The Australian, Oct. 2, and The Advertiser, Oct. 3, 2003



As we read of the Roman Catholic body in Boston preparing to disperse perhaps (in $A terms) over one billion dollars to several thousand alleged sex victims of the unfaithfulness of priests (The Australian, October 2, 2003), and in Australia, of several hundred more parallel Anglican Church cases released for action by a revision of the law of annulment over time, since cases further back in time can now be considered (The Advertiser, October 3, 2003), it is one large slice of the indications that folly is masquerading as religion, more and more. Doctrine and dealings match, and both match what is darker and darker, until it becomes like a brunette blond; the words and the ways assimilate to each other and both leave the Bible like a dock (cf. SMR pp. 1032-1088H, DVA  3  - extreme radicalism, Joy  2, esp. *1  cf. Stepping Out for Christ Ch.  5).

This we have considered in principle in preceding chapters, and in this respect it is merely additional evidence. It is also, both for the victims and for those who form estimates of such churches from the numbers of such victims, and more so in the current fad of perversion which is being "honourably discharged" INTO our society, one of the formative influences for many. The dual pressure of such misuse, as by other paedophiles or body processors, such notoriety, such publicity, both in the secular and in the pseudo-ecclesiastical, with such highlighting of perversion more generally as a mode, a way of life becomes like a sucking whirlpool, to create waves of emotion, and to decrease for many the straight line of a swim. The product of rebellion and confusion, it creates confusion and inflates rebellion like the wind of a tempest in the sails not built for such hurricanes.

Our present concern however is not this particular type of invasion of youth, of childhood indeed, but another. In this latter case at least, it is partly voluntary.

In News 118, we traced the so-called 'stolen generation' the 'grabbed generation' and the 'stripped generation'. The latter two are firstly, those youth or even children, who via schools, colleges, TV and books, are endlessly grabbed by foolish philosophy, anti-science masquerading as science.

(Cf. data

in News 118,

Wake Up World!... Ch. 4,   5,   6,

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and many other works on this topic, for which see Indexes).

Geared to strive, arrive, assert, prevail, survive and other philosophically predatory thrusts, they are delivered up to an idol of logical vacuity, moral depravity and spiritual folly. The second addition, the 'stripped' generation referred to those who, following evangelistic appearances, were involuntarily led far from the Bible, and failing to do what they should in discipline in their denominations, found themselves at the very threshold of Romanism. So has much apparent evangelical zeal been led blind to a very different end. There has, in short, in our generation, been massive degeneration and a profusion of confusion.

Other aspects of these negative processes, these rampant potentials for ruin, are seen in Acme, Alpha and Omega ... Ch.  9,  Spiritual Refreshings Ch.   3; and with this, a panoramic view can be obtained of some of the strident calls to ruin, to which, or with which increasingly youth can be confronted, either as a background 'noise' or more directly.

This is passed in review.

For the present however, there is a particular element of the assault on the young which is in view, and this relates to the Near Return of Jesus Christ, our topic and theme in this volume. It is the cultural engineering of the young, as far as may be, by the tools of the tyrannical trade of making a new world, a 'new man' (the Communists tried it too with very old results, like fire in brushwood, as their devotees kill, incriminate, imprison or gain cheap labour from those who do not like the State directors' innovations), and new lore, licence and a new look for society. If the new man is biblically unmanned, at war with his creator, that still seems to be the thrust of the dynamic, the management of man in making a rather inaccurate clone, seared with vainglory from the race's antics, geared to the heights, approaching the depths. That is the biblical picture in Romans 1; and it is the copy made in the world with increasing fidelity to the original - not of man's first creation, but of God's predicted route in this rout of the race, at increasing pace.

How is it impacting on the young ?

First, for a little more background, we might consider the numerous attempts in USA and in Australia, to name but two, to introduce 'sex education' over the last few decades; and indeed, one in South Australia is a current cause of controversy. The eloquent seeming point is made so often, that in sexual matters the children do not know, that they need to know, that it is better for them to receive such instruction from responsible adults, apt to teach, than from dubious grape-vines, apt for little but small  and sour grapes; so that it is at once a public service and a public duty for schools to provide such education.

On the contrary side, it is maintained that this is not the place for such education, that it is the work of parents, that there are morals and aesthetics, there are personal perspectives and values which are inherent in, and preliminary to such education, that such perspectives are not to be universalised, since man is divided, and that therefore such education is presumptuous, intrusive and possibly abusive, from various perspectives.

Further, some urge this, that there is in a secular State, a tendency to omit even the consideration of the value of man, the value of love and its definition, the importance of understanding the meaning of purity, the concept of design and so on, so that there is going to be something incredibly close to pure, that is morally and personally impure, propaganda provided in the ostensible interests of objectivity. This is undesirable pedagogy, wrong education, predisposition to what is often, in the alleged interests of omitting religious differences, a religious approach of its own, with no God, without objective values, no design, no meaning and mere preference for uninformed.

Downloaded on untaught and perhaps misdirected minds (as sin is not far off as an  ally of many human activities, including the travesties of 'helpfulness' wrought by the self-acclaimed 'wise'), come these byproducts in teaching, end results of a merely presumptuous absolute in man, as man, defined according to the temper of the times,  and current thought, such as it might be, according to the ever-changing penchants of the people, not the logical necessities of unvarying and never ravaged truth (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Sparkling Life ... Ch. 4, SMR Chs.   1, and 4, Section 2, Barbs ... 6   -7,  Repent or Perish Chs. 2, 7).

However, with the current thrust for the secular or bust, to subordinate truth to convenience, for pragmatic surrealism and careless haste, there has come a time when often enough the materialistically misconceived (Repent or Perish Ch. 7), the morally barren (News 19), or the design-exempt approach is taken, by devious design of another kind in the ever designing mind of designed man (cf. SMR pp. 211ff.), founding himself upon himself without knowing himself: and the children are sacrificed to the emulsion of secularism, taken on trips about anatomy, physiology and perversion and the like, with no flags, immense stress on subjectivity, a virtual inculcation with doctrinaire humanism. Founded on nothing but pride, oriented with nothing but will, it is leading nowhere but to vacuity, irrationality and the lucidly extraneous.

As we have seen in the UN approach to children (Mystery of Iniquity cf. Joy Comes in the Morning
Ch. 2, esp. *1A, News 152
), children are supposedly to be brought up in terms of the brotherhood (apparently omitting the correlative point of the father, his identity, significance or wishes entirely), with marvellous wisdom attributed to them, so that companions and literature are all their right to determine. In this way, detachment occurs, like that of the retina from its functional site in the eye. More broadly, the children are set adrift in the seas, without understanding currents, breakers or winds. Australia has been perhaps as astute in its relation to this thing and the preservation of liberty according to our past, for the future in this regard, as a rabbit scratching himself in the hole of an asp.

Let us move our image to the land. Erosion is far faster in this land in the things of the spirit than in the earth, even where the swift water courses rush down the naked hillsides. The setting helps the forces of national mutation towards muting in the interests of survival, and to this is added to the consistent pressure to the neutering of truth, and the relativisation of anything except cultural and psychological relativity. (Cf. Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 9, *1.)

With materialistic TV shows, laced with ironic dashes against religion in general, or Christianity in particular, with religious instruction based on vast areas of relativity, to allow the generic, the total thrust of some imaginary religious amalgam*1A, combining opposite with a zeal more apposite to truth than to such mere confusion: there comes an ignorance that is profound, a knowledgeability that is fey, and a sense of direction, that is annulled into a combination of nescience and assertion, with the endless militancy of organic evolution, survivalism, conscience-free existentialism and personal thrust engineering; and with something more.

What is this extra something ?

When in High School, often enough, the children are treated as mini-adults, and so negotiate what they will do, provided the school in return,  does what they want in various domains.

Contracts between school  and pupil are drawn up, agreements reached, and so on, so that the immature becomes the arbiter where adults have capitulated to culture, and bought the secular nescience which animates so many 'trainers', who often  want only to have their impossible presuppositions smuggled in, so that their ideologies can be imbibed, and their outcomes reached.

Naive cynicism, butting ironies, pragmatic presumptions, pathetic reductionisms, truncated truths, all these things become so normal for the child, that childhood tends to be forgotten: just as life is forgotten for the beast that is slaughtered. Social Services will often imply or insist that caning must not occur in home or school, and may even connive with children to confront, affront or perhaps characterise as criminal those who ever use such punishment; and perhaps other homes will be provided for children who are not 'happy' with what they can 'negotiate' with parents. Parents in such cases can even more actively surrender their spawn to the State, which after all, is the implicit intent of the UN document, which is actually saying, DO IT THIS WAY OR LOSE THE CHILD if necessary.

This something extra then, it is the encouragement of lordliness in the child, to the banner born, by the banner borne into the New Age of Gilded Guilt, where nothing matters but what man is, wants to make of man, thinks about man, like some tasteless spam introduced without warrant, and itself a warrant for the further fall of man. Indeed, then increasingly to this race there comes the truncation of man into what pride so normatively brings, a mere symbol of sickness, a spiritual liability to himself and a candidacy for summary judgment by Him who has power without derivation and is illimitable without pretence.

This is man's Creator, by whom he is, that incomparable trilogy of mind, matter and spirit, currently so intent by the million in downgrading himself by witlessly following the winds of uplift, which are aerial dumpers, though they seem to waft, leaving impact which is real enough.

So has man become god, and yet lacking His wisdom, he merely indoctrinates. Children, suitable now in many cases for a new word for their description, become godlings (godlets being too undignified);  and not free from sin themselves, they are often only too ready to co-operate in this simplistic substitute for life, this unspiritual void, this neutered reality, this homogenised pretension, so that a race of disobedient, self-assertive, disparaging or defiant, heady, headstrong, and in much, irresponsible young ones are helped to graduate into youth, and into whatever welfare may be available, work may be seized for survival, or dream may appeal, be it al Qaeda or other voice of doom, like a spray from a pressure hose, against a concrete wall*1.

Thus sickened, their need to escape becomes the more obvious, and their impetus to it, the less. The deceits of that Satan so operative from the first, Look, do this and you will become as gods, continues its mindless deceit; for though the ultimate perpetrator is not mindless, the presentation is, as it always has been, just that.



THAT is just what II Timothy 3 predicts for this End of the Age period (for which see Answers to Questions Ch. 5). Let us abstract the relevant items from this passage. People we there learn, will be "disobedient to parents". In a characterisation of this type, the obvious intent is that this feature will become notable if not notorious. It is. Its reasons for being so have been in part traced above; but it is so, and its very imperiousness can be fanned with  the Social Services tendency to augment it (whatever the intention), in ways such as those noted above, not only  with the formation of Parent-Critical Foci with children, but with the provision of 'safe houses', the inculcation with the concept of 'child rights', the frowning on the cane even in schools, the use of morals minus religion which is merely an exercise in authoritarianism, dressed up as objectivity.

Thus the predicted phenomenon, especially regarding children but also concerning the related spirit of the times, is present, is notorious, depends largely on philosophic international preferences, devoid of religious base or logical validity, acting on presumption without basis (cf. SMR pp. 360ff., 376ff., It Bubbles... Ch. 9); and so the Bible is fulfilled.

Yet IN BEING SO FULFILLED, it is one more index in the pattern predicted, of the end of the Age.

Other applicable criteria mentioned in this same predictive repository in II Timothy are these: "unloving ... despisers of good ... headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God."


Not only are such things increasingly apparent in children;
there are increasingly apparent reasons for this to be so.

The pathetic side of this case is that the children are being voided as children, mutated by social and psychic means into mini-adults, premature pseudo-adults, reductionist by cultural milk, irrationalist by school teaching (cf. TMR  1,    8), selfish by social contrivances: not so much as if they had been perfect without this onset, far from it, but they had been children; and now they are being manufactured by the machines of perfidy, the looms of confusion and with the thread of secularism (with some added witchcraft, devil worship or fortune telling, as happened to Princess Diana, who went for it by helicopter, but went from this world by ambulance, not long afterwards).

The awe and the aspiration for spiritual beauty, hope for understanding of the mysteries of life, the sheer desire for God, the sense of responsibility, the concept of duty, the feeling for serviceability, the want of skill not for survival, but for helpfulness, the rejoicing in simple things, the admiration for the power of the Lord in nature, for His skill in creation and for the love which He has instilled and desire to ascertain its meaning and way: these things are being traded in for the desire for pleasure, the assertion of the self and the assertion of rights*2 .

The sense of searching for vision, esteeming examples with care, considering openly the ways that are right, being drawn to them, and perhaps not receiving them as they should be, the tension between what is right and desired and what is wrong and done, the elevation of thought towards the resolution in spirit, past all mere externalities: these things are increasingly being short-circuited, not in entirety, but in part.

This part aggravates the losses already made by individual sin,


so that this with new and acquired,


indeed imposed voltage leakages,


by the plastic substitutes of constant activity, pleasure, rights, assertions,


with man as basis, and that without basis,


leads readily to an aerial existence grounded on dream.


With broken dreams, many of the children become premature adults, with
the chilling billing of the premature generation.

What it will lead to is likely to be the return of Christ into the midst of a world in increasingly explicit rebellion, seeking to re-organise what God has said, on a vast and global scale, at the international level, the national as in the case of Israel, the social, the educational, the financial, the  moral, with man seeking to rule all, the very centre of his own admiration (cf. Biblical Blessings Ch. 2, II Thessalonians 2 cf. Ch. 1 above).

So does it all progress, the forces which mould, the movements which fall, the visions which are vitiated, the rebelliousness which becomes clamant and globally intoxicated, with the children to inhabit the time of confrontation, specially tutored for superficiality, simplistic substitutes for reason, self-assertion and survival at all cost. There is no better prescription for judgment, non-survival and the arrival of the End, which though delightful for the children of God, is less so for the children of darkness.

To be sure, it is ironic that the more the forces of evil work against God in seducing children from their hope in God, the more they fulfil the predictions concerning the prelude to the end; but that is the very dynamic of judgment in truth at work, as when Hitler's regime increasing its evil tempos of death and disregard, so hastened the jutting thrust of its end, into its own midst.

But the children, like pawns of philosophy, captives of culture, byproducts of the hatred of God on the part of many of their seniors, need rescue. Others will in due course no doubt contribute to the onset of the End of the Age. Pity must not merely mourn, but seek their deliverance.

They need the light, and Christ is as able to provide it as ever, like the multiplied searchlights in England, during the Battle of Britain, concentrated on enemy craft; except that Christ is ONE whose light is adequate for ALL. Those who reject Him shall soon enough have the inestimable privilege, though not the pleasure, of a close meeting in any case.




*1A See It Bubbles ... Ch. 11, News 121, 122.


*1 This is by no means to imply that children no longer exist. One sees them from time to time; but rather that a significant and grave trend is occurring to abort childhood as surely as if the babe in the womb were aborted, to compromise its beauty, make callow its point, to plasticise its parts with pretence, to make cultural cul de sacs out of its sense of mystery and marvel, and to share the delinquent philosophical dyspepsia so popular in the cultural game show, with the energies of youth, so dispossessing them as far as may be, of soul.

As God is greater than man, so the process is not absolute; but who will absolve its institution!

As to 'child rights', the concept of protection is just, the need of sensitivity is great, but the imbuement in the child with the clamant cry for 'my rights' and not for the relevant grace and kindness, thoughtfulness and sense of goodness and reticence in the use of power, this is another thing. It tends to distort the immature, inflame the rebellious and to protract the adolescence of push further from the maturity of realisation, justice and truth, so that such mini-adults are in heavy danger of becoming prolonged adolescents through such contrivances.

It is so often  found that what you force into alien moulds, by 'clever methods' for your own increase and will, without regard to the realities, only caring for the dreams you dream (cf. Jeremiah 23:23-29), based on air, not rock, becomes more a mirage than a marvel. So at the physical level, with much cloning, the likelihood of disease, unknown results of imaginary omniscience, or unadmitted ignorance, is so great that the thought of performing such mythical operations on man, far beyond the knowledge necessary, becomes more a philosophical self-affirmation than a work of intelligence.  Many scientific voices imply, at their own level, about as much!

Man is desperate to become god, as from the first Fall, and the free fall is not really free! Indeed, the tenor of many UN utterances increasingly belies any thought of humility or realism. Unfortunately payment is made for collision with reality, who being personal who constructed the personal, becomes Judge; and that ? it is ... near. Cf. It Bubbles...  Ch. 9, Little Things... Ch. 5.

*2 See Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 3 for the soggy bog of the hypnotic self.

See also Little Things Ch. 7.

As an introduction to the latter, and because it bears on the whole concept of 'self' so prominent in the acute selfishness which thinks of the self, for the self, and what it may do best for itself with other selves in a simplictic reductionism, the excerpt below is provided. For our present purpose, it is slightly adapted and extended.

However it is best to read that chapter here in its entirety.

Why did He CREATE, is what the question soon becomes. In other words, why did He not limit His imagination, and make only THIS or THAT sort of thing ? (Cf. News 74.)

Clearly His liberty and power are such that it did not seem good to favour your thoughts of mine, your desire for littleness, or mine for grandeur or majesty, yours for restful, or mine for wise, or both as limits, and so on.

Instead, He made them ALL have exemplification in creation, myriads of facts and facets, features and instructive devices, exposures and exposés. The sloth teaches the humour and misery of such lethargy, the ant the combination of laughable industry which hardly seems to live, with enormous and even prodigious work which makes construction rear up like a skyscraper (speaking in ant-wise comparabilities), and defence a thrill of planning and anticipation (except that if the instincts help the latter, then so be it, it is creation, not thought which is the present issue, and in any case, in creation, in the first instance, always, it is the thought of the Creator which counts - that is, in ABSOLUTE creation).

So we learn. The question then tends to become this: WHY then should we learn ? Who WANTS to learn about power and precision, defence and industry. Who wants exemplification of grossness and gravity, prodigies and prodigalities of form and capacity, the great creatures of which Genesis speaks, and of which our eyes often are the witnesses, the small in intricate extrication of thought thrust into format, to make the head reel or the thoughts rise like stars in their reflections on just the brilliance of it, the versatility, the limitless wonder of it all.

No! you may say. Why not just be lazy and lax, and kick about like crocodiles, lolling between meals, or tortoises in their more dormant modes ?

But you see, this is readily becoming a desire for self-indulgence, and the reason why this is not a good idea is simple. Self is merely a name for a special and distinct kind of creation, more especially a conscious one, equipped with some powers of choice. If indulging of such a particle of creation is the aim, why this merely denies the sense of the rest of creation, for obviously if every self does whatever it wants to do, without limit, war is declared, selfishness rears its lordly head, hauteur is not far off, envy and emulation are at our heels, and with war, revenge.

We could go on (and Paul discovers more of the anatomy of it all in his pathology reproof of II Cor. 12:20, and it is still worse in Galatians 5:19-21 and Ephesians 4:17-19), but why try, for the world does all this, and you can look at history for yourself, or even the newspapers, or the TV illustrations of atrocities.

But, it might be pursued, WHY did not God make everything nice! We have already answered that question in The Flashing Falls of Freedom, so will not duplicate. Suffice that the testing, the trial, the exhibition of reality past appearance, form and fashion, to the heart, are not horrors but manifestations; and their performances under test are indexes of truth. Without truth, you have the lordly capacity for lie, and with truth, you do not.

Further, there is no room for rebellion based on pretence in a kingdom where the realities have been shown and known, and not merely awarded and applauded, as so often happens in human society, where the rapacious, who improve on selfishness by making it a religion, often talk of surviving as if it were a god, which for many it is.

Naturally when survival  IS a god, it is clear that your ultimate character is ZERO, in parallel, your morals are NON-EXISTENT, and your part in love is only as an absentee, or a selection phenemenon of your OWN, if you pursue this matter to its logical conclusion. Of course, many people do not like to pursue things to their logical conclusions, and would rather attack logic than do this.

This is quite understandable, since looking like a rat is fine for a rat, but not nice for a human; and when you want to be one, but not to have the anti-accolade which goes with it, then attacking reason may seem a foxy sort of thing to do, and many do it. However it has the inbuilt problem that if you DO attack logic, and try to divest it of force and place in thought, then your own thought is instantly disabled and your speech has all the validity of roast onions which were overcooked and exist only as perhaps slightly moistened ashes.

WHY then should things be tested ? Because the display shows the reality and the reality stills the pretender, and enables the contender in truth, and because God is worth it.

You are subjected to "various trials", says Peter (I Peter 1:6), indeed some will be "grieved" by them, so that "the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than god that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honour and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ..."

One thing that is pre-eminent in this, it would seem, is CLARITY. FAITH needs testing. Its manifestation is important. Do we look at a likely lad and say, Don't worry about your exams, you are a likely lad and it is clear what would happen! Just lie around!

Now here, it is to be confessed, the reason for our NOT saying this, may with some, be that they want money and power and prestige and the like for their son or pupil, and therefore point to the way to get it, in terms of being likely, and the a sure thing. But this is not the case with all.

Some want it to go on because the qualities must be made sure and stable, themselves, and the income is merely incidental, and this to such a degree, that like Tyndale, for example, their lives are spent, not in the ivory towers of academic prestige, but darting daringly about the Continent, being pursued by papal detestation, until the condemnation from that amiable body led to the death by violence of the gifted New Testament translator, who adorned history and helped battalions of the blessed with the results of his work.

In other words, the manifestation of reality, the expression of talent, the qualities of heart with it, the nobility of desire, the ambition to please God, the sheer courage of continuation in peril, and the wisdom of overcoming it (Tyndale used funds from the Bishop of London, who bought one edition of his work in order to suppress it, burning it, in order to progress with more and better ones), these things are real, reliable, expressible, the better for being expressed, attest sincerity, rebuke cynicism, attest faith; and faith has love, when it is in God, since God IS love. This, it is lovely, like a painting of a scene of pastoral content, with lakes and oak forests and little streams, and little lambs, and picturesque sunset.

Or is it : No lambs, no streams, no sunset ... because no sun, no heat, trying heat ... and no picture. The picture of history is one which - let us be frank - began with disaster. Man fell from a beatific present into a horrendous present, undergoing the transition from an environment of apt and authorised beauty, to one of cursed test amid purposely made difficulties. We make little golf courses like that, and even big ones! They test. This test having failed, other types of test were framed. One of these held intrinsic problems, and allowed extrinsic performances in conditions so notable in test, that what was within became increasingly obvious in what occurred without.

Test shows truth, and when truth is LOVELY, then what is shown is magnificent. When the test at the first is failed, this is the second step, and not the first; so that in part answers the initial question of WHY, but the second step itself answers most fully, for then, though its very existence is a penalty, yet in the penalty and the problem, is the opportunity for wonder, the provision indeed even of redemption, so that those who come to receive this, may experience UNDER TEST what is best.

Even when man makes man the criterion, the necessity for survival at all costs, it is not vastly different from the personal case. Then one's point of contact is this, that as a MEMBER of the race, one is seeking for what is one's lateral generic, one's KIND; and putting this first above all, and its survival as a religious ritual, one is merely affirming by will, not the value of anything, but the desire for something.

As the race moves like a flood to its exit point, the ludicrous caricature of truth implicit in the desire for man to be at all costs, and to be the be-all and end-all becomes pathetic as well as witchcraft. His self-elevation, who neither controls his birth, the donation of DNA, or even understands it well enough to make anything more wonderful, far less to create it de novo, who is thrust into this earth like a wind, and passes like a sand-storm, becomes a feat of the misuse of the imagination which leaving all system but communication and its ilk, soars with a spiritual glee; or may fall with a spiritual tag, 'proud relic of creation, inheritor of disaster'.

Man's tests, and those in particular for the individual, so far from being pointless, point to the Maker who made the man who can either endure or seek deliverance from such tests; and in the exhibition of the follies of the past, often rather clearly seen in the present, man, increasing over time in knowledge, becomes prodigiously close to pure satanism, as he remains as blind as ever to the same old follies. These ? self-elevation relative to his Maker, and a comic sense of disproportion in the contest with which he seeks to replace being on probation, fall and then redemption.

The tests which confront the madness of the present religious rage of this Age are coming swiftly to the domain of the impossible, since the thrust and gusto of misused power reaches its summitry. Yet there is hope in this, at least for some; for the impossible is so in its own domains; but with God, NOTHING shall be called impossible.

In simple reality, one finds that the experience of the IMPOSSIBLE (in human terms) -

as one is slandered and libelled and dismissed and made the butt of inconceivable and conceivable wickedness, because one insists on presenting the Bible and the Christ and the truth and the reason for it, and piercing the balloons of folly which masquerade as truth, and doing the work of the Christian minister -

becomes the OPPORTUNITY of the wonderful. The higher the bar, the greater the help from God. The greater the help, the more glorious the experience of His wonder, the testimony of His love and the prevenience of His mercy.