spirit of man, happily able to divorce itself in imagination and purposes proposed for itself, from almost anything real, at will: it nevertheless is a thrust, an historical trend.

It is one reaching high points at fairly regular stages of our history, as first one philosopher and then another, proposes some folly such as is shown in Chs. 2,3, and 10 of SMR. Many follow. It is modish to follow. Tomorrow, few follow, and there is a new modishness.

That occurs on one side of the actualities, the human.

On the other, there is a vastly different attestation, and we find this.

As we have shown in great detail, the irrational inanities of organic evolution, an imaginary third force system for what far transcends it, like those of inalienable subjectivism, a sort of intellectual schizophrenia, these cannot even stand up to routine rational enquiry. (Cf. A Spiritual Potpourri, Chs. 1-9, That Magnificent Rock, Chs. 1,8, SMR Chs. 1-2 etc.; and for the 'subjectivism', SMR Ch.3 and Barbs, Arrows and Balms, Item 7, for example.)

Yet this  febrile fiasco continues (cf. detailed developments in SMR Ch.2), with parallels for other aspects of life, this phase readily being replaced with almost knee-jerk reactionary relish, by that, one soon to be junked option dismissed while some other fabrication is knocked up, and then in turn destroyed, so that generations pass and are sown in the muck, by the million ... on a regrettable error like Darwinism, which is contra-factual, and its many maids in waiting, hoping when mature to replace it; or Freudianism (cf. SMR Ch.4, Section I), which is rationally not possible and its replacements. Meanwhile, both and all failing, the next generation pays what the last did not. The price of high philosophic fashion is low rotting in war, folly begetting and formalising folly, pride enhancing pride, ignorance replacing knowledge, hope replacing evidence, survival replacing spirit, self-service being preached in place of self-sacrifice, as if to survive were some bright idea, and dead-hearted relics of humanity were the new anti-heroic heroes, neither knowing nor understanding life, and grabbing land or money or provinces or power, or lusting for other territories or nations, in endless confusion, war  and necessary strife about what is less than life. Alas many devotees  meet the sod somewhat too early in illustration of the fanciful character of the mischiefs fashionably followed; and others are caught in their turmoil.

This quite naturally is the other side of being made in the image of God, that is, with a degree of capacity to formulate, postulate, propose, propound, create imaginary pathways and bypass God in mind, though not in destiny. It is necessarily so if we are to have something of that power, for nothing "determines" God. We cannot be like Him in this, that we are not increate, eternal from the beginning - but on the contrary, creatures, products; but we can in the realm of designated inter-change, of spiritual arousing and dousing, arrival and departure, make furrows which when it rains, become a quagmire, into which the race habitually descends. Nor is it merely an ideational matter; that is one facet. It is also behavioural, cultural, political and so forth, as different specialised consequences accrue, and then in turn, make their contributions to the disastrous melee.

This then merely illustrates the ACCURACY of that particular Biblical dictum concerning our meaning, position and, for that matter and as a result, our plight as mankind. This is for example found formulated in Ephesians 4:18-19, 2:1-10, John 1, Jeremiah 17:9, with the corresponding advice of Jeremiah 9:23-24 - cf. TheBiblical Workman Ch. 4, on the one side; and fashioned in history, on the other. The third feature is that it is also reaching crescendo proportions of a specified dimension, in history, within the historical framework portrayed for this occurrence (namely now, in this generation - cf. SMR Ch.8).

The next phase of this 5th., this inter-personal dimension, after the inter-relation of the book from the mind of one to the mind of the other, from the life of one, the Creator, to the fallen life of the other, is this. BECAUSE that which has been divinely enabled in the grandest invention of freedom (cf. A Spiritual Potpourri, Ch. 16, The Flashing Falls of Freedom), can maul and malign life, trivialising and abusing it, it is the necessity that there be removal or remedy as shown so often earlier and elsewhere in this site (e.g. SMR Ch.1). The mess of spiritual, mental, moral and physical folly, directed at God or man, or environment, or all, can be spared for a time without contradiction of the Maker (cf. SMR Ch.1, pp. 30ff.), provided there be a rescue package, a remedial opportunity, so that this is not a sanctified and accepted folly, this world's ways, but an site for seeking and a place for remedy, even if but few seize it. What is this remedy ?

That is called the Gospel. That in turn was predicted thousands of years ago, and many hundreds before its basis in the excursion of God, the Son, into this world occurred (cf. The Everlasting Gospel, Item 17, Barbs, Arrows and Balms). In this, He made a platform for retrieval, in that the public defamation and physical anguish, the legal penalty of death and the social dismissal were all precisely what mankind's misuse of his equipment, all 5 grand phases of it, merited. The platform the Gospel gives is Christ, the Messiah beyond all criticism, the grace beyond all comparison, the sacrifice which cancelled the doom of sin, by bearing it, for all who receive this provision (John 1:12, Matthew 20:28).

Catching up with this in sound style, redeeming spiritually, in justice, in judgment, in destiny, in doom, for this is no machine but an inter-personal reality (cf. That Magnificent Rock, Ch.5) , God has sounded the death of death (cf. Hosea 13:14, Hebrews 2, Acts 2, I Corinthians 15, Philippians 3:20-21). He has PERSONALLY met it  for His people; and all are frankly called to come. This He has done while providing equally the remedy for quarantine, exclusion, being Himself set apart in death, scorned, dumped like refuse (cf. Isaiah 53, Matthew 26ff.) . This He did by actually bearing the disasters and disrepute of man in the physical format of a man, the scoffing and satire of the religious officials being most useful for the purpose as planned. This format was something made easier by that God who always knows the end from the beginning, through His being Himself a plurality in One, existing in persons

like the problem, being foreseen, could readily be executed. This was duly done in its predicted time,  resulting in the foretold execution of the Son. (Cf. Predestination and Freewill, SMR Ch.8, initial pages, and Ch.1).

Naturally, the Son being innocent, and all-powerful, although the vulnerability He assumed in the form of a man spoke for sin, allowing it to make penal impact, yet the triumph which followed spoke of His increate character, so that even in justice, no judgment could cling to Him, merely to His format. Thus He died, but He rose (cf. SMR Ch.6, Biblical Blessings, Appendix IV, The Magnificence of the Messiah).  He went, but His spirit went immediately back to His Father.

6) This is the 6th dimension, the inter-personal donation which follows from and is culmination of the interpersonal-exchange. Here is the remedial, the divine to the human, the transformatory in spirit and in heart, in destiny and in significance; and as it is personal in its process, so it is personal in its consequence. From this, an indissoluble union on a specialised basis occurs, open to one and one, not to many en mass, so that a person among mankind can become a member of the kingdom of heaven, the commonwealth of grace through the purchase, the grace and the favour of Jesus Christ, the Lord.