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Hyperbola, Hyperbole and Historectomy

NEWS 348

The Advertiser, March 15, 2005
The Australian, April 14, 2005


At once: that is NOT a spelling error. It is a new term. It means the removal of the womb of history and its principles from the purview of man (or woman for that matter, but it is a racial thing).

First, for the less mathematical, let us introduce a mere concept, a graphical shape, that of the hyperbola, shown here over four quadrants. It has something non-mathematical to teach us.



The above, then,  is one type of picture of the curve form known as an hyperbola. If you rotate it by 90 degrees, you find the left hand part on top, and so there is a movement down until it moves, like an aircraft nearly crashing, upwards again, and there it continues without end, up and up.

If you look again at the mentally rotated picture, you find the right hand part is now on the bottom. Thus the line moves up as if it were going to breach the horizontal, and actually, at last, at long last, go up; but alas, it does not do so, but again moves around and goes down.

Thus the horizontal is a place where they very nearly meet, the one by rising till it almost gets there; and the other by falling until it is nearly so low as mere base; but then it surges upwards, and does not stop doing so, never again to be anywhere near the other line, which is now confined to endless downward movement.

In this there is a spiritual picture, expressed in lines. Just as there are mathematical formulae for the production of the hyperbola, whether in two or as here in four quadrants, so there is a spiritual formula for those who nearly seem to reach the level ground from which a take-off might be achieved, but just fail to do so. Then these sink without cessation. The case covers, no less, those who from above, nearly reach the very bottom, that is, a lack of any positive elevation at all; but then, these also turn, and reaching upwards, they proceed above the line without cessation. In a little while, there is a virtual gulf between those who so nearly met at the horizontal level.

Think of it in other terms. Here is the ocean. There is the submarine, and it is nearing the surface waters, but there are destroyers about so, while often hoping to surface for fresh air, it continually fails. Therefore turning, it goes into the deep where the crew, intoxicated without air, cannot control it, so that it falls and falls until crushed. Above the surface, there is the aircraft, seeking to help the submarine perhaps; but the nearer it gets to the surface of the ocean, the more hopeless is seems, since the second the conning tower breaches the surface, just a form, it departs, never bringing the vessel to the surface. Then the aircraft moves up and out and on; but the submarine disappears.

As the biblical student will know, Romans 7 is very much on these lines. Let us put it now in medical terms. The man is covered in the skin disease of sin, a sort of psoriasis, and it clings and becomes part of him, so that he cries out, Who will deliver me from the body of this death! It is sore, defiled and hurts, is painful and a mass of evil looking deformation.

 He cries and finds within himself a constitutive pathology, so that he simply CANNOT get rid of the stuff. Every time he nears success, failure concludes the matter.

There is then a transformation worked within, but coming from above: as if the causative element were disabled. This evil influence meets  its master; so that the stricken man with his disease, is cleansed of it. It is not as if it were magic; it is cure. It is not as if it were without challenge, but it is mastered. Then the uprising of the condition is overcome with a new power and resource which prevents its breaching the form and health of the surface. It is placed now above this looming basis, and blessed with a new constitutionally involved dynamic. 

In nautical terms, it moves from submarine to aerial life; and no more is the surface threatened by the aircraft that mean destruction to it, for it is swept up to join them;  and triumph at last prevails.

That transformation is from Jesus the Christ, who is the carer for man; and instead of learning how to manage the pathology of spirit which ignores God, or hates or fights Him, and accordingly indulges the disease of disorientation or mere self-government as if God were no Governor and man who is born were king, there is that flash of function in which the wires cross, and the work is done for deliverance.

No more is the victim one who becomes a pathogen himself or herself. No more does that one inhabit the realm of disease, as part of it. Instead delivered life moves upward as in its native element, absolved from its baser arena, and no longer finding it the environment.

No more is the personal pathogen, called man without God,  without the life for which he was made, learning to enjoy it just a little, because it is all that is known. Alas, it is a few who find this, and there are many who undelivered, destroy each other by example and precept, if not violence and hatred. In war, both personal and national, indeed international, and in witless pre-occupations the life that is empty of its Maker, ebbs to its end: there is a flurry here and there, and a loss of this and that kind, but a conclusion comes.

In nautical terms, the surface is never breached, and although for a long time it might have seemed near, in the end the ship sinks. Let us now turn to the mathematical.

On the other hand, the life which is delivered becomes a new curve, on the upward side of the horizontal, and although without significant elevation at all, a mere drab thing, it turns to course upwards.

You start on either side, but in either case, there  is but one direction in the end, and it is endless in each case.

Upwards ? There is a moral life, and there is a spiritual one, a dynamic of righteousness and an inclination towards godliness, virtue, love, patience, forbearing, longsuffering, grace and truth, so that there is no limit to the wonders of this fulfilling consummation in the God of creation, which is merely what is fitting, for it is the object of the design*1 called man. Downwards ? it does not have to be mere self-indulgence, whether in sexual or financial or socially contoured self-expressions without law, rule or principle of construction kind suitable for man; it can be a ca se of illusion, with moral grandeur in one's own appointed set of rules; but for all that, mere self-expression.

The self*1A, neither the centre of the universe nor the criterion of truth, becomes its own pall-bearer, awaiting the downward movement which has no limit, for the earth itself, to pursue the figure, has its end. It will not, in the conclusion, even be there! (Matthew 24:35, Isaiah 51:6).

WHY are there so many schools of self-indiscipline now, as if homosexuality were to be sanctified by the dreadnought term of 'marriage', a delusion in writ; or why is there so much screeching of children with pettish peeving and arrogant disdain for the thing that bears the name 'parent', as if the cafeteria line  were holding up the summit of mankind, some child, and the adult had to be told in no uncertain ire of the impropriety of non-indulgence of the will of the young one.

Do not smack! intone the social illusionists. Do not be regressive; advance with society: the child really merely needs to be understood and to be shown more interesting things to do, suffer petty deprivation if need by, but perceive how much satisfaction there is to be found in the performances which are ... preferable.

Thus pigs are invented in human form, and people without morals, mere self-advancing cliques of bits of things of brain and sinew, brawn and nerve, these are endued from below. Self-expression in graffiti, or in laziness, or in cheating, or in brutality, or in dishonesty, whether privately or in commercial theft, divorce in order to gain more satisfaction, 'divorce' from parents in order to live while too young to be even formed, far less ready for co-formation with another: this is sated by social gifts of money or site, to enable to devastation to occur with more comfort.

The churning 'society', with immoral plunge into the depths, becomes a convener of corruption and an instrument of ruin. People in turn care less for their nation, as it is increasingly unadmirable, thus injuring any likelihood of successful repelling of an enemy.

Meanwhile, irritability and indignations, moral, legal, commercial, surge, and lawyers grow rich on the intemperate greed and insatiable angers of those who indulge their passions. It becomes a matter for mutter if one is kept waiting by a car for 5 seconds, a moral challenge to the indulgence-ratio of time to egotism, in the offended. In cars, road rage erupts perhaps because a car was delayed by several actual seconds, by someone who was looking for something, and the horn is blown, a glare comes.

It is a ludicrous exercise in debasement, erupting with many a nuance of delusion from varied philosophies and religions. In squads of rebellion from the Redeemer, many founded on nothing, are filled with disdain; and it is often this which exercises the minds of those who have consigned their wits and left their reason behind, in order  to be fulfilled in this or that way. If not, it is indifference bordering on spiritual autism.

Reason is disregarded, while life for many becomes a matter of gain, personal, psychological, social, financial, cultural, academic, and of the rewards of gain. Its nature is subordinated to indulgence of this or that whim or desire or drive, so that reality becomes a memory and advance ever onwards, becomes the surge, with the direction not really important. We do not really know! they say, as they surge onwards, and do not seem to care whether it be up or down, towards the will and mind of the Maker or towards the will and mind of the made.

The ultimate theft of taking what you did not make, but have as a coating for a spirit which has been made where man has no power to make, and using it at your own will: this becomes a religion and part of the religion is to proclaim yourself, race or humanity, the summit. It becomes mere contrivance: religious hyperbole an spiritual hypothermia.

But God has made a promise, and we are seeing it progressively, in human retrogression, fulfilled before our eyes. What is that promise ? It is to "stain the pride of all glory". It is found in Isaiah 23:9, in close parallel to Isaiah 2:17:

bullet "The LORD of hosts hath purposed it,
to stain the pride of all glory,
to bring into contempt all the honourable of the earth."
bullet What in 2:17 ? This ...

The loftiness of man shall be bowed down.
And the  haughtiness of men shall be brought low:
The LORD alone will be exalted in that day,
But the idols He shall utterly abolish."
bullet It proceeds to designate some of the ways in which this will happen, and that,
very topically for our day.

Is it surprising ?

The ultimate hypocrisy of hallowing your own name, or that of your idol or nation, or ideology, which is merely in such a case an extension of yourself by the exercise of choice in terms of your own being, this becomes the spiritual norm. It is like a thief putting up emblems and citations on the wall, telling of his prowess and pride in stealing. He congratulates himself on robbing the bank (in this case, the data bank for his design*1, and the bank of truth to which this relates), or deplores the police in their folly; and wonders if they really exist. For in this image, the point is that God is made to be subordinate, and if there is to be one, it is first carefully prepared by the victim of delusion, until it is acceptable, and only then allowed to exist, and to have such effects as are found in the plan of the deluded.

It is rather like toying about with radioactive materials and their aggregation, without realising there is a critical mass. It becomes critical not to be hypocritical. If you do not want to pretend, you must bend to the basis, and find the truth where it is (cf. SMR Ch.1 ), not in your own pocket.

Modern life is becoming with increasing fortitude, a fiasco, solemnly wrought as people called terrorists act as if the bacteria in a viral infection, enjoying the litter made. They declare that things are not to their pleasure, or to the joy of the gods they invent, ever new, with no basis (cf. More Marvels Ch. 4, SMR pp.  1079ff., Divine Agenda Ch. 6), being in this, bereft of reason and antiquity alike. Hence,  they decide that being less powerful than those nations which at least at some time had some connection with the living God, it is good to blow them to pieces; for it is easier to destroy than to build.

Thus does the terror of the terrible erupt, like boils on the diseased body; and it complains while murdering and inflicting lives of pain on marred children, of the morals of those whom they so criminally and corruptly corrode. And the folly of it all is dressed up with illusory pantomime, as if were in some sense an achievement, or the God of creation would endorse such defilements, such devastation by weakness, borrowing the instruments achieved by others, to destroy, like a social or political cancer, using the body to destroy the body.

And this ? It is merely fitting, and in keeping with the follies of those who run their own self-centred domains (oh so noble, some of the centrists, by their own estimation, as they continue to steal from God), to have others self-centredly in parallel, destroy them; while both appeal to what is not God, either secular or religious in connotation, in order to clash without meaning, but with much mess. The days of the realm of what is not God, as foretold by Moses, continue apace; and the results with them (Deuteronomy 32:16-23), both to the Gentiles (cf. Matthew 24, Luke 21), and to Israel.

Principles ? it depends. Thus in The Australian, April 14, 2005, in the often excellent column of the Foreign Affairs expert, we see a view presented. It is that it would be good for Australia to sign such and such an international agreement for this region, with other nations, although not BELIEVING it, and HOLDING THE NOSE while doing it. Why on earth, however,  should man disagree with reality and consign himself to lie ? If it is so, let it be so, and face it.

Why should he affect something to be so, when it is not so! How could any reach integrality and reality, let alone integrity,  if living in formalised illusion ? Where truth is not availing, will the unreality of fiction masquerading as this, become a mansion of melody, or a slum of malady ? If you deviate from the truth, it does not deviate with you; and if you oppose reality with your tongue, it does not listen to you. War on truth is not wise; it will find you out. Further, it is no enemy to desire, for from it, you yourself have come, its product, and responsible to it. History must suffer no historectomy (our new word)*2, but be faced, as inclement weather or fine. Illusion is delusive; pretence can become provocatively pretentious.

Truth then is not merely to be PERCEIVED, but it is to be RECEIVED; and being received, and since it is personal in the universe which the personal God has created, so that we are its inhabitants and able to relate to it, there are results in its realisation and its adoption. The reception of truth  is a breach of the surface of superficiality, and it means an incursion into the lofty and free atmosphere above.

This changes the person concerned, no longer a denizen of the hidden; and it enlivens, gives code, mode and direction, vitality and spiritual liberty, so that with understanding, what is wise may perceived in perspective, essayed and then done.

Compromise then is realised as not mere failure; it is war on truth; for when the principle concerned is believed, and when it is received where reason requires and revelation reveals and verification confirms, validity insisting, to mar it is no marvel, but a mandate for decline. This we have seen*3, but it now needs to be implemented.

A failure to implement is not a mere failure; for if it becomes a PRINCIPLE of its own, it means that two things fail. Firstly, the principle which is OPERATIVE, being wrong, is pursued,  and so has its wrong results. Secondly, it means that the principle which is acknowledged and correct in any case, is shunned, but still applies, so that truth is doubly divorced. It is divorced first in action, and secondly in collision between words and ways, between what is stated and what is done.

As the canny course of secular politics and the inane course of social dynamics march on their respective ways, and man becomes the object of his own culture, and the paragon in principle of his own wit, his illusion of dominance and the power to make his own universe is and remains so puny and is such persiflage of thought, that there in the end, there can ONLY be the fitting result of such systematics, seduction and shame.

It is this: devastation, destruction, distress, fear and devious delights ditching themselves below the surface. The stabilties reached through past conformities in actual history, through our contemporary-illusionism, pre-occupation with 'now',  become the disdain of the negatively enlightened as they move now downwards, ever down, until the thing is crushed, as it must be: for it simply is far from the wisdom of the Maker, and is like a fountain pen being used as a spanner.

Designs on the design of God become ludicrous (cf. SMR pp. 211ff.); but they stay painful, as the designing mortals, before their death at any given and unpredicted second should occur, arrogate to themselves the powers they lack. In illusion using them, they find the downwards movement at first attractive - it has such depth, you know, they say - until the irreversible moment comes, and their helplessness ends in the confrontation with the Maker as predicted for millenia, and now to be seen on the horizon of factual evidence, like the first death rattle (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5).

If this seems morbid, so might the talk of a cancer specialist to a smoker, who after years of advice and palliatives, continues on his fuming away. The results ARE morbidity; but it is far from morbid to consider them! Thus we hear now from some of a possible irreversible moment in terms of the production of gases and the green-house effect, when the temperature results will become part of a scenario which would not be subject to any reversal by man. Indeed, the environmental, the meteorological, the result condition could become 'truly dangerous' and catastrophic"*4  (a view reported in The Advertiser, March 15, 2005, from World Wide Fund for Nature's warning).

If it is so in this or that aspect of an abused design, as man ramps up his self-realisation as if God, but lacking the power and the perception, the wisdom and the majesty: then it is merely an application of the principle.

Reality does not bow. Those who do not bow to Him, will in the end do so; but in the interim, merely conspire for their own ruin.

To rupture the surface of the horizontal line, as in the hyperbola ? it just does not happen in its half or quadrant. It is necessary to be replaced in the other half, where the horizontal is the BOTTOM and the rise is without cease. This is what Paul speaks of, in principle, when he declares that those who are Christ's have been TRANSLATED into His heavenly kingdom, or if you like, moved into the new realm of that kingdom. That is to be found in Colossians 1:13.

It is a DISPLACEMENT, a RE-LOCATION to remedy,  a dislocation from disruption and a TRANSFORMATION to overcome a corruption. It is called regeneration (John 3, Titus 3:5-7), and it not only changes the NATURE of the regenerate, but the PLACE they occupy. To be IN CHRIST is a phrase; but its referent is the Creator and Redeemer. It refers to being in understanding and friendly co-operation with God as Lord, King and Saviour, and to know the key to the thing called life, in the Creator of it, who having become man, comes for man so intimately that no possible excuse remains for aversion.

As to that, it is like a taxi which having arrived, is dismissed.

You can do that. It is a divorce from deliverance. When this occurs, there is no other deliverance. There is just history eventuating, according to plan for the muddle phase, the lost half. It is as if it were poring over its books, its scripturally foretold paths, which it implements with something very like passion. Or it is as if a cancer, being detected, and the prognosis given, being indulged and not fought, ravages with relish the victim who conspires for his or her own end.

The restoration, revival and reconstitution of the individual, this on the one hand, and the continuation, of the kingdom of heaven, this on the other, in beautiful complementarity with each other, and harmony with the God who made both, are like pillars of eternity, beautiful in conception, marvellous in performance and refreshing in realism.

Yet what is the loss where there is a negative option exercised (John 3:19), and how great is the declension which augurs not well, as it approaches! The kingdom of heaven is irremediable in remedy, and is that which cannot be changed. For man, it may seem  dispensable, but this is only with destruction for the agent so presumptuous as so to conceive and believe. The perpetuity of the kingdom of heaven, and its citizens continue, not as a 'natural' necessity, but a supernatural action.

That kingdom does not discontinue (Daniel 7:25, Revelation 22:3), for its reality is that of God; but the alternative, it breaches continuity into irreparable loss. Such is the nature of destiny: it is this, or else it is for ever as befits beings made in the image of God. Yes in masses, they long for just such a destiny, but continually and in squadrons of dissonance propound philosophies of unreason and distil absurdities of fetish of mind, or culture; and so it becomes like a perpetual pathology, with only doom its end,  a disturbing disruption, such as occurs when wrong parts are fitted in the right car, or the wrong car is featured for the right parts. It is just inconsolable dissonance. What, after all, would you expect!

What you would NOT expect, unless you knew Him, is the love of God which is more profound than sin, more discerning than devilries, and more captivating than any charm, more beautiful than ostensible formalities or ostentatious ceremonies, more powerful than intemperance, more effective than rebellion, more reasonable than those riots of thought which unwisdom produces, like a seductress with ever new incumbents of her bed: and more enduring than the very earth itself.

What you would NOT expect is that HE would go so far as to BECOME a man in order to bring light to the benighted, pardon to the oppressed (Isaiah 61, 55), and redemption to the repentant (Luke 13:1-3), not on condition of merit or pretension of attainment (Romans 3:23ff.), but by a grace which like the savour of a rose, extends in obliterative beauty to the surroundings, to overcome the pallid and to delight the wayward alike (Ephesians 2:1-10).

What you would NOT have thought is this, that God would banish death by taking it on Himself, and beautify the meek with His salvation by reversing the charges, taking ours who believe, on Himself, and giving us His credit which is inexhaustible, dying the just for the unjust to bring us to God! (Galatians 3, II Corinthians 5:17-21, I Peter 3:18, Ephesians 3:14-21, Psalm 149:4, I Corinthians 1). This He has attested in word and Person,  and none has ever been like that word, nor like that Person, both of which have spoken for themselves. Reason attests His word and His Son; and revelation discloses His mind towards us. Redemption is the course of His power and the Gospel of His grace is the road to it.

Once on it, it becomes a Highway of Holiness (Isaiah 35), more precious than any farm, feature or island, continent or world; for in this is the Author of all worlds, and the Maker of all being. His nature is love and His justice is purgation; but His salvation is joy inexpressible and full of glory. That is what fallen man is made for; and He is the One to whom man must relate, and not fate, that beggar past description, the off-loading of sick minds whose spirits refuse to be healed. But yet, He says, COME! (Matthew 11:27-30), and from what is corrupt, He declares, GO! come out of her! (Revelation 18:4).







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How our generation loves to dwell on the PRESENT as if it were a present from the future, and the nearest thing to it, and hence wonderful, marvellous, or more mutely, as is the current case because of the distress and depravity, the most advanced. What all but consistently seems to be forgotten, or better ignored, is the DIRECTION of this advance. You can advance into hell, as you see in a somewhat graphic fashion in Ezekiel 32:17ff.. It is the most recent step perhaps ? but what is its worth, for all that!

The present is per se neither good nor bad, but a receptacle, as is the future. In fact, it is increasingly bad in spirit, since the Western follies of de-spiritualisation, de-personalisation combined with re-personalisation in a vein which makes of the person more a baggage of components and a seat for drives than a sites for survey in truth of truth, and for discourse with glory, since Christ is removed, as if bombed internally, like the Twin Towers, and the vacancy is hideously conspicuous, as in New York in the architectural parallel! (Cf. Calvin and Hobbes News 132; and post-naturalism, SMST   3; Spiritual Refreshings Ch.   8Wake Up World! ... Ch.   5,   News 132, 82, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, To Know God ...
Ch. 3, The Marvels of Predestination Ch. 3)

In my Diploma of Education course, which had one distinct advantage of being exceedingly student oriented (in this case, that is, since the academic background seemed tainted), it was necessary to provide my own course in History of Education, since the present appeared more pressing to those in control. The present ? Its conspicuous errors and foreclosures in vast fields of thought and action were the more readily seen as the historical backgrounds, movements, philosophies and penchants of the past were surveyed, the developments and anti-developments, the regressions, impressions and endeavours to meet different aspects of reality, often with an inherent philosophical unrealism which has made this subject so fascinating.

This is part of the present-is-advanced syndrome, which technical advance is confused with the regress of what is doing the incremental knowledge work, where data is confused with deliverance and wit with wisdom; and that is part of the evolutionary maze which, being now discountenanced severely, and having nowhere to find its causative necessities, is beginning to make absurd substitutes for even approaching the problem, and talking of going anywhere, when the whole point is the somewhere in view (cf. Spiritual Refreshings 13, 16, Wake Up World! ... Chs. 4-6, Lord of Life ... Ch. 8). Despite this development, most just, and intensely comical, in a grave and sad sort of a way, there is still the sense in some that it is all going somewhere, as if a raft on the Niagara River in the vicinity of Buffalo were not going somewhere, and as if this were a good thing!

Thus our generation has this tendency to historectomy, the removal of historical consciousness, or its subjection into historicism, a subject which Gordon Clark surveys interestingly in his Historiography, Secular and Religious.

Either way, it becomes vacuous, the mere propulsion of meaningless and anti-evidential theory, or the anaesthesia of kinesis, the excision of kinaesthesia (cf. Great Execrations... Ch. 4), the removal of the perspectives from the past. Admittedly, it is a difficult subject for those who would remove heaven and its celestial power to grant comprehension, since reality alone has this power; but for those who know God, it is a monumental opportunity to be refreshed and blessed as you see the major principles of divine proportion at work, and all falls into place, like the action of a child who running recklessly, heedlessly and wantonly down a street in his exuberance, fear or flow, falls over (cf. SMR Chs.  5,   6, and pp. 582ff., 611ff.). You can see it coming, understand it when it comes; but only when you first realise what is the way that works, in this business of running, and the need to gain direction of flow and mode of propulsion with prudence based on realities on all sides.



See A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-9, TMR Chs. 1-3, 6-7, SMR Chs. 1, 3, 5, 7-10.

See also *1 above, and the volumes:  Remedy, and  Reason, Revelation and the Redeemer.



Indeed, when this WWF report speaks of Himalayan glaciers melting so that when this is done, it indicates the prognosis. The water gone, the areas relying on the normal cycle would no longer have this basic source of irrigation, "meaning massive  economic and environmental problems for the people in western China, Nepal and northern India". We learn: "These glaciers feed into sever of Asia's greatest rivers - the Ganges, Indus, Brahma-putra, Salween, Mekong, Yangtze and Yellow rivers - ensuring a year-round  water supply to hundreds of millions of people in the Indian sub-continent and China."

The disruption would be perhaps just as intense as a new wave of tsunamis, fraught with the energy arising from the Green House effect. It would apply, however, especially to such as might arise from an asteroid striking the ocean, as appears clearly predicted in Revelation 6, and is freely acknowledged to be a very real possibility, some such heavenly bodies having missed us by no great margin at all, while one coming one has even occasioned some astronomical concern.

The Advertiser noted a meeting of 20 of the countries which are the largest energy users to precede a G8 conclave of development and environment ministers, slated to come.

Mewnwhile, a WWF study is reported to show that dangerous levels of climate change could be reached in just over 20 years and that if nothing was done, the Earth would have warmed by 2C above pre-industrial levels "between 2026 and 2060". It is crossing this line which is, by report through this sophisticated body,  deemed dangerous.

Some conceive an irreversible margin, where the controls to overcome the problem may be beyond any power of man to exercise, and the nature of the decline would proceed in its own strength, unmastered.

A to the unlivability of this earth if its Saviour did not return (Matthew 24:21-22), having been killed for salvation, in order to come in His time as king, this has been proclaimed ceaselessly for over two millenia. Truth does not alter, it simply comes to pass.

What is impossible to man, is open to God. It is open here, because God has already opened it, having declared the reason for the end, the arrival tokens, the salvation rescue and the certainty of these things, because in His love it has seemed good to Him. He has not failed, Failure to receive His provision in such a plight, this is man's final descent. There is no more room. Yet at the top, there is an infinite availability.